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    Here we go again with head bobbing, and here we go again, turning it off.
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    Good evening folks of Indy! -> South Haven Canal connecting Elysian Lake and Crystal Lake finished! Open for all Ships and looking for Heritage status! <- We are on the ingame map around Q 20. Many people of Indy might remember slight attempts to dig a canal between Crystal lake and the Elysian Lake since Indy started, but this important Infrastructure connection was never started for real and never finished, until now! I am proud to announce to you, i have dug and mined for weeks to present you this grand Canal and Tunnel, and hopeing it might even appeal to GM team. I started the digging around when Haven landing was founded as well December 2018, the dirt layer in the area is very high, the rock layer very low. I finished the Canal and Tunnel parts this week mid February. ----------------------------- The beginnings of the south side: The beginnings of the north side Looks from above the hill that was carved into Mid stage Look faceing South East End stage Look on the Hill that contains the tunnel part of the Canal - faceing South The look from the Top of the Hill, faceing to the north - The marble brazier pillar act as lighthouse, guiding ships savely into the Canal! The Tunnel inside - faceing the North Exit The area is mainly Sandstone Veins, so i decided the Thema shall be warm yellowish red colors to reflect the natural occurences of the local veins The South Exit - On the south side i found a few Silver veins, so i decided for Marble white colors, which also makes the normal gloomy cave look much brighter! You can see, the canal is 30 slope deep, allowing every ship type, it also has a sideroad, allowing criss-crossing of carts under the hill and even above the hill, on the sideroads i surface mined into the hillside --------------------- Edit: My South Haven Canal on Q 20 allows every ship type, however if you sail to it from the south coast, you have to sail throught a tunnel at the south-eastern side, which is deeded by Damascussteel, who seems to pause the game right now, since December. This tunnel might not be useable by all ships, i have to look into that. Perhaps @Damascuscan message /pm me on forums or ingame about that area, in a post below i had seen you answered Wurm is waiting for you, come in and join me again with the mineing, we had fun! Until i have more intel, please be careful if you come from the south coast. The sailing from north lake to south lake through Q 20 area, is deep enough for all ships. Edit2: Damascus finished the South Part of the Canal! Hurray! And thank you a lot! The South part is now 2 tiles wide deep channel 25 deep, which allows all ships, even your very biggest Caravel! The whole Elysian-Crystal Route is now sailable and deep enough! -------------------------- I want to Thank Damascussteel, who made this project possible, for he mined the connection into the lake South-east of this canal last year. He also helped a lot with mineing and collapsing the Mine openings. I want to Thank @HughMongus, the leader of the Albia alliance, for putting the canal onto their community map, and Webleywickers for helping in digging, mineing and dredging. I also want to Thank my neighboring deed mayor @Voochand his Villager Thicket supporting the project with lots of delicious meals and pizza and lots of alcohol such as met and moonshine! Very good kitchen! I want to thank various players in the Freemasons alliance for donating parts for many support beams! I want to thank the countless players for selling me crates And now, i declare the South Haven Canal open, you can come and sail through, you can sightsee the area, easy to find around Q 20 on the ingame map, and on the Indy community map organized by Hughmongus. Have fun and have a good wurmy-Day! ----------------------------- Perhaps i upload more screenshots later on. Cheers, your Daryan
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    Vaelir's Deed. Greetings Wurmians! Apparently this news is a little late, oops! We’ve been pretty busy dealing with some rather unfortunate hardware issues, we’ll fill you in on that in this week's news, so let’s get on with it! But first... Patch Notes: Independence issues. The lag independence has been experiencing was identified as a failure on one of the drives on the server, which was causing major delays when reading from the database. Upon identifying this our server hero admin Keenan performed extended maintenance during which the databases were moved to another hardware setup. This is a temporary issue while we perform maintenance on the Independence hardware and some time in the near future we will be undergoing an extended downtime period for all servers to perform necessary system maintenance as well. Alongside this we are also investigating the causes for the recent upturn in lag, this will take some time as we run profiling software on each server, identifying when it lags and why. We know dealing with lag is a major pain so it’s our current priority to address and resolve as soon as possible, we do appreciate your patience with it and once we’re in the clear we’ll look at what forms of compensation might be worthwhile. ‘Tis the season! Almanacs, examine, mouseovers, so much text to see if your tree or bush is ripe for the harvest, but what about the items? Coming very soon is a graphics update that displays fruit, berries and all those harvestable goodies directly on the tree. As you can see below, Saroman is always working hard on making Wurm look as alive as possible! This is expected to go out in the next few days, so if you see a graphics pack update, that will be why! Animation polishing Samool has also been hard at work on polishing general animations from a first and third person perspective, including having the camera move with certain animations! https://drive.google.com/file/d/19lduiQjq35duW40UAofd_4zjixt5a0kV/view?usp=sharing Of course it will be a toggle though, motion sickness while playing is never fun. HotA rework The ongoing HotA rework testing is still available on text, we have several devs working with feedback to ensure that any system that comes achieves the goals we have and creates something engaging, be sure to grab a chum, buddy or comrade to check it out and leave any feedback! That’s it from us this week, we’ll be hard at work addressing the hardware and lag issues and hopefully have some more info soon about the dates for the extended downtime. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I stream alot! Come visit sometime.
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    More first person games have the camera follow animations than not. It's a toggle, you're not forced to use it. Some animations will still be adjusted, I know Saroman is working on the idle standing one so that it doesn't float around.
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    World of Tanks had its own voice implementation, and it sucked. Nearly everyone used Discord/Teamspeak anyhow. (I note that WoT is a much better-funded game.) What would VoIP offer that Discord doesn't?
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    Sorry whats the point of head bobbing? Never saw a game that's first person implement this idea. Seems like a early april fools don't you think?
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    Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. What We Offer ➽ Community Essentials: Forum, Website, Discord, IRC ➽ Active, chatty people in Alliance Chat ➽ Regular Events for Members only (treasure hunts, jousting & other fun stuff) ➽ Regular Giveaways (Public & Private) ➽ Guides & Support ➽ Alliance Trading Post (deed & people dedicated to trading with and for members) ➽ Alliance Capital (giant deed with only rare+ furnishing) ➽ Public & Private Slayings ➽ A community that stretches all across the server ➽ Multiple Alliance Managers to ensure survival of the community Forum: http://forum.uncanny-legion.net/ We are an alliance, not a village. As such, the requirements to join are few and simple. You can join if: ✔ You are mayor of a deed on Xanadu. OR ✔ You are member of a deed on Xanadu with politics rights and permission of the mayor to join the alliance. ✔ You are not part of another Xanadu alliance or willing to leave the one you are in. ✔ Alternatively you can join one of our recruiting deeds. We do not restrict you or your village's activities in any way. We do not require participation in any events or giveaways. We do not ask you to leave other alliances on other servers, or your PvP kingdoms. We do not ask you to maintain permanent activity. The #1 way to be removed from the alliance is to lose your deed. In this case you automatically lose membership of the alliance. The #2 way to be removed is if you break the few rules we have and cause damage to our community. It is important to us to emphasize that PvP players are allowed to join our group, but any PvP grudges held against other players are not to be brought into our community environment. We exist to unite players to create a unique group of people, not to fuel wars between kingdoms on PvE servers. Current Deed Count: 68 Alliance Managers: 5 If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact us in one of the following ways: ✎ Comment Here ✉ Send a private message to me, @Yldrania, @Gorefiend, @zethreal, @brattygirl ☭ Pass me a PM in-game on AJBlack Sign up on our forums & contact us there Alliance History
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    Just a quick video highlighting some new mechanics and features of the server. Magic System Updates Village Doggo Mechanics Mob Pack/Social Mechanics Mob Migration Mechanics Enhanced Pet Mechanics All other normal server features as per http://pveplands.com/showthread.php?tid=10&amp;pid=13#pid13 This server is really more designed for players that are self sufficient and know base level Wurm gameplay. It is a free server that is made available for use. As such no expectation of service should be made. Though there are GM's available, they do not readily remedy player "situations" that are not a bug. If you create a problem for yourself, it is expected that you resolve it yourself or with the help of other players. We are happy to have players, but we don't vote the server up or ask people to promote it. There are plenty of servers available for people to choose from. Server Map - http://www.pveplands.com/map/ Video - (fun early prototyping work of the mob migration/mob interspecies combat This was before separation by mob type was enabled so they ALL migrated the same direction...dumb) -
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    Welcome in Varsovia Royal Shipyard! We offer ships and horses from merchant! Location: P 25 island on Exodus server How it work? We have merchant: This screan is not updated look down what we have for sale! You can buy a key for specyfic gates with ships or horses inside All ships are build with 1 peg left to attach All horses are 5 speed With key you can open gate and take Horse 25c for 5 speed Hell Horse 50c for 5 speed Curently inside horse Gates: 1. Horse 5 speed Brown - Pinkiesilver Female 25c 2. Horse 5 speed White - Huntingmaster Male 25c 3. Horse 5 speed Appaloosa - Abbaspearl Male 1s 50c 4. Horse 5 speed Gold - Earsbrisk Male 25c 5. Horse 5 speed Piebald pinto - Fleasweet Male 40c 6. Hell Horse 5 speed - Fleayoana (color shadow) Female 50c 7. Hell Horse 5 speed - Walkingflash (color shadow) Female 50c 8. Unicorn 5 speed - Rainausimus Male 50c 9. Hell Horse 5 speed - Alexwest (color cinder) Male 50c 10. 11. 16. Horse 5 speed Chestnut- Kimpie Female 1,5s 17. Horse 5 speed Blood bay - Northdamien Male 40c 18. Horse 5 speed Black - Coffeedaisy Female 25c 19. Horse 5 speed Gold - Eckerhoney Male 25c 20. Horse 5 speed Gold - Pickosio Male 25c 21. Champion Dog Male 1s 22. Bison 5 speed Female 50c 23. Bison 5 speed Male 50c 24. Bison 5 speed Female 50c 25. If you buy ship key, you can finish unfinished ships inside the gate, with one peg you bring or buy from our merchant. All ships bought at merchant, after build left on special marked place, will be improved to 90QL for free. Get your ship, with your unique nickname as maker, finish your personal goal! Price for merchant ships: Small sailing boat 2s Corbita 5s Cog 6s Knarr 8s Caravel 10s Curently inside gates: 1x Small Sailing 1x Corbita 1x Caravel 1x Knarr 1x Cog We also have in offer, offline ships imp from merchant (mallets) Buy a mallet, left it inside of ship, and set permision for "Wiluss" to acces hold. When improving is finished i will post info on forum, at this topic. All ships will be improved in max 24h. Usualy imp time is between 16:00-23:00 Gmt+1 Price for offline boat imp: 80QL 50c 92QL 1s 95QL 3s PM Wiluss in game for support For regular sale: Sailboat 95QL 2s Knarr 95QL 8s Caravel 90QL 10s Smoke of Sol 1 charge 150s
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    I have looked everywhere but unfortunately I could not find any API for Wurm (Which I expected to be there )... It would be great if Wurm made available some sort of RESTful API from which you can retrieve account information, player information ( who's online in your village ) and all the other goodies! It could be done with a simple API key/token method which you could create in the account section. This shouldn't be much work to do as the data is already available somewhere, just make player / village data available to a player. A good example is EVE Online, which has his own API and where players have made online interfaces, apps and all sort of nice stuff with it. With this, I would like to build a web application / website for our village and would gladly release source codes for others to easily integrate this for themselves.
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    Do you like theese stumps on your server? There are really ugly landscape after massive lumberjack work. I'm think that small mod may help: bashing stump for reward What about 10 iron by defaullt? And an option to configure amount of reward.
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    Recent Valrei crafting missions have resulted in large item spam (tables, carts, racks, etc.), and I would love a more accessible way than lava/bashing to destroy them. Seems like that would be a good thing all around. Possibilities: - A large altar to sac large items (seen it suggested, not sure how you'd get a cart inside it, but hey!) - A staff/torch/wand of saccing, allowing you to activate it and sac something (probably too many PvP implications for mobile saccing, unless you had to be in the vicinity of an altar to use it) - Disassembling, ideally for parts/skillgain, but for now, I'd settle for sheer destruction.
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    Hello everyone, As a long term player, I've struggled on and off to find a skill that has really sucked me into the game. After the cooking update, like many others, my group of friends were brought back into the game with this major change. And once I found out stills existed, I just knew I had to use them. Beverages was oddly fun to experiment with, creating new drinks, using new tools and learning a system without much documentation at all. With the help of a friend of mine, even creating a calculator to match the drink to an affinity and documenting timer length based on quality. However, our optimism of a new market being made for alcohol was quickly shattered once we found out that only moonshine with every possible ingredient gave a timer worth selling. And so, this document was created. Within, you will find changes I believe will make the skill more engaging, rewarding and interesting. And maybe even opening the door for ice sculptures, the item we all want but never knew we wanted. Any and all feedback is appreciated, as I really have tried to think of every possible way of making the system a lot better. A massive thank you also to Fabricant and Demonix for helping me a lot in the early and later stages of this document and encouraging me along. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D8_xfBbX_spNwIeljN7m4Ljt78GzdcHJBd_7WH3KMI8/edit?usp=sharing And for those maybe not wanting to read the full document, I will give a very very very short summary Allowing the creation of ice and coffee Creating a cocktail set to mix drinks New recipes using these tools And creating an item type that can be used to give us ice sculptures...
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    Awesome! Now enable third person camera view.
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    Very nice gesture! I'll be sure to swing by and check it out sometime. Those we love never truly leave us. There are things that death cannot touch.
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    a GM can create a lair which will increase spawn of the specified mob in the area the lair is at. Other ways are to do mission rulers in that area, so the player does something that has been specified and then the mobs spawn as specified by the mission ruler. That is how we handled dungeon spawns.
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    +1.... The new one is very ugly.. I wonder who accepts these designs at Wurm.
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    - consider replacing the “one of these things are not like the others” endurance sandwich with a tasty beverage. I know I prefer my sandwiches in the middle of a 5 mile run, but wurmade might work too. Create a viable market for flasks! psssss. perhaps coffee could restore exhausted fatigue. At least let our beverage makers earn a coin off the botters.
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    Daily streams, with coffee! See ya there kimmieinpink (saraie)
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    Fath bonus + cast power, rest does nothing.
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    Save the dye industry, woad planters ftw!
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    damit why are we still adding +1s to this thread? this should have been done (or planned to be added to the todo list) months ago... someone poke at the devs and wake them up? use whatever's available.. a stick. fork. cattleprobe, dragontooth...still attached to live dragon...log..wait not a log that might put them back to sleep... come on this needs to be a think! wake up please!
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    Welcome to Hindleap Horses! Situated in a peaceful forest just west of Summerholt, I breed blood bay, piebald and jet horses. I'm aiming for 5 speed with 'certain spark' and 'strong and healthy'. This gives fast horses which are resistant to disease and live extra-long lives, approximately 9 months in total! I always have the old 4 colours available as well. Hindleap is in G23 as shown above. There is a main road from Summerholt and the turnoff onto the gravel path to Hindleap is signposted. There is access by water from the north and just to the south at Amish Paradise Market where a number of horses bred by myself and others are available. Amish Paradise Market information is available here. The market offers self service and a choice of 4 Hindleap horses, or you're always welcome to come to Hindleap for a personal shopping experience! Delivery to all coastal areas of Xanadu is available, and to other areas on request. Also available: black sheep bred to order blank 80ql horseshoes, 90ql available with a little notice 5 speed unicorns bred to order limited numbers of hell horses champion deer bred to order Prices: Colour With Spark Without Spark Piebald 50c 30c Blood Bay 50c 30c Jet 90c 75c Current stock list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NdKnN5N41a9aRzIwCGN3Q9-ZTV9WJu0c7fYBL3xn5YI/edit#gid=0 New colours are slowly becoming available! Check my stock list for availability and prices. Message me in game for enquiries!