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    Currently if I have a meal/pizza/cookie/whatever.. giving me 10hours of axes affinity.. and I bite once.. I get the 10 hours; * BUT if I have several minutes left on that affinity and I bite once.. I get insignificant few minutes added to the timer, forcing me to eat whole meal and probably still not reaching same aff timer like from first bite before having the buff (issue) - as it is.. it forces players to stay and wait a timer to go away completely.. to rebuff / boring, time consuming, just annoying to be a thing../ Could next bite reset the timer to max like initial 1st bite? Just as with beverages... once we reach the cap of the hunger bar.. we're unable to eat more, buff up etc.. Could we have the alcohol override - letting us buff up on affinity foods we have and want to use for a grind, even if hunger bar is full?
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    Sure lets kill off every new player who then ragequits in disgust because they cannot even do simple tasks in peace, and leave behind only an ever shrinking pool of grizzled veterans (who likewise quit over time due to sheer boredom -- but not before first suggesting 'boredom killing changes' that will cause any remaining new players to quit, all the while complaining about a shrinking playerbase). Is it any wonder the game has almost no "new blood"? And mostly just super high level characters that get sold and resold for $500 from one player to another?
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    We'll be going through with our first lot of tweaks and adjustments to the fishing system in the next update, it will include things such as: Time to hook the fish will be extended Clicking on time will always hook the fish (This will mean that you may lose more on the line, not because of any of our changes, just if you fail the hook skillcheck you're more likely to fail line checks. It also will adjust skillgain because of always hooking) Lore system to tell you what kinds of fish your rod will catch more and what kind of fish you're likely to catch at your location. Fixing keep nets to work in more places Rewording event messages to be a little clearer and more intuitive Adding fishing tutorial popups We expect these will go a long way to addressing many of the complaints in here and look forward to seeing their effect
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    In all honesty, I can only comment on the magic side of things here. When it comes to casting, the results are, perhaps, a little too random. There is nothing about a journey in getting 80 channeling and still landing casts of 20 or less. That isn't a journey; that is a vicious circle. I'd like to see a mechanic introduced for more reliable casts at the cost of extra effort, be it something as simple as material components, or as complex as having to watch the skies for eclipses. The current system of "sacc, cast, pray, dissapointment, repeat" isn't giving the player that positive feedback that encourages them to cast again, especially if they land 5 casts without improving the enchant (and the enchant is below their current channeling level no less!).
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    I just used the 10 silver premium option to purchase 30 days premium at the token but it only gave me 27 days. I believe this is happening to players who used the free 3 day /redeemcode and the system is taking the date before that as the last point of reference. Before purchase: [03:52:38] You have premium time until 19 Jan 2019 22:29:41 GMT After purchase: [03:53:12] Your request for playing time is being processed. It may take up to half an hour until the system is fully updated. [03:53:13] You now have premier playing time until 15 Feb 2019 22:29:41 GMT. Please can we sort this out some how? It may also be affecting the 5 silver 15 day option too, but I don't have data for that. Thanks
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    https://gyazo.com/8f7ad1fc02f684e7142ef1feafcd612b So this picture is a direct side by side comparison of Scythes and Halberds. Of course the Halberd bonus against charging opponents isn't even shown, and even without it's a significantly better weapon. No skill penalty, better parry, longer reach, the only downside is a slightly lower crit chance. However the latest round of updates has given the ability to make a very flavorful buff to Scythes. For those who remember the days before statuettes Scythes were the channeling object of Libila in the days of old, and are still prominently featured in most depictions of her. With the new spell "Essence Drain" there is now a spell available to her priests that drains health. I suggest giving scythes a benefit that when they have Essence Drain cast on they have a bonus to the quantity of health stolen. Pure RP flavor, but come on, it would be awesome, and it wouldn't make them OP in any way unless you way overdid the bonus. Just less trash.
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    I Sincerely think that the spawn rate of dragon's and other uniques should be in line with the average population of each server. I just think it is ridiculous that the same amount of Unique's spawn on Release and Pristine as Xan and Indy. Thanks for reading,
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    100 sold @LionIX
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    *Lunar Order News* Tarnos, returning player has joined Academy and joined civilian path! Jeremia has joined civil path as well! Zelva has been promoted to become a new civilian council member- Lunar Scholar! Lunar soldiers and eager civilians just returned from training Expedition on Pristine! Training expedition has provided them skills and knowledge about survival, self defense and hunting! It's been a great fighting training, so certainly we'll do this again soon! Old, abandoned plots in academy have been cleaned, so now we have still 2 free plots for new recruits! Roster updated
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    This is my exact face right now, trying to look for clues for Buddas treasure hunt in that text
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    Or maybe that you can only hunt the uniques on the server you were a citizen on it when it spawned... Maybe not all will be slayed by the same group over and over.
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    But that is how Wurm works, for many activities (including digging). And in a long, big picture game like Wurm, you want your players to enjoy the process. You want to keep them hooked! Defending miserable processes is extremely counter-productive, and bad for business. This isn't about instant gratification. Micro-gratification, perhaps (like digging). Oh, and I chose Epic because I saw I had a chance to catch up there (and I did). If this game weren't my cup of tea, I wouldn't have built a tarwall deed (do you have any idea how much is involved in that?). Definitely not. I hate the Freedom skilling system, for exactly the sort of reasons given in the OP. Most of my grinding was done after the skillgain update. I can ride a horse on Freedom, but that's about it. That's exactly right. Wurm barely kept me as a customer (thanks to the Epic skillgain update), and as I see it, I'm giving you all a point of view from a potential pool of customers who have (or would) reject the game as it is, for the reasons I've given.
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    But it is a weapon. When you improve a Scythe the skill required and raised is weaponsmithing. Unlike say a shovel, saw, pickaxe, hatchet etc. which are raised by usage of blacksmithing. That makes it more comparable to the sickle, which while it can be used to gather sprouts flowers etc. is also one of the heaviest damage 1h weapons.
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    The Scythe is a tool but so is the sickle which is commonly used as a weapon. It takes weaponsmithing to improve like the sickle so it's a tool/weapon. Given it's strong association with Libila and the numerous depictions of her wielding one (her colossus, tapestry of evening, her statuette etc.) I would love to wield one as a priest of Libila. But it's far too underpowered to justify wasting time training in it.
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    The process is already boringly predictable: throw veggies at the problem until you get the cast you want. I'd rather casts were hard-tied to your skill: 80 channeling = 80 power casts. That would give an obvious reason to grind the skill as far as possible. Ideally, however, I'd consider things like "safe-casting" versus "wild-casting". If you wanted to safe-cast, you'd get a result near your skill, and never shatter. If you wanted to overcharge/wild-cast, you'd get a wild result, maybe spend more favor in the process (or even select how much extra), and possibly shatter, but also get a chance for a top cast, beyond your skill. Could also have an "efficient cast", where you spend less favor, and get a lower cast (and never shatter). That's only an example (I wouldn't mind an enchant imping system, either), but anything like that sounds more interesting to me than the current slot machine.
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    This suggestion is dripping with the ranting of an angry man, bitter in his past dealings with the pvp community, and disgruntled that he even has to look at the -1's on his half baked manic threads worth less than the toilet paper he writes them on. -1
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    Well GV is the login server, so I imagine that's something useful that benefits all players It's also been used for an event in the past before. If we were allowed to travel there, I wonder if I could find the place I lived for that short week 8+ years ago
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    Players like me will just prem all his alts for this, I live with a few villagers but having tried the big village life isn’t for a lot of people, that’s why that style died years ago (for the most part, some have persisted, I’m glad to see) most of the players playing now adays I feel would opt to just prem more alts for these bonuses. And most of us already have characters with high skills sitting un-prem to be able to get them it’s a fun idea, I think, but not one that is going to help the problem of scarcity as you see it. A big village has a lot of advantages already, the problem is, Wurm invites people to come play this huge sandbox. Living under the rule of a village limits this, thus most of the people Wurm attracts instantly run from the sight of it. what I guess I’m trying to say is, Wurm, while being a good game for having a huge flourishing village already, doesn’t attract these type of people often. Because it’s a game about no limits, and that’s what people come for, to be able to do whatever it is they wish. Adding more incenative to these big villages won’t help that problem.
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    I pray for option one. It feels like you are hated by your god when you receive a lump for winning or like getting a piece of charcoal for Christmas. [20:27:05] You pray at the altar of Buddha. Wouldn't that be nice too?
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    I think it would be cool to have a dirt path tile with worn down dirt in the center and and grass on either side to create a more rustic look. Something like the image below:
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    Perhaps have a form you fill in which will keep all previous names ad infinitum on a list somewhere on the wiki or a page on forums or as a link in the game "Previous names".
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    Definitely a community worth joining!
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    What enrico said, but add in old female black light models. Honestly though, it is permanence. No other game has it, no other game I have ever played can you as a single individual mean so much, do so much, and change the world around you. Other games are so static, based on a single server, match, or uninteresting world. They follow a story driven path, or are "reset every week". I have weapons in Wurm that were made in 2011, that to me is staggering. Some of the most popular MMO's I have played like world of warcraft, provide nothing in context of freedom, it is so controlled and sterile. Eve Online is close to Wurm but it has some advanced boredom for me, because at the end of the day when I played it, I was thriving being a market trader and that is literally a spreadsheet simulator. Imagine it though, go outside your deed right now. Pack a tile, and place a road. That road tile is there, in the world. People can walk on it, dig it up, use it as a landmark, that tile is in existence. When you log off that tile is still there, when you quit that tile is still there (unless it decayed). Then take that idea, apply it to a Tower, a Colossus, a Kingdom. Then you understand.
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    you've put a nice amount of thought into this and it definitely is a unique and rewarding social structure that hasn't been articulated like this before. I like your ideas very much. I've known you to always be helpful, pleasant, and eager adventurer i often see roaming the lands of wurm on the hunt. I highly recommend giving this guy a try and this village "order" a try. Best of luck and have fun new recruits.