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    This is one of the nicest videos out there. Please, make it a thing again. (Personal favorite)
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    "enable quick keybinds" in settings, 1st tab
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    I have good news. After we were left with an unfinished map software and no information about when it will be fixed (if at all), I teamed up with my friend Substr, who is an experienced web developer, to create a new web based interactive map. When finished, this new community map will contain all the information that we once had (highways, landmarks and location names, resources...) and more! Here is a sneak preview of what it will look like: This new map is based on a small and clean web application, created by Substr. We (Substr and myself) will have complete control over the map software and thus will be able to adjust the map to the needs and wishes of Deli's community, without being dependent on a third party. The new map is almost finished and will be available soon(TM). Please stand by.
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    I'm gonna link the suggestion I posted in the suggestions & ideas section as it is relevant to this rework of the HoTA system. Chaos isn't the only PvP server (though it practically speaking seems to be these days), and the map on Elevation is centered around something that won't be existing when this rework comes.
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    ?️?WELCOME TO JOLA'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF DYES ! ??️ I have pleasure to invite you to the wonderful land of colors ? NEW FANTASTIC BUOYS !!! Now you can decorate your home, paint items and transform your piece of wurm into something special ? I invite you to bring some joy and a bit of pleasure and luxury to your game. I offer lots of great and quality dyes. You can find here anything you need. Prices are : dyes 90+ ql (except black) - 20c/kg (price is negotiable if larger amount) black dye 90+ ql - 30c/kg dyes 80-89 ql (except black) - 10c/kg black dye 80-89 ql - 20c/kg For more info PM Jola in game. My speciality are bright superlamps ? And some other pics with my dyes ?
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    Hell Scorps are more powerful than a lot of creatures that give tons of goodies when butchered and yet they give only meat and cochineal. So why not make hell scorps at least drop coal? Hell Hounds do it, among other good stuff they give. Hell scorps actually look more like they got coal inside than hell hounds do.
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    Hi, This game needs a way for people to show off what they have to those who pass through their deed. I think one of the major complaints for armour racks is the fact they dont show the textures of the stored armour, but this has been said many times. My main suggestion is Display cabinets that cant store items. My though is that they could just be a cupboard with a glass from that allows you to see a few items hung inside. Maybe also a waste height one that you can store a rare two handed sword in for people to look at, Anyway just an idea, Have a great day
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    activate the 2nd item in the list, right click the group, combine. move items to craft window and combine You can't combine arrows, they are individual items, not resources. You can put the quiver on the hotkey bar and activate the first arrow in it. Repeating last action would probably be against their long standing war on macros.
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    The vehicle litter eyesore that sits there for 1, 2... 5... years, yet can't be removed, general off-deed low-decay nonsense, the stale economy... 10 years is a long time with no reasonable sinks what-so-ever in the game to balance things out - To that point, I have several surplus high end chars I want to delete; Delete button please?
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    If you plan to visit the very top of Kebnekaise, don’t make the same mistake as I did. Tired from the walk, me and my companions took a 10 minute break in the cabin just below the very top. It was clear sight so pictures were gonna be awesome. The cabin had no windows and when we stepped outside again we didn’t see ######. A cloud had decided it would be a great idea to sweep in. Picture from the very top, lol. I hope you will have a good time in Sweden!
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    Afternoon folks! Decided to try my hand at Wurm pixel-art again (This time based on an old Wurm Online banner from Pre-1.1) Using an 8-colour Gameboy-esque palette, I tried making a Gameboy cover piece for Wurm.
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    ohhhh yes. I would LOVE to have the coalpiles impable. Another skill that would be more comfortable to grind - and I'm one of those who built tons of piles to grind the skill... though stopped at 80 as no rational reason to go higher with the current way finished pile QL is calculated. EDIT: for me high ql ash production seems more important as very high ql coal can be farmed from creatures quite easily
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    It's been over two years now and no love yet. It is not right that one can go hunting and get 100ql coal and yet at 98.06 coal making, using 99ql mats, selecting only the very best results after creation and adding the dirt, I still have a hard time hitting the magic number of 81.82ql on the coal piles to make 90ql coal with the walnut bonus. I'd like to modify my suggestion above from a couple years ago to make walnut give a 25% bonus to ql. I can live with having to make 80ql coal piles to get 100ql results. This seems like it is most likely a very easy modification to make, won't upset the game balance in any way that I can see, and will bring some reasonableness into the process whereby a highly skilled coal maker can get the same ql coal as a hunter. I'd also like to suggest this should be a temporary fix until the whole coal process (including coal from hunting) comes up for rework.
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    The fishing update. Combined with the alleged weather/clothing update. I think I prefer the old Wurm with the bugs. Yes, it had bugs, but it was fun. Now, it killed the old bugs, got new ones, but the fun is fading away. It's becoming a tedious chore, not a fun semi-AFK game I started playing so many years ago.
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    I hated when they made hell horses unhitch when they age.
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    We have a skill for climbing, we have body and body stamina for walking, but what we don't have is a reward for the endless times we spend sailing, driving and riding around the lands of Wurm. My suggestion is simple: Introduce skills for sailing, driving on carts, riding, etc. that give perks when at certain skill levels. They can increase slowly, like climbing skill does, or even slower. Perks could be things like but not limited to.... Faster speed Actions possible that aren't otherwise allowed while mounted Course alignments Reduced penalties for slopes / going against the wind / etc. it would make the enormous amounts of time we spend traveling in this game a little more valuable to the game-play itself.
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    I am located at Lorien near Tap Dance Market on Cel https://prnt.sc/mj3j01 20 c each 5 speed Horse in normal colors 50c for new colors 3-4 speeds 1s for 5 speed new colors more pens and some more colors will come soon xD self service pens Traits: FF - It will fight fiercely. Higher fighting skill FM - It has fleeter movement than normal. Minor speed boost TB - It is a tough bugger Withstands more damage SB - It has a strong body Bonus to maintaining top speed LM - It has lightning movement Randomly increases speed for a short duration CM - It can carry more than average Less penalty to speed due to high load SL - It has very strong leg muscles Less penalty to speed due to slope KS - It has keen senses Able to sense when on a water tile UH - It looks unusually strong and healthy Has a higher resistance to disease CS - It has a certain spark in its eyes Lives 50% longer than normal Name Father Mother Traits Gender Age Color Comments Heartwarrior Earsecker 'M Tammyhappy FF,FM,SB,LM,CM,SL male Aged Piebald pinto 15c Bloodchaser Hardcoffee 'M Tahugolden 'F FM,TB,SB,LM,CM,SL,SH male Mature White 15c Northwarrior Ragekiss Idamountain 'F FM,TB,SB,LM,CM,SL male Mature Piebald pinto 15c Dancecoffee Swiftwild 'M horse 'Exxie' FM,SB,LM,CM,SL male AdolescentFoal Gold 20c Clipswift horse 'Ayaan M Eckerpie 'F FM,SB,LM,CM,SL female AdolescentFoal Brown 20c Eckerbaron Pienotch horse 'Exxie' FM,SB,LM,SL,CS male YoungFoal Skewbald pinto 50c 50c Kiakiss Northeast Idaosio TB,LM,CM,SL female YoungFoal Appaloosa 50c 1 Privat merchant contracts 6,5s (only Pickup) 9 Sleep Powders 90c each
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    Turning around to this after coming back from AFK on this char. THEY ARE FREAKY!!!!
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    no difference between them all, med rug salesman try to sell you exquisite coz they take insane amounts of damage repairing. rarity is supposed to add 10% skillgain but does nothing due to how it's coded
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    I am trying to freeze a tile that I cast lava on and get this message [12:08:18] Some psychological issue stops you from freezing the lava here. If you were an ally of the village maybe you would feel more comfortable. which makes no sense, I can cast it but can't remove it. Casting char is in another alliance not part of mine so I have to ally with them and then have them rejoin their original alliance, seems a bit silly to have to go through all that. A setting that needs to be fixed I am thinking. ?
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    [17:25:23] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy mate ?
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    I think i might know why. Lets have a go at fixing tonight.
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    While the laginess on Deli is nowhere near what is described here, at some point after new years the game has become glitchy. Messed up textures, like a completely black slab in mid of house where planks should be, and specifically lavender hedges missing texture on one tile, and horses not turning either hitched or not and running sideways. And i am 200% sure it is neither my pc or internet connection, as the pc is a brand new gaming one MSI Infinity, and the interwebs are an optical cable connection with 100mb/s which in average is at least 60% of that.
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    I was able to reproduce this with an iron butchering knife.
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    I'd like to order a rare trowel for Mermaid
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    Wish you good luck Wimble! ?
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    Time to bump an old thread. Id love if armour stands - or even a new item mannequin - would show the armour in it accurately - perhaps to be done by giving the item slots just like our body has.
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    sorry, vincentruth has been sold.
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    I'm not sure it is a bad mechanic - but a pop-up question would be great to make sure you want to get your item stuck on the deed. Event notification will not work with the instant unload timer on deed.
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    Thorin, there may be more tunnel projects in the moment than there are volunteers. A couple of players are busy in their own projects. It is not a matter of all times though. I would ask you not to be too disappointed, just let it rest a few months just slowly going on for some time. And thank you for all your work. What Ajalaa and you describe about ceiling height sounds not good. How many tiles are affected?
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    Changing my mind after two years (and still no scaffolldings ) Absolutely +1 ! Yes please consider replacing that poor byte to a double. Let us be amazed with all the weird bugs happening from that, mine related visual bugs are always feel like strange and evil art to me. TLDR and for protests: Make mine heights great again! Double the byte!
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    Or you know, simply allow imping coal piles with shovel and dirt(or logs). Considering your modified suggestion i always felt like oak should be the one that gives boost in ql so how about oak giving +25% boost and cedar taking role of oak and actually ticking more often instead of just burning longer for nothing.. walnut staying the same at 15% Anyway +1 on anything that would allow production of high ql coal from coal-making viable.
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    FEBRUARY 2019 UPDATE: Creatures Unfortunately most of my breeders have died, so I had to wait with breeding and am now breeding horses with their offspring. We also have a handful of bison on deed now enjoying a large meadow. Thanks to Kenolein, I have been able to breed 5-Speed Hell Horses, currently all colored Cinder. Also moved in has a Champion Black Bear named "Bearly Legal", as well as two Champion Wild Cats called "Keiichi" and "Tom". A couple of Champion Mountain Lions also call this place their home now. Their names are "Aslan", "Zelda", "Starlet" and "Lara". One Champion Rat called "Squeakers" has also moved in and given birth to a young Champ that is yet unnamed. And then there's the glorious Champion Deer that I am able to breed thanks to @olafhairybreeks - so far two females "Ayala" and "Heiress" and one male "Buck". Also, two male Champion offspring so far. Furthermore, a special deer called Old Fat Evergreens has moved in, visible in the image below. Rest In Peace: Building The Palisades and Fences have been finished and painted Black with high quality dye made by the glorious @Archaed. The Token House has been started, first floor finished. Magranon's Passage First House has been started, first floor finished except for additional fences in arches. Unicorn Meadow has been completed. House of Fo started. Ignore the mess of banners and stuff everywhere, I'll clean up.... eventually. Ship Addition: The "HoB Golden Retriever" has joined the fleet with amazing golden dye from @Jola New deed has been founded called The House of Black. I'll be trying to build a massive deed across this entire area:
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    statue of an anatomically correct heart +1
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    hard to notice that when theres 0 people there and if there is he's probably afk
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    To be honest, lag on Xanadu has worsened again as well. Sailing is impossible without constant "You are out of sync" messages. Riding a horse is impossible without constant "You are out of sync" messages. Controlling a wagon is impossible without constant "You are out of sync" messages. Fighting has become even more of a gamble, because you stand there and suddenly 20 attacks happen at the same time and either you or your enemy/enemies die. Helping each other out when fighting with multiple alts and healing spells, etc. is impossible. Taming has become even more of a hazard than it was before. One moment you stand there taming a champ, you move out of the pen, a minute later you are suddenly dead. Doors and gates opening is ALWAYS, without exception, delayed at this point, no matter the time of day you're playing. Even while walking or going at slow speeds, the server can't keep up with your actions as of late. It happened a bunch of times that I moved along a path without any error messages and suddenly found myself a ways back after getting reconnected. Chatting becomes aggravating because your responses don't go through, or all pop up at the same time. Disconnects are so frequent - I have logs where dozens of disconnects and reconnects happened not even minutes apart. I have tested my own internet, especially at the worst times of lag, and I have found no issues. Other people always experience the same issues when I write about it. I'm not sure what is going on, but I highly agree with @Ekcin- it would be great to have some official comments about the issue and what we can expect short-term and long-term. I understand issues like this are difficult to solve, but reading back through the forums, lag has been an almost constant part of the game. Might it be time to switch server hosts? Replace some old code? I don't know the cause, and I won't pretend to know the solution, but I know that this is a serious problem and nothing to just shrug off. I would be more than happy to get a response from the developers as to why this is happening and what steps or time-line we can expect on it. I obviously play the game a lot, so my reports are not to discredit anyone or anything. I mean to do nothing but show how severely this situation impacts us as players. However, I do have multiple premium characters, and due to the lag it becomes impossible to play them efficiently. At this point, it is even an impossibility to play my main alone efficiently. This is an issue, as I pay for a service that is not being provided - the ability to play - and this is interfered with by all of the server side lag. We are occasionally reimbursed with a bit of Sleep Bonus, which is only useful when we could actually efficiently use the one we had before, which is also something that is not possible at the moment. Using sleep bonus at any point is a waste, because the time in between actions is insane, and actions are often stuck for minutes on "finishing" before the next action even takes place. So, while this is done with great intention, as long as the servers are still so unstable, we can not even use our reimbursement as we should, which is really a shame.
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    Looks good! Thank you for your time
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    I just wanted to humbly inform you, well regarded potential customer, that i just took care for a fresh batch of those delicious, all vegan, all organic pumpkin pizzas. As always made with my very own caring paws and out of the best ingredients grown and harvested on my humble little deeds right beside Treehuggers Eden. So don't let the opportunity pass to get provided with excellent enchanted tools and weapons and get fed at the same time. Cooked food and craftet tools and weapons by the Wolfpaws, some of the best enchants on Indie by the Catpaws, you won't get a better barga... well, i think that is enough advertisement for this business quarter.
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    I think best approach would be to allow stacking it above the std 5h SB. SB gained from sleep should still be capped at 5h.
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    What you see here will be a more transparent issuance of penalties and moderation actions against the most horrendous offenders. We have striven to keep the issues of each member confidential all these years, but there are times when that provided confidentiality is publicly used against us to make us look biased or corrupt. After some discussions behind the scenes we have determined to strip away that confidentiality that we provided when it comes to the most serious offenses such as Toxic Players, or mass penalties where we are often bombarded with appeals as well as 3rd party complaints. When we are required to act against a member of our community, we do not do so out of bias or some form of arbitrary self indulgence. The paperwork is far too great for it to be enjoyable. Yet, when we take action, invariably, the person under penalty rarely tells the 'whole truth' to the people they speak to. This causes us no end of problems and we hope that being more transparent about these individuals will save us a lot of time and effort.
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    different point of view, packed the more than an hour long fight in a under 3min video
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    LOL if the P/R group makes more rules to cover its own greed it's DONE. Sheesh. What a poop show. Really. LOL. I thought Skirmishes was savage but you guys need to make a Loot and Harassment thread. This is why none of my friends play freedom. Going to return to chaos now, home of the non greed.
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    Eau de Troll We now take a break from our regularly scheduled Wurming to bring you this special announcement. Ladies, it doesn't matter what island you live on. If you're anything like me, after a hard day of farming, veggie chopping, brick making, as well as the occasional deep mining expedition, you're just not feeling as feminine as you'd like. Bathing in the lake only adds more of a foul odour, and Fo forbid you come across a patch of octopus ink while taking a lap around the pond. And have you ever tried cleaning up at one of those public fountains you find on the street? A lady can't even shine up her steel breast plate without someone making a rude comment. Believe me, it's not just the Cats Eyes that are peering at you out there. Well today, I'd like to tell you about an easy to use product I found on a merchant at some ancient market, atop a very tall mountain, somewhere, someplace. It's called "Eau de Troll". When the sage in charge informed me of it's magical properties, I simply didn't believe him. So he splashed a few drops upon my arm and it's smelled wonderfully fantastic. Almost instantaneously I could feel a surge of energy run through my veins. After equipping my knife, I was some how able to chop veggies at double the rate! Well I stocked up with every pottery jar of the stuff he had and couldn't be happier. Now, when I go out after a hard days work, I'm irresistible.