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    So I was thinking we could use a fishing hat. It should have 5-6 small pockets on it, to store lots of spare fish hooks and fishing line.
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    Made a round of changes which should now be on the test server: Bless and Refresh no longer give "would never help the infidel" error if the target is not hostile. Hostile targets will still give the infidel error. Fireheart cast time increased to 7 seconds from 5 seconds. Shard of Ice cast time increased to 7 seconds from 5 seconds. Fo's combat rating bonus at 70 faith now also applies in tundra. Fo's and his demigods' stamina bonus now applies to tundra. Tosiek now has the spells Bloodthirst and Web Armour. Tosiek no longer has the spell Life Transfer. Smeagain now has the item protection on death passive. Natural favor regeneration has been significantly improved. It now regenerates faster and refills favor every 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds. Damage enchants Flaming Aura, Frostbrand, and Essence Drain no longer have a minimum damage threshold for a wound to be applied. Life Transfer and Essence Drain no longer have a minimum damage threshold for healing to be applied. Restrictions for Libila priests have been lifted: Farming, Harvesting, Sowing, Planting, Gathering. Fixed a bug where converted damage types through salves or the Venom spell would not calculate glance chances properly. Fixed an issue where monsters were attacking priests with the non-aggressive monster passive. Sorry Emoo. I didn't touch on everything I wanted to yet, so this is up next: Scorn of Libila weirdness - not applying healing resistance, not healing wounds properly, etc. Item Protection on death revisited - we'll be changing it to make it no longer stack with resurrection stone. Instead, it will offer 35% chance passively, but a resurrection stone will overwrite that with it's normal 50% chance. BL characters being able to harvest from mycelium trees and similar If anything was reported that is not fixed in these notes or mentioned here, please reply here with a new iteration of the report. I've done my best to go through all of the pages and fix what I've seen but there's just simply too many comments (and words, frankly) for me to catch everything.
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    just a thought, could we get the lake names added as well some time? it may help alot of players myself included
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    Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dies at 95 Full Story
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    Idears: (don;t let me vote cuz I would probably vote for the green one)
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    I am preparing to move back to Independence after being abroad the last 7 years. I am wondering if there are any pockets of local communities left with decedent numbers, and especially those hosting sermon groups.
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    the world has lost a true legend he will continue his watch from another realm
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    Wanted a slightly more realistic zebra so did some work on it today. Could use a few tweaks still but not too shabby if I may say so myself I almost want a steppe with zebras all over it now as well
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    I would like the ability to choose what enchant to dispel. If that somehow is too easy, you can hide the option behind skill. 70 channeling has the option to remove the last and/or the one before that, 90 channeling can choose which one to remove.
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    You know what really annoys me? the fact that you can't make orders to your pets in combat, meaning if I'm in a fight with a troll, I have to run away in order to make my pet attack it! Or if I want my pet to attack something that is normally neutral, I have to do this weird awkward thing where I queue the action as I am in combat in order to make the pet attack it. Just give me the attack option on neutral mobs that aren't branded/tamed! Hunting pets are a thing in real life that attack things that are normally not hostile. I have also lost pets before because they run after mobs when I just want them to come to me, and move super slowly too when I order them to go somewhere! why?! And why are tamed pets weaker then non-tamed pets? they get their bums kicked every time, it's a surprisingly enraging system, if a mob attacks your pet then they just get locked and stop following orders and chase after whatever they want, there should be a chase option so that your pet doesn't get lazy and stops moving or just utterly disobeys what you want them to do and die most of the time because they are for no real good reason weaker. I dislike. ??
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    [14:06:12] You are practically standing on the The venerable black dragon! Below ground Announcing a public slaying on November, 17th. Exact location will be announced at a later time: Xanadu, central location, will need road travel, no coast in local of slaying. Drops: Bone drop (if any) will go to organizers to pay for the silvers used for the deed, all other drops will be rolled for amongst slayers as listed on Niarja. Premium players in local will get some drake scale and blood for a potion of carpentry. Enjoy! Edit: initial location info here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/166270-public-slaying-the-venerable-black-dragon/&do=findComment&comment=1697924 Edit2: location here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/166270-public-slaying-the-venerable-black-dragon/&do=findComment&comment=1698116
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    Well, been spamming the poor screenshot thread. Figured it made better sense to make a separate post for these guys. I will update it as I make more stuff Here is what I have made so far: Got a few more planned out ahead as well Will post the files eventually if any other WU people want to use any.
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    It might be more useful on larger servers, but a stage coach service would be cool as a safer option of newer players to move about, or players who just don't feel like riding down the roads for a long period of time to get from one place to another. Have a stage coach contract available same as the wagoner, and can be set up on your deed. The stage should be fast, at least 40 km/h speed, same as you would have with a well geared hell cart. A player would order up the coach at a waystone, once the stage arrives climb on board and away they go. There should be an option for number of passengers, with names and pop up windows to initiate the travel once all are on board. This would be an added feature for the highway system, and I believe that most servers have the infrastructure in place to make this a worth while feature.
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    A nice pet system is something we are lacking. I made another suggestion for pets a while back about hunting and stuff, but really any improvement would be nice.
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    Loving your textures. Very nice job. Is there a server we can preview these or possibly download them?
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    That was rather forgetful of me. Ideally water access, preferably on the coastline itself, and access to iron and Stone are the only real things I'm looking for. Everything else I can alter as needed.
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    So why the vested interest in this restriction not being lifted? Did Magranon pay off your college debts? 'Cause if you were trying to maintain your market, methinks a lot of people will be asking elsewhere after this lil thread hijacking.
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    Hello, Kenshinhemoura! There’s a lovely spot at about G12, right on the coast. But it would be helpful if you specified what you’re personally looking for. I’m glad you’re choosing Pristine for your deed!
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    Many thanks, didn't expect the pizza and rare, so the walk to the mailbox was full of wonder
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    Please keep auction comments for bids only. Any questions, feel free to pm me. I have removed the reserve. Thank you.
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    For tomorrow's Wurm Wednesday I'll be visiting the Luna Festival and not only that but starting at 8pm GMT10+ we'll be running a fashion show! What will be involved you ask? Well, there will be 3 segments Style Round (Your best most fashionable outfit, no rules or limitations) The Warrior Round (Intimating, scary of just plain functional. Anything oriented around combat!) The Swimsuit round (Get creative, what does your Wurmian wear on that day to the beach?) The Grand prize will be a 20s prize plus something alittle bit special as a surprise! Not to mention some fun little bits and bobs for runners up Hope to see you all there! If you'd like more details about the Luna Festival follow this link:
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    please cod to trazz please stone chisel, iron 3ql COC94 - 1s20c
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    We did test it out! The biggest hindrance to any server is creature count, the 64km map was actually quite okay, except when we started adding the creatures it got a bit (a lot) laggy.
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    Made from straw/thatch .. +1
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    I will add it in the next release. Thanks for the feedback
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    Building Magranon altar isn't so hard but problem is that Mag domain must be the strongest one, in place where you want to use erupt. Same for mines. If I want to use it on my deed with few 90+ altars of Vynora, then I have a problem. so +1
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    +1 It's a med ability, not priest, so should not be governed by religion. And if people should not complain about anything, should play the game as **intended** and shouldn't ask for changes in the **suggestions** forum, then they should just scrap this forum, scrap the new priest rework, and revert the game back to 2008 when it was presumed to be as **intended** (provided anyone can divine the original intent on every little aspect of the game, lol)
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    Huge axe mailed from storage alt, pizza and rare from me. Thanks for business good sir, and happy wurming! ? *purrrrrr*
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    +1 As a Wurmian who usually travels on a cow, this sounds like a nice alternative.
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    Sending my thoughts to Tich's loved ones, both in Wurm and in real life.
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    "Okay folks, going to find the tile and dig it open to rock so we can erupt it!" (Five hours later) "Here is the correct tile on the surface, all dug down to rock! Bring the Path of Power char, and let's erupt this tile!" (Ten minutes later) "Boo! No Mag domain. Build an altar first, please..." (Fifteen minutes later) "Oh wait, now we need to bless it. My priest does not have prem. Okay, so first we need to pay additional money to prem said priest (or hire another priest), to bless the altar, after which I can use my PoP char to erupt the tile..." (Either forks out 5 silver to prem priest if you are lucky enough to have one, or ask in GL for a priest to travel to you and then pay him to bless the altar...this could take a day, or two...) "My weekend is over, working all week so will have to wait until next weekend to erupt the tile!" Next weekend: "Yay, got the tile erupted! Now for the second one in this tunnel..." "Oh wait, there is a deed close by with another priest domain. Think they will be happy to bash their altar so I can erupt this tile because I can only do it in a Mag domain?" It is unfair that this is literally the ONLY meditation spell in the game which has any interaction with domains for it to work. It is also unfair that, if you don't have a premiumed Mag priest, you will have to fork out money to get a domain in an area where a MEDITATION spell is supposed to work. To make it a prerequisite means you have to mess up your current domains just for this cast. These things make it hard. (Not to mention the 18 hour cool down, which also makes it hard.) (And the time it needed to get your char to that meditation level in the first place.)
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    Oooops, changed my mind a bit for the last painthorse:
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    Thank you CD for helping out. Big Shout OUT
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    lol , i gave him advice on how to sell it faster and for better actually, i dont see how that's trolling
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    Yes to that, for sorcery spells too.
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    Hey Sin, wondered why you were not telling us about capes in discord, hope you fully recover. As always, when things go live and the 10000 scenarios of pvp happens you'll probably get more feed back over whats too strong or weak. small comment, low stone wall, fences etc should NOT block spells. If I can archer you, I should be able to cast a spell on you.
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    Hello fellow Xanadu WO players! I've been graciously allowed to help out with the Xan map update process. All map changes should now be completed. If you have any issues let me know and I'll be on it as soon as I can. I love playing WO and this is just my little contribution back to the amazing players here. You all make WO a one of a kind, fun game.
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    Attention tomb raiders of the hidden treasure of the Knights of Seris. The tomb on Chaos has been randomly relocated! I keep regular tabs on the situation surrounding the treasure hunt and have determined that the live situation surrounding the tomb on chaos had become too difficult for people to reach due to recent localized development of the area. The tomb has been relocated to a random location again where it is easily possible to reach. This announcement is intended to keep the quest fair for those who have been hunting for it already. Good luck hunters of hidden tombs! /Enki
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    I hate how this game has no chicken coops.
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    Here we are, almost 6 months after my first ideas for the deed, with the first update video! (And yes, I am still here xD)
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    These two quotes highlight what the problem really is, that being some players think that the focus of the game ("Economy") should be about them making silver (coins) to then do with whatever they choose. So they bring up these points in some sort of attempt the more narrow the focus of the game to achieve this objective. No matter to them that by wearing down items into a status that would "encourage" others to once again purchase more of them. No matter to them that high end characters that have built up their skills have them once again decline under certain circumstances. They will profit from it! The game will be more enjoyable to them. They will make more silver/coins which are a RL money substitute/conversion. The thing is that the rest of the players who use these tools or build up their skills to high levels will be the losers. Many players don't want to join in this crafting for dollars "economy". They will pay some price for items that they consider reasonable but when it reaches these types of suggested "improvements to the economy", then they will no longer pay what amounts to them to be RL Cash, since they won't join into this crafting for dollars game play but are rather the ones who have to pay for its benefits out of their own financial assets. Those players who build up their skills to high levels also may not use them for these "economic" purposes but rather for their own and others enjoyment. Their characters and skills should nevertheless be degraded over time and removed from the game for the sake of this "economy"? This whole Play for Pay setup of the game only contributes to this mentality. It is unfortunate that the game is setup this way but it is what we consumers of these goods must deal with and resist or we will only be paying others more for playing the game for reasons aside from making RL cash substitutes/conversions from doing so. What un-manipulated Economy there is within the game exists upon supply and demand. There are only so much of these profits to go around. There are also limits to what others will then pay for whatever is being sold. When these expenses become too high others cut back or move to other less exorbitant places (games/WU) to continue to enjoy living their lives. This type of mentality that wants the game to focus upon their ability to make more profit from "playing" it is what will be its undoing if these suggested paths are followed. Hopefully the better sense of the game Developers and its Overlord will prevail and they will continue to focus upon the enjoyment that the game provides in various areas aside from this opportunistic Play for Pay option, since in the end it results in the majority of its population Paying More to Play. =Ayes=
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    I think the idea of saving the market is a priority but it isn't the biggest priority right now. The biggest priority is getting players but that will only temporarily give a stim boost to the market. Lemme give a couple of arguments why. The main focus should be getting new players and focusing on the new player's experience throughout the game. Pushing out content like colored animals is fine, but really it doesn't solve any issues and just works to sort of keep the current playerbase interested in playing for just another week and that's it. I'll tell a short story on how my first experience with Ultima Online went. So I start up the game, new experience for me, very clunky interface, not many players around (sounds familiar?) . Eventually I meet a player that tells me each day they're having a meeting in a city nearby to talk and guide new people. I think to myself that's exactly what I need, the tutorial isn't very helpful at this point. So this player guides me to the city, and I see a bunch of players sitting on benches and talking. I introduce myself, I'm a newbie and ask for pointers. A kindly gal, tells me I need to focus on hunting, getting materials for a house and getting a horse. She leads me to her house, gives me a free horse and a set of free armor to help me in my journey. I thought the gesture was extremely nice at the time but even more I thought the idea of having a player meeting in a certain place even better. Which sparked another concept. Why not have designated opt-in "advisor players" for newbies. Picture this: You join WO, and when you're out of Golden valley a pop-up window lists advisors you can choose from to help you navigate wurm, teach you, mentor you, show you the ropes, and even help you in your journey. When the newbie seems confident enough, he can let go of his advisor, offer him a rating of how helpful it was and that's it. The idea is any player can be an advisor and it would add more value to the social aspect of Wurm. Also it would help in player retention since you wouldn't feel so alone and abandoned at the start of the game. Second argument for the market being how it is , it's pretty much known and reiterated by everyone. Items once in the market don't leave the market. I don't think you can fix this anymore than you could fix basic economic human behavior. People will always try to sell stuff as high as possible and buy as low as possible. The only viable thing i can think of is creating a secondary currency in wurm. Something like "ardent" currency where you can trade in game items for a new type of currency that can be exchanged to an NPC for short term buffs. Example : sell a file to a player for 20 ardents. Go to an NPC trader and choose an item , let's call it a crystal buff for argument's sake. A crystal buff that gives + 40% farming speed for 60 minutes. Or one that gives +30% mining speed for 30 minutes. The idea behind this isn't fixing the market since it's not fixable with its current rules. So change the system, change its philosophy and then that adds new life to the game. My two cents.
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    A few things I gathered from the convo: Completely right, but unfortunately you cannot force that moral on people. Some play for bank, and its sad. I have been one of the only people screaming and rallying against the mail system, and now the wagon system. Region economies are vitally important to Wurm Online, creating a global market place for goods just causes extreme undercutting because it massively expands the market, while reducing local markets to little more than 2 merchants selling scraps. You can even look at it on a global scale in real life, cheaply made and easily produced Chinese goods flood markets, in the United States. Less quality good from Eastern European countries like Ukraine flood into Russian and European markets. Now apply that mindset to wurm, a game with, what, 2000 premium players? Yeah not good. Also the part about the high level accounts, that was always my argument against account sales as well. You keep these old beasts circulating in the blood stream instead of naturally disappearing as they should. Resulting in the same accounts making the same things being grinded by more and more people until these accounts can mass produce 40 pickaxes, use their high level priest to cast 90 WoA and CoC on them, and boom you flooded the market.
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    The "get new players and all economy problems go away" fix is shortsighted and won't work: For some strange reason suddenly and out of the blue a lot of new players join (how? why?) New players buy silver to buy tools from high-end crafters who rub their hands in glee - the economy is fixed! Those new players interested in selling items themselves soon realize there is no market for <QL50 items without enchants They get informed and realize it would take months or years and at least two accounts to be able to sell items themselves (and by that time the demand has dried out again) New players interested in being crafters/traders leave and find another game Those who stay have bought the tools they need *once* and never need to buy again Back to square one The system is flawed. And for as long as there is no turn around of items and high-end characters because they stay in the system indefinately (character sales...) that won't change.
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    +1, this is in my todo list for decorations system.
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    Are we Wurm developers now? I don't know for a fact that Wurm cannot handle such a change, so I'm not going to dismiss the idea off-hand. Just because you currently need a tile border to build in, doesn't mean that's the only way the game can ever be made to do it. Or that we cannot build something that connects to two tile borders diagonally. I see too many ideas shot down because people assume it can't be done, or it would be too difficult. I respectfully suggest that we let those who actually know Wurm development make that determination. I believe at one point multi-story houses were said by many here to be impossible or too hard to do when they were first suggested. As well as bridges. Good suggestion Baid. I would love to see this in game.