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    looking to sell 300-400 sleep powder 90c each, pm me
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    Enchant decay change happened roughly 1.5 year ago. Formula for it: (1 - (1 - 1/(y * 30))^(max(1.5, x/5 - 0.5))) * min(x/10, 1)^2 Wolfram Alpha link - chance for a tool to lose a point of enchant at enchant power 100, timers from 0 to 20 seconds. Previous system was checking if decay should take place every 5 seconds without consideration for action length, so actions lasting more than any multiple of 5 had significantly larger chance for enchant loss, while actions with timers below 5 seconds would never cause enchant loss. For example, action taking 11 seconds had two times larger enchant loss chance than 9 second action. In addition, if you was really unlucky it was possible to lose more than single enchant point in single action. In new system enchant loss chance is calculated only at the end of action or if the action is canceled. There is no sudden jump every 5 seconds, so you don't need to worry about keeping your actions below 5/10/15/20 seconds to lower enchant loss. In addition, there is a special curve for timers below 10 seconds, greatly lowering enchant loss chance for them compared to the old system. In general, enchant loss chance for actions lasting over 10 seconds should be similar in old and new system, and for actions lasting less than 10 seconds new system have much lower enchant loss chance.
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    Make the "Lead" permission in deed permissions only apply too leading unbranded animals on deed. Instead of giving lead permission to all animals branded by your deed. Branding a animal should override deed "Lead" permissions. So only players listed on manage animal can lead your horse. Any player that has a permission on manage animal for that horse should be able to lead it. The deed should not control permission on my horse once I have branded it and set permissions.
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    I have always assumed that if you have a horse which is branded to your deed and is saddled, it is safe to park anywhere on the same server and no-one will be able to steal it as long as the horses permissions do not allow. This however, is not true. I had a situation happen recently where I discovered some of my saddled and branded horses missing from my island. I had just parked them all over the place, assuming they are 100% safe. However, since my settlement allows non-citizens to LEAD animals on my deed (a setting I need, because I have a horse market) this allowed someone to just come and snatch my own branded and saddled horses away. These horses had the Xmas gift saddlebags, so I was pretty devastated by this loss. The issue is the fact that the settlement permissions OVERRIDE the animal's own permissions. Surely this cannot be right? I did some tests with a friend who has no permissions to my deed and he was able to lead my branded horse away. What makes this even more alarming, is that even if I could just make sure to park my horses inside of fences from now on on my own deed, what happens if I visit someone else's deed and dismount. If the deed owner changes the permissions of their deed to allow leading, anyone will be able to take my horse. This needs to be changed so that animal specific permissions OVERRIDE the settlement permissions, and not vica versa.
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    Due to my high deed costs and purchase expenses, I'm looking to buy silver basically all the time. I buy at 1 Silver = ~1 USD but I'm no enemy of negotiations. I have bought multiple gold before and will pay with a verified PayPal account. Transactions will be SAFE and QUICK. I'm going to start tracking who I bought from for references for you and for memory for myself from this point onward in a list below. Sellers I Bought From:
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    WELCOME TO WOLFPACK CLOTHING STORE ! We offer all kinds of clothes - old and new dyed . Why stick to a boring style? Make your character different than everyone else! We have here wonderful colors, clothes from your dreams for your priest or working char. Become a unique and recognizable person in the game ! Today we offer sublime collection of hoods We can prepare any ql for you - let's say 70 ql - to 90 ql. The whole cloth set 90 ql old style 1s total. (70 ql - 80c ; 80 ql - 90c) New colors dyed 90 ql set - 1,5s total ( 70 ql - 1,3s ; 80 ql - 1,4s) CHEAP CLOTH IMP - INCLUDING MEDITATION RUGS For more details PM Shewolf or Irbiska or leave message on forum. AND SOME OTHER COMBINATIONS
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    The Venerable Raging Overworked Hamster is now dead.
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    Dwarven Imperium of WURM Blessed be her grace Haela Birghtaxe, Dwarven Goddess of War and Strategy. Seeking Dwarven Holds and citizens to become an Role playing, Rifts, Events, Slayings and Merchant Alliance in Xanadu and other Servers. We Dwarves of the Imperium be seeking ye Dwarven Lads and Lasses without homes in these strange lands of Xanadu. Ye human lads and lasses be welcome within our walls and holds too. We be existing and experienced players on Xanadu seeking to create an active Alliance based on Role playing Dwarves and other races living in Mountain holds and great Mines and Citadels. We welcome any who wish to join and will do our best to create a rich in depth role play environment. We will focus on many projects to enrich our Dwarven Holds and surroundings. Our members will be able to trade and help create new Markets on or off deeds, Ports, Deeds, work together and trade together. We also will have Priests and Temples for creating sermon groups, enchanting of crafted items, and training for Hunting, Slayings, and Rifts. Most important we seek to have fun. Who is welcome? Anyone and everyone who would like experience WURM more in depth. New players, Veterans, returning Veterans. You can role play humans, halflings, an elves too. No Trolls (Green Club wielding WURM ones), we use fire on those, though Frostbrand works too. Citadel Feldbar will be a Dwarven and Human Stronghold located in the D11 region of Xanadu. Citadel Feldbar is currently recruiting anyone who wishes to join. The Dwarven Imperium is also recruiting any players and player deeds wishing to join. Hermits welcome too. Goals: Develop Trade and new Markets on or off deed, new harbors. Work together on building projects and Xanadu infrastructure. Other serves also. This would be rebuilding stretches of Highways that are messed up, and adding new Guard Towers and safe houses on the main Highways. Main goal would be to reduce step grades etc, and neighboring deeds would be notified prior. Help new folks settle in and hone their skills. Active Groups for Slayings, Rifts, and Events, general hunting too. At some point we may even start a PMK on Chaos but that will be much further down the road. Right now we want to have fun, encourage new folks to become deed citizens and create working towns and villages. Background: My background in Forgotten Realms DnD is why I went with a Dwarven Theme and I think it will be fun to introduce a home for players who play a Dwarven Style an WURM and who knows what this may bring down the line. Arthur Hawkwing, (that's me) has always lived in Northwest Xanadu, it has become home. Having found a large plateau that over looks what I call Loch Serenity south of D11. You should see the view, its amazing. My home sits below a mountain pass which separates my valley like plateau from the desert to the east. The soil is rich, the local mountains abundant with minerals, and local wildlife is fairly abundant. At 40x42, Citadel Feldbar has abundant room and can be expanded as needed. My goal is to continue building and create a working town based on Medieval and Forgotten Realms style. Eventually will have Dwarven style housing in the mines also, to create a both a bustling Human style town above and Dwarven below similar to Forgotten Realms Citadel Feldbar. Currently with Starshard and Lancewinstar's help and friendship we built Tailoring and Pottery workshops, a Smithy, Sandstone and Son's Brewery, A Bowery and Kitchen well stocked. Chromega, an ally built an amazing stables. Future plans include a large temple devoted to the Pantheon of Valrei where sermons can be held all the time with easy access by land and sea. Also in planning is a Hall of Heroes where deeds of Citizens and Alliance members can be displayed and their stories told. Come build a new future for the Northwest of Xanadu.
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    That point in most SysAdmin's lives when they wish they would have learned how to and implemented: remote shadowing and mirroring (saved my hide on more than one occasion) Pet
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    I agree, however I think that should be a 100 Skill privilege only.
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    tbh something changed, and thats the resistances to certain damage types however, i dont think we should get a free transfer, rework meditation, you know that project that got announced almost a year back yeah....
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    while we're at this, can I trade my carpentry for weaponsmithing skill 1:1?
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    I'm actually quite happy with the meditating in the game to be perfectly honest.
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    One luvly Lady Libila colossus for the luvly Lady Viti. Thanks much for the great company while this was being constructed.
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    Nice and easy silvercoin sale, also done other very flex sales with Jimbean, recommend: +1
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    I would like to point out that Frankthetank's spatula picture does not appear on the relevant wurmpedia page. That aside, here are my screenshots for the day! With the help of my good friend Puay, we managed to get some decent swimming and drowning pictures: Swimming: Drowning (with bonus blood!): As well as some items that could use a touch-up: Fired Key Form Clay Shaper Crude Knife Crude Axe Crude Shovel Crude Pickaxe We hope you find these helpful.
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    Because I forgot. I'll have my minions run the commands needed to generate them and pull them together for review this weekend.
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    I startet a fresh website for a new project where you should be able to find all videos to mods, tutorials and maybe coding support http://www.wurmonline.info/Modlist/ This site is also used for the videolinks in the modlist Enjoy Eject Edit: added a forum to the website......just for mod related and coding questions, hopefully there will come a lot of members to support this site with codesnippets/videos and more
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    Eau de Troll We now take a break from our regularly scheduled Wurming to bring you this special announcement. Ladies, it doesn't matter what island you live on. If you're anything like me, after a hard day of farming, veggie chopping, brick making, as well as the occasional deep mining expedition, you're just not feeling as feminine as you'd like. Bathing in the lake only adds more of a foul odour, and Fo forbid you come across a patch of octopus ink while taking a lap around the pond. And have you ever tried cleaning up at one of those public fountains you find on the street? A lady can't even shine up her steel breast plate without someone making a rude comment. Believe me, it's not just the Cats Eyes that are peering at you out there. Well today, I'd like to tell you about an easy to use product I found on a merchant at some ancient market, atop a very tall mountain, somewhere, someplace. It's called "Eau de Troll". When the sage in charge informed me of it's magical properties, I simply didn't believe him. So he splashed a few drops upon my arm and it's smelled wonderfully fantastic. Almost instantaneously I could feel a surge of energy run through my veins. After equipping my knife, I was some how able to chop veggies at double the rate! Well I stocked up with every pottery jar of the stuff he had and couldn't be happier. Now, when I go out after a hard days work, I'm irresistible.