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    Well, I was certainly disappointed to see your reason to be against this as basically "I didn't have a chance to abuse this and cash in when I could". Kind of expected better.
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    Weren't you selling all the fancy rare silver weapons you made which are new additions and just because your mate sells your tomes doesn't mean you don't haha, I don't think anyone is being fooled here but at least some of us are honest and own the things we do. I especially enjoyed the making of similar alt names that was fun. The 3 month change is pretty good and makes sense
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    Then you should be happy that a proper hurdle was put in place for you and other, Niki. Instead you're whining that the hurdle is too high. Funny how the greed-mongers always have a reason to #####. It's always either "it's too easy and I want you to make it harder for people who aren't willing to drop tons of cash because I don't want my market to crash" or when they do, just like now, then it's "Oh you made it too hard because now there is actually effort and commitment involved wah" Get a grip, and get your head out of your own damn pockets for once. This change was actually good for the game you're actively trying to ruin.
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    Runes are a system that is available to more players, rather than requiring them to have priest alts, which was a common complaint in the past. Limiting things to priests in order to favour the few who main priests despite knowing the drawbacks as opposed to providing quality of life and accessible content to most players would be quite backwards, and would not benefit your playstyle at all, merely force others to have premium priest alts to do the casting for them.
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    Isn't that exactly what you did when you said I was why this game was failing because I was winning the game? You don't need other people, just alts. Myself and Sme have killed plenty of uniques on Epic just the two of us.
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    the gods watch over - User Hi Everyone! It's been a busy few weeks here at Wurm HQ, with quite a few projects underway as well as the launch of WU 1.7 with all that placement goodness. We have an update planned for tomorrow with the addition of normal mapping for new ground textures, and hopefully a little bit more, so let's jump in! Looking normal As we've discussed in the past, we're working on a major update and overhaul of graphics with the addition of normal and specular mapping, and the first pieces are ready to go live! Terrain is the first update, with many of the terrain textures updated, and normal and specular mapping added. It really changes the look and feel of the lands of wurm, as you can see below there are some major improvements: Snow even looks good! (Now all you have to worry about are pesky colds, but they even come in summer) Next up, we'll begin working on housing, which will really bring out some much needed depth to walls and buildings, as you can see here of a WIP shot of the pottery brick walls This is a rather large undertaking though, so it will take time to come to everything in the game, but the difference is definitely worth the wait! the terrain normal and specular will come in tomorrows update, but will be disabled by default, so if you want to check them out, make sure to enable normal maps on the advanced graphic settings tab once this goes live! Sindusk Joins the Dev Team A well established modder and server host, Sindusk, has taken the full plunge into madness by joining the Wurm dev team! In addition to running his own server, Revenant, he will be working with us in various tasks, starting with some work on bugs (seriously, lots of bugs fixed already) and looking at a few projects long desired. We're excited to have him on board and keen to see what he brings to the game! Valrei Entertainment Network additions This week sees the addition of two new members to the VEN program, Neferent and BrimstoneVomit! Neferent streams his travels across Xanadu as he nearly dies to scorpions with crocodiles for shoes: BrimstoneVomit streams his adventures on Wurm as he builds his deed and talks about his plans: I'd like to welcome them both to the program, and look forward to watching more of their adventures! On top of this, we have two more projects in the works, they may not go live tomorrow, pending whether we can iron out a few oddities, but they’re certainly things to get excited about! Item Placement 2.0 Hot off the heels of the new placement mechanic comes the next update to it, adding a new range of surfaces that can hold items on them! The full list is below: large anvil large barrel tub small barrel stone altar wood altar silver altar gold altar coffin well large magic chest small magic chest oil barrel wine barrel coffer alchemists cupboard storage unit small amphora large amphora The following surfaces will also heat any item placed on them: Oven Forge Hota statue Kiln Smelter Still So be sure not to place any wooden items on them, or they will get burned up! New Metal Alloy: Electrum Electrum is a new alloy made from gold and silver. It can be used to make all metal items as well as jewelry, bardings, and horse shoes. The full modifier list is below: Armour .5% DR bonus +2% glance rate bonus -1% movement speed penalty Weapon -2.5% attack speed -1% damage dealt +5% bonus to damage dealt to hunter mobs General -10% damage taken 9x trader price -20% decay damage taken +2.5% bonus to repairing +7.5% bonus to pendulum area of effect +10% bonus to bash damage Can be used to make statuettes Can be used to make unicorn shoes With this alloy comes one other unique item: Electrum Rune of Fo. This rune can be used to reduce the age relative to their current age upon successful use. While this means creatures can be made younger, it cannot be used on Wurmians, so it looks like my wrinkles are here to stay. Community content, the Wurm Unlimited Tournament: Round 2 Grab a partner and head on over to Wurm Unlimited for the second round of Darklords’ Competitive League. This time, instead of a 3v3 fight, it’s 2v2 to make it easier for teams to coordinate. Another change is the implementation of DUSKombat , a new combat mod designed for Wurm Unlimited, which drastically changes the way combat works. There is a 2 gold prize pool for Darklords’ tournament, with 1 gold for the winning team, 50 silver for 2nd place, and 25 silver each for 3rd and 4th. Signups for the tournament are open until Friday, so hurry up and form your teams now! That's it from us this week, we'll be busy with all these changes and more over the coming weeks, so be sure to stick around and check it out. Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Can we please have a key-bind for taunt? The taunt option is right by disembark and as soon as you get a laggy refresh you're off the horse and cant re-embark until all is dead. Whyyy
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    @FranktheTank I've been keeping up to date with this thread from the beginning and have read through everything since it started. It's still too early to state anything concrete.
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    This has really never been indicated in anything I've ever seen in Wurm - as a player and as a developer. Wurm has always been more of a "choose your own adventure" game, but in a multiplayer sandbox environment. The choices made are supposed to be a permanent thing, leaving you a unique character with your own experiences. That's why priesthood isn't designed for everyone to just become a priest. It's supposed to change the way you play the game. Meditation was designed to give you some unique insight into the path you followed. So in the same regard, no. The intention isn't for you to get every single "end tier" item. You can, through rigorous effort, but that's part of your story now. Ever wonder why you only get one hand mirror? Same reason. It's unfortunate some folks found a way to abuse the system. I may push to try and identify those folks, but at the end of the day if they've already used or sold a tome it will be hard to do anything without impacting a larger number of players. The issue has been sorted, at least to a certain degree. And the original idea was to disallow all players created after the announcement of retiring the system from winning the game. So that's where it could have gone, and honestly I'd still support if this continues to be a complaint. Instead, we opted for a change that doesn't punish legitimate new players while also making it more annoying to farm.
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    Agreed, we'll be adjusting this to only matter in a house, i.e. unable to pick things up and drop things on the third floor from the ground floor
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    HOLY MAGRANON ALIVE Bugfix: Fix for “You are too busy” bug when using multiple combat options. The 9 year old shield-bashing bug that has existed since the very day we could shield-bash. So glad someone finally took the time. Thank heavens, it's been long overdue. Also this; Change: The resource you obtain from digging is now dependent on the tile type on which you are standing. You no longer need to dig in the NW corner. You could have released those two fixes alone and it would still be the best update to the game in years. Congrats guys.
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    Now that we have electrum, and with the new metal properties and shaders making it easier to add new alloys in general, why not suggest a few? I'm mostly trying to think of ones that would add more uses to existing base metals, or that have a visually distinct look compared to what we already have. Pewter: Constituents: Mostly tin, some lead. Appearance: Variable shades of grey, darker with higher lead content. Advantages: Better jewelry smithing item prices than tin or lead Possibly usable for statuettes and other gold/silver specific items Slower decay and less damage than tin or lead Good for bashing Easy to work with (improve/repair/high creation QL) Another use for lead is always appreciated! Rose gold: Constituents: 50-75% gold, 25-50% copper Appearance: Pinkish/reddish gold Advantages: Distinct red/pink tinted gold appearance Lets you stretch the amount of gold you have by mixing in copper, at the cost of some of gold's value/advantages Usable for everything gold is used for Less damage taken than pure gold Shakudo/Corinthian Bronze: Constituents: Mostly copper, some (~10%) gold Appearance: Very dark purplish patina Advantages: Very distinct near-black appearance You know you're into that don't even lie to me Usable for relatively high-value jewelry without the need for much gold Relatively easy to work with (improve/repair) It looks neat, OK? no additional questions allowed I'll add more if I can think of any!
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    WTB a Fo priest to RL conversion. Must have high faith and channeling to cast a perfect Light of Fo spell.
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    Please for the love of god add multi staged alloys with raised difficulty. My metallurgy needs this.
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    I would be happy if it caught things that weren't even mobs. Set the trap and check it each day to see if it is "full" and then retrieve the trap like harvesting a crop. You get an option maybe to butcher right there and reset trap.
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    Surprised "glass" hasn't came to WO yet. Plenty of sand around. Make me some glass wine bottles and glasses for wearing. I know glass isn't an alloy though.
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    You might want to tweak rift resources a bit, as there are so many uses of runes but those resources are under heavy competition the instant a rift closes. Myself I don't have a problem gathering a bit of what I need, but the players with lesser harvesting skills be lucky to get a handful at best. The greatest problems with runes is the low chance to create them and once created are more likely to fail when used than succeed for the average player.
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    Tbh even with changes of metal I still tend to use just steel, iron and whatever I'm in mood for jewelry since it doesn't matter much, so not sure if there is point in adding more metals just for looks, although I admit those look great so +1 on that. Me personally would maybe like to see some alloys with moon metals as real high end for metallurgy that would have some crazy advantage...
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    The lighting hasnt changed, it's the existing system, the works we showed are future planned works and not currently live. You're describing the issues we have with the existing system already, and our future plans will address that flickering
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    nothing beats the view of my meditation spot
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    White die on wood soon, pls. Thanks!
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    Come back to Chaos, there's plenty of room! Accounts are dirt cheap now as well! Also nice updates. I like the 3 month requirement, but I would have argued for 6+. If you want to tome farm, sink some money into the game first. Otherwise, find some uniques and do some good ole' fashioned tome hunting, and/or trade for charges with extra charges, or other items you have in-game.
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    So me selling the 50 rare picks 1 by 1 = worth lots of money me selling 50 picks to 1 guy so he can sell them 1 by 1 = they are now worthless? Does this one guy having 50 rare picks make every other rare in existence drop in value? Because from what i've seen pretty much all the rares have been dropping in value even before i started making rares. Thing is, everyone's got a rare everything nowadays, you can't really blame that on me no matter how much i "ruined your market" or whatever. You're treating the game like a bloody job lmao, Real money trade was a mistake. If you win you win if you lose there's gonna be a new system for winning that you can try and abuse your alts on. You've got plenty of alts from rare spamming i'm assuming so why don't you use them to do your goals? Again, seems like a problem with you. I have no trouble selling my bulk rares etc for a fair price. Stop looking for a scapegoat and look at yourself.
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    I'm really disappointed ... I have a good character, many years of playing, this prize is like a slap in the face... For me it was not worth trying to finish the goals.. Much of the west, compared to my friends' rewards, the game treated me just not fair.. I understand its random, but still ..Also some goals impossible for my priest..like imp stuff ..
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    I like the instant orientation the empty void provides
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    Tome farming should only be for a single charge. Three charges was a bad idea. Three months was a good idea and I'd like it better if it was more like 12 months. I don't like when games create reasons for making new accounts. I don't like when games only allow one character per account. This just artificially inflates numbers and increases overhead for the game company, to manage all the ghost accounts. I very much appreciate the changes for accessing vehicle inventory, from any seat. Well done! On the flip side, I'm not pleased with the height distance for reaching things. It is getting harder and harder to reach piles, kills and access containers. When I have to click through my floorboards of the cart, because I'm on a down slope, just to reach an item, it is getting too silly. I am frequently having to disembark to grab stuff or transfer items from cart to BSB, etc. PLEASE quit shrinking our reach!!!!!!!!!! Can we dive yet? What if we drop something in the water and it is too far below to reach? Guess we have to go get 10 crates of dirt and drop it, to get that item. Do we want all that extra hassle? Why was this added? Trying to add more realism? I get that, but what about the game is really real? Spells? Runes? Dragons? Looking through mine walls? Carts that stay perfectly level on any slope? Holding 100 items in my hands, that any normal cart would struggle to hold, while picking fruit from a tree? I appreciate that you are keeping a close eye on this change and hope you consider the pain in the _ _ _ this will be in the long run. I really think we need to extend our reach in any direction, to the limits of the tile we are on, plus any adjacent tile, effectively giving potentially a 1.999999 tile reach at the extremes. I understand how reaching up through multiple floors of a building is a bit silly, so just limit it to the floor you are on and the adjoining floor above and below. Is there a way to do that from within buildings and not have it be purely based on hight inside or outside?
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    The Woodlands was my deed. When the server opened I made a new character there (Zip) on about the first day just to see what was going on. I didn't really intend to play there since I would have to once again build up a fresh character with no skills, items or anything. After a few days puttering around I decided that I would make a 1 silver upkeep deed there just for the heck of it since surprisingly there was a piece of land open right above Blossom. A prime spot it seemed to me, somehow overlooked by everyone with perimeter right up against Blossom itself. The other thing that convinced me to make the deed was that anyone could transfer any amount of silver they wanted from their other characters on any other server through the Epic transit route. This enabled a number of players to right away start with the ability to make a deed there without needing to earn the silver on Pristine to do so. Some very large deeds were quickly created this way by those with a lot of silver to spare on other servers. This also gave them the ability to focus upon grinding their skills up quickly (relatively speaking) so they could then attempt to establish positions of dominance in the upcoming market "economy" that they would create on this fresh new "isolated" server. A pretty big loophole in the isolationist fresh concept, seemingly. Anyway, I was never interested in the trade aspects but just wanted to build my 21x21 deed with my new mayor. It was also very impressive and fun to watch The Academy grow from the barren landscape surrounding it. Wood shacks everywhere to start! Day by day more pop up as new players arrived. A real hub of activity, as also the main highway system was extended to it. So after a visit to see the new happenings there of the day I was back to work on my own deed. Slowly I built it up over the years, as well as Zip's skills to become a capable mayor of doing anything necessary there. Nothing massive really, just a forested retreat next to Blossom with some sprout farms in the front and a path from the highway leading up to it. There was also a small piece of land on the highway next to it where Zip built a 2x2 stone building with a forge, oven and some stocked bins so that new players passing by could have a spot to stop, build a cart, maybe create some tools or cook up some food from the bin stock. I would frequently see signs of activity there, so it seems to have been a worthwhile creation. Then when all this work was done I decided to make a deed over the clay spot nearby to preserve it for public use, named Clay Harbor. I see it is still named as such today and taken over by another with a lot of nice improvements made to it as well. Finally when WU opened and I started playing there I decided that playing with deeds on 3 different WO servers with mayors on each was a bit too much, as I wanted to build on some WU servers too. Then I just disbanded The Woodlands and Clay Harbor, destroyed all the buildings and left their lands to whoever would like to claim them for their own. Now Zip has finally sailed off to join me on my home server. Farewell to the fond memories of Pristine... =Ayes=
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    For a legitimate player 3 months is an incredibly short time to achieve goals. For an alt rolled specifically for easy to finish goals with little to no effort, it's a hurdle. The system is supposed to be there for existing players to gain the rewards before the system is removed, not for players to generate countless alts to win tomes, so we feel this step at least discourages the worst abuses of the system while still being not an issue for other players.
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    I need an adult. That said, I think this matter has resolved and the topic has gone slightly off course, before I wind up in armyskins trunk, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who offered solutions to clywde. P.S. I was going to say Xanadu is great for getting lost on, but I got lost in my own deeds local on independence yesterday.
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    Now that dye channels have been created for several items, there are a couple more things that would be lovely to have updated. In particular, the Timber Framed Walls. Currently, when dyed/painted, the entire wall including the wood detail is drenched in color. Instead, could the white portion be separated as a color channel? This would really improve the aesthetic of the walls and encourage some color variation in buildings if it doesn't look like we've hired a cut-rate painting service on our deeds. I know this isn't among the priorities, but it is one of those things that would make Wurm just a little nicer. Thank you for your time!
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    If you're really saying priests shouldn't be able to complete their goals, then I'm exceedingly disappointed. I've spent a lot time and effort building my priests to provide capabilities I need, and the idea that I should somehow have to depriest and wreck that, is, as far as I am concerned, an abusive expectation. Really? Go start all over again? Playing a game I hate? Screw that. As long as I'm in Wurm, Epic is my home. Again, I consider your point of view an abusive expectation. As to shutting it, you're welcome to your perspective, but as long as I'm here, I won't be shutting it.
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    @Sindusk Also shameless bump
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    Most times it is better to have a lower starting price, and if you are worried about not reaching your target, set a hidden reserve, at least you will get people bidding on it, and once you get 2 bidders you will have a auction going. Starting with a high bid you just as well make the post in the WTS area. High starting bids do work when the item is in high demand, and auctioneer's always start high, but if no interest in the first opening calls usually end up dropping the opening bids to get some action going.
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    Moonmetal alloys wouldn't necessarily have to be better than the moonmetals are, of course. You could have alloys that are mostly some base metal (or another alloy), with a bit of moonmetal thrown in, to stretch out your moonmetal supply. Obviously, one way to make a metal really hard to create in high quality would be a two-step alloy process, for instance having to alloy adamantine with electrum or bronze.
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    We have an incomplete fence over here at Cornersville deed on Independence. We bashed it: [08:28:44] You start to destroy the high roundpole fence. [08:29:13] The last parts of the high roundpole fence falls down with a crash. But now, the incomplete roundpole fence is still there. When we cursor over it, it is named... 'Incomplete high roundpole fence'. When we examine it, we get the following 2 messages in our event tab: [08:29:50] Unknown fence type. [08:29:50] QL=1.0, dam=0.0 When we try to open that border tile, in order to start to install a new fence section, we get msg: [08:44:47] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed. So, we got that on deed right now. We had another incomplete fence section giving us sort of similar issues, in that, we could not get rid of it. It was an incomplete woven section. But for that one, when we tried to bash it, we got: [13:03:24] Removing that would cause a collapsing section. Our work around was to complete that fence section, then bash the completed fence. Posting this here cause it's a glitch, and we do plan to leave our incompleted roundpole fence in place a few days, in case someone wants to come witness the unbashable fence. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB More words> The 2 unbashable incomplete fences were not next to any building. Both are under bridges (tiles across the bridge span). Both fence portions are on flat borders. One fence has 2 flat tiles by it's sides. The other has a flat tile on one side, and a sloped tile on the other side of it (maybe 70+ slope). I checked underground to see if I could detect anything associated down there may glitch mess w/ these 2 fence sections. Here is what is under ground at the 2 unbashable fence locations (marked w/ thin red line boxes): In that image is what is under the two unbashable fence borders. that 1x2 u see there is an underground building. It has 3 doors (green borders) and 3 walls (black colored borders). So u can see the unbreakable fence tiles, one is along an underground south (on that building, in the image) wall next to a reinforced rock tile. The other ones goes straight thru the building's center. No underground wall or door. I am not seeing any definitive thing common underground that can cause this issue Maybe is just the fact of having incomplete fences, across the bridge above (bridge travel is north/south, incompleted fences under it cross east/west). That is my guess based on facts gathered by Xagru and myself so far.
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    I remember you Zip from Clay Harbour, you were always so friendly and helpful and as a noob that place was precious, thank you for that Woodlands I remember too but only ever rode through it from time to time, it was and still is a pretty nice spot up there with some new residents.
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    Thanks for the report, Teee. I've seen these weirdnesses, and I think a GM may need to come over to investigate and make it bashable or make it disappear, because it is possible there 's no way for players afaik. Is the fence under a bridge between buildings, or in some configuration with bridges and buildings above/around it? It would be useful to know, that's when it seems to happen.
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    I (Ayes) was keeping a low profile there in respect to Zip being my account. I just figured I would let his playstyle stand on its own. Good to hear Zip's sprout areas are still providing them for others to pick too. Great work on resurrecting Clay Harbor Ohana. I stopped by there with Zip some months back before he sailed off server to take a final look at the very well designed and improved addition. Clay for all! =Ayes=
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    ^ this. It's a harsh place, we eat dirt, sleep on rock, play baseball with trolls, recruits are allowed to get out of mine once a week... You will find no better place as a new player, but only patience will get you higher in our community ranks, patience and commitment. Competition is insanely high and dangerous, dark as our souls themselves... just like our upcoming contest... none dares fishing in Academy pond, be aware! Join our sacred ranks!
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    x2 Beehives - I can pick up later after work, the gems, and x2 EMR banners thanks . I can let you know when I will pick them all up - should be in about 6 hours
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    I don't understand the complaint. There is very little overlap in what runes can do and what enchanting can do. Also, in the cases that they do overlap, they are not exclusive; an action speed rune does not make WoA obsolete, as they both can be applied.
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    Hoping with Sindusk joining the dev team will bring some active changes to PvP which for sure would bring some people back to Wurm Online. People selling out because PvP not getting any real attention. Maybe this gets them buying back in.
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    @Niki I haven't really accused you of anything, moreso simply stated obvious observations made about your gameplay and playstyle, and the things you like to complain about on the forums. Keenan couldn't have put it better. And you're absolutely right, I don't play this terrible game anymore as I sold out over 2 years ago. And I don't generally associate with toxic individuals, so there's the reason you wouldn't know me. But I do have eyes and ears.
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    Rescued! Thanks Astarte!! (can close/lock)
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    Woohoo electrum! Woohooooo pretty terrain textures! Welcome to the team, Sindusk!
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    Solved it was a one tile triangle directly before the bridge. View links is a very helpful option on placed cateyes
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    I've got all of these stories beat. So when I started playing on the "new cluster" (Pristine), I took over as mayor of my deed when my mayor was quitting. Soon after, a buddy started playing the game with me. One day he decided he was going to groom my horses, and was under the false impression you had to unhitch the horses (no saddles) from the cart to do so. Never hitched them back, so quite naturally they ran away. The "Pristine horses lost/found" thread was where I went. I posted "looking for my two lost horses, paying a reward for their return". Their names are aged fat horse and venerable fat horse. Consequently, I got alot of PM's...
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    I once hid in a dense olive grove, too scared to move, because I could just barely catch the mouseover name of a JACKAL when I hovered my mouse over my path home again. (Later I discovered this was only the name of Wurm's moon, which I could not quite see through the trees except the name.) Another time I stood frozen for a long time on an old abandoned mountain trail because I could hear a creature called YOUNG MOUNTAINCHASER frolicking around and grazing, and I thought it might eat ME next. (Later I discovered this was just the name for a baby horse). I was so scared of everything that moved when I started. Actual dragons were the least of my fears.