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    The faith/favor part of hovering your healthbar has plenty of real estate, put the diety name there to the left of it, done ez and no extra spam in examining or menus
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    So, today was a big day! Sundisk and I joined Emoo in his weekly Wurm Wednesday stream to discuss the huge upcoming priest overhaul, which touches on almost every aspect of being a priest, we shared details about mechanics as well as showcased new spells and talked about balance, there's a lot to go over and we'll cover bits of it in here, incase you missed it, you can catch the stream here: Gods and Demigods In order to better streamline how player gods work, we'll be working on tying demigods (player gods) to the original gods more closely, demigods allied with a god will share many aspects, including prayer locations, restrictions, influence spell lists, and most importantly, demigods allied with a god will be able to have their priests link together. Priest restrictions In order to improve priest play we have loosened many restrictions from general priesthood, and also adjusted god based priest restrictions to, as follows: The following restrictions have been lifted from priests: Continuing structures, fences, and items Repairing structures Alchemy (including healing covers) Bashing structures and fences (includes structure roof & floors) In addition to this: Fo based priests (this includes demigods allied with Fo) can now do mining and all mining actions (Mine, prospect, tunnel, analyse). Libila and her template demigods can now operate war machines Magranon and his template demigods can now cut wood Vynora and her template demigods can now do all things digging, including Flattening, Leveling (including border), and Dredging This means playing as a priest solo is more feasible, and means working with lower quality tools than crafters, but still able to built a house! Rite spells We all know that Vynoras rite of spring is the dominant rite, who can turn down 5h sb? Not us! (Except me, because Fo is thebest). With this update we'll be setting Vynoras rite to be more of a baseline, with each rite giving 5h sleep bonus and a small characteristic improvement depending on the god. Gods and their Demigods will now share a server wide pool on these casts, so following/praying to a demigod will still provide towards the base gods total pool. The required amount of prayers will not change with server population, meaning an influx of players to a server will not increase the requirements, and there will not be a requirement of players in local to cast either, meaning better systems for organising them as the community events they were intended to be! Last but not least with rite spells, they will no longer require being on at a specific time! After the cast, players have up to 24 hours to pray and receive the bonuses, meaning if you were offline when it was cast, you don't miss out! New spells Along with a rework of most spell mechanics, new spells have been added: Cleanse: Fo spell. Converts 3x3 area of mycelium back to normal, cast on dirt will create grass Essence Drain: Libila spell. Libila version of life transfer and flaming aura/frostbrand, healing a small amount of damage and dealing a small internal wound as bonus damage. Less effective than LT or FA/FB, but able to do both. Focused Will: Magranon spell Magranons healing spell, drains stamina of the caster as it heals. Hypothermia: Vynora spell Single target cold damage spell Inferno: Magranon spell Single target burn damage spell Summon soul: All gods. This one we expect may be a little controversial, allowing a priest to summon a player to their location. It will require the person being summoned to accept the summon, as well as being PvE only. There's a large favour requirement and a cooldown so it's not one for spamming, but may help travel sometimes in certain situations! Resistances and cooldowns With all the new spells and reworking of the old, improving spell based combat is a big focus. With the previous mechanic of overheating proving to be somewhat ineffective, we've introduced both resistances and cooldowns on spells. Taking damage from a spell increases your resistance, and many spells have their own cooldown. Some spell types will share resistances, such as Worm brains, Hypothermia, and Inferno sharing a common resistance, and healing / life transfer has a total combined resistance, much like how light of Fo has worked. There's a lot more to share including spell specific changes which we'll be doing as it goes to public testing, we expect to be picking up with team testing soon! Newspring overhaul There's been a lot of voting for the Newspring deed redesign, and i think both designs have been awesome, but there always must be a winner, and this time it is Renate! Renates design carries a treetop wander feel, and I'm keen to see it in the game, we'll be working with him to get it all ready so expect to see results soon! There'll be a small update this week which will include the little unicorn and hell babies which I'm excited for, so see you there, until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Title pretty much says it. Discussion on help channel: [22:15:02] <Tanthalas> (Rel) heheheh they need something like that with boats
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    Update Issued at 2019-01-20 18:20 GMT (UTC) To view or download the Latest Version of Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy please go to... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VXUlm1dnPAy4mcp7-thzVoPcrJaN4Rv8 Greetings fellow Wurmians, Why a separate map for Cats Eyes Highways? Since mid year of 2017, the Wurmians of Indy have been asking us, "How about adding the new Cats Eyes Highways to the Albia Roads Map of Indy?". After some careful thought and consideration, we concluded that it would "over clutter" the current map. So after some experimenting, we determined the best way to show the Cats Eye Highways would on a map of its own. To keep it simple, we removed Mission Markers, Guard Towers, Mail Boxes, Deed Markers, Tar Markers and faded the current roads network down to 40% of normal, making it a back ground shadow. Then we conducted driving surveys of all the CEH's (Cats Eye Highways) that were made know to us. Similar to the Albia Roads Map, the privacy of Hermits and those who wish to have their villages remain anonymous is being protected. The convention for having your deed added to the Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy. Even though a mayor may have elected to "Allow Routing", IF their village is not on the Albia Roads Map of Indy, then they will Not be visible on the Cats Eye Highway Map. So all those mayors out there who allowed a highway to pass through their village, but who wish to remain private, your privacy has been respected, and we thank for you community mindedness in allowing a Cats Eye Highway pass through your deed. Initial Release Issued at 2017-12-25 @ 06:00am GMT (UTC) This is a New Map. It will always be a work in progress as the worlds of Wurm are always changing, and we welcome input from the Indy Community. Thus we release this, on the morning of Christmas Day 2017, The Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy, our Christmas present to the Wurmian community on Independence. To view or download the Latest Version of Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy please go to... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VXUlm1dnPAy4mcp7-thzVoPcrJaN4Rv8 Just like the Albia Roads Map, we are hosting it on Google Drives, which lets you "zoom in" right there on line, as well as downloading it if you wish to use a picture viewer to enjoy it in Hi-Rez. We ask for your patience as we add to and improve this new map and tweak it to make it better. We hope this makes your travels and adventures safer and more enjoyable. Best wishes! Hughmongus and Skyefox Co-leaders of the Albia Consortium Co-Administrators of the Albia Roads Map of Indy Co-Creators and Co-Administrators of the Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy
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    fix taming please, an account with 70-80 taming shouldn't take 100 mixed grass / seeds / whatever to get a hell horse above submissive, RNG or not, that is ridiculous
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    That Fo spell is pretty much well.. pointless on PvE as far as I know. Could the PvE effect be something along the lines of ... dunno.... enchanting a tile? Or a "Love effect" spell with a 2hr cooldown kinda deal.... you get the idea. My 2 copper. My 1 silver: Daaaayum those changes look goooood.
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    I won't be pessimist but these "changes" do not look so much good to me, overall seems only that we are still hit by the game oversemplifications: more sb for all, easier linking with priests with different spells in their pool (including those enchants like MS and LT... lol), make traveling a LOT easier, nothing that really shines, in fact, many things makes the game maybe more dull. Hope that the rework of spells will be nicer than that... and please, really, remove the requirement of a mag domain to use meditation power erupt: meditation supposed to be something that had nothing to do with priesthood.
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    Depriest, grind, then repriest, not hard
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    So, still won't be able to build a stone house on Freedom as a Vyn priest because they cannot mine stone. Can't say it makes much sense for the god of knowledge to live in the dark ages building wooden houses. I honestly do not see a reason not to let all religions mine AND woodcut AND dig. Especially if you're giving them the ability to build, repair and continue items.
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    Feel free to add Dulcinea
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    Unless the point of this mod is to allow players to cheat, it would be a good idea to create some way for GMs to know it's in use, even if that doesn't sound fun.
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    If people could not make money off wurm I think wurm would actually be in a better place... when the changes are affecting ingame currencies that are not worth anything out of game then wurm is allowed to reach any balance possible. Think of all the suggestions and potential updates that were lost to people screaming about their ability to make money. Think about how new players to the game or your village/alliance or friends or hermits or even just other veterans might feel when they might get handed decent gear because people cared about other people and not the fact that gear is worth 10e, 20e, 50e, etc. The game is so much more appealing and friendlier before you realize it's all about the money, I felt this way when I started and discovered that merchants were a thing and saw all this high ql enchanted stuff that costed real money and I had no interest in dumping cash into a game I just started and already has a monthly subscription model paid with real money as well as upkeep paid with real money. The ONLY negative I can agree to about wurm not letting you make money is losing the ability to gain premium/upkeep funds via playing, but I'm sure there's a million and one solutions to that very small problem to have in the grand scheme of things. Such as actually playing and completing milestones/goals/events/etc to win ingame currency the same as you would in any other game and using ingame currencies for upkeep and purchasing coupons to use towards premium. The only real problem now is that any changes like this would be at minimum 5 years too late, the current population is way too low for a high risk change this far into the life of the game. However it can be interesting to think of that while we would have less of our current playerbase, how much larger would the playerbase have become to replace them?
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    I'd really appreciate it if someone could please send me some info on how to make it visible if players use this mod on my server - either messages in the Event tab, or a log that I can read, or something. I know ----> <---- this much about coding, so it would help if you could dumb it down and give me steps to follow. Thanks! Any player who doesn't want the GM to know s/he is using a particular mod is probably not someone we want on our server anyway, so I can't see a problem with making it visible.
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    If this is not intended as a way for players to cheat, then perhaps there could be a toggle for GMs to turn it off? Or maybe something that shows up in the Event window to show that someone is using it? My thought is that even on servers that don't allow macros etc., all it takes is one player cheating and then everyone else thinks they also need to cheat just to keep up and remain competitive. With that in mind, would it be possible to get the things I suggest?
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    sry for last message! want to buy rare oven 6s , rare lantern 233 5s.
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    Villagers of Arrr enjoying community events
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    Close encounter with a big friend: