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    whats this about puting everyone closer together on lagfest xanadu server.. I play on Celebration and i would never trade it for any other server.Like Lancelot said we will all quit(i will for sure),being on a low populated server has its benefits for people like me who enjoy the quiet and free drama zone,i don't like busy chat and crazy people being crazy.Also i'm close to people on every other server than i am to someone living at the edge of xanadu. New content is the way to go(not that i complain..so many things have been added that i lost track off half). Fix PVP for those who enjoy it and wurm is just fine! Freedomers who complain just lack imagination and will or maybe time to play.
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    Transferring large amounts of dirt, bricks, etc. between BSBs and crates is about as annoying as a mosquito in the ear. A little part of me dies every time I have to drag/drop umpteen thousand times while holding shift + enter as I can't see any good reason for this mechanic, apart from the link to body strength. Suggestion: Have transfer of any amount greater than what fits in toon's inventory trigger a timer. Length of timer is calculated according to body strength (or available carrying capacity) and weight of transferred items. Allow any amount to be transferred up to capacity limit of either container involved in transfer; higher amount = longer timer. Allow multiple transfers to be queued just like any other action. Edit: This would also eliminate transfer actions failing and needing to be repeated when you enter an amount that exceeds your current inventory capacity.
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    Changes and additions 100 shield smithing title added. Eyes have been added to the huge spider butchered item list. Bug Fixes Bugfix: Fixed an issue with pushing items onto cave bridges as well as pushing items out of doors which had bridges above. Bugfix: Cooked meat has been removed from the list of valid mission items. Bugfix: Wells and fountains should auto-fill again if they are on a water source tile. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with destroying house walls on underground buildings even though you were the owner. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with building permissions when trying to move items into a planted bins. Bugfix: In Game wiki links have been fixed. Bugfix: Reduced fuel usage runes now work as intended. Bugfix: Fixed rune power loss with item use. Bugfix: Enchanted arrows will no longer go into bulk bins. Bugfix: Removed epic structures from the Create Items mission lists. 4.0 Client: Fixed the issue with hitched creature placement. 4.0 Client: Fixed the issue with disappearing embarked players. 4.0 Client: Adjusted the brightness on building doors.
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    My Royal chaise where ugly I cringed after my new canopy beds where done. So when I woke up at 10pm last night I worked threw the night and redone my colors to match on all wood furniture but the royal chaise didn't want to co operate but they are close. And I threw all the high chairs in my trash with all the royal chaise design's and spent the night redoing them. I'm happy with them now. Rem if you like this stuff let CC know this is the kind of stuff you want to see. Textures are from the 20 centry/midevil times. redone wood grains to match perfect with all but them blasted royal chaise. changed pine to not look so much like maple wood Video with a closer look as I ramble about stuff
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    The main difference I would say is that WO is timer based, and WU is successbased, when it comes to skilling. In WO we grind skills in a different way and on different items to gain skill. In WU you can grind weapon smithing by spawning arrow heads and blacksmithing by making nails, but in WO you need to actually get long timers and improve the items to get good skillgain. Here what ql a tool we use matter way more because of that. We have slow skiller tools of low ql for skillgain and fast tools of high ql to get max ql on the outcome. This difference I belive was done to prevent cheaters from, via the open WU code, finding ways to cheat. There is also code in WO that aims at finding macro users and this apparently was not included in WU for same reason.
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    Hey CopalHeart! Welcome to Wurm! There is no place this is written at the moment. I will add that to the guidelines soon, thanks for pointing this out! The meditation questions are on the wiki in spoiler tags on a separate page, so that is okay. Other than that, we are not posting recipes as it is still fairly new and we want to allow players to discover this for themselves, at least for the time being. As far as I can think of, I believe that is all we are avoiding, other than the different mechanics of Wurm Online vs Wurm Unlimited, which is not on the wiki. Another thing I will add is that the ingame help pages are not being updated for now, since the system for how the client will access the wiki will be changing in a near-future update. Thanks for your question We always need more help with the wiki, so anything you have to contribute will be greatly appreciated!
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    We take today new to try some HoTA and make some fun [17:18:19] Spyte conquers the Orange pillar of the hunt (lit). [17:20:01] Tedzogh starts conquering the Red pillar of the hunt (lit). [17:24:59] Blackmonk starts conquering the Green pillar of the hunt (lit). and TC come visit Green pilar and fight with us [17:31:24] Blackmonk slain by Aramisii Sleepys Dadd Neowyn [17:32:04] Spyte slain by Aramisii Sleepys Dadd Neowyn [17:32:39] Tedzogh slain by Aramisii Sleepys Neowyn Dadd [17:33:10] Jibberish slain by Aramisii Sleepys Neowyn Dadd we die but we get a lot of fun ;D Thanks TC for coming and we back to HoTA later We dont run! We figting with strongest team
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    This game has the correct player base now, but when you try to spread it across 12 maps (13 if you count GV) you won't have enough jelly for your toast.
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    Well Server people I took a second look at my chairs and royal chaise and cringed at it and was un happy after my new canopy beds so I worked threw the night and now I'm happy. I'm pleased to anounce some time soon all this will make it's way into Foreverlands when I'm finally done. A sneak peak of changes to come. The bottom pic show the color rematch to make the furniture suits match up with out the oddities in color I noticed.
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    Was a fun fight, you're a classy enemy
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    That would be nice if people didn't lock up their deeds. If the majority of people had open gates to their towns then i would agree with you. but no point promoting a system that doesnt work with the current community. +1
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    As I discovered when I played on Wyvern, which was one of the oldest WU servers around and sported a fair population of people. Granted, after it disappeared for a few weeks, someone else picked the server up where it left off, calling it Wyvern Reborn. But WU is not the same as WO. It doesn't have the same community that I've come to love about WO. I remember the nail in the coffin on why I decided to leave Wyvern and WU altogether and return to WO was I recommended to the chat there about having an impalong like they have here on WO and they looked at me like I had two heads. The idea that any fool would give away free tool upgrades was an insane notion to them and they blew me off... so I gave up and returned to WO, and never doubted my decision. We have an amazing community here and I love you all. TL;DL, Wurm Online has a better and more friendly community than Wurm Unlimited (in my humble opinion)... and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
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    Queue the "no, unless I get a reimbursement for the amount of materials I used for all of my deeds" posts. Resets won't work, but perhaps culling some of the very underpopulated servers might, with the option for rather generous reimbursements to those effected.
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    New tapestries more wurm style like
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    I came for a visit to see what it was like..despite many negative opinions..I have been hit by catapault shards, killed because i went afk without armor on,I jumped up and down when I finally got to hit someone with an arrow and then a maul..I climbed what seemed to be impossible walls, did a body bounce down walls,choked up as my favorite horse got killed...and I love it . Its an adventure every day and a lot of work. My only regret I didnt join sooner.
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    snowball delivery service three seasons per year ---> rake in mad money ---> buy beachfront property on wurmibbean island and retire? limit to undeeded land only? There's also ppl who would like a winter environment year round. I just might. You do bring up a valid point though. How do you feel about bribery?
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    I know i know, what an outrageous idea. here's a post from 2008, before we had them; My Suggestion: A portable bed, that can be put anywhere.
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    Hi, Made a little tool to suggest what tool QL you should use for skilling. Tool ql is calculated from this formula: QL=(difficulty+20)*2-skill Click the SoT checkbox to toggle Stay on Top https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7HBjJ040pYiamhPbjJoeGVfaVU
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    Stumbled across this and thought you guys would get a huge kick out of it! Enjoy!
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    Fixed with today's update: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/156484-patch-notes-31jul17/
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    Yes, as in a Server with no aggressive mobs on it. So much time I waste and am harassed by these mobs that I really want nothing to do with. Let others enjoy their aggro mob experiences but we should at least have one Server alternative with no aggro mobs as a choice for those so inclined. =Ayes=
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    +1 for this, hate having to correct steerage on roads and it always seems to over correct.
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    I normally play from 11pm EST and on. Hit me up here in the forums or Angelklaine/Arakiel in game and I'll give you a boat for you to keep or drop you off if you don't plan to keep the boat. Welcome to Wurm.
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    Not all villages have to opt-in to being added to the list. For example, I can own village STAY OUT and opt-out of being on the route list. However, if I want to lure someone to my deed, I can tell them to type in the name STAY OUT and they will get directions if my village is on the highway route they are using.
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    [19:22:00] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. And thanks again!
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    QL 39 Large Shield, Steel c81 (55c) Also to Samvimes please
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    My new beds redone, I knew something was missing to them now there better.
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    The unfortunate double whammy of creating Xanadu then releasing WU left Wurm's population density dangerously low.
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    Wurm should have one pve map indy sized. One pvp map indy sized. The population is just to spread out and more and more people will quit for other games. Maybe a re-launch of wurm with two new maps and features might help, maybe not.
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    Our best rider, Grumpled showing off her horse riding skills on Exodus
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    [16:07:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks! : )
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    haha, i <3 shad ive been watching his stuff for awhile (prolly 2years now), along with the metatron. Both have really good content for the middle ages (ish) periods. And of course the more fantasy type stuff as well XD, his realistic weapons for fantasy races series is really good. "But what about dragons?"
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    Let the Bing-ening begin! EDIT: Hrm think the art for multi-stories ingame is going to have to be redone to reflect jetting? Matriculation on the crenellation on top of stone walls too?
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    Oh boy, here I go binging a youtube channel again.
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    I think this would be an awesome addition to this already awesome game. +1 from me.
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    70's/80's Vanart on the wagons aside, the sails on those boats are amazing and this is how the boats should be, not one color dyed, I would like to see the dying option for the hulls and separate for sails, and or even better option for customized by kingdom. The merchant signs are very nice and the variety of color options for the furniture rocks, these things can be implemented easy enough I bet and do not detract from the game. I don't like the idea of micro transactions for this aspect of the game though.
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    Aye, the Yoke has been on me a number of times over the years so I can realize that Lathe has brought up a very good suggestion here. Not game breaking of course but just one of the minor irritations of Wurm. I would agree also that not having any default item would be the best solution. I know when making pottery items the default item box is blank so this does seem possible. Maybe the Dev's like to Yoke around with us though and use it to *pull our leg? =Ayes=
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    Functionality is extended to include all enchants except opulence.
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    Pff there will not be intentional resets of existing maps, so ignore the idiots screaming about such. The one time there was an intentional reset or wipe of a map it was Epic's Elevation server, and that new map was voted for in game. Hard to say if that even helped due to Epic's low population. Erosion would be nice over the longterm; however, that would take up server overhead and dev development time better spent on other projects. I'm all for new maps; though, such is up to the devs when they feel its affordable and worth it. That said I'd love to see specialty maps: oceans with atolls, deserts, frozen north and south regions, and etc.
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    Retrograde wanted me to let him know when I done stuff like this so that why I do post here easy for him to keep track and when retrograde sees it I'm sure he looks at the likes they get and lets the deves know he's the man between us and the dev's. He tells us what they are up to and them what we are doing. so here is another screenshot. I'd say there needs to be some sort of new system where you make canopy drapes and a option to remove and replace canopy's. Then a new market item for CC to market online purchase of canopy's that can only be bought threw online store. and a few that can be made and sold in game.
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    Update released on 2017-07-25 - 13:29 GMT (July 25, 2017) Just a few items in this update. Indy South (26x, 45y; o14) - updated the roads - added a new guard tower and calling range indicator West Inner Sea (23x, 19y; H13) - correctly positioned the guard tower and added in the calling range indicator As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Or just whips as another weapon and tool.
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    Sharing some ideas from my server Foreverlands with WO and CC we need more decorations and color. To many rooms with multi story and mass cities not enough decorations and color to make rooms stand out. I'm working on a bunch right now maybe be live in few weeks on my server.
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    Oops, sorry about that, I'll have it up on the next update. Update released on 2017-07-09 - 04:09 GMT (July 9, 2017) Another small week of updates, however, we will get to the few outstanding mapping requests as soon as we can. North West Indy (21x, 19y; H13) - corrected the road that runs along the north side of the mountain (23x, 17y: F13) - added in the bridge that connects the deed road to the main highway Samling Fjord South (18x, 16y; F12) - small update to the roads including adding a small bridge (21x, 14y; F13) - corrected the geography by adding the small patch of marsh by the roadside The Western Wall (13x, 26y; I11) - updated the area of the small desert in this area Elysian Bay North West (47x, 53y; G20) - updated the road and added in the overland bridge Inner Sea West( 17x, 34y; H12) - small update to the roads Crystal Bay South (44x, 30y; H20) - as per a forum request, added a mailbox (large size icon to represent a mailbox with increased size capacity) As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Player subscriptions have been stable for the past year following those who migrated to WU. We also had spikes in population when we gave away gifts to premium players. While I can understand the desire to see communities closer together, this is achievable as it is, and and I'm not sure how suggesting some people lose all of their hard work would bring anyone new into the game, infact I see it having the opposite effect
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    I don't see much point in removing peoples hard work, it always seems to be "close servers I don't play on"
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    Can you guys look into separating the wood frames from the texture wall files so when the dye system adds the color the whole wall stops dying one color. I know the way the system is set up it takes the texture file adds the dye color which also dyes the wood beams as well. The door's and all wood molding should have separate texture files so when the dye system calls to dye the rock or the wood panel on walls as well as iron bars the code will only allow the dying of the main piece leaving the trim door's or bars untouched. Dye a object is something I would love to do but seeing it dyes the entire object it just looks well in my words ugly as hell. Which is why you don't see any dye but one building on my property. As of right now to me and to others dying is useless. This could be done to many textures like the wagon for example when the dye system calls the color of dye it dyes every thing cause it is all on one texture file. removing the wheels, crate, bale, and jar to it's own separate texture file these objects could maintain and keep there original color only dying the cart it's self. I don't mind the use of extra hard drive space for extra texture files to stop the dying of entire objects.