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    Why, here at Ever After pastures we take the finest of care of all equines! From our luxury seaside pens with rose hedges, to our indoor rooms for those cold winter months, we always seek the best for our horses and more. Rose hedges provide the perfect balance of protection and views, with the sea visible amidst the thorny branches. Our indoor stables provide enchanted grass as well as large free roaming spaces, avoiding any feelings of being cooped up. Tich would be treated to electrum runes of Fo to keep that youthful look forever, as well as fed the finest organic crops, from her choice of cotton seeds, carrots, cabbage seeds or the always popular enchanted grass. Prior to transportation, Tich would be provided with our patented long distance electrum rune therapy services. Upon arrival at her new home, she would be cared for by one of our premium horse minders and branded with our revolutionary cold branding technique, meaning no pain at all! Her days would be spent protected by our security templar, who will take on all foes, as well as groomed and kept clean of all fleas. Our resident Fo priest will ensure all disease is kept away and any scraggly hoof issues will be cleared up quicker than you can say "are you saccing my scale pants?" We hope you choose Ever After pastures for your new home for your beloved Tich, and look forward to hearing your decision. P.S. This is seriously cool, and it would be an honour to have a Tich named horse to care for.
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    I have a jet black horse named Tich on Chaos that i would like to find a good home on freedom. Can arrange delivery. post pics of barn and pasture. It is venerable and cared for at this time. We would reduce age before delivery.
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    How about a half height door with a top part that is always open, so that my horse can look out? This is not a new idea - Leaf suggested a half door in 2012: ...and Journeya asked for a stable door in 2015: The closest current solution I can find is an archway with a gate in it, which is nice, but not very solid, so how about one of these: Just some ideas.
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    Hey! Been a while since I returned to Wurm, and having found a place on the Calysto server I thought I would start a little (video) series there for those interested
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    But actually there is great perk for 100 faith. You will be able to cast spells that required linking alone which is awesome. I only wish that for gaining 100 faith your only option isn't sermoning. I understand that getting 100 faith should require effort and time but sermoning isn't good mechanic imo. You choices are: 1. Play in PvP kingdom and relay on kingdommates to listen your preaches 2. Wait for impalongs 1-3 times a year and get around 5ish faith per one, totally ruining your RL with 3 hour timers that week and competing with other priests into rotation 3. Own machine powerful enough to run atleast 5 clients and invest 10ish silver for month and do it yourself again commuting to 3h timers 4. Pray that you can find sermoning group in a community and again do stuff from 3. For me all these options sucks. Not to mention that while in sermon group you are forced out of your deed and can't do much things that you would normally do. Praying your way to 100 is insane and not even sure how much years you need of doing that. @Sindusk Have you give some thoughts about alternatives for us not so social people with limited time and lot of RL commitments? It would be great if someone have some ideas that would be balanced still and not to easy but more suitable for single players. Like removing 5 prayers a day with gain limit, or completing a mission for god that would give you some faith gain based on participation, sacing supreme for a faith gain, those are some ways that I could think from the top of my head.
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    What a special place indeed. This is what I was hoping someone would offer. I am sure Tich will be happy there. I will be in touch to arrange shipment.
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    Oh, and a couple of more tapestries that I didn't have screenshots of before:
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    Extended the road north just to the east of Mennonite Hold by Summerholt. It heads up to Gold Point, skirts the top of the cliff then north to the main east/west road by Maple Overlook and Waterside Ridge to the ocean. All cat's eyes are green now. 273 tiles in total.
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    Seems only normal horse foals where getting the bonus, added to the list.
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    This is not a mod but a bunch of texture files you can use if you wish Its easy to use. I don't know how to use it with creature mod - I have just replaced other textures with my own. Rendered wall in the bottom - wooden version on the top: Oh, and last but not least, the blob! Not that I fear spiders, but IF I did, this games "phobia mode" version of the spiders have been gory and nasty and impossible to spot! Isn't this a lot better? Attack of the rainbow-slimes \o/ In order to use my method, first close your wurm-clients (Steam can be left running). 1. Make sure you have something that can open packed files (winrar, winzip, 7zip or something) 2. Navigate to Steam ---> steamapps ---> common ---> WurmUnlimited---> WurmLauncher ---> packs 3. Right click graphics.jar and choose to use your zip program to open it (I use 7zip and in the right click menu I have to navigate through 7zip ---> open archive) 4. Find where the texture you want to replace is located ( For instance, horses, unicorns and hellhorses are in creatures ---> horse - walls are in structures ---> houses - Tapestries are in furniture) 5. Drop the downloaded and properly re-named texture into the folder where it belongs (a question will pop up, that you want to say yes to). 6. Start your Wurm Unlimited game as usual. It should now load the chosen texture instead of the original game texture when you enter the world. NOTE: Some of my textures need re-naming. If it has a (2) at the end it must be removed. Rename the file name alltogether if you want them to replace another color or version of the item. To download my textures - click the link below and find the correct texture: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19vzyoQLdQW_r2fvGLqzfGKQ2jWUjCabo?usp=sharing A quick list of the current textures to more easily navigate which file you may want to download:
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    Tich... damn Tich why did you leave me hear to miss you as i do.... How many ex-Rockcliff deeds have i lived at.. Man i shall miss her.. I can just see her now, levelling the Highway to Heaven.. shovel out and smile across her face.. man oh man.. godspeed Tich and may your family and friends fill the void you have left in their hearts.... good night...
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    [21:13:05] You hug the venerable fat Tich. ...I have a jet black horse with this name.
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    # What happened Server: Deliverance I nuked a sandstone vein in a tunnel project. Unearthed rock above ground, cast Erupt, then in 1 day cast freeze. The tile turned to rock. A few days later when i came to mine out the rock tile, it is back to sandstone vein, with roughly the same amount of sandstone in it (cant tell exact hit count, but same range) # What you expected to happen The nuked tile to stay rock and not revert back to sandstone. # Steps to reproduce 1) Erupt a tile 2) Freeze said tile 3) wait a few days I will be trying to erupt the tile in the nearest days again and see what happens...Additional notes:I have the logs from the erupting. The tile is the only one i have nuked on the deed set up to protect the tunnel while it is still in works, so it was easy to pin down. The erupt was done on 11th November 5pm at GMT +2 time zone The freeze was done on 12th November 9pm GMT +2 I checked the tile after freezing, it was rock. Once i got back to mine it our at 17th November, around 5pm ish, it was back to sandstone... I did not check the tile in between those times, so cant tell exactly when the revert happened.
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    For the holiday season, I'm (again) offering a 70 quality weapon with a demise cast for any new players that live on Celebration. Please message here or message me in game and we'll work out the details :).
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    I was thinking it would be great if we could have a new wall type - fireplace. Do one for each masonry type. The crude drawing shows a top down view of a regular wall and below that a fireplace wall, which is extra thick. There would also need to be a new Chimney Wall, to go along with it and finally, out of the top of those two wall types, would be a nice matching masonry chimney, which would extend up through any roof or floor attached right above it. This way, we can have fully functioning fireplaces that look right from the inside and outside. I am always saddened when I see beautiful houses with no chimneys and smoke going through floors, ceilings and walls. You could stack fireplaces on top of each other in a multi story house and all pop out the chimney at the top. It would look great, because they are now matching masonry, to your building design. True, they won't be as flexible in positioning as the current fireplace, but you won't die from smoke inhalation either.
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    It would be great if we could Examine the cave wall ahead of us to find out whether or not it is on-deed, instead of just the cave floor when it's a done deal.
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    [09:45:02] You have a hard time to focus and no question comes to you. You probably need higher meditation skill. Grammar? This should maybe read: You have a hard time focusing, and no question comes to you. Also, there are some grammar issues in the two, yellow event messages that display when about to cross servers. I didn't copy those down, but they involve misplaced/missing commas if I remember correctly. If it helps, like in the above example where I added the comma, if a sentence includes FANBOYS (joining words like "and", "or", "so", etc), check each side of that joining word. If each side then forms its own sentence, a comma is required. Like the example above, since each statement made on each side of the "and" could stand alone as its own sentence, a comma is then needed for the sentence to be correct. Hope this helps
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    This was so much fun. I have learned so much and got so much smiles and laughter too. I want to thank you all so much for coming. When just a month or so a go i thought i had to cancel this because real life slowed me down to where i was finishing things to the day of it. But there was so much support in Wurm that you guys made it happen. Not only was this a great success but i'm already working on next years. You guys was so amazing and fun that i have a lot of great memories form this. Thank you Retro, Enki, Punishlife, Emoo, Shrimpiie, Idunn, Astarte, and even Katspurr (which i love and didn't even know she came to lol). And a big thank you to Ammar, Aroma, and Leander for being my slaves/ i mean helpers for this. I couldn't do this without you guys. So until next Lunalong be safe and keep on Wurming. I hope to see you guys there next year for sure. And this is a video that Katspurr did thank you so much everyone.
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    The password is... dragons.
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    Can I pretend to be a horse and come visit ever after?
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    From the code side I would say it appears on all underground tile types. But I didn't check.
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    I'm reopening this issue as Not Fixed as new cache lumps are still coming out with the metal tag.
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    My first reaction to this is that I don't think I'd care for it. It doesn't sound like fun to be ambushed from a distance by something you potentially can't see, or figure out where it's coming from. Especially goblins which are hard to see sometimes anyway because they're so small and aren't hindered by the trees like we are. And for lower level and/or new players, I think it could be a potential nightmare.
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    Ever After pastures sounds like Heaven for horses. Wurm Online is lucky to have a place like this to care for a horse named Tich.
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    I would like to buy, QL 83 Awl c85 (72c) QL 64 Leather Knife c79 (40c) please cod to gerlion
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    It seems that this "cave wall" is never written to the map file, which means when the server is restarted everything is as it was. The only thing to bypass this is atm: Mine the cave wall before the server restarts.
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    Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Been attempting a strawberry roan, but in order to get the seams not looking stupid I had to make it a paint horse Sneek-peak at last evenings work: Going to see if I can make it less shiny - it doesn't quite fit into Wurm at the moment (worst case re-work it alltogether using other existing models.)
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    I'm impressed i see you have stairclimbers for fitness and building better glutes on the unis. The "cold branding" technique definately sold me. Should i need to retire my ebony black foal "raidtich", i know where to send my courier pigeons for inquiry. Perhaps if Ever After Pastures is chosen, a gm dirigible will airlift her for a grand vista view on her Journey.
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    When i tried to unequip my gear today, i misclicked "recall home". I like what was done with "Random" teleport, with the confirm option, that would be really nice.
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    Very nice textures. I especially like the blob model ? Thank you for sharing them with us all. I cannot wait to make them into a mod to use on my server.
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    I wouldn't mind extending it. Say the same amount of time it takes to grow completely (~5 days) the crops will stay fully ripe for 5 days before turning to weeds. I always liked doing all my fields at once, and waiting for the last few stragglers meant the crops that ripened first went to weeds. A 2-3 day longer window would be nice.
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    I personally can’t do farming in this game because I can only really get on for a few hours on the weekends mostly. I always miss the ripe crops and log in to dead fields more often than not. I do understand that forever crops are also not desireable, but how about some middle ground solution. I suggest that the ripe stage lasts for about a week in real life time. This would give weekend players time enough to get to their crops without giving a permanent replaceme t for enchanted grass.
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    That's how they already work, they spawn and they can't leave the area 90% of the time, if you try to walk them out they just shoot back to their spawn point, unless they're part of the very small % of uniques that'll chase across the map. That's part of why it's problematic when it spawns next to/inside someone's deed, coz they'll just sit there and camp you/bash everything if everyone leaves. Funny thing too, if you die to a unique and there's nobody in the area, it'll sit directly on top of your corpse and guard it. always hilarious to see wrong way around, humanoids are the big money tickets for the penner coz tomes n stuff, and dragons are shared loot between everyone in local. Humanoids are the big money ticket, whereas hatchlings are the hunting enjoyment, because they give so little hide it's not worth hunting them That doesn't really help anyone except huge private hunt groups that can muster up a slaying team quickly, so it'd do nothing to change the control of the $$$ proceeds, it'd remove the ability to slay it for the majority of people so they wouldn't have a reason to hunt it (who has enough friends that they could round up 20 people to slay at any time of the day?) and it'd remove public slayings entirely. I really don't see how that helps anyone except elite hunt groups. Do dragon hunters come to your house and break your legs if you hunt or something? you're just as able to hunt as anyone else, it's perfectly fair as it is, some people are just better at it than others, which isn't hard because everyone believes it's impossible and decides not to do it, then cries on the forums about how unbalanced it is.
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    You are more than welcomed to come over to Chaos to prove your point.
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    New cart colours Left to right Thornwood, Grapewood, Camelliawood, Oleanderwood, Blueberrywood, Lavenderwood, Lingonberrywood, Raspberrywood, Rosewood.
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    I've come back to this thread at least a dozen times. Tich and I didn't always get along. I didn't like her coding style, and I thought she just didn't like me at all. We kept a professional working relationship, however. On some level we both knew our goals were aligned toward whatever was best for Wurm. Still, I find myself really not happy with things I said to her or about her over the years. I don't usually have regrets, but I do right now. I regret my stupid opinionated self and my assumptions. See, it wasn't until she shared her health situation with me that I realized none of the words we exchanged were personal. I've known for a few months - I think I said six, but I know it was shorter. I think that was the original time-frame, and I feel robbed that we didn't get longer. It's amazing what happens when you find out someone is not long for this world. All the little things disappear. I wish I had more time to talk and get to know her beyond Wurm. To know the person who brought so much to this game. That's what is making this hard for me. I don't usually have regrets as I said, but holy hell do I have so many right now. I didn't come back to active playing because of Halloween. I came back because I noticed she was gone from our chats and I had a feeling in my gut that she had left us. I hate that I was right, but at the same time I think I spent these last 5 days or so doing what she would've wanted. I dove back into this game and I wanted to experience all of the things she brought to us. I went back into cooking. I paid particular attention to every bridge out there. I even played with the thought of fishing, but I had to pass on that. I started looking back at what all of you have done with what she's given us. How silly of an idea to build in caves, but you all proved just how creative you could be. Whole cities, underground. No one is going to care about paving in mines. But how glorious you've made things look! And cooking, who cares? You all did, most of you. Sure there were bugs, but in the end it made Wurm better and more in depth. Farewell Tich. Sorry I was such a pain over the years, but thank you for keeping this game interesting and for putting so much of yourself into it. You truly inspire me to do whatever I can to see that it lives on... so that you, too, live on.
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    I am a friend too...and should be on the Christmas list... How cute are these!!
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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! Setting up a server for the wife and I, we decided we wanted a bit more control of the map. I found some great tutorials and tools on this forum (thanks everyone!) and created a custom map. I wanted to customize the in game map, but keep it as true to the original as I could. I searched for some sort of template to use, but could not find one. It was further complicated that the creative mp map was a .dds in the graphics.jar and Gimp didn't natively handle this. I knew that I would likely want to make other maps, and that others in the community probably would too! So I quickly made a template to be used, all you have to do is paste in your custom map. It isn't perfect, but I hope people find it helpful! You can find a .png of each layer here for those interested in building their own custom maps. There is a project file that can be used to export as .png or .dds for Gimp users. (GIMP is free, open source software.) Maps that are a .dds in the graphics.jar will need a DDS plugin in Photoshop, Gimp etc in order to load and save as .dds. Happy Wurming!
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    Id reall like diagonal everything. But Im not holding my breath for it.