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    The example I gave was specific to Cure Light because it's extremely easy to visualize. LT is affected because I've also seen it used to "cheese" combat in some situations. On my Wurm Unlimited server, I implemented mobs that were designed to be taken down by a group of 3-5 players. Instead of encouraging hunting parties (my intended design), the players instead opted to take an LT weapon to the fight. They'd combat with the mob for ~1-3 minutes until they were on low health. Afterwards, they would disengage the creature and begin healing by attacking nearby horses, cows, and similar to heal back up to full in a short time period. They'd then re-engage with the creature and take it down in 3-4 consecutive skirmishes, despite being no match for it individually. This extends to similar encounters such as uniques. I've witnessed players get hit by AoE attacks from uniques then disengage to heal on nearby cows & horses before rejoining the fight. In the end, the decision was made to apply the healing resistance to all sources of healing that were magic-related. The primary reason is that magic is essentially "free" - especially in the case of Life Transfer. When using first aid, you are consuming cotton, and are limited by how much cotton you bring along. By implementing a healing resistance to magic-related healing effects, it puts a cap on how rapidly you can accept combats. Again, I'll reiterate that if you're playing normally and not entirely outside the bounds of how you should be playing (fighting trolls with no armour equipped for example), you're very unlikely to notice the change to Life Transfer. It's honestly so negligible that during my own testing when I was coding it, I actually checked the math several times over and even wrote debugging messages to ensure it was actually applying the proper values because it was so unnoticeable. I ended up having to test against two trolls while wearing no armour to get the healing resistance to become noticeable enough for me to confirm through eye-test that it was functioning as intended. I understand the frustration that comes with changes that look bad on paper. It happens very frequently and players do a great job of calling out issues before they get implemented. These types of discussions are critical to ensuring that the game development proceeds in the right direction. However, Life Transfer feels just as good as it did before if you're using it as it was designed (preventing using cotton during hunting). If there really is something wrong with healing resistance being applied to Life Transfer, it will come out in public testing and be changed at that time. To those wondering when the public testing will begin: My estimate would be a couple of weeks before it's ready for public testing. My personal timeline was actually a few weeks ago but unfortunately real life kicked in and got me at a bad time. I'll be back to coding this week and going through all the bugs that have been found in the meantime. I know people are anxious to get hands on and see it all for themselves. Truthfully, I might even be more anxious to just get it up and running and out there. This will be the first major project that I've worked on as a developer, and I'm really excited to see what people do with it.
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    1. find a kingdom on chaos that you are interested in and apply. don't mess with Epic, it isn't worth anyones time. 2. learn the most efficient ways to grind from the most experienced grinders in wurm online as its vastly different from WU. And I don't mean "ask the top tier dudes with 45 strength that tell you to make kindlings for body strength". There are quite a few very knowledgeable people that hang out in the official discord and do not mind sharing the most efficient ways to do things, Noizhead being one 3. grind while you aren't pvping but stay pvp ready (have your horse tamed, gear all in one place etc), pvp when theres pvp and play smart and don't worry about "is it worth my time?" 4. get to know your kingdom and make good friends out of them, as that will be your primary reason to stay in this game as there are tons of reasons to not stay are you going to jump in and after 1 month compete with someone that has 700 days+ of playtime on their account? no, that would be silly. But do not listen to the plebs that are gonna reply in here saying that 99FS, 99 in every weapon skill, 99 in every subskill, 90 strength 90 stamina 90 body control etc are the minimum requirements for PvPing and having fun. Those are the people that do not understand how the mechanics work and are usually disgruntled people who can't spend more than 1 hour per week committed to grinding for pvp
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    other departments is just anti-cheating don't need to think there is more to this than that there is no game out there who cares how much a person plays, if wurm was worried about that they would make you log out after 8 hours and make sure you dont switch to any other accounts stop with your stupid idea's of your dream utopia of game playing, no one cares how much you play or not play wurm
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    We used to be told that if we continued to mine a cave wall that an entrance would appear and then a "bug" caused that to not ever work and it was fixed but any message we had was taken away Now we receive no warning about making a cave entrance if we mine through a cave wall which leaves dangerous drops that could cause people to fall out of mines(eg on mountains) and ugly terrain on the outside once the tile is collapsed again So i suggest that an warning is added at the same time as the existing wall will collapse soon message and that that warning shows up in the center of the screen telling us "if you keep mining here an entrance will appear" this would save possible deaths and also tell us if we are to close to rock or not so that we can avoid mining that tile out
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    I agree, this game is made to be a "grindy" game..... it take years to gain good skills, and it really is not fair to cripple a players account with "fatigue" when they are playing the game exactly how it is designed to play.
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    +1, people have different play styles and a fatigue system shouldn't stop them from playing even when they paid for a month or more of premium to increase their skills. I knew someone who played Wurm most of the day, practically everyday, because he did not work and had other issues as well. He hit the fatigue cap, got frustrated that he couldn't do what he wanted to do and after awhile decided to quit the game.
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    Who cares about the danger to other people? It's not the responsibility of the game developers to watch after the health of the players. I have a full time job as well, and I don't hit the fatigue cap. It shouldn't matter that you and I can't dedicate the same amount of time, the people spending all of their time playing WO should be rewarded by having those high skills.
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    What kind of game wants players to play less often? Fatigue's only point is to reduce macro's/bots. It's doing a bad job at that and is just making legitimate hardcore players wait around, looking for something else to play. The hardcore players need to be able to grind when they want however much they want. When a cheater maxes fatigue, they just use another account. Accounts are free or cheap and it's easy to use more than one account at a time. If you could only have one account per email/person, then a fatigue system would make more sense. Fatigue should be removed.
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    my issue is this limits the players from playing the game how they want, sure there is an argument about macroing, but fatigue limit wouldn't stop that, and giving people who wanna play a limit is a little annoying, considering there is nothing against people using multiple toons or sharing access but with the risk of losing the accounts, people do it, but when others are using the same toon frequently or when your grinding your skills after another person had been grinding on the same toon limits you from playing the game how you want i think its ######, maybe consider this a QoL change since some people wanna grind their accounts vs buying them.
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    if i can combine hide why can't i combine leather combinable leather or a way to make giant leather pieces would be great
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    dw when i hit fatigue i just log out and go play WoW, which has absolutely no limits on the amount of game time I can have per day thx
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    You can go off topic and argue till your blue in the face, but the reality is, there is an overwhelming amount of people who disagree with the current ''fatigue'' system.
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    I bet other games are experiencing the same complaints from their players also. I think it is up to the individual player to decide when he/she should stop playing.
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    When you say these comments, or "quote'' these comments, you are being vague to why fatigue is there, or pointing to ''preventing queueing actions'' which is another way of saying macroing. Which is the point, to preventing macroing, where there are better ways to detect macroing rather than limiting everyone with this ''fatigue'' system.
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    What sort of game would make everyone to pay top dollar for each account, then impose these restrictions, where they have to walk away for days just to play, its just encouraging people to play other games..... and when they find a better game, then they will stop investing in this game.
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    You see Levin's frustration trying to catch the big fish for the goal, twice in one week fatigue has capped, just from fishing. Why should someone have to stop playing the game because of some artificial barrier.
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    impossible I'd say ?
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    There is suggestion floating about enchanting vellums, my idea is bless piece of paper, combine it with gem dust and source and you get vellum upon you can cast genesis, collapse, mend and other useful spells that priests can sell without traveling.So buyers can use them simply activating vellum on animal/tile/item You would need high ql piece of paper in order not to shatter it, funny enough shatter might be desirable on such scenario. Not sure if ability to transfer casts from vellums on items would break much but could be fun imo.
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    what is the meta? I honestly don't know what on earth this means. If slow and tedious is what it means, then yes, it helps break those chains of meta. Other things in my life that I think might be meta: Working a minimum wage job; slow internet; religion; waiting for glue to dry; watching seasons 5&6 of Community... PS. I hope that didn't sound like I was being a jerk. I'm a comedian in my own mind and not everyone thinks I'm as funny as I do.
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    I'm not too worried due to the free swap for all priests, I myself have like 35-40 channeling, and stopped right at that point, because I don't have the will to enchant, because it looks horrible, tedious. 50-70 channeling is what a lot people give up at, I stopped my Nahjo priest right at 55 channeling, because enchanting doesn't look like fun, at least there will be more of a reason to grind channeling because there are higher difficulty damage spells but it's still not enough if you ask me. Channeling is a hellish grind. It's difficult to stay on 1 subject for too long, because that's how you burn out, and with all that grinding you go through or a huge payment for a new alt and to be rewarded with shattering a supreme item at 94QL... Gosh... that must be rough @kochinac shattering is a terrible mechanic, and it brings fear with every cast you make, and that's not fun!!! it makes you scared of enchanting! I would love it if they greatly reduced the sacrifice timer, it's way too long, as if it's rough enough burning through useful resources, you have to wait half a minute just so you can cast spells for like 20-40 seconds and gain so little with that time you cast too, in terms of both skill gain and enchanting success (usually) Priest life is extremely difficult, and it's why it's reserved for alts, the priest restriction lifts make me very very happy, and I welcome them, what you sacrifice is the loss of the ability to improve, however... if you look at what normal players use to grind their improving skills, it's not much, just a couple of high QL lumps and logs is enough to last you a month. As for priests? in order to improve your main skill you have to buy a crap load of gems, or chopped veggies, I've heard of someone who has spent 3 gold on grinding materials, holy cow! that's a lot of gems! being able to cast spells for like 20-40 seconds before having to wait another 30 seconds as you burn through a crap load of sometimes pricey resources without CoC (I do still believe CoC should not boost channeling gain) and to finally get to 94 channeling and to be rewarded with SHATTERING SUPREMES is bull! it's exhausting! and everyone I know who has a priest has complained about how annoying being a priest can be. If you seclude yourself from the world of improving, you should be in for another world of fun instead, but it's not fun! It's extremely exhausting on the wallet and brain... The most fun you can have with it is being a healer, and an animal tamer with charm and having damage bonuses. Those are the only fun things I can think of.. the passives mainly.
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    I think the key issue here is that priests are not encouraged to grind and actually get better and instead they are encouraged to do something absolutely irrelevant to being a priest and enchanting to get an irrelevant item to bandaid being a better priest. It makes no sense, the same way that gold's shatter resistance isn't going to encourage making gold tools because gold sucks, even steel having a shatter resistance isn't going to encourage anyone not already using steel to use it because steel is such a pain to maintain
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    So, today was a big day! Sundisk and I joined Emoo in his weekly Wurm Wednesday stream to discuss the huge upcoming priest overhaul, which touches on almost every aspect of being a priest, we shared details about mechanics as well as showcased new spells and talked about balance, there's a lot to go over and we'll cover bits of it in here, incase you missed it, you can catch the stream here: Gods and Demigods In order to better streamline how player gods work, we'll be working on tying demigods (player gods) to the original gods more closely, demigods allied with a god will share many aspects, including prayer locations, restrictions, influence spell lists, and most importantly, demigods allied with a god will be able to have their priests link together. Priest restrictions In order to improve priest play we have loosened many restrictions from general priesthood, and also adjusted god based priest restrictions to, as follows: The following restrictions have been lifted from priests: Continuing structures, fences, and items Repairing structures Alchemy (including healing covers) Bashing structures and fences (includes structure roof & floors) In addition to this: Fo based priests (this includes demigods allied with Fo) can now do mining and all mining actions (Mine, prospect, tunnel, analyse). Libila and her template demigods can now operate war machines Magranon and his template demigods can now cut wood Vynora and her template demigods can now do all things digging, including Flattening, Leveling (including border), and Dredging This means playing as a priest solo is more feasible, and means working with lower quality tools than crafters, but still able to built a house! Rite spells We all know that Vynoras rite of spring is the dominant rite, who can turn down 5h sb? Not us! (Except me, because Fo is thebest). With this update we'll be setting Vynoras rite to be more of a baseline, with each rite giving 5h sleep bonus and a small characteristic improvement depending on the god. Gods and their Demigods will now share a server wide pool on these casts, so following/praying to a demigod will still provide towards the base gods total pool. The required amount of prayers will not change with server population, meaning an influx of players to a server will not increase the requirements, and there will not be a requirement of players in local to cast either, meaning better systems for organising them as the community events they were intended to be! Last but not least with rite spells, they will no longer require being on at a specific time! After the cast, players have up to 24 hours to pray and receive the bonuses, meaning if you were offline when it was cast, you don't miss out! New spells Along with a rework of most spell mechanics, new spells have been added: Cleanse: Fo spell. Converts 3x3 area of mycelium back to normal, cast on dirt will create grass Essence Drain: Libila spell. Libila version of life transfer and flaming aura/frostbrand, healing a small amount of damage and dealing a small internal wound as bonus damage. Less effective than LT or FA/FB, but able to do both. Focused Will: Magranon spell Magranons healing spell, drains stamina of the caster as it heals. Hypothermia: Vynora spell Single target cold damage spell Inferno: Magranon spell Single target burn damage spell Summon soul: All gods. This one we expect may be a little controversial, allowing a priest to summon a player to their location. It will require the person being summoned to accept the summon, as well as being PvE only. There's a large favour requirement and a cooldown so it's not one for spamming, but may help travel sometimes in certain situations! Resistances and cooldowns With all the new spells and reworking of the old, improving spell based combat is a big focus. With the previous mechanic of overheating proving to be somewhat ineffective, we've introduced both resistances and cooldowns on spells. Taking damage from a spell increases your resistance, and many spells have their own cooldown. Some spell types will share resistances, such as Worm brains, Hypothermia, and Inferno sharing a common resistance, and healing / life transfer has a total combined resistance, much like how light of Fo has worked. There's a lot more to share including spell specific changes which we'll be doing as it goes to public testing, we expect to be picking up with team testing soon! Newspring overhaul There's been a lot of voting for the Newspring deed redesign, and i think both designs have been awesome, but there always must be a winner, and this time it is Renate! Renates design carries a treetop wander feel, and I'm keen to see it in the game, we'll be working with him to get it all ready so expect to see results soon! There'll be a small update this week which will include the little unicorn and hell babies which I'm excited for, so see you there, until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Considering the fatigue system doesn't take into account alts, the only thing it penalizes is people who grind effectively or bicycle accounts that grind 24/7 (who does that anymore) Bots aren't effected as being up 24/7 is ez ban (probably the only response i get to the fatigue system is stops bots, which it doesn't.) Normal players aren't effected as they don't play 8h/d People running heaps of accs aren't effected People that hit fatigue either just go play something else or do fatigueless actions in wurm like hunt or panfilling I don't see what it's intended to do, maybe 10 years ago when 5 people all grinding on 1 acc 24/7 meant something when you couldn't just buy an account with 90 everything and enough coc/sleep powder available that you can hit 90 in a week but it's just an outdated system nowadays
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    No I'm arguing that it does serve as that kind of incentive. Someone who has a job can buy more sleep powder than someone who doesn't (in general). Hence, people who play less and work more (irl) can gain skills faster when they are playing.
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    Wurm University Kingdom is waiting! Start on PvE, get some skills on start to become self-confident, but remember - not skills are importan,t but fun. My account is very weak, but for me it doesnt matter - I am on Chaos and I am delighted
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    You keep yammering and no one hears your attempt to dictate play style, no different than some liberal trying to tell us to eat healthy. The fatigue system was not created to make sure people don't play too much, its there to prevent cheating, nothing more.
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    Speaking of Fo'ly stuff, it would be much appreciated if Fo followers got a bonus in skillgain for nature skills, Magranon gets 25% increase in fighting related skills, Vynora gets 10% in everything. Most Fo priests I know of are farmers and ranchers, just a thought.
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    A brief thought here; try the experiment again using cloth armour (the kind of armour most PvE priests wear). Make sure to knock your body stats down to 30 at most! If I can't take a troll out at 70FS with a heavily enchanted 90QL spear without needing to ride off and heal myself a couple of times, then odds are someone else isn't going to be able to do so either. You might want to reduce the impact of the resistance based on the armour type worn at the moment of casting (if wearing all cloth, treat it as if it were at a much lower level it, if wearing all leather and one bit of cloth, use leather reduction etc). This means that heavily armoured characters get a bit of balance against lighter armour users; and it's hard to cheese by swapping out armour mid combat.
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    Imagine a world where everything edible tasted like pizza. Some thing taste like old stale pizza, others like rotten pizza and others like great pizza. Why would you pay for anything other than great pizza? Thats the current state of Wurm foods.
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    I think you will have a great time choosing WO over WU , everything has more character and feels more real here. It's not hard for new people to be accepted into different kingdoms on Chaos and I suggest that if you are intereted in PvP then apply for one as soon as you want. You can grind any skill you want just as well on PvP as PvE , if not in some cases better since PvP kingdoms tend to have so much materials that you can use to your hearts content! Also, yeah you don't need really high stats to be competitive in PvP, learn from experienced players and you will be good and have a lot of fun. There is no community like a kingdom in WO community.
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    i think this needs to be moved to WO. also heres an image of the bread thing: https://prnt.sc/kve9pf
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    +1 also maybe add option to cut it to desirable size pieces with leather knife, refering to scale/drake most
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    This is about as accurate as it gets. The simple truth is that combat, especially PvE combat, in Wurm is very one-dimensional. You walk up to a mob, target it, and proceed with waiting as dice roll and you watch the fight play out. Without LT, you end the fight at low health and need to perform maintenance (healing your wounds with cotton). Maintenance isn't fun. The current existence of LT makes it so you end the fight at near-full or full health. This removes the maintenance, and makes it less obnoxious to participate in combat. It was a very specific target to make the changes to healing only affect extreme healing scenarios. Furthermore, existing healing spells have been buffed (especially for high channeling and high casts) to make them more powerful and counteract the new healing resistance. It's pretty much fine for you to fight a troll over the course of a minute, take 30% damage, and heal it back up through Life Transfer. The healing resistance debuff isn't going to impact you that much (capping out at ~15% resistance, and dropping over ~3 minutes under those circumstances). However, if you are for example fighting a Goblin Leader and using LT and spamming Cure Light using your alt to ensure that the target of the goblin leader never dies... that's the targeted change. In the past, I've watched a player tank a dragon indefinitely through the use of a Fo alt constantly spamming Cure Light on every wound that was inflicted. Whenever the dragon would land a hit, the wound would be healed 10 seconds later without penalty. The new healing resistance system incurs exactly the penalty required to mitigate this case. This also has a profound effect on PvP combat and specialization, giving credence to utilizing Path of Love and a more healing-oriented priest rather than a fully-armoured frontline Path of Insanity SOTG priest. TLDR: If you're playing the game normally and not doing some silly strategy to make it so you're taking no damage in extremely short time frames, you're not going to notice the difference. This will come out more clearly during public testing.
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    Please COD this pick to Keselyu: 13 ql, 92 coc, 1 s Thank you!
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    LT was not nerfed, it's exactly the same and you'll be fine, I've already given the details the slippery slope fallacy is not a logical statement, changing something once does not mean it's more likely to change again, that's not how this works. I'll give you a LT sword on test and spawn a bunch of mobs if you'd like
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    Weren't impalongs started as a christmas tradition by willow? A former staff member?
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    pro tip, get some cotton enchanted with coc, if you're healing may as well gain skill!
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    lol. It always cracks me up when I see people accuse others of being "lazy" in a game. "Lazy" implies shirking work. Games are for play, not work. So as we sit here at our computers, being mouse potatoes, how can we possibly call ourselves anything but lazy then, while we pretend we're not, because we "work" in the game? ? Personally I prefer to think of myself as Energy Efficient. Oh and +1 the op. ?
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    1) It's good for newbies, who have lower DR and don't hit as much; 2) It helps when facing a swarm of mobs; 3) If something nasty clobbers me (an ogre mage, say), I can attack something easier to restore health in a hurry (I'll bring cattle to rifts or slayings for this); 4) WL priests don't get BT anyhow (I suppose I could try getting a Tosiek priest, but now with the priest template thing coming, that may not be an option on Epic). "Wounds being too small", by the way, really makes the resistance thing seems silly to me, especially since LT doesn't target the biggest wound, only the oldest. I heal a one-damage wound, and get healing resistance? Why? For that matter, why shouldn't I get a crush resistance buff when I take a single hit from a maul? Resistance based on weapon hits makes no sense to me. Spells, yes, but not weapons. Plus, if LT will only work on physical wounds, it means a priest healing a single burn wound on me will hit LT resistance, even though LT can't possibly heal the burn wound. That doesn't make sense to me. I -could- see rebalancing LT to only work on physical wounds, if it healed across multiple wounds and was separate from the healing resistance mechanic. That would preserve its utility for newbies, while making mobs that do non-physical damage more interesting and maybe making LT a more interesting mechanic in PvP.
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    How 'bout a Remove Marsh spell for Fo? ?
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    Volunteering to enhance the graphics to current standards - no problem. +1 Perhaps, as legacy statues, they can be gained through archeology or something, even.
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    Finally got around to some interior designing off my inn/tavern (complete with a library if you get bored):
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    Sometimes you just need a solid support for your bridge... Behold! Dirt pillar of Doom! - 9 floors of 300 slope each (2700 slope above ground) - took 1329 crates of dirt (398 700 dirt) - 18x18 tiles on the ground level, 2x2 tiles on the top Yes, it's a green one on the right.
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    my alt's mansion finished today
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    OK spreadsheet done**.https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AYC-X9MjYYZoi0qCH6QPRwagIYgpoeC4jfszFRdy7fk/edit?usp=sharing Click File 'then' Make a Copy Then open it and have fun there are drop down menu's in it.. Yes yes i know everything not added but its good start. ill update it as i can.. if ya find something that is broken screenshot it