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    Hi This is for those of you that find themselves listless in the aftermath of the personal goal rush. Wurm is about freedom and pride in ones own freedom. (achieving things you love doing) i believe that the personal goal has engineered many psyches towards doing what codeclub, wants you to do.. instead of that which keeps you playing. Many people have left because they don't know what to do with themselves to say nothing of internal infractions caused by the panic to `win`. titling the achievement `winner` is in my humble opinion, quite perverse. To win the game you need to find your niche and love it. results in a truer kind of pride than that which others expect of us. That's always been the way.. keeps you playing, free will is an important psycho-motive component. since everyone got obsessed by personal goals, this concept has been somewhat lost, by many. the question `what now..` lasted for very few seconds for most of us, once upon a time. But now im getting more and more reports of the question getting stuck in peoples minds. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a complaint or even, about me.. i saw the danger and walked away till it plays out, i'm still subscribed and i will return without any desire to achieve my, personal goal. If you can relate to this condition or have friends that are battling it.. just try to remember what drove you before this happened maybe have a break, while you do. If you love the game and you excel at what you're good at, in it. Both you and the game wins. well done. And the best of blessings for the years to come.
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    come kill this thing before i die of a brain aneurysm because its so god dam annoying Q15
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    Currently, Oakshell only applies to naked body parts, resulting in two problems: The inconvenience of having to unequip all your armor/clothing, then re-equip after Oakshell has worn off/the fight is over. Consequently, you look like a trashy naked trash person while using Oakshell, since you're naked, instead of wearing whatever fancy clothes you normally have on. To that end, why not have Oakshell simply override armor/clothing when active? That way, you get the same benefit as you would now, but don't have to deal with the tedium or aesthetic unpleasantness of having to take off all your armor first. After speaking to people about the PvP metagame implications of this, it seems like it would be reasonable to limit this to light armors, i.e. cloth and leather.
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    Buy a copy of WU and join us at Sklotopolis (I ain't staff on that server so I can advert neenerneener!). We got a few portuguese speakers running around. No sub, no deed upkeep. And when you do wanna do some painful conversion to euros for something off the donation site, it's something you get to keep and use... not buy again next month. Some people here seem to think that a single player will generate a subscription's worth of costs a month and thus CCAB would lose money from letting players in cheaper (dey noz ecanomiks), because subs have to be manufactured before being sold eh. Wurm could add a few hundred players at $5 each adjusting for currencies like Brazil's and still break a profit (after all, there are a few hundred FREE alts that get logged in here and there for stuff) but who the hell wants us thirdworlders and our third world money eh, definitely not the same players always demanding more ways to bring ppl to the game so they can sell their stuff to them. BTW I absolutely LOVE the sudden concern for CCAB's profit curve. LOVE it. You know what would help a lot? Stopping players from selling money they made ingame while undercutting CCAB. (But the money was generated at some point at CCAB's site!!! Yes, it was. Now someone else needs that many silvers, and instead of going to the site to get their fill of fresh silvers, they buy used silvers off someone else who doesn't even give CCAB 10%). Salud!
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    most likely private, even though they can't kill it by themselves
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    Endgame is such a weird thing because if you don't have it, then there is a lack of motivation to reach something, but if you do have it then when you reach it what is there to do? I won all tomes from valrei on epic, I've won the game several times already in hopes of replacing those on freedom too, I've ascended and had my own religion, I was the ruler of a kingdom for a while, I got 100 in a skill 4 times with 2 that are close that I don't have the motivation to finish, I've got 90-99+ in every crafting skill, I hatched my own dragon, I've killed many of every unique, I don't even know what else there is to add in. Current "goal" is to complete at least one of every mask/statue from archaeology which is going fast. I say it all the time on the forums but damn, the only reason I still login is because I don't play alone. Wurm needs more fun "endgame" content to strive for though I guess. Or even more events that don't have to be horse races or mazes
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    "Used silver as in?" Ok simple economics for you. More is more. You're only taking about the amount of silver in game. That is 100% completely utterly absolutely IRRELEVANT to CCAB's server host and their respective banks. This thread is about dollars, euros, reais, balboas, pounds, shekels, your pick. Economics lesson 2 for you: Player in country with shoddy currency sees Wurm, sees the price, converts from euros to their own currency. "That's 5% of my salary, sod that". Player sees the same game with the price in their own currency, which is say 5 euros, does the math, "That's 1% of my salary.. iiinteresting". You, sir, have earned your patronizing and a cookie. 10 players in those countries paying $15 each, or 50 players paying $5 each? Which is more? Go on, you can do it... count beads or something.
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    This one very nasty beastie - all hands to the deck ! http://
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    Exellent service! Awesome Super Mall, Check it out. Everything between heaven and hell, dangerous place, for my coin purse //K
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    Fast, easy transaction. Would absolutely do business again!
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    Step 1: Place Tome in open area Step 2: Stealth near tome Step 3: Wait for people to check out tome Step 4: ?????? Step 5: Profit
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    A couple thoughts related to starter deeds design in general, on the example of this Newspring contest. @Retrogradeand everyone. Shydow asked out loud what I was thinking by myself. Libilia colossus, all the fancy statues, PMK stuff - are these ok by "design rules"? Retro has said, the materials will be given to the builders, but as I understand, the players have to put the pieces together. We cannot build libilia statue, can we? And would we be given all these other statues, from archaeology and HoTA? Because let's be honest, Beardy's design would lose a lot of fancy points without those. And let's say these all will be granted to the builders. If a Freedom starter town is built like chaos fortress, would it be a honest first impression to players who spawn there? To see all the nice things... and later find out you actually cannot build them yourself. Then the question (actually more important than previous) about local community vs the rest of Wurm. Every starter town has developed a local community, more often alliance(s) of local deeds in the vicinity. Some of them are more vocal than others, but doesn't mean there is no activity in any of them. While I understand - every starter town belongs to every Wurmian - but is it really fair if people from Vrock, Howl, Dog or Flamma (random examples) get deciding vote in what Newspringians neighbourhood will look like for the years to come? As Thely said, Renate has asked many locals for their opinion and feedback before submitting the design and the local people are prepared to build it. Beardy submitted a very epic/chaos inspired design, then kind of retracted it, saying he wasn't actually interested in buiding it. Then changed his mind again and also has slightly modified the design. No offence, B, but come on - who paid you off? Plus, if contestants can modify their designs based on opinions given in the official, running voting thead, then the votes itself become kind of "cow's opinion". Moooooot point. Yes, my opinion is clearly biased, but I still think those questions are valid, no matter who wins ? Related, found this from the past. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/138730-design-a-starter-deed/ Anyway. Apologies for making it too complicated.
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    This is a pre-release intended to be used with the WurmUnlimited 1.8.0 Beta Version 0.39-beta1 modloader Adjust to Wurm Unlimited Add new properties to ItemTemplateBuilder https://github.com/ago1024/WurmServerModLauncher/releases/tag/v0.39-beta1
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    I shall be there!! First Dragon slaying
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    That's not actually a fair comparison, the cost of living in brazil is generally higher. You are using relative costs for each country to justify that I can "buy more" when in fact the premium COSTS me more, that's why I can buy more, not because they're proportional, but because they are both expensive. Not to mention relative cost/salary. Let's say two people living of minimum wage on brazil and germany for example. Subscription/Minimum wage USA: 11,63/1160 = 1% of the salary Germany: 10/1498 = 0,66% of the salary Brazil: 45/948 = 4,7% of the salary in USA you can have 4 accounts ant it will be cheaper than 1 account in Brazil. If I wanted to have 2 accounts I would be giving almost 10% of my salary in the game. I do not suggest it to be 10R$, but at least around 25R$, it would be much better for my pocket.
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    Rare Kiln (6s) contact karashishi ingame for pickup/delivery options Thank you
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    The word 'endgame' upsets me, I don't want this game to end.
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    Download page Attention!! I personally used this mod only on servers where client modes were not prohibited. Obey the server rules and don't use this mod if autoclickers, macros or another automation tools were banned on the server Usage: type "info" in-game console to see the list of available commands What mod can do: Automatic crafting Automatic mining and smelting Automatic forestry Automatic foraging and botanizing Some tools for automatic inventory items management Automatic item improving Other various things, making the gameplay easier You can join the discord channel with this link - https://discord.gg/GpqWrtF There you can send us your suggestions, found bugs and errors. Or just express your support with a couple of warm words
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    Taking orders on affinity on demand full house pizzas 10kg. 1 bite full fccp and 8hrs+ affinity timer 30c per pizza Random pizza at 10kg is 20c for a 20kg 30c All pizza come wrapped for extended storage Quick guide for new customers: 1. Make sure you are on fixed affinities: - go to the character window by double clicking the health bar - right click the body icon in bottom left corner - go into manage profile - check the option for cooking affinities near the bottom 2. Pm Siegfried in game to send u a test meal (this will be bear and corn breakfast) Let the player know what the affinity from tasting the tester meal is ie aggressive fighting etc 3. Nominate the desired AFFINITY you want 4.I will let you know how long before your hot freshly wrapped pizza will take to be ready(estimated time) 5. Conversely if I am not online in game post your orders here and we will make and send out promptly when we log in ready for your pickup from mailbox when you log in. bare in mind sometimes I'm very busy so if you can try to catch me online for over 2 pizza orders otherwise expect some delay especially if Im flooded with orders Heya folks will be looking to make some pizzas in near future..been busy so I have not bumped this in a while PLEASE drop a pm to Ikademandred forum account and if you see Siegfried online can bug him in game sometimes get distracted and forget to check the merch thread as I dont get a notification
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    I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I don't think it's ever made it to its own thread. There needs to be a server strictly for hunting. Currently, the main Freedom cluster has hardly any hunting. I've traveled around everywhere on all four servers, and the hunting was great when they first opened. After people start breeding and collecting aggressive such as hell horses, the hunting has gone down. What hunting there is, Spirit Templars usually kill them. What I propose is a strictly hunting only server East of Independence, sailable by boat. Building, breeding, and penning of animals would not be allowed. There would be no deeds, guard towers, or Spirit Templars. The server should remain PvP-free simply for the fact that I know that Freedom players would enjoy hunting on it as well. After such a server would be implemented, it should solve a lot of problems for people who can't find decent hunting to get their Fighting and Weapon skills up. It would also add value to larger boats as you could transport a mass quantity of meats, hides, and pelts. It would open up a new trade window for people who want to supply bulk meats and other animal produce, which is only a GOOD thing for the economy. The size of such a server shouldn't be too big, perhaps GV sized 1024, or 2048. Items can be crossed between the servers, and perhaps some unique, non-game breaking items could be found on the server for hunters to collect. The animals would be more difficult, and would be a lot more prominent. Horses would be abundant so you could bring some gear to ride on them with. A few ideas that could be implemented along with this server would include: Sleeping Bag (Non-Repairable) - Cloth Tailoring 2 Furs 2 Sheets 10 Strings of Cloth --- Offers 1/3 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Tents (Non-Repairable) - Leatherworking 5 Shafts 4 Leather (3kg each) 10 Wires 2 Sleeping Bags --- Offers 1/2 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Ivory Ivory has a number of functions, but mostly decorational, which wouldn't be game breaking at all. What could be made from Ivory includes Horned Helmets, Ivory Musical Horns, Drinking Horns, and other decorational Ivory items. Unique Respawns Uniques could occasionally respawn here with no messages. This means that each new server that is added wouldn't be plagued with people who only join the server to kill the uniques. The uniques that spawn from new servers would randomly spawn here every couple of weeks after the newest servers are added. Stronger Animals This server could showcase animals far stronger than the typical animals on the other servers. Unique creatures such as the God's animals (Avatars) could respawn here, aggressive, and perhaps would drop loot such as 50-60QL weaponry (not high QL, but mostly trophy material). A server like this could be used to test stronger animals before implemented to mainstream servers, and perhaps one day Rolf could test smarter animal AI, such as troll and goblin outposts, or even NPC strongholds. Item Fixes Branches - Make Kindling out of them I don't really see a downside to this, and a server such as this would have the least strain out of any other server as there would be no buildings or deeds. I'd like to see people's thoughts on an idea such as this.
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    Some of the sorcery items have pretty neat models, but they disappear once the charges have run out. What if they didn't, though? I would love to keep my green tome on a bookshelf or table somewhere as a decoration once it's out of juice, but that just isn't currently an option.
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    Hello, looking for a decent amount of silver to buy. Depending on the price up to 1 gold. you may also contact me ingame: Wardein.
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    -1 in present day Wurm because we already have 2 viable options, besides the fact that a Hunting Server implies less sandbox and more rules and restrictions. As of the 9/5/18, Xanadu has 11 Uniques, alive and kicking, according to Niarja. I am sure you will run into a few normal mobs on the way to locating the uniques and satisfy your hunting needs. Considering some of the places on Xanadu will require some creativity to reach, this could become a whole game within the game. If you really really need to hunt a certain type or number of mobs to quench your thirst for blood you can always make a WU server and hunt till your heart's content. +1 for adding new mob types to the game with difficulties ranging from rift creatures to lower end uniques like the goblin leader, almost solo-able mobs. Adding more advanced AI for these new mobs would be ideal.
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    I started playing this game as a student with no income whatsoever, played 3 month as free to play until my first settlement, another 2 untill my first premium from ingame silvers. Now I have 8h job with good salary for my country and still I can count on fingers months where I payed for wurm with money that I earned in real life. I'm earning money to pay the game ingame and I'm not even trying so hard so give me a break with your whining... Servers cost money, developers cost money I wonder how they make any profit at all at current situation
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    +1 Wurm has one of the most expensive Premium I've ever seen, and that absolutely hurts weaker economies to pay directly in Euros. We arent really encouraged on making any alts, and also lots of friends of us cant afford to focus on the game knowing they will need to pay this high to go further than lv20. Maybe by using some kind of company (Like Boacompra or any other) It could be cheaper for some countries, and bring some more people up. Even a 1-2 Euros discount would already be a MASSIVE change on our prices. This is just a suggestion to bring new players, new alts, and more peace to our pockets for longer periods. - And last, this is not a "Please make the game cheaper for us", its just way too expensive compared to our salary, and completely out of the way for those who doesn't have a job.
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    it's "server-wide" across Xan, you're not restricted to any particular coords
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    how much would you ask for 540 pottery planters improved and made to 50QL? edit: Order never delivered, not even part of it as promised.
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    +1 cuz I dont wanna look like a a trashy naked trash person
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    I'm already feeling bad for saying what I said.. maybe it's the doggo picture.. . May have come out as an attack, but was not intended as such, and I don't really think anyone paid you to compete ? Your design is not sub par. Make the same vote for Glasshollow and I will choose yours over Renate's. But for Newspring, I don't see it that way. I guess what I am trying to say - having an anonymous public vote for a starter town, where 70% of players won't ever set their foot into, is kind of meh. Disclaimer: I present my own and only my own opinions. I'm also known to make bad judgements. I'm living next to a sheep herder (hi Gheen) and my only highway to outside world is through their caves, which in hot summer are comparable to drinking vinegar+milk coctails. I try to shut up now.
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    I wasn't interested in doing all the digging and surface mining, that's all. It's very time consuming and I'm working on another project of my own and didn't want to invest that much time into the starter deed. No one paid me to change my mind Was encouraged by some comments but ultimately just want the glory of designing an actual starter town, bragging rights and all that. Yes, my life is that empty. Retro told me about Lib not being allowed on Freedom (WHY?!) in a PM prior to him posting my entry; he also said I could change it before he posted but I was asleep and he posted before I could update it, hence the *post* edit. Not trying to skirt the rules. The 'updated' version fixed the Lib issue and changed the material theme as per Retro's comments. I re-added a version of the east exit bridge based on a comment in the thread, just wanted to show how it could be changed with little effort. As for everything else it' should be fine as they can already be imported/created on Freedom. If it's not then it should explicitly state this in the rules for future competitions. I'm enjoying the creative side of this process, I actually waited a while for this opportunity. Obviously I'd like to win for making a superior design but also not ignorant that the locals are going to benefit from this more than I am. Still an annoying argument to use in a design competition, makes me wonder if I lose because my design is sub par or whether the 'community' is tighter than my skills.. Win or lose, I had fun and will win the next one; after all, I am only in it for the glory!!
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    Heyho, is there any restriction like "you have to be near sector XYZ" or, is your offer server wide? I find it somewhat interesting what you wrote here
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    We are pleased to announce our latest alliance manager: @Gorefiend
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    I think last night Oblivion was really close to just say "fck you, sod off, I never want to see you again, shooo!" and not even bother penning it again. Nobody cares about the loot anymore, everyone now just wants it dead. btw, I do care about loot, I'll happily take it all
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    Even if things like groceries or gas would be cheaper in countries like Brazil than in the USA , hence the simple living expenses are cheaper, something like a car will always have the same value anywhere you go. You will buy a volkswagen for 5k in Germany where it's made, and you'll buy it for 6k in Brazil because it will include the shipping expenses, government aditional tax.... Imagine Germany selling volkswagens for 500 bucks in 3rd world countries ... Would they make any money? nope..... Would they even cover their expenses? Not really.... It's the same for Wurm, they have devs and servers they have to pay as well, and not all wurm players live in USA / UK / Sweden / Germany / other high minimal wage countries, imagine 80% of the Wurm population buying the game for 3 bucks... Would devs still do anything? Nope.... Would the servers still be running? Maybe, i dont think so tho... not properly anyhow... Just because you make 100 bucks / months doesnt mean that we should all abide to sell you everything for cheaper
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    I agree with Muse, this doesn't seem like a place for endgames, this is a sandbox.
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    so 18 cans of coke is the subscription fee In the uk cans of coke from tescos will cost you 70p 18 cans is £12.60 My subscription costs me £14.42 yours is cheaper. In fact.. if you run £14.42 through the currency converter.. you get 77.48R$ I wish, my sub was only £10.09 but it isn't, yours is. count thy chickens.
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    I felt this way when I hit 100 bowyery. I hit it and just ran around for a few hours at a impalong having no clue what to do... I did the last day imping people bows, went home and just logged off, no clue what really to do afterwards. Hitting 100 was end game for me. I still don't have a goal, but do still want to play after 1 1/2 years later. I just need to find a new home, place to settle and so forth.
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    Why not 4 hours from now? Deserves to die.
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    Definitely felt that “fear of missing out” I’m sure some others have had. While others may just be trying to game the system to boost their own or their mates toons, or he’ll make some coin while they can do it in a way that seems easy for them. Finished mine, got the womp womp red cherry. But was happier playing knowing I had finished that and could just return to playing wurm the way I like. It’s the reason I decided against doing it on some alts, even though they have some pretty easy runs it just isn’t worth me devoting more time into it. I make more hourly than I’d get for the time out in that’s for sure lol. Now onto my really difficult goals, like finishing this castle ?
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    This can be now done with 5s which is 5euros and you get 15 days to enchant all the stuff you need for quite sometime, maybe even some extra enchants to sell... Normal deed costs 1 euro per month and it's quite enough for one player, everything above that is luxury people shouldn't whine about. Game is very cheap for what it is. It provides living world with decade of history behind it, endless possibilities and stuff to do and somewhat assurance that effort you put in won't be wiped so easily which unlimited servers can't offer. I do agree that people myself included like to be self reliant in Wurm and doesn't want to pay to much extra for it, that you need several priests alts to achieve that and maybe extra bulk maker and expecially priest thing could benefit from ditching some restrictions and having some adjustments but having all that at cost of one curent premium seems way owerpowered, and whining about price of this game is ridiculous. If you can't afford your playstyle you should adapt it to your budget, we are grown people not spoiled brats
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    [removed Photobucket link] Here's an awkward floor selfie to let the five people that remember me know that I'm still alive
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    [02:24:33] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. And don't wonder about a free upgrade here and there ? Thanks again for business and happy wurming! *purrrrrrrr*
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    A Toxic Prophecy Fulfilled Attention! If you allowed the one formerly known as Propheteer access to your avatars, change your passwords immediately or permanently lose them. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    +1 And then, and then, and then can we add Tree houses? Lop off the top of a Chestnut or Oak, stick a log cabin up there with a rope ladder and some rope bridges connecting them?
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    Mostly because up until last year we were limited on wall types, and then issues with how it would render at corners and be seamless in it's placement. It's a great idea, and one we'd like to see in, lots of things just pile up in the way (also, tar would be more logical with the logs, along with pegs)
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    [15:13:07] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent you a bit better coc one for the wait. THanks again for business and happy wurming! ? *purrrr*
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    All sent, and a few free upgrades for the wait time. Thanks again for business and happy wurming! :-) *purrrrrr*
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    [22:25:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks again for business Chai, and happy wurming! :-) *purrrrrr*
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    Sent from alt, should be with you in 10 minutes. A bit better once since this was sold out. At same price of course. Thanks again for business and happy grooming! :-) *purrrrr*
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    [03:30:34] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent you a few better coc items. Thanks again for business, Chai, and happy wurming! :-) *purrrrr*