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    Enabling first person headbob as a default, always on feature is not a good idea. I noticed it within instants of logging in. There was something dramatically wrong with my field of view. I thought that there was something wrong with my video card for a second. In real life, there is no such thing as 'first person headbob' unless you are drugged, injured, or disabled. Games don't NEED to be true to real live, but visual sensory input is one of areas in a video game, where one needs to be careful. If you want to implement first person headbob when a head wound is received, cool! If you want to implement inebriation, and have first person headbob be a symptom, that's fine too. Maybe poison, dehydration, or starvation could cause it too. But healthy human eyesight DOES NOT DO THIS. Our eyes and brain work together to display a steady view of the world. Please remove this 'feature' as a default. If you must implement it, implement it where it makes sense.
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    ok been almost another week, I would say GM deed maker is working good enough, removing the BETA tag with a note some other mods may have conflict issues purely because other mods may not check if mayor exists before checking mayor details.
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    Grateful Dead - Truckin' (1972 Live)
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    One of the most fun servers I've played on. Thanks for the great work. I recommend everybody to join.
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    Naw, I turned it off before I even logged in. Settings gear click option on login screen is handy for such things. =Ayes=
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    Best marketing Wurm could get if you ask me.
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    btw, i can confirm my game is working 100% now. i think it was some weird compound issue with my drivers being out of date PLUS something with obs, because now that i have switched over to stream labs obs. instead of the regular OBS, and updated my drivers i havnt had the bug once. thank you very much leaving this for the future in case anyone comes across this same issue. its fixed now though for me.
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    World of Tanks had its own voice implementation, and it sucked. Nearly everyone used Discord/Teamspeak anyhow. (I note that WoT is a much better-funded game.) What would VoIP offer that Discord doesn't?
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    I feel like some are bumping the price estimate higher because of name reputation of account vs the skill dump. Looking it over, I'd value it between 240-280 tops and i feel like i'm being generous there. It's mostly pvp oriented and moderate at that, mid level with little else and a smattering of tomes one being being valuable to pvp. could be a good account but would take much work/grinding vs out of the box ready. thoug it's good as entry level fook about to start in.
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    just finish the med rework and make elemental immunity 100% uptime people can choose between 30% melee or 33% reduction from elemental (possibly 100% depending on if the persons weapon is salved) pls, i love path of power : i put no thought into this post whatsoever, i just want path of power buffed so i can swap
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    Yes. Welcome to wurm's magic RNG It can be really nice sometimes (3 90 casts in a row), and really mean during others (no cast above 50 at 80 channeling for over an hour). If it's any consolation, you probably don't need to grind to 90 channeling as it doesn't make much difference.
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    I whant to add Notilla Harbour at (K-9 in-game map) cords 30y7x we got a vynorra colossus,guard tower, obelisk, merchant 2x will send 2 imgr pic to show https://imgur.com/B90qu1F https://imgur.com/HOo41mN we also got the highway to there.
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    7.7% actually. it's a waste of money to replace your pickaxe until it gets to 70ish 5x rare, 10x supreme, 15x fantastic. i've done hundreds of hours with some of my supremes and most haven't lost any, some have only lost a point or two
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    [2019-02-07] [01:12:24] You start to mine. [2019-02-07] [04:30:00] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [88] dropped from 89 after 3h20m of mining [2019-02-07] [06:05:50] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [87] dropped again after 1h30m [2019-02-07] [11:07:03] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [86] 5 hours did 2 more hours of mining after that and no more drops, , that's about equal with what enchant decay has always been. 3 points of coc over around 12 hours of almost non-stop mining as i queue up 8 mines at 12-20 seconds, so around 1 point every 4 hours of non-stop mining. a 90coc tool costs what, 60-70c unless you're getting ripped off, you're replacing it after it drops 10 points so that's 40 hours or so of use for under a silver, you could turn around and sell it for around half what you paid for it. doesn't sound very expensive to me. you're acting like 80coc is some garbage that you have to throw out lol, that's better than the average persons tools. if you care that much about staying 90+ on enchants, make a rare skiller shovel, enchants last 5x longer on rares
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    I don't see woodchip paths yet or woodchip mulch. +1 for being able to make woodchips for paving paths https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Paving
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    My latest pics of my deed, still in the making (mostly terraformed now, buildings in progress)... more to follow! 30+ pictures in the link below https://imgur.com/gallery/mdPoVFc
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    bdew THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH it worked I switched it too windowed mode and it loaded straight away. This the first time I ever used a forum Im delighted. Its also my first time playing Wurm so wish me luck maybe i can give you a nice gift in game sometime TYTYTY
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    What you see here will be a more transparent issuance of penalties and moderation actions against the most horrendous offenders. We have striven to keep the issues of each member confidential all these years, but there are times when that provided confidentiality is publicly used against us to make us look biased or corrupt. After some discussions behind the scenes we have determined to strip away that confidentiality that we provided when it comes to the most serious offenses such as Toxic Players, or mass penalties where we are often bombarded with appeals as well as 3rd party complaints. When we are required to act against a member of our community, we do not do so out of bias or some form of arbitrary self indulgence. The paperwork is far too great for it to be enjoyable. Yet, when we take action, invariably, the person under penalty rarely tells the 'whole truth' to the people they speak to. This causes us no end of problems and we hope that being more transparent about these individuals will save us a lot of time and effort.
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    You can currently throw empty slots at other creatures. As a result, you get a question mark bag on the ground that can never be moved no matter what you do. [00:20:11] You cannot move that. update: you can move it if it's in a pile
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    you need to do half of one to unlock the next. i have unlocked 1 (first steps) 2 (finding a path) and 5 (on the highway) i have not unlocked 3 or 4 yet, i completely skipped them to go to 5. It does seem you can do them and unlock the next without seeing them, but that doesn't seem intended
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    Sometimes you make a few simple meals using a variety of veggie types, for example chopped bear + chopped corn, chopped bear + potato. Both come out with the same name, but give different affinities. I think this mod would be very helpful, as it would tell you which one gave you the affinity.
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    Hi. I wrote this guide thinking that most people never get the chance to read something like this. Wurmpedia doesn't tell everything it should as you might already know. Most people on freedom do not know these things , and sometimes even people on chaos. Keep in mind that this is my own opinion, i'm by no means an all knowing wizard and there's far more experienced people at PVP than myself. Guide starts up at freedom level 1FS toon and gets more complex as pages go on. Note that you should have a basic understanding of the wurm mechanics to be able to follow it. Basicly i want you to know what "body strength" is or how to create basic tools and so on and so forth. Have fun. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vleppxC7I-qIZ3IXKBzRLoENsm9YT5cAf0JoAVsyu0I/edit?usp=sharing