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    Oakheart Pizzeria is proud to be offering you a chance to increase your skill gains with bespoke on demand pizza. - 14.5kg, 1 bite full ccfp and 8hrs+ affinity timer 25c per pizza. - Random pizza slice at 2kg is 5c Each pizza/slice will come wrapped for extended storage Quick guide for new customers: 1. Make sure you are on fixed affinities by: - Going to the character window - Right click the body icon in bottom left corner - Go into manage profile - Check the option for cooking affinities near the bottom 2. Pm Millzy in game, on here, comment below or Discord Jay#3603 and I'll send you a test meal (this will be basic bear and corn meal) let me know what the affinity from tasting the tester meal is, "[17:50:30] You think the bear meal might give you more of an insight about chain armour smithing!" for example. 3. Let me know the desired AFFINITY you want 4. I will let you know how long before your hot freshly wrapped pizza will take to be ready (estimated, usual log in time is 2000 UK) Want somewhere to call home? Look no further than below!
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    So we have heavy armour version of armor from uniques in scale, medium in drake but we are lacking special light type of armour. My suggestion is to introduce new type of unique monster, a giant monstrous Spider queen (we already have troll king, and goblin leader, spiders needs their leader too). Upon killing each premium player in local would recieve small amount of spider silk that can be turned into strings with spinning wheel and then into cloth pieces with loom which can be used for making superior version of cloth armour (numbers can be somewhere in range of studded maybe? but no casting and archery penalty) and blood, have chance to drop one charge tome simmilar to dragons. It woul be imped with cotton strings(or maybe wool, wee need more use for it). Al mechanics are in place we just need just few new models, sorry @Saroman ? Benefits of this: New type of unique which would be welcome refreshment in that area New type of blood for some interesting imbue (not sure whats missing from imbues but surely new one can be introduced) New things for Cloth tailoring which have been a bit neglected compared to other skills More demand for high ql strings for imping Would provide great high end armour for priests, or for some pve adventurers that prefer comfort while strolling into dark woods to fight the beasts Your thoughts? Am i missing something?
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    The first of HappyHill's 2nd generation silver-blacks has just appeared! Little filly foal UlaSouth - has just been born! She's still clinging to mummy here. Mother LaceEast, a piebald pinto, is an experienced mum and knows just what to do.
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    The thing that got me hating wurm most lately over the years is making bulk like bricks and planks for example. Realisticly you need those in tousands if you wanna do anything fun and serious. Now i don't mind that it takes 2 hours or more to chip 1k bricks but i do mind a lot that during that time i have to midlesly click every couple minutes, it's boring as hell and extremely punishing to players. Since introduction of stills my eyes have oppened in another direction wurm could be going. What if we could build extremely comlicated and resource demanding sawmills powered by water or wind where you could load logs and after significant time pick up planks, what if we could have labourers contracts, and we could employee npcs to chip bricks, make nails (they would have respected skills at 1 and progress while they are producing so the older contract would be it would gain on value and would be fairly expensive like traders), farmers that would farm deeded farms and harvest them when times come and resaw, we would have to equip them with tools and regulary repair those tools (they would stop when tool dmg is close to 100 though, dont want them to blow it to air). I have toggeled over the idea for quite sometime it could bring quite new flavour to wurm and people would still have option to do it themselves more efficient.
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    +1 for me but I see an issue with people who have a phobia of spiders. There is the blob option in-game for this already though, so I guess you'd have to fight a giant blob lol.
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    @Keenan Personally I dont agree with Roccandil on the topic as I like the grind the way it is. But he is right in the sense that as an avid and loyal Epic player, he is forced to do things he doesn't like. With a single digits average population and kingdom trading restrictions, Epic is simply not a place where you can go to a fellow player and acquire what you need. This is in a way a game flaw that the player is compensating for with something that diminishes the player enjoyment. A way to counter this with would be to allow the transfer of freedom goods to epic but not the other way around. This will allow Epic players to enter the freedom market as buyers and acquire those items they need, without being able to flood freedom markets with cheaply and easy to make goods. Maybe Roccandil wouldnt need to spend hours casting to get a 90+ enchant, so he may be willing to pay a premiun to have someone else do it. How can this be done? One way freedom to Epic border. Ship, goods and players crossing it would make the epic transfer and become unable to return the same way.
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    Honest question: Have you ever considered that what you're choosing to do isn't what you enjoy doing in Wurm? I personally don't enjoy the enchanting grind, though I do have a priest. I enjoy building, and I also don't enjoy the bulk goods creation either. But other people do. And I can purchase bulk goods and enchanted items from those people. This is what the point of Wurm Online is. Not to be a single-player self-sufficient crafting machine, though plenty of people do manage to become this. It's meant to be a game where you find your niche and you become skilled at it. We're always willing to look at mechanics, but the fact is that I'd be hard-pressed to radically change a mechanic without considering the whole picture - which includes the silent group of people who are not represented in this thread. Perhaps one of them being the kindly gentleman I've been purchasing my bulk goods from. I'm sure he'd be displeased with some sort of easier/automated way of crafting the goods he sells. Same with people who have spent a lot of time, effort, and obviously money to bring their priests and crafters up to where they can easily and quickly craft high-enchant, high-quality tools and weapons. I'm sure they'd feel like we're throwing their time away by making the system easier and less time-consuming than it's currently intended to be. Like I said though, we are always willing to look. Whether the idea fits with Wurm or we have the resources to implement is another question entirely, but I recommend posting suggestions in the Suggestions forum or up-voting existing ones that jive with what you're feeling.
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    As I have said many times; give priests the same capabilities as a free alt.
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    Yes +1 With the current mechanics it's too time consuming (seriously) at 99.5 fishing to cap my fishing off to 100. I'm no good with twitch-type mechanics. I don't play games that require good reflexes for this reason. I'm terrible at FPS games. I've mentioned in similar threads like this now that auto-fish should be reintroduced and so should the passive skillgain with the old system. It's a mistake to gut mechanics without giving the community adequate warning. If we take a stroll down memory lane this has happened before with other grinds like botanizing it was good than you nerfed it to heck. A lot of us, myself included expected the old fishing system to work with the new. Well I also expected the passive skillgain to be a thing also but it's clearly not.
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    Bugfix: The first-time premium option should now work correctly if you’ve used the 3-day premium coupon. The post Hotfix 04/JAN/19 appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    The OpenGL version thing is correct - the modern renderer only kicks in when OpenGL 3.3 (or above) is used, while currently Macs, due to poor OpenGL support there, support up to 2.1. Sadly it isn't such a simple thing to change and would require us to replace a lot of legacy code, since Macs don't support OpenGL compatibility mode at all - we're working towards that though.
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    "Best" part of last nights stream? Bent neck guy and the blind guard. RIP.
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    Just to be clear, are you advertising wurm or glasshollow market, your copy seems to focus on glasshollow. Are you accepting donations to advertise but branding it as BY Glasshollow market? Also, what's your target market? 0.02 cpc for the US AU and UK seems awfully cheap
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    Same, really struggling on this one too. Been on special spots and one day spent over 8 hours fishing only to catch just 2 marlins, both around 35kg. I have 91 fishing and have been using 90ql rod and gear. Although the damage that those catfish deal to the rod soon takes that quality down fast! Frustrating doesnt even cover how I felt after those consecutive 8 hours when I only need the fishing goal and to complete some more barrels of the wine goal to have them all complete. Before the update I was catching special fish (white sharks) quite easily, and was getting some around 120+kg. Bring back the old fishing system until the goals are no longer, then I may feel like its achievable. Right now I'm losing the will to even carry on trying
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    I often wonder when a good jesture goes wrong, why is it? I've concluded consistently that its about the nature of the individuals and what they bring to the table. I grew up with little, having expectation is almost something you'd get reprimanded for and reminded to be grateful for what you have. I miss out on many a fun and interesting prizes in wurm. Sometimes i'm lucky and get one and tickled about it, goes back to my upbringing and it not taking too much to please me. I also think we've come into an era esp in gaming with immediate gratification and the oprah effect of you get giraffe and you get a giraffe and you get a giraffe. This notion we are entitled to any "gift" is not only false but also takes away from what a gift means. I"m thankful wurm staff tries, they can't please everyone, sometimes things could be planned better but one must look at the intent in it. I say none of this to target ANYONE, but instead have us all think about the bigger picture. I have my own serious concerns about staff, but event organizing and gift distribution is NOT one of them. Having been on staff and worked endless hours I know how overworked some can be, unfortunately this was before any gifts given out so my work was left as just that without much more fanfare. I'm happy to have given time to hopefully leave the game with something better than when i started. I really ask you all to instead of expect, demand, feel entitled to as none of these things are true in any dimension of the world, is to instead be thankful for what does come your way if it comes your way. Above all, wishing to all of you a year that unfurls with hope, belief in possibilities, options to seize, and unlocking greater levels of self happiness, love, and personal growth in and out of game.
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    [Project is now over. Free shards service has now ended.] ------ If you need sandstone shards and have a boat with crates, we got free shards for you. Bring crates or BSBs and just come scoop them up. Contact me to arrange pickup and to see if there are any available. We got a sizeable amount of veins we need to mine out, and would appreciate if someone comes empty our bsbs. Come get your free shards! Current Stock: Out of Stock For Now! BYOFB (Bring your own ****** box!) Please post in this thread once you've picked them up so others don't do the trip in vain
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    Howdy. I tried fishing earlier, got my fishing net and keep net created and imp'd. It seems I can fish ok. But my keep net has been a non stop problem. I tried to 'plant' it on ground tiles. It would not allow it on any tiles, on some tiles it said water too shallow, other tiles it said water too deed. I could find nowhere to 'plant' it. So any help explanation I can get for how to plant this thing would be greatly appreciated. So. Next I got my rowboat, brought it out. I was permitted to attach my keep net to my rowboat. So then I moved my 3 fish over to that keep net. That did happen. All good. But then I moved the row boat to the fishing water area, and it would not allow me to net fish while embarked. So I moored jumped off boat. Then it took me a while to find a spot, where my boat was close to where I could stand and fish at. I found such a place. But then it would not allow me to put fish into my keep net, nor could I remove my keep net from the boat. So I jumped back into my rowboat, still could not pull the fish from my keep net. So right now, here on Indy, near Cornersville deed, I have my keep net is stuck on my rowboat named 'T-Bomb's RowRowRow' w/ 3 fish on it. I'd surely like to get this keep net thing to work, sounds like an awesome idea .. to keep fish fresh in water, while fishing. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB << frustrated fisher wanna-be
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    I don't actually understand why the devs are so against automation/production type of things. So many suggestions and endgame ideas have been flooded over the years in the suggestions. Look how long it took to get chicken coops. We currently have very little of these. Coal piles, chicken coops and beehives. I'm not saying it should take away from the original methods. If someone wants to make planks for hours and hours they should still be able to profit from it. Let's go back to the sawmill, you put logs in it and wait let's say 24 hours real time. You might have 100 planks. Another one could be a windmill or watermill, you put raw crop in it and eventually get flour. Also I think production type generators should be limited to 1 per deed and be very hard to craft. Factional fight once talked about a village level system, I think something like that could also be incorporated. I'm just spit baling, I do realize this isn't a suggestion thread. However I do think Wurm has and always been slightly too difficult, I really hope it improves. This is like the only game I play that really never innovates the skilling system, I personally agree with OP and a lot of others in this thread. Looking at WoW, FFXIV and Runescape they add new systems for catchup for new players all the time. Food for thought thanks.
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    Anything requiring twitch skill on the part of the player as well as an abstracted in-game "skill" is a kind of double-whammy. If I have to hit metal precisely in a kind of mini-game to get what I want, then I don't want an abstract "skill" to also matter. I like the idea of removing repetition, but I'm mistrustful of twitchy mechanics (could simply be a new, more frustrating, lag-affected sort of repetition).
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    My thoughts too. Beside pondering about semi automated production i also pondered a lot about crafting and how to bring more immersive realism, basically any item is a recepie of actions that need to do. In specific order, you need to hammer lump couple times to get nails but need to hammer much more times and with much greater skill, after done shaping you need to quench in water, better in oil as it is less chance to break (no, not temper they got that wrong too), and after then tempering which is normalizing material by heating it again after hardening, then sharpen it, and sharpen it every time it gets dull again not randomly hammering, sharpenint, tempering several times, thats ridiculous. Also new fiahing rods bring out another interesting concept which are slots for reels etc which can be expanded to different handles for swords and tools for example which you could replace, complex tools and machinery. Introducing more realistic tools for other proffessions too like shaving horse for carpentry, potery wheel, sharpening wheel, water powered power hammer for faster making tools... As for npc workers i was thinking that you need to provide them with food and water while they work atleast (the better food the better they work), you need to eqip them with tools and maintain their tools(again the better tools, the better they work), and even with best tools they chip slower then player to give room to players for competition, and ofc they would develop their skills higher making them efficient over time, not sure wether you should pay them some wage in ingame silvers like 10i per action or less as you payed your contract already quite a bit but it would definitely give more room for strategising and thinking instead of mindlesly clicking for sure. Would also open new section of market where players could trade npcs they skilled in certain skills (like with real players you cant skill them in all skills so you have to choose)
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    I agree the game should be harder and more complex, and in order to make it more complex I feel that crafting would probably need a lot more depth, for example look at what Kingdom Come Deliverance did with Alchemy. I think its that kind of depth that Wurm needs. For example, instead of right clicking a lump on some tool and turning it into an item with one click, what if you had to use tools like a hammer to beat the lump into the form you want. Not by right clicking the lump and selecting that form, but by actually hitting the lump the right amount of times in the right spots. Do it wrong and you end up with another item which you didn't want. Or if you made a mistake then you have to put the lump back into the forge and reheat it in order to reset it to it's starting state. Then you've got gameplay, with proper failure states, that requires to the player to think about what he's doing (it's really just a recipe system, with steps needing to be done in the correct order in order to get your desired end result). And this example only used a hammer, add some other tools into the mix and you can get a lot more complexity and depth. Imping could possibly be adressed in a similar way, no more right clicking a menu option, but actually using the tool in a certain way on an item in order to get the desired result. Do it wrong and the item takes damage, do it right and you improve the item. Some tools are better suited for this then others, for example you probably can't do much to improve tempering an item, but for hammering you could add more depth (hit the right location, etc), for whetstones perhaps something like having to sharpen the item the correct amount of time, etc. I completely agree. We need ways to make items in bulk, perhaps by requiring the construction of complex machines like sawmills and whatever other machines we can imagine. The ability to hire npcs (or creatures which can be summoned by priests) to do mundane things for you would also open new interesting gameplay options. Over the last few years many other games have successfully demonstrated such system. It allows the player to spend time doing what he enjoys doing, because he no longer has to do the things he doesn't like doing after investing a lot of time and effort into making that possible. It gives a sense of progression and adds more depth to the game. I think it would be especially interesting if such systems (especially the npc ones) use upkeep other than money, as that gives the option for an entire economy to develop around the required upkeep items. That would also help to compensate for it completely tanking the bulk materials market.
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    I expect this is associated with the issues around how OpenGL is initialized, which result in us getting the default OpenGL 2.1 rather than a later version. If I remember correctly this is also why we still see rain indoors, and don't see text on signs (or maybe that is connected with me having nVidia graphics...) . Another issue which is likely to make things more complex is that OpenGL was deprecated in macOS 10.14, in favour of Metal framework.
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    Make sure it is Java 8 and not Java 9/10 as those don't work with wurm. This one should be good. ( Version 8 Update 191 Release date October 16, 2018) You want the THIRD option titled WINDOWS OFFLINE 64-bit Maybe also reboot the computer after installing and verify there is no 32-bit. I wonder if another program is trying to associate JLNP files? Or somehow the file association got orphaned? Not sure but this might be a way to verify: right-click on the saved .jnlp file and choose Open With Make sure there is a check-mark in the box that says Always use this app to open .jnlp files, then click More apps Scroll down to the bottom and select Look for another app on this PC Select the Java folder, (If you do not see Java, go back up one level to the c:/ drive and select Program Files then select the Java folder. If you do not have a Java folder here, you will want to go to www.java.com and download the latest version before continuing with these steps.) Double click the latest jre folder (example: jre7, jre1.8_191, etc) Double click the bin folder Double click the javaws application Click the Close button JNLP files will now open, by default, with Java Web Start I suppose it is also possible (?) the path got associated with an older or different java version path?
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    Server Update - 04/01/2019 Village tokens can now be painted only by mayor or citizens with manage permissions Evergreen twig can now be used on marsh tiles Fixed some typos. Praise Yon \o/
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    maybe i should draw a banner hehe no please dont draw votip wtf awful images nto art tbh is very good idea, i can do a little donate by ingame silvers still poor but i rared small anvil so i'll got about 3s for that, if i will donate for example 50c it will be 16.67 clicks hehe i wasnt sleeping sorry :)
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    Just mail out a few of these, staff...
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    I don't think this goal is possible, they should really reroll it. I have tried to get my alt it forever. I eventually got 90 fishing and gave up. (Yes I was fishing big fish)
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    Been trying as well, it's my last personal goal, no luck so far, is it even possible?
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    It's literally a matter of time before this game has a minigame for any afk skill. Several of them left so get in those levels in before it's nerfed! Net fishing isn't a option in the high levels either, you might as well go fish irl you're more likely to learn to be a pro bass fisher or something. I'm currently at 99.5 fishing and I have spent significant time fishing and gained no xp as of yet. I think the old fishing should be introduced again or some type of auto fish mechanic that requires more resources. I also think the skill checks with damage are insane and need to be lowered. +1
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    Since we're clearly never gonna be rid of the forced shatter mechanic, one good idea from this is that forced shatter chance never occurs if the current cast is below your skill. Once you get it above your skill, you get that risked chance. A bit sad that it would mean even 90 channeling priests can't try to imp over 90 casts without risk of shatter.... but it's better than always having forced shatter (they would have to dispel once it gets over 90, but then they'd be making better use of the pre-existing cast bonus by starting over)
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    The process is already boringly predictable: throw veggies at the problem until you get the cast you want. I'd rather casts were hard-tied to your skill: 80 channeling = 80 power casts. That would give an obvious reason to grind the skill as far as possible. Ideally, however, I'd consider things like "safe-casting" versus "wild-casting". If you wanted to safe-cast, you'd get a result near your skill, and never shatter. If you wanted to overcharge/wild-cast, you'd get a wild result, maybe spend more favor in the process (or even select how much extra), and possibly shatter, but also get a chance for a top cast, beyond your skill. Could also have an "efficient cast", where you spend less favor, and get a lower cast (and never shatter). That's only an example (I wouldn't mind an enchant imping system, either), but anything like that sounds more interesting to me than the current slot machine.
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    Having just finished reading the whole thread, I'd like to state for the record that I have no opinion on the matter one way or the other. I hope this helps.
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    ^^^This Choice is a good thing not a bad thing. I like the new system, I just feel it should be an enhancement to the old system for those who enjoy the mini-game. If we had the choice I'd actually use both, depending on my mood on any given day. The thing that I found most displeasing about the new system though, is that while the wiki says that skill is still gained while fishing with the new system, I've not found that to be the case. Admittedly I've only tried it for a few hours so far, but I did not see any gains while "fishing." The only gains I could see were while "reeling in" a hooked fish. So for the entirety of the long timer prior to actually hooking something and reeling it in, no gains. (If I'm wrong, and if anyone else has been getting gains while just fishing and before hooking something, please correct me.) That being the case, using sleep bonus to fish now is a complete waste since the time spent actually pulling in a fish is a very small percentage of the time spent watching for a fish and meanwhile the sleep bonus is being used up. Especially at low skill when your chances of actually hooking something are so much lower.
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    I agree with Snoo, keep unique items unique!
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    i mean with the re work a good amount of priests got digging that didn't already have it. at this rate why not just remove all penalties to priests????
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    remove shatter and fix dispel. imping should be more interactive like fishing. serious post.
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    Holy ###### you discovered what the point of any game is! I'm guessing you are trying to enchant with a character that has more than 50 channelling and 100 (or -100) alignment within altar influence with no armor equipped? If so you may just need to chill, bill - it is after all just a game and you are not forced to play it in your free time
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    @Enki You saved someone, knowing you would not get out of it unharmed and in my eyes that makes you a hero. You are and will always remain my hero and I will never forget that you saved Wurm for me. That doesn't mean I don't understand the Wurm Team. They were told to stick by the rules and not be a hero, a rather ungreatfull and difficult task. Please don't think I(we) look at you as the bad guys. You all have my deepest respect and I apologize for getting you into this position. I hope you know that this was not my intent; It's not always easy to assess the effect of ones actions, especially when so much emotions are involved. I want to toast on the Wurm team and the Wurm community and to an exciting New Year.
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    I prefer straight highways, way nicer if you drive long distances.
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    I wonder who's bullying and telling lies here as I seem to remember how a certain person wrecked up the highway from Whitefay to my alliance's deeds; without asking anyone who build that highway if it was ok to change things. When confronted with that, the answer was: "we got GM permission for that", while after contacting some GM's we were told that you were tol that you had to contact the builders of the highway to inform them about it. Something you never did. You've also changed the name of the highway (yes, I WILL provide a screenshot of that) without contacting the builders; as if you build it yourself. I can go on with this list, but I'm not in the mood for it. Just don't act as if you ppl are the saints of the server, coz you aren't. It's a bit strange that players are going nuts when a new (and probably unknowing) player messes up an area near their deed; but the moment a veteran player does the same, they're actually being defended!! In my - humble - opinion, if someone wants to change a part of the PUBLIC environment of a server, be at least polite enough to ask in public if anyone opposes it. You'll find out that when doing that, quite often players won't protest or even come up with idea's to improve the situation. This hasn't happened in this occasion and the moment that's brought up in public, one side becomes quite hostile. Makes me wonder what would've happened if a certain CA living at Newspring had created this topic........ @Ostentatio: I don't always agree with how you post things, however in this matter you got my deepest respect for the polite aproache and the patience you showed in this topic. IMHO it isn't your fault things didn't work out the way you hoped for. Thorin
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    *agrees* It was indeed a mistake to allow this evil godd'i Libila into our peaceful PvE islands. It all started with the slow sneaky spread of those malevolent black spiked guard towers. I knew then this to be a bad omen of things to come since when nearing them I could sense a dark writhing presence within reaching outward with withered hands in their attempt to draw me nearer. Although I avoided their vicinity and turned my eyes to the comforting green forest in passing, slowly I saw them spread throughout all the lands where my family of characters dwelled. Now mark her evil words and intent spelled out plainly in this passage. Boldly this follower has even erected this horrifying giant visage in the continuing attempt to defile our lands with this dark and evil presence. Do not let this subjected minion lure you to this "timeless isle" to view this horrifying figure or you may never leave but be wrapped within it's time bending embrace forever more, never again to view the beauty of Wurm's wondrous forested lands. What is next then? This? You see large entwined fungus roots on rotten grass. Mycelium is the taint of Libila manifesting on the land. The horror! Resist this evil encroachment before it is too late for our fair Freedom Isles to recover. For Freedom! =Ayes=
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    money =/= friends guys remember that sometimes you cant win with somebody but you should try its my way of life Votip
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    I just had a visitor, counting the barrels of wine, I love his outfit and his magic : [15:35:20] You have received 1000 karma for 'Create 5000 liters of wine'. I'm a bit lost for words now, so I'll just say, The End !
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    It would only require me to go to the location and verify everything. ya know counting and that math type stuff, and yes if all the stuff on this side of the equation meets all the stuff over there on that side of the equation, I am willing to proof Alegria's work and slap a stamp of quality on it.
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    The problem is, the goal just says you need to make that much wine. Which they did. So, it should count. It doesn't, because they were on a different server while it fermented, but the goal doesn't say "make X wine without changing server", it just says "make X wine". You are never warned about this in-game. I've had the same thing happen to me with the trash heap goal. That one is a great deal easier, so it wasn't a big problem, but I have to say, I was a bit annoyed. Maybe it should be a bit smarter and actually merge player data instead of just overwriting with the newer one. Or maybe, when a server updates the player data for a player that is on a different server, the server should communicate the change to the other server, so it can do the same operation. (As long as it transfers the operation and not just the new value, this should be fine. Like "add 10kg of wine made") I have finished my goals, so I'm not longer personally affected by this (apart from losing out on achievements, I suppose... don't really care), but I would definitely consider this a bug.
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    Who said they enjoy the cooking system? We tolerate it for the temp affinities but I imagine most don't consider the extra hassle fun.