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    A family member suggested this to me and I thought the idea was good. Battle Masks for horses These could be frightening to opponents, with sharp points or horns, and offer some protection to the horse. Unicorn Mask for a horse Has a golden pointy horn, and probably does include the colour pink. The above masks could be constructed from 10-20 metal or pottery archaeology armour fragments. They would be put in the horse's head slot alongside any bridle. Horse masks are called Shaffrons: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/carreend/shaffrons-and-horse-masks/
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    I have a suggestion. I am a terraformer. I spend most of my time doing large projects that involve digging and surface mining. No matter how much dirt I dig up I am always happy to see nice big piles of it as I know it will be put to good use. Even if I didn't need it I know that other people could use it. Damaged? Not a problem, still can be put to use. I have even had dirt stolen from me. It is a good and valuable resource. Now let's talk about rock shards, dirt's unwanted stepsister :P. I do a lot of surface mining. I end up with piles of rock shards. I go through and pick all the high-quality shards, throw them in bsbs and think someday I will make bricks from them. The rest sit and rot while they get in the way. How many have made a mine only to have piles of rock shards there, too low of quality to be of any use. I hate to see a perfectly good resource go to waste. So here is my suggestion. Please let us make rocks into gravel that can be used as fill just like dirt. Then instead of being worthless, they also can be a valuable resource. I can't tell you how many times I have wished this could be so when I am up on the side of some mountain with piles of rocks around me that will go to waste when I wish I could throw them in the hole I am trying to fill.
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    I think it would be cool to have a dirt path tile with worn down dirt in the center and and grass on either side to create a more rustic look. Something like the image below:
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    Wurm unlimited The code being accessible through the release of Wurm unlimited the epic elevation map reset chaos pvp meta pvp requirements being absurd (horses, horse gear, taming, stuff to tame with, armor, skills to make armor, weapons, skill to make weapons, enchants, priests to make enchants, houses in mines on pvp servers. the list is just too long how can a new player keep up outside of having to join an established group or get dominated??) toxic community both pve and pvp (not all are however) no (unnoticable) advertisement for the game horse races the game is inaccessible for new players who dont pay upwards of hundreds of euros as a jump-start the fact the community is desperately trying to hang on to what is left makes it look worse than it probably is there is no reason to want to log in, it has become a compulsion "oh i've got prem, i must skill" etc the cancerous economy for selling accounts (meh it has goods and bads) slow trickle of important changes that could have helped the game, AND THE COMMUNITY POPULATION, a LONG time ago. The mystery of logging in to the game and learning is now gone, you can simply go and read up the code. it's no fun. my main hate is the PVE vs PVP mentality I pretty much got my character forced to move to freedom, with less skills, or just quit because no one plays on epic, lets take fighting skill for example, that is not on the curve, and was not 2x as fast on the epic cluster. SO WHY DID IT GET NERFED..? if you were on epic, you got ###### over. That isn't to say when interesting changes happen people will come back, maybe.
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    Still got a HOTS guard tower? Poke Ancei or Grumpyoldgamer when you get on and/or PM me here
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    Libila is waiting for you ...
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    Greetings! I'd like to put forward a few simple suggestion that would have significant applications in various settings... 1) Allow for the creation of kegs. Kegs would be a special barrel that would have a “price per drink” feature added to it. Crafting recipe for this would simply be to add an item to the game: a "tap". A tap can be inserted into a small or large barrel and a keg of that size is created. 2) Add a price per serving option to a larder, thus allowing it to be set to “eat from only” or perhaps allow taking of individually prepared servings at a price the owner could set. No new items or crafting processes necessary. With these two things added to the game, food and drink could be easily sold on a per serving basis. It would also be easy to build a diverse and fully functioning Tavern in a community, which is the ultimate desire fueling this suggestion. This could bring a whole new dynamic to the idea of a public tavern placed in a large community. Other option is the idea of a new npc barkeep that has mechanics that allow for the bending of food and drink on a per serving scale. The keg and larder modification suggestion use graphics and mechanics that already exist it the game (except for the need for a “tap” for kegs, and would therefore be simpler to implement (I would think). The npc option would require more work... Humbly submitted... ~TH~
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    Better looking alternative for steppe-like tile (no bushes and trees). Not replacement but something similar. Drastically reduced tree and bushes spawn and spread Any grass tile without tree or bush for longer then x days can became meadow It means that if you put effort once and maintain area for some time, cutting all trees and bushes, you can have meadow, where trees and bushes will have reduced spawn rate, thus don't need to maintain it constantly. Meadow won't push trees back. It means that if you plant a tree on it, it will last. Also for bushes. Also maybe an option for increased non-aggressive animals spawn?
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    Deliverance Community Map The new improved Deliverance Community Map is brought to you by wurmonlinemaps.com, courtesy of Jackjones ( @jackjones). It is based on the latest official map dumps provided by Code Club AB. Map Link: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/deliverance (Discontinued) New map link: Deliverance Community Map ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note: due to a problem with the software used the community map is currently incomplete. Some of the essential information is missing. I apologise for the inconvenience. We are working on a solution. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features 1. Map coordinates The map offers a common type of map grid (as an optional overlay), using the same denotation as the in-game map (for example "E 24"). However, to place and find locations in a much more detailed way the new map is based on "tile coordinates" (x, y), making it possible to narrow down locations to a single tile on the server! This allows us to place deeds and landmarks much more precisely than before. (Map coordinates are explained in the next post.) 2. Zoom The map provides various zoom levels, allowing to zoom in from a view of the entire server to close-ups of single deeds. 3. Overlays Deeds, Canals, Bridges etc. are actually map overlays which can be toggled on and off. You can also choose among various map types (Terrain, Topographical, Isometric). 4. Finding settlements The map offers an easy-to-use search function for deeds. 5. Your own markers You are able to draw lines, polygons, circles... on the map, in order to create your own map markers. You can then take a screenshot of the area to mark special locations for your friends. Map policy The community of Deliverance agreed on an "opt-out policy" for the community map. This means that the map is meant to be as complete and precise as possible, aiming at showing every settlement on the server as well as highways, tunnels, boat canals, bridges and important landmarks. To achieve this goal every community member is requested to help keeping the map up to date. Please report settlements (deeds), highways, tunnels, canals and landmarks that are not yet on the map. Use this forum thread to provide new information. If you are the mayor of a deed on the map and you feel that you have a good reason to hide your settlement from the community, please send me (Yaga) a PM, requesting your deed to be removed from the map ("Opt-out"). Please include a reason. Adding Data Please post in this thread to report new or changed data. (Do not send PMs, neither on the forum nor in-game!) Please use tile coordinates (x, y) to report new map data. (Hover your mouse pointer over the location you wish to report and read the coordinates in the upper right corner.) Deeds: Please report the settlement name and the coordinates of the settlement token. Example: "Serendipity Bay (1650, 1384)" Highways: Please report the coordinates of all points describing the highway (start, "corners", end). Example: " (305,1453), (305,1415), (226,1415), (226,1383), (156,1383)" Tunnels, Canals, Bridges: Like highways. For boat canals, please include the information if passable by all ship types. (These elements can also be given a name.) Other: You can also report clay and tar resources, guard towers, and special named landmarks (like names of lakes and mountains, as long as agreed among the local community.) Map Development This map is part of an ongoing project (see: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/). Further improvements and features will be added in future updates. I am very grateful to @jackjonesfor providing the technology and resources that make this community map possible.
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    Hello everyone, Please check my list for nature goods. I'm located in Pristine next to Blossom area ( H15 ) If you need shipping with mail pls ask, ANIMAL PARTS: Name Quality Price/100 Stock Charcoal 30 40c 100 Fat 15 20c 200 Fat 30 30c 500 Gland 20 25c 300 Gland 40 45c 100 Paw 20 25c 300 Paw 40 45c 100 Tail 15 25c 100 Tooth 15 20c 200 Tooth 30 30c 600 Tooth 60 65c 100 FLOWERS: Name Quality Price/100 Stock Lavender 60 25c 1300 Rose 70 40c 1000 Camellia 60 15c 1600 Oleander 70 20c 1500 Yellow Flowers 70 60c 400 OrangeRed Flowers 70 70c 200 SEEDLINGS: Name Quality Price/100 Stock Hops seedlings 65 100c 0 Ivy seedligs 65 65c 300 SPROUTS: Name Quality Price/100 Stock applewood birchwood 70 65 65c 70c 300 100 blueberrywood 65 60c 500 camelliawood 75 60c 500 cedarwood 70 60c 500 cherrywood 70 65c 300 chestnut 75 65c 400 firwood 70 70c 100 grapewood 70 50c 700 hazelnutwood 65 55c 600 lavenderwood 70 60c 500 lemonwood 70 70c 300 lindenwood 70 70c 100 maplewood oakenwood 70 70 70c 150c 300 100 oleanderwood 70 70c 300 olivewood orangewood 70 70 75c 60c 200 400 pinewood 70 65c 400 raspberrywood 70 65c 400 rosewood walnut 70 75 70c 65c 300 300 CHEESE Name Quality Price/100 Stock Feta Cheese 40 50c 100 Cheese 40 50c 100 HARVESTS Name Quality Price/100 Stock Green Apples 75 65c 500 Green Grapes 75 35c 1200 Hazelnuts Chestnuts 70 75 60c 80c 400 100 Lemons 70 25c 1400 Olives 75 35c 1200 Oranges 65 50c 700 Pinenuts 70 40c 1000 Red Cherries 75 50c 800 Mapple sap 65 30c 7 barrels RUGS Name Quality Price Small Colourful Carpet Colourful Carpet 40 50 10c 25c ROPES Name Quality Price Rope Thick Rope Mooring Rope Cordage Rope 50 50 50 50 3c 10c 3c 3c SAILS Name Quality Price Small Square Sail Triangular Sail Square Sail 45 45 45 30c 30c 45c
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    Show off your ingame fashion in this thread. Monthly? Weekly? Post it up! I'm a ninja confirmed.
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    Allow Tile borders to be paved to create an edging effect for road tiles, one could even use them to "separate" roads.
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    Changes and Additions: New: Archaeology changes and additions. Wood types have been added to wooden items. New statues have been discovered. Fix for some moonmetal fragments. Tweaked base difficulty for investigating to be a bit easier overall. You can also now get an extra bonus in areas that are considered valuable according to Archaeology, making fragments a bit easier to gain at higher levels in those locations. New: Archaeology caches have been added Once a report is completed enough, the center tile of that deed can then be found via “Get direction” on the report. Using the “Get direction” function on the center tile of that deed will unearth an archaeology cache. Inside the cache will be an assortment of unidentified fragments including a larger percentage of statue fragments and a relic of the former deed. Amount of fragments is determined by archaeology skill and report ql with a minimum of 10. Once unearthed the report will be consumed. Change: Archaeology journal improvements Journals will now hold a number of reports up to the ql of the journal, with a minimum of 22. Placing a piece of paper or papyrus greater than 30ql inside the journal will automatically turn it into a blank report Reports can also now be moved in and out of journals via drag and drop. Tweaked the chances for location info to be recorded in a report to be a bit lower than previously to balance for caches. Some Archaeology statues with solid bases can now have items placed upon them. New: Shoulder pads are now dyeable. Change: Metallic shoulder pads are now able to spawn from rifts as any metal type at a low chance. Change: The Tin Rune of Jackal now correctly uses the spell version of Refresh and cannot be used while moving. Bug fixes: Bugfix: Marble statue of Vynora can now be improved. Bugfix: Fixed a few more mission descriptions with items which were too generic. Bugfix: Recipe list now correctly list lunchbox, tin instead of lunchbox, lead. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with the improper triggering of the Kill a wild sly creature achievement. Bugfix: Potion of butchery imbue now works properly when butchering a corpse. Bugfix: Fixed watcher text when someone unloads a creature from a cage. 05/OCT/18: Potential fix for village caches not showing in some cases The post Patch Notes 04/OCT/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
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    You want to make Archaeology truly valuable: create a means by which knowledge can be gained through archaeology that unlocks the ability to craft/forge the items that can otherwise only be obtained through archaeology.
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    For a tooon who is not a jack of all trades but has high restoration nice tools can result from combine..
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    I find the runes you can get on the tools plenty useful, especially when you get multiple runes on one item. My shovel has 3 "10% effects" of runes on it. But I get the sentiment that the actual usefulness of archaeology is locked behind higher skills currently, some exclusive, but overall inconsequential items that can be found on lower levels probably wouldn't hurt.
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    id like to see some use from archeology other than decoration
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    Why not make all statues craftable through normal means while at it, if horse masks should also go under armor smithing? Not really though... I like that some things are only available through the archaeology mechanic. I think it would be great to have more exotic items like this available through archaeology. +1
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    Would be a nice addition but include it into armor smithing and not archaeology.
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    I learned something not to do again ? If you have two started rare groups of a statue and you decide to add them together to get one finished rare statue and still have a group of unfinished rare pieces left, don't do it. One loses it's rarity luckily for me it was the unfinished group not the finished statue ? If I had only waited to find one more piece I would still have two rare statues ? *looks around lol what?
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    Valrei eclipsing Sol, which was then followed by Seris passing over Sol : Then Sol, Seris and Valrei were in perfect alignment - one above the other. http://
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    autofight is useless junk that only confuses new players and should be removed
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    This was asked about while but to be used for lvling mine floors .. I don't see why it cant be used as a filler same as dirt .. If someone wishes to sell dirt at 50 c per 1k that's up to them , I do not think someone will dig that much to sell at such a cheep price ...
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    So many reasons why people seem to hate the game, or take extended breaks, but I doubt anyone ever stops playing Wurm forever, as the lure of the game is like a siren always calling you back, so the longer off game period is just an extended break and not a forever farewell...
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    We get e-mails when our premium expires on characters, but could we please receive warnings for when a non-premium character is about to expire so we can log them back in? Also, could we please get warnings when our deed upkeep hits 30 days, and then again at 7 days? That way we won't lose our deeds if we want to keep them while inactive and may have miscalculated. A system to send emails is already in place, my plea is only to give us a chance to save things we might otherwise lose.
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    That silver was paid for by someone in real cash and goes into the sink which is good for economy's health. I'm paying for all my priests in the CC shop - I could keep them going on silvers but I feel I have that amount of fun to support the company with direct cash. Some priest restrictions looks like a good thing but I'm happy to see them going lighter. EDIT: on WU servers where priest restrictions are fully lifted everybody is of course a priest and that takes a bit away from the game.
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    Seems that passives bonus are buggy on testnet. I try different priest weapon fights with same ql weapons. Nathan destroy everyone, even Marganon is weaker, dont know why. Also passive bonus 25% damage its too much deal for one passive it should be 10% max. Also seems that BL has damage bonus too.
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    My collection grows. I have no idea where to put these. Please help me.
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    OMG this is amazing, feels like an early Christmas present! Thank you!! *grabs her Indiana Jones hat and disappears into the woods*
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    Archaeology continues to grow in power. Best skill in the game.
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    I finally found somebody willing to help me with my archaeology! He's not good at writing archaeology reports or reading but he sure does know how to break the rock and dirt off!
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    I had way too much fun running around taking screenshots of my most recent projects with high graphics settings: (And a few more can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/E507ZT2 )
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    Hi, I'm a new player looking for a place to set up. The settlements are so dense here on independence the game won't even let me put my tent down. I'd be happy to find a spot, so I can stop wandering. My name is explosiver in game. Thanks
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    Perhaps a peat / sod roof to go with it? Not as a requirement, but as an option.
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    On the way back from a 4 hour rift, wish we had a red sky when sun is near the horizon
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    I think it would be better to let grazers and herbivores kill/eat fresh sprouted trees and bushes so open grass plains are created in a more realistic natural way.
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    Picture I took on my little deed.
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    Interesting thread. Brings up a lot of really interesting points. I'll try my best poking at issues that I believe I can touch on. Yikes. That's a rough one. So after reading this, I decided to do a bit of digging on Wyvern, the long-lasting Wurm Unlimited server with over 700,000 player hours played. Fun fact: there was someone who achieved 99.9999966521108 fishing skill! I decided to look up his achievements and found that he had caught 17,521 fish to achieve that (faster skill gain server, by the way). However, I then looked up the achievement for catching the big fish. Not to be found. In 17,500 fish, not a single one was over 175kg. His magic chest had 99.9QL and higher quality fish. It had rares over 95QL. It was quite a spectacle of fishing, but through the whole time, not a single fish was 175kg or higher. So, I dug a little deeper. I tried to figure out why this might be the case. The truth is that the fish must be a marlin or white shark of over 87.5QL in order to qualify for the achievement. This isn't easy to do, but it's still possible. However, now that I've fully investigated why that happens, perhaps it might be time to change the qualifications to be a little bit more relaxed. Obtaining such a high QL fish of such a specific type seems a bit overboard. Bugfixes are near and dear to me. In all my time playing, being interrupted by hitting a bug was some of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had in Wurm. In the case of PvP, it can cost you everything. They need to be addressed in a timely manner and I'm doing my best to ensure that happens. In the cases where they are not addressed, I try and give the explanation as to why it's so difficult to fix instead. PvP is a wild project to tackle. There's so many viewpoints on how PvP should be played and what should/shouldn't be allowed that it's really hard to iron out what PvP should actually look like. That said, I've had productive conversations with a lot of existing and former PvP players, and a plan is in place that should put us on track for PvP becoming easier to create and maintain. Can't really go into detail on the specifics yet, but there are indeed plans. A lot of the mentality for PvP players being so hostile tends to stem from the stakes. A death can be extremely costly, and that creates a pattern of behaviour similar to a blowfish where they puff up and make themselves look dangerous. In the case of the blowfish, it looks a little weird and is effective. In the case of human beings chatting online, it makes them looks like jerks. Reducing the stakes and giving more reason to play at low risk is something I'm working towards. While having expensive stuff should give you a significant upper hand, it shouldn't invalidate the rest of the players entirely. I've watched Deathangel's videos recently and really enjoy the amount of respectful combat that's seen there. Working towards encouraging more of that is a personal goal I've set. No comment on personal goals. A lot of this is the byproduct of shifting times and a code base that wasn't built for long-term maintenance. Ideas sometimes sound bad (or impossible) when first proposed. As time goes on, it starts to become more and more apparent that it's necessary to fix whatever the problem is. Work gets done to make it happen, and the change comes through despite all the previous opposition against it. For example, the armour changes recently were actually tooled as a "hot toggle" of sorts, where they can be turned off and on without a server restart. We now have the option, due to the code refactor, to implement more toggles like that and create changes that can be implemented to live with far less risk if something we didn't predict begins to happen. This type of long-term thinking will make it much easier to adjust how things work in the future. All of my work follows this guideline and is aimed at making it as flexible as possible to adjust to the new atmosphere as the game evolves. I understand the concerns behind map resets and legacy items. I'm unsure as to the philosophy on those items (I only joined recently, after all). Someone else would have to touch on that point. I once got hit with a filled boiling cauldron of water. I died instantly with 80QL glimmersteel plate. Good times. My comment above to whereami touches on player mentality. However, you mentioned time zones which has plagued me in the past. It's sometimes extremely impossible for European players have a difficult time handling an American assault because of the time zone difference. When Europeans' attack, the American players are generally at work and can at least do something, especially if they get off work quickly after the assault begins. In the reverse, however, the American group is attacking after midnight in European time, and the European group would need to make a choice between living a healthy life and getting some sleep or defending their deed from an attack. As an American player, I'm familiar with both sides of this and seen how it affects people. Europeans accused me of attacking at off times out of weakness, though we had all just eaten dinner and were at our peak time. I can't really think of anything off the top of my head that would be suitable to solve this problem. If you have any ideas, I urge you to post in the Suggestions & Ideas forum with whatever you can think of. I'd be interested to discuss potential solutions to the problem and, if all goes well, begin working on making it happen. My personal gripe So now it's my turn to answer the question at hand. What bothers me most about Wurm. It's not something specific, and it's not an idea either. It's a single system that has bothered me since I started playing, and I've actively made an absurd amount of changes to it including a full replacement for my WU server. Combat. The whole thing. I dislike the concept of CR as a whole. I dislike the amount of random elements during combat that you cannot control. I dislike the meta where 1/5th of the content in the game is considered viable for combat. I want to see more diversity in strategy and tactics beyond gate hopping and spamming heals & shield bash. I want to see special moves have an important place in combat both for PvE and PvP. I want to see mobs stronger than trolls on PvE servers, bridging the gap between trolls and uniques (allowing small hunting parties to be productive).
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    On Chaos, leaving the safety of the deed to help a newbie in distress. I agreed to take him some cotton and food. He even said, "You won't kill me, will you?" I did vaguely wonder why I could hear the sounds of tower guards dying. Of course, it wasn't a newbie in distress. It was Rolandt, using an account I didn't recognize. He was quite nice about it. Left my keys behind after he had looted my corpse.
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    I once hid in a dense olive grove, too scared to move, because I could just barely catch the mouseover name of a JACKAL when I hovered my mouse over my path home again. (Later I discovered this was only the name of Wurm's moon, which I could not quite see through the trees except the name.) Another time I stood frozen for a long time on an old abandoned mountain trail because I could hear a creature called YOUNG MOUNTAINCHASER frolicking around and grazing, and I thought it might eat ME next. (Later I discovered this was just the name for a baby horse). I was so scared of everything that moved when I started. Actual dragons were the least of my fears.
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    I have serious information about upcoming features to Wurm Online so read carefully! Have you built a fireplace yet? I suspect everyone can make a campfire with some ease and soon that will take on new importance. During an upcoming update we will have both ‘Weather’ and ‘Climate’ in Wurm Online. Summer will bring heat and a warmer general climate. Occasionally this warmer climate will induce weather phenomena like wind storms, and lightning storms, and even hail. Most of the warm season will still be rather calm and enjoyable. Even in good weather there will be occasional light rains and other phenomena that may impede your travel or work actions. There will also be regional differences in climate based on the terrain and foliage. Hot areas like deserts will require lighter clothing and precautions to avoid dying of heat related illness. Interior areas like structures and caves will allow you to escape a lot of the heat from being outdoors, but not all of it. New clothing options will make it easier to switch between good weather and inclimate weather clothing at wardrobes. Going out into hot weather with metal armor on will not be a good idea as your stamina and water will drain fast and your temperature will rise until you either become ill with hyperthermic conditions, or pass out and possibly die from heat exposure. Winter climate will of course bring the opposite of heat and will also bring rare blizzards, and ice storms as part of the new weather system being implemented. Interior locations will shelter you from such inclimate weather and the freezing cold to a large degree, but again, not completely. Terrain and elevation will have a direct affect on how cold each region will be. High elevations such as mountains will suffer stronger winds, and much colder temperatures. Interiors will require heating, which is where the aforementioned fireplaces come into play. New cold weather clothing options such as bear, wolf, and deer skin clothing will be added to make outdoor work and travel in Winter more agreeable. Fireplace quality will determine the amount of heat put out and range the heat can reach. In multilevel structures and even in caves, a fireplace or other heat source should be able to reach up to a 2nd story average in height at 30ql and a 1 tile radius per 20ql. Respective climate variations in each season will cause your clothing to be less or more effective just as wind will cause outdoor heat sources such as campfires to be less effective or even impossible to light or keep lit. Sleeping in a bed will protect you from freezing conditions even in unheated structures. Torches, lanterns, ovens, forges, and even coal piles will work as heat sources, though to a limited amount except for lava tiles which will keep you warm and toasty. Summertime will be brutal for smiths as their tools of the trade will increase their exposure to dangerous levels of heat. Even those cooking food will be affected in summer heat but to a much lesser degree if using an oven. Combating the effects of this additional heat will mainly require maintaining good hydration and wearing the newly craftable smiths protective aprons, or chefs aprons. Reducing the effect of heat related impairments to action times will require good hydration and shelter from the sun and heat. Even tree shade will help and man made roofs and covers, and hats will also help to slow heat build up while you perform actions. Temperatures will be indicated on your stamina bar to help you quickly decide how to adjust to the climate. Conditions in sparsely forested areas and widely open areas will often be more severe than thicker forested areas. Low lying regions will also experience less wind and moderate temperatures. Upper elevations on mountains will be more challenging to survive, but with shelter not impossible. Even new players will be able to survive with just campfires and will have a protective aura to reduce the effects of weather events and climate conditions for their first 24 hours of active playtime. Including new clothing, wardrobe, and armor stand mechanics, we will also be getting some new structure types including shades, canopies, and snow shelters. New containers for ice harvesting and also hot liquid containers made of stone and metal and small heat retaining vessels for travel will also be added, and foods already in game can be heated for additional winter warmth. Foods and liquids used while cool or cold will also assist against heat related impairments, as your action times will increase the warmer or more uncomfortable you become. Only if you become too hot will you not be able to start and finish an action and you will be able to tell by your stamina bar if you are getting too hot. Remember to keep a check on the color of your stamina bar if you find you are taking too long to perform an action as it will show you your condition or comfort level. Ultimately, the more comfortable you are, the more efficient you are at performing actions. Many things including clothing and armor, tool condition, terrain, location, shade, and more will affect your overall comfort level. Carts and wagons will be getting new features as well. A number of new containers will be craftable for attaching to the sides of carts and wagons. Now you will be able store some water, food, food resources and seasonings, and even animal feed based on how you customize your vehicle. You will be able to access your customized cart and wagon containers from the sides as the containers will not be in the main inventory of the vehicle. Of course you will also be able to manage container permissions with the main vehicle permissions. Using wagons for shade and shelter from rain, snow, and sun will be possible with an extendable canopy you can attach to your wagons, and you can then move the shade over your work area to keep the more extreme weather elements from interfering with your action times as much. Food will remain basically the same except for the benefits gained by eating heated or cooled food respective of the climate conditions. If you eat hot food in hot summer conditions you could make yourself sick if you are already too hot, and eating cold food in cold winter conditions can cause you to pass out if already dangerously cold. Neither of these situations should cause you to die as while you are passed out your body will regain enough stamina and temperature difference to give you a chance to revive and save yourself. Do not underestimate the power of basic normal water in a waterskin as it can provide enough warmth or cooling to keep you out of the danger zones of the temperature ranges for your body. The new climate models will add a new level of realism to Wurm Online and we have enjoyed testing them for hours on end. Hopefully you will have a lot of new fun as you learn how to cope with all the new weather systems and the seasonal climate changes that will affect your actions both negatively and positively. Everyone should be prepared with at least a fireplace or other temporary heat source and a light set of cloth clothing to be able to work and play in the new system that will be implemented soon. To wrap this information up I would like to reiterate just how serious these coming updates are as they will add a whole new level of realism to the environment. Rest assured, this will be a blast as we have had all kinds of incredible adventures and accidents during the testing phase. Eventually the developers would like to turn their attention to streams and ponds, but they will be including a new type of water source within caves that you can tap into on a new special rock tile. Another new feature that is going to be fun is the new ‘Falconry’ skill which will allow you to train several soon to be added raptors to the game for hunting and collecting items like shot arrows and much more. Since snowboarding and skiing were not typical of our intended age the developers have included something a bit closer to the right time period that should also be a lot of fun. Unfortunately for you I will not spoil the surprise! Remember, the single twenty gold coin we hid a few years back still has not been found! Everyone keep looking, and as always have fun! Thank you, Wurm Online Team