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    Finally finished redecorating my house (for now...) and had so much fun doing it Lots of images incoming.... (Yes, I am aware that I have an unhealthy amount of reindeer and yule goats... but but but... I love them!) Living room / Study Main Bedroom Spare Bedroom Dining Room Nook with merchant
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    Kalaheo Escape, P14 Xan - absy Greetings wurmians! Today we bring you a few reveals including a new rendering system, the launch of the Valrei Entertainment Network, and a little bit more, so lets get into it! But first.. Patch Notes Leave A Light On We've shared our desire to improve the overall visual feel of Wurm over the years, along with major improvements in performance and we'll be taking some more gigantic leaps with that soon! We're working on introducing a new client renderer that has significantly improved lighting performance, reducing flickering and massively boosting FPS on most systems. This also removes the dynamic lights limiter system as all lights are rendered together, creating a much more ambient world. You'll notice some of these shots are from the live game, and one of Glasshollow, a place well known for taxing the most powerful of systems, we use it as a performance testing ground in a few occasions and this one wound up with significant improvements over the current stable and preview clients! Due to this not being supported by older systems (pre 2010 or so) and Macs, We'll be including this as a client option for players to disable and play on the existing renderer. Valrei Entertainers! A few newses (totally a word) in the making, we're finally rolling out the start of our Valrei Entertainment Network! We will be starting with a select few and building it up, ensuring we can shape this how we want and provide the support we want. Initial support will be cross promotion via social media, a special ingame title (all of my suggestions were apparently too lame) , and may include further things down the line such as sneak peek news for players to check out, and giveaways for you! The initial members that we can announce are below, but we'll be reaching out and inducting a few more over the next week when we can get in touch with them first! The current members are: Emoo Punishlife Fabricant We'll be working with them to create this platform and make sure it's the best it can be, so make sure to show them support! WU Beta With the dust settling from the anniversary update we're going to begin working towards a WU beta, aiming for internal stability testing and then a beta launch, from there we'll be launching it live, so expect it soon! Decoration time As announced in last news, we're doing a decorating competition! Simply decorate a room by putting things on surfaces (not unidentified fragments!) and submit your designs to this thread, the grand winner will receive 2 supreme archaeology statues of their choosing, second place receiving 2 rare, and third place receiving 1 rare. We'll also be including a rare marble table to the fourth and fifth place, so get designing! Title Suggestions There's been a huge amount of suggested titles and plenty of discussion about them, which is awesome! We'll be sifting through the suggestions and categorizing them all, choosing which ones we want to use and will be implementing them! If you have ones you would like to suggest it's not too late, get in quick! The great derby of 1075 Last weekend saw the great derby of 1075, with players joining IRC to take part in the quizzes for a chance to win an entry ticket to a race on Golden Valley! With our ten entrants: Briwerion, moirai, jaz, joelle, ostentatio, oblivionnreaver, klaa, williamwierd, rocklobstar, and Thorakkanath the race was setup, and was a really fun event, with the winners being Moirai, Briwerion, and then Jaz. To catch the full stream, we took our new VEN member Punishlife to golden valley to stream it, and check out the highlights video here!: That's it from us this week, we'll be working on a few things, adjusting and adding some player suggestions as well (saromans been busy all week learning table making etiquette!) for the next patch, so stay tuned for that! Until then though.. Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Doesnt matter. You should always post a skill dump. Preferrably Niarja. Otherwise you will get a seriously discounted price. If you can go into the dump and post choice skills, why not just post a proper skill dump? Also keep in mind you will get much less people price checking you if you do not do a Niarja dump. If you want people to spend their time combing through your skills to tell you what they are worth, at least do us the courtesy to present it on an easy to read format such as Niarja. Thats what its there for.
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    Niarja dump please. Hard to do a price check with partial stats.
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    We need a village recruitment board that can be seen from any (Global) village recruitment board. This Global village recruitment board will only be at starter towns and Golden Valley. (Maybe make it craftable.) It would be best to have people sign their deeds up as starter deeds looking for recruitment (a given). The recruitment post would have enough room to post like an advertisement to get the noob to want to join their village and the deed owners name. Deed must be part of waypoint system to starter town to be able to post as starter deed. Then have the tutorial make a noob while in Golden Valley check out the global board and they can select a deed to try to join. It would tell them which starter town they need to portal too for that deed and who the deed owner is. This would give a message to the Deed Owner and a mailbox message stating recruit's name is wanting to join. Then the private messages can go from there. Have a waypoint automatically to the deed auto start when noob if ported to start town so they know right away about that system and how to get to deed instead of waiting around bored for a ride.
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    Good ideas. I also suggest all signups auto expire after 15 or 30 days unless the mayor takes action to reenlist, so we do not get new players trying to select deeds that are not active. Might also need a way (if it is programmable) to show which deeds have mayors currently online. And encourage the player to chat with several different mayors if possible so that each has an idea of mutual expectations. Does the village assume the new players will take task directives for projects the mayor selects , or will the villager be free to choose all/some of their own activities? Does the mayor enjoy teaching new players who "Know Nothing", or do they prefer returning players familiar with basic game mecanics? What does the mayor expect from the new villager, what perks (land, cottage, gear, paying jobs) does the mayor have to offer the new player in return? We do NOT want new players sucked into becoming unpaid "brick slaves" -- unless that is exactly what the new player expects and wants. A player might be interested in a village where the mayor is not currently online, but thats a little risky and I'd prefer to see some sort of nudge in the direction of mayors who are, at that very moment, in game. Those mayors are more likely to play at the same time zones as the new player, and likely to be more active players. A good first experience is likely to make it MUCH more likely the new player stays with Wurm, and of course a bad first experience will simply derive them away from the game entirely. So make every effort to encourage "good matches". This could be an excellent way to bolster the game's spotty retention rates. It might also be nice addition if there was a way for the village to have (in parentheses) how many total citizens had been active in that village in the page 10 days, so that people who care about such things can select a very active village (many might prefer a smaller village where they can play a larger role, but some will get disappointed if they join a village and then never see a single other person ever log on). I am not sure it needs to be required to have the village on a waypoint, since an active mayor can teleport a new recruit to them the first time, but it would be excellent to point out the many longterm benefits of selecting a village that IS on a waypoint. Some players might actually prefer smaller, remote one-player deeds, where they can bith have direction but also have some quiet playtime by themselves to work out the game, with a support system. Also a notation if the village offers any non-English community socials. Or roleplay, frequent group outings, , etc. Maybe a six-word summary of the villge's main attraction points (ie, "active economy + jobs," "friendly roleplay and frequent hunting," "adult/mature language and humor," "Family friendly," "Polish and Russian members" etc. This type of match making service could go a =LONG= way into retaining new players in the game. Which wurm is going to need if it is to survive for years abnd years.
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    Title itself is pretty self explanatory. One of the greatest issues this game has ever had is how a lot of people with deep pockets on pvp servers have bought and sold tomes/cherries to various kingdoms thus giving them a huge boost in pvp. From my own personal experience on chaos/epic i've seen dozens of people saying "i cannot pvp competitively if I don't have a few tomes/blood of angels/true strike". It's not a much of a mystery the system has been abused (with no punishments) over the years so alts could win the same stuff over and over again. Now with the added acceptable exploit of people doing freedom goals on Epic soon everyone and their mother will earn new tomes and cherries. My proposal is simple. You win any cherry/tome via missions/scenarios/goals, that item becomes soulbound. Meand you can't drop it, can't lose it if you die and that you cannot trade it. Means if you have a premmed alt with 0 skills but did a lot of missions , CONGRATZ! that premmed alt if it wins anything, only he can use it. Means if you wanna sell the alt, someone else will have to grind it. Doubtful anyone will for just 1 tome though, but you never know.. This way it will prevent two toxic trends to continue in wurm : A) the continuous support of the pay to win mentality in the pvp area where people with a lot of money simply buy their way to get massive advantages (e.g. 5 players targetting you with True strike spell, research that if you want) B ) People steamrolling accounts on epic to do easy achievements to get tomes that they could sell on freedom and influencing A. TLtdr: Make tomes and cherries soulbound, can't trade em, YOU have to earn them for yourself and that's it. Actually earning something through ingame mechanics not paying RL money for it.
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    Table for 2..todays many bacon,eggs, potatos and some corn.
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    Although I have no witty suggestions for the title names specifically, I would like to suggest combination titles. In other words, if you manage to attain two similar or related titles, you then gain a subsequent title that represents the combination of the two. For example, someone with a title in carpentry and fine carpentry might well be given a title representing these two together. Someone who is a master of shipbuilding and fishing might then be deserving of a combo title then referring to their overall greatness in all things water. A carpenter and a blacksmith title combine to make a "Builder" or "Craftsman". You get the point Thanks guys and here's looking forward to some new, cool titles!
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    Awesome update! Always exciting to see such big lists of "Bugfixes", game right now is going strength to strength! For anyone wondering where you can find, Punishlife, Fabricant or myself on Twitch I'll throw the links down below:
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    The making of our new map is drawing to a close. We expect it to be released early next week (keep your fingers crossed). Here is a sneak peek at some of the amazing new features: 1. Map coordinates The map will offer a common type of map grid (as an optional overlay), using the same denotation as the in-game map (for example "E-24"). However, to place and find locations in a much more detailed way the new map will be based on "tile coordinates" (x, y), making it possible to narrow down locations to a single tile on the server! This will allow us to place deeds and landmarks much more precisely than before. 2. Zoom The map will allow various zoom levels, allowing to zoom in from a view of the entire server to close-ups of single deeds. ... 3. Overlays Deeds, Canals, Bridges etc. are actually map overlays which can be toggled on and off. You can also choose among various map types (Terrain, Topographical, Isometric). 4. Finding settlements The map will offer an easy-to-use search function for deeds. 5. Your own markers You will be able to draw lines, polygons, circles... on the map, in order to create your own map markers. You can then take a screenshot of the area to mark special locations for your friends.
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    Behind every picture there is a memory, behind every memory there is story, and here is my story . "Fisherman's love story" Imagine you coming home after one of those perfect sunny days that you spent with your buddies at your favorite lake, just fishing, chatting and relaxing. You get to your home, removing boots from your tired feet, dropping your hat, lunchbox, keys, some spare change and your lucky charm at your entryway console that you skillfully crafted few days ago. And when you just about to go to your kitchen to fix some dinner, you remember that on your way home you checked mailbox and you got love note from your sweetheart. You read the note and ... you running around your home panicking :" Change of plans, the day is not over yet, my beloved coming over for dinner ... soon ! First you sprint to your garden to cut few fresh roses, then you asking yourself: " What can I cook on such short notice ? ... and as any respected fisherman you know the answer: " AHA! - SEAFOOD, it is what we going to have for dinner !" And you rushing to the kitchen, then to dining room, setting table, improvising some place mats, getting the bottle of famous Wurmian champagne that you saved for special occasion ... But just in case if your seafood will not come out right, you ordering full FCCP pizza ( this one is always winner ). Do you think your sweetheart will love this dinner ? Decide for yourself but here is proof of what happened after dinner later that night ... Aren't Wurmians know how to have good time ? Date the Wurmian and you will find out ! Eden Harbour, Xanadu. H-23, Summerholt area.
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    Here's my first entry, depending on how much time we have left, I may add in a second once I can finish decorating. Shady's Rest - House Shady Abode - Deed Release - Server This deed belongs to Shadyone and I was able to decorate it and submit it here with his permission. :) These images are of the kitchen, breakfast nook, and dinning room. I'll try to hide them in spoiler tags since this thread will probably be pretty picture heavy. Now the last two images I want to leave are actually just little videos of the small brazier in the dinning room and the fireplace in the breakfast nook. It doesn't showcase much decorating but I think it's very calming to watch. It's nice on an an endless loop. However, I would like to point out how sad it is the the small brazier seems to only come in copper and that it does not have the lighting flicker like the fireplace. Conversely, I like the fire particles from the small brazier more than the ones on the fireplace. It would be nice if the fireplace had a larger version of that fire. https://imgur.com/fJWKW9D https://imgur.com/47XlfH4 However, I would like to lodge a "complaint" after doing this competition. These item number and size limits are killing me. ? I had to change up my design several times because the tables did not want to do what I wanted to do. However, this was a lot of fun and I can't wait until new items are turned into surfaces that can hold items. Plates, bowls, chaise... *nudge* *nudge*
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    It would be nice if we could choose two titles at a time, then choose their order, to make a sort of compound title. I feel like this would add a nice bit of individual personality and customization to the title system, since you'd walk around with a title a bit more unique than the mostly-boilerplate ones we currently use. Examples of what I mean: Educated Drunkard Alcoholic Farmer Iron Chef Dragonslayer Cavalier Granger Alchemist Gardener Mercenary Caterer Metallurgist Puppeteer Clairvoyant Milkmaid Obviously, some combinations wouldn't sound good, but that would be up to the player's discretion.
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    RIP - sold
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    yes it does help a lot of things, if I didn't meditate every day those around me would be in danger There is a reason my deed is called a zen moment (everything's zen you know).
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    AJ has messaged me and Virus now and hopefully it is being sorted (thanks Virus). I do understand that life throws crap at us at times, and of course rl comes first, I tend to be a pretty patient and understanding person but my biggest trigger point seems to be lack of communication. Hope all gets sorted and everyone is better and life calms down. Edit: spoke too soon, still issues so we must sadly wait and see
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    Spoke to my lawyer, the NDA has no legal weight so.... I've been in lengthy talks with the devs, we're still negotiating the finer details but, we're about to sign a deal where Epic gets digging with swords.
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    3s on b (also can confirm they work, i'm one of the previous customers)
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    This is one of the first things I noticed on wurm. The clothing is, as a friend called it ' as attractive as a wet paper sack'. Please update the available attire for all players, dresses, gowns (are they the same thing?) kingly robes, blacksmith aprons, chef clothing, maybe even beggars sackcloth. Fancy stuff. We wanna look good too.
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    I don't want my levels of gameplay enjoyment worsened to protect wallets
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    Fishing is in a very strange place right now, compared to virtually all other skills in Wurm. It has extreme length action timers (which can end at any time), and does not benefit from WoA, but does not have the enchant protection for CoC that Meditation has. The QL of fish caught is very random, even at high level, similar to old gathering skills (eg. Foraging and Botanizing, pre-update). Fishing also is unaffected by virtually any of the new runes. Too large of fish (Roughly 3+ kg), when fileted, also do not give any butchering skill, making higher QL large fish useless for trying to grind. My suggestions for fishing are as follows: Have fish of any size give butchering skill no matter the number of filets produced Have fish QL follow the new harvesting formula: Skill +/- ((100 - Skill) / 5), and fish type more reliant on skill (less likely to get Catfish at low skill) Give fishing rods enchant protection similar to meditation rugs Have fish QL affected by the Bronze rune of Libila (+10% gather QL) With these changes, it brings fishing more in line with other similar skills, lets high fishing skill not be a detriment to grinding butchering, and gives more reliable QL of fish.
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    Being from Epic initially (started there) and transferring to wurm I can tell you that Epic is a complete waste of time. I was so surprised they wasted any time at all to save epic. Chaos does everything you need, allows people who want to pvp to pvp, and even then people still hardly go there. This game really just isn't any good as a pvp game. The travel times, sometimes I remember traveling around for 6 hours looking for someone... Only to find them holed up in a mine when we came. The combat isn't exciting, or interesting. PVE is terrible too, but that's not why people play this game. Most of the pvp was trolling someone while they weren't on. Even that got old, when basically you were transferring hordes of goods back to... your hordes of goods. The supply and demand (too much supply, no demand) means every player already had all they ever needed so there was no reason to loot each other. I played UO back in the day and then shadowbane and I was hoping WU would replace shadowbane many years ago... I had horrible experiences. Free accounts logging in, joining your town, then taking your stuff and logging off or deleting/destroying things when you weren't on. Trolls everywhere. Then the long term accounts were always bullying the lowbies, so new players were nonexistent for this reason. Either you joined them, or you were bullied until you quit. Still even without that... This is an adult version of the sims with a setting a long time ago. I'd be interested in a difficult PVE server, with stronger creatures and lots of them but not in a pvp server.
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    lol at the bell on the table
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    Awesome man, I'll keep an eye out and try to drop by sometime!
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    I was going to stay out of this because I think this has all gotten far too out of hand and way too obsurd, but there is so much misinformation being thrown out there, I really need to clarify some of it. First, only one person got mad at Raldon and that was her friend who felt she had betrayed their friendship, that had nothing to do with the rest of us in the hunt group at all, not one of us said anything nasty or negative to her, so to turn this against the rest of us because two friends had a fight is just being unrealistic. I am sorry to hear Raldon's feeling were hurt and he made her cry on her birthday, but again that was not done by the members of this hunt group. It's nice to see she has you to be her knight in shining armour rushing to her defence but you are fighting the wrong people. Your issue is with one person not the other fifty members. Second, we had found the dragon that night and were in the process of penning it, and you were told as well as Raldon that we had found it, Raldon stayed back on the shore and did not get involved with your actions but you chose to try to take it and run away with it, and since you did not pen it fast enough and it escaped from you, then our member was able to take it back and we were able to pen it. The comment Odynn made about the GM's being involved was because we had put in a support ticket to see if there was anything they could or would do to help us. We do not have any GM's in our pocket helping us or breaking any game rules to help us. The GM's that replied to our support tickets about that dragon explained what was considered griefing and what was not, and what we could do to protect ourselves and what we could not do. We are not an " elitist group"' and Odynn is not the leader, we actually have six people who take care of the managing of the group, but all our members have a say in how things are done, and everyone's opinion counts and is taken in to consideration. Trash talking Odynn and the rest of us in this forum posts does nothing more then show how little you know about our group and the members in it. We are not small minded folks as you put it and looking up to Odynn is not because he is our leader, because he is not, it's because he is our friend, and would do anything for any of us that he could. I do not know when, why or how this hate Odynn became so popular or the thing to do, but it is unfounded and uncalled for. Every spawn is free for anyone to catch and pen so good luck to everyone, but we are not going to lose sleep over a unique found by someone other then us, there will be a nother one and a nother one after that
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    I watched your stream the other day, was very entertaining and we had nice little chat. Keep up the good work, I will definitely watch your stream again!
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    Is there a limit to the number of entries? Cause I'm having too much fun Kasumi examining the latest archaeological findings Da Wife making her husbands favourite (can you guess what it is?)
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    I've been playing for about a year now so here's my 2i. First: The selling/transferring of accounts does need to end. The accounts that get to high levels and get passed around causing the value of high end goods to crater from the fact that the people who buy them seek to get a "return on investment" by churning out a bunch of items and proceeding to flood the market. Second: There needs to be a way of being able to "dump" various amounts of raw materials for a "separate (and untradable) currency" like someone else posted. My idea for this is a quest that you have to pick-up at like a message board; "The king needs [boards/bricks/other raw materials (QL don't matter for this stuff) or weapons/armor/tools/equipment (stuff like saddles, backpacks, etc) of a minimum QL] and is willing to give X [currency name]". This currency could be used to buy things like buffs, karma, sleep bonus (not powders) or even unique things (how about adding the chance to buy another mirror to change your appearance?) that can only be obtained from this method. Having this for the individual as well as for the players settlement (which instead of karma might give towards the settlement bonuses or could be used to add a few coins to the deeds coffer.) would give players incentive to produce/buy what the mission requires. This would get players to convert the extra junk they have lying around into something that they might want.
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    I can add these inn locations to the Community Map with a specific landmark icon. I'll need the exact coordinates to place these icons. Can we get these?
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    Hello Deli! I'd be happy to set up an interactive Deli map on wurmonlinemaps.com. Basically I take the map dumps, tile them and code up a sweet map via Open Layers. On top of the map tile layers are various vector layers. For Xanadu: Starter Deeds, Deeds, Canals/Tunnels, Bridges.. Also beta testing a "landmark" layer, with Guard Towers and labels for Bodies of Water. The Xanadu data is stored on a Google Sheets spreadsheet, which makes community map management easy, share-able, instantly updated. I would set up the spreadsheet, and someone awesome from Deli (with a google account) would get perms and make the updates. I realize this is very different from the map experience that you have at the moment. It can get better! Check out the Xanadu map: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/xanadu Someone give my a PM if there's interest. Best, Jackjones
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    We all know Europe doesn't really exist.
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    To be honest, I think trying to fix the Wurm economy at this point is like trying to put a Band-Aid on a severed arm. There are too many highly skilled crafters around. Too many priests. They constantly churn stuff out, and there is already too much "high-end" gear with nowhere to go. Right now it's a "rares" market, but that's going to dry up too eventually. There -were- things that could have been done to prevent the eventual burnout of the economy such as forbidding account sales and transfers to allow the retirement of toons when people got bored, and enforcing item life cycles instead of having eternal gear. I can hear the revulsion and disgust at these ideas from large groups of old-timers who say they would never have stayed in the game if it had been like that - but that's sort of the point. You can cater to the vets or look to the future. But honestly, at this point, how much longer is that future really? Wurm has been around for a long time, and no online game lasts indefinitely.
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    this is the problem that i see with everyone right now. you mention mining. so what? i have 99.99 mining and 100 digging. so yes, i certainly would have a fair chance of an affinity if i would be using high speed tools. but what about the other 99% of players doing the other 99% of skills? the 15 second window is so short that most players grinding a crafting skill with queued actions and coc only tools already have a longer action timer on their 3rd or so imping action. the same applies to priests. if you look at the priest spell list you will notice that no commonly used spell could be used even once in this window. so youre gambling a 1/7200 chance per second to open the window to get lucky to actually finish your cast within those 15 seconds to have a 1/(500+500*affinities) chance to get an affinity in channeling. you wont get a second chance during this window unless all you ever do is spam light tokens. need to sacc to regain favor for another cast? well youre out of luck. tl;dr: stop looking only at the best cases possible and instead choose proper actions as an indicator. whats the use of a system like this if its only reasonably possible on a handful of actions?
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    Valkyrie by Peter Nicolai Arbo, 1864
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    The spear in game does not look that long really, should have it with a shield, it may be over powered in the case, would require some testing. It certainly would look cool though to wield a spear and a shield.
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    arch mage gary the 17th eidolon [order of the silver ribbon in yellow and red epic farmer][chancellor] yes pls require double monitors to see my name in all its glory
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    "Alcoholic Repairman" +1
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    I not going to make a mod for this but I can give some advise on one possible avenue to achieve it. http://jboss-javassist.github.io/javassist/tutorial/tutorial2.html#alter Javassist Expr Editor to instrument on dirt.doEffect(Skill castSkill, double power, Creature performer, Item target). for when the method's name and class name point to "Math.min()" method and whatever the line numbers are within doEffect method for this: int nums = Math.min(6, sizeLeft / template.getVolume()); if (target.isCrate()) { nums = Math.min(6, target.getRemainingCrateSpace()); } edit the args passed into the minimum method to change that 6 to the 50-100 number.
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    There is a bug (or feature that i don't understand) where RULER mission triggers are checking that a matching EPIC mission with the same ID is active. On the default Creative database, the tables for both types of missions start from 1, causing their ID's to collide and break things. This happens even if you have epic disabled (some default inactive missions are generated anyway). The fix i found is: Backup your stuff Create a dummy mission, doesn't matter what you put in there. Get SQLite browser http://sqlitebrowser.org/ Open wurmplayers.db Go to Browse Data and select MISSIONS table Double click the ID field of your dummy mission Write something big, like 1000000000 Click save This will ensure that any future ruler missions you make will get a high ID and won't collide with epic mission IDs.
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    I know I prefer short draw distances when running multiple clients, but there are a ton of times, I wish I could see that lighthouse, or castle, or collosus in the distance. Seems there could be a very low rez option to display certain man made objects at greater distances? Maybe when buildings reach a certain size, all collosus satues, all marble braziers of a certain QL? Just something, other than road scars. So +1 to some version of increased range.