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    Well computer went kaput a while back. Which is why I vanished and have been away forever. Just been too busy working to have the time to send it out for repairs a second time. Been busy planning a long trip and building the savings to enjoy it. Will start with a hike on The King's Trail in Sweden. 415 kilometers. Always did enjoy hiking and the outdoors. From there perhaps Germany, France and England. Keeping a loose itinerary to just enjoy Europe without being rushed. Would be nice to meet some friends from Wurm along the way, perhaps some suggestions of must see and experience places. Cheaper car rentals or hostels perhaps. Currently thinking May as when I will start my trip.
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    Be good to clarify if you are surface mining it down (mining skill), or leveling it with dirt up, digging skill? Either way, I'd be interested in taking a look at this.
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    My latest pics of my deed, still in the making (mostly terraformed now, buildings in progress)... more to follow! 30+ pictures in the link below https://imgur.com/gallery/mdPoVFc
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    On top floors, if you put a door on corridor, etc. you end up with empty space above the door wich looks rather bad. Got two ideas for working it out. I experimented with different fences above the door and found that stone fence works good on that: Problem is, that this fence stick out on outside part: With a portion of good will, it could be treated like a chimneys sticking out of the roof, but well... So, solultion would be just making new triangle fence (with all materials types options). Second approach would be making an option for each roof tile, let's called it "integration", wich is set to ON by default (right click on roof to change it by a builder/person with permissions). If roof is "integrated", then it behave like roofs used to. If integration is set to OFF then roof act like there were no roofs on alligned tiles, and just covers tiles below it. Does not connect to other existing roofs.
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    Wurm Unlimited uses a bundled Java, so updating it wont effect your issue. have a look at your keybindings.txt files for multiple entries...
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    There was a change a while back. It changed so that every action has a single chance to reduce the enchant. It used to be that every 5 seconds during an action there was a chance to reduce the enchant. It sounded like this would actually reduce enchant decay overall for longer actions but increase enchat decay in some situations. One such situation occured when the action was less than 5 secs because before the change you wouldnt loose any enchants ever. So it may be that before the change you experienced less decay if most of your actions were less than 5 seconds. This was deemed unintended by the devs so the system was changed.
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    Yep, he built one at CLUB Market. It is pretty awesome!
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    I usually don't post in the forums very much and would like to let you know that I have been playing Wurm online for over 10 years and love what this game has become and thank all the devs throughout the years for their hard work. There are some things this game needs to have due to some of the wonderful updates that have come out in the years. I would like to see waterfalls and rivers to make deeds even more beautiful :-). Rivers higher than just sea level. You could have watermills along those rivers making flour. You could also make certain fish available in those rivers. It could allow canals to irrigate rice above sea level for those people without coastal deeds. No need to allow boats on those rivers, keep those at sea level. As for the lava pools and lava falls, I would love to have an underground dwarven paradise, but i can't because i can't make lava pools and lava falls. What kind of dwarven paradise doesn't have lava :-). All this wonderful stuff you are allowed to do underground now needs those lava pools and lava falls more than ever. As for the underground mushroom farming we need a better way to be able to get mushrooms.
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    Oh, Kungsleden Welcome to Sweden Cerberus! Edit: That passes near where I was born in suthern Lappland, Hemavan beeing the closest village to mine. I live in Stockholm now thou.
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    Fix Delivery Contracts download Fixed issue with packed items not being cleaned up properly. Mini Update Buyer Merchant download Changed Copy Price List to two actions, for copying in each direction, to help clarify things. Sorry about that, it originally cleaned things up better but then I changed over to keeping the contract around until all items were gone. I forgot all about destroying with a wand and possibly some other ways. I have added it back in and now it works properly. I've run out of time tonight for the clean up command, but will get it done tomorrow. If it is a problem in the mean time and you're okay with using SqliteBrowser open up the wurmitems.db, got to the ITEMS table and filter the TEMPLATEID column by 769, MAILED by 1 and MAILTIMES by 0. That should show up the ghost items. It's the other way around. Although I think your way is probably going to be more common, so I've changed it to two options. "To Contract Buyer" will copy the list from the buyer you right click on to the one who is controlled by the contract. "To This Buyer" will copy the list from the contract buyer to the one you right click on. Hopefully that will clear things up. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to make it more obvious. Thank you very much for being my guinea pig.
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    If they ever implement a new server I would expect something like a hunting server with the option to build a small cabin. You'd be able to terraform a 10x10 space at maximum but only if you placed a deed. Mining/tunneling would be allowed. With this server should come new styles of building such as log cabin. I personally don't think we need another massive server either. Indy sized would be very good I think. People over the years including myself have asked for a place like this, it would have zero obstacles like fences or bridges or weird terraformed dirt walls. It's simply a place to relax and train in the wilderness. New mechanics should be added, I'd expect something like this to have a massive update like the Xanadu patch. You could do a lot of clever things like add taxidermy skill, tanning racks and some new creatures "Foxes" etc or monsters to hunt. I'd also like a frozen biome where people can hunt mammoths or something.
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    can fix white dye beacouse it does not work?
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    Don't buy these from people asking a arm and a leg, prem a sermon alt and get them both, support the game! /redeemkey TXFX4VCF7B8W-ABGWDXESZWO3 (2015) /redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY (2018)
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    I got lucky yesterday and today! Firstly I have Sweetwalking, a lovely 5 speed appaloosa boy. His mum is Pickjade (grey - thanks Muse!) and Cerberus, a wild appaloosa. And today I logged into Ironhard, a 5 speed skewbald boy! His mum is Dogfancy (skewbald) and his dad is Rainflea (grey, and thanks to Muse too!).
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    "New: Added an option to disable quick keybinding" Clearly stated in the 26 Jan Client Update notes (after this update). This was added due to user feedback.
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    both sent, ty [18:19:46] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    I agree and was wondering the same thing.
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    I think this was built west of Haven Landing on Indy? I got a notification that it was created, and had seen you in local ? I have visited the Libila collosus and it looks very cool! (not a buy offer, just a comment)
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    Good suggestion, especially considering it won't bring any new models to the game. Not so sure about iron (as that would probably need a new model, and I don't think it fits too well with Wurm's general aesthetic), but everything we can make bricks out of should be used in ovens, forges, fireplaces and anything else that might be fitting.
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    Armoury Armour modifications from the Armoury mod have been repaired. Armour values displayed on the data spreadsheet are now accurate again, and the material modifiers have been restored to their listed values. Most armours now have a higher base DR than they would before. Glance rates should be roughly half of their previous values. Movement speed penalty for chain and plate are significantly reduced. Material movement and damage reduction modifiers have been repaired. Material glance rate and effectiveness modifiers are still not functional. Movement penalties are now displayed on examine for armour. Combat Stamina drain from shield blocking has been roughly doubled. Shield blocking in aggressive stance now costs slightly more stamina than normal. Defensive retains it 50% reduction to stamina drain from shield blocks. Fixed a bug where shield blocking was draining stamina from the attacker instead of the blocker. Miscellaneous Discord Relay now relays chat from in-game CA HELP to the #ca-help channel. Discord Relay now relays chat from in-game MGMT to the #mgmt channel. Bounty rewards for Son of Nogumps have been increased significantly. Upkeep changes have been reverted. Deed upkeep has been returned to vanilla Wurm values. Updated the messaging when using the arena transfer actions. The warnings should now better reflect the current state of the Arena. Players will now sit down when transferring to or from the Arena server. Sleep Powder and Affinity Orbs are no longer no-drop. This means they can now be mailed, but will also drop on your corpse when you die on PvE. Shaker Orb price reduced from 5 silver to 2 silver. Base cost of sealed maps has been reduced by half. Fixed some mounting issues with Chargers. This should correct the behaviour when mounted on a charger and trying to cross a bridge, as well as instances of chargers going underground when mounted. Fixed an issue where GM's could not correct Bloodthirst values due to enchant powers being capped to 999. Fixed a bug where affinity orbs would be consumed even if you selected an affinity that the player was already maxed on.
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    It seems that there is a distinction between those who fortunately never had such neighbours and those who had or have. There are people mostly with purchased accounts and the wrong idea about money buying them power. The tool proposed would attract them like rotten flesh does with flies and maggots.
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    And im from just outside Mo i Rana, Norway. *cross-border high five*
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    Glad to see you still kickin' Cerb If you manage to trek all the way over here to Oregon, give me a holler!
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    Although you can dig and terraform in other's perimeters, below ground should have the same rules. If you want to protect something 100% you need to deed it.
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    ok same link, added new action. activate any item, right click the settlement note in inventory, click make GM mayor. then can change everything again as you are actually mayor again. That was a good addition, thanks for bringing up the issue.
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    Hey, you know that one obscure random game where they've never had a new map before lately? Yea well here's that i'm using that as my example to why in wurm new servers work to bring in population And also i'm going to disregard the 4 times it's already been tried and proven unsuccessful in the actual game itself, because hey it's working for this other game
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    That is literally how you get a forum riot of epic proportions. Completely silencing folks in that manner would have been tremendously worse for the entire game than just letting people air their grievances for a short period of time, taking account of what they say and moving on. The moment you start silencing the voice of the community in that way is the moment you lose the community. You also do not know what you are talking about, Sindusk ran a pvp server for a long period of time with almost no issue.
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    I really don't understand why at this point we don't have server-based auction houses that link all merchants/traders on that server to one central auction house to check item prices/ enchants/ ads, etc. Forums are nice and all but one thing that I've loved about classic wow when it came out many years ago, was the ability to check prices and items from hundreds of players on just one screen. I get the realism of making a large market of traders/merchants but some "realistic" game features will never be fun. First of all , finding a certain merchant is a stroke of luck more often than not. We need more modern approaches that make the game fun. As for "fast travel" , tbh wurm as a journey is a story where you ALWAYS seek new ways to travel faster from point A to point B. First you start the game and run around. Then you realise that you need a horse for faster travel and combat. Then you realise it would be nice to imp that horse gear to 90. Then you realise WoA could help. Then you realise 5 speeder horses are nicer. Maybe put a speed rune on your cart, etc etc. All these choices have the same behavior in mind, aka = choosing the most optimal approach to an action, a less time consuming one. One common fallacy in wurm is that time invested = greater reward and satisfaction, which is not true in many cases. I can grind certain skills to 90 and the payoff for them is next to none. So why not make fast travel optional for some? Maybe I'm bored of walking the same highways for the 500th time and just want to pop over to my friends deed to imp his armor. Maybe a job or family prevents me from running 30 mins on horseback with max woa and ql gear to one end of the server to another. Actions that are less time consuming do not necesarily eliminate reward satisfaction. This isn't about "delaying gratification", it's about offering people options to either waste less time or not. Tldr : +1 for me.
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    Try switching between fullscreen/windowed mode
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    Copy pricelist does not work i activated the contract from the buyer with a big list of prices, rightclick the new empty buyer and say copy pricelist if i than manage this new buyer and go to manage pricelist, the list is empty Eject
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    I was able to delete the ghost-items with the #loadItem command ^^ but item per item lol still 17 ghost bricks on the ground, i dont know how i can delete them
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    It seems all is working now but i have a little problem ^^ i destroyed my delivery contract and have now the rest of 83 clay bricks in my inventory that i cant destroy or move out in a container [07:10:10] You cannot reach that now. It is in the mail. edit: idea, i tried to buy a new contract (it looks like an empty container with the square) and move the bricks down in the contract, sad it doesnt work i hope with that i can just make a "deliver here" and can fix that by myself ^^ So in the modsupport database i also dont find the entrys for the filled contracts or items they losing the contract (because deleting it) lol Have you an idea how i get rid of this brick holograms? ^^ second edit: restarting the server also dont fix the "ghost items" maybe a new command or menu entry in the gm-wand to delete ghost items serverwide would be awesome just for the reason if contracts disapearing at any player, so gm´s could help
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    +1 Mountain Eater sounds like a title that 100 lvl pickaxe should have
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    I'm not mining there.. nope..
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    #drunklife #drunktexting
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    I understand that completely which is why I was polite enough to ask if they would consider it and the only reason I asked is coz it happened recently. If they said no I would have made my peace with it and tried to sell it off via trade chat. If you don't ask you won't know, and I am glad I asked coz someone did reach out to me and offered to take the tent from me for the original price that I paid. Whether it was someone from WU I don't know but I am grateful for whoever it was Wurm has a mostly respectful community and with the service I received from WU I find them respectful as well. You have my thanks for being really cool guys WU !!!
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    Have a lottery every 18 months, whichever server comes up gets deleted and a new one is born. Simple as that.
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    i'd rather see them implement some code that makes dirt slowly flow towards natural shape if it's far enough from a highway and there is hardly any player activity in the area, it may not create dirt to fill the land to what it was, but it would at least round out the steep slopes and such to make it somewhat bearable to look at. also a bit offtopic , but why it takes 5 -7 planks to repair a fence that takes only 3 planks to make in the first place?
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    yes but all the infrastructure is already there like bridges, highways, canals, major starting zones. Like I said the population is already spread out pretty much and adding a new medium sized/small server wont change that or make it worse, in contrary I think a lot of people would come back to the game to check the new server out so it would bring in more people, at least for the first few months. after that it would stagnate but the newer server would still draw in a lot more people then a server like celebration. and like I said its more about the experience of working on a fresh server.
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    -1, I'd rather see erosion of untouched landscapes. Unfortunately afaik Sindusk was the only one with any interest in this matter (Or the only one to openly express it.), so I doubt well see anything like it soon. Here was an example he posted.
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    +1 to off-deed erosion/decay (including support beams).
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    Seems like horses get too much love but ancient game systems like taming are forgotten to implementation. It's a very old system that really needs improvements made. You can only hold one tame at a time, charm works the same way. I think this is a bit silly personally. Imagine if you could tame a few bears to go into battle with you, they are immune to aggro from other monsters unless they do a ton of damage or are not being lead. Make taming actually useful its great for taming hell horses, unicorns but nothing else you can do with it. I'm not fond of monsters attacking tames either, tamed creatures require to much maintenance. With the implementation of improvements to taming, I suggest the ability to allow wildcats to become permanent passive creature into a new creature called 'house cat.' These adorable house cats can become bred to make an assortment of different types of cats. This update would also allow the same treatment for dogs.
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    I can't walk by without adding that during the last few months I have had several ingame interactions with multiple devs (and team members too) - and being it the case of anything like something bugged off or an issue with a new feature or mechanic, I always felt real attention and great spirit to work on the cases and making Wurm better. I don't even think that devs should be forced to interact with the playerbase in such depth and detail as Sindusk tends to if they are not comfortable to do so, but the playerbase would be really happy to see more detailed and transparent info and discussions.
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    Maybe when tracking rarely something could be found (a bloodstained cloth, a battered shield, the hilt of a shattered sword, etc). By activating these items and tracking with them a player would be led on a trail to an eventual location where the player would be 'ambushed' by a group of creatures(could vary depending on what was used to search) The object used in the search could determine the difficulty of the encounter as well as the QL of the object and the rarity. aka a very high ql supreme shattered sword could be multiple champion trolls with several normal trolls and a low quality bloodstained cloth may be a handful of cavebugs or goblins. Additionally, maybe like how forage/botanize was given multiple subcategories to search for, as your tracking skill gets higher, you could track for different things that could cause something to spawn. .