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    Who knew 6 years ago when I started this game and I said I wanted to be a farmer, I would actually get to live this day (yeah I know, in 6 years it should have already happened, but I am lazy so get over it! ) It took a tremendously long time and I ragequit several times in the process - but the end result is something...well...more than legendary. So let me get to it: Yesterday 21st April 2018 in the morning quite to my surprise I got this message -- [09:22:34] You have just received the title 'Pumpkin King'! Then as I was happily going about my business, cooking a few thousand meals for the fun of it, in the evening of the same fateful day, this happened -- [21:10:49] You have just received the title 'Legendary Chef'! Yes, you read that right, 11 hours 48 minutes 15 seconds after receiving the first legendary title -- I received a second one as well! Obvisouly the double legendary titles were planned... so well planned it took 3 years and...btw...the plan did not work... and now you know the reason behind the post Thorakkanath made last night! Naturally this wouldn't have been possible without the support and knowledge gained from a lot of people in the past few years while preparing for this day. Hoping I will not forget someone and in random order : So this is what I wanted to share with everyone and I will leave you with the immortal words of Jantheconqueror: <Janubis> [15:23:56] Inspira drinks some moonshine. <Janubis> what could possibly go wrong? -Inspira [insert legendary titles here]
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    Hi! @Retrogradewould you mind giving us an update on all the changes that were supposed to revive PvP? this isn't a troll, was just awfully quiet around that topic lately...
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    Step closer, ladies and gentlemen, dog lovers from everywhere! Do you love your Best Pal more than anything in the world? Do you like to snuggle and cuddle and spoil your fourlegged companion in every free moment? Do you see them look at you with the most sincere respect and trust in their eyes, a look that no human can ever do? With these rare bones, you can show your love. Buy now, and treat your most loyal buddy with a shiny sparkly snack! For only 19.99 silver + postal fee per bone, your dog will bark all over Wurmlands how good their hooman is! Order now, do not let your pupper wait no more! .. or you know... you can treat yourself with a rare shield or boot. I'm not judging.
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    It's an issue with registering multiple keystrokes at the same time. Putting a .1s delay on each press "would" fix it but that's against the rules for w/e reason so i bind mouse wheel up/down to my imp keybinds and aggressively wheel at things until it decides i can imp.
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    my alt's mansion finished today
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    This is a tremendously poor thread - because of the way the question is asked Expensive or cheap depends on (1) the gamers purchasing profile (thrift vs impulsiveness), (2) their financial status and (3) the country of residence -- among other things 50 eur a month is close to nothing in first world countries, or its more than a month's wage in quite a few countries. Also please note that the game is developed in Sweden - a country with VERY high wages. A lot of first world countries cannot even rival with their standards. For them, a 2 month prem for a char is about the same as buying once a sandwich from a street vendor - I am not even kidding, I lived in Stockholm for about a year. If Code Club AB would move to a low income country, then all of a sudden the game becomes A LOT cheaper, because the wages (that make up the vast majority of the expenses in a gaming company) would be dramatically reduced. The better question here would be how expensive is Wurm in comparison with other games (similar or not) that offer or not similar enjoyment to the user. And there I have to say that Wurm is incredibly expensive for what it offers. The vast majority of MMO games nowadays are free with paid options. And they make tremendous profits. And they look fantastic. And they are free, totally. and. utterly. free. And your jaw would drop at their update logs...... Sure - you can compare Wurm against the average, or even say that Wurm is so much better than so many.....but do you really want to compare Wurm to the average? That already would showcase the lack of expectations to develop a quality game further.
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    Look at this dead kingdom, preparing for the nights events at the halls of glory!
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    Alright. If he ever comes back, I'll be keeping it safe for him
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    +1, but only if you're an active member of THAT kingdom. I don't want to have people buying JK tabards just because their favorite color is blue, etc.
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    I don't understand how Chaos is part of Freedom servers, but can't represent our Chaos Kingdoms while on normal freedom servers. Wagons, flags, etc carry over from Chaos and would like to be able to wear my Chaos tabard on freedom. Tired of wearing the same tabard when not on Chaos as everyone else. This should be part of the PvP change. Would get more people interested on going Chaos and maybe starting a PMK. Normal Freedomers want custom Tabards and Kingdoms? Then give them a chance to go to Chaos and create a PMK and earn the right to represent. Just don't hand it to them though. Only thing we have when doing Rifts and other events while not on Chaos to represent is dropping tents. Then have a bunch of normal green freedom tabards around it and don't have a clue who is in what. Seems lame. This would boost recruitment into Chaos as others will see these pimped out Kingdoms all over and want to join up. Why is Chaos part of Freedom then. It seems like the Dev's (I guess mainly Rolf) have shunned it from the rest of the world and making Epic seem better. They get multiple servers and cool stuff. We get...............the finger. Make Chaos worth more than just one server separated from the rest.
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    [15:13:08] You start leading the venerable fat Jackpearl. [15:12:57] It is being taken care of by Lockehalfblood. I found him wandering around near tap dance without a saddle and no indications of a player nearby. He's safe on my deed for now. If he's yours please let me know.
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    Finally I managed to finish all of my personal goals. [03:38:33] You have just received the title 'Winner'! Symbolic achieve, but most important to me, is that I managed to do it as first on Xanadu, my first and last true home in Wurm. And land that I loved and enjoy as much as possible. At this point I want to give my best regards and to thank Theria, without him and without everything he done for me, and as well many other players, I highly doubt I'd ever achieve it, or anything at all. When i started Wurm, many years ago, on Golden Valley yet, I literally had no idea about this game. I knew basics, very basics of game mechanics and I always tried to teach myself more and more things about it. However, I've never talked to anyone, i didn't know anyone. Always trying to stay alone and go on my own. Later I moved to Indi, where I've built my first little village and then I recognized my passion for traveling in Wurm, discovering something new on every corner, in every cave, every valley I've left behind. These were cool times to me, but also I've never get into community yet and I've never managed to really do something for myself or others. I used to live from cave to cave, house to house, alone, without any in game friends, without trading, without any communication at all. That's what was usually making me to take longer breaks of game. I came back when Xanadu was released. After few days spent on Newspring I set up my boat to travel for mainland. I've found new Lemosa Homestead deed and I finally met Theria. Great player, great person. One day spent on talking with him, gave me a whole new meaning of what Wurm is about. He showed me for the very first time a right way to play this game. When i realised that game is focused on community, on players themself, game become to me totally different. Also I learnt from Lemosa what's really important. Doing our best for oneselves as well or even more importantly for others. Working hard on our own goals to gain them and look for another. How to treat others, to be treaten the same by them. We always reap, what we sow. And Theria, he was a perfect example of all these values. He was giving his best, his own time for others, by founding Lemosa Homestead, the greatest deed and alliance for new players. To help them on their very beginnigs, on every field they would ever need a help. I did receive a lot of help as well, then I was trying to help others in Lemosa. Always, since the beginnings of our Alliance. These were great times, I believe and feel that back then I've spent my best Wurming times. I lived at o8 of Xanadu for years, I still do. I remember this place as a place full of life, full of players and Lemosa deeds. There was at least few people on almost same local everytime, all focused on our main and most important purpose. Glorious place it was once, before people moved to North. I stayed with my friend and neighbour, but at this point many things have changed. New people came into alliance, Theria left a game, and in an eye blink, Lemosa went far, far away from it's base purpose. It died and was far beyond repairation. Now I feel really bad, that whole work and commitment put there by Theria droped to the dirt, and was wasted badly. Therefore I want to once again thank him, I hope that one day maybe he'll read it and I feel like he'll be glad to see one of his "students" achieve the winning. I mean, it's not like it's something amazing, but I feel proud of it anyway. That's why I won't share my list, because i don't want to start here another discussion about goals doable or not, and how they're broken. It's not this kind of topic. I want to state, that at this point I have another goal and purpose. I just feel obligated, i feel that i owe this to Theria. I want to recreate and continue his work on Xanadu. That's why, I've already found new Homestead on old Lemosa Homestead place. For new, returning and pretty much every player, that have same or similar purposes and values. Certainly it won't be a place for rude, badly behave forever complainers. Maybe it'll be a harsh place.... but rewarding, and satisfying I hope I have no idea if it will work, if such stuff is still a thing, but I just need to try my best. Soon I'll prepare everything, so stay tuned! Also I'd love to thank others, who were a part of my Wurm's life as well as helped me with my tasks. Special thanks goes to: Galadhel- My best friend and longest neighbour. I just can't describe all the help I've received from him, as well as all good times we've spent together there. Wiolo- old lemosa member, who was always trying to do his best to help. Paraskron- For support and help, as well as sharing same values and view on many concepts. Theshawv & Subie- Great people, my old neighbours. For great times spent together, for many lessons I've learnet from them as well as giving an idea of running my best business in game- Legendary Support Beams Factory ^^. In short... Shawv i still have a wagon you've made for me! Bloodscythe- For.... being always somewhere around, ready to talk, share knowledge and opinions. In Alliances, on slayings, hunts. Everywhere and always, I'm thankful for all great conversations. Also others: Clasin- My dear mate who's always eager to hunt together and slay some of these Rift dragons kings or whatever... As well as sharing his knowledge about parts of the game I've never enjoyed or tried. Paaweelr- For giving a hand to a homeless in times of greates need. I should write down much longer list. If you feel I should put your name into it and I didn't- I'm sorry. It's hard to remember all the names, people, my memory leaks sometimes
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    This guy is talking crazy
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    Truely INSPRIA-tional Congratulations on you're accomplishment that makes wurm well worth the hard work to achieve.
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    We could start by limiting cave view distance and armor changes just like on Epic!
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    Remove missions like this first lol Use some priest alts. That's what we do. No need to make alts if they already exist.
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    Forgot to let you know, I did get it. Thanks so much!
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    Wow, that's impressive! Grats! Wanna stay at my castle? ^^
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    Had you made it half marble it could have been the House of Black and White!
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    In the past you could easily set your boats and carts for your kingdommates to use by just checking the friends permission, because most people had kingdommates added. This made it easy to have boats available for kingdom access in the case that they're needed for defense or raiding, but now to have boats like that, you need to think up the names of each and every single person in your kingdom, type each of their individual names in manually, and give each and every one of them permissions on the boat. These permissions often wipe when crossing servers on the epic cluster (a common occurrance). Often you forget some names to put on the boat, and when the time comes to get on the boat for pvp, people go "I can't get on, I need permissions!". This is really annoying when you're on a sailboat with kingdommates crossing servers on the epic cluster, and now you're on another server and nobody has access on the boat anymore. Then you have to add each and every person to the boat's permissions by name again. This would be much easier to do if there were a permission option for Kingdom, so that you could check permissions in the kingdom line to give those permissions to all members of your kingdom, rather than having to type in a name and check boxes for each individual character. The kingdom permission option already exists for houses, please add it for boats and carts as well.
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    You can actually farm reeds already; but not kelp unfortunately. I think it's a depth of 4-7 underwater for reeds, and just pick seeds from the reed plant.
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    doesn't work for me either, never has. I think its a limitation in either java or idk what, maybe wurm.
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    [00:13:43] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Apologies about the Slow Mailbox it is 85 Courier 101 minutes - 85= 16Minute Arrival time
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    But was the record broken? What was it!?
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    Friendly service with great crop QL in an easy accessible location.
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    This has been suggested several times before, but I couldn't find the thread with a quick search. Currently the only way to add something to your select window is to left click it, without moving your mouse at all. This will allow you to easily archer the mob by clicking the shoot button on the select window. Problem: Sometimes it can be difficult to get a single left click without mouse movement on a mob in order to use select window archery. This can be especially problematic in pvp. Many people use target binds to add creatures to their target windows, without needing to stop their mouse entirely. Simply mousing over the mob and pressing your target bind will work. This is useful, but there is no archery option on the target window, and there is no equivalent select bind that can be used to add things to the select window. You can right click the target window, navigate down to bow, and click shoot, but this can be difficult and tedious to do during the rush of pvp. Suggestion: There are a few potential solutions to improve quality of life in these situations. 1. Add the archery and other options to the target window: 2. Add a select keybind to make it easier to add things to the select window, regardless of cursor movement. (similar to the target bind) 3. Allow us to click on the mob in the target window to add it to the select window: Please consider one of these options. This issue is very annoying in pvp and would be a QoL improvement overall.
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    Locke is an old friend of mine, he quit around 2 years ago. You're welcome to keep the horse. Thanks for looking for it's owner
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    Your experience is very similar to mine.
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    As the day arrived for the opening of the Deliverance server it was an exciting time, since it was the first new server added since Freedom (Independence). Although there were many there on Freedom who had loaded up their boats and sat waiting in the far off waters of this new server, I decided it best to just create a new character and wait at the server portal in Golden Valley with a good number of other "newbies" wandering around impatiently. Suddenly the portal opened and everyone rushed through to arrive at Green Dog for their first glimpse of these new unexplored lands. For some reason most all ran off to the north. So deciding that this direction would be too crowded for my guy (Zen) to place his land claim deed, he headed off to the south west edge of the mountainside, wading along the waders edge to finally make it to the south shore of the lake. There he only found a grassy mounded area not so very high above the shores water. Still, this looked to be an excellent spot for future development of the deed. With no players around in sight and only a few wolves to lure off out of deed placement range, he created one of the first deeds on the server, The Sanctuary. A few months later Ayes sailed over to build the main part of the deed and then sailed off back to Independence and eventually to Xanadu for some time. I always kept Zen as the mayor of this deed throughout the years, building his skills so that he could care for and develop the Village as desired. Over the years much enjoyment has been experienced from these small changes that time seems to inspire while contemplating these surroundings quietly. There The Sanctuary still stands to this day, where finally some time ago Ayes has returned as mayor to enjoy his remaining years of retirement from further travel beyond the shores of the lovely lake of Green Dog. May your own journeys here be just as rewarding. Happy Trails. =Ayes=
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    Recently returned after couple year hiatus. Had a dream about Wurm. Was in a land of HUGE carts pulled by trolls and people were jumping out the cart running...was really weird dream. Few days later I decided to play again. Reluctant because I knew my deed had disbanded and all my gear and stuff looted and gone but wanted to see how the areas has developed, new players, new deeds, new features. I had kept an eye on wurm updates and press releases and saw many new changes so came back. Upon entering deli, I stood at the spot where my old deed token was. My mine had collapsed, my guard tower still standing, farm fields dried up and replaced with grass, hedges still growing around what was a resting area and looked like someone deeded over my old deed. Decided to go check on my neighbor Teslian...nothing but a sailboat and few other abandoned items remained on his deed. Guess he had stopped playing, been almost 3 years since he logged on. Kept exploring towards nightmare lake where it once had deeds all along the bank. Found a couple of deeds and tons of mobs. At this point I started to wonder what happen, where did everyone go? The last time I played you could not find a open plot of land around the lakes and coast as these were prime locations for deeds and ports filled with merchant ships being filled to carry out their trade contracts and sell their bulk goods. Continued to explore beyond the lake and found plots of land where deeds once stood, players once lived and villages thrived on fields of veggies, hunters roaming the woods, farmers tending the fields, smiths hammers smacking metal and making weapons and tools and villagers gathering materials from mines and surrounding areas. I discovered plot after plot of open land, nothing but slabs and pathways for as far as the eye could see remained. Abandoned forges, bulk storage bins and furniture litter the ground. I felt alone surrounded by mobs, where once you would be protected by higher skilled fighters in town and players grinding their fighting skill. I carefully headed back to familiar regions where I would feel safe as I had a few rare tools, tools I had purchased and various other items I did not want to lose left in my inventory. Continuing to explore, I wanted to find a deed, a player...something, anything. Gave a wave in chat o/ I was surprised to see some familiar names Ellenmarie, mrcoolman, were still playing, so I knew that there was people still around. An half hour later after finding nothing, I decided to make a house to hold my stuff while I explored more. Built a little house and farm on top of a small hill. Had to continue my mission to find another human being. There has to be people near Greendog! It's the main spawn, right? So, I found my way back to Greendog (I actually died and that's how I found my way back but shhhh nobody has to know that) which had a nice makeover, the area around had houses and was built up. Felt better, found civilization, so I thought. Roaming the area looking for a person to pop up on local chat...nobody?? What is going on here? I left and started to head back to my house. Finding out this new highway marker system I found my way to Rainbow Bridge, an landmark I remember watch being built. Always thinking wow this guy is crazy, as I was unskilled back then and couldn't do what he was doing. Farming alone, mining alone, built a forge and replaced some of the tools I had lost when my deed disbanded. On one hand I felt wow I can get a lakeside deed now, but all my neighbors had vanished. All of the players has vanished. Nameless lake where Seara's (misspelled?), Elof's deed once stood, again nothing but ruins. I remember nameless lake being a active area with many players and villages and ports. Deliverance Keep still stood proud and active that has merchants. Fossils deed still stood strong and also Aldura's (sorry spelling) big castle still stood and another deed in the area. I had stopped playing around the time that Aldura was building that castle. So I decided to stay in the area since it seemed to be the most active area I found. Finally, someone logged on. Met Suveli, a long time player. We chatted for awhile and was a friendly fellow so I decided to deed in the area on Elof's old plot...Port Genesis was born. Found it to be a fitting name as it means " the origin or mode of formation of something." Was nice to see deeding has got quite a bit cheaper and the 10 silver form was replaced with a deed stake. Upkeep was much cheaper also. I have a goal to bring the area back to its former glory, hopefully active enough to intrigue other players or new players to deed the area and build it up. I feel wurm has advanced and made progress with updates, content, bug fixing but the playerbase has dwindled down...I ventured through the forums and hit up WU forum. I see many old names had migrated over to WU. Born and lived on deliverance for the entirety of my time playing, I felt I could not abandon it. It was home. It IS home.
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    I don't really compare games in terms of just numbers to what I'm paying for it. But I do value the feeling of "getting your moneys worth". Which Wurm for me does, even playing as casually as I do these days it feels like I get my value from it. I guess this really is a very personal perspective based way to look at things and everyone gunna feel different about Wurm and other games as to whether they're worth. But for me, it is.
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    As someone that has kept 2-3 prem accounts at a time through the years with a bunch of randoms for sermon/storage alts and has paid for/helped pay for up to like 7-8 deeds at a time, and doesn't buy anything but occasionally sleep powder I haven't paid rl cash for anything in wurm since 2010 thanks to ingame methods of earning silver. Wurm is ridiculously cheap if you can manage to play it right. Or longer, the days when traders would poop out 30-50s+ per month were glorious. But essentially, I've managed to play the last 8 years for pretty much free thanks to a little investment into traders which largely covers everything I still wouldn't mind a system that allowed 1 prem to cover 5 accounts. Might be a loss to wurm income but might potentially bring in more customers
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    i pay for 1 toon's prem, deed upkeep and whatever stuff i need with silver i earn in game making bulk in my spare time, so for me wurm is free, so its cheaper than my WoW sub and its expansions.
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    WO is $10 per month. EVE Online is $15 per month. A comparable MMO from its age, Final Fantasy 11 is 15 per month with no free to play or in game coin pay option. In essence, its cheap when compared to other mmos. If you want to compare it to WoW in the amount of characters you can have you run into the issue you can only play one character at a time. Its like that with any mmo. You pay a premium fee, but are tied to a single instance of the game per subscription. So far is the lowest cost game I have ever seen.
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    I've never considered wurm expensive, I've never played any other mmo but even reading what others offer I'm still not going to lose sleep over how cheap wurm is in terms of entertainment especially when it seems to throw money back at us
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    So I had a beautiful post somewhere where I went into great detail in debunking the silly myth that WurmOnline extremely costlier than other MMO's and I cannot seem to find it now... So here it is in short: A 2-month subscription to WO is 16e, which translates to ~$20, so ~$10/month for a single character. So let's say roughly the price of a full meal from a fast food restaurant, or a pair of coffees from Starbucks. A purchase of WU is ~$30 TOTAL, no per/month purchase, it is a one-time purchase; so the cost of 3-months subscription in WO.
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    No you won't. This is not an excuse for you to buy another graphics card, yet Normal and bump maps should hardly, if even at all, affect your performance. Some types of mapping can affect it (like parallax) but those two are very friendly for your computer. Specular mapping is also not bad. they are just extra texture to load is all, and just like regular textures I assume they will be put under an LOD slider so you can adjust what works for you.
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    +1 Not sure whether the /mykingdoms option is better or being able to create kingdom tabards (like flags, wagons, banners etc.) (loyalty versus economy)
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    I am currently on a Wurm holiday on Independence - so quite possibly a large inflow of screenshots coming this way.... This shot is from the top of Sharfin Peak, looking north across an icy Inde as the sun is setting Sun setting over a snow covered birch forest - so serene Camp for the night
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    Today I bring you all another controversial point of discussion: name changes. With so many sales, and so many characters changing hands, I wonder why aren't name changes allowed? I suppose reputation would be a thing, but really, once a character changes hands, reputation is meaningless. It's not like I can buy a character, and instantly become the most trusted person on Wurm. Financially speaking, I know a lot of people who would be super excited to be able to sell their characters they are holding onto just because they have their name. Even if Angelklaine was a more powerful character, I would never let it go because that's a name I have been using for many years. Some of us grow attached to a name tag I suppose. Here's what I propose could be a good option: Allow players a name change every 6 months - 1 year. This would prevent or reduce the chance of people swapping names on the fly to avoid consequences, such as on deed thefts, betrayals, etc. while still allowing those who buy accounts to change the names. Give every character an Unique ID number that is publicly visible. Same reason as above. People would be able to attach the Unique ID to the perpetrator. Put an real world currency cost to the name change. Paying Euros for the name change would cover the costs of extra work on the GMs. For reference, other games charge something in the vicinity of 20e for this service. Or make it automated with an in game item sold by a trader, then add a debuff that prevents you from using it for the amount of time specified. Limit the name changes to a lifetime amount. If you feel there is a problem with account hoppers, then limit it. 3 changes lifetime and done. I can't think for a reason to do this but there it is. What do you think? Please comment below with your opinions, thoughts or ideas.
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    Those would have to come directly from CC's website, even if the code is player-made. As things stand, there's no real incentive for players to make them. If CC says "accepting code for plugins", which y'all then take and turn into addons which only work if client can authenticate them as CC's, that incentive would exist. Things like: - UI changes - Creature reskins (whereby CC can "censor" out things like 10ft tall wild cats). - Accessibility addons - Timers (meditation, harvests, and such) - Sounds like the cool ones mentioned here, or killing the constant wind on higher elevation deeds. - Customizable phobia mode. An enthomologist may be terrified of rats. My logic behind favoring a plugins system is that CC would be able to add way more changes without running afoul of the Twelve Doctrines, while being able to control what exactly those plugins are. If y'all can catch altered clients as it is, it should be no problem to catch altered plugins in the same fashion.