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    This is for other people's sanity, not for my own benefit as I have eventually caught that bastard. After 2 solid months out on the sea, on 3 minute timer actions (averages out at let's call it 1 minute before pulling out the fish), 10 times got the achievement "The Path of Vynora" so over 10k fish caught. Using a rare fine fishing rod with (most recently) 98ql string and 96+ fishing skill I finally got it done. On top of that, special spots migrate every season so I had to sail around to find a new one every so often. The suggestion here is to change that from gold to diamond achievement for others sanity. If we compare that to "bin 10k items" diamond achievement, which can be done in one day using 10 bins at pretty much zero cost (using wood scraps) or even easier using vegetables/meat which weighs 0.3kg per piece, it doesn't seem right. I don't really care if this change happens or not as I have my 176kg Marlin today but it doesn't seem right and I feel sorry for others with this goal.
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    Please allow the creation of Healing Covers from the crafting window.
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    [23:12:07] Archaed slain by mature champion Troll
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    Thank you all for coming to the labyrinth. Faeran and I are so happy that so many showed up for the opening and that others are still making their way over. We are very thankful to the Wurm team... Thank you Retrograde for putting up with our never ending requests and coordinating pretty much everything. Thank you Sauroman for making the the Goblin King’s crystal ball. Thank you Enki for helping set up the teleports. Thank you Budda for allowing us to make this an official event. And thanks to everyone else working in the background unbeknownst to us. Without you guys, I dont think this event would have seen the success it has had! Thank you, thank you , thank you!
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    For those of you who are getting desperate after only a few hours of trying to do this, worry not - I probably used 12 hours or something like that in total on two different days and FINALLY made it through. I'm now the proud owner of a crystal ball! I may not be the brightest in the bunch, but surely I'm the most dedicated!? Anyhow, thank you so much Factional Fight brothers for creating this for the Wurm community. This past 24 hours has probably been one of the most fun (although aggravating) days I've ever spent in Wurm. Thank you also to Retro and the wurm team for helping on your end. The teleports made this much more convenient to get to and obviously the crystal ball is an amazing thing to own! *polishes it lovingly as she speaks* For everyone who has not yet done this, I WARMLY recommend you give it a try. If for no other reason than to marvel at this amazing accomplishment that the brothers have done! It's really quite something to set your eyes upon!
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    Since now, Goblin's King, u have 1 ball less.
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    Empire, Vanda, Panda, Rats, beloved child has many names and with the recent changes to armor PvP is more fun that ever! Make sure you join a great kingdom that can help you on your way! Join Panda today, for the most fun a wurmian can ever have! Are you a crafter? Craft for us! Are you a fighter? Fight for us! Are you a priest? Cast for us! There is place for everyone in this group! Apply now https://www.pandemonium-chaos.com/
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    I stopped reading after the first paragraph. Too many words, nothing actually being said.
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    Come one! Come all! This Saturday (Aug. 18) we, the Factional Fight brothers, invite you to the grand opening of the Puzzle Labyrinth for an adventure you wont soon forget! The gates will open approximately 7:30pm EST and the event will be streamed on our twitch channel while we stalk the participants while chatting about all things wurm! The labyrinth is located just minutes away from Vrock's Landing, and is attached to the highway system for your convenience. I hear tell that Retro is working on an easy transport system to get you to Vrock's so keep your ear open for that. For those who complete the labyrinth, you will be awarded a unique prize for you to take home and put on display at your deed! Check it out... If you do plan to come, don't forget to bring cotton as there are a few places you may feel the instinct to fall. Other things to consider bringing are a container for water and a lantern. Cant wait to see you there! Griphyth and Faeran
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    Even worse than the infrequency of a meditation tick is the requirement to move 10 tiles away to meditate in a new spot each time. It is bad enough I must stop the activity I am doing to do nothing for 2 minutes in the hope of getting a tick, but you have to move from your work space to do this as well, closing up all your inventory windows you may have open to do this every hour when you just want to get stuff done. Oh and having to lug my carpet around as well. Let us meditate in the same spot, if this is some part of anti-botting well get gud at catching the cheaters, stop making everyone else pay the price.
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    Hi Everyone! it's time for another Wurmian eye for the starter deed... guy We're looking for players to form groups and submit design ideas for the Newspring starter deed, just like we've done for other towns. The layout is fairly simple, the deed is a set size of 41x41, and has a large perimeter, we're looking for a design that shows off what's possible in the game, as well as give it that community style for the island that truly belongs to the seals. We'll be taking entries for the next two weeks, then you will all have the opportunity to vote on which one you want to represent your little rock pizza with seal toppings. Entries will need to have a deedplanner file of the proposal, a few screenshots from deedplanner, and a little blurb detailing your proposal. You don't have to worry about materials, as we'll provide them all. (Assembly required, extra nails and shafts may be found at the bottom of the box) The current deed plan is available here: https://pastebin.com/pbvVgrES So grab a friend or three, and get planning! Entry timeframe closes when this counter expires:
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    I don't think my crates and chests should decay while on my cart or ship, if it is on my deed. If I unload them, they do just fine. Unloading and reloading just creates busy work.
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    [00:40:44] You target a venerable eaglespirit. Hopefully not the last one....
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    Hey Miner, your skill dump only shoes the skills up to 20. my guess is because you uploaded it when you had no premium. I would remove the skill dump so people just see the Niarja link. That way there is less confusion. Good luck with your sale!! .... Just now realized it says the actual skill next to the 20. woops
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    Thanks for all the tools Xor Highly recommended, buy this mans goodies!
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    I had a blast, even if it frustrated me beyond belief! Had to stop to sleep part way through after making a very wrong choice, and then wait for my friends to re-join me on alts for their second run through the following day. And shout at Armyskin (sorry Army) I really recommend a visit, whether you love or hate mazes and puzzles, purely to admire and appreciate the dedication, skill and warped minds that it took to build the damn thing. Take friends, because it's more fun being trapped with company. Thank you guys for all the work you did. And the shiny prize
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    Confirmed and added to the list
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    It seriously triggers me that only the creature name is capitalised and not the age or type.
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    It usually takes our planter pots at least a few days before anything is harvestable. After that, it's harvestable every single day at the same time for up to a month.
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    lots of fun, drank lots of beer, got yelled at a lot, molested many many many nymphs, got a statue in the end, a good time all around.
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    Saddles and horseshoes do not benefit from that rune. I recommend the damage one if anything.
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    So much fun, you guys! I will definitely come back tomorrow! (Yep I have many alts) I am glad I can now say I run thru that first part way faster than I (Happymermaid) did when you followed me around in the stream!
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    Is it relevant to add that Archaed wears scale?
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    Please replace "I Scream Factory" at X14 Y6 with "Eden Outpost" thanks
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    You forgot this one too [03:30:41] Archaed slain by aged Scorpion, old Anaconda, venerable Troll
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    The prize will remain as a permanent feature
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    This thread is more focused towards the Dev team than it is it's community but I personally wanted to start this to put my thoughts out there and maybe letting some of the other members of the community do the same. So far Wurm has been getting so many updates , it's really becoming more and more fun to play , I would personally like to say thank you for awakening the discussion about PvP and thank you so much for these last changes and updates. I feel like a child on christmas evening.
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    Indeed thanks for the updates looking forward to seeing where things go. What is this epic thing you speak of?
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    Whenever the map can be updated, I've finally finished my work. With the help of my alliance we have completed the tunnel from the southern steppe to the west. From there a highway leads to the southwestern coast where a bridge now links the mainland to Stonehaven Island, formerly The Dark Island. There is a public wagoner set on Stonehaven fields as well as a public Inn with 4 rooms. Beds are set to 1c rentals. The highway links all current deeds on the island to the main network that Angelklaine ran to Port Alora. This finally ties my island into the overall main network running to Tap Dance! Credits for materials, help mining, bridge building, and logistics: Job Sweetsusie Atheline Jonydowy Syd and Zea Orlin Pandabear Mojo / Ezalor Rosered and Missmandy Angelklaine
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    Rolf hasnt left though, he's still incredibly active with us behind the scenes, as usual the dev team churns out the work, Budda is in charge of major development decisions yes, but we often refer to Rolf in order to get his insight too. He's not left the building by far, he still pays our cheques!
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    Sorry but this makes absolutely no sense to me at all.
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    Not exactly true, these darn fsbs/bsbs and the new storage units in the forest want to have a word with you.
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    Another useful surface is the settlement token, good for a lantern or even a mini-pet. ...though it looks a tad uncomfortable for this poor guy:
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    "This is Trollbane, an ancient artifact passed down to us from generations ago. Ever since Magranon himself finished the final touch on it before blessing our mortal bloodline with its sacred possession, it has left thousands of fiends and beasts in a bloody trail of guts and victory!" "And it is pink...!?" "AND IT IS PINK!"