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    Remove the hammer and the pliers on the forge. Those who want it there can make them and put it there. Those who want something else won't have to deal with the pre-set hammer and pliers.
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    Hello Wurmians, I created this spreadsheet for personal use a while back and recently shared it with my Alliance and the CA Help chat. It is based on the formula available on wurmpedia and regularly referenced in the CA Help chat. I believe it is self explanatory but you basically fill in the blue fields to work out either the optimal ore type to mine with your skill and pickaxe QL or alternatively use the other calculator to work out the best QL of pickaxe if you want to mine a specific ore! I figured it worthwhile linking here for the wider community, any feedback would be appreciated! But feel free to download a personal copy if you want to tweak it to your own taste, otherwise just fill in the blue fields to make use. Note: The "guide" part of the spreadsheet is somewhat opinion based and there are likely many other alternatives! ^-^ A Note on Vein Quality/Prospecting: Skill can only be gained when mining ores under 39 QL, however ores mined at the "cap" for their Quality (such as mining a 35QL ore from a 35QL vein) could have rolled higher than 39QL (such as 60QL mining action) and so would not provide skill gain - but would be capped by the quality of the vein and therefore result in a 35QL shard/ore. In addition to this, you won't get skill for any ores mined at 1.00 QL either as that is considered a "fail" action. The equations provided in the spreadsheet therefore focus on maximizing the amount of shards/ores mined between 1.01 and 38.99 QL, whilst also preferring longer actions for more chance at a skill tick. Note that is is still recommended that one should always mine ores which prospect as "Poor" or "Acceptable" as this leaves the higher quality veins for you to mine with a better QL pickaxe when you want to mine higher QL shards/ores to use. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p_1hjgJcxYYicJlHbVVN2UU10DsVd6SvFlUudXCbYnw/edit PS. If many people are using the spreadsheet at once it is likely to be frustrating so I would recommend downloading a copy and I will update this post if a new version is ever released (unlikely unless lots of constructive criticism or updates to how the mining skill is gained in wurm). You can also open the google docs version & go to "File - Make a Copy" to have a copy of the google doc version saved to your google docs. If you would like to see more spreadsheets like this, feel free to ask and I may be up for it! Also I am totally cool with anyone else making similar or even using this as a basis for the other skills. Enjoy and Happy Mining! ? V
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    One of the things I love about Wurm is the way in which conjecture can rapidly become received wisdom. After hearing all sorts of things regarding specific horse colors being faster than others, only one course of action remained: Let's do science to it! Hypothesis: Unlike Wurm Unlimited, Ebony horses do not have a sixth speed trait in Wurm Online. Please proceed to the second post for the results of the second experiment, which are much more clear cut and reproducible. (Original experiment and hypothesis included inside the spoiler tag below - more useful is the second experiment that examines specific horse speeds. First experiment left in place for historical purposes.)
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    Since the weather outside is so bad I decided to host the next Random Enkounter today. The randomizer chose Pristine this month and so I dropped in on a random person. Cenotaph noticed my ominous presence and was to face 3 very random challenges! #1 In one minute Cenotaph had to name where the frost spirits were kept. With no time wasted the Yule Goat herder answered correctly! #2 It looks kinda like a candy cane and you can span great divides with it! What is it? Again, Cenotaph answered correctly with no time wasted. #3 Goat invasion! 3 waves of invading goats attacked Cenotaph and the only way to win was to survive them! First wave - the eight legged cave goats. 6 of them to be precise. Hmm, They did not seem to be much of a challenge...... Second wave - 12 Sea goats! How very very Wierd. I was sure that sea goats could put up more of a challenge, unfortunately all they did was spill ink everywhere. Third wave - 6 Hairy Large Nosed Mountain Goats! Now this was a good challenge.... unfortunately, only for the poor hell horses that they went about attacking This demands a bonus round! 3 Goat herders and their 6 goat herding crocodogs! Ahah! now we are talking. I began to Wonder if Cenotaph would survive the bonus round but then he retrieved a better weapon! In the end the goat herders were no match for a master Yule Goat herder like Cenotaph! For his winnings! A rare backpack full of tools and supplies to make fresh squeezed goat soup and a very nice rare small barrel rack to store all the soup in along with some shiny new rubys for glamming up something... maybe the barrels that go in the rack or something... or can you add them to soup?
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    Most big WU servers do just that. It makes perfect sense with how the game is structured, sadly it doesn't make business sense for CC (at least not in the short term) so will never happen in WO.
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    Yes you are, its about one god per template kingdom on the valeri game board, thats three kingdoms. Previously one kingdom had two gods and as such two opportunities in the same round to win while the other two had one god each. In the interests of balance and fairness Vynora was retired from the game board and missions on freedom are a byproduct of epic not designed for freedom.
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    I'd argue otherwise. I can't be against everybody if there are only 2 sides. Right now im with the OP
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    This games already been getting progressively easier over time, 70 used to mean you've dedicated your life to that craft but its something i can get in 3 days lol. If someones reason for not playing the game is grinding then theyre just never gonna play no matter how much you sugarcoat it. Specializing goes against the "you can do anything you set your mind to" theme that the game is based around so im gonna have to -1
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    Hello! It's back! here are the prices for all the materials i want to buy: Blue = Price i pay for each unit of that Rare item Cyan = Price i pay for each unit of that Supreme item Purple = Price i pay for each unit of that Fantastic item (or whatever color this is) Notes: - Items must be FULL weight, ask or contact me if in doubt - You can cod any quantity under 5s of price without asking, i might not always accept quickly (or at all) amounts higher (or way higher) than that, if you want to be sure, please contact me - 90+ damage items are 50% price, if you want more, contact me and tell me which item it is - If some items isn't ont the list, you can ask me (Davih in game or forum PM) -i won't buy shards, rounded stones, concrete and most cooking products, anyway - Some items can only be sent from runed mailboxes (planks,logs,wooden beams), you can find one in most starter cities or you can ask your neighbors where to find one ( Cod: Davih ) Large Nails = 30c/70c/400c Rope = 30c/55c/300c Leather Strip = 30c/55c/400c Wooden Beam= 30c/60c/350c Small Nails = 24c/58c/410c Yarn (wool)= 22c/55c/320c Iron Ribbon = 22c/55c/325c Planks = 25c/53c/310c Square piece of Cloth = 23c/53c/155c Shafts = 22c/50c/300c Steel Scraping Lips= 22c/43c/210c Seedling (any) = 17c/43c/155c Stone brick (no variants, just "stone brick") = 15c/51c/325c Clay = 16c/53c/325c Marble Brick = 16c/48c/125c Leather(3kg) = 22c/43c/210c Logs (18+kg) = 14c/35c/175c Pumpkin (whole) = 15c/35c/175c String of Cloth = 10c/30c/220c Sheet (cloth/iron/tin/copper/lead) = 17c/33c/110c Sprout (Any) = 7c/25c/320c Sprout (Grape/rose) = 15c/40c/320c Peg = 12c/29c/100c Rivets= 12c/27c/100c Wires(iron) = 10c/24c/100c Tar = 12c/24c/80c Lead Lump = 12c/27c/100c Cordage rope = 11c/20c/60c Wooden Handle = 10c/30c/200c Copper Lump = 8c/23c/105c Dirt = 8c/20c/50c Iron Lump = 6c/16c/100c Mortar = no/12c/50c Sand = 4c/12c/50c Acorns = 5c/12c/50c Charcoal = 5c/12c/50c Needle = 1s Clay Jar(unfired) = 80c/210c/800c Blueberry= 5c/12c/50c Cochineal= 5c/12c/50c
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    Now that we have underground bridges, I suggest we remove some of the safeties currently in place when mining. For example: [08:46:37] The cave walls sound hollow. A dangerous side shaft could emerge. I'm aware of the danger. Glad to get the warning, but would like to bust through nonetheless knowing I have various options to address the outcome. I suggest we keep the warnings in place, but ultimately allow players to carry on if they so wish.
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    https://niarja.com/skill_compare/GypsyMoth No, the acc name is not gypsymoth Full sotg faith - smeagain karma - no clue, not much items - god bless you tomes - smoke of sol - walnut 3x in most skills to at least +5 skilllevel full sotg on epic + smoke, libram
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    I think it would be a nice addition to enable that armour stands, bow racks, polearm racks and weapon stands be lockable. Also a stand for shields to store would be awesome.
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    Sorry to hear that, gl with the sale.
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    WTS means he's selling, not looking for price checks or TC lowballing, thanks.
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    if you really wanted to test horse speed comparisons you need to do it without speed traits, you need the speed influence to be the constant and horse color the variable. traitless horses or hell horses go the same speed so you can see if the max speed is any different otherwise it's no different than throwing paper planes around with random gusts of wind and using that to determine which one flew the furthest based on the color of the paper used
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    Ebonies speed was not a rumor, it was orficial statement upon releasing them... If they are fast as others it's technically a bug
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    Version 0.40 modloader added more properties to the CreatureTemplateBuilder https://github.com/ago1024/WurmServerModLauncher/releases/tag/v0.40
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    Still 1h so I'm sure quite many are yet to travel (me included).
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    Yes, I'd love to have even just one more category, for particular items that we want to add.
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    Thank you for the praise. I have been in Wurm since 2008 and have been into Wurm Unlimited since day one on, so I guess I know a bit about Wurm by now Glad that I can share my knowledge with you guys. Sadly not everyone likes when people like me know way too much about the game.
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    From what I can see the mod will not break anything in its current state. But due to the changes to the die method the maps wont drop right now from killing. Verified old maps would work when used on 1.8.
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    I missed one mod update and it was killing the whole process. Not sure if this is the case with you but you must update Craft More Things by Aus, or it will keep the server from not loading fully. This also kept a lot of little glitches. I have not updated that mod in a long time but was needed this time around. Luckily Aus released an update days ago, just missed it.
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    even with this, we wont attract new players, but ill +1 this because i want to get more gains per hour when im grinding theres been a billion suggestions on how to attract and retain new players, i've yet to see them implemented. This game doesn't want new players, or it would advertise (inb4 pr guy comment about "we can't advertise we aren't ready yet", for the 10th year in a row)
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    I'm going to -1 this for three big reasons: 1. This doesn't bring in new players. New players have no idea about skill curves, how hard it is to grind a skill, and mostly don't even grasp the concept of a need for specialization (of their own talents) in order to succeed. I didn't realize how grindy this game was until my blacksmithing was in the 30's, and I had played for several weeks. When I started, I played for about a month before I realized there was no WAY I was going to be a master of these 130+ skills. I doubt your average casual player will play as much as I did when I first started. 2. If you allow these "specializations" then every single priest out there is going to "specialize" in channeling. 3. This benefits grinders, not new players. Those of us that have been around long enough to know the precise science behind skill grinding will run circles around any new player. I already run circles around new players, which is why they aren't sticking around.
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    I am currently troubleshooting mine again and I do have a conflict somewhere other then spellmod and ago items. Still trying to pinpoint the issue but we are pushing around 100 mods between our own custom ones and public ones. Nothing is throwing logs that points to this but went back to basics. I started by loading only Ago's stuff and loaded fine. Now I am slowly loading one by one all of our mods to ensure they are all loading. If my issue comes from a public mod I will let you know.
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    Bag of Keeping Yeah, I know, of course they won't give us such thing.
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    Not sure about him, but I am using the 0.39 beta version. Running it on LAN or my dedicated box I still have not found a fix to get them to work. Never experienced the issues before and spent hours trying to figure it out yesterday
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    I'd rather allow anyone to be priests, and then add a bunch of priest skills. The true class distinction in Wurm is the time require to level up a skill; opportunity cost is Wurm's strength. I see no need for hard, static classes. So, if you wanted to learn all priest and crafting skills, you could do so, but it would take a very long time.
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    chicken coops and a champ chicken spawn
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    Start by updating modlauncher to a version that actually works with your wurm version....
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    I have been using these mods since release of the http server and before. This is the first version I have seen issues, and like you I cannot figure a work around on it. No log saying anything about what is not working but at this point none of the mods dependent on the http server is working. Been working through mod by mod and ensure I had no conflicts with other mods but found nothing at all.
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    Best in the business
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    very sorry to hear this.. ill let her mellow a bit but am open to offers for her - PM me if your interested in giving Mazie a good home
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    Let priests be jewelsmiths, problem solved
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    If you want to devalue LT, then improve natural regeneration and mundane wound treatment. Ten minutes to recover from scratches, or for a grievous wound to only get marginally worse, hasn't made sense for years. The healing interval has remained unchanged since the days of finding maybe a dozen mobs in an hour of hunting and grinding FS by fighting livestock with shafts. The game has changed substantially, and glacial regeneration just feels wrong now. If you increased player regen intervals to something like one minute so long as the player isn't actively fighting, then mortal wounds would kill a person much faster but little nicks and bruises wouldn't build up in such a boring and frustrating way. You could use the opportunity to make wounds more interesting, such as cotton instead being used to close open wounds and to set breaks so that they don't get worse, salves to stop infections and burns and frostbite from getting worse, healing covers instead for instant healing, etc, but that is tangential to how hunting and fighting without magical healing is such a drag that it stops being fun.
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    I have to agree with those saying it comes down to the RL money thing. Everyone in the game has the potential to make the same amount of real money. Therefore the cost to get into this "business" should be the same for all. If not, then some people would pay less to potentially make the same and therefore higher profit. And this RL cash profit can in turn be used to pay in-game for premium and deed upkeep for those who aren't actually siphoning money off to their RL paypal accounts. I hate that aspect of Wurm and much prefer the Unlimited model where RL cash has no part in it except for a few optional goodies on the servers that have a cash shop. Players can't make a real-cash profit in Unlimited, so it doesn't matter if some paid full price and others got a discount. But sadly, it is what it is.
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    WHy should he? Prices are changing constantly cos of the personal goals and who si getting what tomes. He obviously will want the best price he can get and getting people to offer gives him a better chance than jsut laying down one price and at auction there is no guarantee he will even meet his reserve.
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    The only valid options are those that in the example config, there is no min pray timer at the moment. I might add it but that'll probably not be right now as my modding time is currently filled with 1.8 stuff.
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    The levels of elitism, the "no one should have a different deal than me, no matter the circumstances", the "everyone should play like me", the hypocrisy ("Wurm NEEDS the money, EVERY last dime, and don't you dare touch my selling silvers on paypal!!!!!!").... The devs are doing a great job but the community... time and again I reach the conclusion that WO ain't worth 5 Bolivares much less 8 euros. But keep blaming the devs for the population loss.
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    "Used silver as in?" Ok simple economics for you. More is more. You're only taking about the amount of silver in game. That is 100% completely utterly absolutely IRRELEVANT to CCAB's server host and their respective banks. This thread is about dollars, euros, reais, balboas, pounds, shekels, your pick. Economics lesson 2 for you: Player in country with shoddy currency sees Wurm, sees the price, converts from euros to their own currency. "That's 5% of my salary, sod that". Player sees the same game with the price in their own currency, which is say 5 euros, does the math, "That's 1% of my salary.. iiinteresting". You, sir, have earned your patronizing and a cookie. 10 players in those countries paying $15 each, or 50 players paying $5 each? Which is more? Go on, you can do it... count beads or something.
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    Buy a copy of WU and join us at Sklotopolis (I ain't staff on that server so I can advert neenerneener!). We got a few portuguese speakers running around. No sub, no deed upkeep. And when you do wanna do some painful conversion to euros for something off the donation site, it's something you get to keep and use... not buy again next month. Some people here seem to think that a single player will generate a subscription's worth of costs a month and thus CCAB would lose money from letting players in cheaper (dey noz ecanomiks), because subs have to be manufactured before being sold eh. Wurm could add a few hundred players at $5 each adjusting for currencies like Brazil's and still break a profit (after all, there are a few hundred FREE alts that get logged in here and there for stuff) but who the hell wants us thirdworlders and our third world money eh, definitely not the same players always demanding more ways to bring ppl to the game so they can sell their stuff to them. BTW I absolutely LOVE the sudden concern for CCAB's profit curve. LOVE it. You know what would help a lot? Stopping players from selling money they made ingame while undercutting CCAB. (But the money was generated at some point at CCAB's site!!! Yes, it was. Now someone else needs that many silvers, and instead of going to the site to get their fill of fresh silvers, they buy used silvers off someone else who doesn't even give CCAB 10%). Salud!
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    I am enjoying the 500 tile locate soul change. I have been roaming for a week or two now on Chaos and this is very encouraging. If I die/kill, I still have the ability to roam without surveillance until I am near someone again. DA
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    On 30.12.2016 at 10:10 PM, Ricowan said: Personally, I think it should be random for the chef, but once the meal is created, the affinity stick to that specific meal no matter who eats it. So two chefs making the same exact recipe will result in different affinities, but everyone eating the meal from Chef #1 will get the same affinity. Yes, this will randomly favor some chefs who get a desirable affinity from an "easy" meal, but hey, Wurm isn't fair anyway. Edit: Suggestion from Ricowan is obviously much better than this suggestion so I am supporting his suggestion instead of suggesting below.
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    It's no different then accepting a new villager to your deed with them pretending to be a new/returning player that needs help. Then they spend time gaining your trust/friendship and then it's all an eleborate plan to wait until the time is right and steal everything not nailed down. Any freedomers here thinking this is just a pvp problem - essentially he's joined a village just to rob it blind. Could happen on freedom just as easily.
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    I find this funny because it used to be pvpers entering freedom with that purpose. And here I thought gameplay on wild was steal, kill and destroy by any means ingame. Perhaps wild should be renamed peaceful if there's this much commotion about someone achieving a heist. Do I get that stealing from your own kingdom is a crappy move? Sure. What's worse is being able to run across the border to pve land and not be touched. Or being able to dump it all on an alt thats safe even if your main got banned somehow. Perhaps it's time to close that border down and just allow folks to TP back and forth with 0 inventory.
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    Personally, I think it should be random for the chef, but once the meal is created, the affinity stick to that specific meal no matter who eats it. So two chefs making the same exact recipe will result in different affinities, but everyone eating the meal from Chef #1 will get the same affinity. Yes, this will randomly favor some chefs who get a desirable affinity from an "easy" meal, but hey, Wurm isn't fair anyway.