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    Given the other issues you mentioned, and those you didn't mention such as the User Interface that (apparently) people have trouble with: How would advertising help at the moment? Not being facetious, would love to hear your thoughts. My thoughts... a vast majority of today's players won't love it. Say you get 5 people out of 100 who get Wurm after trying it out. I mean they get it like those of us that love it. Great to have 5 new people, absolutely, but that leaves 95 to go forth and spread trash about it all over the place. Suddenly, your advertising campaign that hit 3 or 4 sites is completely overshadowed by dozens of sites filled by the opinions of 95 poor souls that just don't get it. Advertising could work if insanely targeted (maybe)... and gaming sites aren't the place to go. IMHO, websites geared towards medieval LARPING, or medieval weapon enthusiasts. That sort of thing where the content is the lure. The number 1 issue here is the top-heavy characters never go away. They get sold, and kept in-game in perpetuity. Where, normally, a player wanting to quit or taking a break opens up a vacuum to be filled by up and coming players, that simply doesn't happen in Wurm (Online). Suggesting an end to this practice would unleash far more vitriol than I have patience for. WTB, money. There was talk of an online shop of some sorts at some point by some one. It would surely be a worthy discussion and an interesting one, but without providing viable alternatives for financial solvency... what do you suppose they ought to do? Wurm Unlimited has served to address a number of the issues you've raised. It's quietly marketed through Steam. It has a one-time-fee pricing model. Having many independent servers leaves room for players wanting to move up, and far as I know accounts aren't sold. I do see a small but steady stream of new-to-wurm players choosing to continue playing on the server I enjoy. Happy to talk about the reasons I believe that is the case if anyone is interested. ************************************************************* One common refrain in ppl complaining about Wurm has been the eye-candy factor. Many people have mentioned the graphics as an issue for them, and the new rendering engine certainly looks to me like it is helping in that regard. That's going to affect how the new UI looks, I presume, so that will eventually be another big step towards wider acceptance. Will today's players have the patience to sit and watch timers go by? Will the have the perseverance to endure successive "fails"? What about the combat system? There are big-ticket items to consider before inviting thousands of mini-critics to the party, imho.
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    Zoranah@StarsHollow and I will be hosting the slaying tomorrow evening. When slain, every premium player in local will receive a small piece of Red dragon hide and Red Dragon blood. Mixing Red Dragon blood with source salt will create a Oil of the weapon smith. Loot will be rolled to slayers from the list abstracted from Niarja. Coast not in local of site, will post location soon. Some great photography by Zor, while she was penning after a long search Independence Map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5evRFXJXhXONkktVjE4MUJaYjA/view?pref=2&pli=1
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    Good fun had, the mining fiasco made it that much more enjoyable Thanks again for participating and for the support, until next time.
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    This shows just how many people would rather spend money for Wurm capabilities than grind them. It also shows that we really have two Wurms: 1) The Wurm you can play when you have the capabilities high-level skills represent; 2) The Wurm you -have- to play when you don't have those capabilities. Wurm #2 -needs- to be fun, and not something people are willing to spend a -lot- of money to avoid. Fix that, and advertising might mean something.
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    This design totally needs a door behind it (happy little "accident" while I was trying to figure out what furniture was tall enough to cover up the back of a tapestry):
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    Worked a bit on decorating my house - probably not quite done here yet, but it will have to do for tonight:
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    We Are Live! Screenshots If you have any questions feel free to post in this thread, and I will add the answer below here! Discord Link to the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018 discord! https://discord.gg/cpyrdg
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    Rare hatchet, iron 29.99ql (blank) 3.3s The rest make an offer. You never know, I'll probably accept the offer. I'm really trying to clear out my storage and buy premium again. Tools Fruit Press, Oak 79.81ql CoC 92 Iron File 22.74 QL CoC 70 Stone Chisel, Steel 18.59ql CoC 77 Stone Chisel, Iron 68.46ql Woa 29 Stone Chisel, Iron 23.76ql WoA 78 Hatchet, Iron 86.44ql WoA 51 Hatchet, Iron 25.24ql CoC 84 Maul, Lead 25.39ql Shovel, Iron 25.78ql CoC 79 Butchering Knife, Iron 76.51ql Saw, Iron 73.19ql Maul, Iron 70.20ql Maul, Iron 69.74ql Jewelry Socketed Ring, Seryll 50ql Gems 3 Emeralds 51.19ql, 30.56ql, 12.54ql 2 Rubys 10.19ql, 3.57ql 2 Opals 66.59ql, 42.96ql Source Crystal 9.32ql 9 small barrels, oak (45kg each) Olive Oil Bulk Fence bars, iron 23.28ql 100/1s Loads of red wine and some white wine Large crates of logs, 40ql, 50ql, 60ql, and 70ql Make me an offer here or in game
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    When books are placed on a bookshelf they decay like most things, even on deed. Logically books should be safer on a bookshelf, and also even more so if it's on a deed. Either bookshelves need to be considered a container, only for books with no decay, or books should not receive decay when placed on a bookshelf.
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    If Wurm is a race, it's a time-dilated monstrosity that -nobody- ever finishes. Those top five horses will never quite make it to the finish, and if ridden, those other horses will -always- be gaining (even if they never catch up). The trick is making it fun to gain.
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    The main concern has always been "but too many textures" - well, to be honest, some of the new stuff that has been added has been great but has caused some pretty severe memory issues - compared to before - that I don't think it's a good excuse anymore. A couple of megabytes in textures that add variety and flavor to the game aren't going to hurt anything and wont decrease performance, just pack size, but the average game is several gigabytes nowadays anyway. I'd be cool with them being added to all sorts of creatures, anything from melanistic scorpions to albino wolves and dalmation dogs.
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    +1 Things on tables, shelves, and such shouldn't decay much if building first floor is complete, in my opinion... I realize that stopping decay completely would compete with the magical chests to some degree, but bookshelves and tables can't be locked. JS
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    Yeah it's a nightmare how they look the same, I often have problems at rifts when I want to retreat to pen to find which one is gate... Untill some change in look maybe combining crude wooden fence gate with wooden fence and vice versa could help, not sure how ugly it would look..
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    Wurm Alone, gross
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    I have been working as a night grocery stocker for the last bit. This is the first time ever I have been been told to leave early. I was told by my foreman that I can clock out; unlock a door and he will come around in a few mins and re-lock it (the store is closed for 5hrs at night). So happily I grabbed my things since normally I work overtime. So clicking my heels I walk to the first set of double doors which are unlocked and they automatically open but the 2nd set were locked. I unlock them and they did not automatically open. Taking from what I know about Wurm all I need to do is back up a few steps, walk forward and they will open... WRONG. I repeat the process for about 30secs moving back farther back and walking forward. I see out of the corner of my eye 2 of my coworkers standing there with their heads tilted confused. They make a sliding glass door motion so I grab the door and slide it open and it WORKED! I turned around, smiled and gave a thumbs up. At least working nights I can make the excuse of we work like dogs all week and that it is 2am and my brain wasn't working XD. o7, Launsel~
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    I only read this now.. LOL
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    On the way back from a 4 hour rift, wish we had a red sky when sun is near the horizon
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    Fo being eaten by Magranon
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    Like Hate, to Love Wurm I can't relate. Just too strong a word that many use casually. Anyway, the most special part of Wurm to me is my deed that I made when Deliverance opened, now almost 7 years ago. Enduring and slowly progressing over that time by adding new touches to it. Then wandering the Village grounds through the tall forested surroundings. Seemingly a sacred space that can't be found out in RL due to many circumstances, so it would be a sanctuary and retreat from the world. Then as the years pass it remains as a reminder of times passage, yet all blended together in its harmony. None can really know it other than myself. They can only catch glimpses of the meaning of it all, which even then is shaded slightly out of focus by their own perceptions. Maybe I spend too much time alone there but that is how my life goes, not constrained by any others judgments. For if you can't live your virtual life (RL) by your own standards, who are you then really. Happy Trails =Ayes=