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    I doubt that there will be a lot of people whom still play that remember this name. Nonetheless, I wanted to let you all know of his passing. For what has been a terrible last 2 years of people passing whom have had Wurm at their heart and soul, this one hits me the hardest. I learnt of his passing today through a friend whom no longer plays Wurm and reached out to me on Facebook. I don't know all the details yet so will update you all once I know more. For those that don't know, Wintersolstice began playing Wurm Online in Beta map 7, almost 14 years ago. A time when the graphics where near as good as they are now, the player base was tiny in comparison, but it was still the game we've grown to love over the years. Winter was a person who was extremely caring and spent a lot of his days helping out not only those in his village but also others whom were in need, whether it be friend or foe. At the forefront of this, helping out new players was what he was great at. I started playing Wurm in September 2005. I tried to learn as much of the game as I could within the confines of a deed known as Grey Town and it wasn't long before I decided to venture off on my own with my brother, Mee. We stumbled across Wintersolstices' deed one day and noticed there were some unlocked fences which we decided to help ourselves to the items inside. We loaded absolutely as much as we could into the two small carts and ran off with our newly found bounty. It had been about 45 minutes before we were stopped by this guy called Wintersolstice and he caught us red handed. Our carts loaded to the brim with items in his name among others. It was here that Winter gave us an ultimatum. He condemned us to live the rest of our Wurm lives with him, which turned out to be some of the most fun I've had in the years I have played Wurm and some of the most memorable. By the end of the very last beta map, I had been a part of his deed for almost a year, and we had made plans to make a deed called Silron Valley on the only PVP server that was accessible after the announcement that the game was going to go to 'Gold'. A year and a half had passed on this map, over this time, I'd joined multiple villages, quit two or three times and my parents had split up, I looked up to Winter as a father figure and still do. A catastrophic server failure meant that Wurm had to start over once more, in what is known as Gold 2, and the current cluster of servers, with the only surviving map from that era, known as Chaos. Again we found ourselves with Wintersolstice in the village known as Rivendell. We went through several iterations of this deed name and it was in the 3rd Rivendell that Winter learnt that he had congenital heart failure. He went in for an operation to have a pacemaker put in his heart and I had no idea what this was at the time but once he explained what it was, I knew it was serious and that at any time the unthinkable could happen. Winter tried to still log in as much as he had in the past, the various health problems that Winter had meant he would be on for weeks at a time, and off for a week, there were a few times he would disappear for months only to pop up once again and tell me he had gone back into hospital. He wasn't in good shape at all. The last time I spoke to him was over a year ago, but I didn't know it would be the last time we would ever talk. Winter called my brother and I Little dudes, we're all grown up now and I wish you had been around the last few years to spend some more time with us because we absolutely loved every moment of it and that's something I will never forget. Today is his birthday, December the 22nd. The Winter Solstice, the reason for his name. Rest in peace Tommy. I'll miss you and you'll forever have a special place in my heart. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Player:Wintersolstice
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    After nearly three years living on-top his mountain, which he seems to have graciously shared with others as there was an abandoned deed up there, the starving troll king of Xanadu will finally be slain. P11 on the ingame map. follow the path to the cave, then follow the tunnel to the top, signs will be put up where to go from there. it's a single wide non-reinforced cave so some mining may be required. Takes 20 minutes or so to walk to to the top by my estimate.
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    I went to make a stack of fishing lines. Decided that it would be faster to use the crafting window. When I added my hand to the window and 64 strings of cloth, I was able to max the stacked actions (7 in my case) and had no problem hitting the create button and making 7 basic fishing lines at a time. Then I went to make light fishing lines. I added the spinning wheel to the crafting window, and the 64 basic fishing lines. But when I hit the create button, it will only make 1 light fishing line, it will not stack actions to make 7. It is still set for 7 actions, and the 7 dots all light up when I hit create, but only 1 line gets made. Event window shows the actions all stacking, but only the first completes. I moved on to the rope tool to make medium fishing lines, put the ropetool in the crafting window and the 64 light fishing lines. I was able to hit create and it made 7 lines at a time, as it should do. Once again I went to the spinning wheel, this time to make heavy fishing lines from the mediums. Once again the actions in the crafting window show, the event window shows 7 actions stacked, but only the first action completes. Finally, I went back to the ropetool with the heavy fishing lines to make braided fishing lines. And once again, it worked just fine in the crafting window, actions stacking and completing properly. So in closing, the problem is with stacking actions on the spinning wheel to make fishing lines. Since we are going to need new lines when the old ones snap, please make sure we can use our crafting window properly to mass produce these lines. Thanks.
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    coop- Seriphina (sorry!) I apologise for the late news, this week has been busy, and what a huge week it's been! There's a lot to unpack as we review the update and our feedback on your feedback with the various new systems in. This fortnights Valrei International will be the last until early next year, we expect to return with the next edition on the 23rd of January! But first... Fishing fun So this overhaul of the fishing system has been big, with a lot of confusion and a little bit of wogic in the systems. Needless to say there'll be a period of tweaking based on your feedback, we've already removed the ability for reels to be broken on a fail, instead taking damage. We'll also look at tweaking how difficulty affects fishing, with it currently being a little confusing. For the record, the message of "you miss the x" is a skillcheck fail, it's not timing based! We'll be working with the wiki team in getting the full fishing system up on the wurmpedia including fish and their preferred bait and locations! New tutorial and journal The new tutorial system has had lots of positive feedback, there's room for a few tweaks and we'll be working on those in the new year along with the planned phase 2 of the journal. As we've stated before, the journal is the successor to the personal goal system, aimed at picking up from the tutorial and moving forward, guiding a player from their first steps into the game into the long road of becoming a wurm veteran, the first five stages are in, with tasks such as building a house, imping items to certain thresholds and more. We have a few more tiers planned in phase two with bigger and better rewards, as well as including systems to allow priests to take part and 100% complete tiers. Expect to see that early in the new year, as that will be one of the first things we want to work on. Tapdance redesign The proposals are in, and it's voting time! We have two contestants, with team shark and team allenkey! Both designs are pretty awesome and I'm keen to see either one come in, so head to the thread, check them out and place your vote! Community Content In just a few short hours, I'll be joining my Assistant CRC and VEN coordinator Joelle in a stream decorating Havens Landing! We'll be working with fellow VEN member Fabricant and Madnath while we decorate all the buildings and parks of Havens Landing, feel free to jump in and help with your ideas too! Some poor sucker will be left spawning items for them, haha, what a lo... wait! That's it from us for this weeks Valrei International, and indeed for this year! It's been a HUGE year with a ton of content added and plenty of advancement made, with these steps taken we know 2019 will be even bigger and better. Until then though, we at the Wurm team hope you have a wonderful safe and happy holiday season, put an angel with a tiara on the tree, and have a happy new year, we'll see you in 2019! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Exactly. I play Wurm less now since there's nothing I can while semi-idle. Games need a range of engagement levels, especially ones like Wurm.
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    Heya, starting a quick thread here to bring some posetivity to the devs since people just tend to complain about stuff they dislike and skip praising the thing they like. I love the update, the sheer amount of work that's been going into to this is just pure madness. Fishing went from a mundane click game to something interactive and awesome, it's AWESOME! We got a Ninja update on clothing (white hoods and jackets etc) it's AWESOME! We got tower chaining so more things to work towards on PvP , it's AWESOME! We got new mechanic for climbing and grinding it finally grants results, it's AWESOME! We have a whole new level of spells, new priest mechanics and so much new stuff, it's AWESOME! So I just wanted to say that you are all awesome! From me to all of you, have a very Merry Christmas!
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    The anaconda model should be significantly larger than it is. Anacondas are huge, and the model is the size of any ol' run of the mill snek. their description is even "An over 3 meters long muscle, this grey-green snake is formidable." and they are clearly not even 1 meter. thank you for your time and god bless
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    Slaying the goblin leader this weekend, R-16
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    Today I started streaming from the lands of Chaos. My goal is ultimately to give the players of Wurm an insight into the Chaos server, show you around and show you all how we live. It's vastly different to freedom. Giant walls, fences, guard towers and the like! Check it out.
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    I am still shell shocked from when you rang me this morning with the news. That is a very heartfelt post son. You and Mee would always talk about this guy called Winter. It was all you spoke about when telling me about the game. I remember when I first met Winter. When you and Mee talked me into walking from freedom to wild in the water. Mee came back to get me. Then we got lost lol and you and Winter came looking for us. He used to tell me about how you met him, and call me momma bear because he knew that I would stand by and protect you two no matter what. Winter was one of the few players that I have met in game that would always help you out no matter what. Always there to have your back, always there to drive you insane with his ranting. Speaking with him in ventrilo over the years and hearing how much he was struggling to breath at times was always tuff. At least now you are no longer in pain with your back. Thanks for always being there Rest In Peace Tommy. Catch you on the flip side xxx
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    Wurm has a lot of issues with decay, bait is just the next one. It's the same reason why I don't bother with cooking. With how infrequently I play I'd have to spend a lot of that time cooking every time I login simply because whatever I'd have made the last time is as good as gone already. Spend all that time and work, just for it to vanish the next time I login. I wish they'd just get rid of time based decay entirely on deed.
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    I'm trying hard to like the new fishing system, but .. I find it overly complicated, is a game in itself. Maybe idling all the way from 1 to 100 in one skill wasn't the way to go, but right now, if I find myself somehow busy irl, there is no more activity I can do while semi-afk'ing. Moreover, if I want to go on a serious fishing grind, I need to start preparations 3 days prior and make sure I gather all sort of dozen baits, dozen floats, dozen reels, dozen .. what else is to be put together for a fishing expedition. And like that isn't enough, all that stuff doesn't have a proper place to be stored to prevent decay and there's no way to log out with your tackle box in inventory without coming back to smelly rotten bait. And while I like the idea of a bit more interactivity for a skill, right now fishing - with one of the least used subproducts in game (how many food recipes are using fish and how many people are ever mass cooking anything else than pizza, bangers and mash and perhaps herb dumplings) - fishing is the most time consuming activity one could think of.
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    The amount of content and improvements by the team in 2018 has been absolutely stupendous. Here's to seeing 2019 being Wurm's best year ever!
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    Due to my high deed costs and purchase expenses, I'm looking to buy silver basically all the time. I buy at 1 Silver = ~1 USD but I'm no enemy of negotiations. I have bought multiple gold before and will pay with a verified PayPal account. Transactions will be SAFE and QUICK. I'm going to start tracking who I bought from for references for you and for memory for myself from this point onward in a list below. Sellers I Bought From:
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    Make an offer via comment or PM me ingame or via the forums if you're interested in an item. If you make an offer, please include a name to CoD it to should your offer be accepted. UPDATED IMAGE - UNAVAILABLE THINGS AS OF NOW MARKED RED!
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    Greetings wurmians! It's voting time, in the blue corner is team shark, it's an older team but it checks out! In the red corner is team allenkey, one man, one plan, who will win? You decide! Voting will run for two weeks, and be announced in the next valrei international! Without further ado, lets get voting!
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    OMG. Another ingame friend logs of for good. He was a good neighbour ingame. And i like to think he liked me aswell haha. Thx for many good tips and talks. We hadde a hard time ingame with allmost daily attacks on Rivendell and Valhalla. I se alot of my friends over here have written. Many fine words from Anettes family ?. Merry Christmas to us who still is here. We never know when we log of for good so live your life to the fullest ?. Greetings from Lokedott
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    Thank you OR for yet another public slaying ?
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    Will be slaying the goblin leader this weekend. O-11 ingame map
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    Rest in peace old man winter
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    They've got a really cool model but you can't actually decorate with it coz they decay in a day
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    Holar, I know you'll be back in some form when it's worth, gl with sale brother. This is a great account.
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    very nice account, gl with the sale Holar
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    I'd like to see missions work for low pop as well as high pop environments, and individual missions seems like a good way to do it. It's -your- mission, and no one else can mess with it. On Epic, however, mission length is determined by god map movements, so weekly resets probably wouldn't work there. I'd also like to see the following (at least on Epic): - Spend karma to reset a mission still at 1% completion; - Partial rewards for partially-completed missions. Fatigue seems like a completely different subject. Maybe a new topic for that one?
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    As far as i know, this map will be deleted because it is laggy. A new 4k map will be created and all items, skills, etc... will be transferred to it.
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    There is, it's OpenAL (site). Lower case Ls just look like I. Confuses things.
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    Location: Time (Estimated): (Saturday, Dec 22 at 18:52 in the UK)
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    Warlock on his throne... Warlock has been refusing to move more than a tile in Wurm, so he got a chair for Christmas
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    Accepting low offers for christmas! (reasonable, but low!)
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    Where in the world are you finding all these wilds??? I've scoured most of the steppes on Xanadu and so far nothing...
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    the chat box is there, just invisible. We had a long discussion about the ability to skip it or not, and the fact is barring a small window of old alts without the educated title, the biggest influx will be from new players who should really go through it. For this reason we excluded a skip tutorial button, but did allow for a command for established players. We believe this to be the most effective system, and we have had huge amounts of positive feedback (with ideas for slight adjustments too) and we'll definitely be waiting longer before discussing any easier forms of bypassing it
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    [00:29:19] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks again for the order dear chai, and happy Wurming! ?
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    File, 99 CoC sold! Rare Fruit Press SOLD
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    Thanks to @Oblivionnreaverand a lot of supreme bones, I now have full supreme gear on my main character. Too proud not to share! (P.S. The pads can't be made supreme YET but hopefully in the future they can.)
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    Also for those curious, a new character that starts at Haven can use the portal to get to any other server's starter spawns including The Howl on Indy. I am assuming that The Howl and Haven both count as spawnpoints after death, else some newbies may find them selves a long long way from their corpse and meager life possessions if a bear catches them ....
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    I was just trying to be amusing and get you to cool down. Evidently that is not possible. Chill out, nothing you say here is going tot make it go any faster, and being negative does not help anybody. Go do something else rather than sit here and stew about it.
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    Too much coffee this morning? It is a huge update, don't try to rush them. Expect to get more SB and possibly some powders too. Once it is up we will then find all that is broken and they will restart the servers again. Now you can let this drive you crazy or just go with the flow and do your part to help them fix it by reporting errors.
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    Yes, there will be an upgrade option on the old rods
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    Eggs from roaming chickens was unchanged, and will remain the same.
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    An ambitious GM would now use our new buoys to mark off the dangerous server corners as a warning to sailing players.
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    Oh ok, well then i will have to tell them to try that :) Hopefully it will work for them
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    It does remove the old way, but net fishing is something inbetween the new and old fishing and doesn't require active clicking, they can use that.
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    The deadline for completing old personal goals is set at February 1, 2019 at 00:00 GMT. Just highlighting this so people don't miss out.
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    I did a trade with her a couple weeks ago and it all went smooth. She was also my neighbor for a long time. AJ is nice people.
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    150 Silvers purchased from @Oblivionnreaver - Thank you very much for the trade.
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