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    It's really disturbing https://i.imgur.com/QugIwNw.gifv
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    Just bouncing off the Immortals Hunt idea, I have something similar I've had on my WU server for a few years now that might fit the sort of thing you're bringing up. Basic idea is at some interval, an event spawns at a random spot on the map and gives an approximate location in quadrants of the map. Players then go out to hunt for that event, defeat the creatures spawned there, then claim the reward (via something like a capture timer). So instead of 4+ points that kingdoms capture, and rotate around to recapture etc, it is a single point that presumably everyone would be fighting over. On paper this sounds like it might cause people to be roaming out in those quadrants looking for the event (and then possibly larger battles to control that area and kill the creatures), but would that actually happen? Or with it being a single point would other kingdoms just not bother once they learned that it had been found? Back on the current camp idea and the cap of 10, keep in mind that with the once a day spawning of the camps this is a longer term game than the current HotA. Two large kingdoms might capture 3 each waiting for the 4th to spawn, but then they have to each defend all of those points randomly across the map for 3+ days. I think having the option there for smaller kingdoms to hold points or back cap them as larger kingdoms make a push for one well out of their territory might make for some more interesting scenarios. That said, if its put in place and the first couple of wins are clearly just two kingdoms ignoring each other and capping their own, we can drop it down to a max of 6 or 7 to push more forcing capping of defended ones.
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    I disagree with the new hota (so here is the new new hota) since I think it's too long and focuses more about the big journey for all the towers and therefore removes some part of the sandbox mentality. I will therefor put forward a suggestion how I would have made it. I like the idea of roaming but I personally think that the use of towers is wrong. So we will scrap that idea and go for monuments instead. Let's call it. Hunt of the Immortals Once a day 1 of 5 messages appear. Nogump the Dirty releases his sons, the Hunt of Immortals is on! Jackal releases the smoke, the Hunt of Immortals is on! The Deathcrawler releases it's minions, the Hunt of Immortals is on! Pharmakos releases his brew, the Hunt of Immortals is on! The Treekeeper releases the flora, the Hunt of Immortals is on! Upon the Hunt a random event area on Chaos is chosen and it will spawn the corresponding enemies, not in a bunch of enemies but enough to sort out alts and make it a bit more interesting, nothing can be built inside this area. In this area there will also spawn 1 monument corresponding to each immortal. This monument serves the whole conquering mechanic and when you manage to claim it you will win. The monument will take 10 minute to conquer and the conquering mechanic will be interrupted by combat. This system I believe will serve as a more interesting system as a whole since it's based more on lore than just gameplay. It will also be shorter than the current concept but longer than current hota, it will focus on the PvP more instead of exploring but still remove the 1 kingdom domination from the Hunt.
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    having issues with music frequency and levels, like tracks overlapping each other and randomly super loud music even tho its set to lowest possible if we could fix/improve this, that would be great and uberly appreciated. thank you
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    You can give me all your Red X silver coins, Sandyar. (Or wait for the next graphics update. Saroman already found and fixed them) Thanks for the report.
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    I made my first gold buckskin! Her mum Goldwyn finally made me a pretty foal. Goldwyn is a wild gold buckskin, and her dad Ibn is a grey. Little Bloodkia here is only 4 speed but she's a good start.
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    ++++++1 for #2! I would love to put a well in my workshop!
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    I do believe that there should be some essence of forced combat with the HOTA, that much I agree with you on, and it would be nice to get valrei creatures back. However, the spawning mechanics in this game are complete garbage, and thusly anything that relies on them will inherently be broken as well. Also, this seems way too easy in comparison to the current HOTA, and aside from the actual cap timer there is hardly any room for another kingdom to contest with you, especially if you find it first. This would be another tower-conq-nerf situation where now the only time an action will actually be contested by another kingdom is out of sheer stupidity or a rash and impulsive decision. Overall -1, this does nothing to address the actual problems that plague HOTA and unlike the newly proposed concept, this version actually reintroduces some of the old problems the current system has. Seems to me like a suggestion based off of the dominant perspective only, and not wanting to lift a finger off the chair, which gee look who it's coming from. Go figure right?
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    LumpyGravy was there opening day of the server (he later sold his entire place to Factional Fight, who renamed it to Autumn Twilight; I forget what Lumpy's place was originally called ...) I was right south of Lumpy & Factional Fight, my old place was Seahorse Bay or Cove or something like that, also deeded right at the start of Deliverance. I was bordered what was then the edge of the steppe and near the spit of land running out to the clay, which was built by Schiann, for her son who had a place nearby also for a brief time. I am pretty sure there were a lot of other places there after us too, but those were the "Opening Day Deeds" for that exact spot.
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    @ShmericI agree it's a good argument, because it compares freedom to choose from variety of possibilities to get somewhere, compared to being forced to take the only alternative and needlessly spend some irl time pressing WASD-a, skipping all the mob kills, fs, loot,.. just because you want to get to some place on the same day.. and actually get something done there.. maybe return back after? 10-20minutes, on a cart travel is never that fast.. And yes.. with teleporting - you still need to rely on roads to get somewhere, you can have the luxury to get from A to B but your destination wont always be the B point .. could be B1, B2, next local or 2.. from it, this doesnt kill road system. The other part.. you can travel from a market place to marketplace 'in an instant' letting you see more merchants and items and pick from bigger variety, did markets die because mailboxes could take most of the bigger items with rune attached to it? nope.. @Etherdrifterthis is no magic kiddo, it's science, takes a lot of skills to be even able to start/work on it, could place 20 runes on it to make it work. There's no magic here. 1s per travel is expensive as .... That's one way to throw the idea into the ditch and bury something good. Priests already have teleportation spell that is super OP.. gm-power.. teleports people to priest's location, you can charge last second dumbasses who are late to a unique slaying.. and that's how ideas are born(somebody go steal this market..) "Teleportation stone" have nothing to do with magic, and right now magic users can do 90-98% of what non-priests can (yes you can make some items at ql90-95+ at creation if you had the skill and materials, no need to improve to make and sell such as a priest on top of having other unique abilities; Putting any magic on this item/mechanic is a double-dip on teleportation for priests. Having several high skills to start/work on it slightly limits the builders able to create these, but that isn't that high barrier. initially the moonmetal was the cornerstone limiting who's 'sane' enough to sacrifice some wealth on such item, if 5kg is nothing.. could be raised to 15kg, that SIGNIFICANTLY lowers the amount of people able to afford it. End game item than.. Ondeed structure could be indestructible.. offdeed 1-2months decay no matter of the ql, to keep them not so common even if deeds having them disband and a random valuable resource just hangs around... that will keep the moonmetal sinking need for next settlers around the same parts of the map if they want to make one later. ps. I dont really care if this gets into the game, it's just an idea that I came up randomly reading some other thread few days/week ago, idea had nothing to do with what I read but.. seemed like the game could use some improvement, and this came up in 5mins. If the community likes it - adopt it, if not.. plenty of other ideas didn't make it into the game, this one can jump on that boat easily.
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    Citadel Feldbar is always taking new folks, Xanadu D11, well stocked kitchen, if you can stand my cooking, no its not bad actually. Haha.
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    @Cornchips, teleport is not in the game and path ability to pop around the map at random places have been in the game for so long, nobody complained about that, have they(?), some even shared how exciting it is to travel and explore that way.(huh? interesting) You can not blame the lowering player-base to something that isn't a thing, and there's already a trend that nobody have figured out, least that's you.. as you said you aren't even around much. You come and go and you have some idea what happens with the game? I doubt that. Plus pvp vs pve player-base huh.. HUGE difference in the numbers. Also nobody said this have to go to epic or chaos as content, no need to be salty. I can also speculate the reasons for why some have left the game, but that's just derailing and have nothing to do with this suggestion. @John maybe, but that have been broken with on demand favor summons some have several priests and can teleport you around the map all day long at the cost of few corns. Not really.. it's to just teleport YOU alone.. no animal leading/carts/wagons/boats/*no heavy lifting*, that limits what you move around, making roads just as useful, you have to travel to hunt and get your loot back.. if you have to deliver horses or goods with wagoner - you'll still use the wagoner. If your point is that character's inventory can be abused same can be done with priest summon, this is no different, you have to stretch a leg a bit more as sketchy priests can summon other alts around behind closed doors while "teleport stone/crystal/whatever" will be somewhat more public. Settle around spawn town? Why be a care-bear when you can play your in own way and make use of the sandbox part, forge your play style. Have friends all over the map and interact with them more often, don't just make a small village circle of well known people and stick to that small community, expand the interactions, if travel time have stopped you before, this is a way to lift that limitation. Priest network(taxi) commented above, it's unreliable(for me), we have ~small player base, and you are forced to keep track of who plays in what timezone, and what time frame, where the priest is at the moment when you need it, you have to interact with several people to get somewhat close to where you want to go... *madness*, is it not easier to make more use of your time and just go to that constant let's say D15 or whatever.. where a teleport stone could be and teleport to T11 where your friend/work-contract is? Just like that on demand you have your new path to get something done when you need it, no guessing, no reading schedules of priests, no PMs no nonsense, it's just a brand new way to travel when you have to be somewhere else. As for hunting, you can travel the same way and borrow or buy/rent a horse for hunting. If people like to spend 30-60-90-120 minutes on the roads instead of actually doing something else, well they can do that, but also can skip that when needed. This is just more freedom IMO.
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    +1 Put Epic in the trashcan where it has rightfully belonged since stillbirth, and give freedom a new server for all the refugees to move to jk freedom doesn't need another server regardless, just delete Epic please so I can stop hearing people whine about it
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    -1, I'd rather see erosion of untouched landscapes. Unfortunately afaik Sindusk was the only one with any interest in this matter (Or the only one to openly express it.), so I doubt well see anything like it soon. Here was an example he posted.
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    COD the two WoA Chisels from the picture to Seelery please. Items have already been delivered, super fast service!
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    id still like carriages where it uses the highway system and you can pay for the ride somewhere. It would be ideal that you do not even have to stay logged in, but it will take time just like wagoneers.
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    What you see here will be a more transparent issuance of penalties and moderation actions against the most horrendous offenders. We have striven to keep the issues of each member confidential all these years, but there are times when that provided confidentiality is publicly used against us to make us look biased or corrupt. After some discussions behind the scenes we have determined to strip away that confidentiality that we provided when it comes to the most serious offenses such as Toxic Players, or mass penalties where we are often bombarded with appeals as well as 3rd party complaints. When we are required to act against a member of our community, we do not do so out of bias or some form of arbitrary self indulgence. The paperwork is far too great for it to be enjoyable. Yet, when we take action, invariably, the person under penalty rarely tells the 'whole truth' to the people they speak to. This causes us no end of problems and we hope that being more transparent about these individuals will save us a lot of time and effort.
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    Seafloor Mining Rig (Item) Seafloor Mining Rig acts like a dredge but is for mining. The ingredients are: 5kg of iron lump 1kg of steel lump Continue: 2kg of lead lump 1 thick rope Can someone fix a mod that adds this items again??
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    There is something I should inform all of you about. I am currently in hot water with the Wurm Online team for this action. They are none too pleased with me. It is not that they didn't want to help, it is policy that they followed to the letter, policy that I and Budda have put in place. It is good policy, and they did right by it. I have no intention of stepping on or bypassing intended mechanics. Normally, I would have talked to Alegria and pushed for you guys to pool together and make this work without me. In fact, for others I still highly recommend completing this achievement mechanically with the help of others if warranted. Sometimes during the holidays, I do a few things that I would not normally tolerate during the normal mundane days of the year.... you know, the ones that end in ay... This season I was really overworked and gave the seniors of my team some extra play room to have a little fun which saved me a ton of holiday workload. They did great. Everything you guys and gals do in Wurm Online is an achievement and I do not want to diminish that. I do my best to judge situations on their merits and in some cases I may rule in a fashion that seems against a ruling I have made before. This is never out of favoritism or any kind of bias. It will always be in relation to the merits of the situation and changes in the game. These kinds of matters get me in trouble, and it leaves you with the impression that the others of my team are bad guys. They do a fantastic job day in and out, and it is mostly a thankless and abusive job. They deserve a lot better, and I know it hurts them when I step in and do something like this. 10 times out of 10 I will stand behind my team's decisions, so trying to 'take it up with Enki' isn't going to get you anywhere. Many pm requests this year went unanswered because they were not worth taking time away from more pressing matters, and almost all I did respond to just got mad at me and cursed and berated me for not ruling differently. I wish you all a happy new year, and hopefully when the team lets me out of the dog house I can enjoy it too.
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    fantastic role, 1 in 10,000 of a chance on a successful action so lame
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    That's why we should have an official YouTube video to show how to play as part of the in game tutorial. Other games been doing this for couple years too. Don't know if we already have this though. Haven't created new character in awhile. Before you do the actual tutorial have some links to videos so people don't quit before the end.
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    Instruments so you can have a skill to make instruments and if you fail you get a failed <Instrument> that you can play but that´ ll sound bad( like...distorting the sound or setting it one row higher/deeper) Instruments could be like recorder , violin , trumpet , and all the other instruments that were popular in the medieval times so that there could be groups of people playing an instrument and playing it on Partys and they take money for their gigs(like max. 5 S)and if the game ages there can be new instruments like maybe a keyboard.Maybe you could do something like a book where you can write your pieces down and then replay it reading the notes. It would be an interesting skill and I think if that´d be added into the game there will be lots of people trying to play songs from other games which could end up on YouTube which advertises the game
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    No offense taken. I don't know why it grabs my eye the way it does. I just wind up staring at it like it's the only thing on the screen. Drives me nuts. Giant herd of hell horses out my window before they lowered the volume on them? Still logged in. Five-year-old neighbors fascinated with the fart emote before we could mute emotes? Still logged in. Crooked house because I forgot to level before building that makes me sea sick? Totally lived in it. Little neon green lights every tile for miles on end? Go figure.
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    A lot of great memories from WO, and having a great time in WU, so can't say I hate Wurm by any stretch. It's taken a rightful position in my mind with games like Jumpgate, SWG, early WoW... gaming experiences that were just that awesome in their time. Nature of the beast that things will change though. I stopped logging in to WO because the neon green from the catseyes is just completely immersion breaking for me. It's not something that I can choose not to participate in or use. It's everywhere and simply can't be avoided. Luckily for me, there are servers in WU that somehow have managed to avoid the implementation of catseyes, and that works very well for me. Unless a more muted, less obtrusive color is someday chosen, one more stylistically representative of my overall vision of Wurm, I simply can't play WO. I really can't express how thankful I am that Rolf chose to release WU. Gaming with my brother has been a highlight since playing Microsoft Olympic Decathlon a few decades ago. Thanks to WU and the wonderful communities that have burgeoned thanks to generous admins who devote their money, energy and time, I can continue to enjoy that.