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    Once upon a time (4,200 some odd days ago) a group of people from the Off Topic forums of World War 2 Online (now Battleground Europe) walked through a portal onto a place called Wild. Being accustomed to rifles and tanks and planes, we were babes lost in the woods. Our survivalist messiah, Bushman, trekked north while creating one of the first maps to exist and found a place we could all live. But you can read about this elsewhere. This history is interesting, but incomplete. Tales of old glory leave out the mundane but wonderful things. For example, the day we thought we set the forest on fire. Sadly my memory is also incomplete and I do not recall the specific individuals who were present at the time beyond one or two. In our earliest days of wurm, we joined the server in sporadic groups and had to be guided north to the promised land. Bloodyhell had placed some campfires to mark the route for those of us coming in on a certain day, and so we learned that campfires were a wonderful source of light. Soon enough, many of us were placing campfires all around our camp area. We then went off exploring the forest, not knowing what to expect or what we might find. It began to get dark, and it seems to my memory glasses that darkness used to be much darker. We pressed on for a bit, foraging and exploring - but then something strange began to happen. At first we thought it was a trick of the eyes, but it soon became undeniable that the area was getting foggy. This fog became surprisingly thick rather quickly. As it became so that we couldn't see the trees just a few feet away from us someone noticed the ominous orange glow coming from the direction of our camp. Someone else suggested that perhaps we should not have left so many campfires unattended, and this idea and panic quickly spread through the group. Surely we had, in our noobness, set the whole forest ablaze! It was a mad rush to get back to camp with buckets to douse the flames, the smoke getting thicker as we went. It seemed an eternity, with the disaster getting ever worse, until at last we burst into the open ground of the camp -- and of course as you all know we had not, in fact, burned down the forest. It was just fog. In the early days, it was common belief among us (until someone actually found out the hard way and starved) that starvation would cause death. Having enough food was a source of great consternation among our little group. Someone had managed to plant a little four-tile farm but it was constantly bulldozed by people digging. Eventually it was established that each person would spend a certain amount of time each day foraging and delivering their haul to the camp cook (darned if I can't remember who it was). So this we did for a day or two, feeding ourselves on lingonberry and nightshade casseroles with a side of potato. Meat was nigh-impossible to get. We had only our terrible little short swords that came as starter gear at the time, and some had already lost those. We couldn't kill anything without casualties. An aged pheasant nearly decimated our whole population on day 2. One day, a large rat wandered into our camp. At first we all ran away, until one of our hunters-to-be goaded us into battle with a cry of "MEAT!!!" and we sallied forth to battle the rat. Some armed with shovels and planks, others with short swords in one hand and carrying their shield in the other - which was not how a shield is to be used - surrounded the rat and brutally bludgeoned it to death in our frenzy. At last the Rat died in glorious battle and we cheered, exultant in our victory! And then came the realization that we had no way to get the meat off the rat. Shovels didn't butcher back then. Dejected, we went back to our vegan lifestyle. Eventually some Blacklighters found us and killed us, built walls around our camp, burned everything that could be burned, butchered our corpses, and scattered our meat around outside the walls. Good times. TLDR; We joined wild and some stuff happened
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    Meme time you say...
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    My 2018 collection. For more Mordy shenanigans, join Sklotopolis server on WU. You owe me an LMC for advertising, Sklo =P
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    RockEbony (appaloosa) and HappyHill (black silver) introduce their second 5-speed appaloosa girl! Little HardHunting (appaloosa) born today!
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    After 3 months, I've finally finished my bridge it's 168 tiles long, 2 tiles wide and connects my island to the finality island on Xanadu.
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    Legios is not a liar. You may not agree with him, but this is just stupid. I'm sorry Gumbo, but you crossed the line here, this is a ###### thread.
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    between goals like "100k favor" "global spell" and "70 prayer" i assume this is the final in the priest journal. i'm interested in what the other journal's final one is going to be like now. global spells are extremely rare though, 23 got cast in the entirety of last year *before* they bugged out and could be cast non-stop. Doesn't really seem like something that you can work for, just something you can snipe from under other people. seems kind of out of place next to all the "work towards these over a few months" there's a "be in the right spot at the right time and have nerds curse you out for stealing it" Can't wait for the "ban yellowfinger" threads to pop up again lol
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    Pint Sized Pintos! More cultural exchanges in the equestrian community today as little BalletWild (skewbald pinto) has come over to Deliverance from OlafHairyBreeks in Xanadu - thanks very much Olaf! Here she is making friends with SilverLady (piebald pinto) - a friendship Ballet quickly cemented by biting Lady's tail. They are almost inseparable now.
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    I would like to propose that Lyric Bay be renamed Tich Bay. There was a woman statue on a dirt island in the middle of that bay on Independence at J 15. I had named it Lyric Bay for fun, and the name got into the Albia Maps. I was delighted. I own Lyric Beach which is on the land that Tich once owned called Rockcliff Beach and Rockcliff Retreat. I did not know that at the time when I set up the deed those few years back. But I was told I arrived soon after she left that area. Recently, I noticed my statue had been replaced by a statue of Tich. I am very ok with that and would like to take it a step further in renaming the bay Tich Bay on the map. Being a relatively new player compared to some of the people in this game, I feel it is important to honor the traditions and ideals set forth by those who came before. Tich is well loved, and deserves a Bay in her honor by the deed she once owned. Thank you.
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    Mmmm nope. I am all about enabling teleports within the game but not on this basis of exclusivity to "Alliances" only. Suggested materials required are extremely excessive as well. Even skills required are 1 inappropriate in the case of JS and 2 unnecessarily high SC. Back to a more reasonable enabling of teleports is exactly on the same basis as the Epic teleports, making them easily available to all players who choose to build and then use them. I see this suggestion as so extreme in mats and creation requirements that it is just an overcompensation in difficulty as to make it seem appealing to the Developers sense of difficulty equals value. That is the wrong direction to go with regards to enabling teleports on a common basis to all players within the game. =Ayes=
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    I was really hoping to just leave this behind me, but this post is just so insulting to me that I feel it's necessary to respond. Evidence is through internal communications. That's protected by NDA. I don't want to air dirty laundry, I just want to leave. If you really want to get into it, then go ahead and start with how I "threw team members under the bus." After you state your side, I'll be willing to state mine with all supporting evidence. You have my permission to share the full conversation we had on December 13th in IRC, if you really want to. However, that does nobody any good. This is by far the most insulting thing in the post. There are literally months of internal communications of Retrograde and other staff actively preventing the suggestions in this thread. Again, it's all protected by NDA, and I'm not looking to really get into it. Wurm isn't going anywhere, but the people that care about it are.
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    With the new rendering engine, we got a true difference of shadow and sunshine. Nice dark deep shadows contrasted with bright sunny areas. I LOVE IT. However there is one problem, which is that any area that happens to be on the eastern side of a large mountain is in the shadow of that mountain for most of the day and it's so dark and dismal. So how to fix this without ruining the new rendering engine look? A 24-hour lighting OPTION for lamps on deed. Obviously the default setting would still be 12h, so it wouldn't change life for anyone who doesn't want to use it. Any lamp on deed would have a new option in it's context menu to select either 12 hr lighting or 24 hr lighting. Why like this, instead of a global setting in deed preferences? Because you might not want all your lamps to do this. During my stream I was showing people what I meant:
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    Now here's a good idea. Similar to caring for animals, allow us to control individually which ones stay lit 24 hours a day. And impose a restriction of like 1 lamp per X tiles, like a creature ratio.... because Christmas lights...
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    Me neither, but i think it's for different reasons
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    Losing a good staff member always hurts, look what happened when we lost @RedBaron_Johan
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    Then pay him. Im sure his work has been much more significant than some others who get paid. I'd crowdfund him! haha
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    I'm not a gamer. I don't play games as I get bored within hours best. [11:38:58] You have played 457 days, 0 hours and 57 minutes. That is only one of my "mains". Wurm is a bad addiction not a game. For me the main reasons I think - I'm writing this without thinking on it first: the terraforming, to set your mark in the world, the community and that I have no path set before me but can go different ways when I feel bored doing something. EDIT: I love the challenges, the failures, the accomplishments.
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    I don't mind hearing people complain. It's just when it's people that privately hunt uniques and then complain about not having equal chance at an event....
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    I have taken over management of the map from Akaryd. If you'd like your deed added, please post here with your deed coordinates (with an image of exactly where your deed is if you wish). Map: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ox9aubpjn8c9os3/release map.png?dl=0 (updated 10 April 2016) General Instructions Just post the following information. Please only post settlement locations that you own. And do not PM your update requests. Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads, bridges or tunnels then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as imgur.com and enclose the image link in [img.][/img.] (remove the periods).
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    Looking forward to: The new flowering hedges coming to WU. Wishing for: Priests able to make one-use spell scrolls (not all spells) that can be sold to, and used by, non-priests. I sometimes really miss my Scribe from back in UO.
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    I've been playing Wurm Online for 9 years and so far, I hate it. I'm going to give it a try for another 9 years. Will update you then.