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    Once upon a time (4,200 some odd days ago) a group of people from the Off Topic forums of World War 2 Online (now Battleground Europe) walked through a portal onto a place called Wild. Being accustomed to rifles and tanks and planes, we were babes lost in the woods. Our survivalist messiah, Bushman, trekked north while creating one of the first maps to exist and found a place we could all live. But you can read about this elsewhere. This history is interesting, but incomplete. Tales of old glory leave out the mundane but wonderful things. For example, the day we thought we set the forest on fire. Sadly my memory is also incomplete and I do not recall the specific individuals who were present at the time beyond one or two. In our earliest days of wurm, we joined the server in sporadic groups and had to be guided north to the promised land. Bloodyhell had placed some campfires to mark the route for those of us coming in on a certain day, and so we learned that campfires were a wonderful source of light. Soon enough, many of us were placing campfires all around our camp area. We then went off exploring the forest, not knowing what to expect or what we might find. It began to get dark, and it seems to my memory glasses that darkness used to be much darker. We pressed on for a bit, foraging and exploring - but then something strange began to happen. At first we thought it was a trick of the eyes, but it soon became undeniable that the area was getting foggy. This fog became surprisingly thick rather quickly. As it became so that we couldn't see the trees just a few feet away from us someone noticed the ominous orange glow coming from the direction of our camp. Someone else suggested that perhaps we should not have left so many campfires unattended, and this idea and panic quickly spread through the group. Surely we had, in our noobness, set the whole forest ablaze! It was a mad rush to get back to camp with buckets to douse the flames, the smoke getting thicker as we went. It seemed an eternity, with the disaster getting ever worse, until at last we burst into the open ground of the camp -- and of course as you all know we had not, in fact, burned down the forest. It was just fog. In the early days, it was common belief among us (until someone actually found out the hard way and starved) that starvation would cause death. Having enough food was a source of great consternation among our little group. Someone had managed to plant a little four-tile farm but it was constantly bulldozed by people digging. Eventually it was established that each person would spend a certain amount of time each day foraging and delivering their haul to the camp cook (darned if I can't remember who it was). So this we did for a day or two, feeding ourselves on lingonberry and nightshade casseroles with a side of potato. Meat was nigh-impossible to get. We had only our terrible little short swords that came as starter gear at the time, and some had already lost those. We couldn't kill anything without casualties. An aged pheasant nearly decimated our whole population on day 2. One day, a large rat wandered into our camp. At first we all ran away, until one of our hunters-to-be goaded us into battle with a cry of "MEAT!!!" and we sallied forth to battle the rat. Some armed with shovels and planks, others with short swords in one hand and carrying their shield in the other - which was not how a shield is to be used - surrounded the rat and brutally bludgeoned it to death in our frenzy. At last the Rat died in glorious battle and we cheered, exultant in our victory! And then came the realization that we had no way to get the meat off the rat. Shovels didn't butcher back then. Dejected, we went back to our vegan lifestyle. Eventually some Blacklighters found us and killed us, built walls around our camp, burned everything that could be burned, butchered our corpses, and scattered our meat around outside the walls. Good times. TLDR; We joined wild and some stuff happened
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    Meme time you say...
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    My 2018 collection. For more Mordy shenanigans, join Sklotopolis server on WU. You owe me an LMC for advertising, Sklo =P
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    RockEbony (appaloosa) and HappyHill (black silver) introduce their second 5-speed appaloosa girl! Little HardHunting (appaloosa) born today!
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    After 3 months, I've finally finished my bridge it's 168 tiles long, 2 tiles wide and connects my island to the finality island on Xanadu.
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    Legios is not a liar. You may not agree with him, but this is just stupid. I'm sorry Gumbo, but you crossed the line here, this is a ###### thread.
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    Would love to be able to mouse over an uncompleted, iterative goal to see the current progress (you have preached X/100 sermons, gathered Y/50 herbs, etc.).
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    +1 Epic storytelling there! Always good to read a recount of history, especially of a noob band of brothers struggling to survive in the early days of Wurm. Now, give us moar.
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    Best way to be honest is to desintegrate two tiles on each side with a Mag Priest. Its easier said than done yes, but it is what it is. Should take you a day or two at worst, couple of hours at best. No worse than flattening down an area with surface mining.
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    Found one while making a highway this weekend on Xanadu, they're still around !
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    Bump - Thanks again for all the excellent tools!!
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    Honestly thought id open this to see the jk model that would walk and squat, dissapointed
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    Leaked footage of what caused the Cele server downtime:
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    you started the ruining of your reputation with that first thread demanding compensation for your loss of income selling overpriced tools to newbs when the devs rolled out a much needed update to the tutorial. your subsequent rantings on that thread just accelerated the loss of that reputation. and now this. this is, as Angel said, a "mad wolf howling at the moon."
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    With the new rendering engine, we got a true difference of shadow and sunshine. Nice dark deep shadows contrasted with bright sunny areas. I LOVE IT. However there is one problem, which is that any area that happens to be on the eastern side of a large mountain is in the shadow of that mountain for most of the day and it's so dark and dismal. So how to fix this without ruining the new rendering engine look? A 24-hour lighting OPTION for lamps on deed. Obviously the default setting would still be 12h, so it wouldn't change life for anyone who doesn't want to use it. Any lamp on deed would have a new option in it's context menu to select either 12 hr lighting or 24 hr lighting. Why like this, instead of a global setting in deed preferences? Because you might not want all your lamps to do this. During my stream I was showing people what I meant:
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    To those who have interacted with the 'Babelfishie' avatars, I would like to clear up some misconceptions. We have a nearly ten year history with this person via a bunch of other avatar names, and none of it has been pleasant. We know him more prominently as Boston and this person has a solid history of violating our chat rules, game rules, and has committed many abuses towards our community. I have received a number of 'appeals' regarding his permaban on his behalf by 3rd parties, which I assume were pushed by this person. I want to be clear, that at each altercation and penalty, while this person has denied receiving any explanation for his penalties, We have in fact left ban reasons and emails with this person. His 'medical' excuses for why he continues this behavior are not my concern and I cannot govern his life or state of mind. My task is to administrate the rules and make sure that everyone willing to play the game within the given rules can enjoy the service that we provide. While I typically do not divulge details in cases for our penalties, we do not arbitrarily ban anyone. For many years this person has continually appealed his ban even though we have told him not to bother us about it ever again. In 2016 I made the mistake of not telling him he is unwelcome as I mistakenly assumed he had been playing within the rules under a new alias. I was wrong about that. He had not been an active player and until recently I had no reason to pay him any more mind until we began receiving some varied complaints about how he was treating people and he also began wasting our time with more appeals. I do not enjoy banning people... well... maybe a bit.... but the paperwork! Thank you, /Enki (Head Game Master)(the one with the bloodied ban hammer)
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    Does anyone else get lag spikes after Sindusk stopped developing ? Nobody taking care of the lagspikes nowadays as it seems. Especially in crowded forest areas.
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    Requiring global spell casts in the journal in any form is a bit silly, unless it could be changed to doing your prayer on the server it was cast within the 24 hour window. As mentioned above Libila template priests can't cast on Freedom so that severely limits how many can finish the journal since it requires a pvp server. Rituals were changed so people sniping them at odd hours is less of a big deal and then this gets added so the sniping problem is back. Can't want to see how mad people get when someone who has already casts a ritual spell casts another one essentially stealing a goal from someone else.
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    My bad, will fix. Blame buoys.
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    I don't mind hearing people complain. It's just when it's people that privately hunt uniques and then complain about not having equal chance at an event....
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    You need to enable "end game items" in the server config (advanced server settings) - this setting turns on the big altars and artifacts. You might need to delete the altar that you spawned manually, then restart the server. I'm not sure if the altars can be functional if spawned by a GM, the server will place them on startup if this setting is enabled and no altars exist.