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    glassglassware, glass containers ( e.g wine glasses, glasses, and other containers of this type), new types of windows in buildings with glass panes,new glass furnace and new tools related to thisnew skill glass making
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    Everyone* is desperate for the new foal colours, with foals due in a few days - it's so exciting! What colours will they be? ....so I thought I would set up this thread so that everyone can post screenshots of their new foals when they are born (whatever colours they come out!) Whilst we are waiting for the new foals, feel free to post ANY cute images of foals (in game or real life) as we'd love to see them. ? Muse * [edit] except Mr Gary [/edit]
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    In game N 15-16, community 33x 41y https://prnt.sc/lmcbx9
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    I think it would be cool to have a dirt path tile with worn down dirt in the center and and grass on either side to create a more rustic look. Something like the image below:
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    As for building and terraformation, my huge inspiration were Meteora Monasteries in Greece. Been there and it seems as beautiful as unreal. Some pictures: And deeds pictures:
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    "you have a moment of inspiration" *swirl magics and pops startling the ###### out of me* and then I might not even get a rare! ....<----i hate that, I think it would be far better to only have it do the "event" of a rare when you actually get something....like fireworks to celebrate it and make you aware of it happened, not making me feel like I just lost a great opportunity for something awesome I then only get when mining digging or farming...>.>
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    One thing often discussed that turns people away is how slow the grind is for beggining players. Many people are dissuaded from playing the game because of how hard it is to get started. Enter mentoring. Two players link with each other similar to the way priests do. As long as they are within 10 tiles from each other, mentoring remains active. The mentor must have higher than 70 skill in the craft he is mentoring the other player on. The mentee must have less than 50 skill in said craft. As long as those conditions are met, the mentee gets a skill gain bonus. This stacks with other bonuses already available. This system allows for accelerated training for players who are trying to learn a new craft. It also promotes social interaction and allows players to work together side by side and works toward keeping communities together.
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    HI, back again. So now we have many things that have been asked for, including the bridges, animal cages, putting things on surfaces, annnnd … new horse colors ALL OF THEM WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU. My turn now, please my Dev friends, please, go and redo the floral options in Wurm. New and more realistic bushes, no more sticks with a red dot, or upside down pink cones. Maybe a whole new flower garden skill, not necessary, but okay. Seeds for the flowers, window boxes, flower beds with no ugly box, that has more dirt than flowers in it. Flower garden tiles and edges. flowers on walls, flower arches, pinks, purples, reds, blues, .... COLOR MY FRIENDS, COLORS!!!!!! Just go nuts with a floral fantasy!!!!!!!!! As always, thank you for your time.
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    I'd like to suggest making, as the title suggests, a recipe for Snowballs + Rock Salt to create Ice which could be used for Larders more effectively than snowballs and also potentially more cooking recipes as well. If people wanted this to be more on the realistic side of things (as the community usually does), a condition could be included that they must be combined inside a container then placed into a larder already containing snowballs or ice and it could craft just like waiting for a meal to cook sort of thing. Cool idea anyway, pun intended :)
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    I can’t wait for a chestnut baby!
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    Our largest Xanadu deed is called Kalambaka - and sits under a steep mountain. Inspiration to build a medieval looking town came from the same inspiration (Kalambaka is the town under the cliffs of Meteoras).
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    For me its not what inspired me but who. The answer to this is and was from the very beginning of my wurm life Tich. From the moment I learned to dig and heard of legend of this fabled woman who carved the roads throughout the lands that I walked on, I was in awe. I spent my first year of wurm digging like a crazy person, I couldn't get enough of it at my own place or my brothers so I started to travel far and wide answering the call from anyone who needed help. I'd drop what I was doing to go to anyone who needed help in anything from simply being shown the basics of flatraising or needing help fixing a bump in a road through to large scale projects like a fortress or high wall. Helping to complete the great southern highway with Tich was a huge bump in the inspiration she gave me. When I started Epic it was to be my break from digging and I promised myself that I would do none. Seems that over the years I was there the seeds she planted in my brain lead to a lot of digging roads to help directionally challenged people find their ways places such as JKs bloody long road and the road for MR and JK to find the whitelight on old Elevation, then other roads on new Elevation and Desertion.
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    Family, friends, and purpose - these are among some of the most touching things we can have in life. I really appreciate and find inspiration in how much a player can truly find these very elements in this game. For those like myself with little or no surviving family, those living in a real-life setting that is prohibitive to their true desires in life, or even those with a real-life that's just fine but is well supplemented with the endless possibilities posed by being a part of Wurm, this is one of the few games I've found to really provide for anyone who has a wish. If you want family, friends, adventure, a castle overlooking the sea, a chance to become a game-world king or master craftsman - it doesn't matter - it's all available to you here if you work at it. To that end, I'd also like to extend some holiday season love and respect to one of those particular relationships I've come to really appreciate over my time in Wurm - the one and only Shydow. For those that know him, he is the epitome of a good friend, helpful community player, and much more. I don't have Facebook and wasn't aware of the contest for sharing funny stories, but I can tell you a few... oh like the time as newbs Shy so generously donated a mailbox to my cause which I then spent a week jealously guarding, pushing across Newspring, one action at a time, hiding in trees, waking in the night to log and check if someone was near my precious stone mail center! - Only to finally get it home to great personal joy and fanfare and hearing from another player that they would have just made one for me for a lil copper LOL Anyway, I really appreciate my bud Shy, his fairness despite trial and test, steadfastness as a player and game contributor, and much more. Friends like this are what it's really all about, so sincere thanks. Yes, stories like this are the hallmarks of the game, and can be the comical starts to priceless bonds and relationships sometimes even hard to find outside of the game. So, to wrap it up here, on this Thanksgiving Day and during this holiday season, cheers to the friends, family, and purpose we are privy to find in this life and our other life - WURM.
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    Prelude to the Fall of Sparta: Emoo's speech Somewhere in March 2014, MR decided to launch an attack on Sparta. A historical deed on the east side of Chaos, right to the north of Kratos. Emoo made this speech (see below) right after we had left Kratos with all of our men and dozens of crates filled with thousands of iron ore for our catapults. Aaaah, I remember the champion drake spirit spawning on top of us right after the speech, the Normandy 1944 like landing, teaming up with Demondan and hauling catapult ammunition for him when he was shooting the walls, digging down the dirt walls, blinksy losing an artifact, a failed JK counter attack and 10-14 deaths in the first few hours. In this attack, over 60 members of the MR community took part in this 2 day raid and it became a big success. A lot of loot was obtained and by taking this deed, the entire area north of Kratos and up to the tundra fell under MR's control. More old monuments like GoTL fell shortly after. I hold this video dear as this brings up the memories from a greatest and craziest event I took part in. I watch it every few months. Wurm Online is more than just a game. It's a story creating sandbox with a great and dedicated community. And what is our ultimate aim? I can only answer that in one word. It is victory. Victory at all cost. Victory in spite of all terrors. Victory, no matter how long and hard the road may be for without victory, there is no survival. Sharkin created the video and used my picture in his video.
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    My moment of inspiration came when I attended my first impalong. It is the last one Willow hosted at Festival Cove. With just a few months into wurm I was still a pretty raw newbie. My Son Bonegetter had brought me to the game, held my hand as I was eaten by my first spider and gave me a safe place to land. Xaeo taught me carpentry and Molkus was helping me with hunting at the time. At the impalong i was impressed and in awe of all the hard work players did for each other. Most of all I was impressed by the weaponsmiths,. Zuperman, Gumbo and others rocked it. The sheer volume of imps they did, the time energy and hanging on to sanity all made a deep impact on me, as well as the shortage of ws back then. Because of that impalong and a sadistic friend named Quiglen I did a 90 ws grind on my Original toon "Chiqa" making it a point to go to every impalong I could to help out, using not only her ws but also bs and carpentry, fine carpentry skills wherever they were needed. Through doing this I learned the value of having good skills in all the basics. Old friends I have been gaming with forever like Chulirac, Gumbo, Jashton, PingPong, Silverwolf, Uisge and Tria now remember and shake their heads in laughter as they watch me do it all again. As I work on my second toon "Chiqqa" I am repeating the same grinds, starting with ws. The overwhelming sense of community at that first for me event was an inspiration that has carried me for years. Through all my years of Wurm the friendships gained, time spent together, joint projects and pains have helped me in the rest of my life. Friends here where rocks when my husband suddenly passed away. Wurm was a constant in my life when all else was in upheaval. We talk on the phone, send each other texts and worry about each other when someone disappears for awhile. What a wonderful way to bring people together. Suntan once said " Wurm is not a thing, it is a place" this rings so true for me.
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    I feel like these amazing beasts die too quickly in this game even when cared for, I would prefer to have my pet chickens last a lot longer. Please consider it. Thank you.
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    This was one of my You have a moment of inspiration... ?
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    off deed - if stall is placed, then you cannot built a house on it, unless you are the stall owner - if stall is placed and merchant is placed, you cannot built a house on it, unless you are the merchant owner - if stall were gone (decay or bashed) and merchant is present, you cannot built a house on it, unless you are the merchant owner on deed - you can place and build whatever you like
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    Update released on 2018-11-25 - 18:01 GMT (November 25, 2018) This Week's update: West Indy (19x, 33y; L12) - small update to the roads, and put in the bridge that crosses the water at the north of the lake North Central Indy (33x, 25y; I16) - small update to the roads including the bridge across to the island Southeast Indy (51x, 46y; P23) - added the new section of N-S road to provide a straight run for the East Crystal highway, west of The Dakota Trail (55x, 48y; P23) - adjusted the guard tower to its proper location (55x, 50y; P23) - added in a new section of road running NE from just north of the plains - updated the roads in the ne of the plains - (54x, 52y; P23) - added a new guard tower and calling range indicator - added local players name for the lake at the NW end of the plains, Troll Lake - geography update to include the canal between NE Elysian Bay and Troll Lake - updated the roads to show the bridge connection over the Troll Lake Canal Elysian Bay East (51x, 60y; S22) - added the name for the canal entrance to Elysian Bay at the SE - The Elysian Channel Inner Sea Southwest (20x, 39y; M13) - changed the location of the guard tower and calling range indicator as it was moved East Indy south of the Eastern Plains (57s, 42y; N23) - access to the Orient Express Canal from ground level at this location is no longer possible Highway Cat's Eyes - Added in any additional cat's eyed road found during our travels. They will be updated on/in the Albia Cat's Eyes Roads forum. As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. You can download the map from https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EbliOmfbWcK1zhD4t4iYU-Dc18eEr7ZB/ Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Reylaark's got it right The way it works is that salt lowers the freezing temperature of water so when the water does finally freeze, it is at a much lower than normal temperature. That link to https://sciencing.com/rock-salt-make-ice-colder-5207350.html explains it perfectly. That's why I figured I'd include the idea of it being created within a larder that is already cooled; to sort of add an additional aspect of realism.
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    The rift is at Y17 X25 on the community map not far off the main road.
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    I think this is how that works : Ice lowers the freezing temperature. So, we put it on roads so that the water won't freeze at a normal freezing temperature. On the other hand, it also helps make ice colder. Water without salt freezes at 0°c. Now add salt, and you can lower that freezing temperature down to -21°c. So even with salt, you'll still get ice. You'll get colder, denser ice. https://sciencing.com/rock-salt-make-ice-colder-5207350.html Add some salt to your ice https://stuffexplained.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/adding_salt_to_ice_in_a_cooler/
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    I don't like foals because they decrease the quality of gameplay, increasing the amount of time before something is actually useful
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    whats with the graphic update for a "Coop"
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    Ice sculptures for parties? +1
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    i dont say i hate, but dislike some features in the game. 1st, this is not EvE, stop buying skills (accounts) mass producing crap just to cash out once u made your 200-500% profit. yes we all would like free money from a game to pay for dinner, a movie, date night, bills, or even another hobby... i had my fun in calypso then realized its a game, not a investment with small outcomes. why would you not want to help a game by buying subs and silver on the shop page. its annoying to hear some say they got this account or stayed home all month to grind a skill and can now pay for there sub, priest sub, alt sub, there deeds and have some left over to pay for there cell phone bill....... speaking of, why can people buy and sell silver for 1 euro but the website says it 1.3-5 euro. i want to support the game and buy silver at a reasonable price off the shop, not support someones pocket. 2nd, during warm weather days i play for maby a hour if i even get to play due to work meaning over the years i am still considered a noob, if i want to pay for my deed, do i spend 2 weeks making crates and 5k bricks or enjoy the game and the grind. soo new players going wow, a whole universe based on all players. maby i will build some things and hope to sell it, so they get bored of the repetitive newbie grind for silver rather than build and explore and enjoy the land. when they ask for some help they are told to buy this and that if they choose to be faster and to sell items that are already under priced and overstocked the market. its hard to have a players market when the 5-10 year accounts keep switching hands to keep the market flooded with skillers and high end items. least when a new player comes sailing past i usally offer some basic things. might not have casts on it but still. 3rd, wagoneers, i can see it being good for xan but other than that no... what happened to preparing your cargo, getting the maps out, reading the wind and heading out to see the terrain along with other players and there projects. the "plot course" is nice tho, going from pri to exo without planning a whole days voyage is nice. 4th, and final... fighting... [combat flashed]....w.... ..left... ..... w..... w......head...... a.......center... Aged spider is dead, r.i.p. that was a awesome battle, i like how you just stood there and stared at it making sure you was within range... least runescape i can select attacks and interact with fighting. {{edit}} goes along with i must be 70 fighting to do any event... took me 2 years to due {{edit}} i still love this game and will probly play till server shutdown but still... the community is pretty good except for some of the elitist who think its there job to do everything like missions, slay private dragons, and keep market stocked) the impalongs and micro games i really enjoy. nothing that i encountered had a player-base like this one let alone this kind of sandbox feal. i will probly take week breaks from time to time but i can never let this game go, its awsome.
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    +1 I also sense ice cream being a thing...
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    Problem fixed, bugfix should appear in next client update.
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    Currently, this mod and bdew's threedee mod, do not allow the copy & paste feature on a surface other than the ground. You can copy an item from a table to the ground, but not from a table to a table. The issue is being looked into.
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    +1 Combine enough ice and you can make ice sculptures!...?
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    Besides the incredible friends/community here, I draw my inspiration from mainly two sources in Wurm CELTIC INSPIRATION: I am proud to have Scotch/Irish lineage, and have always been obsessed with these cultures. My dream is to one day visit Scotland and Ireland, but until then I content myself with listening to nostalgic Celtic music, gazing at pictures of the Scottish Highlands and trying to recreate the untouched rustic beauty of those places here in Wurm. I was so excited a few years back to discover this game, which would allow me to act out medieval-era life, explore vast lands, roleplay a Celtic girl if i wished, and best of all create my own Celtic paradise My three deeds of "Loch Lomond", "Isle of Innisfree", and "Loch Caledonia" (named after real locations) were born from this fantasy (you can see that my inspiration is rustic, cozy, beautiful mountain/lake views). Since the Celtic culture/lifestyle has always centered around the land, so also do my deeds in their location and design. I prefer rolling hills and untouched slopes to harsh, flat, 'grazed over" megadeeds. (Here are some of the pictures of Scotland that inspire me most) https://imgur.com/a/dv7AaRM There are also beautiful Celtic songs about each of these real places, take a listen! Pictures of my deeds: Loch Lomond https://imgur.com/a/XhY7g9H Loch Caledonia https://imgur.com/a/w0WNdyg Isle of Innisfree https://imgur.com/a/BKHlGB2 **** I would be remiss if I didn't also mention the profound admiration and inspiration I have for "Glengarry" at R18, Pristine. It's rolling mossy hills, stone fences, and stunning views truly inspired my own deeds and aesthetics. (She really has the "rural pastures" look down!) **** Glengarry: https://imgur.com/a/MKsfueW Second Inspiration, My Best Friend Sidereal It was a fateful night, during my first year of Wurm, I was weary from setting up my deed Loch Lomond, patiently carving a hollow out of the mountainside to nestle into. I had heard of this place with an enchanted name, Glengarry, and decided to take a sail down to check it out. Little did I know that calling out to say hello to a name in local on the way, would change my Wurm life forever!! Since our first meeting that night, Sidereal has been my best friend, sister, confidant and co-adventurer! Oh the memories we have made and the hours spent chatting away, sharing our hearts, dreams and sorrows and laughing at her ridiculous puns There are too many wonderful things we have done to even name favorites here, but together we built the Isle of Innisfree deed, picked lingonberries on the top of the world, dragged vicious turtles and hell horses home as they nipped at our heels, and gone on crazy adventures .. .. . including retrieving my corpse from an ill-fated spot more than a few times! Here's to forever in Wurm, darling! Sidereal and Me Photobook: https://imgur.com/a/QUkzlZ4 I hope you enjoy, you can tell my attachment to Wurm is highly sentimental! Let me know if you want to come visit my rustic deeds
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    fantastic role, 1 in 10,000 of a chance on a successful action so lame
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    Another big + 1 from me - would also like to see the flowers with proper names, e.g. yellow daisies, purple hydrangeas, blue violets, etc - could add such flowers as daffodils, tulips with different colours, irises, gladioli, bluebells, etc
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    [19:21:49] A large wooden loom, made for weaving. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Kochinac'. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Ql: 94.31315, Dam: 0.0. [19:21:49] A single bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) [19:21:49] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [102] [19:21:49] You will want to polish the floor loom with a pelt to improve it. This is the best thing i've made so far in Wurm. I created it from using oak ofc, imped it, had moment of inspiration turned it rare, had several missed moments, had monent turned it supreme, had several missed momments after that. I've load it on my knarr drove it to chaos fearing i could loose it and all my gear any moment, personaly enchanted it with my Lib priest in a secret cave and had crazy luck to fluke and get 102 botd. Still have to imp this baby a little bit more since my FC is higher now and to replace the rune with some moonmetal one. But creating things like this is my inspiration in wurm. Knowing how much effort i've put in and how much luck i had to get an ordinary item as close to perfection as i could. Creating magnificent piece of craftery like this with my signature on it is what it drives me playing, so people can see how exceptional craftsmen i've become P.S. My second best item is supreme steel knife with 101 botd, that i also created myself,imped to 96ql and enchanted peronaly
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    As a player who plays exclusively on PvP servers, the biggest thing that inspires me, naturally, is PvP itself. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you overcome/outsmart the enemy and send ‘em running for the hills, as you pick ‘em off 1 by 1. Two videos of mine come to mind when I think about this; one linked above by @Sn00and the other I’ll link below.
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    Actually momentS of inspiration: when wagons arrived in game, Annyil created her first ever TWO wagons rare. That was the point where I decided I'll create a rare knarr... or a sailboat... or at least any other vessel. Well, that never happened, but my shipbuilding skill went well above 90 instead ... I call it an era of inspiration.
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    I think for me it's my friends and people who surround me in wurm, their projects and dedication to those and then there is also my own project, which, whenever I look at it I feel in awe of all the work that has been put into it, of how it changed over the years and how it continued on and on even if I wasn't having time for wurm
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    What inspires me? well my lunalong does. i went to my 1st implaong 3 years ago and loved how anybody could work on there skills as well get there things worked on too. my Lg Axe went rare in that event. it made me so happy i was dancing around the house. lol so i set out to do research and saw few different ways things was done. i loved the way shrimpiies was setup and left last year with a goal in mind. with my note book of all kinds of info. i started working on it. even though the rl work got in the way many of times but i was to focus it let me get down. though close to the end i was afraid i couldn't get what i needed in time. a good friend step in a gave me a helping hand. i was so excited and scared when the big day arrived. but people started to show up a day ahead. i was so happy. as the event went on i listen to what some had to say wrote down more notes. i loved it. to see all the peeps imping away and enjoying the events i had. that i was ready to make the new impalong building for next right then. so what inspires me? its the people of wurm. hearing them having a good time cuz i was able to pull something together that people like and enjoyed. thats what inspires me.
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    Sweet of you to do this! Always thought we had one of the more friendly communities on Cele
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    im only new 1yr plus . this lifestyle of zanadu suits me perfectly , everywere i go i have small conversations with people from all over who all seem to be doing what im here for enjoyment .i can understand why others come here to try get players to play other games because we have the right people .i love the thought that someone is out there carefully improving the game which brings me sanity and heaps of fun .i knew the first few days when i was helped from trouble this was going to be a awesome game hidden in the masses. ive met players who are very nice even thou i do not know them .the decent words and help they give to a stranger in this day n age is very cool wurm .i have to say the humour that comes from a simple chat conversation makes my night. funny as some of you . we do need a clean up crew of some sort a lot of stuff in waters and land around the place dumped .
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    Update released on 2018-11-11 - 13:55 GMT (November 11, 2018) Please do pause at 11:00am local time for 3 minutes of silence today, to remember those who have perished in wars great and small around the world in the past, who made the ultimate sacrifice which enabled us to live our lives today. This Week's update: North Central Indy (37x 18y; G18) - added in a patch of steep that has been planted - correctly located a guard towers and replaced the old style icon with a new one and added the calling range indicator - added a mailbox icon for the mailbox at 37x, 16y - updated the roads in the local area Northeast Inner Sea (35x, 17y; G17) - updated the roads in the area - correctly located a guard towers and replaced the old style icon with a new one and added the calling range indicator - added a patch of tundra which has replaced the steppe which was there - added the expansion of the inlet SE of Wilburh's Folly - corrected the colour for the clay patch which is on the south end of the peninsula at 34x,18y Elysian Bay Southeast (52x, 56y; R22) - updated the roads in the area - updated the geography along the coast where the clay patch has been expanded, added a small sand patch at 52x, 55y - added a new guard tower and calling range indicator along the coast road at 52x, 55y Elysian Bay North (48x, 52y; Q21) - removed the roads that are no longer there (50x, 52y; Q21) - added the bridge over the clay patch Southeastern Steppe (53x, 53y; R22) - added some new roads in the steppe - added a new guard tower and calling range indicator to the hilltop (54x, 51y; Q23) - adjusted to roads to show where the switch backs have been replaced with a straight section of roadway Central Indy (38x, 25/26y to 44x, 25/26y; J19) - missed from the previous update, added the Valyrian Steel Express tunnel from north of Harmony Lake to the west side of the Grand Steppe Note: This tunnel is still being worked on, no mining please except veins Highway Cat's Eyes - Added in any additional cat's eyed road found during our travels. They will be updated on/in the Albia Cat's Eyes Roads forum. As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. You can download the map from https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EbliOmfbWcK1zhD4t4iYU-Dc18eEr7ZB/ Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Welcome back Zenity. We have already completed this week's map update and are uploading it at this time. Thank you for the photo of the map showing where you are, you will be on the next update. Kindest regards! Hughmongus Co-Administrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Heya! Jumped on your server last night briefly (went on a multi-server tour run this last weekend) and it looked great - people were friendly as well. Anyway, just wanted to pass that along while I was thinking of it
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    added a stop for Flint on deed map and a public wagoneer "Flintwagondude"
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    If there is one piece of advice I can offer new players, it's this. Don't grind. Do not waste all your time trying to increase one skill. You will quickly lose interest and get bored. Use your skills as you need them, the gain will come.
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    +1 Like this idea. would be cool to make a server-wide library that people can visit and read the various tales of the server history.
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    Only when the wurmian sea freezes over and Valrei falls out of the sky will the bees stop their dance.
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    It's the nature of the animation that bugs me, I don't mind a visible difference between occupied and unoccupied, but these bees, when they aren't making honey and wax seem to be conducting experiments in bending spacetime. Perhaps beds should have a paranormal animation so we know when they are occupied too.