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    @Hailene This is a great example of why "hunting groups" are nothing more than glorified cesspools of drama. Oblivionnreaver, one of the most successful and well known unique hunters in Wurm is being accused of using the intel and the aid of a so called hunting group to obtain this specific unique. It is impossible that this greatly succesful unique hunter could had possibly found the unique on his own and penned it without the help of the p/r hunting group. Its not like the group allowed him im due to his reknowed success at hunting, and the prospect that he could single handedly increase their chances of of obtaining more uniques. /end sarcasm. I don't see anything wrong on the part of Oblivionn. I only see a butt hurt, jealous, toxic community doing everything in their power to try to steal something that does not belong to them. Every single hunting group out there PVP or otherwise, gives the bone to the finder. Every group. This is understood, as the person penning the unique has to drop the deed and do the penning. What if this unique had dropped the fantastic bone and nothing else of value? Would your team expect the bone to be rolled on thus leaving the person who penned it holding the bag for the deed fee? That's some shady stuff right there. Very inconsiderate of your part. No. Your group had clearly specified rules, selected by your own group, that left the bone out. You had no rules about the bone. By your own admission you have been breaking these rules constantly, and then tried to use "the spirit of the rule" to try and force Oblivionn to give up his reward because of some alturistic sense of justice for your dumb, toxic group who had no right to the drop by your own standards and rules. You basicly use the rules when it suits you, and dismiss them when they don't. So if anyone here is not following the rules is your own group. And then you run to the communty to try and pretend that you were wronged and abused by ruining his auction thread, accusing him falsely of violating your #### community rules, and then changing your narrative when everyone realizes how you been lying. and trying to allude to some misguided sense of "justice". No bro. That's not how things work. Maybe you should reevaluate how you do business. You dont call out people out because you effed up. You own up your mistake, change/fix your rules to match what you want, salute the man for his cleverness (and boot him from your group) and move on. Hell, I like to consider myself one of the most straightforward and trusted people to do business with in this community, and if it was me getting the bone, I would had told you to go pound sand just like Oblivonn did. Oh and by the way, I am not Oblivionn's friend. In fact, I don't even like the guy. Him and me have been at odds on several ocassions and he is a terribly price gouging trader. But I like less some random unknown trying to trash someone else's reputation because of their overblown sense of self importance. If you are going to call out someone, make sure you use factual, reliable information and not some half baked sense of justice you and your booger eating gaggle of cretins came up with. Get out of here with that stuff.
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    It's a shame to see that a group with a good intention in the start (to allow access to unique slayings to as many players as possible) turned into a group of exclusion and greed. At some point the rules stated that no "outsiders" were allowed, and you were not allowed to join non-group slayings, the exact opposite of the original intention. Many times the words thieves, poachers, cartels, griefers and more are used to describe people from off-server. Yet in the same breath, you may do whatever you please on other servers. What is bad to do to me, is okay to do to others, because they're not in my alliance. The rules also explicitly states that dragon slayings may never be made public, yet other private parties are the devil. I was invited to join the new group as the old one was disbanded. Thanks, but as an outside poaching thief, I'll stay out of the communist manifesto that's going on here. You're shaming the guy that has been doing more public slayings than anyone has recently, making him out to be the bad guy for keeping a piece of loot when you decided the implied rules were important this time.
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    That PR group is the biggest pack of hypocrites in all of wurm, keep up the good work you being you. A bone is a bone is a bone, none of this would of been an issue over a regular bone, you just have to chirp up when the greed factor kicks in. Please change the title to Name and Shame the PR Group
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    I've taken the action of removing every non bid post on this thread pending review by the forum moderation team. In the meantime, I suggest keeping your comments about how this was obtained or whether the unique system is fair or balanced or anything else in another thread. Retro (The guy who has to put up with you all)
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    There's a lot of rares that we end up with that have no real purpose or benefit. Just today I got another rare rounded stone. They end up being sacrificial fodder. What if they had a better purpose? What if we could have a good reason for not having to hang our heads in sadness over yet another useless rare? My proposal is that we gather 100 rare items to sacrifice at a time, each with less than 20.00 damage, and place them into one of the blessed metal altars (not wood or stone). This would be any rare from those rounded stones, to meals, to sprouts and coins. By sacrificing 100 rare items in one go, the gods would reward us with a rare bone. Where is the balance? You have to collect and store 100 rare items to prepare for this, and they each have to have less than 20.00 damage. If you end up with 3 rare lemons from your harvest, you need to prevent their decay if you want to use them as a part of your sacrifice. Alternately, this sacrifice could guarantee that your next improve/create action would result in a rare result if the concern is the value of the bones on the market. If your next action is to tend a field, then so be it. But adding a plank to a cart, improving armor, finally finishing that guard tower, whatever action you choose, would give a rare final result.
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    A long time ago: There was only 1 non-pvp server (excluding golden valley). Uniques were truly unique. There was only 1 on the server and they didn't respawn. There was only one type of dragon that dropped scale, the Red Dragon. There was no such thing as bones, skull or tomes. Scale/Drake was butchered from the corpse in several lump chunks and you couldn't really split it to give to everyone. Back then, public slayings were common and most people were happy just for a chance to attend a slaying for the title and experience. Nowadays people fight over ownership of a unique, the distribution of loot and not being included in fights and we have alliances on servers creating rules forbidding members from attending the slayings of "outsiders". It's not right. If anything comes out of this thread, it should be the return to some of the old ways where slayings were a public community event that brought people together and happiness ensued.
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    Tbh it's more like name and fame really, I didn't count anything so don't yell at me if it's wrong but it certainly feels like theres way more public slayings lately, which allow far more of the community to get to experience uniques. If they're mad about not getting loot well then it's not about the unique experience anymore is it? Sure, anyone that spends 6 seconds on niarja can see that for a while now I've been invited to his private slays so they can yell bias. But even for private kills that I've been at, bones/skulls/junk get rolled on. If he has an alt thats there that gets extra hides it gets rolled. I don't think any tomes got rolled off unless it was private to searchers/penners, but that doesn't bother me and I don't care to ask because I haven't done anything but show up so I consider it lucky to even be part of rolling any loot at all, especially considering no public slay will be rolling loot. If I wanted tomes, I'd put in the work for them which I have by winning the game a few times, instead of feeling entitled enough to get something I definitely didn't put in any effort for. Hunting uniques is not something I'm good at putting effort in for so I can only give my thanks to people that make it available. The mentality that people are entitled to their share of what they didn't earn is where opinions will vastly differ. If the bone/tome dropped in a way that the finder cannot control, it will just encourage far worse privatizing of all unique slays.
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    @Devs Make peace in this community once and for all.. rework unique loot drops (2019 goal)
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    Thus it has always been in Wurm when gameplay can be converted into RL currency and substitutes for it within the game. Those who benefit from it will always attempt to find ways to justify it's continuance in game coding and structures. Review Wurm's history and you will find this to be the case. The only way this can be rectified is within the Developer's hands. Again, you can see this has been the case in the past when adjustments were made to reduce monopolistic control of certain potential cash equivalents. This is the underlying problem here that some (many?) would wish to avoid being addressed since they have tailored their gameplay to make the best advantage to benefit from this structure. An equitable game coded distribution system for these Dragon cash cowies needs to be established by the Developers. Until this happens those who devote their game time to making $$ from it will continue to do so to the deprivation of game content and enjoyment of others. All we see here is a symptom of the disease which needs to be addressed. All this silly bantering is just a distraction from the real issue. Even players who have no interest in these profits should ponder its negative impact upon the game. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    I"ve seen friendships end over dragon drama, i've seen staff members roped into dragon drama. It gets ugly because it shows the worst side of players in the drama as well as intent. I remember a very funny movie i watched where a person's reputation was being tarnished, and the reply was "it's not the gossip that bothers me, it's the hypocrisy" The server Groups that make group rules and attempt to take ownership of uniques that spawn on "their server" and who can and hunt, who can attend with contractual style agreement rule lists I find rich when these same people will go to another server and have no issue with hunting that server's uniques. What's mine is mine, and yours is mine..interesting. In the planning profession of urban development that i belong as part of there is a term "NIMBY"ism standing for not in my backyard. it's the reverse of this situation in that..one will advocate for functions or uses or institutions to be placed as community resources, as long as it's not in their back yard, but somehow good enough for another's backyard.. chew on that a while, it brings up interesting food for thought.
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    This was when i was part of the group, I was not told about the bone rule either. The three I helped with on pristine cost me 15s in shaker orbs, the bones got rolled randomly. I did not resent the fact searchers and penners got nothing and loot was rolled between 100 odd people, that is how we always did our public slayings. The reason I actually left the group though was; I was told explicitly that due to the RULES, Zoranah, my partner in all things, could not attend slayings even if she found the thing, even the fact her hunting on the server got vile reactions. Fancy that! Gota love karma.
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    Imo it doesn't need a rework it's totaly fine like now. If you want to stop argues and make peace, let's rework people... otherwise you won't stop it anyway. Why someome who only attended a slaying, should get anything better than one who caught it? Why someone who did nothing (landing few hit among dozens other players is almost like nothing) should get anything? Even actual distribution of blood and hide is imo terrible. It should be at least rewarded to only those who succesfuly landed a hit. On other hand... what stops me or you Sir, from going to hunt a unique and slay it? Nothing but lazyness. Oblivion is a player like me or you Sir, so we can do exactly the same. Why we all expect rewards and treasure handed to us on silver plate? Finally, why most of people wants to take away high rewards from real Wurms veterans? There must be something that rewards high and long term game knowledge, not possible to get for those who don't even wanna spend few days or weeks trying. Devs already took away all the pleasure from winning the game, it means nothing now. Leave at least something that rewards long term passion and commitment to Wurm. Oblivion works really hard to get what he gets. Hard work pays out it seems. Lack of work, doesn't. Simple as that.
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    You're also not allowed to EVER, under any circumstance, make a dragon slaying public. If you choose to make a humanoid slaying public, you're forbidden from rolling the loot to OUTSIDERS. You can bring unlimited alts for extra drake pieces but not your partner or a good friend, because it takes away from OUR drake drops. It's in the written rules! but hey this is about the community! It's not about filling your own pockets.
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    ?????????????????????? spend as much time searching profiles as you do searching for uniques
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    People still do nice things. Impalongs, newbie recruiters, public infrastructure projects. Those are selfless, nice things for community. But come on, you're talking about "helping the community" when there's a group of people who take it up to themselves to decide, who gets to take part in slaying the dragon and who is not welcome. Once someone is "in", they're not allowed to attend public or other out-of-group slayings (in P&R) anymore. That's not helping the community; that's dictating. If your group really wanted to help the community, all slaying were public and all loot was always rolled to everyone on the kill list. I find it hard to believe not a single person in your group knew of OR's origin. Someone must've known it was "against the rules", he hasn't exactly been living quietly under a rock. But he was allowed to join and several people left (your words) due to that. You haven't explained that part, I guess there's dirt you don't want to reveal. You should start shaming those that didn't say "Wait, doesn't he live in Independence?"
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    The Pr dragon group has been silly for a long time now and been used to prevent/leverage/blackmail dragons from outsiders while allowing it's members free access to other peoples dragons. The fact the leaders can freely invite their friends from off server to hunts has been just one of the many reasons PR has a problem with their hunts. Another would be that most people don't hunt and then expect to be invited. A third is that they have historically screamed bloody murder if someone did a private hunt on PR and then joined as many private hunts off PR as they could. A massive rewrite of the PR hunting rules would be needed, but that'll only work if they're actually followed through by everyone involved. If not then it's just a little more make up on the pig. I have no respect for the PR cartel because they make/break their own rules at their convenience and have for a long time. It's amazing what you see go around and come around if you play in wurm long enough *shrug*
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    I'm not a friend of Oblivion yet i see no reason why you'd have to name and shame him. That is crazy. Yo say, you've been hunting together. Let's say that I even consider "not finding" an unique as some part of hunting it. (Well, not helpful at all info, is always better than none). But it was Oblivion, who found it afterall, it was him who penned it, ot was him who set up a deed and organised the event. How would anyone even dare, to demand rights to such a high valuable treasure for not doing pretty much anything? Just because someone wrote some strange rules and few others agreed? And where in these rules is any mention of bones? How one would even dare... that's beyond my imagination.
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    I"m merely bringing up a set of ideas for consideration. i"m not defending anyone here nor in the know of the situational facts. I"m speaking to over arching practices over periods of time. I've mentioned no names. perhaps i needed to wait more for the fires to cool and peoples defensiveness to calm. I'd not say you are crazy so it's silly to go from rational argument to specious leap of defending against crazy. my guess is you are disapointed and bothered by what you feel is right and wrong and what people did and motives behind it..i can't speak to any of that, i wasn't there, not there, wouldn't dare be there. I once stumbled upon a unique in the territory of said group to have it ripped from me and told it wasn't mine to have without knowing what my intention would be, having found it on my own. After that experience i said it wasn't worth stepping foot there to go anywhere near a unique. very unpleasant, the open world sanbox is not a thing there not to mention GM central live there, promote there, commune as a collective. I'm someone that has played by the rules, tried to be helpful at every turn, yet its of no use when up against some obstacles. You've seem fine to me over time.
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    I followed the group rules, the group rules said nothing about bones being required to be rolled among participants, and also says that the host manages loot rolls. when i found out that "i get choice of loot" is not the case i said the proverbial equivalent of "pound sand" and waited to be kicked. even if the bone was rare i would have done the exact same thing and i would have been kicked, but you wouldn't have been making this thread because it would have been a rare bone, so that's about the only difference. If you expect me to give a fantastic bone to someone that didn't even hunt and hasn't hunted in months you're sadly mistaken, i'd have to put out a name and shame for how hard i got ripped off if that was the case
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    Before anyone accuses me about being bitter about not getting anything, just note I didn't actually participate in the fight and I had absolutely zero chance of ever getting anything. I'm just frustrated that the a member of our ever shrinking community can still act this way. A bit of background first. There's a Pristine/Release unique hunting group. When a unique spawns on P/R, hunters from the group go out, find, pen, and host kills for the uniques. Of course there are other people hunting that are not part of the group. Oblivionnreaver was one of these rival groups. Oblivionnreaver and the P/R hunting group have had a rough relationship for a long time. Buthis October Oblivionnreaver asked to formally join the group. There was disagreement on whether to let him in or not--several members left over it--but in the end he was let in. The population is dwindling and who has time to nurse grudges years old anymore, right? This would be a good time to explain how loot was distributed in the years of the P/R group has been around. If a tome drops, then the group of people searching could reserve a single tome charge and roll amongst themselves. The rest of items (remaining charges, bone, skull, etc.) would be rolled freely for all members of the group. Last week a dragon spawned on Pristine. Now that Oblivionnreaver is part of the group, he went out and looked for the dragon with all the other searchers. The searchers keep a map of Pristine and fill it out as they search it--so people can avoid searching places others have searched. In the end, Oblivionnreaver created a deed for the penned dragon. The fight happens last weekend. The dragon is slain and a fantastic bone drops. Rather than distribute the loot as normal, Oblivionnreaver decides to keep the bone for himself. When asked why he did that, he said thought that searchers could reserve one item from the loot list. When we clarified that a tome charge could be reserved but not any bones, he drops his thinly veiled attempt at following the rules and just admits he was going to take the bone regardless. So there you have it. He didn't do anything against the rules--lying and deceit is not specifically outlawed. The bone really doesn't matter to me--I had no right to it, I wouldn't use it even if I somehow obtained it, and I have all the gold I need to do whatever I want--but it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth how someone could ask to join a group and just take advantage of them basically as soon as he humanly could. Just a headsup for anyone that saw the bone for sale. It has a bit of a complicated background. P.S. I know that his group of friends is going to spring up and try to defend him. It's pretty typical for these kinds of groups to close ranks and shield each other. Do what you guys always do. As I have been told by a staff member, player agreements are non-binding. You just have to hope the other person isn't out to trick you because if they are...well, there's not much you can do about it after the fact.
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    So we talk. What now? Are we going to shake hands with everyone and go on? Or P/R group is going to ban whole Wurm from it's slaying events and then rest of servers will start crusades against P/R uniques? Or maybe we just agree on what have been said, we agree that there's no need to argue, and eprhaps P/R group will highly reconsider it's existance or rewriting their rules totally, to make them possible to understand, execute and follow for everyone? I think everyone has already enough of arguing, it's not up to real Wurmians. Many great players from P/R group and from other side of barricade stated many things, but there's really no need to further name and shame or risk reputation and bad relations by any of people who talked here. Good name of many great players and their relations aren't worth a stupid bone or 300 bucks.
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    mfw we need Oprah, and YOU get a fantastic bone and YOU get a fantastic bone and YOU get a fantastic bone! I"m quite sure she has stories where even that went wrong and getting missive letters of anger.
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    My passion/"inspiration" in Wurm is to see the outcome of planning and designing deeds. I very much so enjoy finding the most ridiculous and inhabitable places on the server, and turning them into functional deeds. Below is a link to an Imgur album documenting the design and construction of my current home on Xanadu: https://imgur.com/a/FgLBt With that said, I have a huge interest in medieval castles, and Wurm has sort of cultivated that interest by allowing me to explore the construction of structures that no other game has allowed me to do before. Combined with terraforming, virtually anything is possible, and pushing ideas to the limits is what I like doing.
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    I once belonged to the PnR group, and it was the inability to consistently follow the rules as they were documented and verbally outlined to me that led to my leaving. I'd rather hunt alone with the smidgen of a chance I will find a unique than to continue to follow the trail of greed(not just the PnR group I will clarify). You honestly cannot name and shame someone for not following rules when rules were bent/broken/twisted to allow them into the group, and NOT the first time for the sake of a captured unique waiting to be slain. I would like to comment that the odds of redistribution of unique loot is a pipe dream as many of those who are charged with making said changes already have set ties with the rewards of the current system, frequenting the vast majority of private kills as well as public ones. If you believe they will back away from these opportunities I have some ocean front property in Arizona I will sell you cheap. Have a nice day!
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    My inspiration in Wurm is to make memes
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    I'd like to say my two cents here. I've personally been looking at the P&R rules and rewording them in such a way that nothing one could have once taken as common sense, or the done thing in our community is left out. Following on from this bone dropping, I've added that a fantastic bone may be reserved by those that penned it if they want to. The rules we had at the time did not state anywhere exactly what was to be expected to be rolled separate from the penners. It was stated that a tome charge could be reserved but was not explicit in saying only this. This aside, I congratulate Oblivion on his swift capture of the dragon and hosting of the event and further congratulate him on getting the bone. As well as the OP I was too not present for the fight and wouldn't have been eligible for any roll. This particular dragon spawned while I was at work and so couldn't search, it was penned while I was at work the same day and killed a few days later, also while I was at work. I would also like to thank Oblivionnreaver for penning and hosting the kill for the P&R group. I apologise if anything I said came across as bitter, jealous or rude. Heat of the moment and defending my community made me say things I probably wouldn't have after giving the situation further thought. As I've said previously, good luck with your auction and future sayings.
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    I have no dog in this fight. No allies or adversaries in wurm. Id like to believe I know what I’d do if and when I can find and trap a unique. But that has not been tested yet. After reading comments, I still reserve a positive view of both you and Oblivion. But to me, this is an internal squabble amongst those involved. Sort it out at the lowest possible level. Everything decays, everything respawns. Momento mori. Those who can take, take, because they put themselves in the position to decide that. That is a valid authority, regardless of perspective. The fact he inquired about procedures is an absolution of any implied dishonesty, and im my view was a courtesy if nothing else. Good luck to all. Enjoy your day on purpose.
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    Gotta laugh here. Sorry. Your rules state something to the effect of "must be a resident of this server 90% of the time (or some absurd amount) with primary deed on this server. You had NO problem ignoring WRITTEN rules to allow him in, but you complain about IMPLIED rules not being followed. Is the only reason you let him into your group was because you knew he'd find them anyway? Nobody (currently) in Wurm hunts uniques like he does, and you know it.
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    I've spent so much time thinking about this and I believe I have an answer. It's a desire to create something absurd and funny. Decorating with corpses, funny item names, things that shouldn't be possible. I'm always trying to find something to outdo the last thing I did. My deed is basically a shrine dedicated to this concept. There's always something silly happening and I always have a picture to share. This is the front view of the workshop. Even stranger things lie within but I believe the less said about it, the better. I made an album of what I do in Wurm. I think it explains what I do better than I could. https://imgur.com/a/2ZnhYQN
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    Vagueness is not helpful in bug reports, if there's a word which is incorrect please point it out and we'll add it to our tracker to get addressed.
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    This is something that's been bothering me, and i believe the PVP community as a whole. Just an hour ago a drawing was posted on the skirmishes thread, and a moderator took it down because it apparently revealed "real life info" ... the drawing was the Mcdonald's clown wearing a greathelm. That lead to about one full page of posts being deleted. This has been happening time and time again. People outside the PVP community come in, take down as much as they want saying how its offensive (Even though it's only offensive to them and not to the actual people using the thread) , how it breaks rules (even tho it usually does not) and how its against which and whatever policy. I belive that the PVP threads should not be moderated like the PVE threads. The pvp community is not only more mature but the banter, the insults, the making fun of the enemy you just killed, that's all part of the fun and everyone who's ever been on chaos will agree. What im suggesting here is either less moderation on that side, or at the very least moderation provided by someone who understands the PVP community. Thank you, Glad.
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    hello my auction thread has 42 replies only 2 of them being actual bids can you spend less time moderating people who are joking around and more time moderating that ty ty
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    With everybody's delicate feelings getting hurt by all the bad words people use in posts on the chaos forum these days. ?. Maybe a simply solution is to install a profanity filter add-on with all the suitable bad words filtered out. That way at least we can use the forum without being worried about unintentionally using a bad word that is taken completely out of context because 100 years ago it was used as a racial slur that even our grandparents dont remember. Quick Google (damn I hope my grandfathers grandfather didnt use google as a bad word) search for "profanity filter invision community" resulted in plenty of suitable addons..... This will save Forum mods a bunch of time to focus on real forum issues instead of appeasing salty trolls and help prevent the innocent from being wrongly banned from the forums. Regards Non Toxic Chaos Player.
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    While comments on value / pricing are ok (to a point) in auction threads, other issues are better explored elsewhere. There are better places to explore what you think of how the bone was obtained. Pandalet (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
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    I think you're projecting how you really feel about it because what I said had nothing to do with what you're complaining about. Straight up, if this was a rare bone he took there would be no thread. It is 100% about loot tfw he actually followed the rules and other p/r members admit it was their own fault their written rules didn't match verbal rules that no one said.
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    "Drat! Our clumsy attempt at difamation backfired! The community sided with him! Abandon ship!"
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    Never attempt to stifle intelligent debate no matter the minimal to be found, for therein lies the key to understanding the issue and those positions involved within it. Soon enough those with their imposing wings of invisibility will make what once was no more. Minds will go blank with thoughts withheld from public view. As forgetfulness sweeps in to create those lumps swept under the rug they will create soft pillows to cradle weary heads as they dream of potential riches to come in the imagined years ahead. Amazed shall we awaken to the next day full of surprise and delight that we are still here when our meager contributions to this dire tribute have all but vanished or are locked into submission to comment no more. Soon enough mr.unknown, soon enough..... =Ayes=
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    Just curious, isn't OR mostly Indie habitant? What made you accept him to the PR group? It just has "greed" written all over it. You let OR join you, because him being a rival was not good for "business". You let him join, even if it meant losing several of your current members. Loyalty and group friendship was sold for more uniques. Shame on you. Wouldn't expect much sympathy.
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    Like the almanac, but for horses (or animal being bred) When a foal is born (or maybe before second young stage?), you take your reed pen, some dye and some paper over. Examine. On the paper, it lists: Traits... with a line appearing through it later if genesis is cast. Like this. Date of birth... with updated lifestage** Weight (random) Coloring Hot/Warm/Cold blooded Parents in green ink if alive... appearing in red ink later if parent dies. A picture of the foal. Could perhaps include a "set price" but not sure if that's pushing it. Might be nice for it to serve as sales catalog though. Also allows extended breeding histories. **courtesy of Brash_Endeavors
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    I don't think the mentor would need to have bonuses. People in wurm are always willing to be helpful without receiving anything in return. It's what makes wurm such a great community! What it might do is enourage new players to become more involved in the community earlier than they might normally do. New players tend to feel intimidated by the high skills of veteran players and this might actually make them more likely to ask for help. They would learn to play much faster with someone next to them answering their questions while they work and more likely to stay in the game.
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    Literally all u can do is kick him from your sorry mess of a hunting group, although i don't think he's gonna care and will keep finding all the uniques nontheless
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    In all honesty I think a fantastic bone would be the perfect opportunity for an exception to any guidelines that dictate loot rolls. He also put in far more effort and time in locating the unique, as well as penning and deeding it. I myself have had issue with the P&R group hunting because it feels like more people complaining about loot than hunting (as your post starts, you did neither) From the 3-4 hunters that each unique attracts, most ride around their general area mousing over a few likely spots before heading home. Putting in the time and dedication to travel on a priest casting reveal creatures with a ton of vesselled gems is likely to prove more effective. I figured accepting him into the group was to avoid any unnecessary drama over uniques being stolen, he's worked well with the group and handled it as per P&R guidelines, getting a fantastic bone was not expected, and if it were a rare bone you could not honestly declare you'd be this upset over it. If he wasnt a part of the group, nothing would have changed.
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    https://imgur.com/a/nf4q4oG I now have 45 separate affinity drinks ready to go for the Impalong. All my drinks will be handed out for free 1kg at a time whenever I have my set up running. Make sure to Taste each one to see what affinities you get. Everyone will receive a free beer stein for their first drink but make sure to hold on to it since I only have so many to give out. Hopefully this isn't too overwhelming since Im doing over double from last year. Should be fun!
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    Yeah this is likely hetzner networking that hits geographical areas. It clears up pretty quickly. Sucks when it happens we know, it's hit me in some pretty inopportune times for sure
  48. 2 points
    I can understand the feeling of being overly moderated but there's something important you have to remember here. Just because it's a PvP section does not mean forum rules don't apply. Ingame, PvP is loosely moderated because a certain amount of smack talk is to be expected, it's fighting, tempers are raised and things happen, we still draw the line at real life insults. The same goes on the forums. Recently we've had a rise in the number of people claiming real life is being referenced in insults, and the accusations that this is fake information purely designed to get someone banned which is frankly disappointing behaviour on both sides. Being PvP does not mean you all have immunity from forum rules, and just because you lose a fight ingame does not mean you should resort to getting someone else moderated or banned on the forums or from Discord. Usually what happens is a post breaking the rules is posted, and a half dozen comments reference it. this means when the violating post is removed, the comments referencing it are cleaned up as well. That's why usually half a page disappears. If you wish to have less posts removed, follow the simple rules. Different teams, I'm not sure the forum moderation team would do well standing around ingame. Seriously, Firestarters nickname is hatstand
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    Malena I love this!!! Huge +1!!! This is the one thing I've wanted pretty much from the start and I'm so happy to see you come up with a solution that would allow for a player to still get their favorite color in whichever breed they are most interested in. ? I just love the idea of using draft horses for my cart, Arabians for long distance, speedy travel, and a warm blooded breed for hunting. Such a fun new aspect of the game to think about!
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    Wurm needs to be developed on what it already have and make hunting more interesting but not by adding more servers. I would rather see something like random goblin dungeons in old caves and trolls moving in on flat old deed lands. Combine that with the missions system and have something in the lines of "go demolish the 'zone'" and then get rewarded a yellow potion for it! Anyhow, make wurm more interesting not more empty!