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    I wish we could extract extra affinities into potions and sell them.
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    The Lunalong was awesome! It was the third time i was at a impalong and this one was the best organized and best prepared one. The Location was nice, because everyone was in the same building so that sermons gave a lot of faith in these days. I was also well entertained, there were cool contests and the prizes were super awesome! Also something that should mentioned is, that there was at all times someone of the staff online! We arrived a day earlier and left at the last day. It almost feeled like home over the days and we were a bit sad when we had to leave.
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    This was so much fun. I have learned so much and got so much smiles and laughter too. I want to thank you all so much for coming. When just a month or so a go i thought i had to cancel this because real life slowed me down to where i was finishing things to the day of it. But there was so much support in Wurm that you guys made it happen. Not only was this a great success but i'm already working on next years. You guys was so amazing and fun that i have a lot of great memories form this. Thank you Retro, Enki, Punishlife, Emoo, Shrimpiie, Idunn, Astarte, and even Katspurr (which i love and didn't even know she came to lol). And a big thank you to Ammar, Aroma, and Leander for being my slaves/ i mean helpers for this. I couldn't do this without you guys. So until next Lunalong be safe and keep on Wurming. I hope to see you guys there next year for sure. And this is a video that Katspurr did thank you so much everyone.
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    What a special place indeed. This is what I was hoping someone would offer. I am sure Tich will be happy there. I will be in touch to arrange shipment.
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    It would be really really really really really really really really really really really really awesome to have some NPC human "mobs" wandering around out there, some aggressive, some not, in PVE. Bring to life the drifters, hobbits, loonies, highway robbers, and all the rest!!!!! Fighting something other than creatures in the PVE world would be excellent spice, imho. PS Retro: please also populate more wild deer, preferably somewhere near my deed hahahaha
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    I propose a new mob type that uses ranged attack. Currently every pve mob is CQC melee-type. It would add a new level of excitement to be ambushed and attacked from a distance while wandering aboot in the peaceful lands of Freedoom. To minimise asset creation work, use the existing goblin. Goblin Archer: Mob asset: Goblin Behaviour: Goblin Attack type: Ranged, melee Equipment: Bow, arrows, short sword Loot: as above - bow, arrows, short sword, low ql and non-impable.
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    It would be great if we could Examine the cave wall ahead of us to find out whether or not it is on-deed, instead of just the cave floor when it's a done deal.
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    Why, here at Ever After pastures we take the finest of care of all equines! From our luxury seaside pens with rose hedges, to our indoor rooms for those cold winter months, we always seek the best for our horses and more. Rose hedges provide the perfect balance of protection and views, with the sea visible amidst the thorny branches. Our indoor stables provide enchanted grass as well as large free roaming spaces, avoiding any feelings of being cooped up. Tich would be treated to electrum runes of Fo to keep that youthful look forever, as well as fed the finest organic crops, from her choice of cotton seeds, carrots, cabbage seeds or the always popular enchanted grass. Prior to transportation, Tich would be provided with our patented long distance electrum rune therapy services. Upon arrival at her new home, she would be cared for by one of our premium horse minders and branded with our revolutionary cold branding technique, meaning no pain at all! Her days would be spent protected by our security templar, who will take on all foes, as well as groomed and kept clean of all fleas. Our resident Fo priest will ensure all disease is kept away and any scraggly hoof issues will be cleared up quicker than you can say "are you saccing my scale pants?" We hope you choose Ever After pastures for your new home for your beloved Tich, and look forward to hearing your decision. P.S. This is seriously cool, and it would be an honour to have a Tich named horse to care for.
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    [21:13:05] You hug the venerable fat Tich. ...I have a jet black horse with this name.
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    Hello and welcome to Dragon Beard Markets, your friendliest one stop shopping experience in wurm online! Here at D.B.M. there are really only a few things i do not do *yet. Those services are mainly Chain Smithing and over 70q Jewelry Smithing. Other then that you can find almost any Tool, Weapon, Shield, Armor, Custom Cast, and many other services right here on this thread! With my constant service expansions, it seems my old Dragon Beard Markets thread is getting to large to successfully update to a single post anymore as a result i am trying this new format out, basically breaking the thread into multiple posts. Update 4/13/2020: My Vynora Priest now has his Benediction, as a result ive now added a rate for 95+ Power Vynora Spells! Each section below lists the relevant spells that can now be cast to 95+! Most of my work these days are custom jobs, as a result im moving away from keeping pre-casted items in stock and going to custom orders. Since that's typically what I do anyway turn around time for any custom item its almost always a couple hours to a day tops unless there is a large job Q. As a result many pre-casted items are going on sale as of today! All Pre-casted items in the: "Tools, Meditation Rugs and Toolbelts" category are 50% off listed prices. "Pelts and Whetstones" UNDER 100q are 50% off listed prices. 100q stones and pelts are 25% off listed price. "Weapons and Shields" are 25% off listed prices. My Relevant Skills: Customer Bonuses! ALL customers who post a review will be entered in the monthly drawing for a chance to win 3 Silver NOW 4 Silver in store credit, or 2 Silver NOW 3 Silver in Coin! You, the customer keep this thread alive with your feedback. I try not to artificially bump it myself. Shatter Insurance: I will replace standard material Weapons, Tools, Shields, and Armor pieces I can produce up to 90q at no cost to you, as long as said item being casted on is 80q or better. I may replace lower Q items at my discretion but its not implied. Sadly rare+ items cannot be replaced except with a standard tool, nor will I replace any cast not from the current order. NO ONE ELSE OFFERS THIS TO MY KNOWLEDGE No extra cost to you if I turn your item rare+ during imp! I never queue imp actions and only use the best rare+ 95q+ tools to imp with. To maximize the chances of your item turning rare+ I pay COD on all orders! (With very few exception). 10% off purchases of any 5 or tools or more. (excluding items already on special and new suits of armor witch already contain a suit discount over per piece). 10% off re-imps for all Weapons, Shields, Suits of Armor and Bows that were made by Dragon Beard Markets. (Signature of VirusMD or Tulemees) You never pay for an overcast on custom casts! If you ask for 80-84 range, and get 100 you pay the 80-84 rate! All non Gold/Silver/Electrum crafting for Weapons, Shields, Bows, and Suits of armor is free if your item is being imped by Dragon Beard Markets! All Imps are rounded up to the next material imp (greater q than of 80.01 and done). All weapon work come with a free demise cast of choice. Mends are now free all the time! (see spoiler) To place any orders please try to PM me first @ "VirusMD" or my alt "Tulemees" if neither are available please leave your request here or Forum DM me @VirusMD. There are NO other authorized points of contact for Dragon Beard Markets. Payment Options: Silver Coins, Drake Hide bits, Labor/Materials Trade.
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    Yea I know its a little quantity, but real life is really calling for help ? Anybody interested in 5s for like €4,5‎?
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    How about a half height door with a top part that is always open, so that my horse can look out? This is not a new idea - Leaf suggested a half door in 2012: ...and Journeya asked for a stable door in 2015: The closest current solution I can find is an archway with a gate in it, which is nice, but not very solid, so how about one of these: Just some ideas.
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    +1 And fireplaces that can be made of all stone types...
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    There is a option already to have affinities deleted. It involves a trip to chaos.
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    Here, we shall compare your RL skills to your Wurmian skill meter! In RL, I would consider myself a: 75-80 in Hot Food Cooking skill, since I can finally make a proper beef wellington! 85+ Woodcutting, considering the 120 cords of wood we cut every year! Includes feeling trees and splitting *WHEW* 60-65 Farming since we do have a 1-acre garden... Still under 5 years of use, so I haven't mastered it just yet! Have fun!
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    A few pictures from this rift. The view from the east... before it openned and from during the fight and the view back towards the safe area, notice the logs marking the safe route back up
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    They don't seem to want to resolve this one. Previously, before the horizontal alignment change, dropping dirt and digging was pretty chaotic in results to vehicle behavior. My thinking is the number of support tickets are way down from being stuck on carts and boats, so they are just going to stick with it as is now. It looks super dumb and it is one of the things all my friends and family comment on as being super silly for games with today's graphics capabilities, but it is how the devs want to roll it seems. Love our devs though, cause we have so much cool stuff, but this is a real pain and eye sore.
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    As title says. would be nice to ride those champ rats
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    Standing on a mob is still acceptable.
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    I hope you make more of these. I'm lurking the hell out of this thread. These are amazing.
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    It's the rift mobs, lol. Very scary when you're a newbie with no good weapon, armour, or skills. Life gets easier the moment you make a recall rune though. ?
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    This is a "Playfair" cipher... Been working on decoding it to no avail yet. I'm not sure what the key to the 5x5 square is, but I think it might be related to the "Do dragons play fair"... followed by the rest of alphabet letters. Solving this seems to not give me a sentence that makes sense, or a single word. I need help!
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    please cod to me these items QL ~65 Exquisite Meditation Rug c75 (40c) / Clay c81(38c) / QL ~22 Key Copper c76 (28c)
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    Can I pretend to be a horse and come visit ever after?
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    I'm reopening this issue as Not Fixed as new cache lumps are still coming out with the metal tag.
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    Ever After pastures sounds like Heaven for horses. Wurm Online is lucky to have a place like this to care for a horse named Tich.
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    Oh, and a couple of more tapestries that I didn't have screenshots of before:
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    I'm impressed i see you have stairclimbers for fitness and building better glutes on the unis. The "cold branding" technique definately sold me. Should i need to retire my ebony black foal "raidtich", i know where to send my courier pigeons for inquiry. Perhaps if Ever After Pastures is chosen, a gm dirigible will airlift her for a grand vista view on her Journey.
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    My hats off to you my man. You are a legend. The people of Wurm have noticed your kindness.
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    Our meditatemod seems to be only half working now. I have it set to require 30 minute delays, but unlimited skill gains per day. What we are getting is no delay until we reach 20 Meditation, then the 30 minute wait requirement kicks in. Players at 20 skill are gaining either no skills at all over several 30-minute stretches, or miniscule gains. We have a 3x skills server, so we expected better than this. On our previous servers, meditation skill gain didn't slow down until much later, and even then we didn't get such tiny gains until very high skill levels. We experimented with different rug QLs but nothing made a difference. Our settings are identical to what we had on our previous server, the only difference being our 3x skill gains instead of the previous 5x. Shouldn't make this kind of difference at our low meditation skill levels. We know the mod is online, since it's allowing these very minute skill gains more than 5x in a day, so that's not it. We're getting no error messages. Just letting people know.
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    It's a bit difficult to properly test changes as in most cases metas and such are found on the live servers during proper pvp scenarios which is why i was such a fan of the challenge servers being used as a way to properly test pvp changes, maybe we oughta bring back a smaller scale version of those
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    Do not mess with Dracaa's managerial abilities: [08:37:43] Dracaa cuts venerable greenish Dracaa's Butler deadly hard in the right hand and damages it.
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    Clarification of a rule: Content D ) You may not use the Wurm Online chat system to buy, sell, market or otherwise advertise digital asset keys(i.e. Steam keys*), products which are illegal, or products not concerned with Wurm Online. *The sale of Wurm Unlimited keys is prohibited on all platforms as per Steam policy.
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    I'd like to take this if you cod it to Caroc thanks! QL 52 Compass w83 (80c)
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    The smell of blood has driven these two into a frenzy, few will be able to escape their carnage. +1 we do need some new mobs, i've been beating up trolls for far too long
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    Zeviking, does this look familiar?: ?
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    @Fairyshine you always crack me up.. I just wanted you to know that... @Mordraug well I'll add my signature in English to the doctrines..... XVIII One can leave Wurm but Wurm never leaves you XVIV When unleashing an animal at the base of a cliff the odds are 99.9999999% that the animalia will excel to greater heights out of reach.. subdoctrine A- there's another 99.999999% chance that this animal is your only way home.. subdoctrine B- it's 99.9999999% likely you are weighed down by the proceeds of doctrine II... subdoctrine C- just so it's Wogical there's 19 hellhounds and trolls that you were outrunning who have now caught up to make mincemeat tarts out of your buttocks... subdoctrine D- 200% chance Warlander, Budha, Rolf "on speeddial" and the bunch are at the console making this and other realities for fun times since Wurm is too easy... well this ends my involvement..peace out ...
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    Sorry Zuzanazan, but you're just being plain rude at this point. I've known Yaga for years, he's probably the last person on the server who is going to "demand" and "force" anyone to do anything. Just the other week, before you both settled in the area, he was telling me how excited he was to have some new neighbours around, as myself and the other alliance members have been away for a bit. He showed you a great place to settle, helped you out with supplies. Did you forget about all that? Later that week I jumped online and watched a bit while he was giving you a tour of the area, showing you the various sights we have built up over the years, answering both of your questions. He made sure to tell me out-of-game when you founded your deed too, because he was glad to have people around that seemed friendly. I guess all that support and effort was just imaginary, eh? As Odynn said, we've built a lot up over the years in that area, not just our deeds - but infrastructure, roads, off-deed shelters, mines, meditation tiles etc. And yes, we've had people who've come over to the area and caused a mess, whether it's accidental, or intended griefing. His message to you was simply a warning about the risks of unknown players, and a request to be respectful of what others have created there. No demands, no threats, no mentioning of his staff status in the slightest. Yes, at the end of the day, you can do whatever you like on undeeded land. And at the same time, I think it's entirely fair that those who have spent years building up an area are can respectfully ask, as Yaga did, that you and your friends are considerate of that when you're playing.
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    Heh hadn't seen your reply 'til now, Psalamon. Yes they do, which goes to show the strange wogic of your average Doctriner.
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    XIII: If some people want a QoL improvement and I don't, they shouldn't be allowed to interfere with my gameplay. XIV: If something interferes with people's gameplay but not mine, they should not get a client-side option to fix it.
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    ....yeah. I know other powers that be that also uses exploits intentionally.
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    But but but... I have located so many rare forges under ground to wait to dig to...
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    I've been wondering what happend to my rare loom... I demand you push it all the way back right now! Just kidding