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    Good evening folks of Indy! -> South Haven Canal connecting Elysian Lake and Crystal Lake finished! Open for all Ships and looking for Heritage status! <- We are on the ingame map around Q 20. Many people of Indy might remember slight attempts to dig a canal between Crystal lake and the Elysian Lake since Indy started, but this important Infrastructure connection was never started for real and never finished, until now! I am proud to announce to you, i have dug and mined for weeks to present you this grand Canal and Tunnel, and hopeing it might even appeal to GM team. I started the digging around when Haven landing was founded as well December 2018, the dirt layer in the area is very high, the rock layer very low. I finished the Canal and Tunnel parts this week mid February. ----------------------------- The beginnings of the south side: The beginnings of the north side Looks from above the hill that was carved into Mid stage Look faceing South East End stage Look on the Hill that contains the tunnel part of the Canal - faceing South The look from the Top of the Hill, faceing to the north - The marble brazier pillar act as lighthouse, guiding ships savely into the Canal! The Tunnel inside - faceing the North Exit The area is mainly Sandstone Veins, so i decided the Thema shall be warm yellowish red colors to reflect the natural occurences of the local veins The South Exit - On the south side i found a few Silver veins, so i decided for Marble white colors, which also makes the normal gloomy cave look much brighter! You can see, the canal is 30 slope deep, allowing every ship type, it also has a sideroad, allowing criss-crossing of carts under the hill and even above the hill, on the sideroads i surface mined into the hillside --------------------- Edit: My South Haven Canal on Q 20 allows every ship type, however if you sail to it from the south coast, you have to sail throught a tunnel at the south-eastern side, which is deeded by Damascussteel, who seems to pause the game right now, since December. This tunnel might not be useable by all ships, i have to look into that. Perhaps @Damascuscan message /pm me on forums or ingame about that area, in a post below i had seen you answered Wurm is waiting for you, come in and join me again with the mineing, we had fun! Until i have more intel, please be careful if you come from the south coast. The sailing from north lake to south lake through Q 20 area, is deep enough for all ships. Edit2: Damascus finished the South Part of the Canal! Hurray! And thank you a lot! The South part is now 2 tiles wide deep channel 25 deep, which allows all ships, even your very biggest Caravel! The whole Elysian-Crystal Route is now sailable and deep enough! -------------------------- I want to Thank Damascussteel, who made this project possible, for he mined the connection into the lake South-east of this canal last year. He also helped a lot with mineing and collapsing the Mine openings. I want to Thank @HughMongus, the leader of the Albia alliance, for putting the canal onto their community map, and Webleywickers for helping in digging, mineing and dredging. I also want to Thank my neighboring deed mayor @Voochand his Villager Thicket supporting the project with lots of delicious meals and pizza and lots of alcohol such as met and moonshine! Very good kitchen! I want to thank various players in the Freemasons alliance for donating parts for many support beams! I want to thank the countless players for selling me crates And now, i declare the South Haven Canal open, you can come and sail through, you can sightsee the area, easy to find around Q 20 on the ingame map, and on the Indy community map organized by Hughmongus. Have fun and have a good wurmy-Day! ----------------------------- Perhaps i upload more screenshots later on. Cheers, your Daryan
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    Vaelir's Deed. Greetings Wurmians! Apparently this news is a little late, oops! We’ve been pretty busy dealing with some rather unfortunate hardware issues, we’ll fill you in on that in this week's news, so let’s get on with it! But first... Patch Notes: Independence issues. The lag independence has been experiencing was identified as a failure on one of the drives on the server, which was causing major delays when reading from the database. Upon identifying this our server hero admin Keenan performed extended maintenance during which the databases were moved to another hardware setup. This is a temporary issue while we perform maintenance on the Independence hardware and some time in the near future we will be undergoing an extended downtime period for all servers to perform necessary system maintenance as well. Alongside this we are also investigating the causes for the recent upturn in lag, this will take some time as we run profiling software on each server, identifying when it lags and why. We know dealing with lag is a major pain so it’s our current priority to address and resolve as soon as possible, we do appreciate your patience with it and once we’re in the clear we’ll look at what forms of compensation might be worthwhile. ‘Tis the season! Almanacs, examine, mouseovers, so much text to see if your tree or bush is ripe for the harvest, but what about the items? Coming very soon is a graphics update that displays fruit, berries and all those harvestable goodies directly on the tree. As you can see below, Saroman is always working hard on making Wurm look as alive as possible! This is expected to go out in the next few days, so if you see a graphics pack update, that will be why! Animation polishing Samool has also been hard at work on polishing general animations from a first and third person perspective, including having the camera move with certain animations! https://drive.google.com/file/d/19lduiQjq35duW40UAofd_4zjixt5a0kV/view?usp=sharing Of course it will be a toggle though, motion sickness while playing is never fun. HotA rework The ongoing HotA rework testing is still available on text, we have several devs working with feedback to ensure that any system that comes achieves the goals we have and creates something engaging, be sure to grab a chum, buddy or comrade to check it out and leave any feedback! That’s it from us this week, we’ll be hard at work addressing the hardware and lag issues and hopefully have some more info soon about the dates for the extended downtime. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I stream alot! Come visit sometime.
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    Deliverance Community Map After experiencing technical problems with the previous community map, I teamed up with @Substrto create a new interactive web-based community map. Like before, it is based on the latest official map dumps provided by Code Club AB. Map Link: Deliverance Community Map Features 1. Map coordinates The map offers a common type of map grid (as an optional overlay), using the same denotation as the in-game map (for example "E 24"). However, to place and find locations in a much more detailed way the new map is based on "tile coordinates" (x, y), making it possible to narrow down locations to a single tile on the server! This allows us to place deeds and landmarks much more precisely than before. (Map coordinates are explained in the next post.) 2. Zoom The map provides various zoom levels, allowing to zoom in from a view of the entire server to close-ups of single deeds. 3. Layers Deeds, Tunnels, Canals, Bridges etc. are actually map layers which can be toggled on and off. You can also choose among two map types (Terrain, Topographical). 4. Finding settlements The map offers an easy-to-use search function for deeds. 5. Selecting locations and copy coordinates You are able to select any point on the map and save the coordinates for future use. Colors and symbols Map policy The community of Deliverance agreed on an "opt-out policy" for the community map. This means that the map is meant to be as complete and precise as possible, aiming at showing every settlement on the server as well as highways, tunnels, boat canals, bridges and important landmarks. To achieve this goal every community member is requested to help keeping the map up to date. Please report settlements (deeds), highways, tunnels, canals and landmarks that are not yet on the map. Use this forum thread to provide new information. If you are the mayor of a deed on the map and you feel that you have a good reason to hide your settlement from the community, please send me (Yaga) a PM, requesting your deed to be removed from the map ("Opt-out"). Please include a reason. Adding Data Please post in this thread to report new or changed data. (Do not send PMs, neither on the forum nor in-game! Do not use Discord to add data either!) Please use tile coordinates (x, y) to report new map data. (Hover your mouse pointer over the location you wish to report, click once to see the coordinates in the "Selected" field, copy the coordinates.) Deeds: Please report the settlement name and the coordinates of the settlement token. Example: "Serendipity Bay [1650, 1384]" Highways: Please report the coordinates of all points describing the highway (start, "corners", end). Please use this format: "[305,1453], [305,1415], [226,1415], [226,1383], [156,1383]" Tunnels, Canals, Bridges: Like highways. These elements can also be given a name. Other: You can also report clay and tar resources, guard towers, and special named landmarks (like names of lakes and mountains, as long as agreed among the local community.) Map Development The software for this map was developed by @Substrand will be maintained and updated by both of us (Substr and Yaga). It is part of an ongoing project. Further improvements and features will be added in future updates. I am very grateful to Substr, who did an awesome job creating the foundation for this community map project. Our thanks also go to jackjones for his original ideas and concepts, which were the basis of our previous community map and also influenced the development of this new map project.
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    I have looked everywhere but unfortunately I could not find any API for Wurm (Which I expected to be there )... It would be great if Wurm made available some sort of RESTful API from which you can retrieve account information, player information ( who's online in your village ) and all the other goodies! It could be done with a simple API key/token method which you could create in the account section. This shouldn't be much work to do as the data is already available somewhere, just make player / village data available to a player. A good example is EVE Online, which has his own API and where players have made online interfaces, apps and all sort of nice stuff with it. With this, I would like to build a web application / website for our village and would gladly release source codes for others to easily integrate this for themselves.
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    I have noticed we can dye saddles but the colour does not appear when worn by the animal, would be a nice feature if this could be implemented.
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    Do you like theese stumps on your server? There are really ugly landscape after massive lumberjack work. I'm think that small mod may help: bashing stump for reward What about 10 iron by defaullt? And an option to configure amount of reward.
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    Bugfix: Champions will now properly get 80 actual channelling instead of effective. Bugfix: Deny all permission on branded horses will now override deed permissions. Bugfix: Fix for piles of items that cannot be interacted with. Client Changes: New: Added optional head bob during animations. This can be disabled in the Graphics tab of the Settings, under ‘Enable Head Bob’. New: Revamped the animations with smoother blending. New: Display fruit on harvestable trees and bushes. Bugfix: Fixed glitchy door, gate and mine door animations. Bugfix: Fixed player animations snaps and glitches. Bugfix: Fixed incorrect torch lamp flame size. Art Changes: Someone’s gone and painted hearts on the sides of the sheep! Don’t kill them though, that would break their hearts. Bugfix: Animations of actions starting on floors will no longer use the building animation. The post Patch Notes: 14/FEB/19 Visible Fruit and Head Bobbing appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    Since Enki himself has seen that the southeastern portion (not through Daryan's deed) remains incomplete, perhaps it would be reasonable to name the north section (which has been completed by a real deed owner, and not a mysterious and conveniently anonymous person) in accordance with the deed owners request. I'm sure this won't actually be considered, just wanted to make sure it was in the thread so nobody can say no reasonable alternatives exist.
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    Thanks! fast and easy service got the tools the next day.
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    only allow some skills like forage, btanize, stone cutting etc. newbie get out of debt stuff
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    This looks awesome cant wait for the update. Thanks for all the hard work dev team
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    Certainly a juicy update!
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    So update to situation. Corpse was recovered. Skill was returned by a lovely arch gm, and I burned the chair that started all this fuss.
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    Tich's Gone Fishin' Memorial (Release L-25) An introduction by friends of Tich. Logging into Wurm, looking at our friend's list to see the first name not online to be Tich pressed those close to her to create a memorial, not only for others to see, but also to leave their own memories about this wonderful person for the rest of Wurm to enjoy. This project began in early November of 2018 and served as a cathartic focus for hearts and minds that were still struggling with Tich's passing. Though the work took only about 2 weeks to complete, with a subsequent few weeks of fine tuning to follow, by far the most difficult task was/is to write on opening introduction to the people of Wurm for the memorial. It is our hope that those touched by Tich or her works in-game will make the journey to Release, at L25, and bring with you a bit of something that ties you to Tich and her works, to be left in perpetuity as your own addition to the memorial. (Feel free to contact Daciana or Pomona by forum pm for help in placing or securing your personal additions, or adding personal anecdotes or stories to the Tich's Gone Fishin' Memorial) What began as players seeking comfort in remembering a friend, transitioned into co-workers yearning for an opportunity to show what she meant to them, and what we all hope will evolve into a community reaching out together to put the wealth of impact Tich made upon us all on exhibition. While here, please take the time to explore every aspect of the memorial. You will find a multitude of surprises made available through substantial background help from the Wurm Online Team all of which were especially close to Tich. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the memorial.
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    Is not her passing but those she left behind how you measure a person's worth. In her passing Tich left a multitude of memories, which encompass the greatness of that who she once was, buried deep in our hearts. Farewell, friend. May your tackle box remain always full and your catches aplenty.
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    Oh, yess! And when dirt are packed and stump are disapeared reward must calculated too... This add some more complexity to make this mod.
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    UPDATE 01/27/2019 - Further information has been brought forward that narrowed the scope of this exploit matter allowing us to exonerate a number of those in the area that were mass banned. UPDATE 02/05/2019 - Individuals caught up in this ban and subsequently cleared of involvement of the exploit, having their bans rescinded, will be reimbursed their lost premium time.
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    Daily streams, with coffee! See ya there kimmieinpink (saraie)
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    Can't find any mention of it being ask so here goes Is there any improvement being made on the totally random cast power even with high Channeling? I find it ridiculous that a 90 channeling priest having a hard time to cast 80+ power casts consistently sometimes it takes me 10 casts to improve on a 40 or 50 str cast.
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    Save the dye industry, woad planters ftw!
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    I've returned after nearly a year away and I still cant feel funky. #makewoadfunky
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    This guy had woad planters, why don't we?
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    If only Wurm woad have woad easier woad ways to grow woad... Woad planters. It should be a thing.