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    if (this.tilesMovedRiding++ > 4000) { this.tilesMovedRiding = 0; if (this.getSecondsPlayed() <= 3600.0f) { this.achievement(75); //Rider Of The Apocalypse Achievement } this.achievement(76); //Sore Bottom Achievement } What this means is that you must have left the world, then log in and ride the distance of 4000 tiles in the first hours of playing in your current session.
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    70ql cedarwood Knarr 4 5 speed horses (young or adolescent) 4 animal crates 70ql Wagon 12 large crates. 10s for all, delivered.
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    our new gods need deletion, not collossus'
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    Head east from black pearl, it's under the hedges on the highway. Chucking it in an earlier slot than the last TK so people in a different time zone can get goals done.
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    OK, thanks, I will try again tomorrow.. Today I have sore bottom.
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    Angleklaine i want to bury the hatchet i apologize for my comment i meant it to be funny and it came out wrong it is n ot my intention to spread poison on these forums.. and in doing so have obviously made you uncomfortable in a place you thouroughly enjoy and i don't even rememeber what you did to me or another to bear such a grudge.. so i am whole heartedly and honestly sorry and will no longer pursue this avenue of thought. wish you well.. sorry my spelling mistakes too.... take care.
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    99+QL Logs - 30 available (4c/each) i'll take 20, possible with a additonal 20 oak logs.
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    Let's turn this on its head. PVP has enough to deal with - there is a war going on you know How about PVE doing more for the PVP factions? I would like to see more initiatives on PVE that benefit and support the PVP players. After all, that's all we do on Freedom isn't it? we grind, we collect stuff, we hoard. But what are we personally doing for the war effort? Don't want to get involved? I think most of us on Freedom are happy cocooned in our safety bubble. We may have been offered the chance to join a faction (sometimes many offers) - but we don't, why? We think we might die, for one thing, but more importantly we might lose our stuff, our precious stuff.... Shock - you don't have to go to Chaos to join a faction - you can work from Freedom (in complete safety) and offer donations of materials to your chosen faction - and really make a difference. A lot of people don't know this, many of us believe we have to actually go to Chaos and risk life and limb. What your suggestion has highlighted, and what I would really like to see, is some way of converting relatively useless items (say... thousands of ivy seedlings, wood scraps, shards) to something more useful to PVE and/or PVP in a game mechanic. A little like saccing junk adds to your deed faith bonus... The idea of an item sink is not wrong, it is just the way it was presented as a burden on PMKs which was unpalatable. Instead of a monthly bulk material demand to PMK's - how about some benefit derived from bulk material donations. It's a different twist on the system, it's not compulsory, it's just voluntary, and offers benefits rather than extra pressure. To work it would have to be of mutual benefit to the donor as well as the chosen PMK. Maybe there is something we can all do for the war effort in Chaos - while we hide safe in our towers, far from the horrors of the front line.
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    Do you still have this : QL 92.7 Supreme Rope tool [cedar] W100 C93 +10% spd [glimmer libila] (17s) If so, can I talk you into selling it to me for 15s?
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    +1 Take it a step farther. SQL query item stockpiles on a regular basis and give personal goals based on top N% surplus of crated/bsb, 70ql+ gear and rares. 1 million bricks sitting around? No problem: brick-burn goals. Making this a closed loop system could be a good way to manage the surplus in the economy. I'd much rather see a voluntary item-burn than wait for decay to help the issue.
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    -1, because lag from the idiot that will build 8 colossus on their deed
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    Nothing to see. I ate it.
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    Deliverance Community Map The new improved Deliverance Community Map is brought to you by wurmonlinemaps.com, courtesy of Jackjones ( @jackjones). It is based on the latest official map dumps provided by Code Club AB. Map Link: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/deliverance (Discontinued) New map link: Deliverance Community Map ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note: due to a problem with the software used the community map is currently incomplete. Some of the essential information is missing. I apologise for the inconvenience. We are working on a solution. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features 1. Map coordinates The map offers a common type of map grid (as an optional overlay), using the same denotation as the in-game map (for example "E 24"). However, to place and find locations in a much more detailed way the new map is based on "tile coordinates" (x, y), making it possible to narrow down locations to a single tile on the server! This allows us to place deeds and landmarks much more precisely than before. (Map coordinates are explained in the next post.) 2. Zoom The map provides various zoom levels, allowing to zoom in from a view of the entire server to close-ups of single deeds. 3. Overlays Deeds, Canals, Bridges etc. are actually map overlays which can be toggled on and off. You can also choose among various map types (Terrain, Topographical, Isometric). 4. Finding settlements The map offers an easy-to-use search function for deeds. 5. Your own markers You are able to draw lines, polygons, circles... on the map, in order to create your own map markers. You can then take a screenshot of the area to mark special locations for your friends. Map policy The community of Deliverance agreed on an "opt-out policy" for the community map. This means that the map is meant to be as complete and precise as possible, aiming at showing every settlement on the server as well as highways, tunnels, boat canals, bridges and important landmarks. To achieve this goal every community member is requested to help keeping the map up to date. Please report settlements (deeds), highways, tunnels, canals and landmarks that are not yet on the map. Use this forum thread to provide new information. If you are the mayor of a deed on the map and you feel that you have a good reason to hide your settlement from the community, please send me (Yaga) a PM, requesting your deed to be removed from the map ("Opt-out"). Please include a reason. Adding Data Please post in this thread to report new or changed data. (Do not send PMs, neither on the forum nor in-game!) Please use tile coordinates (x, y) to report new map data. (Hover your mouse pointer over the location you wish to report and read the coordinates in the upper right corner.) Deeds: Please report the settlement name and the coordinates of the settlement token. Example: "Serendipity Bay (1650, 1384)" Highways: Please report the coordinates of all points describing the highway (start, "corners", end). Example: " (305,1453), (305,1415), (226,1415), (226,1383), (156,1383)" Tunnels, Canals, Bridges: Like highways. For boat canals, please include the information if passable by all ship types. (These elements can also be given a name.) Other: You can also report clay and tar resources, guard towers, and special named landmarks (like names of lakes and mountains, as long as agreed among the local community.) Map Development This map is part of an ongoing project (see: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/). Further improvements and features will be added in future updates. I am very grateful to @jackjonesfor providing the technology and resources that make this community map possible.
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    Note: All values are compared to iron. Adamantine: Brass Bronze Copper’ Electrum Glimmersteel Gold Lead Seryll Silver Steel Tin Zinc Visual table courtesy of VirusMD of Pristine!
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    New weaving subskill (ideal for a new survival server). A combination of ART, AESTHETICS and UTILITY, weaving can provide many attractive uses to new and old player alike. Weaving would most likely be a TAILORING subskill, though I suppose it could also be a primary skill. Main resources: Wemp, cut grass, wild reed, scrap wood, tree bark, branches, hide strips. It has its own unique tools, starting with fairly crude tools and working up to advanced ones later. Intermediate and advanced weaving are more about ELEGANT AESTHETICS than pure survival, but the starter crafts are all things for basic needs and survival starter tools for the skill: crude loom, crude weaver tools Starting at its lowest levels, BEGINNER WEAVERS manipulate materials like mixed grass, wild reed, birch bark and soaked wood scraps into objects to both decorate and make their life easier: A survival shelter, less useful (non portable) than a tent, labor intensive but something a new player can easily make to store a small amount of objects (100 items) and also gain a reduced 50% sleep bonus while starting out. Decays in 72 hours so it needs to be rebullt often if a new player is using it as a starter base. This could be especially useful on a survival server where players start with no items, but has also some use on established servers for brand new players: Woven sealed containers -- once sealed cannot be reopened without destroying, but when sealed provides a nice shortterm way to BUNDLE and PRESERVE resources such as clay, logs, food ingredients. Prevents decay for 72 hours, then rapidly decays. Road builders and miners can also use this on the fly if they want a temporary way to bundle and preserve fallen trees/logs and stone shards until they can return to gather it up: Crude armor and clothing Woven ropes and twine are made to construct fish nets and small animal traps (after 48-72 hours, collects small scraps of game meat, generic bladder glands teeth fur and hide, need to be combined to get useful ao\mounts): chicken and small game coops/cages/pens (also nice for raising domesticated rabbits) Rugs, simple beds and furnishings: Wicker no-nails-required sheep and goat cart Simple woven and bark boats for new players to explore (not durable or repairable, needs an oar to paddle) Woven hobbles (keeps horses/cows/bison/sheep from wandering) Higher levels of the skill make beautiful rattan and wicker furniture, chimes, beautiful clothing , art wall weavings, dried flower arrangements Perhaps even a wicker floating island! also ... CLOAKS! MASKS! SHOULDERPADS! HATSIES!
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    Tasting alcohol gives you a message indicating QL, phrased as being the strength of the alcohol, e.g. "mind-blowingly strong". However, QL of alcohol does not affect strength of alcohol mechanically, this being only determined by the item template's defined alcohol strength, multiplied by some constant factor. I'm not sure what's intended here, so I don't know if the text is wrong or the mechanic. Either would be fairly easy to fix, whether it's modifying the misleading text, or factoring QL into strength. In addition, alcohol strength is not scaled depending on the size of the drink. As most of you know, a reed pen or 1mL measuring jug of moonshine will get you just as drunk as the standard 200mL sip. I believe I mentioned this to Tich during the cooking system's development, and it was acknowledged as an issue, but that was the last I heard about it. My suggestion to resolve this whole thing? Scale alcohol strength with quality, and make sure all stamina/drunkenness gains are scaled by weight of the actual sip taken. The former would resolve the misleading text and give players more reason to create higher-QL booze, and would make alcohol a bit stronger in general, meaning it will actually be possible to get drunk without using reed pens or measuring jugs. The latter change would just make sense, and remove a very counterintuitive and unbalanced mechanic whereby a single liter of wine provides you with 1000 drinks. In general, the focus would be more on producing and using high-quality alcohol for stamina/drunkenness, as opposed to manipulating what is arguably an exploit in the game mechanic via pens/jugs.
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    Wurm Unlimited Tournament 2v2 League [Season 1, Round 2] Date: Saturday, July 7th, at 3PM EST This is an unofficial event I personally host every few months and has no connection with Code Club all silver is from my own pocket. http://itsalmo.st/#wutournament Overview This will be the second round of Season 1 for the Competitive WU League. Hosted in WU to allow for a fair fight. For this round I wanted to try something a bit new, the format has been changed from 3v3 to 2v2 to allow for people to find a team to play with easier. We will also be testing Sindusk’s DUSKombat for this round to throw a bit of a twist in, be sure to read the patch notes and give it a try(mod link below). First round can be found here https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/159891-competitive-wu-3v3-league-season-12-gold-prize-pool/ Link to DUSKombat Mod https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/163705-duskombat-full-combat-system-rewrite/ Prizes (In Wurm Online Silver) 1st: 1 Gold 2nd: 50 Silver 3rd: 25 Silver 4th: 25 Silver Prizes will be sent to the team captain to split between the team. Competition Date Saturday, July 7th, 3PM EST Requirement Purchased WU Copy Decent internet Register Team by Friday, July 7th at 1PM EST Register by quoting Sindusks signup post below and providing the requested information Rules 2v2 format. Both players will be priests of your choice. Only one of each diety will be allowed. Both players cannot be the same deity. Libila will be allowed. Player gods are not available. Priests will have maximum (100) faith and start at 100 favor. You may cast enchants but will be using your limited favor pool, any destroyed items will be gone for the duration of the round. 1 Team JK Kingdom, 1 Team MR Kingdom. Tabards will be force equipped. No valrei spells/sorceries/meditation paths. Substitute players are allowed, but cannot be a member of another competing team, eliminated or otherwise. Leaving the prep cave before the start signal can result in a reset of the round or disqualification. Arena will be a 21x21 paved tallstone walled in square with random levels of terrain and obstacles such as unlocked gates that will be consistent across all matches with 2 mine entrances opposite sides. Looting dead enemy/friendly bodys is fine. Stats (No Epic Curve) 50 Characteristics 70 All Skills Equipment Each team has a starter area stocked with the following Equipment/Extra Items/Animals(and gear) Weaponry 2 of each default one-handed weapon. [70ql] Sickle, Small Axe, Large Axe, Small Maul, Medium Maul, Short Sword, Longsword 1 of each default two-handed weapon. [70ql] Steel Staff, Large Maul, Huge Axe, Scythe, Two Handed Sword, Halberd, Steel Spear 2 consumables of each type of combat enchant, applicable to any weapon: [80 power] Frostbrand, Flaming Aura, Life Transfer, Rotting Touch Wind of Ages, Nimbleness Shields 1 of each type of shield. [70ql] Small Wood/Iron Shield, Medium Wood/Iron Shield, Large Wood/Iron Shield Bows 1 of each type of bow. [70ql] Short Bow, Medium Bow, Long Bow All enchanted with 80 Nimbleness Armour (Epic Armour Settings) 1 Cloth set. [70ql] 1 Leather set. [70ql] 1 Studded Leather set. [70ql] 1 Steel Chain set. [70ql] 1 Steel Plate set. [70ql] 9 consumables of each type of armour enchant, applicable to any armour: [80 power] Aura of Shared Pain, Web Armour Extra Items 2 of each of the following Sleep powder Halter rope SpyGlass Compass [99ql, 99 woa] Waterskin filled with water [80ql] (water) Bangers and Mash [90ql] (food) 10kg of cotton [75ql] Quiver [80ql] 40 War Arrows [60ql] 3 Satchels [80ql] 4 combat potions [70ql] 1 of each of the following 1 of each Mag/Fo/Vyn/Lib gold statuette [50ql] 4 Vesseled Gems [50ql] Animals 4 Normal Horses with(Fleeter, tough, strong, lightning, and carry more) wearing: 4 Horse Shoes [80ql, 80 woa] Saddle [80ql, 80 woa] 2 of the horses will have Chain barding [70ql] 2 of the horses will have Leather Barding [70ql]
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    [16:37:34] This crystal vial contains the paralyzing slime of Uttacha, a giant slug living leagues deep in the Shaded Depths of Valrei. It has one charge left. Spell granted: True Strike (Next hit is 100% Crit) Resistance: Slash 15% (Decreases slash damage taken by 15%) Weakness: crush 10% (Increases crush damage taken by 10%) 140s/euro, paypal verified
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    The bridge on the east side was built atop a house, which is now decaying fast. Enough of it has decayed such that the bridge is no longer passable on foot / horse / cart / etc. This is a fairly major bi-way, so we'll have to figure something out at some point.
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    muse's idea is actually awesome, freedomers doing their part on boosting pvp to happen in some manner. and one addition to franks awesome description already is that some pvper's do have multiple deeds on freedom too even tho spending time mainly on chaos and then there is those chaos deeds upkeep aswell. Without Chaos folks there ain't many to buy the junk on freedom and that original idea sounds like punishing those who want to pvp. Dont be afraid to lose your crap (almost everything can be remade for free) and join the fun with boosting kingdoms from freedom or joining kingdoms to try out PvP itself.
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    Good pvp starter. Buy this.
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    It is also possible to ride the 4k tiles in a circle.
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    Don't know if it's a good idea, but add GL-Freedom chat to Chaos so it's not so lonely. Maybe even trade chat since Chaos is connected to Freedom and Chaos buys a lot from other servers. That's a main reason I like crafting on freedom. Something to read or maybe get involved in while crafting or doing long jobs. Currently (most of the time) Chaos is not too active and not anyone to chat with. Crafting with no updates in chat after a few hours makes you not want to be there anymore (or me at least so I keep jumping servers, but rather stay on Chaos). Maybe that'll help get more people to Chaos too so you're not just cut off from the world. I know there's probably disadvantage like people running their mouth when shouldn't, but haven't thought of any other negatives.
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    It is possible, but a'lot of work. You need to build it then bash the floors below once its up, but you will always be left with a plan on the bottom tile. One of my buildings below kinda the same principle
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    [08:30:53] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you For the oak ones, do you want them of any ql? Because we don't have them over 90 ql.
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    you're offering suggestions no on has asked for and does/will not affect you why do so many people throw stuff out like this, your idea is dogpiss
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    they already burn for longer with less wood learn the game kiddo
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    +1 to removing player gods
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    It alienates entire chunks of the population and may further reduce the population of the game by creating what for some would be unachievable goals. It's a sandbox, if you personally want to have a better homes and gardens competition, by all means host one. If people wish to participate, fine. But don't make a popularity contest a compulsive feature of everyone's game.
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    In my opinion the system for new gods is rather ridiculous - in the most negative way possible. There is no uniqueness at all to them. Their avatars all look the same, they all use the same statuettes and all the unique things they have is random (such as spells). That leads me to my opinion on this suggestion: +1 ------ Not only do we need proper colossi for new gods, we also need statuettes and proper lore around them, unique spells and abilities, and not just some randomized pile of files. I was impressed when I came to the game that people could become gods, but looking at what the system for that looks like, I have no envy for those who managed because they ended up with no control whatsoever over their deity details. Each player that achieves this status should be allowed to work with the developer team on their deity's details and each god should have its unique things to it. What we have now is just... barely better than a joke, really. It's sad, since the idea has so much potential (the idea for player gods). In short, YES PLEASE, because anything that improves the current system would be great.
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    Suggestion Court is now in session, presiding is the honorable Judge Cndo. I would like to note I did not read the other posts yet, sorry if some of this was covered. Firstly I would like to say that I appreciate the time and effort you actually put into this suggestion, however I want to point out that you seem to lack knowledge of what I refer to as "high level game mechanics". Freedom often plays at a level of low-mid tier game mechanics, occasionally touching the high level for projects. PvP requires a player to constantly be aware, crafting, fighting, and expanding game knowledge to develop their kingdom into the best. When you mentioned upkeep for PMK's it is hard to tell if you actually want a new system entirely or think you are changing the old system, in which case there is none. PMK's are just a deed or series of deeds, essentially this would be an alternative upkeep system to the way deeds currently work or an additional piece to the current kingdom. Kingdoms cost 1 gold, or 100 euros and usually require a decent sized group (unless you have cash like gratsalot) to found the kingdom. Not as simple as just putting down a settlement stake. Now to dive into the actual suggestion. In your introduction you state you feel as though PMK's should be charged with bolstering the economy of Freedom. I would like to state that Chaos is highly involved with the freedom economy already, far more than you know. I, like many on the forums, often check the trade section to see what is for sale and what is being bought, and almost every time you can find several pvper's in these threads buying more than they sell. Chaos provides various luxury goods for the economy, hota statues, banners, war loot, moon metal, and more. While often purchasing materials, tools, gear, unique armor and products, and the occasional deed for sale for what is essentially their retirement. As stated above they pay 1 gold for the kingdom, and upkeep on all the deeds, a successful kingdom can often take advantage of various opportunities to make enough coinage to pay for their upkeeps. Many PMK's have multiple deeds, and therefore multiple upkeeps. To imply that Chaos should be continuing to pay for any additional goods is either a lack of knowledge of the input and output of these groups, or just disdain for the pvp community. Even if you changed it to only be those items listed as upkeep, there was still an initial investment placed. The resources you mention mainly the bulk goods would be yet another barrier that would serve as another grievance. Between the acquisition of the materials, transportation, self harvesting, or even paying for them you are forgetting a resource that everyone has and needs and that is time. In a game where to light a forge I have to, go outside, chop a tree, chop up the tree, get a log, go back in my house, chop the log into kindling, use the flint and steel on a forge, then add the log to burn, wait for the forge to heat up therefore heating up the metal just to make nails. Now you are telling me I have to spend my time crafting, obtaining bulk items, obtaining certain quality finished items, and somehow find time to actually kill my enemy or plan a raid? That is way too much on the shoulders of the player, the game would feel less like a game and more like work. This is creating so much additional stress for someone, why even play on a pvp server? Why have a pmk? There are some pmk's out there that are struggling pretty bad to just keep playing the game, I could not imagine a world in which they also have to transport thousands of bulk goods suddenly, get hit by a larger kingdom, and lose everything they just spent significant silver on. Sorry but if I incurred a huge money loss on bulk goods I am not even going to use, but to sacrifice to the ether I would probably jump off a bridge to lose it all. What you are essentially asking for is chaos to become not only your customer exclusively but also for them to quite literally work for you. "Hey chaos, you have to buy these bulk mat and gear. Only you guys have to do this though because we want some money." It is practically a form of indentured servant, pay us to play there. PvP is in a delicate state, a lack of updates combined with animosity towards developers for what many call a lack of vision are problems every pmk has. I think you seriously underestimate the amount of abuse people are willing to take to continue to bolster freedom, a server set that many in the pvp community grow to dislike more by the day. The problems with the economy should not be the problem of Chaos to solve, who more often than not buy the most from the community. It should be solved on the server that cares the most about it, and keeps making threads about it. Stop being the jack of all trades in your villages and start buying your neighbors buckets. To shankiest, I am starting to think deed decay does need to come back pretty hard.
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    Fisticuffs | Southpaw | Battlepaw Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    Without any form of fast travel, I can't see how this would give anyone any more reason to travel in WO than they have now. Especially on Xanadu. It just takes too long to get anywhere. And putting a sign in front of a building would be useless if it's highly unlikely that many (or any) would ever see the sign. Maybe people in the few highly built up areas, but then only among the people who actually live in that area. Too much hassle to get to any other areas. This might be an interesting idea for a WU server that uses the highway portal system, but even with faster travel, I have to agree with Seriphina that it would turn into a popularity contest. Landmark had something like this and that's exactly what happened.
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    [16:26:07] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you
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    While being able to offset at least part of deed upkeep via bulk je instead of silvers might not be bad(on freedom or chaos) original thought of forcing pmks to hastle with the bulk in necisity sounds je pretty bad but numbers must be calculated very carefuly as i cant clearly predict what impact that would have. Also pmk gear is not vialable je source of income these days, if they introduce je pmk shields and sails it might help but for short period of time. I like the idea of having different je bonuses to deed for by providing bulk items, exclecially different ones, like providing 100 50,70,90ql rakes every month could provode farming je bonus to citizens of that deed, bonus na power depending on ql of rakes, providing weapons in bonus in fighting, even providing barells of alcohol to token can give some je kind of overall efficientcy bonus.Bricks, planks and things je like that i would put as alternative for upkeep cost, charcoal, tar, and peat for bonus that furnaces on deed burn longer, having coal to give highest bonus. There is potential in that i belive if its carefuly worked out being some small bonus instead of necessity.
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    No thanks. Though I love building and decorating on my deed, this would start to turn a sandbox game into a popularity contest. There are many different tastes, and many choose function over aesthetics. I don't feel we need to measure how much talent a player has at decorating or how much patience they have for furniture placement.
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    100QL Logs - 20 available (5c/each) ill take all of em
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    It is naive to think that Code Club AB would give up the cash cow that is pvp deeds. Cash is King. The pvp'ers sure also wanna continue to drain other deeds to gain coins for their own upkeeps.
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    I'll try to address some of the comments so far. I appreciate the feedback. It really helps me hammer this out. I have no experience in maintaining or running a PMK, but maybe you can tell me if PMKs typically have multiple deeds running on Chaos. If that's the case, maybe the topic should be addressed to Chaos deed upkeep and not that of PMKs. I still think it would be a worthwhile idea but maybe you can convince me otherwise. I think you're on to something if regular deeds would have some kind of item sink of their own. An optional supplement to their normal upkeep fees, but not entirely replacing it. Fair point, I suppose the amount of bulk needed for upkeep would have to depend on a few factors that would at least encourage a kingdom to outsource its goods, but at the same time without leaving them helpless to sustain themselves. At the very least, a larger variety of skills would have a purpose. And even a simple cloth tailor could find a niche. That's part the idea anyway. The overall goal of course is to leave the PMKs spending the same equivalent amount of silver on goods instead of simply going into upkeep. But this would indeed have a dramatic effect on the economy if not VERY carefully done. Which is also a fair point to be made against it when there are likely to be glaring errors in such a large implementation like this. Ah well, that's why this is on the suggestions forum. The amount and type of items is definitely up in the air at the moment. The most fair way I can currently think of is to follow the same rules as regular deed upkeep costs. The larger the deeds, the more items you need. And (maybe) the more members you're encouraged to recruit to help meet that need. I know I've done my fair share of grinding out bricks and mortar for the cause, and would love other ways to contribute somehow. As for failing to meet the demand, I suppose it would have to be part of an optional bonus. Like you said, possibly affecting things like guards and towers or preventing building decay outside a certain distance from the deeds, or even providing a bonus to offensive seige weapons. But not necessary or crippling to do without of course. For Quality, I think it should only matter for finished goods like tools and weapons and armor, not necessarily bulk goods. There could be a certain threshold (say 50QL) that changes under certain factors, and then higher quality of course being more effective at contributing towards the demand. Rewarding high level crafters but also giving lower levels something to work on too. Interesting question, I don't know how they could handle the looting of deed tokens, maybe as a generic package item that must be hauled back to to your deed to redeem. But I can see the issue being that PMKs would be disincentivized to produce high QL items for the sake of depriving another kingdom of decent loot. So maybe that part would be in coins only to keep things simple. Woops, I totally forgot that weird little restriction on mailing things to Chaos. Not sure how to address it. Maybe you or someone else has any ideas? I felt they were cons because the new demand by PMKs would not necessarily align with the average seller's interests. Because they could produce their own goods, other people would have to sell low enough for the kingdom to consider it worth while. That's my take on it at least. But you're right, it's still a fair uptick in demand overall. As for the guards, I think there's potential to make them a lot more interesting by giving them different weapons and equipment. Okay, so outright requiring items for upkeep won't work. But we seem to be gravitating towards the idea of being able to dump items into a PMK to get appropriate bonuses. Not necessary, but nice to have. PMKs would still be self-sufficient, and they would have the option to buy stuff off Freedom and potentially raise demand for surplus goods. Maybe not on a large scale, but hopefully noticeable enough. Kinda like those Valrei items you can find and sacrifice on a deed for little bonuses. Although I don't recall if people buy those a lot. Personally I think regular deeds could have a certain bonus or specialization depending on what kinds of items they put in, so those of a profession can benefit from grinding low QL items or buying from others. That sounds more interesting than replacing silver as upkeep. It reminds me of how they do Realms in Haven and Hearth, with various benefits. I don't think having blacksmithing benefits from sacrificing blacksmtihing items would seem balanced though. At least, it should be more rewarding to use items from different professions. It might be interesting to create an interdependency between deeds specializing in different things. Maybe industrialized deeds would rely on agricultural goods, requiring crops to increase their blacksmithing and mining benefits on deed. And agricultural deeds require a monthly supply of tools and metal crafts for their farming benefits. Said benefits being things like faster action timers or imp/creation success rate. Or something more interesting like exclusive items that can only be made by specialized deeds. Of course, people love to tweak and customize, so perhaps the mayor would be able to set what kinds of perks they want, and generate the demanded items for the month based on that. Thanks guys, I look forward to more responses.
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    At the moment no. My current plan is to have the mod integrate with some parts of the vanilla version (like placing items with the mouse) and override/replace other parts. A new version for the beta will be out in the next few days, stay tuned.
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    I already don't like the NPCs in this game. A guard comes into my house and then I feel lonely because I can't interact with him. He waves at me and I wave back, but it's a blank stare.
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    The original issue of this thread has been addressed, all of this continuation about the speculation of a theft from the deed, locking mechanics, etc. is off topic to the original post of the thread. Not sure what the point of this thread is now. )_)
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    Failures could completely be removed from the game in all aspects and the result could be basically the same as it is now. --If you have a 50% chance to make a plank the creation process just take 2x longer and is a 100% success. Thier needs to be compensation for the skill rolls here. --For improving they could remove failures and damaging items and instead simply either decrease quality gain or increase action timer. --oh, enchanting. Although, even this one may work out too. We'd have to have a system that would say for x skill and y power would take appropriate favor and time. Then the priest would need to spend a lot of action-time and some way of contributing small amounts of favor over time into the project. The final result would be whatever power cast the priest wanted. And before someone complains, keep in mind a priest might have to spend thousands if not tens of thousands of favor and days of action time to get 90+ power spells at low skill levels. In the case of pruning, it seems it was an oversite by the devs missing the fact there their better-skill-gain system also meant players could never achieve a 100% scenario. A simple fix might be to add a different system to determine a failure. Perhaps, forestry skill is your success chance, at 95 skill you'd on average succeed 95% of the time. And still keep using the skill gain way.
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    Make missions more specific when it asks for you to use a certain item for a ritual. For example a mission that asks for you to perform a ritual using a shield, you end up having to bring every single type of shield to try until you figure out which type it is. The other day we had one of these and it turned out to be medium wooden. Another mission said to do a ritual with nails. We brought large and small, and it turned out to be small. Another mission just now said to perform a ritual with sheets. We tried Cotton sheets, Lead sheets, Iron sheets, Steel sheets, Gold sheets, Silver sheets, Copper sheets, Paper sheets, Papyrus sheets, and none of these worked. Please change the mission descriptions for missions that require items for rituals to be more specific, and state what kind and material of item needs to be used.
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    I'll admit it looks more lively... but I can't help but immediately think it looks a bit cartoony. Forgive, I'm not trying to be "that guy"... I can't explain why I feel it, just do. Brighter colors in wurm, like your video, just make me feel it's not as real somehow. That said, it's pretty cool and I wouldn't mind having a WU mod or something like that, for servers where that's a feature
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    I like it but it may take a while.