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    Hi This is for those of you that find themselves listless in the aftermath of the personal goal rush. Wurm is about freedom and pride in ones own freedom. (achieving things you love doing) i believe that the personal goal has engineered many psyches towards doing what codeclub, wants you to do.. instead of that which keeps you playing. Many people have left because they don't know what to do with themselves to say nothing of internal infractions caused by the panic to `win`. titling the achievement `winner` is in my humble opinion, quite perverse. To win the game you need to find your niche and love it. results in a truer kind of pride than that which others expect of us. That's always been the way.. keeps you playing, free will is an important psycho-motive component. since everyone got obsessed by personal goals, this concept has been somewhat lost, by many. the question `what now..` lasted for very few seconds for most of us, once upon a time. But now im getting more and more reports of the question getting stuck in peoples minds. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a complaint or even, about me.. i saw the danger and walked away till it plays out, i'm still subscribed and i will return without any desire to achieve my, personal goal. If you can relate to this condition or have friends that are battling it.. just try to remember what drove you before this happened maybe have a break, while you do. If you love the game and you excel at what you're good at, in it. Both you and the game wins. well done. And the best of blessings for the years to come.
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    come kill this thing before i die of a brain aneurysm because its so god dam annoying Q15
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    Yesterday, at approximately 4:45pm (PST), I completed my personal goals. I was elated from the moment it happened, and at the praise in GL-freedom. About ten minutes later I was just standing around, messing with the catapult I had just used to complete my personal goals, and I asked my friend who was in local... What do I do now? Cry? Move on to an alt? And his response was 'Something like that' lol. I didn't know what to do with myself, so I logged off. I was wondering where this feeling came from, but now I have a have a better picture ? I'm not angry, but I just need to shake myself back to doing exactly what I've been doing all along. Wurm is about doing what you love; find a skill to try, keep yourself adventuring.. If you're not having fun doing whatever it is you're into that day, move onto a different task, get a snack or maybe take a short break Don't lose yourselves to personal goals Take time for yourself, and have some fun! Go help others, it'll remind you what the wurm community is all about.
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    Some other animal trait ideas, which I've probably said already before: Better/more responsive turning radius Able to climb steeper slopes, e.g. 45 or 50 instead of 40 Speed less impacted by slopes (pretty sure this is a rumor regarding some current traits, but I don't think it's true) Higher QL butcher products Heavier weight (more meat/fat when butchered) More/Higher QL harvested products (milk, wool, etc.) Becoming hungry less often Easier to tame Higher body strength (would affect some aspects of hitching and riding)
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    "There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning." Christopher Morley
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    Hello Sindusk, I use and love several of your mods/reworks, amazing job on all! I was wondering if there was any possibility of adding a feature to Treasure Hunting that makes it so chests can't be looted until the mobs are killed or a way for the mobs to despawn/chests become free for all after so long? I am having an issue where players "loot and run" leaving strong monsters in the world to mob/kill other players. I am not sure how the system works or if this would even be possible but if it is it'd be great. Sorry if this has already been addressed and I happened to miss it.
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    This took way longer than I admit to make. So, I finally finished this map, which we've linked to our current server (The Adventurer's) as players move over to it. It's a good map for hunting, exploring, with amazing views from some of the mountain peaks. The zip contains; World Machine TMD ( I used to help create this (with notes) - maybe it can help with designing your own map for those struggling with WM(?). Height-map (for those who want to re-design some of the attributes) Ores-map Topology map Biomes-map In-game grid-based map to help navigate. All the .map files required to play this world, etc. There is no actions file, the sheer list of actions (undo/redo/undo/redo etc) would likely kill lower end computers, due to old age and I keep forgetting to hit save actions before closing the program... *TMD/Map is free to use, manipulate, create your own maps, no need to ask, just go and have fun! This map contains glimmer/addy ores (0.001%). Download; https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxcZRLd3WWEDNEs4d0RMRFlkblE Edit: Updated with flower fix.
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    Players in CA HELP reported that the decorative ivy on stone and plain stone oriels was missing. I tested the preview client with the modern renderer on, the modern renderer off, the low memory client with the renderer on, and the low memory client with the renderer off, and in all four configurations there was no ivy on my stone oriels. May we have them back please, or may we have some communication about their future? Thank you!
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    Started a priest account like 7 days ago , Started a new main account 40ish days ago. Subbed up 2s accounts to run solo sermons. Priest alt hit Fatigue today after only being subbed up for 7 days. ofc I do have an advantage over most people by being disabled. Which allows me to be on line like 12 hours a day. Loved wurm for the 2nd time around. Have never hit this fatigue before not sure what happend this time. But either way enjoy the game
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    Sure, it is a little more inflated than american dolar or euro. I'll try to give universal examples. Today I pay 54 R$ after conversion costs(1 month plus 1 silver, 2 months subscription is about 45 R$ every month) 1 liter of gasoline: 4,2 R$ (gallon: 16 R$, gasoline is expensive around here) Can of coca-cola: 3 R$ Snickers bar: 2,5 R$ Bottled water: 2 R$ 1kg of rice: 4,3 R$ Minimum wage: 948 R$
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    Obsidian bricks for construction don't really make sense to me. The stuff is basically glass, not sturdy building material. Slate bricks are already pushing it. I like the idea of tools and weapons at high creation QL (and maybe special properties) but that can't be repaired, though, and creating decorative stuff and gems.
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    Kunibert quit? Hefty penny you asking, good luck with sale.
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    Yes Pankivtanke some people do pay for others to come do a bit of work for them. I would make a WTS forum post " WTS Hard working Wurmian" or something on them lines. Also make post in trade chat WTS Work or something. BTW if you are returning to wurm on a new account all you need now is 2 silver to pay for your first month premium. Which can be bought at a token. Cheers
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    It's pretty cool seeing a more varied animals.
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    Wouldn't it have been more optimizing to remove an object instead of a flat texture, such as the hammer from every forge, or the frying pan from the oven now that those pieces are obsolete with the place feature?
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    Sounds good, wouldnt work. Youd have whole villages or kingdoms subbing up on one "account". Or at least significant portions of them. New characters would be attached to the roster.
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    [18:42:52] This medallion is the prize of a Hota tournament. It has the head of a stag on it. It can not be improved.
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    yea tools gladiator is extremely obnoxious and shitposts every wts char thread people make to the point where it effects prices and is bad for the game, but i think you might have to take a loss on this one. 99 blacksmithing is good and all but i've been nerding out on johnston and I'd say that it's a comparable account. robo has like 600 more skill points than johnston. 99 bs is good and all but johnston has more skill diversity and is prolly worth about the same at this point. it's 300 usd less than you are asking which is a huge difference but if I wanted to sell Johnston on this current market with the improvements to the char that I made, I'd ask for 350e/420usd. i would probably have to wait a while to get that much, too. i suggest you ask for about that much. it's got a much sexier body than johnston but isn't really as bloated with skills. the only thing I really see is blacksmithing and farming.. and masonry, i guess, along with a few incompete grinds that robo started. i wish someone would moderate these forums because gladiator's price check is ridiculously low. "lol xD"
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    Please allow us to pick sprouts and prune trellis with the prune and pick_sprout keybinds. It's bad enough that they age and shrivel now, but the added work is made worse because we have to use the click through menu to maintain the trellises.
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    The ivy was removed for memory optimizations at this time. It may return in the future when a better solution is found.
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    Of course it makes sense. Hell horses are much better on a cart/wagon than regular horses are, therefore it makes sense for there to be some kind of downside or increased difficulty/maintenance. Prior to this change, there really wasn't, because neither leading, hitching, nor breeding them required any skill whatsoever; it was just as easy as breeding a regular horse or bison and using them.
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    Will see if I can find out who killed the ivy. Thanks for the report.
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    Added to the bug list, can see how that's a bit confusing thanks for reporting.
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    Yes please. I have made an entire deed with stone brick based on the natural look of the ivy on the stone oriels. I'm not happy that these have been quietly removed, no explanation or hint at an upcoming change.
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    Guess the thing is that I have posted before about have " I have never hit fatigue " lol You don't even get a popup or anything saying " btw you only have 1 hour of actions left before you can no longer use this account" My god I payed for 30 days of game time let me game holy crap. Edit if anyone knows of any other grindy game I am looking plz pm me.
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    I find the first design rather cluttered, while i do appreciate it as a work of art it doesn't look very functional, nor does it really represent newspring. Renates design is truly wonderful, it towers high into the sky yet it feels at peace with nature, really blending in with the surroundings instead of looking like a chunk of concrete jungle has been misplaced. I do have my doubts on the whole thing where i come back from break to see a poll is in place just to let people living in the area who know the region well and have to deal with the starter deed on a regular basis design the thing instead of some artist who can do a nice job but doesn't have to put up with it if it looks really out of place and locals dislike it.
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    I do believe you need 56 barrels
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    This is a great compromise, and actually likely to directly increase revenues by making it more advantageous to pay actual money for premiums.
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    how ever many I need to do 5k liters of wine
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    I was trying to build inside a mine, abit more than 1 above water level, and it would not allow me. edit: actually I just logged in to recheck and it might have been a teensy fraction under 1 ... it was a dry reinforced tile and visually looked like more than 1, but I think now it was a hair under 1. Also had an adjacent sloped tile with far edge under water but I think i simply cut it too close to "1" (turns out the adjoining slope was 1 and the far edge was a hair underwater, I had thought that was ok since the reinforced tile was above water.. )
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    1 dirt above sea level should work.
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    No, no plans since it's all uniform Previously it was all over the place with no uniformity, freeserv1, freedom002, freedom0003, freedom0004, releaseserv, pristineserver, xanaduwurm Background server names of freedom001-7 will stay as is
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    Mod Updated - Mission Items Added better logging. Added pelts to the mission item list. Properties file needs Updated since changes were made to it. Either replace the file as a whole, or change the line classname=com.requiem.wurm.mods.allinone.AddMissionItems to classname=org.jubaroo.mods.addmissionitems.Initiator Download: https://github.com/Jubaroo/AddMissionItems/releases/latest
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    The changes to hell horses unhitching at a certain point was lame and your only options now are repeated breeding, which gets old, or dumping a ton of rift mats into the stupidly hard to make fo runes of electron rage just to eek out another month or so of use. You can have a regular horse last nearly for ever, but a hell horse becomes useless after a few months just does not make any sense at all.
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    Items had a chance to drop from every mob then it was reduced to just champions and warmaster, probably what he means Smaller population means less mobs spawn meaning statistically less chance of getting loot (bear in mind a good rift on epic had 10 people, which is a poor rift on freedom), which of course, after all this time rift loot still has no use on pvp so less chance of loot and only decorative use means less people want to do rifts combined with no population to do rift. There was a time a year or so ago that myself and Sme would do rifts on epic since we were the only ones to, it would take 5-6 hours to close and we'd walk away with maybe a couple items each, so we stopped because whats the point. The absolute only incentive to do rifts on pvp is moon metal, which you can surely find better ways to get more than 0.3kg in 5 hours of work
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    Depends also upon the amount of feathers applied to the person as well... =Ayes=
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    After you imp an item you need to "seal" the item to be able to use it.. Once the item is sealed you can only repair/mend the item and you are no longer able to imp it. Drake and scale are an exception to this rule. This would create a ongoing market for wurm .. you no longer have that tool set / armor / boat etc for life it would need to be replaced later down the road. Rares supremes and fantastic items have the damage reduction same as as some of the metals now.. Please send all hate pm's to mondain in game thanks.
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    I remember when rifts first came out and on epic we got a lot of random stuff from it, but we also had tight knit communities so we shared the spaulders, pauldrons, recipes rings and stuff we got. Then PVE people complained about it cause they didn't win their precious vanity items to sell and thus less and less stuff dropped from rifts which was also implemented on Epic where no one on epic complained about rifts. They made drops shift directly into player's inventory and if you didn't see the event message, you never knew who got what. A change from freedom dropped on Epic without any prior consultation of players or feedback. Rifts then became sucky to epic players which is why no one on epic has done a rift in months. So please, one of the reasons pvpers are upset is , I dunno, because at one point Epic had like over 1000 players? Small compared to the freedom playerbase at the time, but 1000 players are still customers paying for your game. People start quitting Epic due to it mainly being ignored while freedom got all the updates they wanted. I'm not bashing freedom for the nice stuff they got over the yearrs, but like gary, I was an Epic only player since 2012 or so and after a few years I saw hundreds of people and dozens of friends leave. Freedom bashes pvpers as much as pvpers bash freedom players. But at the end of the day, freedom always got the better part of the deal and that's a factual statement not an opinion, atm I really don't care what happens to either freedom or Epic, I care about the game overall and its declining playercount and I am not sure baby horses should be a priority. Just my 2 cents, when are we getting an update about tutorial, advertising and UI fix? Smelting pots nerf? Hota removal?
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    I think it would be better to let grazers and herbivores kill/eat fresh sprouted trees and bushes so open grass plains are created in a more realistic natural way.
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    Ah, but you answer your own question.
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    #goto 500,500 should do that already, if I read the code correctly
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    @Governor I love these new GM commands. I had the previous #goto mod already (says it was made by Friya), so I had to delete that one before this mod worked for me. Like that one, this #goto requires quotation marks if the deed is more than one word long (example: #goto "Spawn Island"). It is very cool to have the mass refresh, and the ability to heal players from a distance (#fillup). Thanks for another awesome mod!
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    all good, i can add a robust system too allow for which players you would like to be able to tp to your or your deed, thanks for the suggestion. sorry missed your other question, the Teleporter is a no drop item in your inventory that acts as a portable portal.