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    Today the randomizer zeroes in on Carper on Elevation. She was busy digging clay and had no clue what I was talking about when I approached her. In fact I am pretty sure she started to put her shovel into attack mode. Once I explained who I was and what was happening she decided it might be a bit of random fun afterall... So lets see how Carper does! Carper must face 5 challenges! #1 - I spy! "I spy a foolish large insect" - Took a few minutes but Carper eventually located the HoTA statue of a scorpion. #2 - How many bulk storage bins can fit inside a bulk storage bin? - Carper quickly realized this was a trick question. Sort of.... hehehe. There was also one other possible answer! #3 - Invasion of the Nekosharks - Carper had to defend against a school of Cat skinned sharks! At first these nekosharks had trouble finding Carper out of the water, but once they zeroes in on her they became a challenge. I wasn't sure she was going to survive to challenge #4 but then this: [20:47:36] <Enki> your 50% there! [20:49:15] <Carper> Lol so closer to . slapping my discord friends who suddenly went quiet on me.. when I needed cotton [20:50:07] <Enki> hahaha [20:51:22] <Wargasm> oh... hello Lord Enki [20:51:50] <Carper> And theres muy other method.. get over here lol [20:53:32] <Enki> oh hello [20:53:40] <Wargasm> don't mind me, I won't interfere. [20:53:50] <Enki> wanna bet *teleports Wargasm into middle of battle* Finally they cut up the Nekosharks into manageable bite size pieces. #4 - Is the treasure of the Knights of Seris hidden on Golden Valley? Carper said no. She will receive a randomly chosen special reward for that correct answer! #5 - Sharknado Time!!!!! They must defeat 5 waves of land sharks! wave 1 - 6 Sharks in Wolf Skin Clothing - Champion size! - not a bad challenge... they got through that fairly easy. wave 2 - 3 Wild Ham Sharks - not as easy as I thought they would be... good good! wave 3 - 8 fierce Sharklins - hmm they fight like House Elves but were no match against cold hard steel. "<Wargasm> Says the "healthy" one...." wave 4 - 4 Barber Sharks from Hell! - Now we have a fight going on! Carper and Wargasm both had to retreat and work on a new defense strategy while they worked to reintroduce blood to their emptied veins. When the barber keeps wanting to take a little off the top, eventually it becomes too much off the top. Unfortunately for Carper and Wargasm these barbers were cutting from the ankles up. The battle continued as the challengers worked to heal up multiple times from all the cuts during the wave, but eventually after several very close calls, the barbers were put out of business. wave 5 - A Loanshark! You have always heard of these and if fortunate you never found any. They tend to pool together at the bottom of the muddy lakes and lay at the bottom waiting for their hapless victims to fall into deep waters. The Loanshark hammered Carper and Wargasm with stacks of fees and bloody high interests rates, but in the end Carper and Wargasm found a loophole in the Loansharks armor and bled it dry. For their winnings, Wargasm received a supreme pizza of divine fulfillment and a couple of pastries. Carper received a rare saddle, a fine fishing rod of perch fishing, a bee smoker which I was not aware that they did..... a supreme mountain lion rug of... a dead cat.... a rare smelting pot for melting down silvers and coppers, and finally 2 supreme pizzas of grand cheesy health, along with 4 pastries... blueberry I think... and a bird statue.
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    i want to laugh at people with their fantastic/supreme field tends
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    If you want to talk about windows staying open all the time, make a new thread. This is about ending the nonsense of walking 10 tiles away, my reasons are my own and everyone else has there own, it is something that adds ZERO to the enjoyment of playing the game.
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    -1 for the deed upkeep notification. Would encourage inactive players to come put more money into their deeds and then disappear again, meaning active players would lose out on the opportunity to use that land. Might be petty of me to say so, but I have on more than one occasion stalked a decaying wall or fence on deed to estimate when a deed is going to drop so I could either expand my own deed or plan a new deed location. Inactive deeds don’t need to sit around forever, so an email about upkeep really isn’t a good idea in my opinion. I could, however, get on board with an in-game notice of “less than a week remaining,” because at least then the person has to be actively playing the game to get the warning.
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    It was a lot more fun than I expected to have digging clay last night.
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    I like my windows closing when I move away from them, if this did not happen you would have to manual close windows non-stop all the time. Others may have a different opinion on this, but this is my preference. This topic is not about container windows being open or closed, it is about having to move 10 tiles for no good reason at all to meditate.
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    I respect this author, despite being staunchly against bots and third party modifications/applications etc that allow such things. There were tons of people bright enough to do such things already and some can even pull it off pretty much undetected unless you literally log their exact keystrokes or other sketchy things. This unfortunately brings about an opening for a lot more lower-level botting but also the awareness that has to come with it. I've caught players using macros and scripts even on my very small server. A good GM will be able to determine something is far too suspicious and then monitor a player, and there are a lot of things you can do to catch these bots and automation. Though now I crave having something less cheaty feeling that could bring the same yields such a client hack as this provides. I want to have a mod that will allow me to set up a passive ore income, and a fetcher to grab the ore... and then one to smelt it and process it in to nails... hmmm...
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    If the new rendering technique for objects will fix the lag in Glasshollow you guys might be the first devs to successfully patch drama out of their community.
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    create free alt, prem it for 1 month in the store. Sell the free silvers and the referal if you don't wish to use for yourself on your main accounts. Ultimately less expensive than paying a minimum prem time at token. I am personally ok with never premed alts getting booted - helps keep the data clutter lower. But for sure would like emails for deed warnings.
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    I had way too much fun running around taking screenshots of my most recent projects with high graphics settings: (And a few more can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/E507ZT2 )
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    Will happily be there for the third year running! Sign me up to imp on Cloth tailoring, Leatherworking, Carpentry, Fine Carpentry and Masonry. Should also have Blacksmithing and Weapon smithing by then, as well as some pottery skill. I can also donate any 100ql crops for meals or whatever, if needed drop me a msg
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    Need a room for me and my priest. Salacia is 72 channeling, so will be there to cast woa on a million horseshoes and saddles. Me: Blacksmithing 83 (current grind, will be 90 before impalong) Fine carp 76 carpentry 90 pottery 95 masonry 80 Put me doing whatever you need.
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    ~~~ FIXED ~~~ Turns out I had unchecked the 'monitor events from player' box. I did check that box, is fixed now. So happy Howdy o/ Well, my Wurm Assistant quit updating when I smile/examine. Not sure what I did wrong. Just normal use. I got the animals with correct names in my herds. The required herds are selected. My wurm assistant is set to monitor my main toon. Just earlier today/yesterday, I updated a bison, then the next bison it would not update when I smile/examined it. Now it won't update any of my animals when I smile/examine. Well, tbh, I did not check all of my animals. Just a few. None of the ones I have checked are updating when I smile/examine in game. Do you want specific examples. Not sure which information I should post here. Or is this something affecting many ppl? Let me know if I need to PM you for this. Thanks your time TeeeBOMB
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    There are two chests on the road NW from Freedom Market and the Howl at K 15 in the Inde game map. Just before you get to Lyric Beach, there is a sign and a flag marking the spot right in the middle of the highway. I stock them once a week when I can, but at least 3 times a month. Inside are tools, weapons, and armor, all of which can be improved. Newby kits cannot be improved, so if they take damage, their quality goes down. These tools and armor and weapons can all be improved so the quality can be raised, and you can gain skill raising it. Each week there are always some decent quality items thrown in that are a little to much better than what you have to start with. Sometimes I will throw in some tools with Circle of Cunning cast on them. These are usually low casts, but at low level, they make a tiny bit of difference to give you that extra boost. Come on by. The walk is nice, with plenty of guard towers along the way in case you run into something that tries to kill you.
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    Here's an awkward floor selfie to let the five people that remember me know that I'm still alive
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    "Let me tell you a little secret..." http:// "there is a very big fella up the road!"
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    I've found an example of what an 8-bit heightmap would look like: http://www.ofgabriel.com/scrupbucket/dn/u6s8myljsckc8.png