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    Getting creative with the new wall types, styles, and options! Pottery T Fences with Pottery High Fences with a Pottery Clad Reinforced Wall behind it!
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    Tall Iron Fences in Arched Walls So with all the new wall options its hard not to spam everything, searching combinations to get a creative product! I've been playing with fences inside arch walls since the functionality was added. It can have some super cool products. Recently, the tall iron fences were added in the new brick styles, and in my experiments I noticed a few... oddities. Tall fences cannot be built inside an arched wall. Adding this functionality would allow Wurmians to create some really neat dungeon scenes, jail cells, and unique barred-windows (similar to the portcullis wall but fancier). Unfortunately, its not possible right now. HOWEVER I noticed in my very recent endeavors underground that it was, in fact, possible. Unlike the surface, the underground doesn't care if your tall fences are in arches. The building (of the fence) must begin in the crafting window (not in the right click drop-down window) by right clicking the tile-border inside the arch and adding it to the crafting window. Which allows me to present you with the picture below: So how cool does that look, right? What problem does this create to make it not viable as a building option? Is it a bug that its possible underground? Or perhaps its a bug that its not possible above ground? Wurm Devs! Please let us be even more creative with our arched walls! Tall iron fences belong in T arches! The proof is in the pudding! (The picture above) ~Lei
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    Room with a view Wilczan (Did I do this one before?) HI Everyone! One week since the highway system was introduced, and we've been keeping an eye on feedback and issues raised. We've also got the winners of the tapestry contest and the blossom redesign to announce. It's a winner packed Valrei International today, so let's get started! Tapestry contest winner(s)! This tapestry competition had some AMAZING entries, and the entire dev team was blown away by the amount and quality of entries, so we felt it only fair to expand the competition to three winners! After deliberation, discussion, and perfecting our art critic poses, we have determined the three winners who will see their tapestry ingame (as well as a supreme copy of it upon introduction) Ehizellbob: Mclavin: Evening: On behalf of the dev team I'd like to congratulate all winners, and thank everyone who entered. This competition has proven to be extremely popular, we might have to look at more ways of getting your content into the game... We'll be in contact with the winners to sort out the fine print and will see these images ingame in a future update! Blossom redesign There has been some hot competition for the blossom update, and the top place has been close, but the winner of the redesign contest is Joelle with "Blossom Park"! I'd like to congratulate her and we'll be in touch to organise the start of work. All designs were amazing, and I'm keen to see more entries for future deed design contests! Unstable client With continued work on the unstable client we finally have a date for the switching to stable! Come September 1st we'll be releasing the 4.0 client as the stable version, meaning the current stable one will no longer be the client you receive when you click play. Obviously this means it's really important that you try it now, we'll be leaving reminders in-game to check it out and report any issues you do have. Trying it now means you avoid issues when it launches as the stable client, so please do! Feedback on your feedback Throughout the past week we've been helping with highway questions, and taking your feedback on board. From this we'll be making three changes in the coming updates 1) Planting catseyes is currently at 2 seconds on deed and 10 seconds off deed, this will be changing to 2 seconds on deed and 10 seconds minus .5 seconds for every 10 paving skill. Meaning at 50 skill it will be 7.5 seconds and at 90 skill it will be 5.5 seconds. 2) Many have commented on the brightness of the colours of the waystones, citing them as slightly jarring. The colour of the stone is important as it provides information of links and status, but we'll be looking at dimming the colour somewhat and making it a little more subtle. 3) Blessed lamps on highway tiles will not take decay. Mine door updates. Mine doors are an important part of any deed security, and we've been working on giving them a bit of a makeover, here's the first: You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about That's not all though, coming soon mine doors will have a brand new opening animation: Community Content This weeks community content is a Wurm Online fansite, Xanadu or bust! http://xanaduorbust.tumblr.com/ This player toured deeds on xanadu and sharing his sights along the way, it doesn't look to be up to date, but certainly gives ideas for travelling and exploring! That's it from us this week, I hope you're all mining gold and making sheets in preperation for the new mine door(s)! Next news will be the day of the unstable launch, so make sure to try it out! Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm team.
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    Stairway to Heaven (more a Bridge to Valrei, but what does it matter? )
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    To the OP: We shouldn't be able to make a living out of any profession. This is sandbox and supply is defined by demand, not but some artificial actions, just because someone decided that he must be a carpenter and make living by creating chairs.
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    Since WO must maintain its status of inferiority in this respect a 10 capacity bulk storage bin container would work for me as a substitute. With the current situation those bulk bins take up a lot of space and make the insides of buildings look very cluttered no matter their arrangement. Crate racks have opened the pandora's box and proven the concept can be done and yes it should be for bulk bins as well. =Ayes=
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    I heard he switched and it saved him 15 percent of his scale...
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    i have never understood why some items have sigs and others do not... wurm is supposed to be all about writing your own history so why doesnt ALL items (including houses, wagons, gates... ect.) have a signature
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    Actually it's not just a no graphic model. It's specifically designed models to play on the question mark bag. The examine text also reflects this: [11:40:47] A knapsack for keeping 10 years of Wurm, wogic and memories. There were four knapsack models, tin fantastic,iron supreme, wood rare, and wool common. Each has their own model, I've taken a picture of all four next to the actual question mark bag, as you can see it's very different
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    Make weapons glow based on the enchant power for damage/heal based enchantments. Flaming Aura - Orange Glow Bloodthirst - Red Glow Frostbrand - Blue glow Life Transfer - Green glow Rotten Touch - Black Glow Venom - Purple Glow Would be a nice addition, doesn't have to be a strong glow, could even just be a feint color. Would help in combat to see what enchantment you're fighting against. Glow/Color can be based on the strength of the enchantment. Mainly for cosmetic happiness tho https://gyazo.com/20211bea28af1e5325e026fa243ee386
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    [19:21:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks
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    well I'd be wary of putting chickens in something that rhymes with poop however, I had a traumatic event back when xanadu opened. i had a gaggle of eggs, who were lovingly named by a nefarious neighbor and gingerly placed about an enclosure to be born of all their god given opportunities and life potentials to the height their genetic coding and game coding allowed. Then it happened. I'm not sure what he could have been, but in utero, arthur met his demise. Res ipsa loquitur Not cause he wasn't strong of heart or will but because of pig behavior. Someone was being a pig. Well literally. a pig somehow weedled and winkled his way inside and first thing he did is threw that egg into his crevasse/gullet/maw/chasm/...dumpster/eviscerator and arthor was no more. If there had only been a coop!!
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    Dingov likely released MR's controversial horseracing forum page
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    .....genious. Soooo stealing this design.
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    Probably one of the best WU servers for old WO-players.
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    I'd prefer the opposite to be perfectly honest, allow my Epic toon to move to Freedom and 'keep' skills.... I can see the argument for keeping skills to an extent, but if it's not equal in both directions what would be the point? In that case why is Epic even a separate cluster, since keeping skills would be a non topic if it was part of the same cluster as Freedom/Chaos. It's not the answer to Epic's particular issues I'm afraid.
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    If you watch/read this forum section you will find that people whose focus is to make coins/money from playing the game are always dreaming up schemes ("suggestions") to give them an edge in this market by enhancing it to their own benefit (market niche). In doing this they attempt to do exactly what you mention in your second sentence above. The unfortunate part of it all is if these "suggestions" are adapted they will be at the expense of those who will pay for their controlled market manipulated product. Sort of amusing to see really, if it were not for the increased prices that it imposes upon others. Then you will see all the justifications arise in an attempt to deny what is actually going on and who is benefiting from it. The pursuit of profits as a substitute for fun is a ruthless venture. Only the Devs can truly rein this in, if they have the insight to do so. =Ayes=
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    Yep, just let us turn it off in settings. In WU all my guys use aggressive and don't really need to be reminded of it. Personal preference, choice and all that stuff which makes Wurm (WU too) diverse. Good suggestion Steveleeb. =Ayes=
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    This rule is focused on player to player gambling, it opens up a lot of potential issues with claims of scams and theft, which we'd naturally rather avoid.
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    leave it to you to have the interstitial debate of philosphical incongruities....don't you have a fight with mayweather coming up you need to prepare for
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    At least we wont have to worry about lockboxes.
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    Getting tomes from uniques = chance Paying premium = payment to participate
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    That new gold mine door is very beautiful with that ornate design. As I use the silver ones due to ore availability I am hoping that just as intricate a design pattern (not the same though) will be applied to them. Also would like to see the silver shiny and not the dull color it has at present. Great artwork on the new gold one. Well done! =Ayes=
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    green is the worst... colour? *takes time to process this fact before reacting lest he embarress himself* what what what!? *looks toward something out of sight* fair dues
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    Congrats to tapestry winners, all truly worthy of being displayed in game capturing wurm and truth to the tapestry art. What is even more AMAZING is gold mine doors with the bling they deserve. Whoever conceived of this change design, wurm wuv you toe jam n all! The Dev Team has been on fire for some time now fixing the borkies, offering up new content that dazzles and functionality aspects that enhance the game greatly. It's been nothing short of stellar the work this team does and how vastly it has changed in product delivery. Truly can't highlight nor thank you enough!!
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    I disagree, I think the new gold mine door looks more gold than the horrible 'green' door. Many of my friends dislike the gold mine door because of it's current color.
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    +1 Amazing idea I can't believe no one has thought of this yet.. Mclovin what genius.
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    Ah yes! this has been sitting on my to do list for some time, and is currently sitting as my Press kit. I've spoken with saroman about including a few extra things then will provide the link!
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    There's actually an issue (which I believed to be fixed!) where the progress bars on unstable launcher did not update properly even though it was actually downloading the packs in the background and would eventually launch fine. Will have another look at it, thanks for the report.
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    Northwestern Xanadu, around Glasshollow, is incredibly active.
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    @JakeRiversand @Yiraia If I'm following your conversation correctly, you both agree that a bsb rack would be a good thing... but are arguing over the number of bsb's they hold? Jake wants a storage rack with billions upon billions of bsb's (or maybe like 50, or 30... something substantial). Yiraia wants a storage rack with 2 bsb's, not 3, but 2. Honestly, I'm a bit over the racks entirely at this point. Nuff with the racks, what else you got? My consolation is that it's probably coded in such a way that creating a new type of rack is a lot simpler now, and requiring a new graphic for a new rack can really only be good for Saroman's pension fund, so what the heck... why not. Point is, you guys pretty much agree with each other. You both think bsb racks would be a good thing, and both would like to see them in game. The rest is just details for the devs to figure out, that's why they're paid the big... medium ... that's why they're paid the bucks. I'd rather see you guys arguing over how many saddlebags should go in a saddlebag rack, cuz then at least we'd have saddlebags.
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    -1 Do not remove it for everyone. If anything make it a toggle or something in the client settings (Show combat stance in 'Event'). It is sometimes helpful in PvP to have redundance to see what stance you are in at the moment in case you're not always aware of it.
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    thanks. working on em artsie .
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    Use the Logitech Gaming Software / Logitech Profiler to bind wheel turning left/right to a and d and pedal to w. Should be the "keystrokes and commands" option then you select north northeast etc then bind each section to a keybinding. You could also use voice recognition to drive forward when you make engine noises for more immersion.
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    lol If you offer your little finger, they want your arms I want ships rack, I can't see the sea from my caravels and corbitas. I hope I will be able to load the ships with crates in it into ships rack.
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    Entry #1 - The Way to Paaweelr There isn't much to show you I'm afraid, I've just been busy setting up the basic things on a new deed. There was a pretty large mine I explored that is largely underwater - maybe someone can help explain how I can raise this so I don't have to swim the entire time and can actually use it? I also learned more about the kindness of the people who play this game - I was asking for a Paaweelr conversion for my alt, who I would like to priest eventually, and immediately someone stepped up to help convert me. I didn't have a boat so someone else let me use their sailing boat to get there and back - so much support provided by the community! After a lengthy trip on a sailing boat, I have managed to get my conversion and am now a loyal follower of Paaweelr with my alt Demonqueen. I think that due to the skill benefits, I will convert to Vynora on my main. Afterwards I asked in trade chat for an imp on my BotD pickaxe, which was only at quality 8. Surprisingly, someone immediately messaged me and offered to do the imp to quality 85 for free. Seriously, how great can a community be? Bottom line, it hasn't been super exciting but it's certainly been a great experience in Wurm these past few days. Now the big thing is waiting until I can finish deeding the island when the shack has decayed, and meeting my neighbours. I have learned of one neighbour who sometimes appears in local and has also deeded fairly recently so maybe there's a chance to become friends there! In general I have just beem overwhelmed by all the support provided by everyone so far and I believe that this may be the reason I have decided to dedicate more of my time to this game than others at this point in time. I will post more screenshots and news when I get them - for now it's just filling BSB's and FSB's with things I might need someday when I figure out what they're useful for
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    As many of you know from chat I deeded Kimico's deed in an attempt to keep it for her return. There were many attempts to contact her, and not one thing has (had) been removed from it. This is the LAST message to Kimi on June 15: Kimi, i slapped a deed right in the middle of yours that disbanded. It's not being used, just a "save it". I figure if you don't come back I'll take it over. If you do, let me know and I'll instantly disband so you can have it all back. I just didn't want it to go to someone else. The deed is being held in Salacia's name. She's my alt. I discussed this in public chat. I did not hide what I was doing. As stated, not one thing has (had) been removed from said deed. The only significant change was to bash gates so I could put a lock on them. I can not deed the actual fences as buildings block it, but have deeded the max allowed. I also put signs EVERYWHERE ( 18 of them to be exact) stating: New Ownership ChampagneDragon. Some say New Ownership PST ChampagneDragon. Indy has always honored off deed fences, or at least most of Indy has, which is why I put the signs up. Today I had a lot of RL stuff going. I came home to this message: Why did you fence in Kimico's and Shenzo's deed honeydo? That's really messed up, I get that it disbanded from lack of upkeep are you that hard up to loot her deed? Seriously? This person had no "skin in the game" so to speak, but I explained what was going on, despite the attack. So as soon as I could I logged into game and see fences bashed and horses taken. I am asking for those horses to be returned. They were five speed jets and bloodbays. You can also bring me the bricks to fix the fence you busted despite it clearly being signed as belonging to me. Thank you.
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    I would not be surprised if your neighbor did it to you, based on what I know and have read. But I wont be one who does that sort of thing. And as Kimico's neighbor still, I will be repairing and imping fences.
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    Um, you can't bash fences if they are on deed, unless you are a member of that deed or someone gave Kingdom permissions, so that's a moot point.
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    I disagree with that last statement. Sometimes unforseen circumstances come up in life. We can't always see what's going to happen. If she was able, she would have put upkeep on it. She loves this game and was really happy when I moved in as a neighbor, to have someone to talk to. So, before deciding it's okay because it's possible, think of how you would feel if something came up that prevented you from keeping up with it, after putting in this much work. You wouldn't complain to your friends for helping you out. You would thank them. It irks me how many people think it's 'okay' because it's possible.
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    I don't use your map more often than once-twice a month, but every time it annoys me that it doesn't show slopes while we're living in the era of official topographic and isomorphic mapdumps.
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    Holy. Cow. I had no idea there were issues like this. My friends and I have never once actually sought out a server with a high player count, and I didn't know until today that people actually want servers like that. My experiences on the more full servers was that most players' skills were so far above mine that it was impossible to catch up. All the good land was gone, and I was stuck in some leftover piece of land that nobody wanted, or forced to join someone else's settlement because nothing good was left. Everything I was capable of making wasn't wanted by anyone at all. Players had already formed cliques that excluded new players. And if there was any GM presence at all, it seemed focused on getting new players to buy everything to catch up to the long-time players. This is not meant as a critique! I've learned something terribly surprising to me, here today, that apparently most people actually prefer this, so much so that server hosts would consider artificially inflating their player numbers to make it clear that their worlds are already completely full of players. I'm just saying...wow. I believe you, but I'm totally surprised. Not my experience at all, and I have to imagine there are ALSO a lot of people more like me out there. We are looking for a fairly new-ish server with lots of choice land still open. We want GMs who are there almost every single day, to help but not to interfere or over-help (or give advantages to their friends), to offer advice on where to find a good deed spot, to put on fun events that a newbie can get as much out of as a long-time player. We want a chance to enjoy the world before it is over-run with civilization and harsh politics. We want somewhere beautiful and majestic, and a little piece of this heaven to call our own, for as long as it lasts. You know, like the promo videos for WU that we watched before we purchased the game. This is the main reason why most of the players I know do a lot of server-hopping, trying to find a place that still has room for them, that still is optimistic and wild. When the GMs eventually start "selling advantages" too much, or the world gets overrun with people so it becomes hard to just go for a cart or boat ride, or for a lovely hunt in the woods, then people like me move along to a less-populated world to start again. So from my perspective, an inflated player count will just make me want to avoid that server, for all the reasons I've mentioned. We want SOME other players, but not a whole world full of them. Of course, I am very new to this concept, and no doubt I don't understand the issue very well just from reading this one thread. I apologize if I've done anything more than just express my alternate perspective. I'm not in any way meaning to say that yours is incorrect. I just wanted you to know what inflated player count means to the people out here who want something totally different.
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    sounds like a great idea. I loved my in game chickens so much I got real ones now.
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