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    Newly founded deed on Cele server. (E10) looking for a few players to come join me! I have a lot of extra space where you can place a house, and have a personal area. The deed is still being worked on so there are a lot of group projects open and would also love your input on designs. The deeds active times are 00:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC (7pm - 7am EST). Prefer night time players! If you are interested or have any other questions, feel free to PM me on the forums or message me in game at Kichi Thank you for your time reading this post and I hope I hear from you
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    It's a sandbox game, the requirement is needlessly restrictive. Pure skillers (aka non-fighters) are a thing in more than one game. It's a requirement on Chaos to prevent alt abuse, great, good for Chaos. There's no need to have it on PvE.
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    So... I made a nice set of fishing gear but in about 10 days certain items took some serious damage as can be seen below, which is very annoying, especially as the keep nets take huge quantities of cotton strings of high ql to imp up. And ofc the fishing lines cannot be improved... and all this damage despite the tackle box and the large chest which it is in both having runes attached to reduce damage to contents by 10%. The large chest where the rare keep net is stored also has similar rune attached to it. The most damaged items are even worse off than the food items which were put in the tackle box at the same time. May I suggest that the damage to these items be removed, as per reels, or at the very least reduced dramatically? http:// http:// edit: and now both fishing keep nets have disappeared ?
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    I can't see a reason why this should be in place on Freedom where alt repairing towers ain't really a problem. If people want it removed from PvE then I think it could be removed
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    For all you archaeologists, veterans and nostalgics: I dug into my old files and records and found some old community maps. Deliverance was born more than 7 years ago, on the 7th September 2011. The maps I uncovered nicely show the evolution of our lovely island over the years. Have fun! September 2011: November 2011: May 2012: December 2012: June 2013: December 2013: July 2014: June 2015: June 2016: April 2017: February 2019: (Unfortunately I could not find a map dated 2018. Maybe one of you can help.)
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    Buyout offer submitted and accepted, transaction pending.... TY TY TY
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    I recently made a new alt to check out the beautiful new starting and tutorial area at Haven's Landing. I found it to be well worth the visit but somewhat unfortunately I became drawn to Premium him up as I wanted to build a little place on the perimeter and soon some of his skills and characteristics were hitting the cutoff point of 20.00 for further progress. Not many complaints about the slow progress of skill development but a glaring exception to me of a problem is the requirement to have 23.00 body strength to be able to load anything into large carts, as well as ship transporters (yeah wagons too but those are still an even longer way off so forgetaboutit). As I am now only 21.84 body strength and slowly rising, that ability is still a long way off in comparison. From this experience it seems to me that requiring 23.00 body strength is unreasonably excessive and 21.00 body strength would be a much more reasonable point to achieve for this very useful ability. At that level a player still has to be a Premium account so it keeps that incentive to Premium up intact. Sure, the poor weakling newbie Premium guy can just call on the mighty player of longer term to achieve 23.00 body strength to load his cart with the meager small crates that he can create (which I did) but he still can not load and unload them when desired. Or maybe he might have been more ambitious to create a small rowboat at Haven's Landing and a ship transporter to drag it down to shore but oops!, he can't load that up either. Ahh well you say, all he simply needs to do is to call out to others for help and maybe someone will be around to do it for him. So much for the spirit of Independence after which the server is named. Tldr? Lower the body strength requirement to 21.00 for loading objects to carts, etc. =Ayes=
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    your math is pretty terrible lol but who doesn't like a free bump!
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    Your analogy is invalid. 1) Weaponsmithing is required to make weapons. Check. 2) Masonry is required to build Guard Towers (to, you know, have someone else to fight for you). Check. 3) Repairing is required to repair Guard Towers. Check. 4) Fighting is required to repair Guar... Wait WHAT?! It is absolutely ridiculous. While it is obvious you need a smith to make a weapon, it is also obvious you need a skilled mason/repairman to, well, you know... repair? Not a skilled fighter.
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    *agrees with Devean* The reason I made this post is because it seemed to me to be an unannounced change so I was pointing out what I thought might be the possible cause/effect scenario. It seems an unreasonable imposition to have on the PvE servers in light of players having under 20.00 fighting skill if they have no other interest in fighting mobs. On the PvE servers it takes time to seek out mobs to kill just for the purpose of raising fighting skill in order to improve newly built guard towers by newer players who decide they might have a use for them. This then would be an additional requirement requiring time which they would rather devote to other things. The point being this is a new change and requirement which makes no sense for PvE gameplay. It goes contrary to the choice of this playstyle in which players may choose to avoid fighting mobs as much as possible. Building guard towers suit this purpose very well as they significantly reduce the need to go out killing mobs to train up fighting skill to kill them; thus, in a significant way this defeats the main purpose of guard towers on the PvE servers. I doesn't take much indepth thought to figure this out. The pvp reasoning/justification does not apply here and on those servers their connectivity, influence and main use are on an entirely different basis which is now misapplied to the PvE servers with this 20.00 fighting skill requirement to repair them. Sure, it is easy enough for the Devs to shrug this off doing nothing about it since apparently it would take separating this pvp requirement from the PvE servers. The thing is this has significant impact on the PvE servers in the ability to improve guard towers by those who choose to build them. Yes I am immune to this imposition since after playing the game for more years than most I have very gradually raised my fighting skill up way beyond this but the newer player (as well as alt accounts for specific mayoral purposes) are not so fortunate. This change just reduces one of their options for newer player survival in building and improving a guard tower on their deed or within the wilds where they might choose to settle. Then they can later *gradually* build their fighting skill by fighting the mobs that come to invade their area after the tower guards have their aggro on them. This is the way I slowly trained up my fighting skill in the first year rather than to go out specifically searching for mobs to kill and I am sure many on the PvE servers have done and still do the same thing. So if there is no guard tower around they will naturally choose to build and improve one with their masonry skill which they will have raised up to do so. Nothing to do with needing 20.00 fighting skill previously for years past, nor should it be now because of pvp requirements impact. =Ayes=
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    As someone waiting to get an account to BS to 23 to priest, +1. After a week of spending 5-6+ hours each day doing nothing but mining, I'm still only at 20.15
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    Honestly I tried to think of a reason to keep it locked at 23 and I just cannot find one. It's obviously a premium only feature, as at best you need 20.1ml to ride a large cart, so why not put loading at 20.1 strength? It's not something fancy like furniture requiring 70 skill to unlock, it's a pretty core part of gameplay and anyone that sticks with wurm will get 23 strength eventually just by playing, so I don't see why load should be locked on some arbitrary number.
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    Misc Leatherwork I have many saddles and studded sets in stock If you're looking for leatherworks thats not listed, feel free to send me a message here or in-game or comment bellow. My current skill is 99,70 so I do imps higher than I've listed, guess we will find a price we both like. ALL leatherwork that have "Rgr" as signature I will offer a discount on imps! Planks 2s/1000 Dirt 1s/1000 Clay1s/1000 Concrete 1s/100 Will update regulary with tools and other shiny stuff /t Rgr
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    It is really frustrating when you're trying to buy animals, and you're in the middle of a server, and you have to leave the server each time to get that creature un-tamed. PLEASE allow us to un-tame creatures that are in crates via the management system. EDIT: For those who don't know: You are unable to tame, charm or dominate a creature while you have one tamed that is in a cage. With this update, you would be able to load multiple creatures at the same time without major time issues.
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    deed as misc mats and 5 speed horses . upkeep is cheap , i dont remember the exact number with about 3 month of upkeep left asking 30s obo
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    Selling gold in 100e increments. Paypal verified buyers only.
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    So I made a new alt to check out Haven's Landing. After raising his masonry skill a bit I decided to try to repair some minor damage on a Guard Tower. The message I got was something to the effect that 20 Fighting Skill was required to repair a Guard Tower. As far as I know before this pvp Guard Tower linking update no Fighting Skill at all was required to repair Guard Towers on the PvE servers. This change will be problematic for players building new Guard Towers on the PvE servers since they may care nothing about raising their Fighting Skill but rather just want to build their Guard Tower and then improve it once finished, which will require repairing damage to it while doing so. Perhaps this is some oversight with the pvp Guard Tower linking system and isn't intended to be a requirement on the PvE servers? Maybe this has gone by unnoticed on the PvE servers and none have mentioned it? Anyway, I wanted to make a post to bring this issue to attention as no doubt as I mentioned it will be problematic to some newer or alt players wanting to improve a Guard Tower that they have built. A totally unnecessary requirement and restriction to be in place upon the PvE servers as it servers no constructive purpose there. If kept on the pvp servers only then yeah I see no problem with it since Fighting Skill is one of the main focus of that playstyle. =Ayes=
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    You do realize that all these CA and GM are unpaid volunteers. They stop their gameplay to help players as best they can. Sometimes there just are not answers for soem questions. People do the best they can.
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    Hi, while I consider the permission management in total a great and beneficial thing, I - and not me as I heard - frequently have to struggle with its limitations. I want to make the following suggestions: 1. more role groups As far as I understand and am able to handle the role management, I can only create roles for individual players. Only the role groups "Citizens of my Deed", Alliance, and Kingdom are offered, and "everyone". What I would like were a couple of freely creatable role groups, such as "friends", "visitors", "priests", "passersby" etc. allowing to give the suitable set of permissions to every group without a huge list of individual roles/players. 2. mass permission management on gates and buildings (maybe ships and animals too) Here, similar applies. I would want for example to let priests or breeders into my pens, but not just every visitor. At the moment, I cannot even grant allies access to all my gates (and I have a shitload of gates, even in my small deed and mine) with one action. I do not know how hard that would be to implement. It would be a great improvement though.
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    Well my new premium alt guy finally hit 23.00 body strength and this is how long it took to get there: [07:10:38] You have played 7 days, 5 hours and 1 minutes. (equals 173 hours) Quite a long time investment just to be able to load objects on large carts or a ship transporter. Of course I just bypassed this bottleneck by sending one of my alts (premium'd him up for a while too) to Haven's Landing to help this poor guy, along with other things as well. Anyway, this does seem to be pretty frustrating to the newer player with no other alternatives. Even the suggestions of some to at least allow the loading of small crates at 21.00 body strength onto large carts would help out. So if that were to happen to be changed minimally as such, the long hours onto the further 23.00 body strength loading benefits would be a lot more tolerable. =Ayes=
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    You can. Person you're giving the creature to needs to do /invitations, and when your right click on the person you have the option as pet -> giveaway. It's not exactly untaming per say, so your suggestion is still valid. The creature has a chance to go untame, with a higher chance if the person being given the creature has low animal taming skill.
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    219: 4.76 = 46c per 0.01
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    This is something I struggle with on Chaos too. I can't repair the towers near the deed, and one of them I think has only two guards or so because of damage. I tried to go hunting but got chased by a troll and a hellhound I can't think of a reason this should be a thing on Freedom.
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    Actually...I've never crafted any items. I like fighting but I don't craft. I hate crafting. that's exactly why I get items from my friends! Requiring weaponsmithing to make weapons that are needed to fight to survive is ridiculous... See where im getting at? Here's the difference between our 2 comments. You're complaining about 10 minutes of fighting cows that can be done any time you want, while i'm complaining about 100+ hours of smithing. What's ridiculous now?
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    Wonder how you would right click with a VR headset ?
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    I have no idea how this would work or what it has to do with programming. EDIT: I looked up Steemit, and it seems like they use a blockchain structure to store content, and award chuck e. cheese tokens to users? I honestly don't know what any of this has to do with game development or programming.
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    I didn't see this before, but yeah it is now
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    I wrote something earlier, but I regret and edited my post. I know it's not ok to write this on your WTB post, but I feel the need to defend my reputation because what you wrote. So to the Admins of the forum, I apologize in advance. I started it by correcting a lie you made to a new player, just because you saw an opportunity to make easy coins by selling him something other players give away for free. If it's mafia-business to be honest, and try to help new players instead of selling them stuff many players actually give away for free, then Im a big mafia. And im proud of it... ChampagneDragon just covered my back as a friend when you had a go at me in /trade and on private messages after the incident. You really need to get over it, and stop blaming me for ruining the horse market, I just corrected you when you said NOONE gave away free horses... Rgr
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    I took some time away from Wurm. I come back and see this. Very, very touching. You are great human beings. There are not words to describe how incredible this story is. RIP Zorako.
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    Lol that ship has sailed long ago. I totally agree that abandoned vehicles needs to be tackled with. I very much like the benefit of automated sale of them (although to be fair it could be achieved much more elegant with writs of ownership made on paper with ink that can be sold on merchant and used to reclaim vehicle). On another handed I have some wagons scattered on servers that I occasionally use for hunting and hauling corpses back to knarr, those may seem abandoned to someone but I sure wouldn't like them to be messed with, if they ever create problem I would gladly repark them on condition I am notified about it. I also think that we need to make more use for lockpicking skill on pve and this could be one of the opportunities for it, like when user haven't logged in for very long time faster decay rule applies like for houses and once it's over 70-90 dmg it could be lockpicked. Also tip for the OP, if some ships or vehicles are in the way of your deed plans I belive you can contact GM's and they would relocate the culprits somewhere near where they are not in the way
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    This would also be great. I love the idea of tying tracking skill more closely into hunting. The best hunters SHOULD also be the best trackers.
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    Priest overhaul! best gift of the year! Its like being reborn a baby again in pvp with new balances and complete changes to spells. (I will still deny the existence of player gods :p)
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    +1 for loading based on strength and weight, so they can load a chest and small crate just at 21 BS
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    +1 I agree with you Ferriss! Perhaps a graduated system would indeed please both camps. Here's some ideas: 23 BS - Heavyweight - Large crate, canopy bed, wagon, cart (into ship), large ship into ship transporter, full bsb, full fsb 21 BS - Mid-weight - Oven, forge, loom, mid-weight furniture such as bed, small boat into ship transporter, full small crate, empty large crate, an empty bsb, empty fsb. 19 BS - Lightweight - an empty small crate into a crate rack, maybe light furniture items such as targets, weapon racks (junk that seems to be left behind because a new person cannot take it with them) I don't see why low level players can't load small crates, as you only need 10 carp to build one, why then do you have to wait until you are 23 BS to load it? Ideas appreciated.
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    As someone struggling with this currently, I would enjoy the lowered requirement. With 72 hours play time, I'm sitting on 20.66 Body Strength. Considering we start at 19.50, that's +1 point in 72 hours...assuming that rate continues (which it wont), that would be another 150+ hours gameplay for a total of over 200 just to unlock the ability to load items. 200 hours is 2-3 months for most who can only play 2-3 hours a day. Granted, I haven't been grinding purely BS skills, but I have been skilling most of those hours, without much afking or travel. I would consider my activities to have been more grind-focused than an actual new player's experience, so their results are likely to be much slower even than mine. I have played Wurm before, I know what I'm getting in to and what there is to discover beyond the initial slow grind. I don't think entirely new players would have the same opinion and hopes.
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    If you allow your own thread campaigning for the return of a feature to not allow votes against what you like, your thread is already not worth looking into.
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    -1 Use a fishing net, emptying it shouldn't be an issue if you're AFK skilling. This is a game where you can't shortcut skills, and never have been allowed to. Getting to a good level takes time and effort. Fishing needed tweaks, yes. Does it still need them? Maybe. Does old fishing need to come back? Absolutely not. Maybe a good compromise between players and developers would be to make the fishing net a lot more viable, which is a lot more reasonable. There is already enough time you can spend tabbed out when skilling things, but having a totally AFK grind is silly. Oh they already said that old fishing won't come back either.
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    city hall is good place to show art next time i will be faster, Retrograde
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    Dunno. Never been interested in fishing, so probably I won't check it out anytime soon. I just hope that my old rod works still the same as used to.
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    +1, been caught out with this too. Otherwise... Not only is Enki now Enhi, but Armyskin will henceforth be known as Armyshin, Libila will be the goddess of blachness, forget gaining skill because all Wurmings will gain shill, PvP belongs to hingdoms, and just change a lot of words to nacho... (alamanacho, eat a snacho, put things in a nachosacho)
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    Good work folks, touched my cold heart a bit.