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    So the way i look at this... I agree with the skill gain addition and anything which could boost a new players advantage against the vets/titans on Epic. I do believe it de-values skill earn't prior to this but i think its an acceptable sacrifice. I don't agree with the WU Grind change! The main issue i have with this change is the fact that it completely changes the way you grind.It isn't a small addition and im not sure the dev's realise what they are changing? Difficulty isn't a factor anymore, so gold, silver, iron veins etc no longer matter. Improving becomes obsolete for grinding as the best method on WU is actually creating (this to me is huge).
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    Hi, I have created a simple discord relay mod that connects the kingdom chats to a discord server. Features: Sends all messages from kingdom chat to the appropriate kingdom text channel on discord Sends all messages from kingdom channels to appropriate kingdom channels in wurm Planned features: Support for villages and alliances Auto creation of village channels and proper permission management for users to read them on discord Discord user to wurm player linking Requirements: Discord server needs to have has text channels for all kingdoms with the same name as the kingdoms in game. Discord bot user (https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/topics/oauth2#bots) with an auth token Ago's mod loader v29.2+ Don't forget to configure the mod in the DiscordRelay.properties Current version is v0.2 You can find the release here: https://github.com/whisper2shade/DiscordRelay/releases/latest If you encounter any problems, please use the issues tracker on github (preferably) or reply to this thread. Have fun, whisper2shade
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    It won't be a direct copy of WU skilling, creation won't be king, and difficulty will be important for optimum gain
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    WU skill gain is not necessarily faster than epic's current skill gain. Try a 1x Wu server. It feels even slower than Freedom. What it will do is make it so in order to optimize skill gain yu will need to use high ql tools with the best enchants for everything as opposed to having a second set of skiller tools
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    I'm unearthing this thread because I feel the shield changes in 1.3 made grinding worse. I had to confer with some code wizards to have any hope of figuring out the right shield QL to grind with at my level, and it was thanks only to their calculations that I was able to get to 99 shield skill--previous attempts had only led to frustration and putting off the grind again. I did this by using a shield at what you could charitably describe as "trashcan lid" quality and fighting trolls to the exclusion of anything else--at the end, I even had my horse's ass in their face to give them more CR to nerf my own block rate just a little more. This is because the difficulty of the shield skillcheck relies on the mob you're fighting & its relation to your own fighting prowess, and the size of the gain is based on the strength of the hit you've blocked--in normal circumstances, this means you have to fine-tune your shield QL for trolls and trolls alone, since they are the only mob that hits hard enough for a good gain size, and getting the right QL for trolls means your gain rate with other mobs will be poor. If a design goal of Wurm is to encourage participation in PVP, then PVP-related skills should all be straightforward to grind, and by and large they are: kill lots of tougher mobs for fighting, kill lots of mobs with a good weapon for weapon skill, and shoot lots of things with harder shots for archery. Shield grinding sticks out like a sore thumb, forcing players to fiddle with lower shield QLs and seek out a single mob type. One characteristic that makes a grind good is reliability, and encouraging players to hunt only one kind of creature is yet another way that shield skill is frustrating to raise. As earlier in the thread, I say to look to the weapon skillcheck as an example of what a shield skillcheck should look like: the weapon skillcheck's difficulty scales with your level and doesn't factor in the opponent at all, encouraging you to use a good weapon whether your skill is 1 or 99, while allowing you to get skill at a good rate from any creature. Basing the gain size on the power behind the hit you blocked is a good idea, but the difficulty of the check just has too many variables to make the grind anything but miserable. Make the gain rate reliable, perhaps factor your opponent's CR into the gain size alongside the hit's damage, and shields would finally be straightforward to level up without requiring insane number crunching and knowledge of esoteric game mechanics. post-script: One of the things that made the shield grind bearable was that my character is ridiculous to begin with, and I could fight trolls all day without being in danger. How is a more normal character supposed to grind the skill without hating life?
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    Just an idea for PVE... A new quest mechanic for PVE: Compass from Heaven An uber-rare chance that a humanoid mob will drop a "Compass from Heaven". Examine compass --> "This compass appears to have been dropped from the gods and picked up by a creature incapable of understanding it's significance." Right click on compass in inventory --> "Get Bearing" will read, "The compass appears to be pointing {direction}". Alternately, right clicking on the quest compass --> "Make Active" will replace the compass bearing of a standard compass with the quest compass. Following the compass will lead the player to a special loot chest containing random loot worthy of the quest. The compass can be no-drop, no trade and acts as the key, where only the person holding the compass can open the chest. Both chest and compass are destroyed after 48 hours real time if not found.
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    How is it exploiting again? Because i pay more for better service, i'm 'cheating'? This argument is as old as 3D MMO's. I pay for a second account therefore i'm 'cheating'. I pay for a nicer car than you, I'm 'exploiting' life. See how little it makes sense? This game especially has 0 emphasis on others, in that all you pay for is convenience. No townie friend to link for a spell you 'need', but 'want"? Subscribe another one. The problem with some of you, especially those that play with a juvenile thought process, is you somehow feel the need that the measly money you spend on this game per month is somehow justified that less should equal more. Every goods and service you've ever paid for is based on the model that paying for more = better. The digital gaming world is no different, and if the mechanics are that only an extremely small portion of the game is inaccessible due to social structures, or your inability to do something within the confines of the game, then 'paywall' is a solution for you. There's no situation in the game that says "i cannot get this unless i 100% pay real money for it", unless it's based on premium status (skills only). Trust me, i hate having batteries and paying more. But i do not have the time to find people to link with, and an extra 8eu per month is nothing in terms of value for me. That being said, yes it's not your onus to understand how CC creates revenue, but I'm simply telling you your suggestions are negative-sum solutions. You have to offer alternative-value to customers when you need to actively change something that may negatively impact them for a potential 'gain' through another group of customers. If anything I'm on the players side all the time, because i sure as hell love to critique decisions i think are made half-assed or otherwise completely asinine. You are also putting together a small issue with a completely different major issue. The fact that this game dwindles in population is a whole other problem, and one that is never addressed properly. If anything, priest/religion overhaul is low priority.
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    Golden Joinery, as a means to repairing pottery items, or some other means would be pretty neat.
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    I was out in the wilds hunting and thinking about highways and old single wide cobble paths that you find all over the wilderness, paths are useful but a cobble path just seems too industrial. I thought it might be nice to have a new paving option for a single wide type path, not everything needs to be a highway that may fit in more naturally. My artist skills are non-existent so pay no heed to the blobs in my diagrams. What I had in mind is 2 paving styles, the straight path with a corner turn and a diagonal path that can lead off a straight path. The red star indicates where you would need to stand to when paving each type. The paving on the path itself could have a few options, gravel, sand, dirt and maybe a flag stone type. As for the green area, it can be the same as we have now with corner paving, where the 'unpaved' part of the tile adopts the tile texture next to it, where it could be grass, sand, dirt.
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    This is first group I've joined on Chaos. 3 days in and have already been on 2 small raids and a dragon slaying!! Would recommend to anyone looking to join a friendly group to come play on chaos with Hexd trying to solo the Dragon
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    My sentiments exactly. I prob wouldn't use them all that much myself either. In my case it's because I'm one of those weirdos who actually enjoys sailing. lol. But I still +1 this suggestion. I will always support anything that gives people more choices or that promotes/encourages people-movement and people-gathering.
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    Oh for sure the book would have to make no sense. In fact for it to be just like Wurm's Combat Handler and Combat Engine we would need two seperate book series that contradict each other constantly and have completely redundant chapters about things that exist but don't do anything.
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    "Making sense of combat in wurm" would be a 10 volume series xD
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    Thank you Enki. It has been alot of fun reading all of the stories.
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    It really wasn't your fault that they introduced both the new permission system and new cooking update last year before the Impalong. That being said, I was there from beginning to nearly the end and had a fabulous time. Even with all the commotion and "downs", it was super fun. Don't be so hard on yourself, Shrimps. Kyoko! I'd say the more, the merrier at the BS forges. We got slammed last year and it didn't stop until the end. I worked 3 forges for the first 3 days. Come on down!
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    confirmed, lol =) [16:29:33] The venerable angry kyklops is dead. R.I.P. [16:29:33] The venerable angry kyklops has been slain. [16:29:33] You loot a pumpkin shoulder pad from the corpse. [16:29:33] Rocklobstar picks up a pumpkin shoulder pad from the corpse. [19:09:37] Spooky, scary shoulder pads. They send shivers down your spine. [19:09:37] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'The .e.erabl. .n.r. kyk.ops'.
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    Hell with the scale I just wanna be able to reach inside the wagon without having to stand in the freaking middle of it.
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    Hi, Someone wanted a mod that gives players cash and karma for being online. Here it is. Features (v0.2): Configurable amount of cash (iron) each player gets for being online Configurable amount of karma each player gets for being online Configurable payout interval Checking for unique steam id to prevent multiple alts farming coins and karma Features (v0.2.1): Updated for WU 1.8.0.X Just drop it in and enjoy. https://github.com/whisper2shade/TimedPay/releases/latest If you encounter any problems, please open an issue on github (preferably) or reply to this post. Have fun, whisper2shade
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    I remember that making this possible were stopped couse of some bugs with ghost items? Is there any chance to make it happen? It is very annoying, on a new character, that you must constantly drop it as a pile, couse of low strength.
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    Milk Eggs Will deliver anywhere on newspring island, any further will be CoD to buyer
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    Does anyone else have this issue or am i doing something wrong? , I am currently 98.82FS / 87 Aggressive / 97 Huge axe skill with 103 Nim on my huge axe and I can not seem to hit any target consistently. At the latest rift on Exo I barely managed to hit any target for the constant missing, Maybe 1 in 20 hits and over the last couple of days I have had instances were single normal trolls have nearly killed me because of the constant missing.
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    2017-10-27: I bumped this thread because I still feel it is relevant; some details in this OP are no longer valid. The recent brouhaha over shield training got me thinking about how bad shield skills are to train, and weapon skills are much more intuitive to train. Why aren't they more similar? Right now, weapon damage is derived from a ton of factors, but the actual skillcheck at the end is designed so that the gain rate is always very good if you are using a weapon of decent QL, and the gain size is based on the damage you deal. You can't grind the skill on just a few mobs, because you need to do actual damage to things in order to gain weapon skill--you are forced to actually go out and fight. Shield skillchecks, on the other hand, have a whole pile of things that factor into them, and since the skillcheck is part of blocking itself, getting the best gain rate involves manipulating your effective skill with low shield QLs so that blocking is what you could call "difficult, but not too difficult". I say that shield skill should be revised to function like weapon skill: copy weapon skill's skillchecks so that the gain rate is always high if you are using a good shield (difficulty=skill, use the shield as the tool), and base the amount of skill gained on the size of the hit you blocked. This would make the current/old method of grinding shields obsolete (good riddance), instead rewarding players for using decent shields against enemies more threatening than cows and horses. Since pen training would not be a fact of life anymore, you could toss out the 0.1 minimum shield damage as well, to further encourage hunting for skill--it's my understanding that players do a lot more than 0.1 shield damage when you block a hit, so that weird mechanic must exist as a result of people wrestling pigs all day. Shield skillgain, in general, seems riddled with old contrivances that could be thrown out.
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    It's kind of dumb, especially with embarking bug still around in another form. I've lost count how many times I disconnect and reconnect due to embarking 2.0. I use my supreme cart with supreme horses because I like taking corpses or butchered back with me when I hunt. It's kind of hard to do that on a horse, clearing inventory every time becomes a chore honestly. Can't fix embarking devs? Make other QoL changes. I think cart should not lower CR at all but you should still get a buff when on a horse. Thanks.
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    It isnt our job to find or protect Code Club's revenue. Thats what they do. For us, it is to find better ways for us to entretain ourselves. After all, that is what we pay for. A battery is not entertainment: Its a necesity for our entertainment. It is the support character you pay for to use your support character to your main. So in order to have a fully functional priest, you need 3 characters: A priest, a non priest to build what the priest may need, and a battery. Now I can understand the fact that Priest is a choice and that the choice of living with the penalties is all mine. But being told I need a 2nd priest just so I can cast all my spells and nothing else its just silly. The mechanic was intended to work on a social environment, and with how limited the amount of players the game has now, it forces the creation of batteries. It should be revisited.
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    It would be nice to get some further clarification on these two posts by Retrograde (emphasis mine): So what parts of the new system are being kept?
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    Seriously? Why? Why should this be? This just sounds so counter intuitive to me and completely opposite of what it should be. Is this some anti-pvp-advantage mechanic maybe, that doesn't belong on pve?
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    After reading volume 1 you must skip to volume 7 and then to volume 3. Cause RNG. Wogic.
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    In my personal opinion, body stats need to be capped at maybe a max of 50 or lower, tomes removed, local reduced, map size small. And you got a good start
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    No 1 month old account can match even an "average" PVPer anymore. I regularly play with and against accounts with 65ish body. Bottom Line: Anything that lowers the barrier to entry to PVP is a HUGE +1 from me.
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    If anybody wants this, please make an offer
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    Due to an internet outage lasting 56 hours, the following patch was not deployed. The outage was specifically for me, and the server continued operation while my service was experiencing difficulty. I will be deploying the patch with updated patch notes in the near future:
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    An intermediate step between priests and non-priest sounds good in theory, but in practice I suspect it would just overcomplicate things The idea of magic as a congregation falls sway to the "alt farm" and doesn't really fix anything. The crux here is that anyone can get a good strong priest by levelling channeling up to 50 or 70; folks with more than one priest alt have a much easier time (linked casting exploit). The only way you're going to root out "priests as alts" is to give them a wider skillset that needs to be levelled individually, or link priest spells in with existing skills (though you'd need to give priests a better way to level those skills because creation levelling is just pain). A simple example being wild growth being influenced by faming/forestry and healing spells being effected by firstaid. In essence, give priests a different use to existing skills so that they, like non-priests, have a wide number of skills to level before being considered "effective".
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    Today's random encounter brought to you by Pumpkins. - 'Carve up our faces will you. We will have our revenge!' Blaca was the only person to be in local today when the randomizer randomly selected the random location I randomly appeared at, and for that Blaca was subjected to 2 challenges. First challenge was as such. 'We have one reddish, one bluish, and one ##### of these. What color is the thrd one of these. Blaca correctly stated that Seris was 'whitish' Second, Blaca had to kill 11 Baconated Grapefruits. An all too simple task I fear, but one that will make a lot of very nutritious breakfasts! For succeeding at both tasks Blaca received half a set of contractor grade bridge making tools and plenty of beer needed to stand by and oversee the work not being done.
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    *scratches head* I don't think it is the game's intention that 1 person can do everything, this includes having 15 premium alts to cast all the things. I think the idea was for people to specialize and group together/socialize to fill the holes ie things they can't do. Personally I would like to see priests with the same spell beable to link... only because I think it is odd Nahjo knows LT but he can't link with his Fo brother who also knows the spell to cast it. I guess they have a different type of mana that doesn't allow it? I think WL to WL or BL to BL would just make it a bit to easy imo but then again I do not mind it staying how it is since I know about 10 different people that play this game as their "main game" with at least 1 priest alt I can set a date and time to link (Fo, Nahjo, Vyn). If you want to be a hermit and cast everything then that is your choice and you need to pay dolla dolla bills to have that luxury. I rather them not make WO more of a single player game.
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    Nimbleness increases chances to hit. Belfezar noted he had 101 on his weapon. My 2h Sword also has very high nimbleness on it. Seems chance to hit higher difficulty mobs (noticing many *misses* even on spiders these days) is badly out of wack. A slower 2 hand weapon swings less so every miss is even more significant. Then if the weapon has LT on it this adds further significance when fighting say Trolls since their hits do so much damage and none is healed with all these excessive *misses*. Fighting mobs in Wurm is very poorly implemented and it seems the results have degenerated over the years, which is why I mainly avoid it and just take them on when it can't be avoided. Really no fun when opening the Combat tab and watching all these *misses* or *glancing blows*. A real *yawn*, other than *perhaps* dying to Venerable Trolls if all the resulting *misses* result in no LT healing. Definitely a problem (misses) that should be significantly adjusted (reduced). I am agreeing with Belfezar's observations and comments on this situation. =Ayes=
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    Come join BL, we have over 900 confirmed active PvPers already so don't miss out!
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    I've noticed it too. I thought it might be because I have relatively low skill, but I've been missing a lot more than I usually do.
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    I would pay 100 silver if it had a cape.
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    REMOVE FORCED SHATTER. keep the low skill and low item quality shatters around because those are fair enough, however a priest with 99+ channeling casting on 90+ quality items shouldn't run danger to completely destroy the item just because the WurmNG had a hiccup. introduce spell-specific dispelling with an additional difficulty based on how far down the list it is, so theres still a benefit in enchanting in the "right" order, yet if you messed up the order you didn't literally brick the item, requiring you to recast from the beginning which then has a chance to completely poof the item because forced shatter is fun. those two are very important and having seen the reactions in IRC after the enchant decay rework just about every player that was around agreed with it. one thing i'd love to see is maybe the introduction of cast-scaling for high casts so it works similar to how BT works now, where you can cast repeatedly on the same item and do not need to actually score a higher power cast to improve the power of the cast. of course with a reasonable scaling penalty the higher the cast already is, so you can't cast two 50 power casts and get a 100 power item.
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    I always missed a small path option from Wurm - I even had the mad idea that server could lay down path automatically where a lot of players / animals pass a bit similar like how they now pack the tiles. I would anyway seriously love a path option - gravels are too wide currently.
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    Good thread, I approve. If anyone else has things they think we should be looking at for this, please add it to this thread. Already have a lot of things lined up to look at, but I'm sure there are some we haven't thought of yet.
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    RIP MS paint .... you will be missed
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    Making them ingame tools instead of external apps would do it. I know enough about programming to know it is possible, it just may be hard to figure out. And that is their job, isn't it? Also, Wurm Assistant is NOT a program made by the Wurm staff, it is made by a player. I'd rather have staff made items I can use ingame. I don't see your problem with this, I said it could be made toggleable, so you can turn them off and keep using your workarounds.
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