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    Please allow us to make alliances that cross server borders. Alliances would be possible to be expanded to any server in the same cluster, of course within same kingdom only. This could greatly enhance group communications, it is quite common on Freedom that players have settlements around many servers and would still be a good thing to have easy INGAME communcation. On Epic this would connect better the alliance members on the home servers to those on Elevation. If nothing else but a GL-Alliance chat implemented would be a great thing. EDIT: Another benefit is adding a more secure channel for template kingdoms than current GL-<kingdom> chats. (No, Discord / TS is not the same)
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    Punishing players for playing solo and locking content for them if not part of group is terrible idea. Yeah it's mmo but you don't have to be social in it if you don't want. The only reward in games for being part of group should be fun for being in group, not advantage over solo players.
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    Hey now, put the pitchforks away. There's no conspiracy here. This was a change done in response to the smelting exploit immediately after the recent issue regarding the QL increase on creation. It was done prior to the July 10th Hotfix which reverted the change. The original idea was to counteract that QL increase with a QL penalty on smelting pots, which would essentially render the QL increase from imbues useless for exploitation at higher qualities. The code was done for it, but there was flaws in execution: it impacts players without imbues and who use smelting pots legitimately in a negative way. Fast forward a bit, the problem has been resolved (the change was reverted), and we've done a bunch of work for the recent patch and that change was left unattended and basically forgotten for the July 26th patch. As of this post this is actually the first time we realize the mistake. We'll be reviewing the change and we'll update you when more information is available. In the meantime, sorry for the miscommunication.
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    Uhm that are what castles are meant for, so the small number of defenders can repel much larger force. There are historical examples of much bigger raids repelled by very small number of defenders, much common way of conquering castle is due too starvation or surrender or even betrayal rather than with breach
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    This still is going off an unknown meaning for the word raid. Lets take CG on ele for example, it wasn't designed to be unraidable, it was designed to be user friendly for the 99/100 times it isn't being raided and the 1/100 times it is it relies on defenders. Lets say the deed is still there and you want to raid it, and theres no defenders, maybe it will take you 30m to get past the dirt wall maybe less does this count as raided? Then you ram a straight line to token and drain right away, does this count as raided? Now you ram/cata/treb into all of the 80+ houses there, does it count as raided at the first house, tenth, 20th, 50th, all? Then you get dollar signs in your eyes and break into my safemine, does that count as raided? Then lastly you break into all the other safe mines scattered around the deed as well as the boat mine. At what point can you say you have raided? Is it raidable because you drained the token surely within a couple hours, or is a deed with an open token on flat ground unraidable because looting every house and mine would take days/weeks without defenders? I think breaking in to drain is fine. I think the need to disband war deeds is fine. I think the ability to loot a deed from top to bottom taking everything not nailed and nailed down and every horse and grief is harmful to the game. Its a hard line to draw as the fine and the not fine both affect each other greatly, as making it easier for simple raiding will make it easier for toxic raiding, and making it harder for toxic raiding will make it harder for simple raiding. This is why I lean on the side of the line that makes normal raiding suffer because its simply just healthier for the game and the only downside is that big bad boy chad has a hard time getting his 50th longsword
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    Now the problem here with this statement is.. on paper it might look like oh damn you cant raid a deed with 4x the numbers within 8 hours thats bad, but in reality what definition of raid are we talking about? Should people have the power to drain and loot everything within 8 hours? Even just drain and one safemine? 8 hours sounds like a long time, but how long collectively did it take to make the parts of the deed that get smashed, how long did it take to make everything that was looted in the safe mine? Is 8 hours an ideal time to be able to undo a collective amount of potentially hundreds or even thousands of hours? This is why I'm ok with mines being hard to break into as sort of a balance. More likely to see people staying when they keep their crap and are able to rebuild and still fight and play. More likely to see people leaving the server/game when they cannot
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    what did you expect to happen putting a volume rune on it
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    "Get info" in a submenu, like Enchant already got years ago, to avoid wasting it at the slightest lag or misclick.
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    As the title says I am selling a deed on Deliverence ? Coords are H8 (ingame) or B8 (community map),name is Sunburst. The size of Sunburst is 25 by 30. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 3 silver, 44 copper and 70 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver and 50 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 64 days, 8 hours and 15 minutes more. It consist of 8 buildings (Kitchen,Main house,Workshop,Parking,Shipyard,Sermon area,Storages) 22 animal pens (leaving some 5speed horses), around 400 farm tiles, 99 runed mailbox. Closeby to clay,moss,tar,different ore veins (zinc,lead and iron in deed mine). Reveal for pictures ? Taking offers as of now! For any questions message here or Pm Zoranah ingame.
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    Ideally, I could see it following the same dynamics as dropped dirt, i.e. flow downhill after 40 slope is reached. Yes, this would create mounds and lumps (not spikes), but that would be the natural result if someone dug up an area and abandoned the holes / piles of dirt. Imo, the present situation – dirt that just vanishes after a few days, weeks – is a lot more 'magical' that this solution would be. Personally – and I'm fully aware this might not be popular with other players – I'd love to see this taken even further: have everything that decays drop dirt equivalent to its weight when the final decay tick pushes it over the edge, whether buildings, wagons, boats – whatever. While out wandering Xanadu, I've always been a little disappointed that there's no trace of ruined buildings once they're gone, only the earthwork. Imagine seeing vague, smoothed-over ridges marking the footprint of a long-gone castle. Next best thing to having actual persistent ruins in the game.
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    The problem, as I see it, is that smelting things down makes sense, immersively, and reducing QL doesn't. You should be able to refine metal to higher QL anyhow; the concept of a QL cap on ore is odd. As I understand it, the QL of ore is, realistically, the starting point. High QL ore is easier to refine, but that doesn't mean you can't refine low QL ore, it just takes longer (and should take more of it to get the same weight of high QL).
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    And in the year 1076 the goal was achieved. [11:25:36] You have received 1000 karma for 'Improve an item beyond quality level 99'. Thank you for the help thorgot!
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    Biggest issue is the way the system works with keybinds, with right clicking creating the context of what's possible, the keybind sending the action ID, so this means any checks to see whether the action is possible are bypassed. Part of the new UX work will be not only making it easier to implement new keybinds, but improving the underlying mechanics for them so it functions better. Sindusk has been putting work in on improving this, and several improvements have already gone out
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    Yeah wtf! How will I imp my pitchforks if you nerf my lumps? We're talking about quality lynching here!
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    I think our concern is more for the experience and enjoyment of the players, and not how many subs we can force people to get just to use the features.
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    01:01:26 <@Keenan> [01:00:45] The settlement of Null Point has just been founded by Keenan. 01:01:59 <@Keenan> Budda: I named my deed after your coding style 01:02:23 <@Budda> rude
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    Looking to sell all the stuff in the picture, send me reasonable offers and I'll probably accept them. Sold: ointments of tailoring Items will be sent from my storage alt Rhegdit.
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    Is it possible to make a one story building have both a roof and ceiling ? when you have a dividing wall, the wall doesn't meet the roof, and looks stupid. oh, and FLOWER OVER HAUL PLEASE, FLOWERS REDONE.. thank you.. thank you very much.
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    You won't be able to disable it, but we're working on making winter look better - it got better terrain textures a couple updates ago and we're currently working on the lighting to make the snow look less blinding.
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    Agreed, it's a weak comparison but frankly, its the only game in existence (that I know of) which compares evenly to Wurm PvP when you look at the correct facets. + Full Loot Drop + Full Base Loot Drop + Time-based Skill Level formulas for Combat + Strategy / Meta experience necessity + TimeZone issues with PvP + # of Players active in a fight matter Let's compare apples to apples more than bring up Ti-Di wars which I've avoided since implementation. Your scenario is irrelevant because of Asset Safety. Anyone who failed to defend their home has all of their 'safe' belongings 'magically teleported' to another station and system. Wurm has no asset safety other than the 'mine vaults'. I'm assuming you don't have much wormhole experience? Evictions (aka, Raids) require that you have hole-control 24/7 during the operation, so no, all of your members can't dock up, log off and wait for new timers, they have to actively scout and combat anything trying to get in or out of the system. In wormholes, when you kick the sandcastle over, all the loot drops... so this would be the scenario to compare. I was there for the first and only Keepstar kill in Wspace. It took months to plan and over a week to execute. You can't just drop 99 supers and sit in TiDi for hours, log off and wait for more pings. It requires you to actively maintain control of the Op without allowing your enemy to reinforce with fleets. You actually have to spend 3 entire days killing the structure and scouting the system. That being said, if most/all deeds could be raided and looted in less than 8 hours, how many people do you think would still PvP after the majority of their assets were stolen by a consolidation of power in the first few months?
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    Tyvm And also SOLD ! ?
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    I remember this deed! it's very beautiful.
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    I see this as more of an immersion issue than laziness. (I have the same problem with dirtwalls, to be honest. No way they should be the most permanent structure in the game, if making them without retaining walls were even possible.)
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    Ohh sounds good, I thought the fix was way earlier (me and trakcing of timeflow). Good news, please close the thread then (and I have a pair of special items now )
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    That's just crazy talk!
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    The lynchings will continue until we are properly able to convert our high quality pitchforks back into lumps!
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    Horses already take forever to grow into usefulness, please don't add to that by adding more useless foals its bad enough with regular horses
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    There are a lot of relatively simple* suggestions and minor QoL requests in the forums, many of them non-controversial, but they tend to sometimes get buried under more contentious or long-winded threads that require more discussion. So, this thread is for compiling a list of those suggestions, with links back to their original thread. Post anything you feel fits in a reply, and if it seems like something that fits the bill, I'll add it to this post. I'm sure I'm missing plenty. Note: I'm looking for things that are fairly simple and non-controversial. There are many suggestions I've made, or agree with, or find important, but that I'm not including because they aren't the kind of simple and agreed-upon changes I'm compiling here. *Due to the nature of software development, it's sometimes hard to know what would or wouldn't be "simple" to implement. Sometimes a feature/change seems simple, but would actually be extremely difficult or require a lot of tedious effort. For this and other reasons, something being included in this post is absolutely not a guarantee that it will be implemented, or easy to do. This is only to serve as a convenient place to archive certain types of popular suggestions. Unique names on blood: (IMPLEMENTED) "Plant" keybind functionality for planters on racks: Indication when able to Focus in combat: Viewable branded creature count on deed: Changing dairy-based food (ice cream in particular) to use Dairy Food Making skill: Allow harvest action time to be affected by sickle/bucket QL/WoA: Storage of fat and bladders in food storage bins: Removing Magranon/no domain restriction for Erupt/Freeze: Planting flowers on grass: (IMPLEMENTED) Milk/groom/shear info on mouseover (tied to AH skill?): Ability for herbivores (e.g. horses) to eat fruit, berries, & nuts: Adjust difficulty of pruning so higher skill results in better success rate:
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    Should be a keybind for every action, not just the select few then that would end the complaints about missing keybinds.
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    Until a fix is found we will be forced into hosting substandard quality lynchings.
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    ...or just add the same discard option we already have on a bunch of things.
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    roughly 2-3 hours a day on weekdays and 8-10 hours on saturdays and sundays. I turbonerded it to 70 to be done and over, until I get the motivation to get 80+. Affinity meal is a must, highest nutrition a must. affinity if you have it great, I didn't. If you have a priest that can wisdom of vynora every 30min, you will gain 2-6min of SB back every 30min for free, I had one. And high coc, naturally, on everything. Also, don't bother with metal, wood spears all the way, once 5 over your skill, light a forge and reduce quality until spears are 3-5ql. Aside from burning a few accidently, I started with 40 spears I think, and finished at 70 having 5 rare spears, 1 supreme spear, and almost 20 normal spears left. I started at 1 and got 25 the first saturday, on sunday I got it to 38. Starting from there I did around 2 points a day to 50, then 1 point a day on weekdays and as many as i could get on weekends. at 65 I did .50 a day and 1.00 on saturday/sunday. That was my goal, didn't always hit it, but still.... 2 months to 70 is VERY possible, almost too long if you have more time to spare then I did. I can see someone getting 70 in 1 month, 80 in 2 months if they have the time. 90 possible in probably 4 months if you have a steady source of SB and plenty of time, maybe evens sooner. I went from just over 50 smithing to 64 smithing. I was over 50 body strength and gained over 2.5 points. At lower levels, you're going to see much more gains there. It's great for your main toon, even if you never use WS to make a weapon afterward. Free bump for @Firecatcause our extra posts
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    Jeesh Ammar you got some buds out there letting you get it cheap! Haha
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    this has nothing to do with anything mentioned but i bring it up every couple months: can we please get client launcher thats from 2018? for instance the blizzard launcher I'm sure most people are familiar with is an app that you use to launch WoW and other games made by blizzard the application itself is persistent and stays open even if you've launched a client, updates on its own without needing to be closed and reopened and would just be a huge QoL if we could get something like that for wurm (given how many times per day people launch clients) is something like this not achievable with java? is it just too much work or not something the team is interested in having for the game?
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    priest in its current form, no matter how powerful the offensive spell is, is useless with the slow rate of favor regen, no one is going to spend hours filling gems with favor to just go around nuking puppies and trolls
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    Major changes like this will come with a faith swap. The full details are not yet concrete, even sindusks comments are not 100% set and subject to change which is why we haven't shared specifics, but we will once it is all up for public testing.
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    It’s been stated already in this thread but I’d like to re-emphasize an important point: The current system punishes you for trying to do good and let others know you’re casting Rite of Spring. A few weeeks back on Indy it was available. We announced it was incoming so people would log their Vyn alts in. So that others could benefit; not just us. By doing so, we changed the favor math and the Rite was no longer available (and hasn’t been since). A junk mechanic that begs for change please
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    Hey, all. I just discovered something veeeery useful. If you need to move a forge around but don't have fine carpentry level 40 required to build a wagon, you can push/pull/center the forge in a jiffy. To move a forge one full tile you need 11 pushes or pulls + 1 move to center. Once it moves to the center of the tile, you repeat the cycle: 11 pushes or pulls + 1 move to center. Super fast and easy. That 1 move to center saves you around 5 or 6 pushes/pulls, and allows you to regain your alignment for percise direction. It's easier to push than pull so you can see where you're going. But don't hit move center before completing 11 pushes, or you will move to the center of the tile you were just at, moving back instead of forward. You need 11 pushes for the move center action to advance you to the next tile. I like to temporarily bind "push" to "Q" and "move_center" to "E". This way I can use my WASD in conjunction with Q and E and move that forge around like it was made of feathers. And here's how you can double your speed: use 2 characters at the same time. You can assign up to 3 cued-up actions. So for Char1 assign push 3 times. Then to Char2 assign push 3 times. Then go back to Char1 and wait for him to finish all of his first 3 pushes and assign him 3 pushes more. Then go back to Char2 and wait for him to finish his 3 pushes and assign him 2 pushes more + 1 move center. And zoom... you'll be pushing that forge all around the place like it has wheels. PS... If you're moving on a diagonal, you'll 6 pushes more. So Char1 will have 9 pushes, and Char2 will have 8 pushes + 1 move center.
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    God damn this is an awesome idea. +1 Im not sure what everyone else will think about this, but what about removing surface mining for this too if it were to go ahead? Reason being to make deed design back the way it was before. A simpler design to go with the more simple gameplay. No token pits or mined down dirtwall perimeters.
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    Personally I'd like to see the Fo one do a server wide Genesis - far more useful than holy crop
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    Today's Random Enkounter was on Affliction. Inventor was very quick to spot me and would face 6 horrifying ordeals. Ordeal #1 - Name the 'Stealer of Souls'? He was on the right path but didn't quite get there within the allotted time limit of just over about a minute. Ordeal #2 - How many rock shards will fit in 3 large crates if one of the crates holds 11 dirt and another crate holds 7 bricks? Nailed it! (albeit with some careful nudging) Ordeal #3 - How many meters in length is 4 tiles. He got this one easily. Ordeal #4 - Trial by chipmunk! Survive the infestation of half a dozen mutated chipmunks! I had no idea a sickle was good at that.... Ordeal #5 - This is a tough one.... in fact it is so tough only I myself could know the answer. The question is, has anyone successfully found the activation instructions for the Knights of Seris hidden mission? After some careful consideration Inventor answered the question perfectly and got it right! Ordeal #6 - The Menace of The Shire! He must face the dreaded, bare footed Hobbiton menace! 20 Cave Hobbits! 15 Sand Hobbits, 10 Forest Hobbits, 5 Mordorian Hobbits, and one Curious Took. The fighting was fierce as the cave hobbits and sand hobbits tried to eat his toes off, but Inventor quickly dispatched the majority of them only to be challenged by the more powerful Forest Hobbits and the extremely determined Mordorian Hobbits."<Inventor> Nasty Hobbitses" The malnourished deed guard was barely holding against the Forest Hobbits while Inventor tackled the Mordorian Hobbits on his own. Unfortunately, the deed guard could not succeed against the Forrest Hobbit and one of it's relative had to step in and avenge his re-death. It was his Great Aunt Lucy who died tragically in a bakery accident 60 years prior when an oven fell over on her after someone had overloaded it top heavy with too many pound cakes... Poor Lucy.... didn't stand a chance in this afterlife either... Next came the great great great grand uncle twice removed on the first deed guard's pet dog trainer's mother's side of the family. He meant business. His see through cloak was even more see through than the others and his eyes even more gaunt and his skeletal smile even more ...errr.. smiley. Well, he re-died even faster.... sadly.., but that's what he gets for taking on a Mordorian Hobbit! Inventor barely survived the onslaught as the hours passed, but after running around and collecting some of his lost body parts and missing blood he patched himself up...many times, but enough to wear them down and finish them off at which point the most dreaded Shire menace of all appeared... A Curious Took! In spite of all of his clumsiness and usually large hobbit feet, the Curious champion of a Took, fell swiftly to Inventor's axe. I guess its true, they do need their big toes to walk. Inventor won the day, and word shall spread that the Shire has been spared this menace from arriving at its hills one day. For his winnings, Inventor got to keep anything in the Took's pockets. A fireplace... gotta know where your fireplace is at all times! Half a dozen oranges! Three boots! Never know when you will come across a three legged man. A rare meditation rug.... also good for yoga! Supreme pottery flasks! - Travel in style with your vintage wines in handy single serve containers! Supreme pizzas. Nothing is better than a quality pie made with lots of cow and pig products! Unfortunately, since Inventor failed the second most most important challenge of all during this Enkounter, I had to remove the Ring of Power and send it back to the void. Unfortunately, I dropped it somewhere in a fishing pond never to be seen again...
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    "Let me tell you a little secret..." http:// "there is a very big fella up the road!"