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    Halloween tweaks The Halloween event has been extended until midnight on Monday, 5th November 2018 server time. Drop rate of witches hat has been increased Troll and goblin drop rates will now increase after every failed chance. The post Patch Notes 01/NOV/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    I have a few tricky turns to get into and out of my house, and constantly "stop leading" a horse (or deer, sheep, etc.) and then I have to go out to start leading again, position the cart just "so" and then hope to be successful this time around in dragging the horse into the house behind me. It would be great if lead animals don't stop being lead and thus ignore the restrictions of walls the same way they ignore the restrictions of fences. I have no idea who owns the pic below, but this is the type of thing I would like to avoid.
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    I would like a very short lead rope. The current one is way too long and you can't even get two horses close enough to each other in a small area, you always need two by one blocks to at least get the horse into the space. Very short leads would enable horses to follow the person on the cart or wagon very close to where they are, thus also not getting unlead in a house wall.
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    Another aspect of this though, rather than maximizing skill gain numbers while minimizing the amount of time necessary to get through as fast as possible... is simply a more challenging environment to test your mettle... to enjoy adventures with your friends... to form new epic tales you can laugh about later... etc. There's also no reason this can't be a dynamic environment. With no permanent structures, there is absolutely nothing to be lost if the devs want to mix it up. First Valrei International of the month announces this month's map... or every 90 days, whatever. Map creations could potentially work like WU servers, unless some technical difference forbids it. In a sense, this isn't really that much unlike pvp. The difference is, it's not remotely about domination of players. It's not about taking away their loot or draining their deeds, or anything like that. The similarity is in the camaraderie, the brothers and sisters in arms against nearly insurmountable odds. There's no reason a pvp player couldn't join the fight and have fun along with everyone else. This is not a threat to anyone's hegemony. In fact, most pve players who enjoy this type of server will not suddenly develop the least bit of interest in anything related to pvp. There's nothing to worry about in that regard. If a pvp player uses this place to level up... as Oblivion pointed out, there's no difference in them just using the regular servers. This doesn't change anything. Lastly, if a pvp player is worried about people catching up to his skill and giving him a fight for his money... he shouldn't be a pvp player. He hasn't got the minerals for it.
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    +1 for sure. Make house walls more like fence walls, or simply round out the corners a bit to let them "slide" around the corner better. Another idea would be to make any animals on a leash follow your exact steps, rather than cutting corners like now. That would eliminate a lot of hells and other non-swimmer animals from getting dropped on a crooked shore line.
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    Because hunting, as it is, is a skill learnt by the actual person behind the keyboard rather than your avatar. If you aren't any good at hunting, then you're going to have a hard time finding mobs to kill, and therefor your weapon skills will lack behind that of someone who knows what they are doing. As you get more experience hunting, you learn where mobs tend to spawn, conglomerate, and where other hunters commonly roam. Now if you could just go to a server where there is an infinite amount of things to kill... the whole concept requires NO skill, no knowledge of the game, and zero effort. Which I'm pretty sure is why so many people are trying to defend it, you want to take the lazy route and not bother learning to actually be good at the game. Go afk and stand in one place for 5 days, 100 weaponskill done. I fail to see how this entices people to stay with the game, especially on the PvP side, when I can blitz every single weaponskill to 95+ in a matter of weeks without even hopping servers. Probably without even being at my PC. I think a LOT more people are going to be given interest in the game by being forced to explore other servers they don't normally reside on. Ever been out hunting and met someone really nice? Maybe not you, but I sure have. Made most of my in-game friends that way. A hunting server does not do this. You run into each other and steer well clear of each other since you probably don't want the other person close enough to steal your kills. Your point is invalid. A Forest Giant can already spawn near/outside your deed and demolish a good portion of it. I'm not sure what your point is. No one bothers to kill the tough mobs like trolls, serpents, and crocs for anything other than butcher or missions, because of multiple reasons; The first being that few people bother to skill fighting on PvE so few are even capable of it, and the second being that the drops for these monsters SUCK. A serpent takes one or two people maybe 10 minutes to kill. I can get twice as much fighting skill from killing a single bear, and they drop absolutely nothing whatsoever otherwise that would make my time worthwhile.
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    And as if deciding wasn't already challenging enough, here's the real life references for these colors. Among my personal favorites are the appaloosas. My auntie Desmie bred them in England back in the day and I'll never forget the magical moment visiting her appaloosa farm. Speckled horses all over the place! For a little girl who loves horses, it was like I'd entered a magic kingdom! Please note: The graphical style we have in Wurm is not "shiny". So when you look at these RL references please realize that they will look roughly the same as in the first image you saw. Very matte.
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    Happy Halloween, Wurmians! We on the Wurm team hope you’re gearing up for your spooky fall festivities. Here on the team, we’ve been hard at work to make this Halloween a thrill for all. Tricks! We asked the creatures of Wurm what they’d like to dress up as this Halloween. Unfortunately, none of them spoke English, so we decided for them. Keep an eye out for all sorts of spooky trick-or-treaters masquerading about on your adventures. Will you find the goblins dressed as Aliens? Or the troll Princesses? Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll spot a delicious Candycorn! And Treats! That’s not all, however. The pumpkin shoulderpads and troll masks are back and will soon be joined by this year’s new Halloween treats. Be sure to go hunting for your chance to find the human skull mask and the witch’s hat. Expect to see these go live after the next update in the next day or so--just in time for Halloween! That’s all for now, folks! Have a safe and happy Halloween. Eat lots of candy, scare all your friends, and keep on Wurming! - Joelle & The Wurm Team
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    It's a burden that the developers should -want- to carry, instead of dumping it on their players.
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    can you give witch hat comparable DR to the cloth hood and maybe ability to dye, and improve them if you're feeling nice? its one of the best hats besides summer hat that doesn't clip hair, way to go art team also!
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    ? ....but a house filled with animals is so cool! I would be doing you a favour! ?
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    Currently, "decoration" items don't take damage on deed. This applies to statues, chests, barrels, and anything else that doesn't form a pile on the ground. However, they are only exempt from decay when actually on the ground. For example, an amphora in an amphora rack will take decay damage, as will a barrel or amphora placed on an empty shelf. I consider this problematic in a couple ways: It's counterintuitive. You would expect a barrel to take the same decay on-deed whether it's inside another container or not, especially when simply placed on a table. I wasn't even aware of the difference myself until it was clarified to me by the developers. It unnecessarily discourages the use of decorative and convenience features, such as amphora/small barrel/crate racks and the new ability to place decorations on top of other objects. I'm all ears, but I honestly don't see why this would cause a problem, and it would alleviate some confusion.
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    3 years ago, @Malena created a poll for new horse colors that was an absolute hit. Thanks to a timely and brilliant suggestion (cough), the harassment of several team members, and a generous offer by Malena, we now have the opportunity to introduce not one, not three, but five new horse colors into the game. Like last time, we will be conducting a poll to determine which horse colors are most popular. the top 3 or 4 winners will be chosen (along with one chosen by me, and Malena if one she wants in - Retro) Malena has updated her previous chart to indicate which horse types are currently in the game as well as highlight which colors are yet to come. The colors added will all be new and will not be replacing any old models. Because there are so many to choose from, please choose your top 3 favorites in the poll. Voting will be open until the Valrei International Edition 72, in which the final picks will be announced. Again, we’d like to thank Malena for her kindhearted offer to provide more of her spectacular art for Wurm. (You're absolutely awesome, Malena!) Happy voting, and may the best colors win!
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    That feel though when a tamed champ troll gets "led" into a person's house.
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    How would they start leading the animals through walls though? And if there's some corner case, the "lead distance" could be decreased, perhaps using a shorter rope. This should help with this and has been requested for animal breeding aswell. it sure isn't, if you play KSP you notice that (gamified) rocket science is actual fun. The little nuisances in the game that people rightfully point out and you for some reason defend with these petty appeals are no fun.
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    The spawns actually move around a bit. The more people hunting spread out on a server, the better for everyone. Don't forget mines! When I was hunting earlier, I cleared out several open public mines. I also ran into plenty of trolls. At 32, you're creeping up in percent chance, so you should hit one soon. At any rate, you'll get one at some point for sure since the percentage increases.
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    Just gotta bump this - thanks Malena Lovely site and sooooo helpful for decorators like me who play it like its Sims (gotta get that house perfect)
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    Nice job, devs and art team, Halloween got a lot of love this year.? Got the hat after the 3rd mob, feeling bad for the unlucky ones!
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    okay - through your tip I found out that Java had installed the game in a complete new folder. After changing the folders accordingly to the rightfull places it works now proberly. NEVER trust Java Thanks alot for the help
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    The pictures should be redone in daytime. Im sorry but pictures in the dark show nothing. Also maybe tell what you expect for it, if its a 1s per month deed with not that special spot/stuff with it then i would not hope to get more then the actual money in the coffers. The deeds that sell usually have big projects(completed) and are maybe somehow historical. But even then you would not get back the money invested into it.
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    Can we kill Santa during Christmas time?
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    the 25% combat skill gain bonus isn't really that flash unless you're on some weird LMS + fighting stance grind, you'd be better off with the 10% to everything, as that covers some combat skills that the 25% doesn't, but the 25/15% bonus dmg at 40 faith indirectly increases stance and weapon skill, so getting 90 def/agg/norm fighting is like 30-40% more skillgain or something, which is nice. Not that those skills do much anyway lol meditating if you no life it and manage rug ql perfectly, you can get 70 meditating well before you've even got all the questions done, last alt i did i was only pop9 when i hit 70 meditating 9 times a day, but i guess if you don't have wurmassistant and can't log in whenever it tells you to meditate it'd be a bit more of a bonus. if you're grinding a new acc 10% to characteristics and all skills would be better than hitting 70 med asap imho, but that's personal preference. flat damage bonus is meh, never really found it interesting same as all the other statstick mechanics, wouldn't really bother me if they took it out and gave them something different instead
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    its a known effect from the recent modern renderer update. Have no idea if it is planned to be fixed or an unfortunate effect of the update but yes it happens to me too and is annoying as hell
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    This is excellent! Was just thinking that we needed some new colors. Something to keep the breeders busy for quite awhile.
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    +1 this would be good for led animals. It might also need a check before un-leading to make sure the animal is the same side of nearby walls as the leader, i.e.there is not a wall between the animal and the leader before manually stopping leading. The animal should also remain led if logging out/in. This is purely to stop Fairyshine 'accidentally' filling my house with animals. (j/k)
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    If RL work doesn't eat me, I'll be there
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    Honestly these are all lovely and I'd be more than happy to see any in the game!
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    +1, +1, and again I say +1.
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    Sorry all, I thought I had finally sorted the forums email notifications. I have been out of the world of modding for a while now, and have not visited the forums in just as long, so sorry for the late response. That is strange, I didn't need a second copy when testing earlier and the per server upkeepcosts.properties file should be create automatically. Oh well, glad you got it sorted anyway. Whoops, that's rather a big oversight. Very sorry. New version should fix that problem. @Darkness1990 Update Exploit fix, plus some odds and ends from Wurm Unlimited updates. Download
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    We'll be looking at whether it needs adjusting. We have server side logging cataloguing each drop so we'll be able to work out if the rate is one we're happy with or if it needs changing. Due to this years items being added a bit later than th eevent started we'll be looking at extending the event too
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    It would be great to see some different kinds of fish in the water - trout, carp, catfish and so on. Seeing how the fish approach your fishing line and perhaps nibble the bait would also be cool. This is a completely different graphics request though and since there are other things more important I guess this would take a back seat.
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    To make a set of drake hide you need either 2.90kg if you want a set with no cap or 3.20kg if you want a set with a cap. To buy the hide to make a set it typically sells for 30c to 40c per .01kg of hide. So the set would cost you 87s to 1g16s for a set without a cap, and it would cost you 96s to 1g28s for a set with a cap. The typically going rates for a pre-made drake set range from 80s to 95s. So in the long run it would be cheaper to buy a physical set instead of making one. However if you want your name to be on the set then you need to spend more money. Most players that sell pre-made sets have already improved the sets to 80-90ql and some have enchanted and rare pieces. Hope this helps.
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    So what if med gets a 20% bonus? A 10% increase in nature is dwarfed by the Vyn bonus. Med at 20% is actually an interesting choice, versus 10% on nearly everything (including stats).
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    Something that bothers me is the overwhelming tug I feel from the BL deity's because of alchemy sacrifice, it's just so good! I have like 6k lovage and rosemary which would be worth >72,000 favour with favor regen paired. Just saying. I feel like Fo's food bonus should give 10 favor for chopped veggies. I have 85 cloth tailoring and I still don't care because I just hate square making. lol And I take back what I said about Fo, he's still a cool guy, but he really needs a skill gain bonus of some kind just look at this graph below. Tosiek: 10% skill gain bonus in everything. Smeagain: No bonus. Paaweelr: 25% increased combat skill gain. Nathan : 25% increased combat skill gain. Nahjo: 10% skill gain bonus in everything. Vynora 10% skill gain bonus in everything. Magranon 25% increased combat skill gain. Fo: Nothing. Libila: Nothing Fo needs a 20% increase in nature related skills. Badly. Cause when you go Fo, you feel like you're missing out on improved gains somehow. Which hurts mah heart! 66% of the deity's have a skill gain bonus so far. Also happy halloween.
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    There aren't any skills over 20 to look out for. The only things even over 20 at all that isn't faith is soul depth and soul strength, which is hardly any higher than starting values. 70 faith isn't really any worth, a sermon group will get that in no time. Ropemaking affinity doesn't add any value, you're already a priest so you can't grind it unless you get a whopping 20 while not prem, but even if it was 90 it's not as useful as cooking skill so you can chop veggies for favor instead which is way more efficient than ropes. But you'd also need the farming skill for both. The only skills with any appearance of being higher than starting values are prayer and channeling. Prayer hardly means anything unless you have much higher skill than that, and you can get 20 prayer in no time but it still doesn't mean anything. 18 channeling saves maybe an hour of "work" and allows nothing really. If it had 21 bc so it could ride, 90 or higher faith (100 would be great with the priest update), maybe finished the week or two of work and got 30 med and then advanced to enchant grass, it could be worth being a starter priest to buy, otherwise someone looking would probably be better off making their own account, so they can pick their own name.
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    The Rocky Mountain horses. Gorgeous, with amazing smooth gaits. My favorite breed. :)
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    If players are not allowed to build anything on a server of this type then there should be at least one safe NPC Town on it, perhaps in the center of the server. It could just be a walled off area that no mobs could enter with no facilities of any sort within it. No Spirit Templars inside would be necessary either. Another option could be these walled off barren "Towns" on the N/S/E/W shores, meaning that there would be a total of 4 of them to serve as refuges for those arriving and departing. Then players could journey inland from these arrival point Towns if they had landed near them upon arrival. =Ayes=
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    I don't think he is trying to be mean at all. The suggestion is just simply put forward in a nice way without any flourishing embellishments added for the sake of extended phrasing of contiguous verbiage. Within this simplicity is precisement exemplified, even if you don't know what I mean (not meanness). =Ayes=
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    New horse colours are great and all, but when are we going to get some variety for other animals? Brown chickens perhaps, or a new type of dog? Thanks.
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    Yay for harrassing staff! Go Joelle! Votes for gold buckskin and skewbald pinto, of course
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    Enough already! Let the game progress for the majority ffs. Besides, a non-PvP hunting server would be the catalyst to get the PvE ample majority to become more interested in a more modern combat system.
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    Wooden fence gates attached to wooden fences are the worst for this, but when they swing open all the way like they do now, it is so hard to see if there is even a gate there or not. Is there some way we can change up the graphic so the gate doesn't swing all the way? Maybe 80 rather than 90 degrees? Also, it would be nice to have more distinct gate hardware that is visible from a distance, so you can see that the tile border is in fact covered by a gate. This would be extremely useful when the client glitches and shows the gate as open, when it is really closed. I'd probably switch to stone walls and wooden gates, if the baby sheep didn't get lost in the walls. With wood, there is nowhere for them to hide
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    You don't need to skill it up, you can buy it from other people for 2s per tile iirc. So why would anyone pay 50s for it? Apsolutely not needed, -1
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    I see no hijacking here Cecci; anyone at all is free to host Impalongs anywhere they choose at any time of the year they choose; even if it's simultaneous with this one. And I've seen more than one at the same time before as well. The purpose of impalongs after all is to help players getting into the game, or just help players in general, as well as to have fun. Does it really matter who hosts them?
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    We started with 7 tundra tiles on one of our deeds and we now have 32 tiles of tundra on that same deed. The first 7 tiles were created by casting ice pillar. We then kept the surrounding tiles cultivated dirt and surrounded by sand so that grass would not spread.
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    instead of (is a solid and looks like kindling) wood scraps which in all fairness is a bit silly.... Why not (which is a thick melt-able material that has been used as a fuel source.) animal fat? Which is obtainable from most animal mobs.
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    There is something about Wurm that no other MMO has ever touched. The community outshines all others. Yes, it isn't perfect, but we stick together through the years. I think you never get the same sense of family elsewhere as you can in Wurm.