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    After i entered through the portal on September of 2009, I've had some great times. met some really cool people and made some really great friends both in game and out of game.I served on the wurm staff as a Game master, Lead Game master for Ca/CM and I have no regrets. The community in this game is strong and people are always willing to help others.. I wish I had more time to spend it, but real life has other plans for me. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphoma (cancer) earlier this year, its now elevated to stage 3. The survival rate is mediocre, but its opened up my eyes to whats really important in life. Family friends and my adorable 5 pound dog(Abby). I'm also Playing Elder Scrolls Online PC NA server under the name @EnveeMe . send me a friend invite if youre over there. So I bid thee a farewell and keep on making the community a great success for newer and older players alike : Envy/Sean
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    Joined this server today and loving it so far, new to the game also! Having a fresh server is so nice from the established larger servers, just hope it stays around!
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    Want some Bloodthirst on that bow, now that you can improve the enchant by killing creatures? Look no further. Or maybe you need Rotting Touch so you aren't that noob with Frostbrand on his axe at the dragon slaying? Blessings of the Dark (CoC + WoA) , Rotting Touch and Web Armour 25c - 70+ (extra 15c if it goes 85+) 50c - 85+ (extra 25c if it goes 90+) 1s - 90+ (no extra charge for high casts) WA Armor sets - (2s for 70+ 3s for 80+ 6s for 90+) Bloodthirst ~500 -1s Bloodthirst one-shot - 40c / 1 item 30c / 3 item 25c / 5+ items Nolocate - 25c / 85+ cast Lurker in the Dark - 45c / 85+ cast Any Demise - 20c Vessel up to 100q - 5c each Price matching - find some other merchant ad updated within the last 3mo charging less? Link it and ill match the price. Heavy discounts for multiple items,armor sets and returning customers. If a cast goes 90+, there is no extra charge. PM for custom casts. Minimum QL I expect to see is 70. I am not responsible for shatters, but always willing to work with the customer to replace the item. Simply mail your item to Lockbox labeled thus - (name) (cast desired - RT,BT,WA,BOTD,NOLO) (power) Double check everything is correct before shipping it off. If you screw up your labeling, PM me here asap and we'll get it fixed if I haven't already sent it. The item will come back within 48 hours, a friendly PM here never hurts to remind me Random rares and stuff for sale
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    Hello everyone, Please check my list for nature goods. I'm located in Pristine next to Blossom area ( H15 ) If you need shipping with mail pls ask, FLOWERS: Name Quality Price/100 Stock Lavender 60 30c 1100 Rose 65 45c 800 Camellia 55 35c 900 Oleander 60 40c 900 Yellow Flowers 70 70c 300 OrangeRed Flowers 70 70c 200 SEEDLINGS: Name Quality Price/100 Stock Hops seedlings 65 65c 200 Ivy seedligs 65 70c 100 SPROUTS: Name Quality Price/100 Stock applewood birchwood 70 60 65c 70c 300 0 blueberrywood 60 65c 300 camelliawood 75 65c 400 cedarwood 70 65c 400 cherrywood 70 65c 300 chestnut 75 65c 400 firwood 70 70c 100 grapewood 70 55c 600 hazelnutwood 65 55c 600 lavenderwood 70 60c 400 lemonwood 70 70c 300 lindenwood 70 70c 100 maplewood 70 70c 200 oleanderwood 70 70c 200 olivewood orangewood 70 70 75c 65c 200 300 pinewood 70 70c 200 raspberrywood 65 65c 200 rosewood 70 70c 200 SPICES: Name Quality Price/100 Stock Cumin Fennel seed 65 65 70c 70c 100 200 Ginger 65 70c 200 Nutmeg 65 70c 100 Paprika 65 70c 100 Turmeric 65 70c 100 HARVESTS Name Quality Price/100 Stock Green Apples 70 70c 200 Green Grapes 75 40c 1000 Hazelnuts Chestnuts 70 75 65c 80c 300 100 Lemons 65 45c 800 Olives 70 50c 700 Oranges 65 55c 500 Pinenuts 60 55c 400 Red Cherries 70 60c 500 Mapple sap 60 30c 6 barrel RUGS Name Quality Price Small Colourful Carpet Colourful Carpet 40 50 10c 25c ROPES Name Quality Price Rope Thick Rope Mooring Rope Cordage Rope 50 50 50 50 3c 10c 3c 3c SAILS Name Quality Price Small Square Sail Triangular Sail Square Sail 45 45 45 30c 30c 45c
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    Now that we have electrum, and with the new metal properties and shaders making it easier to add new alloys in general, why not suggest a few? I'm mostly trying to think of ones that would add more uses to existing base metals, or that have a visually distinct look compared to what we already have. Pewter: Constituents: Mostly tin, some lead. Appearance: Variable shades of grey, darker with higher lead content. Advantages: Better jewelry smithing item prices than tin or lead Possibly usable for statuettes and other gold/silver specific items Slower decay and less damage than tin or lead Good for bashing Easy to work with (improve/repair/high creation QL) Another use for lead is always appreciated! Rose gold: Constituents: 50-75% gold, 25-50% copper Appearance: Pinkish/reddish gold Advantages: Distinct red/pink tinted gold appearance Lets you stretch the amount of gold you have by mixing in copper, at the cost of some of gold's value/advantages Usable for everything gold is used for Less damage taken than pure gold Shakudo/Corinthian Bronze: Constituents: Mostly copper, some (~10%) gold Appearance: Very dark purplish patina Advantages: Very distinct near-black appearance You know you're into that don't even lie to me Usable for relatively high-value jewelry without the need for much gold Relatively easy to work with (improve/repair) It looks neat, OK? no additional questions allowed I'll add more if I can think of any!
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    the whole point of being a priest is that you give up almost everything you can do in order to get the favor of your god, if you want QoL a priest isn't for you. "You may chose to become a priest of <your god>If you answer yes, you will receive special powers from your deity, such as the ability to cast spells.You must also walk this path if you strive to become a Champion of <your god>.You will however by very limited in what you can do.You will for instance not be able to do such things as dig, mine, improve items, or use alchemy.You will also not be able to steal, pick locks or destroy structures to mention just a few other limitations.If you later decide to become a Champion of <your god> these restrictions will be lifted.As a Champion, you may only escape death a few times though.If your faith ever fails you, you will lose your priesthood.Do you want to become a priest of <your god> despite the severe limitations it will have on your actions?" Give that a read since you seem to not have read it.
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    Moonmetal alloys wouldn't necessarily have to be better than the moonmetals are, of course. You could have alloys that are mostly some base metal (or another alloy), with a bit of moonmetal thrown in, to stretch out your moonmetal supply. Obviously, one way to make a metal really hard to create in high quality would be a two-step alloy process, for instance having to alloy adamantine with electrum or bronze.
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    Surprised "glass" hasn't came to WO yet. Plenty of sand around. Make me some glass wine bottles and glasses for wearing. I know glass isn't an alloy though.
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    There may be a few issues with diagonal textures in 1.7, and should be fixed next update
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    Woohoo electrum! Woohooooo pretty terrain textures! Welcome to the team, Sindusk!
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    Honestly market seems over flowing with accounts, and with all the effort you put into the account I wouldn’t sell it. Of course unless you need the cash. People who have played for so long and were passionate about the game be it pvp or pve always end up regretting selling, and probably better to leave it collecting dust then some dumb dumb using it like Mcdiggle. None the less good luck with sale and sucks to see someone who was known for being pvp advocate quit.
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    Absolutely loving this server, started as a complete new player to the game and everyone was so helpful! Skillville is superb for starting off, and so much untouched land! Get your asses on this lovely new server people!
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    Thor already exists for 90 Hammers
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    Last update was in January. Is this actually really still maintained?
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    He can 'BEARLY' stand the sounds of bees LOL (see what i did there lol) yesi know its 'paw' i will'buzz' off now hahaha #tiredjokes
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    Moved the Lady so she now oversees the entire Port
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    Valrei and Seris looked extra neat tonight!
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    Making a Knowledge tile nice with two rare torch lamps. Get some rare knowledge here
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    Three cute creatures for you this time:
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    Here is one from the archives. Remember the old boat parking?