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    Dredge Barge Has no sails. Moves slowly with wasd. Commander can look down through a hole to see the bottom (where they are dredging). Can hold 10-12 large crates.
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    Greetings! I'd like to put forward a few simple suggestion that would have significant applications in various settings... 1) Allow for the creation of kegs. Kegs would be a special barrel that would have a “price per drink” feature added to it. Crafting recipe for this would simply be to add an item to the game: a "tap". A tap can be inserted into a small or large barrel and a keg of that size is created. 2) Add a price per serving option to a larder, thus allowing it to be set to “eat from only” or perhaps allow taking of individually prepared servings at a price the owner could set. No new items or crafting processes necessary. With these two things added to the game, food and drink could be easily sold on a per serving basis. It would also be easy to build a diverse and fully functioning Tavern in a community, which is the ultimate desire fueling this suggestion. This could bring a whole new dynamic to the idea of a public tavern placed in a large community. Other option is the idea of a new npc barkeep that has mechanics that allow for the bending of food and drink on a per serving scale. The keg and larder modification suggestion use graphics and mechanics that already exist it the game (except for the need for a “tap” for kegs, and would therefore be simpler to implement (I would think). The npc option would require more work... Humbly submitted... ~TH~
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    We Are Live! Screenshots If you have any questions feel free to post in this thread, and I will add the answer below here! Discord Link to the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018 discord! https://discord.gg/cpyrdg
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    I like winter in wurm but it looks off due to the fact rooftops and hedgetops dont have snow textures on them like the roads/ground, it is very jarring, also bird noises should decrease during winter maybe.
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    also footprints in snow would also be interesting for hunting ^^
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    Priests can now continue building wooden floorboards Kidding aside, the cleanse spell could have some interesting effects added, will speak with the dev team
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    The faith/favor part of hovering your healthbar has plenty of real estate, put the diety name there to the left of it, done ez and no extra spam in examining or menus
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    So, today was a big day! Sundisk and I joined Emoo in his weekly Wurm Wednesday stream to discuss the huge upcoming priest overhaul, which touches on almost every aspect of being a priest, we shared details about mechanics as well as showcased new spells and talked about balance, there's a lot to go over and we'll cover bits of it in here, incase you missed it, you can catch the stream here: Gods and Demigods In order to better streamline how player gods work, we'll be working on tying demigods (player gods) to the original gods more closely, demigods allied with a god will share many aspects, including prayer locations, restrictions, influence spell lists, and most importantly, demigods allied with a god will be able to have their priests link together. Priest restrictions In order to improve priest play we have loosened many restrictions from general priesthood, and also adjusted god based priest restrictions to, as follows: The following restrictions have been lifted from priests: Continuing structures, fences, and items Repairing structures Alchemy (including healing covers) Bashing structures and fences (includes structure roof & floors) In addition to this: Fo based priests (this includes demigods allied with Fo) can now do mining and all mining actions (Mine, prospect, tunnel, analyse). Libila and her template demigods can now operate war machines Magranon and his template demigods can now cut wood Vynora and her template demigods can now do all things digging, including Flattening, Leveling (including border), and Dredging This means playing as a priest solo is more feasible, and means working with lower quality tools than crafters, but still able to built a house! Rite spells We all know that Vynoras rite of spring is the dominant rite, who can turn down 5h sb? Not us! (Except me, because Fo is thebest). With this update we'll be setting Vynoras rite to be more of a baseline, with each rite giving 5h sleep bonus and a small characteristic improvement depending on the god. Gods and their Demigods will now share a server wide pool on these casts, so following/praying to a demigod will still provide towards the base gods total pool. The required amount of prayers will not change with server population, meaning an influx of players to a server will not increase the requirements, and there will not be a requirement of players in local to cast either, meaning better systems for organising them as the community events they were intended to be! Last but not least with rite spells, they will no longer require being on at a specific time! After the cast, players have up to 24 hours to pray and receive the bonuses, meaning if you were offline when it was cast, you don't miss out! New spells Along with a rework of most spell mechanics, new spells have been added: Cleanse: Fo spell. Converts 3x3 area of mycelium back to normal, cast on dirt will create grass Essence Drain: Libila spell. Libila version of life transfer and flaming aura/frostbrand, healing a small amount of damage and dealing a small internal wound as bonus damage. Less effective than LT or FA/FB, but able to do both. Focused Will: Magranon spell Magranons healing spell, drains stamina of the caster as it heals. Hypothermia: Vynora spell Single target cold damage spell Inferno: Magranon spell Single target burn damage spell Summon soul: All gods. This one we expect may be a little controversial, allowing a priest to summon a player to their location. It will require the person being summoned to accept the summon, as well as being PvE only. There's a large favour requirement and a cooldown so it's not one for spamming, but may help travel sometimes in certain situations! Resistances and cooldowns With all the new spells and reworking of the old, improving spell based combat is a big focus. With the previous mechanic of overheating proving to be somewhat ineffective, we've introduced both resistances and cooldowns on spells. Taking damage from a spell increases your resistance, and many spells have their own cooldown. Some spell types will share resistances, such as Worm brains, Hypothermia, and Inferno sharing a common resistance, and healing / life transfer has a total combined resistance, much like how light of Fo has worked. There's a lot more to share including spell specific changes which we'll be doing as it goes to public testing, we expect to be picking up with team testing soon! Newspring overhaul There's been a lot of voting for the Newspring deed redesign, and i think both designs have been awesome, but there always must be a winner, and this time it is Renate! Renates design carries a treetop wander feel, and I'm keen to see it in the game, we'll be working with him to get it all ready so expect to see results soon! There'll be a small update this week which will include the little unicorn and hell babies which I'm excited for, so see you there, until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Cod the Garden gnome to Brattygirlsback please
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    Great doing business with you! Thank you so much! Fast transaction and trustworthy buyer!
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    Literally could just build a 1x1 shed next to it and leave it unlocked and the griefer will get banned if he blocks the shed off. People aren't defending their actions, they're saying to stop being lazy and use the systems in the game that you have access to. It's off deed so its not owned by anyone and blocking with fences is allowed. All this suggestion would do in this case is start witch hunts against someone because they don't agree with what they're doing, not that a 1 skill alt could put the last part on, so it doesn't even do what its intended to do.
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    Let's see: you've said the following: 1) BT is better than LT any day. 2) The LT nerf will have no practical effect on PvE. Assuming that's true, why exactly is LT being nerfed?
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    I don't think they are defending the actions but do not see a valid reason for adding it. There is a difference than defending someone's actions and not being for your suggestion.
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    What pve mobs damage you enough that LT isn't being capped by wounds being too small and getting healed in 1 hit, but doesn't have super high DR so that you actually get anything out of lt? Having 10% resistance after the mobs already dead isnt going to do anything. LT in pve is just a crutch for low shield skill/2h wep and wanting 100% hp so timers arent effected, BT > LT anyday
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    Start taking names, folks. Those who are THIS vehement in defending the actions of trolls and griefers must have a reason, eh.
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    I'm back after a summer break, time to get back to work and fix some bugs! First of all - wow, big thanks to the player who sent me 100 euro donation - I wish you could see my reaction when I seen it, you are awesome! (also just in time when I need to replace my broken chair and old monitor, lol) Can't reproduce the issue, do you have the latest DeedPlanner version? (2.9.3 as of now)
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    meditaton rug, 6 ql, 77 coc, 30 c COD to Chai Thank you!
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    +1 Maybe add more "wintry sounds" too, like footseps in snow (chrk, chrk, chrk :P), trickling snow from trees, sounds from wandering animals like squirrels (instead of "summer" birds for e.g.)
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    I personally would check the map for tiles which are rock but above the rock layer. Turn those tiles into the biomes around them, like grass, steppe, or whatever. Only let them be rock if they are really at the rock layer. This will also break cave entrances, so it is maybe the best also to close all "holes". Still no guarantee that this works.
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    Combat is, for the most part, very dull, unrewarding and massively over abundant (in PvE). LT cuts down on the down time caused by most of the wildlife being homicidal maniacs. I'd want any LT change to come with changes to the general PvE combat environment. Targeted PvP changes are another matter, but as I don't PvP I have no idea what they would be.
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    How 'bout a Remove Marsh spell for Fo? ?
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    these tributes were a myth for over a decade, why should they be a factor in casting now? just fix enchanting 1/100 for shatter is crap dispel is crap
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    crystal rune of Vynora, glimmersteel 23ql - 1s46c Mail to Ackemi please.
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    so basically you want all priests removed and replaced with combat priest A and enchanting priest B While I am quite a fan of having a joat priest, its the same reason why priests are so imbalanced. Look at all the gods currently, if you want to pvp there is only one logical choice which is very bad for balance. Its also the same thing as armors being completely useless other than plate drake and scale until the epic armor change happened. There should be a choice and consequence to your choice, otherwise why have so many gods with the system to add more when there should be only one choice? One choice only made sense when it was literally just mag for combat, fo for nature, and vyn for enchanting. Instead people got spoiled by something that should've been locked to epic and don't want balance
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    If i was a catfish this would 100% be the photo id use
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    For your local time: https://niarja.com/rifts P15/16, near Lormere
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    Full agree on it! I strongly hope (I had no guts to watch a 3h video to see if it is covered or not) that spell lists of linked gods will not be the same as the old gods they are linked to - no reason to have a player god anymore that way. I'm quite worried about the restrictions aligned fully to the main god too, the other main benefit to have a priest of player gods that the restrictions / statics are varied.
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    And for Libila's sake, please fix queing sacrifice and cast actions, currently sac interupts cast which is very annoying as you can't optimize all your actions for grinding. This was reported so many times and I don't know why it has been ninja changed like that in a first place
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    I'm not too worried due to the free swap for all priests, I myself have like 35-40 channeling, and stopped right at that point, because I don't have the will to enchant, because it looks horrible, tedious. 50-70 channeling is what a lot people give up at, I stopped my Nahjo priest right at 55 channeling, because enchanting doesn't look like fun, at least there will be more of a reason to grind channeling because there are higher difficulty damage spells but it's still not enough if you ask me. Channeling is a hellish grind. It's difficult to stay on 1 subject for too long, because that's how you burn out, and with all that grinding you go through or a huge payment for a new alt and to be rewarded with shattering a supreme item at 94QL... Gosh... that must be rough @kochinac shattering is a terrible mechanic, and it brings fear with every cast you make, and that's not fun!!! it makes you scared of enchanting! I would love it if they greatly reduced the sacrifice timer, it's way too long, as if it's rough enough burning through useful resources, you have to wait half a minute just so you can cast spells for like 20-40 seconds and gain so little with that time you cast too, in terms of both skill gain and enchanting success (usually) Priest life is extremely difficult, and it's why it's reserved for alts, the priest restriction lifts make me very very happy, and I welcome them, what you sacrifice is the loss of the ability to improve, however... if you look at what normal players use to grind their improving skills, it's not much, just a couple of high QL lumps and logs is enough to last you a month. As for priests? in order to improve your main skill you have to buy a crap load of gems, or chopped veggies, I've heard of someone who has spent 3 gold on grinding materials, holy cow! that's a lot of gems! being able to cast spells for like 20-40 seconds before having to wait another 30 seconds as you burn through a crap load of sometimes pricey resources without CoC (I do still believe CoC should not boost channeling gain) and to finally get to 94 channeling and to be rewarded with SHATTERING SUPREMES is bull! it's exhausting! and everyone I know who has a priest has complained about how annoying being a priest can be. If you seclude yourself from the world of improving, you should be in for another world of fun instead, but it's not fun! It's extremely exhausting on the wallet and brain... The most fun you can have with it is being a healer, and an animal tamer with charm and having damage bonuses. Those are the only fun things I can think of.. the passives mainly.
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    Well for once I am surprised, I hadn't expected the overhaul to have such a strong impact. These changes look like a solid improvement to priest QoL; I look forward to seeing what additional spells (and changes to existing ones) come about. The changes to rite spells in particular are really wonderful to see. There are a few points worth mentioning: The fo spell on show (cleanse) seems a bit underwhelming; letting it spawn random flowers would be a nice upgrade, or allowing it to spawn reeds/kelp when cast on water tiles would also be a nice change. "Healing / life transfer has a total combined resistance, much like how light of Fo has worked." - This worries me a little, since it is going to further nerf LoF if it shares its resistance pool with other healing spells. Does this mean that, if you are healed by light of fo, you may resist a cure light wounds cast afterwards? Enchanting is the lifeblood of many priests, and some way of producing metallic liquid using alchemy and a large amount of resources (thinking bulk such as ores/alloys) would add a nice new side market to the enchanting world. Makes it less rare, but I suspect it will always be in demand by enchanters wanting to hedge the odds. Again, a lot of new gameplay potential here for priest players; well done! I look forward to the testing period, and seeing what additional changes have been made.
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    WHy should he? Prices are changing constantly cos of the personal goals and who si getting what tomes. He obviously will want the best price he can get and getting people to offer gives him a better chance than jsut laying down one price and at auction there is no guarantee he will even meet his reserve.
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    With a 95 channeling vyn priest in vyn influence with a 90ql altar and 100 alignment and maxed enchanting bonus, a normal casting session can EASILY see 20+ failed casts which is statistically only 1/5th the way towards a full run of a shattered item. No I clearly remember every single one that does not shatter because they still exist and I'm reminded of this fact every time I use them As an account reaches towards 100 channeling, they should reach towards never shattering an item, otherwise 70 skill or 100, it has literally the same effect
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    But you are happy with the chance of shatter? It should be based on skill rather than shitty RNG
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    As long as priesting means no actual crafting, this will never happen imo dispel and forced shatter is a serious issue though
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    Can we get one additional change please? We need something that will tell us what god we follow. Some way to examine our body or something to tell us that. I have heard that question over and over again so many times. The answer has always to find something that most of the god's dislike like killing a road or something. Seems like there won't be as many dislikes as before to test with. Thanks
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    So, still won't be able to build a stone house on Freedom as a Vyn priest because they cannot mine stone. Can't say it makes much sense for the god of knowledge to live in the dark ages building wooden houses. I honestly do not see a reason not to let all religions mine AND woodcut AND dig. Especially if you're giving them the ability to build, repair and continue items.
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    I can see Summon Soul helping so many new players get transported to safety, without having to actually join a deed until they are ready. Glad I'm a priest atm.
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    [removed Photobucket link] Here's an awkward floor selfie to let the five people that remember me know that I'm still alive
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    The religious stuff is cute, but please don't forget the little things. Everything about dispel is a nightmare, and sacrifice still interrupts casting so that enchanting sucks even more than it already did.
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    I miss you all... so here's my cat
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    I once hid in a dense olive grove, too scared to move, because I could just barely catch the mouseover name of a JACKAL when I hovered my mouse over my path home again. (Later I discovered this was only the name of Wurm's moon, which I could not quite see through the trees except the name.) Another time I stood frozen for a long time on an old abandoned mountain trail because I could hear a creature called YOUNG MOUNTAINCHASER frolicking around and grazing, and I thought it might eat ME next. (Later I discovered this was just the name for a baby horse). I was so scared of everything that moved when I started. Actual dragons were the least of my fears.
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