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    Oakheart Pizzeria is proud to be offering you a chance to increase your skill gains with bespoke on demand pizza. - 14.5kg, 1 bite full ccfp and 8hrs+ affinity timer 25c per pizza. - Random pizza slice at 2kg is 5c Each pizza/slice will come wrapped for extended storage Quick guide for new customers: 1. Make sure you are on fixed affinities by: - Going to the character window - Right click the body icon in bottom left corner - Go into manage profile - Check the option for cooking affinities near the bottom 2. Pm Millzy in game, on here, comment below or Discord Jay#3603 and I'll send you a test meal (this will be basic bear and corn meal) let me know what the affinity from tasting the tester meal is, "[17:50:30] You think the bear meal might give you more of an insight about chain armour smithing!" for example. 3. Let me know the desired AFFINITY you want 4. I will let you know how long before your hot freshly wrapped pizza will take to be ready (estimated, usual log in time is 2000 UK) Want somewhere to call home? Look no further than below!
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    So we have heavy armour version of armor from uniques in scale, medium in drake but we are lacking special light type of armour. My suggestion is to introduce new type of unique monster, a giant monstrous Spider queen (we already have troll king, and goblin leader, spiders needs their leader too). Upon killing each premium player in local would recieve small amount of spider silk that can be turned into strings with spinning wheel and then into cloth pieces with loom which can be used for making superior version of cloth armour (numbers can be somewhere in range of studded maybe? but no casting and archery penalty) and blood, have chance to drop one charge tome simmilar to dragons. It woul be imped with cotton strings(or maybe wool, wee need more use for it). Al mechanics are in place we just need just few new models, sorry @Saroman ? Benefits of this: New type of unique which would be welcome refreshment in that area New type of blood for some interesting imbue (not sure whats missing from imbues but surely new one can be introduced) New things for Cloth tailoring which have been a bit neglected compared to other skills More demand for high ql strings for imping Would provide great high end armour for priests, or for some pve adventurers that prefer comfort while strolling into dark woods to fight the beasts Your thoughts? Am i missing something?
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    The first of HappyHill's 2nd generation silver-blacks has just appeared! Little filly foal UlaSouth - has just been born! She's still clinging to mummy here. Mother LaceEast, a piebald pinto, is an experienced mum and knows just what to do.
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    The thing that got me hating wurm most lately over the years is making bulk like bricks and planks for example. Realisticly you need those in tousands if you wanna do anything fun and serious. Now i don't mind that it takes 2 hours or more to chip 1k bricks but i do mind a lot that during that time i have to midlesly click every couple minutes, it's boring as hell and extremely punishing to players. Since introduction of stills my eyes have oppened in another direction wurm could be going. What if we could build extremely comlicated and resource demanding sawmills powered by water or wind where you could load logs and after significant time pick up planks, what if we could have labourers contracts, and we could employee npcs to chip bricks, make nails (they would have respected skills at 1 and progress while they are producing so the older contract would be it would gain on value and would be fairly expensive like traders), farmers that would farm deeded farms and harvest them when times come and resaw, we would have to equip them with tools and regulary repair those tools (they would stop when tool dmg is close to 100 though, dont want them to blow it to air). I have toggeled over the idea for quite sometime it could bring quite new flavour to wurm and people would still have option to do it themselves more efficient.
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    +1 for me but I see an issue with people who have a phobia of spiders. There is the blob option in-game for this already though, so I guess you'd have to fight a giant blob lol.
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    @Keenan Personally I dont agree with Roccandil on the topic as I like the grind the way it is. But he is right in the sense that as an avid and loyal Epic player, he is forced to do things he doesn't like. With a single digits average population and kingdom trading restrictions, Epic is simply not a place where you can go to a fellow player and acquire what you need. This is in a way a game flaw that the player is compensating for with something that diminishes the player enjoyment. A way to counter this with would be to allow the transfer of freedom goods to epic but not the other way around. This will allow Epic players to enter the freedom market as buyers and acquire those items they need, without being able to flood freedom markets with cheaply and easy to make goods. Maybe Roccandil wouldnt need to spend hours casting to get a 90+ enchant, so he may be willing to pay a premiun to have someone else do it. How can this be done? One way freedom to Epic border. Ship, goods and players crossing it would make the epic transfer and become unable to return the same way.
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    Honest question: Have you ever considered that what you're choosing to do isn't what you enjoy doing in Wurm? I personally don't enjoy the enchanting grind, though I do have a priest. I enjoy building, and I also don't enjoy the bulk goods creation either. But other people do. And I can purchase bulk goods and enchanted items from those people. This is what the point of Wurm Online is. Not to be a single-player self-sufficient crafting machine, though plenty of people do manage to become this. It's meant to be a game where you find your niche and you become skilled at it. We're always willing to look at mechanics, but the fact is that I'd be hard-pressed to radically change a mechanic without considering the whole picture - which includes the silent group of people who are not represented in this thread. Perhaps one of them being the kindly gentleman I've been purchasing my bulk goods from. I'm sure he'd be displeased with some sort of easier/automated way of crafting the goods he sells. Same with people who have spent a lot of time, effort, and obviously money to bring their priests and crafters up to where they can easily and quickly craft high-enchant, high-quality tools and weapons. I'm sure they'd feel like we're throwing their time away by making the system easier and less time-consuming than it's currently intended to be. Like I said though, we are always willing to look. Whether the idea fits with Wurm or we have the resources to implement is another question entirely, but I recommend posting suggestions in the Suggestions forum or up-voting existing ones that jive with what you're feeling.
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    As I have said many times; give priests the same capabilities as a free alt.
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    Yes +1 With the current mechanics it's too time consuming (seriously) at 99.5 fishing to cap my fishing off to 100. I'm no good with twitch-type mechanics. I don't play games that require good reflexes for this reason. I'm terrible at FPS games. I've mentioned in similar threads like this now that auto-fish should be reintroduced and so should the passive skillgain with the old system. It's a mistake to gut mechanics without giving the community adequate warning. If we take a stroll down memory lane this has happened before with other grinds like botanizing it was good than you nerfed it to heck. A lot of us, myself included expected the old fishing system to work with the new. Well I also expected the passive skillgain to be a thing also but it's clearly not.
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    Bugfix: The first-time premium option should now work correctly if you’ve used the 3-day premium coupon. The post Hotfix 04/JAN/19 appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    The OpenGL version thing is correct - the modern renderer only kicks in when OpenGL 3.3 (or above) is used, while currently Macs, due to poor OpenGL support there, support up to 2.1. Sadly it isn't such a simple thing to change and would require us to replace a lot of legacy code, since Macs don't support OpenGL compatibility mode at all - we're working towards that though.
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    "Best" part of last nights stream? Bent neck guy and the blind guard. RIP.
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    Just to be clear, are you advertising wurm or glasshollow market, your copy seems to focus on glasshollow. Are you accepting donations to advertise but branding it as BY Glasshollow market? Also, what's your target market? 0.02 cpc for the US AU and UK seems awfully cheap
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    Same, really struggling on this one too. Been on special spots and one day spent over 8 hours fishing only to catch just 2 marlins, both around 35kg. I have 91 fishing and have been using 90ql rod and gear. Although the damage that those catfish deal to the rod soon takes that quality down fast! Frustrating doesnt even cover how I felt after those consecutive 8 hours when I only need the fishing goal and to complete some more barrels of the wine goal to have them all complete. Before the update I was catching special fish (white sharks) quite easily, and was getting some around 120+kg. Bring back the old fishing system until the goals are no longer, then I may feel like its achievable. Right now I'm losing the will to even carry on trying
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    I often wonder when a good jesture goes wrong, why is it? I've concluded consistently that its about the nature of the individuals and what they bring to the table. I grew up with little, having expectation is almost something you'd get reprimanded for and reminded to be grateful for what you have. I miss out on many a fun and interesting prizes in wurm. Sometimes i'm lucky and get one and tickled about it, goes back to my upbringing and it not taking too much to please me. I also think we've come into an era esp in gaming with immediate gratification and the oprah effect of you get giraffe and you get a giraffe and you get a giraffe. This notion we are entitled to any "gift" is not only false but also takes away from what a gift means. I"m thankful wurm staff tries, they can't please everyone, sometimes things could be planned better but one must look at the intent in it. I say none of this to target ANYONE, but instead have us all think about the bigger picture. I have my own serious concerns about staff, but event organizing and gift distribution is NOT one of them. Having been on staff and worked endless hours I know how overworked some can be, unfortunately this was before any gifts given out so my work was left as just that without much more fanfare. I'm happy to have given time to hopefully leave the game with something better than when i started. I really ask you all to instead of expect, demand, feel entitled to as none of these things are true in any dimension of the world, is to instead be thankful for what does come your way if it comes your way. Above all, wishing to all of you a year that unfurls with hope, belief in possibilities, options to seize, and unlocking greater levels of self happiness, love, and personal growth in and out of game.
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    Over desert, under stone, to a secluded mountain valley home. ~~~ Greetings, and welcome to the newly updated Oakheart recruitment page! Thank you for taking the time to swing by... And if you are returning to these pages again, a special thanks to you for your ongoing interest in this bustling little mountain community! Oakheart has been a busy little place since her founding earlier in the Spring of this past year, and much has occurred! Born in a remote mountain valley, she has gone from her humble beginnings of having only a few meager plots and a handful of intrepid citizens on a small deed, to a growing community of about 30+regular players (and nearly the same number in additional alts ), a deeded area now spanning 91x60 tiles (and growing regularly in size and population), and with nearly a year's worth of upkeep in the coffers at the moment with a goal of reaching and keeping 3 year's upkeep on hand at all times. Any who consider joining her ranks can know that her future is secure and she is not going anywhere soon! With all that growth has come a lot of change and opportunities, and it is well past time to update this page to properly inform those who might take an interest in learning more about her and possibly making their home within her boarders. And so we begin... The Beginning: Oakheart is a community that has been around since May of 2018. An aspiring middle aged Wurmian named Thalius was born into central Xanadu in early April and fell in love with the place, but was struck with perplexity at the sparse population. Where was everybody?? Roaming far and wide over Xanadu he encountered many deeds and small communities, but his mind kept drifting back to the starter city of Greymead and the open and largely undeveloped area surrounding the settlement. The central location was compelling, and the sparse population meant there was an abundance of good locations on which to settle. And so, having found no area that he considered better, he returned to Greymead and began scouting the surrounding wilderness. Many locations were considered but they all looked the same and, while beautiful, they were also ultimately uninspiring. There was one area that he encountered though that he kept being drawn to, and could not get out of his mind. There was a mountain valley across a desert west of Greymead that he could not find access to, though he could see what looked to be a valley floor carpeted in dense forest far below. After many, many, many deaths to injuries acquired in falls down the mountain side and ambushes by trolls, scorpions, and the occasional hell-hound, he finally found a narrow path down to the valley floor. What he found there was all he had been looking for and more, and the place called to him. He had to settle there, and so he did. As he set up his home and explored the area it became clear to him that he could not keep the little valley to himself- the place was begging for a mountain community, and so he set himself to the task of seeing if he could bring it about. And so the seed of Oakheart was planted, took root, and began to grow... ~~~ ~~~ Where Oakheart is now: Oakheart was founded as a community where all players, new and experienced, would be welcomed and desired. She has held true to that, and currently she has many new, and a good number of very experienced ( and some legendary), players who have made Oakheart their home. Some of her citizens have been around almost since Wurm's founding, and having them in her ranks has been a lot of fun and a great benefit to training and equipping players new to the world of Wurm. Currently Oakheart has given out a large number of plots ranging from 4x6 to 10x10 in size. On these plots her citizens are free to build as they please, with the only restrictions being related to fencing and the altering of landscape in such a way as to effect your neighbor's territory. Aside from that, imagination and diversity is encouraged. Oakheart endeavors to be largely shaped by her citizenry, and that includes not only her citizen's personal space, but also Oakheart's public buildings and green spaces. Input is solicited by her mayor and leadership regularly with regard to what the settlement and her members need and desire, and players are free to make suggestions and join in the building of many public building and development projects. Additional player plots are available, and will continue to be made available to new citizens as her population grows and her financial situation allows for her continued expansion. Current citizens of Oakheart: Activity level described as: Active (if nothing appears beside name), semi active, away (but will be returning), or inactive (no word on if/when they may be returning and may be removed from citizen role soon). None of the following are alts. When unique players and all player alts are taken into account, there are 89 citizens in Oakheart at this time. [Role]/Citizen name/current activity level [Knight] Ahsesino [Knight] Alinicon- semi Amunet Austinlans- away [Knight] Bearnorito- away Boshogama- away [Knight, and Guildmaster] Brattygirlsback Briannick- inactive [Guildmaster] Burdock Dathius Daymickcorrxandu [Knight] Durzlgog- inactive [Baron and Guildmaster] Elwood Giersdorf Haruki- away Icetrias Jimmynorman Jormangandrr Juby Kalen Kamila Karedion Kaylinna [Knight and Guildmaster] Kywest Lancewinstar- semi Looggaann Majorblazer- away [Guildmaster] Mariana Martynas Mcloy Mikexc Mokalyn [Knight] Mrgremlin- semi Neema Postrel Quadeej Runland Samir [Knight] Selenity- away Sheffie Skaltsones Snowmanone Sovereignza Stampertje Stromhurst Sweyn- inactive [Duke(Mayor)] Thalius Theshepherd- inactive [Knight] Thrayne- semi Tunna Umabrisk Wayneoss- inactive Wilkes- away Wolhha- inactive [Guildmaster] Wucian Xanthose Xpower- inactive Yaoz Ziem- inactive Zigon What you will encounter upon arrival: The Oakheart Inn and Tavern. ~~~ ~~~ Your initial place of residence upon arriving at Oakheart will be the Oakheart Inn and Tavern. The tavern portion is still under development, but she has furnished space to accommodate 24 players in rooms made up of 4 tiles worth of space while you get settled into your new home. A bed and storage units are provided for your use during your stay there, as well as decent quality food and drink. Once you have been in Oakheart long enough to build some skills, find your place in the community, and show you will be around for a while and active, you will be given a plot to call home. You will also be given a basic tool set of reasonable quality, with opportunities to earn higher quality tools as you advance in a given skill area. Just want a small dwelling space without a plot to have to care for? Oakheart will soon have town house and apartment style accommodations for those players desiring less space to manage. Just want to visit for a while? Feel free to swing on by and stay at the inn for as long as you please, provided a room is available. Visitors are welcome, any time! The Guilds of Oakheart ~~~ The Smith's Guild-house of Oakheart, founded and managed by Elwood. ~~~ Oakheart is endeavoring to bring something new to the table when it comes to life around town and generating market dynamics within the community and surrounding area- Guilds. Once a member of Oakheart, you will have the opportunity to join one of several guilds that have been founded. Many guilds have been formed, including the smithing guild, masonry guild, mining guild, carpentry guild, taming/husbandry guild, forestry guild, and the Thaumaturgy guild (who's focus is on developing skilled alchemists and metallurgists), - with other guilds to come. Guilds are and will be an integral part of the culture of Oakheart, and will have major implications on life in and around Oakheart as well as play a large role in the relationship between her and those settlements allied with her. Guilds have been created to: Organize and mobilize players to build community within Oakheart around preferred skills and play stiles, Help train and develop new players around a preferred set of skills or activities, Provide and encourage role playing dynamics within village life around Oakheart, To encourage trade- both between guilds and between guilds and individuals who hire their services, Develop market dynamics related to guilds within Oakheart and the surrounding area with the aim to provide opportunities for newer players to earn income earlier on in their game than they otherwise may be able, and to improve the over-all economy surrounding the Oakheart area. Other things of note that you will find upon arriving at Oakheart: Wagoner in place, allowing for the sending and receiving of bulk resources with no need for travel. An enchanted mailbox, allowing for fast delivery of items, including oversized items. Many resources already harvested and stored for community use, allowing you to experiment with crafting many different items immediately. Ample opportunity to learn the harvesting of most resource types nearby and in a safe environment. A community kitchen where meals are provided and shared as available. An active and friendly community that enjoys helping you learn and stretch your skills without "holding your hand" as you do so. Currently the deed size is 60x60 tiles, with ample plot space marked out for new citizens. An increasingly active focus on rift events and hunting uniques across multiple servers. We have put in place something resembling a mid-evil time period "caste system" of role management. The mayor of Oakheart bears the title of Duke, and the trusted leaders in the community bear the title of Barons. Entrance role into Oakheart is that of a "serf", and players that have acquired plots are promoted to "freemen" of Oakheart. Joining a guild earns you a title related to your position within the guild, and players worthy of special recognition in their service to Oakheart and her citizenry can earn the title of "Knight" of Oakheart. Other roles and titles will be created as needed and desired, all to enhance the role playing aspect of life around town! Long term goals worth mentioning: The vision for Oakheart is large. Very large. She was founded with the goal in mind of becoming a city type environment where players could securely establish their home, engage in commerce, grow their skills, make friends, collaborate with other players to achieve various tasks, wall off their plot and be an inner city hermit, collaborate with your neighbors to secure and develop a city block as they desire, - all as part of a large and active community that requires very little from them. Come and go as you please, and if you like you can join in on helping out with community projects and needs around town or the surrounding area from time to time. No one who resides at Oakheart owes the community anything but respect to her goals and citizenry. With this in mind: One long term goal is to deed the entire valley floor up to a 130x100 tile area. Such an area would provide ample space for a large city with a large population, and with lots of room left over for community projects and green space within the boarders of Oakheart. Also, excavation of an underground city has begun. This is a large project with long term goals which, when achieved, will provide an underground city space of nearly equal size to the surface city. It will also include a large underground marina with a canal linking the marina to a system of lakes, thus giving marina and lake access to central Xanadu for the first time. It is an exciting and daunting task, but worth the effort as it will bring a huge new dynamic to central Xanadu for the good of all who settle there. Only skilled and careful workers will be allowed on this project, and skilled miners are wanted! Thank you for taking the time to read over this, and feel free to contact me if you would like to know more; and certainly do so if you are interested in joining an exciting and growing settlement in the vast wilderness of central Xanadu! We look forward to hearing from you... Thalius ~ Founder and Duke of Oakheart.
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    Hi all I been playing wurm for a very long time and most of you will not know me.....been a virtual hermit on Pristine forever .......I just joined forum today and hope this message is getting out there......I have loads of things to sell ...mostly a chaotic mess and all over the place......I have all sorts of tools and some weapons up to 95+ with coc and woa enchants to sell also can make/imp/enchant to demand any tool or weapon......also make any ships if anyone wants and make a tasty bangers and mash I have not mastered the art of listing things and screenshots and the like.....ill try and work on it......but pls ask for anything especially tool related.......also sell 100ql (or lower if you want) logs galore I'm just looking to get silver up as I am keeping an absent friends deed up and running also....I hope he comes back anyway enough of my nonsense.........good to finally be part of the forum world.... cheers mateys
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    Likely someone looted it and left the chest there
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    Wait what? So everyone who isn't already 100 fishing and with FSBs loaded with fish should have to do double the work..? The new items and mechanics behind the 'modular' rods are great... if they were a bonus to the old system rather than a replacement. Improved catch rates / quality / speed for using all the extra stuff, without the change in 'twitch-reaction catch' mechanics and it would be a great update everyone loved. Like how we get affinities with food... use the right lure/reel and get a bonus 1-20% depending on quality, over what otherwise would be the case. Improvements like that.
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    +1. Is there a jewelry-smithing imbue? Now that we have all these shiny new jewelry enchants, I'm finding myself imping jewelry a lot more.
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    if you'd think of balance for a second you'd know it's a bad idea
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    yeah seems weird to have same penalty as scale, more logical would be 15% like leather and chain. and introduce unique cloth armour finaly (either cloth from kyklops and forest giants or new spider unique with magical silk that we can turn to strings)
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    It might support 4.1 Core, but we use OpenGL Compatibility profile, which on all Mac machines (as far as I am aware) supports up to 2.1.
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    I had the same experience with the sushi surprise recipe on Xanadu when the system was new. (will have to check the exact name next time I'm in game). Was Amadee's sushi surprise on Xanadu. Gave to friends, etc. Spent a lot of time working out recipes, etc. Was really into it. Was so proud and happy that I got one and that my name would always be on something. Now it's named for someone else. What a colossal buzzkill. I noticed it when it first happened but also saw back in February '18 that it was being looked into so didn't say anything at the time. Been almost a year now and no word. Is this one of those things that will just end with too-bad-so-sad-but-you'll-get-over-it? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    As someone who was on staff on another game (different context, not this game) I have to say, volunteer staff deserve a yearly gift. A good staff member's life is consumed by "doing their job'. It really reduces your play time. I greatly appreciate all the efforts the staff of Wurm put into making community events, giveaways, and just enhancing "Quality of Life" in game. I can't think of many, if any, other game/s that have staff this involved with the players, not to mention continually putting out new content. Funny thing, I missed the trivia contest the other night. I was online when they announced it, but it was already past my bedtime, so went to bed. The next day my computer decided to have some serious issues, and I spent most of Wednesday night, and almost all day Thursday working on fixing it, making me unable to play. My nice neighbor saw me say I didn't get a box, and gave me one. Then not three hours later I found one with my always premium'd alt. This was less than 12 hours ago, so they're still out there. People complain about the treasure hunt. I spent many hours early on hunting for it. I knew I didn't have whatever it takes to figure it out, so gave up. Disappointed? Sure. But that doesn't take a damn thing away from the fact that those who did solve it spent so much time searching. My only complaint, and this isn't a complaint really, more of an observation, is that those who did solve it used many clues that were solved by others, yet those who did the early work were not rewarded in any way. I guess that's a game though, to the victor goes the spoils... Thank you Enki, Retro, and team for all you do.
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    I hate squeezing grapes one at a time. So let's put 100 grapes in a huge tube. Activate a shoe that has coc or woa cast on it and stomp them into grape juice. Timer could be the same as using a fruit press. Would love the animation.
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    Wait! A dragon was slain at Vrock?!?!? I left too early damn it! I'd like a participation trophy as well now. ?
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    As with any steam game anyone playing it will need a copy of the game. Wurm Unlimited has gone on sale many times in the past, as well as being included in a Humble Bundle sale, if people are eager to check it out but cannot afford the game full price, waiting for a sale is the best option for them. If you are wanting them to play for free, I'd suggest playing WO instead of WU, as they can play with limited skills for free, and you could own the deed and cover upkeep of it
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    Did I just see someone shoot his own foot using a cannon? Thorin
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    For what it's worth the damage to all of the 'bits' for me has happened at a rapid rate, inside tackle box no matter where I put it, in inventory, on floor or in a chest inside house etc. Also all of it on rods inside the rod rack (which I made a bug thread about) being kicked out to a pile on the floor after taking damage. I can understand maybe the baits (so no point in trying to collect any in advance) but all those other bits? So much of it as well is unrepairable/not impable that it is very offputting. I now keep my tacklebox with items in a magic chest, but impression is that the tacklebox is the worst place to store any of it, and all of it is taking far too much damage before it ever gets used, in a tackle box or not (yes it all can take damage in inventory when not in tackle box too). Not even finished imping up a decent spear yet to try spear fishing but don't think I will bother just yet hearing from friends about the massive damage ticks spears take on use.
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    One of those uses apparently being neutering services.
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    Blacklist? What is that supposed to mean, exactly? Wait, what? Since when do I owe you anything? How could I owe you a week's premium, exactly?
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    I will swing over and have a look. I am a very experienced player myself since 2008. I have a deed on indy but I get bored being by myself most of the time. Although after reading this whole thing I am not seeing coords as to where you are.
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    Let us pls all dig, so that we can build stone houses with priest.
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    Great first day of the iron man challenge. Found a wonderful spot and had a blast on stream! Make sure to tune in tomorrow 9 am cst for the second day of the Iron Man Challenge!
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    Nothing should ever be taken away from the game - just built upon. Old fishing should of stayed in and it should of just been expanded upon. If people wanted to do the reels, tackle, and minigame then let them do that and reward them in skill for doing that. However if in order to gain skill is still as hard as it was and the actions are harder to obtain that skill in the first place - that's a broken system. Best suggestion is to give back the old fishing, add in the new fishing and give the new fishing higher skill gain value over the old system. The way it was done just rewarded EVERY person who AFKd using the old system and penalized everyone who wants to do fishing in the future by making it that much harder. If it was me as @Nikisaid, which we dont agree on much - ever, I'd be working on all the skills I can before someone else comes along and does something ridiculous like this to the next skill.
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    This account is sold. Thank you to who pm’d me inquiring about the account! I’ll be back once the direction of pvp is sorted out! I will return to my cave and appear when the time is necessary my sons.. until then, may your immies stay untustled and lawnmowers stay afloat..
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    aye, it's been open for a year at least, I have been a bit messy recently lol. once you start going upstairs it gets better, downstairs is still my work area And i need to expand the building more as running out of room. The deed is at n18 on release, the island just off the coast, here's an image to help u find it. https://gyazo.com/33b838fe54f67b96e6a100f5164ca4b7
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    Hallelujah, the Gods have finally shown me mercy! Just found this black-silver, wild aged male. Sooo in love; now to gingerly bring him back home...
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    Absolutely NO please. I did not believe it until now but Niki you are really unable to see things out of context of their monetary value. Adding custom names because if you don't have a cow should kill the neighours' cattle too? I hate it enough already that masks are commonly available. Wurm needs its unique items, they have a history. I have never had any of such things, no special helm, no masks, no named items, and yes I would terribly love to have some. With your suggestion all these items would be common in a few weeks latest, I have quite a bunch of 95+ crafting skills, a few 99+ and I'm far from fitting into the first 100 players on Niarja - and those are just the public profiles uploaded there. How fast would the market be flooded?
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    I must say, as much as i love the new fishing updates, with the baits and floats and lovely new tackle box, I am quite disappointed in the rate of decay for items placed in the tackle box. Even keeping my tackle box in my inventory constantly, things inside such as bait and fishing lines etc are taking quick damage. Also, most of the baits and some of the floats can not even be stored in bulk storage containers, so there is no way to stock up these items. This forces players to go make new lines, find new bait / floats almost for every time they decide to go fishing. Yes this is realistic, but yes its also a big pain I would love to see the tackle box be fixed to greatly reduce decay on these items, and/or all baits and floats be storable in bulk or food storage bin as appropriate for their type.
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    I have to agree with the majority of the complaints here. "The chests were place around Xanadu Starter Deeds for ease" That makes sense as Xanadu is huge, and the other servers smaller. Now what ticks me off is somebody making alts then suiciding those alts to get chests instead of letting folks have the fun of hunting those. I hunted for and found one at Glasshollow Spawn and another player which i believe is newer found one also. How many spawn, i do not know, and understand they will not spawn on deeds at least for Xanadu. The second thing that ticks me off is the random events like the one held at Vrock where a Dragon was slain, no mention of it in the Forums that I know of. You DEVs should make the event one way teleporters into two way teleporters so folks can go to these events more easily and participate. I tried to go and yes I did choose to ride a horse there because i didn't have a way back. I died halfway there and finally got there just about 3 minutes after the event was over. Very frustrated and was ready to quit WURM. Heard folks were getting all kinds of goodies. You should make these events more accessible and post more info about them so folks have a chance, and maybe run a couple events the rest of the week and weekend so those who couldn't participate can have a chance. Like the multi events at Impalongs. Lastly if your going to handout insane uber supreme and fantastic items to devs and such, maybe make it so they can't sell or something as I hear rumor items are selling for hundreds or euro's. I love the game, love the new content, await the new stuff yet to come and have invested quit a bit in the game since I started in 2013 and 2014. I have seen our numbers dwindle and pray for a resurgence in the game. Crap like this hurts the game and likely drives away players, or can drive away some. As for some of the other servers like Epic Cluster, I would like to see those merge and get re-worked into some sort of Valrei Questing and Dungeon, old ruins exploration and fight the forces of Jackal. Those that live there still would, also keep the PVP there as that would be more interesting too. Just saying, spark things up, if you build it they will come. "Field of Dreams", build one for WURM. Happy New Years and see you'all at the Rifts and Slaying. Kudos to those of you that make slayings Public, Oblivionreaver, Lunar Slaughterhouse. Thanks, those were fun.
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    This post explains something that happened some days ago.... Mean horse! Sorry for the bump.
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    Why did you wait for ours when you could just produce this clearly superior one? Did you just want to wait to show off?
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    Hi Ayes, problem is not what you do with your land, problem is how they do it, if it's about their deed/perimeter than you are not allowed to touch it ( what even sila posted in this thread to stay away , small examples like Ruswood or Thogot ), it's about someones else properties by them its free game as its an open land, so you are right about rules but you are wrong in your statement, sorry but most of the time i would agree with your comments but this time 100% negative feedback for you - why? - it's simple - if sila is requesting and expecting something from others, he should show the same values for others and their land or work they put into it, the part of the land where they got market its an open land so it's their free game - you are right here, but if you are trying to explaing and force me to the idea that sila and his team can do whatever they want with yr land and job its a big mistake, sorry but you Ayes disappointed this time small edit by your words, my situation - im rebuilding my docks, its off deed atm, dropped there nearly 200k dirt and sand, need another 300k, so your saying me that bcoz it's and open area it's free to claim? so now sila will come deed it and you saying free game free land? ...saying something just to say something its not saying, ....maybe you drop 500k dirt level it terraform and than i will come and deed it, we will see what would you say... terrible just terrible what you posted here
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    There is something I should inform all of you about. I am currently in hot water with the Wurm Online team for this action. They are none too pleased with me. It is not that they didn't want to help, it is policy that they followed to the letter, policy that I and Budda have put in place. It is good policy, and they did right by it. I have no intention of stepping on or bypassing intended mechanics. Normally, I would have talked to Alegria and pushed for you guys to pool together and make this work without me. In fact, for others I still highly recommend completing this achievement mechanically with the help of others if warranted. Sometimes during the holidays, I do a few things that I would not normally tolerate during the normal mundane days of the year.... you know, the ones that end in ay... This season I was really overworked and gave the seniors of my team some extra play room to have a little fun which saved me a ton of holiday workload. They did great. Everything you guys and gals do in Wurm Online is an achievement and I do not want to diminish that. I do my best to judge situations on their merits and in some cases I may rule in a fashion that seems against a ruling I have made before. This is never out of favoritism or any kind of bias. It will always be in relation to the merits of the situation and changes in the game. These kinds of matters get me in trouble, and it leaves you with the impression that the others of my team are bad guys. They do a fantastic job day in and out, and it is mostly a thankless and abusive job. They deserve a lot better, and I know it hurts them when I step in and do something like this. 10 times out of 10 I will stand behind my team's decisions, so trying to 'take it up with Enki' isn't going to get you anywhere. Many pm requests this year went unanswered because they were not worth taking time away from more pressing matters, and almost all I did respond to just got mad at me and cursed and berated me for not ruling differently. I wish you all a happy new year, and hopefully when the team lets me out of the dog house I can enjoy it too.
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    I know this is off topic but out of principle I will never buy from any of Sila & Co's merchants. They are just bullies that has no regard for the spirit of the rules. Alwyas thier way or no way. never a comprimise and respect for the locals The only thing they care about is their ego's
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    Awesome Idea! If you need anyone to make youtube tutorial videos for anything specific to your university, I am more than willing!
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    CLICK HERE: https://www.dropbox....ideTextOnly.pdf DIRECT DOWNLOAD: Download FAQ: Q: Will there be more information added soon? A: Yes, of course, this is only the first version that is mostly just text, and I have yet to finish up a lot of the diagrams and reference images. There will be more added in the second version, but for now I wanted just to release a guide with the recently influx of new players for a small easy guide to start. Q: Can I help? A: Sure, write something, and if it is relevant and not bias, I will add it. PM me it. Q: I found a typo, what do? A: Try not to spam the thread with typos, I probably made a thousand. Just PM me, and I'll fix it, and reupload the .pdf. The link won't change.