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    Xanadu version of the Night King
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    You sir are a Gentleman and a Scholar. Thank you for coming through with this. Always warms my heart when I see a happy ending like this.
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    @Retrograde@Enki Would it be really that hard to grant an exception to this person? I mean, it really isn't their fault that they did not know. The whole system is being phased out and Alegria did in fact complete the requisite. Is not like she screwed up and is now trying to get preferential treatment. This is a known issue that will in fact dissapear once the old system is taken out of the game. She's short on time She has done all the work She unfairly was not aware of the potential issue when crossing servers. This is a case of good faith. Why not give them a hand? You have the ability to do so. @AlegriaRegardless, my offer stands. Don't quit. I'll help you get this completed. Just let me know how much more you need and if the staff doesn't help, I will.
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    I've never liked the personal achievement system, but you should have your efforts rewarded. GMs should fix this - you have the proof.
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    Found some old pictures from a raid we had on the Jenn Kellon capital on elevation in September of 2014!
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    Thank you all so so much to support me by posting here. Especially since many of you don't even know me. I felt that my basic english wasn't adequate to properly defend my case, but you all stood up and did that for me, way better than I could have. And thank you Wurm for reaching out and not giving up on me and like Spolmit put it so splendidly to rule by the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law. I'd be happy to let Enki into my deed Myst on Affliction (not that he needs my permission to do that) to let him do the equation thing. The barrels are in a building named "Brewery". He may even take a few sips, just to make sure there aren't any sour grapes in it, before he uses his QL stamp. As for the offers to give grapes and maple sap, thank you very much, but I don't think that would have worked out. The mere thought of having to put another grape into that press already gave me an anxiety attack. I also have zero skill in wine making on freedom, and since skills don't go that way, it would have been another painfull proces. Waiting for Enki now and I will post here if things proceed. Thanks again
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    Wurm is a great game and much of this is due to the team behind the scenes and Retrograde in particular has done much to inform, entertain and create bridges between the mechanics of Wurm and the players. The warning about the wine-making not being counted if on another server is indeed noted in Wurmpedia, however, not all players are avid readers of the wiki and instead simply enjoy the game without thinking or worrying about the nuances. Some will say that players should check and read the 'small-print' and they are culpable if they fail to do so but I feel that many will sympathise with Alegria. It is surely plain to see that Alegria has created the requisite amount of wine but in the eyes of the game they have not. Is this not unjust? We are dealing here with a wonderful game, but a game that needs players. What a wonderful opportunity for Wurm to say thank you to a player for making Wurm their home by considering their plight- after all it IS the season of goodwill!.
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    Well GV is the login server, so I imagine that's something useful that benefits all players It's also been used for an event in the past before. If we were allowed to travel there, I wonder if I could find the place I lived for that short week 8+ years ago
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    Enki big big thank you, to make Alegria smile again ! Happy End at end of 2018 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
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    if they are saying that they cant fix this then they need to explain why others were helped. I had Enki come and count my wine. He verified all of mine from pre patch and post.
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    On the 19 May 2018 a tunnel of considerable undertaking was started, which was eventually completed on the 26 November 2018. It was a long and grueling 6 months, for the persons involved in the project to connect the ocean in the east at Serendipity Bridge to Shake Lake. The tunnel comprises a single walkway and double boat tiles enabling all forms of boats to access Shark Lake as well as an additional entrance / exit to the steppe area. Our thanks goes out to the following persons for their assistance in the construction process and the removal / mining out of the 57 veins that were encountered. Angelklaine (for the removal of the last few veins) Brentox Delightfuldee Dystern Epryss / Helmbow Kochinac Led (planning of west bridge) Mrcoolman Neko Odynn (for the use of Valfreyja) Relson Skyfalls Sputnix Velvetsun Yaga for prospecting the pesky veins (hope i have not forgotten anyone) Stats for those interested : Main tunnel is 505 tiles in length Material Used 2000+ tiles excavated- reinforced and cladded / paved 2k+ slabs 4k+ logs 6k+ shafts 4k+ ribbons 10k+ mortar 10k+ sandstone/slate bricks East Entrance / Exit Tunnel Interior Tunnel Interior - Steppe Entrance / Exit West Entrance / Exit
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    Were you inside the cave? or maybe a bit far? Those lists are based on combat logs, so i guess the 2 lists were gathered on different spots. Maybe one slightly inside the cave, and the other slightly outside? or maybe they were just 2 different spots far from eachother and you weren't close enough to odynn to get in his log. I hit it 8 times on odynn's log, and i believe that's right, i certainly hit it more than 3 times. Thanks Alkhadias, btw! : ) ...Never got so much digging skill in a single dragon slay
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    It certainly was a fun event and I've enjoyed it a lot. Although I didn't have much time to take screenshots, I was able to capture two nevertheless. One showing the dragon slaying achievement, something which - I don't doubt - several of us got for the first time. I think the other one is more fun, as it shows how many times you need to slap a dragon, before it's dead. After it got killed, two of the players decided to volunteer for the 2nd part of this event, called "Search the body". Luttuosa and Alkhadias eventually managed to find those two bodies, although I'm not sure what they actually won; other than the eternal gratefulness of the char's owners. Still, it was a good day all in all and I certainly hope we'll have more like these events in the future. Thorin
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    +1 I have played with Alegria for years and she is an honest person. She should be credited for the completion.
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    If this is not enough, let me know how much more you need. I'll help with the bill to get you the rest of the grapes, if this will keep you in the game.
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    Just in case this hasn't been clear before: I did put in a ticket. I told them all the wine was still there. But he told me nothing can be done. I would imagine they could search the logs to see if I made all the 113 barrels myself, and that they could fix it manually. But nope. They may have fixed it for multiple players, but they haven't fixed it for me. Should I just make another 14 barrels? I considered it. But grape season is very close to the deadline. Not enough time to harvest, prepare and make it ferment. Unless your a 24/7 player maybe. And even then it would still be a gamble. And there's no guaratee that it would work this time. I didn't wait until the last minute just to prevent this. I got the last grapes from some friends to finish this in time, all for nothing. So should I spend even more time to complete the last 2 goals, just to fail again at the finishline? I think it's been enough. I just wish I could get back all that time wasted ...
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    Sorry to hear this tragic story. If it can be corroborated by Wurm, I hope that the spirit of the law may be applied rather than the letter of the law. If unsuccessful, I would be glad to give you 500 grapes and 4 small wine barrels of maple sap to enable you to attempt to reach your target. They are currently on S Pristine. Happy New Year to you Alegria and we will hopefully see you in Wurm in 2019.
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    @Ayes most importantly you fail to see the unwarranted hostility displayed by Sila, among other behaviour I don't care to point out because this thread is enough drama as it is. Nobody is disputing the point that your vacuous post reiterates ad naseum, which is "Their land, their doing". But if you refuse to extend some common courtesy to people around you, they'll think you're kind of a douche, and some transparency about transforming public infrastructure is not much to ask for, even if it's on your land.
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    this data is very unlikely to be gathered because all animals are different and different traits yield different results, and then caring etc it adds too many variables this is why nobody will do the research to add this to the wiki. This box will be empty for a very long time as it has never even been added because of this in all these years. Although I'd like to see someone go ahead and proceed with this experiment. Maybe a GM could assist, I don't think someone will spend the next real life year finding out how long an animal last. Edit: Spoke with @MordosKulland he said he will do the experiment to input the info. Great guy.
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    Scissors, running the luck wave, those with WOA, I will offer perfectly rorund 1 silver coin for it. If accept, mail to me please
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    if u think players passing through each other is a problem u crearly didnt pvp at all
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    Happy New Year! Good afternoon! Some of you are already there, others are just a few hours behind. The year 2018 is ending and the server will celebrate. At midnight (CET) there will be fireworks, christmas lights and sparkles over all servers of Sklotopolis for about 30 minutes, leaving nice little coins behind for you to collect. Happy Coin hunting and happy new Year. We wish you all the best for the year 2019, expect more big things in 2019 from us. Waxed food which will be added very soon in the new year is just the beginning of a series of awesome updates coming in 2019.
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    When I think of it, it's pretty decently balanced as is, since they will only be able to use saddles with WoA on it (it's hard to fit horse shoes on paws) So a horse will still be better for PvP.
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    Alegria is a very good girl and a very good friend, if someone as to earn that then she. I hope all the best for you ? Very glad to see how the community reacting. Highest respect to the player who offers help for her. !
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    Gonna force you to pass all the market stalls to get through
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    Lunar Order has hold it's first Unique Slaying! Some pics!
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    Lunar Order has hold it's first Unique Slaying! Some pics!
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    The permission check for renaming items seems to be just checking whether you are the owner. For most things, that means that you dropped or planted it. Can we change that so the permission check for renaming is the same as for taking? To rename a crate rack that somebody else dropped, for example, you have to empty it of all crates, pick it up, drop it back down, replace the crates and then rename it. If the other guy now wants to change the name for some reason, they have to do the whole spiel again. Clearly, we CAN rename it - the pickup permission allows us to assume ownership. It would be great if we could rename things directly. The same with loading. A crate on the ground can be renamed after it gets loaded and unloaded. So, check if you can either take something or load it. If it's something that cannot be picked up, but loaded, only check load permissions. Something that can only be picked up, but not loaded, check take permissions. It would make life a lot easier for people playing with friends. (Or even just alts...)
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    Thank you Alkhadias, for the wonderful gathering! Well done to you and the Academy (and friends!) I took some screen shots to share, so here they are (I hope, fairly new to this posting stuff!) Also a big thanks for staying at the end of a long and busy day and risking your neck to save your wayward Academy member. Now that's loyalty, folks! ? Kindra & Zelva Safe haven The crowd gathers the gathering was well attended! The brave slayers overview of the gathering Still trapped the dragon emerges Just out of the cave! Extreme closeup (bad breath!) Rawr!! Bloodshot eye Final roar! Helpful Worg Skeletons were in attendance!
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    6km/h? My ql54 rowboat makes up to 14 . In my Knarr, I departed 22:09:14 at Shadows Keep, and moored at my canal's harbour in G14 Lake Vrock at 23:12:06. My good old horse Laoma survived both server crossing, and dragon slaying. And thanks once more to Lunar Order.
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    Cheers guys.. And same 10 hours back home
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    http://webbrar.co.uk/uniques/table.php?data=Q5ZY6VRMxl from my own logs... seems to have been a bit more hits... Dragon had extra fun mining around including exposing a few veins!
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    interesting fight in the end thanks for the invite.
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    was fun. TYVM http://webbrar.co.uk/uniques/table.php?data=7QihzpPM3L
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    @Alegriathis was fixed... I remember them changing how its polled or something... But if it indeed happened to you again, just submit a ticket. I am sure one of the gms will help.
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    Found another wild! This time a gold buckskin, my first!
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    We're aware it's down and will have it up as soon as possible. Sorry about that
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    Quick easy transaction. Thank you again
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    a bump in the night cause the bed was not wound tight
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    New Map Dumps this year? with the roads and bridges too I hope. Maybe make it twice a year .. lol
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    Already reported and being followed here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/167212-bug-fishing-bug-when-line-snaps/
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    Thank you Keenan, and all other staff to for the christmas gift. I appreciate it, as its a nice thing to do for us, even though all the negative nancy's are singing their woes of entitlement. I bet they soon want to speak to a manager to.
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    Maybe we should keep a list... Gifts are just that. They're something special we do every year. If anything, this thread goes to show how many people appreciate the gifts we give regardless of how "useful" they are. So congrats. You played yourself.
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    A little Pic i took during the fog.
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    *grin* Yet, gifts are given out in social life to strengthen relationships (like i am taming my pig ?), so it is not unimportant to make people happy or at least content. But alas, you can never satisfy everybody, and my impression is that the snowman was widely appreciated. Even those whining could prolly sell theirs for a good price.
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    I like the snowman. If you don't like the gifts that are handed out, you don't have to check your tree for gifts. There is nothing anywhere that says that you will get a gift on Christmas. I think those that are ungrateful should have their snowmen statues replaced with something truly useful. A yellow potion.
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    Thanks for the present. Your other presents, the fishing, the ability to dye cloth, and of course letting me change religions will long be remembered as the best Christmas.
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    Merry Christmas Sklotopolis! The Sklotopolis staff team wants to wish everyone of our players a merry christmas and a happy new year. As promised Sanata already arrived at New Hope on Novus and Genesis on Liberty. But as usual you also can collect your gift from a christmas tree which you can craft yourself. This years christmas gift includes two items, something useful and something decorative, we hope you will enjoy your presents. Thanks for being part of our wonderful community, considering this is a free time project for all of us you are the only reason why we are still working on this success story and improving it every day. Thanks for being a part of our unique server adventure. Since some players will find this out for sure, you can get a present on both servers with two different accounts. But make sure that you DO NOT cross servers with an account which has already received a present on your origin server, otherwise you will only receive one gift.
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    Agreed 100% People don't seem to realize there is a difference between complaining, and giving constructive criticism.