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    Currently if I have a meal/pizza/cookie/whatever.. giving me 10hours of axes affinity.. and I bite once.. I get the 10 hours; * BUT if I have several minutes left on that affinity and I bite once.. I get insignificant few minutes added to the timer, forcing me to eat whole meal and probably still not reaching same aff timer like from first bite before having the buff (issue) - as it is.. it forces players to stay and wait a timer to go away completely.. to rebuff / boring, time consuming, just annoying to be a thing../ Could next bite reset the timer to max like initial 1st bite? Just as with beverages... once we reach the cap of the hunger bar.. we're unable to eat more, buff up etc.. Could we have the alcohol override - letting us buff up on affinity foods we have and want to use for a grind, even if hunger bar is full?
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    Sure lets kill off every new player who then ragequits in disgust because they cannot even do simple tasks in peace, and leave behind only an ever shrinking pool of grizzled veterans (who likewise quit over time due to sheer boredom -- but not before first suggesting 'boredom killing changes' that will cause any remaining new players to quit, all the while complaining about a shrinking playerbase). Is it any wonder the game has almost no "new blood"? And mostly just super high level characters that get sold and resold for $500 from one player to another?
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    We'll be going through with our first lot of tweaks and adjustments to the fishing system in the next update, it will include things such as: Time to hook the fish will be extended Clicking on time will always hook the fish (This will mean that you may lose more on the line, not because of any of our changes, just if you fail the hook skillcheck you're more likely to fail line checks. It also will adjust skillgain because of always hooking) Lore system to tell you what kinds of fish your rod will catch more and what kind of fish you're likely to catch at your location. Fixing keep nets to work in more places Rewording event messages to be a little clearer and more intuitive Adding fishing tutorial popups We expect these will go a long way to addressing many of the complaints in here and look forward to seeing their effect
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    In all honesty, I can only comment on the magic side of things here. When it comes to casting, the results are, perhaps, a little too random. There is nothing about a journey in getting 80 channeling and still landing casts of 20 or less. That isn't a journey; that is a vicious circle. I'd like to see a mechanic introduced for more reliable casts at the cost of extra effort, be it something as simple as material components, or as complex as having to watch the skies for eclipses. The current system of "sacc, cast, pray, dissapointment, repeat" isn't giving the player that positive feedback that encourages them to cast again, especially if they land 5 casts without improving the enchant (and the enchant is below their current channeling level no less!).
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    https://gyazo.com/8f7ad1fc02f684e7142ef1feafcd612b So this picture is a direct side by side comparison of Scythes and Halberds. Of course the Halberd bonus against charging opponents isn't even shown, and even without it's a significantly better weapon. No skill penalty, better parry, longer reach, the only downside is a slightly lower crit chance. However the latest round of updates has given the ability to make a very flavorful buff to Scythes. For those who remember the days before statuettes Scythes were the channeling object of Libila in the days of old, and are still prominently featured in most depictions of her. With the new spell "Essence Drain" there is now a spell available to her priests that drains health. I suggest giving scythes a benefit that when they have Essence Drain cast on they have a bonus to the quantity of health stolen. Pure RP flavor, but come on, it would be awesome, and it wouldn't make them OP in any way unless you way overdid the bonus. Just less trash.
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    Celebration Map I will handling future updates to the map. I will try to update every week to two weeks on the progress of the map. Click on this link for the updated map. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/9x60q48nnanaisz/Celebrationmap.png?dl=0 Last updated 14-January-2019  General Instructions: Just post the following information. Please only post settlement locations that you own. And do not PM your update requests. Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as imgur.com and enclose the image link in [img.][/img.] (remove the periods). It is still my goal to have Celebration added to JackJones site wurmonlinemaps.com - for a temporary solution i will try maintaining the current map
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    I Sincerely think that the spawn rate of dragon's and other uniques should be in line with the average population of each server. I just think it is ridiculous that the same amount of Unique's spawn on Release and Pristine as Xan and Indy. Thanks for reading,
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    An easy way to prevent that would be to use a portal. Then it could give a "This realm is overpopulated" message if it had too many people on it.
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    I think that insulting people who didn't want to give you their personal information might be a bad idea. A few of us put time and thought into trying to help you out, and I'm sure I've been nothing but respectful toward you even though what you're doing would never work for me, or for any of the players I know. I'd like you to show the same respect back, with none of this passive-aggressive sniping.
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    @FlubbI can see your opinion on that. The sandbox bit gets used alot, and for good reason. There are diminished returns on hunting beyond a certain point. A wolf in the beginning can be deadly. A major hunting overhaul, I truly hope, is in the works. I think the fantastical creatures should be hunted or found in out of way places. Trolls, goblins and the like should be a myth to most early players. But I cannot figure a good way to suggest how this would work. But it would have to include wider variety of “findable” challenges. Something players have to put effort to find and enjoy the challenge on, but not thrust upon players unless they put themselves in that position. Like highways and deeds being avoided by these creatures, but if you trapsing through the woods.... off deed mines would work for something like this, but if it wasn’t implemented all over, then competing in this sandbox would be unbalanced.
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    I think sudden spawns of critters would go further than the stated purpose of fatigue as an anti-bot mechanism for mining. Eve does something similiar for miners. But the core idea is to break up monotony. In which case, how much would this really set a newbie back? I think you really could just define newbies by either overall skill count or time in game. But if newbie focused on FS first, or had good gear, this would be irrelevant. Several versions of implementation I could think of, Ive already circumvented in my head for either avoidance or farming kills. The random part should be a few cave bugs up to a swarm of lava fiends. Never know what you might get. Death swarm or a sapphire? Think it might better just to teach newbs how tents work in havens landing. Then implement something like this. New log in qoute: “Pop a tent before you cut a new mine. You’ll thank me later. “ Edit (cause I always ramble)... Change goblins “preferred tiles” to be disbanded deeds where buildings still remain. Make them meaner and tethered closer. Change the spawn hut to a chest and add random bits and pieces they collect accumulate in that chest. Last one dead drops the key.
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    I will +1 every single suggestion that adds even a slight challange to pve
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    Look, having invisible jet planes —my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. Keenan at Wurm University; good genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, the Wurm School of Jet Planes, very good, very smart—you know, if you’re a conservative Wurmian, if I were a liberal, if, like, OK, if I ran as a liberal Wurmian, they would say I'm one of the smartest people anywhere in the world—it’s true!—but when you're a conservative Wurmian they try—oh, do they do a number—that’s why I always start off: Went to Wurm School of Jet Planes, was a good student, went there, went there, did this, built a fortune—you know I have to give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little disadvantaged—but you look at the invisible jet planes deal, the thing that really bothers me—it would have been so easy, and it’s not as important as these lives are (invisible jet planes are powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what's going to happen and he was right—who would have thought?), but when you look at what's going on with the poisoning of water supplies—now it used to be three, now it’s four—but when it was three and even now, I would have said it's all in the messenger; fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don't, they haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about another 150 years—but the Jenn Kellons are great negotiators, the Mol Rehans are great negotiators, so, and they, they just killed, they just killed us.
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    I dont think there is an easy fix to having the same group penning all the uniques. I mean they do put the time and effort into it as well. More than most of us. This to me just might level the playing field a bit. If we were to base it on pop, the majority of the dragons would spawn on xan and indy making it alot harder for one group to dominate all.
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    Does it really matter? 90% of uniques are found, penned and slain by people that live on a different server.
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    Hey thanks for the offer DL but you're 8 years too late I did not realise this post was still here.
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    Perhaps it's an articulation issue: RNG is a catch-all acronym that can cover a wide range of applications. The kind of RNG I'm referring to could be called "wild-outcome" RNG: ranging from abject failure to absolute perfection. Digging, vein mining, building structures, etc. are activities where I simply don't encounter that kind of RNG. If I fail to dig, mine, or build, it's because there's an actual reason for it, which means I need to fix something or figure something out. Surface mining, enchanting, and imping, however, are "wild-outcome" RNG: if they fail, my only recourse is to mindlessly keep doing the same thing over and over again. It seems obvious to me which is the better gameplay, but hey.
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    I don't want a life simulator: I have that already! Rather, I want an escape, a place to build. This isn't about easy versus hard (or short versus long). It's about frustrating versus fun. I'm playing Wurm because of the massive projects I can envision and complete. I'm playing Wurm because of the sheer number of things I can do: - Do I focus time on my breeding program? - Do I keep clearcutting for those farms I want to build? - Do I keep working on digging down my perimeter? - Do I keep building on-deed towers? - Do I keep working on my road infrastructure projects? And so on. Now I can't do them all at once; I've got to set priorities, and pick something to work on. That is Wurm, and it has nothing to do with RNG frustration. From my perspective, running into miserable RNG gambling requirements in the process is petty. It's small. It's unnecessary. In short, removing RNG madness would have no effect on the big picture. The essence of Wurm is opportunity cost, not RNG gambling mechanics, although no one else seems to understand that. Thanks.
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    The Scythe is a tool but so is the sickle which is commonly used as a weapon. It takes weaponsmithing to improve like the sickle so it's a tool/weapon. Given it's strong association with Libila and the numerous depictions of her wielding one (her colossus, tapestry of evening, her statuette etc.) I would love to wield one as a priest of Libila. But it's far too underpowered to justify wasting time training in it.
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    I was wondering if anyone was actually going to make that argument. Listen to yourselves: "let's make this mechanic possible, but so unfun no one will want to do it". Do you really believe that's good game design? Much, much better is it to make every mechanic fun as possible: every one of them, and then design the game such that people have trouble choosing between which mechanic they want to play! That's the principle of opportunity cost, and it works. You don't need surface mining to be frustrating; you just need it to have a high enough opportunity cost. And that cost can simply be time. As it is, the way I surface mine to minimize frustration is to disengage from the game: to stop paying attention, and just mash the button, because that's all I need to do to make it work. And I've done thousands upon thousands of surface mining actions to build my deed, so the frustration barrier didn't stop me.
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    @Keenan Personally I dont agree with Roccandil on the topic as I like the grind the way it is. But he is right in the sense that as an avid and loyal Epic player, he is forced to do things he doesn't like. With a single digits average population and kingdom trading restrictions, Epic is simply not a place where you can go to a fellow player and acquire what you need. This is in a way a game flaw that the player is compensating for with something that diminishes the player enjoyment. A way to counter this with would be to allow the transfer of freedom goods to epic but not the other way around. This will allow Epic players to enter the freedom market as buyers and acquire those items they need, without being able to flood freedom markets with cheaply and easy to make goods. Maybe Roccandil wouldnt need to spend hours casting to get a 90+ enchant, so he may be willing to pay a premiun to have someone else do it. How can this be done? One way freedom to Epic border. Ship, goods and players crossing it would make the epic transfer and become unable to return the same way.
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    I have pretty much left Wurm Online and instead have decided to focus on Wurm Unlimited (Mythmoor) so I can actually learn the deeper game mechanics and enjoy the deeper game content some time in THIS DECADE. Even with 7x skill and 5x timer, the grind is real but at least bearable. Maybe that is what you need, to play in a less-stressful, more productive Wurm rule-set.
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    There are a few people still left on it, and I do spawn a few animals if needed, but I would like to keep using it for some events once in a while.
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    I'm in agreement with those that say it really doesn't matter if a name changes or not. You never know for sure who you are talking with. Even if it is a name you recognize, there is absolutely no way to know if it is the same person you have dealt with before without playing 20 questions. I have a couple of toons that were made for a spur of the moment need and then ended up lasting to long with too many skills to throw away. So wouldn't mind changing their names, but probably wouldn't anyway. As far as changing appearances, I simply don't understand the issue. I assume it is some kind of coding issue, but other than that I can't fathom a reason not to allow it. Of course on Epic we all pretty much run around with armor on all the time so nobody sees what we look like anyway. Perpetual case of helmet head.
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    If i could like this more than once i would. I for one wouldn't want to play a game where someone could change their name in essence resetting their reputation, when reputation is a Huge part of the game.