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    Finally I managed to finish all of my personal goals. [03:38:33] You have just received the title 'Winner'! Symbolic achieve, but most important to me, is that I managed to do it as first on Xanadu, my first and last true home in Wurm. And land that I loved and enjoy as much as possible. At this point I want to give my best regards and to thank Theria, without him and without everything he done for me, and as well many other players, I highly doubt I'd ever achieve it, or anything at all. When i started Wurm, many years ago, on Golden Valley yet, I literally had no idea about this game. I knew basics, very basics of game mechanics and I always tried to teach myself more and more things about it. However, I've never talked to anyone, i didn't know anyone. Always trying to stay alone and go on my own. Later I moved to Indi, where I've built my first little village and then I recognized my passion for traveling in Wurm, discovering something new on every corner, in every cave, every valley I've left behind. These were cool times to me, but also I've never get into community yet and I've never managed to really do something for myself or others. I used to live from cave to cave, house to house, alone, without any in game friends, without trading, without any communication at all. That's what was usually making me to take longer breaks of game. I came back when Xanadu was released. After few days spent on Newspring I set up my boat to travel for mainland. I've found new Lemosa Homestead deed and I finally met Theria. Great player, great person. One day spent on talking with him, gave me a whole new meaning of what Wurm is about. He showed me for the very first time a right way to play this game. When i realised that game is focused on community, on players themself, game become to me totally different. Also I learnt from Lemosa what's really important. Doing our best for oneselves as well or even more importantly for others. Working hard on our own goals to gain them and look for another. How to treat others, to be treaten the same by them. We always reap, what we sow. And Theria, he was a perfect example of all these values. He was giving his best, his own time for others, by founding Lemosa Homestead, the greatest deed and alliance for new players. To help them on their very beginnigs, on every field they would ever need a help. I did receive a lot of help as well, then I was trying to help others in Lemosa. Always, since the beginnings of our Alliance. These were great times, I believe and feel that back then I've spent my best Wurming times. I lived at o8 of Xanadu for years, I still do. I remember this place as a place full of life, full of players and Lemosa deeds. There was at least few people on almost same local everytime, all focused on our main and most important purpose. Glorious place it was once, before people moved to North. I stayed with my friend and neighbour, but at this point many things have changed. New people came into alliance, Theria left a game, and in an eye blink, Lemosa went far, far away from it's base purpose. It died and was far beyond repairation. Now I feel really bad, that whole work and commitment put there by Theria droped to the dirt, and was wasted badly. Therefore I want to once again thank him, I hope that one day maybe he'll read it and I feel like he'll be glad to see one of his "students" achieve the winning. I mean, it's not like it's something amazing, but I feel proud of it anyway. That's why I won't share my list, because i don't want to start here another discussion about goals doable or not, and how they're broken. It's not this kind of topic. I want to state, that at this point I have another goal and purpose. I just feel obligated, i feel that i owe this to Theria. I want to recreate and continue his work on Xanadu. That's why, I've already found new Homestead on old Lemosa Homestead place. For new, returning and pretty much every player, that have same or similar purposes and values. Certainly it won't be a place for rude, badly behave forever complainers. Maybe it'll be a harsh place.... but rewarding, and satisfying I hope I have no idea if it will work, if such stuff is still a thing, but I just need to try my best. Soon I'll prepare everything, so stay tuned! Also I'd love to thank others, who were a part of my Wurm's life as well as helped me with my tasks. Special thanks goes to: Galadhel- My best friend and longest neighbour. I just can't describe all the help I've received from him, as well as all good times we've spent together there. Wiolo- old lemosa member, who was always trying to do his best to help. Paraskron- For support and help, as well as sharing same values and view on many concepts. Theshawv & Subie- Great people, my old neighbours. For great times spent together, for many lessons I've learnet from them as well as giving an idea of running my best business in game- Legendary Support Beams Factory ^^. In short... Shawv i still have a wagon you've made for me! Bloodscythe- For.... being always somewhere around, ready to talk, share knowledge and opinions. In Alliances, on slayings, hunts. Everywhere and always, I'm thankful for all great conversations. Also others: Clasin- My dear mate who's always eager to hunt together and slay some of these Rift dragons kings or whatever... As well as sharing his knowledge about parts of the game I've never enjoyed or tried. Paaweelr- For giving a hand to a homeless in times of greates need. I should write down much longer list. If you feel I should put your name into it and I didn't- I'm sorry. It's hard to remember all the names, people, my memory leaks sometimes
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    What mining for 12 hours feels like:
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    Step closer, ladies and gentlemen, dog lovers from everywhere! Do you love your Best Pal more than anything in the world? Do you like to snuggle and cuddle and spoil your fourlegged companion in every free moment? Do you see them look at you with the most sincere respect and trust in their eyes, a look that no human can ever do? With these rare bones, you can show your love. Buy now, and treat your most loyal buddy with a shiny sparkly snack! For only 19.99 silver + postal fee per bone, your dog will bark all over Wurmlands how good their hooman is! Order now, do not let your pupper wait no more! .. or you know... you can treat yourself with a rare shield or boot. I'm not judging.
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    Could someone take a few minutes out of their very busy Dev schedule and actually make the in game map "K" look like the letter k and not another h. This has been int he game forever and people still make the mistake of saying they are at h when they mean k on the map because there is no difference in the appearance to most people. Please and thanks in advance!
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    This has been suggested several times before, but I couldn't find the thread with a quick search. Currently the only way to add something to your select window is to left click it, without moving your mouse at all. This will allow you to easily archer the mob by clicking the shoot button on the select window. Problem: Sometimes it can be difficult to get a single left click without mouse movement on a mob in order to use select window archery. This can be especially problematic in pvp. Many people use target binds to add creatures to their target windows, without needing to stop their mouse entirely. Simply mousing over the mob and pressing your target bind will work. This is useful, but there is no archery option on the target window, and there is no equivalent select bind that can be used to add things to the select window. You can right click the target window, navigate down to bow, and click shoot, but this can be difficult and tedious to do during the rush of pvp. Suggestion: There are a few potential solutions to improve quality of life in these situations. 1. Add the archery and other options to the target window: 2. Add a select keybind to make it easier to add things to the select window, regardless of cursor movement. (similar to the target bind) 3. Allow us to click on the mob in the target window to add it to the select window: Please consider one of these options. This issue is very annoying in pvp and would be a QoL improvement overall.
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    Locke is an old friend of mine, he quit around 2 years ago. You're welcome to keep the horse. Thanks for looking for it's owner
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    Your next goal is what you make it. Congratulations again! And Theria was the best, I bet I wouldn't even be playing wurm right now without his great help and being so welcoming. He really did show me that there was more to wurm then living alone on top of a mountain and never seeking others. I myself lived alone for two years and mostly enjoyed exploring and never had prem at the start.
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    Great topic and congrats from the achievement, truly one of a kind! This topic also states that no matter if you have personal achievements to achieve, you are able to achieve those with other people and you pretty much need other people's help. Teamwork is the essence of Wurm, I would say.
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    Recently returned after couple year hiatus. Had a dream about Wurm. Was in a land of HUGE carts pulled by trolls and people were jumping out the cart running...was really weird dream. Few days later I decided to play again. Reluctant because I knew my deed had disbanded and all my gear and stuff looted and gone but wanted to see how the areas has developed, new players, new deeds, new features. I had kept an eye on wurm updates and press releases and saw many new changes so came back. Upon entering deli, I stood at the spot where my old deed token was. My mine had collapsed, my guard tower still standing, farm fields dried up and replaced with grass, hedges still growing around what was a resting area and looked like someone deeded over my old deed. Decided to go check on my neighbor Teslian...nothing but a sailboat and few other abandoned items remained on his deed. Guess he had stopped playing, been almost 3 years since he logged on. Kept exploring towards nightmare lake where it once had deeds all along the bank. Found a couple of deeds and tons of mobs. At this point I started to wonder what happen, where did everyone go? The last time I played you could not find a open plot of land around the lakes and coast as these were prime locations for deeds and ports filled with merchant ships being filled to carry out their trade contracts and sell their bulk goods. Continued to explore beyond the lake and found plots of land where deeds once stood, players once lived and villages thrived on fields of veggies, hunters roaming the woods, farmers tending the fields, smiths hammers smacking metal and making weapons and tools and villagers gathering materials from mines and surrounding areas. I discovered plot after plot of open land, nothing but slabs and pathways for as far as the eye could see remained. Abandoned forges, bulk storage bins and furniture litter the ground. I felt alone surrounded by mobs, where once you would be protected by higher skilled fighters in town and players grinding their fighting skill. I carefully headed back to familiar regions where I would feel safe as I had a few rare tools, tools I had purchased and various other items I did not want to lose left in my inventory. Continuing to explore, I wanted to find a deed, a player...something, anything. Gave a wave in chat o/ I was surprised to see some familiar names Ellenmarie, mrcoolman, were still playing, so I knew that there was people still around. An half hour later after finding nothing, I decided to make a house to hold my stuff while I explored more. Built a little house and farm on top of a small hill. Had to continue my mission to find another human being. There has to be people near Greendog! It's the main spawn, right? So, I found my way back to Greendog (I actually died and that's how I found my way back but shhhh nobody has to know that) which had a nice makeover, the area around had houses and was built up. Felt better, found civilization, so I thought. Roaming the area looking for a person to pop up on local chat...nobody?? What is going on here? I left and started to head back to my house. Finding out this new highway marker system I found my way to Rainbow Bridge, an landmark I remember watch being built. Always thinking wow this guy is crazy, as I was unskilled back then and couldn't do what he was doing. Farming alone, mining alone, built a forge and replaced some of the tools I had lost when my deed disbanded. On one hand I felt wow I can get a lakeside deed now, but all my neighbors had vanished. All of the players has vanished. Nameless lake where Seara's (misspelled?), Elof's deed once stood, again nothing but ruins. I remember nameless lake being a active area with many players and villages and ports. Deliverance Keep still stood proud and active that has merchants. Fossils deed still stood strong and also Aldura's (sorry spelling) big castle still stood and another deed in the area. I had stopped playing around the time that Aldura was building that castle. So I decided to stay in the area since it seemed to be the most active area I found. Finally, someone logged on. Met Suveli, a long time player. We chatted for awhile and was a friendly fellow so I decided to deed in the area on Elof's old plot...Port Genesis was born. Found it to be a fitting name as it means " the origin or mode of formation of something." Was nice to see deeding has got quite a bit cheaper and the 10 silver form was replaced with a deed stake. Upkeep was much cheaper also. I have a goal to bring the area back to its former glory, hopefully active enough to intrigue other players or new players to deed the area and build it up. I feel wurm has advanced and made progress with updates, content, bug fixing but the playerbase has dwindled down...I ventured through the forums and hit up WU forum. I see many old names had migrated over to WU. Born and lived on deliverance for the entirety of my time playing, I felt I could not abandon it. It was home. It IS home.
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    Tribute to Grammy-nominated electronic dance DJ Avicii as the EDM community and fans world wide mourn his passing. Publicist Diana Baron said in a statement that the Swedish performer, born Tim Bergling aka Avicii, was found dead in Muscat, Oman. Loved his music and melodies he introduced... RIP Tim RIP You will be missed.
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    love how if you dont post the name one person has to think they are cool and post what they think the name is
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    The real shame here is all these accusations being thrown around publicly, unsubstantiated. Real people were behind these accusations. Whether you were the one making them or the one who had their reputation smeared it's sad. And it served no purpose.
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    There we go, fixed!
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    Archaeds top quality dyeworks. Custom colours are available. Check this link for options: Colour Reference Chart (Please note some colours not available, nearest colour will be discussed and arranged prior to placing order) Pricing tiers as shown for 1-5L. Prices for large carts, sailboat sails, and knarrs are also included Custom colours will be priced in their relative tier. Tiers: (All colours shown with 50ql lantern) Winter White / Cedar Green 10c per kg Carts: 1s sailboat sails 15c knarr sails 5s Dragon Red 20c per kg carts 2s sailboat sails 30c knarr sails 6s Sol Yellow / Lava Spider Orange / Troll Lime 30c Per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 45c knarr sails 6s Vynora Blue 30c per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 45c knarr sails 6s Carebear Pink / Libila Purple / Jenn Cyan 30c per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 50c knarr sails 7s GM Black/ Valrei Grey 30c per KG cart 2.5s sailboat sail 50c knarr sail 7s New Offer!!! Can't Decide what colour you want? Want just a few rainbow lamps? Now you can do this without breaking the budget! Introducing the new sample pack! 9 Flasks of the listed colours and one flask of white for just 1.5s plus C.O.D! Lantern colours: 10c Simply mail me your lantern named with the colour you want, and I'll dye and mail it back for just 10c plus cod! Alternatively, order a 50ql lantern with your choice of colour for just 30c Also available: Transmutation liquids: Tile transformation guaranteed 1.5s per tile + CoD Pickup and delivery Pickup from Blossom on Pristine or cod at 1c per 5kg + 1c Come on over today! New Offer!!! Post a screenshot of your purchase for 10% off your next order! Examples
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    WGenerator Map Generator for Wurm Unlimited Servers Download Here | View Source on GitHub | WGenerator allows you to generate maps for Wurm Unlimited with a large amount of flexibility. Generate a heightmap to suit your tastes, erode it to smooth out the rough edges, and drop dirt on it to build up your desired dirt layer. From there you can add as many biomes as you want for all tile types, restricting biomes to certain height ranges, certain sizes and rarity. Generate an ore map with your desired ore distribution, and save it all with a history of actions taken, map dumps and actual map files needed for servers. If you need to edit or load a previous map, simply edit the text file of saved actions, or load the actions file back into WGenerator and keep working on your map from where you left off. Detailed Instructions HeightMap Generation: Map Size: Map width and height in tiles, defaults to 2048. (Deliverance sized maps are 2048, Independance sized maps are 4096, Xanadu sized maps are 8192). Seed: Seed used to randomize heightmap generation. #: Automatically generate a new seed. Res: Resolution of the heightmap. Higher numbers for large land mass, smaller numbers for smaller islands and archipelagos. Iterations: How many times to pass over the heightmap adding more details. Lower iterations will leave a smoother, less detailed map. Min Edge: The minimum amount of tiles between the borders and first bits of land. Border Weight: How steeply the land will taper off near the borders. Higher number for steeper edges. Max Height: Maximum height for tiles (measured in dirt). More Land: Increases the base height of everything to create more land. HeightMap Erosion: Erosion Iterations: How many times to pass over the map eroding the heights. Erosion Min Slope: Erosion ignores all slopes below this value (measured in dirt). Max Sediment Per Iteration: Amount of sediment that will be moved for each iteration, higher will cause smoother lands faster. Dirt Dropping: Biome Seed: Seed used for random generation in dirt droppng and biome seeding. #: Automatically generate a new biome seed. Dirt Per Tile: How many dirt to drop on each tile total. Max Dirt Slope: Dirt will start flowing downhill above this slope. Max Dirt Slope (Diagonal): Dirt will start flowing diagonally downhill above this slope. Max Dirt Height: No dirt will be dropped above this height. For a few tiles just below this height, a smaller amount of dirt will be dropped. Water Height: The height of the water level (measured in dirt). Biome Generation: Dropdown: What type of tile to place with the biome generation. Tree and bush types will only be placed over other trees and bushes, or on grass tiles. Seed Count: How many initial seeds of the biome to place, each seed will spread to a certain size. Size: How far each seed can possibly spread to depending on growth percentage. Max Slope: Biome will not grow if the slope to the next tile is above this. Min Height: Biome will not grow below this height. Max Height: Biome will now grow above this height. Growth % N/S/E/W: Percentage rates that any tile will spread in a given direction. 100/100/100/100 will make every biome spread in a diamond pattern skipping no tiles. Add Biome: Adds the new biome. Undo Last Biome: Removes the last biome added - only stores the last biome, so can only use this once at a time. Reset Biomes: Reset all biome changes. Ore Generation: Each entry box holds the percentage of tiles that will be a given ore type. Rock is automatically calculated so everything adds up to 100%. Note: Default ore generation values may be very dense, you may want to test this. Saving & Loading: Text Box: Name of the map. All files saved and loaded will be saved to the "./maps/name/" folder from where WGenerator is launched. Save Actions: Saves all actions taken for the current map generation to a text file. Text file can then be edited to remove certain lines, or shared with others etc. Load Actions: Loads the actions file from the current map name directory. All actions will process through the UI in order, so may take a fair bit of time to load and generate everything. Save Image Dumps: Saves the map dump, topography map and cave map to the map name folder. Save Map Files: Saves all map files to the map name folder. If you want to test those maps with WGenerator still running, you may have to click this button twice before copying the maps, else it doesn't save the files completely. Show Map View: Shows the map dump view in the WGenerator window. Show Topo View: Shows the topography map view in the WGenerator window. Show Cave View: Shows the cave view in the WGenerator window. Show Height View: Shows the heightmap view in the WGenerator window. Tips & Tricks Heightmap Erosion and Dropping Dirt both take a fair amount of time to complete. Keep in mind that we're dealing with 4.2million tiles for a 2048x2048 map, and both erosion and dirt dropping are making around ~50 passes over every tile, maybe more depending on your settings. Don't be surprised if everything is taking a long time to complete, especially with large maps. With a (fairly) top end PC, erosion and dirt dropping still take 7-8 seconds each on a 2048 map for me. With older PCs and laptops, that can be at least 30 seconds each, if not longer. If you've clicked a button and the program is hanging, just wait until it completes - the button will stay pressed while everything is working. If you're clicking a button and something isn't finishing properly, e.g. clicking Drop Dirt and it finished in a few seconds with no change, you may be running out of memory. You can run from command line to confirm that. In order to fix that, run the jar from command line specifying how much RAM to use: "java -Xmx2048m -jar WGenerator.jar" where 2048m is how much RAM to use. Remember to check your maps folder fairly often. Map files tend to be saved a fair amount, so if you're generating a lot of maps, a lot of files will be created. Be sure to delete any folders for maps you no longer require, otherwise your storage drives might start getting full fairly quickly. That should be everything. Any questions feel free to ask here. Thanks to Xyp, Vardoj, Keenan and Tathar for testing, changes and feedback over the last few days helping to get this out in time for the WU release.
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    Hello, Indy has mapped every rift since September 2016 here on our forum. As a result, it's easy to populate a "heat map" showing the number of times a rift has spawned in a general location. Here is the data through 21 April 2018: The two 3s in the west and northwest are all relatively recent. The rules as I understand them include that a rift cannot spawn within 50 tiles of a deed, and cannot spawn on a building tile. Something about the deed disband/deed forming pattern of Indy has shifted a lot of the rifts to the west and northwest. (Or it's just a short term coincidence; the data set is too small to be conclusive.) Finndar
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    Here is the latest version of my detailed low-scale map of the Serendipity Peninsula in the southeast of Deliverance, based on the official map dumps provided by Code Club AB: << Sorry, this map is currently under maintenance. Back soon. >> Feel free to check the map for errors and improvement - comments are welcome. Yaga Updates
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    [15:13:08] You start leading the venerable fat Jackpearl. [15:12:57] It is being taken care of by Lockehalfblood. I found him wandering around near tap dance without a saddle and no indications of a player nearby. He's safe on my deed for now. If he's yours please let me know.
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    Magranon's Run - Jakerivers Hi Everyone! I'm back with more news, after surviving on Emoos stream, defeating a silly noob who dared to pick a fight with me, and have all the latest of what's been going on in the dev halls (at least what I'm allowed to share) So let's go! But first... Patch Notes Mac compatibility Now some mac users have been experiencing a lot of issues with the client on mac, and we're pleased to announce with the latest client update the issues should now be resolved. As previously mentioned, settings will not work correctly when launched from ingame, but will work via the launcher, so use that! A better solution is in the works but may take a little longer to come, so stay tuned. A new dev on the block Last news we mentioned increasing our focus on addressing some of the long standing bugs within the game, and our plans to ramp up addressing bugs. While we slay a significant amount with each update, all games seek to remove as many as they can, and we're no different here. As part of this, Someone who may be recognised from the forums, Darklords has joined the dev team! Darklords will be working on us in addressing bugs and testing of larger features, he's been a long time player of both Epic and Chaos and we look forward to working with him, so give him a round of applause! (Or condolences) Visual improvements One major thing in the works is the addition of specular and normal mapping to textures. To those of you unfamiliar with these terms (as I was, Saroman nearly went mad explaining it to me) I'll touch on them both: Normal maps: Normal mapping is a layer placed over an existing model, that simulates more lumps and bumps, allowing for rendering of shadows and light without actually requiring complex lighting calculations or more heavily detailed models, this means models and textures will look less flat without causing major performance penalties. Specular maps: Specular mapping is a way of dictating how a model or texture "shines" on certain parts, e.g. Making that golden part of a model shine without the stone part shining too. both of these will add quite a significant change to just how a lot of things look and feel. Their introduction will take some time, as they require creating a normal and specular map for every texture, so they will be coming out in batches over a period of time, and we'll be sure to let you all know when they do! Shades of green, and red, and yellow, and blue Last news had a riddle, which many of you all had guesses at, and some got it right! This week, I get to show off the new creature condition colours returning! Now I know what you're all thinking, creature colours looked like they'd been playing around in my workshop, and all left drenched in dye (or blown out of a nostril), but fear not! Saroman has been again hard at work (along with Samool too) and is in the process of giving these fine creatures makeovers, check it out! The lovely little cave bug models in this picture also have the normal and specular mapping, as you can see their shells look very different (and not just because of the colour!) Wurm streaming and content creation! We (I) are (am) currently in the works of introducing a program to support those who take their time and showcase just what they get up to in wurm, be it streaming or youtube, we want to support those who make wurm more fun to watch and play, so we'll be working on helping you all through various means, including promotion through our social media and the possibility of partnering up with us for some streams! Of course there will be some requirements and expectations from streamers, but stay tuned for that coming out soon! Now there's more in the works, and soon we'll be able to share it, along with a semi firm release date and perhaps even public testing (now what could that be?) Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Give them a phobia of deeds, and make them slow enough to easily run away from so that newer players aren't screwed, but make them more difficult than trolls with skill gain appropriate for it. Perhaps adding a version of valrei mobs, or something entirely different. Could even be a reskin (blue!) of trolls, if creating something new, or importing and tweaking existing mobs requires too much time.
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    List of items: -toolbelts 3,4,5 slots -iron lamps, iron items, tools, weapons, and iron plate armour up to 30ql -studded leather set or parts 50ql -leather set or parts 50ql -leather items up to 50ql, -blue dye ql20-40 -ropes, mooring ropes, thick ropes, cordage ropes, -bow strings 49ql -gems ql 1-60 -potency 4,5 items -complete healing covers potency 1-25 -pottery items everything is cheap and ready to send. pm in game Mixer or post here what you need
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    pfft, not that impressive of an account to me...
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    You all just laugh. Do you know how hard is to change one tiny symbol on the picture!!!??? It would require some graphic editing tool or something... Then you need to paste that changed letter in EACH &^%&^% EXISTING MAP. Oh the horror...
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    I would go at least double that.
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    As the day arrived for the opening of the Deliverance server it was an exciting time, since it was the first new server added since Freedom (Independence). Although there were many there on Freedom who had loaded up their boats and sat waiting in the far off waters of this new server, I decided it best to just create a new character and wait at the server portal in Golden Valley with a good number of other "newbies" wandering around impatiently. Suddenly the portal opened and everyone rushed through to arrive at Green Dog for their first glimpse of these new unexplored lands. For some reason most all ran off to the north. So deciding that this direction would be too crowded for my guy (Zen) to place his land claim deed, he headed off to the south west edge of the mountainside, wading along the waders edge to finally make it to the south shore of the lake. There he only found a grassy mounded area not so very high above the shores water. Still, this looked to be an excellent spot for future development of the deed. With no players around in sight and only a few wolves to lure off out of deed placement range, he created one of the first deeds on the server, The Sanctuary. A few months later Ayes sailed over to build the main part of the deed and then sailed off back to Independence and eventually to Xanadu for some time. I always kept Zen as the mayor of this deed throughout the years, building his skills so that he could care for and develop the Village as desired. Over the years much enjoyment has been experienced from these small changes that time seems to inspire while contemplating these surroundings quietly. There The Sanctuary still stands to this day, where finally some time ago Ayes has returned as mayor to enjoy his remaining years of retirement from further travel beyond the shores of the lovely lake of Green Dog. May your own journeys here be just as rewarding. Happy Trails. =Ayes=
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    Yeah! Grats mate and good luck with your next goal
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    Grats!!! You've been putting a lot of effort into this and well played! (Now I hope my one problematic, outstanding goal will be achievable again - or we can roll a new goal to replace ones that cannot be accomplished... ascend...ascend... ascend...)
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    True. Even if you're a lonewolf like me, it's still important to have friends. And that's why I always consider reputation as the most important and most valuable thing you can ever earn in Wurm. I'm not a perfect one, but even if i did something wrong in the past to anyone, it wasn't my intention. Unless someone did something.... very wrong to me. But even then I'm just trying to stay away, without involving. There's no mercy for intentional thievery and toxicity tho.
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    There is no definite answer as to if wurm is cheap as we all have a different perspective on the value of money. Some people live paycheck to paycheck, others don't. Some people see a $20 bill as pocket change and others will see more value in it. People who have spare money will obviously see it as cheap whereas someone living paycheck to paycheck may see it differently. Wurms playerbase is people from all walks of life. Teenagers to elderly, given that you will see a wide range of opinion on this question.
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    PC: 25e tops including assets, and thats being generous with a package sale. 15e just the account. No skills worth mentioning. Only 1 or 2 at starter level. Everything else below. 3 actions, and not even 30 body. Sorry mate but this is barely worth selling.
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    Thanks again for business Silverdove! All mailed :-) Happy wurming! *purrrrrrr*
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    Update update 3D Stuff aka putting stuff on tables to v 0.9 Fixed spells not being castable on surfaces (e.g. large anvil) Made surfaces that aren't originally containers to not display as such
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    v0.9 is out Fixed spells not being castable on surfaces (e.g. large anvil) Made surfaces that aren't originally containers to not display as such https://github.com/bdew-wurm/threedee/releases/download/v0.9/threedee-0.9.zip
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    If anyone questions why new players don't stick around or join PvP servers, this kind of toxic drama from entrenched vets is one significant reason.
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    Just in time to miss your update lol, another little bit, the purple lines are connected highways in my area, the two red dots are where the Tunnel of Unrest begins and ends (roughly) and the mountain it goes through is/was commonly known as Silver Mountain (too lazy to add text since you have to redo it anyway
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    You need a video game to keep yourself entretained enough to play your other video game. We are masochists.
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    I came back to Indy in 2015 after playing for about 3 weeks in 2013. I was still a noob, and I was easy bait for mobs. It was only an old friend that saved me and helped me find my body. I think that had he not been there, I probably would have quit again. I was then brought over the N. Indy Academy where I spent a few weeks getting my footing (perhaps for the first time), before venturing out to make a deed of my own. And three years later I'm still there. The area has changed a lot, but It's always going to be my home. I also started a second toon to explore a bit more, and she now resides on cele after having given Xan, Deli, and Release a good try. <3 Wurm!
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    On 31 March, 2018, the Independence community lost one of its long time players, Zorako. Zorako was a very good man, and a good friend. He was helpful to many on Indy - newbies and vets alike. He was giving of his time, his knowledge, and his friendship. In-game, Zorako lived in central Indy, near Freedom Market, on a deed called Yoitsu Meadow. In real life, Zorako lived in Nebraska, and was a veteran of the Vietnam War and the U.S Navy. We will miss you, friend Zorako. Rest in peace.
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    Here is my story about some guy called Yaga who came to Deli on its second day of existence : Yaga entered the world of Wurm in week 1 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1017 (13. September 2011). Together with his son, Hakim, he was one of the bold explorers who first set foot on the newly discovered island of "Deliverance". Shortly after their arrival they began to explore this pristine island full of new wonders and exciting adventures. As fate would have it, Yaga and Hakim first reached the north coast, but then turned east and wandered along the shores for a long time, always alert to the dangers that emerged around them. In their efforts to escape a terrible death by one of the fierce creatures that were abundant in that wild and undeveloped country they did not realize that the coastline had impalpably made a southward turn, so that they walked on and on towards the southeast corner of the island. Unaware of their real location, they finally decided to settle in a place we now call "Serendipity Bay", one of the most remote spots in all of Deliverance. No maps existed at that time to guide the explorers, nor were there any human settlements in the area, which later turned out to be a long narrow peninsula roughly shaped like a dog's leg. It was a harsh and hostile area of land, with rocky cliffs and steep slopes that made it particularly hard to find suitable spots for villages and farms. A high mountain range extended along the peninsula from north to south, and in the outermost corner, almost inaccessible by humans, a very tall pointed mountain peak arose. Unable to climb this prominent landmark for a long time, the first explorers adequately called it "Dragontooth Peak". Only a handful of human settlers seemed to be attracted by that lonely barren area high up in the mountains, where the winds were strong and only the eagles kept them company. Among those few were Yaga and Hakim, who, after leaving the thriving village of Serendipity Bay, chose the area at the foot of Dragontooth Peak as their new home to live in solitude. They called it "Eyrie". Eyrie is still there, after all those years!
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    I went sailin' down to Deli on opening day in my corbita. A shark knocked me overboard and ate me. (Back then, sharks could actually do this, even on larger boats) I had to send an alt down in a rowboat from Indy to fish her corpse out of the water and retrieve the corbita. I miss Lizabeth, a lot. She was my neighbor on Deli (kinda) and one of my favorite people of all time in Wurm. I used to raise Champion Deer, till updates kept glitching fences and they all ran out to the steppes and someone killed every one of them. Now, there are no more Champion Deer, and no longer do sharks knock people out of large boats. Those are my Deli memories.
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    Server Rules 1. Don't imitate staff members. This ranges from naming your character Gmcoolguy or Avvardis to saying "Hey i'm a gm" in chat. 2. Griefing is allowed. This is a PVP server. If someone is doing something you don't like, deal with them. However excessive griefing that inhibits the ability for new players to play, such as walling in the starter deeds isn't a good idea. 3. Use common sense when participating in chat. No links to questionable content such as pornography, warez, anything related to piracy, etc. Racism isn't tolerated. 4. Exploits are prohibited and should be reported immediately. If it seems to good to be true or you have to hope you aren't going to get caught, that's probably an exploit. 5. Obey staff directives at all times. This list isn't all inclusive and trying to be cute and skirt around a rule won't be tolerated. When in doubt, ask staff.
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    All in favor of this, preferably more than just more skill gain for killing them though, some nice shiny loot would be nice. Rift monsters are one of the obvious ones, could have them drop rift loot, or using the fragment system, x/y of a rift loot item. Im sure other things would be good too but that is what I thought of initially.
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    Beware what u ask for lol, champion nogumps and drake spirits are able to chase away huge numbers of players from the game if implemented not properly, especially considering the fact that most freedommers seem to be using 2handed weapons. Hard to +1 or -1 this, i would love it myself coz I grew up in the hardest environment in wurm possible (Affliction 1.0) but I think it wouldnt be good for freedom.
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    +1 freedom is so unrewardingly boring and non exciting it drives me nuts every time i go there. There is no challange. There is no risk. There is nothing that can even remotely make me jitter.
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    the problem with the K is the top right arm, is tiny and is close to a shadowed crumple effect, the eye skips it upon most glances and only see's the h part of it. as you can see from a normal typeface - k the bottom right arm starts almost half way into the top right arm. but, on our in game map it starts past half way up the top right arm. leaving only the tip of the top right, distinct.. or it would be, if there wasn't a scrumple effect right next to it. I really hope we've broken this down enough to provoke some kind of alteration.
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