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    How about just lanterns not decaying in inventory, no need to overcomplicate it just for that... Lanterns getting dmg tick when lit in inventory just when person is online should be enough
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    Hello! Sorry for the spam, I'm going to be reviewing some the changes in a comparative prospective now. Vynora: Seems to be not only the best enchanting deity, but one of the best if not the best mage, Hypothermia and shard of ice are intense easy spells that deal great damage, and has good pillar spells making her great in the back lines of combat. I can't help but feel like she should get some form of damage resistance, such as some form of elemental resistance, since Vynora seems to take on a defensive role in PvP with excel and defensive bonuses on roads and seas and what not. Magranon: A very good mage and the best fighting deity, but a bit of lacking in enchanting, this deity is a great miner buddy too, dealing extra damage and having a slightly improved offensive CR and item protection properties, this deity is mean't to be in the direct throws of combat and it's what he's about, has a skillgain bonus in it too and a mild healing spell with a good trade off, this really is the best deity to be if you're fighting enemies up close, and has a great movement speed improving buff, frantic charge, making priests of this deity more mobile, and good in intense battles with mass stamina, but good luck getting that cast off in PvP... Fo: Still the best healing deity, but also a great rancher, this guy is animal's best friend, being able to tame everything and all, I love how he has so many buff and healing spells, he's just the support class, but I feel like his buff spells have been nerfed a bit too harshly personally, on top of having his healing take a large blow, but the healing has been buffed well which can make up for it in many scenario's, also gets a good combat edge if paired with a powerful pet. And forest giant strength for an extra bit of edge, I can't help but feel like he should get a low tier damage spell, similar to fireheart or shard of ice. He is also a bit poor in enchanting variety, but LT sells well, r-right? well we'll see after the LT nerf. And venom is getting a good buff coming. Plus jewellery enchants will be in high demand, also a decent utility priest for ranchers. Libila: This is a strange one, kind of all over the place, she's a good mage, and a decent healer in some scenarios, but she's also not that good in the front rows of combat, she's also a very good enchanter, close to Vynora in enchanting powers, having BoTD WA and AoSP plus RT BT and ED plus jewellery enchants and alchemy sacrifice, she is a good deity for combat with a tip of combat rating, and a decent healer, and able to call the dead to help out, she's kind of an experience, and I think her absorbing abilities should be tied to her as a passive rather than a kingdom template bonus. As a mage, she's kind of all over the place, her quick spells are very bad for damage, but her high damage easily interruptable spells are the bomb, and cheaper, plus she also has Scorn of Libila, a healing spell capable of being extremely powerful in certain scenario's, and cheap, but a bit weak in damage as expected for such a strong spell. Also a good support class too, with Truehit and hell strength, and can hinder enemies. Alright here's where the judgement comes instead of just stating the obvious, player deity's. Smeagain: A strong mage deity, but not much else after having lost LoF + damage, capable of healing well, but not while taking heat. She is however good as a buffer, Truehit, hell strength, and refresh, and can do heal, she will be appreciated on the battle field, but other deity's do her role well, just kind of a strange one. She is also a a poor enchanter, Guess it's a good buffer so people will appreciate her in battle. Paaweelr: This is an interesting mix of a fighting deity and enchanter. Deals 15% more damage and has higher skillgain in combat skills like Magranon while being a Vynora template deity, has Flaming Aura, Nimbleness, Blessing of the Dark and all armour enchants, and has Wisdom of Vynora which is cool for extra sleep bono, and charm animal plus courier, plus hell strength, so in some ways it can be used to deal more damage than magranon, but looses item protection. Also a great mage. Has Hypothermia and feels well balanced, so I approve of this one strongly. And gets wild growth for that oak wood. Also good for Cure Medium. Nahjo: This is a favourite in freedom right now, a great utility priest, , but looses it's valuable alchemy sacrifice, but gains some decent things in return. As an enchanter, this deity is decent, nothing huge, gets to keep WoA. On top of all this, he has gained a 10% skillgain bonus which is very nice. Plus reduced stamina in the woods and 10% favour regen. This deity gains Charm animal too plus oakshell which is nice, and weak as a mage, but does get smite so it can deal great magic damage in certain situations, still has strongwall for utility purposes, but still has lost it's edge from loosing alchemy sacrifice, this deity used to get 10 favour from sacrificing 100QL corn, and now it's gone completely. Dang. I feel Nahjo should at least keep alchemy sacrifice in the midst of all the bonuses and enchants other deity's are getting, has lost LT but gained Essence drain... There's no real reason to pick this one over other deity's, it just feels strange, this deity is not very versatile. Tosiek: This one has gained some things and lost some things, but this one has mainly gained I think, Tosiek has gained 10% skillgain bonus plus alchemy sacrifice and 10% favor regen. As an enchanter is good, not fantastic but good! has gained Blessing of the dark but lost Wind of Ages, which is a good trade off, and gets to keep charm which is nice, this deity has NO armour enchants, but gets RT and LT and MS plus, due to there being no armour enchants, can't help but feel like this one should get Frostbrand/Bloodthirst but oh well. As a mage this one is a bit strong, no powerful quick spells but gets inferno for great damage, also gets Scorn for AoE damage, and because of that it's a powerful healer in group fights/rifts, also gets a 35% chance to keep items through death, making this one feel like a bit of a defensive mage in combat due to no damage bonuses, as a buffer/support this one is good too, getting refresh and hell strength. But looses Truehit. Also has IP and tentacles. Nathan: This boy oh this boy... This is what my main is right now, Nathan looses a bit and gains a lot, this one looses friendly animals but gains friendly monsters instead, so no free hell horse riding, Nathan also gains dominate so this one really has control over monsters, he also looses CoC but instead gains BoTD which is a good trade off, on top of that he keeps his 15% damage bonus and gains alchemy sacrifice but looses skillgain bonus, but gains combat skill gain bonus. As an enchanter this deity is very good, has both armour enchants AoSP plus WA and gains BoTD, also has Venom which will be useful in the future from what has been teased and also has Essence Drain for heavily armoured PvE fighters, also gains 10% favor regen. This deity also gains Scorn of Libila and that's a bit.. too strong? he has all three tiers of single heal spells, Focused Will, Cure Medium, And Cure Serious, so he's a healer and a heavy hitting priest, but unlike Magranon does not have item protection through death, as a mage he is slightly weaker than Tosiek due to loosing pillar spells, but yeah. A great enchanter good healer and damage dealer and mage and has alchemy sacrifice, a scary one. Phew that took me a while to write and was a eyeful to read, but that's what I think of every deity in it's current state, can't wait to see what happens to Gary and for the overhaul to go live someday.
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    I have 2 billion isk, but is the account worth that much?
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    Like said in the title: Currently archaeology tokens have a list of information that becomes invisible upon server crossing much like reports become unreadable. While I understand the reports are dynamic for a reason, the tokens do not need to be. Please embed the deed founder, last mayor, disband date and inhabited time into the tokens examine permanently and not server bound, so that it may be possible to create a collection of tokens across servers.
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    you could try pristine if you like hunting, there's a few places here http://prntscr.com/l9lja2 Virusmd, mayor of dragonbeard if you are into hardcore and epic projects Devorn, mayor of grimstone, returning player starting over, hes planning and building a new deed wurm academy, we help everybody pm Serraphine or Almostsolitude
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    This, I mean if you want to play a priest and do some hunting or participate at a rift you are limited extremely by being tied to an altar or sucking back gems by the bucketful. If there was a better passive regeneration rate and another option that does not involve a FSB parked next to an altar, then more people would be able to play a priest as a main and enjoy another aspect of the game which is currently limited to extreme's, this is why only 3 or so players in all of wurm play a priest as a main on freedom.
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    I'm just going to be reporting some bugs and giving feedback here so bear with me. The damage bonus nerf hasn't seemed to be applied yet to the test server, without damage bonus 16-17 damage, with damage bonus 20-21 I approve of this nerf because it felt required and weighed heavily on non-priests. Scorn of Libila AND Light of Fo don't target high damage wounds yet. Scorn also doesn't apply a healing resistance like it should. Scorn also heals a minimal of 3 wounds as expected, but on one strange instance healed 1 wound. The healing resistances are powerful and annoying. About 150 health healed gives about a 50% healing resistance, so difficult times at rifts. But people do manage with just cotton, most rifts I go to have no healers... But healing that much is uncommon in PvP, which I feel like this is targeted more towards. Venom is at the moment useless, does the same amount of damage to armoured foes and glances still at high power. Glacial and Frost protection type spells are working great and as expected to be working. It DOES effectively improve your weapon damage if it is enchanted with a salve of frost/acid/fire. My face burns right now, why is ther ethe wjea Essence drain seems to heal/heals very rarely..? I hit a unicorn with a 93 Essence drain cast with a small maul 14 times, on only two of those times or 1/7 chance I healed a very small amount of health, about 1.2-2 damage which is way worse than life transfer. But it does cause internal wounds at 10% weapon damage. I hope this is not the way the weapon enchant is staying. Cause that's a enchant that will NEVER be used. Ice pillar and tentacles are rocking socks, deal 9-11 damage to a 90SS player who stays in it through the whole thing, a good way to weaken a team, tentacles seems to deal slightly more damage. Drain health is a pretty nice way to quickly remove 1 wound, which I approve of. Worm brains/hypothermia and inferno are intense, dealing about 25 damage to a 90SS player on a ~50 power cast, and 40 damage to a 35 soul strength player. Casting time takes a long time though so it can be interrupted, which is a good balance. Oakshell is cool still imo, but I feel the DR nerf is a but unnecessary in freedom, I also feel oakshell should still be castable on horses in PvP because it does slow the mount depending on cast power and is dispellable. But eh. Heal is awesome, 10/10 I think it's so much better and it almost always fully heals the target if they aren't affected by pesky healing resistances. Bear paws is nice, I like how it deals more damage now, but why only against players? It's kinda weak/unnoticeable without buff. Dispell resistance should be more powerful, and last longer. Dispell is so unsatisfying and annoying. Rebirth is neat I guess since it can be used on anything, but the fact that you can't equip skeletons is kinda... Yeah. Sad. But it was too powerful before... Frantic charge is much better now that it lasts so much longer. Sad that it doesn't affected horses, would love to see that in PvE at least. : > Lurker in the woods locating legendary creatures may slowly bring an end to the hidden uniques on Xanadu, but champion creatures would get in the way often. I dislike this change in some ways. Fire heart and shard of ice is a b**** and is a quick 10-15 damage done to you that is almost uninterruptible. Should be 7 seconds, and why is rotting gut so cheap but also weak? make it like fire heart and shard! Libila has a large range of damage spells. Don't make her shard of ice type spell weak! The bloodthirst nerf is sad, but bloodthirst has an extra power still of giving more skillgain to that weapon and working well with weapon salves for more concentration of that type of damage. Salves don't change armour glance rates, a spear still glanced like crazy off of scale when using cold. But did deal extra damage due to scale being weak to that damage type. Hypothermia is the best of the three heavy damage spells due to having lower cast time [15 seconds] and difficulty,. Does cost an additional 10 favour though. Tornado is pretty good, deals about 33% less damage than shard and fire heart, but hits all enemies around dealing a good amount of chaos, but takes a while to cast. 74 power tornado dealt 33 damage to all horses around me (I had them angry at me for this to work) and shard of ice was 55 at 94 power. Smite can be weak but powerful... a 21 power cast did 18 damage, less than inferno. Both players had 90 soul strength. Hell strength boosts strength by a decent bit at around 36 body strength, noticed dealing an extra 1 damage to enemies with a small maul that was dealing 6-7 damage, than it became about 7-8 damage. Improved DR as expected at 81 power. Refresh needed a timer reduction, it's much better now. ALSO Drain stamina was pretty cool, restored about 40 stamina at 74 power, and 52 stamina at 94 power, only removed 3% of the enemy's stamina though, just bad in that area... That's all I have to say for now.
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    I find it odd most of the negative votes here say we need more players not servers, so let’s not implement something like this. I can say that the players I have spoken with and play with regularly, including myself, would absolutely love to see something like this in the game. It would be a regular deal to get together the best hunters in Oakheart, along with some aspiring and adventurous newbies that were willing to risk almost certain death, and go off for the weekend to set up a hunting camp on monster island and have fun earning bragging rights as we hunt down the rare and semi unique critters that inhabit the place. it could be a lot of fun. You want to get and keep new players? Give them more stuff like this to do. ? Just my humble opinion on the matter. And oh yeah... +1 from me. ?
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    Rebirth nerf Rebirth was already pretty lame compared to domination. You can dominate more kinds of "monster" than you can rebirth. When you dominate your pet it have the same age. When rebirthing a troll you will have max. "aged", even when it was venerable before. Rebirth only work once, while you can dominate a monster again after it got untame. Dunno why taming, or better pets dont get some love. You pretty much raise taming to a very high level only for riding hellhorses, which then get often damage from mobs while riding... Even when i love having pets, it just doesnt doesnt make much sense to use one. When killing mobs you also gain less fs. But there arent any changes to make taming/charming/dominating/rebirthing better it even gets worse and worse over time... ______ Oakshell Oakshell was for me only usefull when casting on pets, because who doesnt wear any armor at all!? (beside that monkguy here *g*) But that spell didnt got only nerfed the resistance value, it got rendered useless at all, because it can only be casted on players and only on chaos. I bet this spell will now never get used again…
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    I'm extremely proud to announce the grand opening of Xanadu's newest -- and undoubtedly best -- canal. The Fraggle Rock Canal is now complete, after no fewer than 100 days of tireless work by a small posse of dedicated Wurmians. Here's a map of where it is. Fraggle Rock Canal removes literally HOURS of travel time from central Xanadu to the east and south coasts and server borders. From the center of the Xanadu map, on Pumpkin Lake, you can get to the east server border in under one hour, with good winds. From the center of the tunnel, it's 30 minutes. It's an "ALL BOATS" tunnel. The canal is deep enough to accommodate the largest of ships, and the ceiling is high enough that you shouldn't find your head lost in the ceiling. There's a two-tile, paved highway running for the entire length, ready and waiting to be catseyed and added to the Xan highway system. There are lamps every 10 tiles to light your way. It should go without saying that there are no veins blocking your path, and whole thing is fully strongwalled/supported from beginning to end. So, no ceiling collapses to upset your journey! We're hoping the GMs will deign to give us "Heritage" status. But you never know with those guys. They may decide to collapse the whole thing for kicks instead. From the western edge, you want to be looking for this bridge (Fraggle Rock Tunnel): At the eastern edge, look for this: Inside, this is what you should expect: So who built this wonderful *cough*Heritage*cough site? The original route was mined out four years ago -- by these people -- but apparently never completed before the builders buggered off to a different server. It was a great route, but not ready for any type of boat, or even a wagon. On July 7 this year, EnlightenedOne proposed the idea of making it into a proper canal tunnel. Sadly, he never followed through by actually doing anything, but he did inspire several of us to finish the job left to us by our ancestors. Notably, Thorinoakshield and Wulfmaer acted as de facto project leads. On a project of this scale and complexity, you need people who know what they're doing, and these guys do exactly know what they're doing. These dudes are the reason this monster of a job only took 100 days and not 200. They also knocked the crap out of countless rock tiles and metal veins, added supports, lamps... goodness knows what else! Other than myself and my alt, the following people (in no particular order) contributed more hours to this job than it is reasonable to ask of a person to contribute: Zethereal, Harthim and Frederick -- relentless, relentless miners. Seriously, you should have seen these guys bashing away at the stubbornest 20ql iron veins with no regards for their own personal enrichment. That takes love and dedication, and we salute them for it! Snowtech -- not only did he mine out a goodly chunk of the canal and tunnel, he also donated a bunch of high-end picks to the cause. Brilliant! Knocked off at least two seconds per action for me. Astlyr and Ironmaiden -- weird, vegan, hippy priests with an insatiable appetite for chopped vegetables and a penchant for casting strongwall spells. They're at least half of the reason the roof isn't going to fall in on your head on your way to the east coast. Kiss their feet and worship them. Most of the gang met up today to knock the last 100 ores out of the last iron vein. Thorin posted some pics in his thread and I recorded the moment for posterity with an animated GIF.
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    Would like to see trees freezed in certain stage instead of constantly regrowing or covering things too much with their big stadium. Plus would be nice if texture under tree would match enchanted grass.
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    Greetings friends, I would like to cordially invite you all to the first Luna-a-long. Hosted by Dracaa (myself) on my deed named Kappa, on the Xanadu server, at coordinate Q-15. This is my first time hosting an impalong. I've been working on this for over a year now. With work in real life only slowing me down. I'm proud to say though, my impalong is almost ready. It will be this November 11th to the 17th. I hope to have the maze finished and ready to explore, there will be a few small events, and all the imping madness you've come to expect from events like this. But what is a Luna-a-long? The simple answer is its an Impalong. "but I'm new to Wurm, what is an imp-a-long?" you say, well my friend Shrimpiie defines it perfectly. he explains it as "A community event that's hosted on someone's deed, where crafters and priests from across Wurm join together to improve/enchant others gear for free. In addition to the imping/enchanting, there are various other things such as games and events, prize giveaways, contests, and sometimes even GM's drop in to spawn a few mobs on unsuspecting Impalong-goers." Rules The Entrance the entrance to the canal is at Q-14 on the coast on Xanadu, Kappa is on the southern shore of the inland lake. The Deed Kappa is a lovely lakeside deed very well equipped to handle many participants there are merchants, hotel rooms, a cathedral for sermons, direct sea access via a canal. the impalong building is a three-story building with plenty of equipment and containers full of mats ready to help your imping. The Imping Facilities A quaint three-story building filled to bursting with forges, kilns, alters, coffins, and other storage units for priest and participants alike. Materials on hand Materials still needed Events Staff Pictures Donations
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    As title says, looking to sell Ciray for 2 bill isk. PM me if ur interested. SoTG on Path of Insanity 68000+ karma smoke from sol tome https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Cigay
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    Hi, I`m new to Wurm Online and need a place to settle, have been playing Wurm Unlimited but most servers in there seem so dead. Is there any1 who could take in a new active player? Looking for a active community.
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    Stargrace is back and so are her nice articles! Check out her newest article: https://nomadicgamerseh.com/2018/10/21/change-is-good/ @Stargracewelcome back to Wurm Unlimited and welcome back to Sklotopolis, glad you are still enjoying our server after all the years. Enjoy your stay
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    I see 2 options there. Also, if favor regen was increased too much, that would be an in-game market that would be completely removed. If you could regen all of your favor in 1-2 minutes, nobody would bother sacrificing stuff.
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    Sme does have RT, which is huge (at least to me). Also, Sme is the only WL priest with Truehit, and the only WL priest with a full suite of elemental attack spells (shard, hypo, pillar of ice) -plus- multiple heals (even if LoF is gone), so can be uniquely useful in combat too. If I read the lists right, in the WL pantheon, Paaweelr's only unique spell is Corrosion, and Nahjo's only unique spell is Essence Drain. Paaweelr gets combat bonuses, sure, but if I wanted a combat priest, why not just go Mag? (Granted, this may only matter on Epic to those with multiple priests.)
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    Sent small sign however rare dog will have to be pickup. Hots wagon available for pickup at o 21 xanadu. Jenn Kellon Wagon sold but mol rehan is still here and available for pickup at o 21 xanadu.
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    down payment on a titan?
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    I'll mine you 1.1312349876th of a gigantic belt for your love
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    Well, if this is not an issue related to change of seasons (as I thought), I would suggest just to catch an error (as was already offered before) and keep querying the server until valid data is received (it's a simple check, no? is XML valid or not. if not - let's repeat and wait for the valid one). without falling down into windows exceptions. Maybe some sort of indication on the clock could be useful for the most curious guys, like an additional icon with mouseover tip: "Thank you, Oracle, for keeping us busy". just to indicate to the user that something is not right. but system error messages - not a good style anyway. Program must detect errors itself. and handle this errors, without scaring beautiful ladies with system messages (i'm not talking here about ugly guys, 'cause basically, we're just admiring system messages). Just a thoughts
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    You don't need any item for this ritual, it is by no means a new concept.
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    Thank you very much. Apparently this happens occasionally when trying to parse the server status xml file. I'll try to find the issue and fix the bug - hopefully with the next regular update.
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    To everyone that keeps bringing up cleanse, its essentially.. a pvp server spell. BL kingdoms were able to for many years expand heavily and easily mycellium wherever they choose, on first elevation there was even a guy(s) that changed an entire desert from sand to myc by casting fungus. Cleanse is the opposite. Fungus makes myc, cleanse removes myc.
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    Pretty sure the idea was not to allow the kind of loot you are talking about on such a server. Just a place where players could go to find a challenging hunt and put their skills and gear to the test while exploring a wild wilderness. No deeds, no pvp just lots and lots of baddies to mess with, and some critters you can't find anywhere else along with some rare things the devs may drop in there to test or reward successful hunters with from time to time. Dangerous as a single individual, challenging with a group of like minded hunters.
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    It's in the making.. once profits cover and put a deep shadow above the cost for it.
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    "Instead of letting priests do everything why not limit them to their specialty, Mag is the mining God so let his priests be able to do masonry work Build, imp, etc. Another wood, another metal or cloth whatever. but that way you can solo play a priest but your limited to that God's specialty. If you want to do everything then you need several priests or a Non priest." This makes sense, I only play one character in Wurm because I always though having an alt just wasn't my cup of tea and I would love to play a Fo priest but the fact I cant imp or continue was not making that possible since I do a lot of solo play. I thought some of the restrictions for the gods made sense except the fact you couldn't imp or continue. I think if they did a slight rework of the restrictions to be specific to the god and took away the imp and continue restrictions then that would make a priest as a main character more viable. What they plan to do from these notes makes a little sense with the spells and the lifting the continue restriction but getting rid of the other restrictions while still having the imping restriction makes no sense at all. If I need to do something that is against my god I will just click the faithful button do what I need, pray and continue on since most times what I need to do doesn't take that long except imping. I stopped being a Fo priest because I couldn't do anything like build or imp things to get better equipment, it made a priest as a main impossible to play.
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    Ok, I've edited the first post with an URL to the new version of the map generator. The sample properties file generates this map attached below, using the provided biomemap.png image. Just run the program from the extracted directory and press the "Render Map" button, it will generate everything.
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    There is no direct way to upload images to the forum. I use https://imgur.com/ to upload the image, then I copy the link and that can be inserted into the message.
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    Thanks for the great input, Ayes! I suppose I could do a small-ish deed with either rentable rooms or maybe cabins, and have the 'campground' be off-deed and hope for the best. As for location, yeah I'm thinking Glasshollow, or maybe see if there's any room near the Amish Estates area. I've been playing around with some campsite concepts in DeedPlanner, here's an example of what I'm envisioning: Campsites would be 3x3 tiles, with a 1x3 strip of that being paved with gravel, for parking wagons and/or carts. That leaves a 2x3 area to pitch one or more tents, build a fire, secure a few locked containers, and set down whatever furniture you brought with you. Maybe some larger campsites (5x5 or larger?) for groups of travelers who need a temporary respite from a long journey? These would be very temporary sites for people, I would imagine, but it would be a safe place to chill out during a long trip, maybe you're moving deeds and you have to log out for the night, or it's getting dark and you just need a safe place to hang out, imp your stuff, maybe cook some food or craft a few things. The campground would be off-deed, so you would definitely want to have locks on anything that you unload or whatever in your campsite, and technically people could tear up the campsites, but I can have some signage at the entrance and stuff to try and minimize that. I do know that setting up the permissions on the deeded area is going to be tricky, in order to allow people to use stuff like ovens/forges, but it should be doable. Some really great input so far guys, please keep it coming! - Perihelion
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    I got nothing this is good.
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    Worked a bit on decorating my house - probably not quite done here yet, but it will have to do for tonight:
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    Congratulations on finishing the canal I know from working on it years ago how much work was needed. Dksprocket whose idea it was originally would be delighted to see it and even more pleased to see you used the original name ? To commemorate the occasion the happy workers are relaxing after finishing the project.
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    Life transfer has already been nerfed once, why do it again to the point it is no longer feasible to use, if I have to start lugging wads of cotton around while I am out hunting I can see myself doing a whole lot less of this, make sure wurm is less enjoyable because you wouldn't want stop the decline in the player base. Keep up the good work on that one. Bloodthirst has been my main spell on my weapons for some time now, are you going to offer a service to swap out this spell for another one on each of my BT weapons? I don't see why I should have to risk having my weapons recast.
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    New wood types! And some new clothes .. will we EVER get some decent trousers and maybe skirts too? Nuns don't wear bouffant pants ?
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    I finally found somebody willing to help me with my archaeology! He's not good at writing archaeology reports or reading but he sure does know how to break the rock and dirt off!
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    I had way too much fun running around taking screenshots of my most recent projects with high graphics settings: (And a few more can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/E507ZT2 )
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    The thing I hate most about Wurm.... Is getting distracted by other things for a year or so at a time, then suddenly remembering Wurm and going "Oh crap, my stuff!" and trying to catch up on what I've missed when I jump back in.
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    to be honest... the only thing that gets me about this game is people who shove their way to play the game down other people's throat.. we all come here for our own reasons so just let it be.. like @kylebooze said this is not everyone's cup of tea, and quite frankly that makes me happy.. imagine if we had ten year olds running around everywhere,.... all you'd hear at impalongs would be son of a troll and farting all the time..
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    More seriously, I will share one legitimate gripe I have with Wurm, that I consider very difficult to resolve: I feel that Xanadu is a wasted opportunity. To explain: The geography of a server is important to its look, its feel, where people settle, and all kinds of things. Xanadu, being the largest server, has the greatest opportunity for geographical diversity, but doesn't really show much; it's like a random heightmap where any section of the map is indistinguishable from the whole in terms of geographical patterns. It easily has room for sprawling deserts, realistic-looking mountain ranges, volcanic islands, and any number of other neat features, but it just... doesn't, really. It's a shame, because I doubt the same opportunity will arise any time soon.
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    Make sure to take your attitude with you when you go.
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    now we just need to work on hanging items on the walls. like shields, weapons, pics, make wall mounts first for us to add to walls then we can add to the mounts what we want. i'm good waiting a year , but please do work on this. this would help us finish all the decor work we vision .