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    I haven't posted here in years. But this is from my new homes on the Sklotopolis server (some projects aren't quite done yet):
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    "This is Trollbane, an ancient artifact passed down to us from generations ago. Ever since Magranon himself finished the final touch on it before blessing our mortal bloodline with its sacred possession, it has left thousands of fiends and beasts in a bloody trail of guts and victory!" "And it is pink...!?" "AND IT IS PINK!"
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    Tannery located on Xanadu, near Vrock Landing, on Crocodile Isle Toolbelts: 5-slot 20c 6-slot 30c 7-slot 40c 8-slot 60c 9-slot 1 silver 10-slot 5 silver (rare ql90 belt - 2 in stock) Blank (unenchanted) Saddles: ql50 15c ql60 20c ql70 40c ql80 60c ql90 1s40c ql93 1s90c ql95 3s80c Rare saddle, blank, ql95 - 8s (out of stock) Saddles with WoA in stock, send PM for custom orders and imping: ql80, WoA81 1s41c (1 in stock) ql80, WoA82 1s42c (1 in stock) ql80, WoA84 1s44c (1 in stock) ql80, WoA85 1s50c (1 in stock) ql80, WoA86 1s52c (1 in stock) ql80, WoA87 1s54c (2 in stock) ql80, WoA88 1s56c (2 in stock) ql80, WoA90 1s80c (1 in stock) ql90, WoA91 2s64c (1 in stock) ql90, WoA92 2s68c (1 in stock) ql90, WoA93 2s72c (2 in stock) ql90, WoA94 2s76c (1 in stock) ql90, WoA97 3s22c (1 in stock) ql93, WoA98 3s96c (1 in stock) ql93, WoA99 4s22c (1 in stock) ql93, WoA102 4s90c (1 in stock) ql95, WoA100 6s40c (1 in stock) All enchanted saddles come with free bridle and saddle bags. Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, full sets (9 pieces): ql60 72c ql70 1s08c ql80 1s44c ql90 2s70c ql93 6s30c ql95 19s80c Armour sets available in Tim's Tannery house colours blue/black bi-colour design (QL80+ sets dyed free of charge). Scroll down for pictures. Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, per piece: ql60 10c ql70 15c ql80 20c ql90 40c ql93 90c ql94 1s50c ql95 2s50c ql96 4s ql97 6s The above list is also used to calculate imping fees, imping fee is the difference of what ql it is now to what ql is wanted. Example: ql80 (20c) to ql90 (40c), difference is 20c, thus that's the imping fee. Rare armour pieces: Rare studded leather boot, blank, ql90 - 2s40c Rare studded leather sleeve, blank, ql90 - 2s40c Rare studded leather jacket, blank, ql93 - 2s90c Rare studded leather jacket, blank, ql95 - 4s50c Supreme studded leather jacket, blank, ql93 - 4s90c Rare plain leather cap, blank, ql90 - 2s40c (2 in stock) Rare plain leather boot, blank, ql90 - 2s40c (2 in stock) Rare plain leather jacket, blank, ql90 - 2s40c Rare plain leather pants, blank, ql90 - 2s40c Rare plain leather boot, blank, ql95 - 4s50c Rare plain leather cap, AoSP 81, ql95 - 4s90c Rare plain leather sleeve, AoSP 88, ql95 - 4s90c Rare plain leather boot, AoSP 90, ql95 - 4s90c Rare plain leather pants, AoSP 98, ql97 - 8s40c Rare plain leather jacket, WA 97, ql97 - 9s40c Tim's Tannery house colours: Studded leather: Plain leather: Leather Barding: ql50 30c ql60 40c ql70 50c ql80 70c ql90 1s80c Ql80+ bardings with AoSP available on customer request. Archaeology Journals (emtpy, fill with your own paper/papyrus): ql50 20c ql60 30c ql70 40c ql80 60c ql90 1 silver Ql50 - Ql90 gear usually delivered out of stock, Ql90+ made on order. Ql90 studded and plain leather armour with AoSP available, send PM or /tell for prices. Imping service up to Ql97 for all leather armours including drake hide. ----- All casts made by Gandalfthegreat, courtesy of Killerspike. Merchant at Vrock Landing's Inn & Market with entry to medium-level adventurer gear. Accepting sleep powders (value: 1 silver) or metallic liquids (value: 2 silver) as payment for direct trades at Vrock Landing. Send /tell to Timothymarker for in-game info.
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    TL:DR - [22:06:43] <Persy> [23:06:26] Faith increased by 0.2400 to 53.4847 (And that's with 2 priests here). I've seen some requests lately on the forums from priests looking for a sermon group, so I decided to start one! I invite all WL and BL priests to come on down! When: effective now Where: Pilot Point T22, Celebration (or X38 Y47 on the Celebration Map) What is a sermon good for: Faith gains and resetting your daily prayer count back to zero for additional faith from praying. How does a sermon work: Once you have reached your 5 prays for the day a sermon is used to reset your prayers. You can preach every 3 hours with a min of 6 listeners to reset your prayers. Once finished, you have 5 fresh prayers on a 20 minute cooldown. I'm not at 30 faith yet should I attend?: yes! You are able to pray which benefits you as well as us and once you hit 30 you can be converted and join the rotation. What do I do between sermons? We ask that you do not log out if at all possible. We are kind enough to leave ours running idle for you. Going AFK just let us know our rotations are set up to allow you never to lose your spot!! Not going AFK but bored? We can help!! I will offer some basic mats for you to kill time and gain skill!! Why attend your sermons vs another? Not only to we offer a min of 6 listeners constantly I will also personally offer imping services (as my time permits) and affinity meals to my visiting priests to maximize their channeling skill gains. How Rotation works: *DISCLAIMER* - The sermon rotation will be maintained by me or a delegate designated by me. For any complaints or concerns about sermon order or any other drama you forgot to leave at your deed, these issues can be addressed to me privately. As no highways travel through my deed, I reserve the right to KoS unruly visitors at my discretion. Questions just pm Booskii or Wargasm here or in game Hope to see you there!!
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    Just a couple of thing to make ships more effective and usable. Quality has an effect on top speed. At the moment ql just decreases decay rate and anything above 10ql will float. If current maximum speeds were set for a ship/boat of 50ql. Above this the ship speed would be increased slightly, below it would be decreased. This would also give good shipbuilders some renown and maybe a little more income. Allow a raise/lower sail action. At the moment boats/ships have 2 speeds. Wind and Wind plus Rowing. Have different states of sail between fully lowered and fully raise. 3-5 "levels" would be enough to allow better control for navigation when coming into dock and also entering/navigating canals. There is nothing quite like spending a few minutes push/pulling your Knarr down off a cliff because you entered the cave entrance with the wind behind you! Or beaching every few minutes in a blackness of Colossus Snake Canal on Inde for the same reason. I believe that both of these would make travelling by sea a much more pleasurable experience. So please for the love of Vynora consider these ideas!
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    It's extremely frustrating to try and position a ship for loading items when every time you command the ship the wind jerks you 5 tiles before you can set the anchor. I suggest an option to "Lower Sails" for larger ships so that when the sails are lowered, you can raise anchor, drag ship, board and set anchor without having to worry about the wind. To cast off, you raise anchor AND sails. Basically, this means when the sails are lowered, wind has zero affect on the ship. I am sure we can think of many other uses for this game mechanic. Discuss.
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    Boats can move rather quickly makeing them very difficult to nearly imposible to dock (made worse if you have any kind of lag). If we could be allowed to lower sails and then only move the ships with rowing speed would allow us to slowly manuver through tunnels and harbors to dock the ship. Players that like and have computer and internet connections that make it easy to dock now in high winds culd still do so. How ever many players dont use ships because of this problem and by letting them lower sails to amnuver in tight areas would make ships usable by them as well.
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    Yes because the "high parry" of a longsword is what will save you once TC "gang" you.
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    "Let me tell you a little secret..." http:// "there is a very big fella up the road!"
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    Got back into wurm after a 5 year vacation and the first thing I wanted to do was Improve my Drake Set. I got a hold of Tyrtix who improved my set to 90ql in under a day. Was Fast, friendly service and the price was great.
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    Well it appears that this keeps going back around the same circles, so we're going to call it done now. We've received some great ideas, and have had plenty of internal discussions based on this thread as well. Our next steps will involve some back end work allowing us to tweak and fiddle with mechanics a little more easily, sindusk already mentioned his work on reworking armour to be more easily adjusted, and there's other areas such as spell mechanics that need updating on the back end. Over the coming days/weeks we'll begin sharing an overview of each issue we want to tackle and how we feel is the best way to address it in threads on each individual issue for discussion solely on that point to avoid losing focus. It'll be a long process as there's many pieces to this puzzle, we don't expect overnight miracles, but we do want to begin those steps. I'd like to thank you all for your input, and for at least trying to keep things on topic most of the time.
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    Is there a server mod out there yet that allows players to sell full containers on a Merchant? For example, we'd like to sell barrels, steins, or goblin skull cups of wine in the saloon. Or lunchboxes filled with sandwiches and drinks in the restaurant. If it doesn't yet exist, does someone feel like making this?
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    This would be a big quality of life improvement. It's also super easy to do... -From WU code since I can't see WO, (imo) but they are basically the same.- MovementScheme class. Add code to MovementScheme.addWindImpact() that stops adding wind affects if sails are set to furled. Make a removing method that is the counter to MovementScheme .addWindImpact() which removes all wind effects on the boat. Make a new action performer + behavior provider so the player can furl or un-furl the sails. And this basically calls the new removing method that removes wind effects on the boat.
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    Definitely agree with the OP. Being able to cut the speed to park exactly where I'm aiming for, would be awesome. And I also love the set sails suggestion, to just go where the wind takes you (when you're bored and you have nowhere particular to go). +1
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    Neutral, I get it I just do not think it is entirely necessary or eye poppingly amazing, sometimes the simplest things work best.
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    Why do you disagree with how they were done originally? When the cast was available and you had enough linked priests you casted, first come first serve. Just because one group of players found this inconvenient and wanted to plan out when the casts were done shouldn't mean the rest of the entire playerbase should have to wait up to 500+ days for a cast. They had the exact same opportunity to cast it. Don't forget Wurm is a 24/7 live virtual world with players in probably everytime zone, events are going to be inconvenient to you sometime.
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    +1 for using Malena's priest. If not, your horse will end up like this one who walks backwards instead of forwards... (Actual footage of horse!)
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    Especially if this is able to be keybound. +1
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    Hey everyone, I was thinking devs should add the ability to lower the sails for sailing boats. This would help when travelling against the wind and make sailing a little more realistic. The way im thinking is when you are sailing against the wind, you can right click on the boat the and click on an "lower sails" option to do so. Once sails are lowered, the speed of the boat would be a either 5 - 10km more, or the speed of a rowboat. This will help boost the economy as more people will be willing to sail cross server due to speed boost on boats. Please share your opinion respectfully and make constructive criticism as needed.