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    Libila is here! - Shmeric Greetings Wurmians to the first Valrei International of the new year! I hope your New Year break was great, filled with lots of good times. I’m coming to you live from a whole new country, having moved over the New Year period myself, but enough about me, it’s news time! We’re off with a huge start this year, with the first update of the year due out tomorrow, this includes tweaks to fishing, new journal tiers and more! Let’s check it out Fishing tweaks While we have been quiet over the break, we’ve been actively reading and discussing the fishing update and the necessary tweaks that will be coming. Tomorrows update introduces a whole bunch of QoL adjustments to the system, including better wording of event messages, better catching by clicking, and a lore system similar to cooking that tells you what fish you might catch with your setup and location! We’ve also added all the fishy details to the wiki, with the help of Seedlings and her crew of WA’s (Seriously, their work is insane, I looked at what needed to be done and cried.) A huge thanks to the wiki team for the work they’ve done, and sorry if I was mean! Check out the table with all the info here! https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Fish The next steps Stage 2 of the journal will be coming too, with new tasks, titles and tiers! The journey continues with tasks such as discover an archaeology cache, kill a champion creature, and get 10 skills to 50! We’ll be also introducing the priest branch, which is a separate branch with priest oriented goals, and priest oriented rewards. They can be completed alongside the existing branch but the existing branch may require losing faith, so be warned. The rewards will be different compared to what you're used to seeing, but that's all I'm saying... #mystery Quickbinding One of my most anticipated things coming in tomorrows update is the amazing work Samool has been doing (as usual) on keybinds! With the next update players will be able to bind actions via the right click menu, simply holding down the key they wish to bind to the action. This makes changing keybindings SO much smoother and faster, and also easier to understand for new players. I know I’ll be taking a lot of advantage of this feature! Tap dance redecoration The results were in! A long time ago actually! Team Shark won with a huge majority, and we’re excited to see what they bring to the starter deed. Celebration has been quite the popular destination judging by all the familiar names I’ve seen in local, so I’m keen to see what sort of tourist trap they build! The hunt grows It's been no secret that HotA has been rather limited and well, a little boring. Sindusk, Darklords and other devs have spent this holiday period working on a new system to replace HotA. It's a huge expansive system and will be going on test after tomorrows update! Check out all the details here: That’s it from us this week, we have a huge update to be ready for tomorrow with a ton of tweaks, changes and additions to the game, way more than we've shared here. We're starting 2019 off with a bang and you'll be left saying wow! Hope to see you all there! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    An idea for a public event in Wurm would be Troll Camps The concept is simple: Similar in nature to a rift, Troll camps would spawn an encampment in an area that meets the requirements. This encampment would have a small area which contains the actual camp, and a multitude of trolls spawned around it with perhaps a troll chieftain of some sort. The camp would generate trolls just as a den does. Once the Chief is defeated and the encampment cleared, the actual camp would produce a chest with rewards. Rewards could vary from simple random quality crude tools or weapons that cannot be imped to small and rare quantities of moon metal lumps, drake leather or pretty much anything. This is a concept I believe would give mid tier players or small groups a chance at some low risk/low reward content. The rewards could be tiered to the difficulty if that's a thing, or simply completely random with high quality/rare items having a lower chance to drop. It also requires very minimal design work, as it can use many of the art, mechanics and enemies already present in the game. Thoughts? Edit: Troll Chieftain could be a normal troll called Troll Chieftain that has slightly higher stats compared to other trolls similar to a Captain is compared to other tower guards. Furthermore, the chest spawned could be nothing more than the actual tent or campsite hut that can only be opened once all the camp mops are defeated. Also thethering the mobs to a specific distance from the map is important as well.
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    I have another suggestion. Not sure this has been tackled before but now that we can build underground it would be awesome if we could lower the ceiling to match our buildings. I made a 2 story building underground and it annoys me that I ended up with a small gap between the ceiling and my top walls. Therefore I would like to see the possibility added to lower the ceiling with concrete. It just seems logical since you can raise the floor with concrete aswell. - flamoush -
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    Also, what happens after the hota is done, do the fences just stay? Is Chaos going to be the land of wooden fences?
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    they lost 40% hp in 30 seconds and thats considered broken? have you heard of truestrike and huge axes?
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    This is huge. I personally have most actions keybound already, but this will be so useful for new people.
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    first (almost) GODDAMIT ZELDA!
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    Yes, but Libila wasnt welcome on Freedom back then either. The point I am trying to make is that there's not a really good argument against it. Nahjo is really the only viable utility priest on Freedom. If you want a freedom "deed priest" you go Nahjo. This puts any other god at a disadvantage. Libila in particular is left with literally no utility spells if you take strongwall away from her on top of all the other limitations she has and disabled spells on Freedom. She doesn't need to get nerfed anymore.
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    Thing is you gotta count juuust right. Best way to do it is lower the floor to where you want it first, build a 1x1 wood plank building.... Mine ONCE then "level", try planning opening, repeat until you can plan the opening... then level the rest of the ceiling. For multiple stories, you just need one plank wall and one plank opening per floor you're adding so it's tedious but effective. Scaffolding. That said, +1. One bad keypress could have ruined the whole chamber. Concrete would have been a handy option.
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    The world is about to end. Something Roccandil and I both agree on.
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    As a personal opinion, I feel limiting prayers to one per day, but granting faith equivalent to 5x what it currently offers (including up to 5 faith in a single pray), would be the ideal solution. This removes the need for players to feel chained to an altar for almost 2 hours praying every 20 minutes in order to be efficient. Instead, you'd pray once and be set for the day.
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    Curent faith gain system is stupid and needs improvement. Specificly should stop promoting alt armies and orient more towards solo gaining faith. Like missions for priests that would award faith simmilar to karma, sacing supremes that gives small faith tick, etc. Sermons are tiresome and stupid as hell, it was quite painfull and meaningless road for me when I grinded one priest to 100 faith
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    Well, this change would actually produce the opposite of the intended effect in the case of many, if not most, players. If your play sessions are only two hours long, you would go from five faith ticks down to two. Casual players would therefore be penalized for the benefit of intensive players, which cuts against the grain of a lot of Wurm's mechanics (sleep bonus, fatigue, etc.). And even in the case of players serious about grinding faith, this is actually likely to slow the gains instead of accelerating them, because the fastest way to raise faith is sermons, and they reset your prayer limit every three hours if you go all out with them. In those three hours, you can get 5 faith ticks at present. Under your proposed change, you'd only get 3.
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    Everyone* is desperate for the new foal colours, with foals due in a few days - it's so exciting! What colours will they be? ....so I thought I would set up this thread so that everyone can post screenshots of their new foals when they are born (whatever colours they come out!) Whilst we are waiting for the new foals, feel free to post ANY cute images of foals (in game or real life) as we'd love to see them. Muse * [edit] except Mr Gary [/edit]
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    Any news on a WU update?
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    is there plans to add keybinds to things that don't already have them, like use, smelt and all that other fancy stuff
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    Since spells ignore armor now, no armor is inferior or superior when it comes to spell damage.
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    what about the people that made the mine and decided to build in there later? You know how sometimes ideas for stuff come up at a later stage. And what about the people that have perfected their mines by raising the sealing before it was even possible to build inside a mine? Just saying blow up your building and rebuild is not a valid argument imo. For me it doesnt realy matter since its only a 3x8 but others might have build a realy large stronghold underground and spend months on it. It's not the player's mistake and just fault in the game mechanics and therefore there should be a fix to that. also collapsing such a huge area is not as convenient as you may let it sound Like I state its possible to raise a floor so why not lower the ceiling aswell? it fits perfectly into the lore and wont be that hard for the devs to add. its just another way to tweak the estethics of the game and your deed.
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    com.wurmonline.server.items.ItemTemplateCreator.createItemTemplate(47101, 5, "Trade Storage", "Trades Storage", "excellent", "good", "ok", "poor", "A wooden cupboard, used to store materials for trade routes.", new short[] { 21, 40, 44, 52, 67, 51, 199 }, (short)60, (short)1, 0, 9072000L, 135, 58, 180, -10, MiscConstants.EMPTY_BYTE_PRIMITIVE_ARRAY, "model.furniture.wooden.storageunit.", 50.0F, 6500, (byte)14, 10000, true, -1); ITEM_TYPE_WOOD, ITEM_TYPE_INDESTRUCTIBLE, ITEM_TYPE_REPAIRABLE, ITEM_TYPE_DECORATION, ITEM_TYPE_USE_GROUND_ONLY, ITEM_TYPE_TURNABLE, ITEM_TYPE_PLANTABLE So not loadable into any vehicle, should never take damage, won't currently stop anyone from deeding over it. Not sure how to stop people from deeding over it, maybe look at building checks I guess. Probably wouldn't be easy. maybe do GM protect of the tiles near it? Edit: I just deeded so it would show up on web site maps, making alts to deed is always a pain though, someone should make a mod so GM's can have many deeds haha double edit: Can always just throw up a 1 tile GM building 99ql next to the storage unit and call it something to help identify where you are on map?
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    I did touch on this in the original priest overhaul thread, but the sole reason she does not have strongwall is because it's not part of her spell list. Similar to how fo won't get botd.
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    Damage resist enchants aren't helping?
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    I find it disturbing that nobody mentioned Witcher 3.
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    For those who like their beef a little bit bloody — a 99ql rare steak. Sac it, savour it, revel in its punnery — the possibilities are endless. Opening Bid: 1c Increment: Whatever Sniper Protection: 1hr Buyout: Offer
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    There are a lot of relatively simple* suggestions and minor QoL requests in the forums, many of them non-controversial, but they tend to sometimes get buried under more contentious or long-winded threads that require more discussion. So, this thread is for compiling a list of those suggestions, with links back to their original thread. Post anything you feel fits in a reply, and if it seems like something that fits the bill, I'll add it to this post. I'm sure I'm missing plenty. Note: I'm looking for things that are fairly simple and non-controversial. There are many suggestions I've made, or agree with, or find important, but that I'm not including because they aren't the kind of simple and agreed-upon changes I'm compiling here. *Due to the nature of software development, it's sometimes hard to know what would or wouldn't be "simple" to implement. Sometimes a feature/change seems simple, but would actually be extremely difficult or require a lot of tedious effort. For this and other reasons, something being included in this post is absolutely not a guarantee that it will be implemented, or easy to do. This is only to serve as a convenient place to archive certain types of popular suggestions. Unique names on blood: (IMPLEMENTED) "Plant" keybind functionality for planters on racks: Indication when able to Focus in combat: Viewable branded creature count on deed: Changing dairy-based food (ice cream in particular) to use Dairy Food Making skill: Allow harvest action time to be affected by sickle/bucket QL/WoA: Storage of fat and bladders in food storage bins: Removing Magranon/no domain restriction for Erupt/Freeze: Planting flowers on grass: (IMPLEMENTED) Milk/groom/shear info on mouseover (tied to AH skill?): Ability for herbivores (e.g. horses) to eat fruit, berries, & nuts: Adjust difficulty of pruning so higher skill results in better success rate: