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    Please for the love of Vynora make it so when you put a log and a saw in the crafting window it defaults to make a plank. Not a yoke. I have more accidental yokes then anyone could ever want. Thanks very much for your time and consideration.
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    Unintended and will be fixed for the next update.
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    you got me thinking on your vid. 1.Capital deeds exist already, 2.built castle on it with crafting stations, 3 all ally's have access to all UN-secured storage and forges ect... 4 capitals gain 0.1 COC on all skill actions in the castles. per deed attached to alliance. =10 deeds give 1% coc bonus to all skill actions, 20 deeds =2% , reason for low number to prevent folks making 100's of 11x11 deeds every where.. also have a max gain of 5% maybe 5. another COC low gain could be number of alliance members in capital castle. 0.1 per person. having 20 crafting at same time would "(seem like we are helping each other craft)" again have a max benefit of 5% 6. now this could give everyone group crafting a max of 10% coc on all crafting skills and encourage us to group up and have more fun . 7. i still love the idea you guys had about better crafting stations also. a tail in the desert game, had community tasks. like 100k brick, 100k mortar, 50k planks, 20k tar, 20k shafts, 10k large nails. ect to build something that gave everyone X benefit. if the alliance built a carpentry station . everyone would gain 1% COC to that skill, off deed, 2.5% on deed + the other benefits . could give us a 12.5% COC to carp only skills. 8. and still like the idea of using a community crafting station should maybe do something like double or triple results. eg, saw a log for planks. get 2 or 3 vs the 1 per action. still takes the = amount of log weight . or maybe even just make an easier coding wise, WOA to these stations so we craft 50% faster. 9. or make all these ideas coc and woa, or the libra version of those spells the benefits really would like to see reasons to get together more, I moved over closer, (well beside you guys lol) but closer to population to be more active in chat, and helpful to those who need, and to help out with possible projects, once i'm done my deed plan again. loved helping dig out the labyrinth long a ago. can't wait till your done and come try it ouy.
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    Not currently taking orders however will be very soon when my schedule clears up and I can get back to full time feeding the masses! Freshly baked pizza on offer at refreshing prices, whether you just want to fill your food bar or gain specific affinities, here at Cheeseman Pezzeria you can have both and the best part is, you couldn't make our prices up! We offer a very reasonable pricing structure as well as offering discounts live through the ingame trade channels. All pizzas will be mailed wrapped to improve their shelf life unless requested otherwise, all included in the price! Average pizza size: 10kg+ (Can make orders for smaller foods upon request, any size you like!) Average 24 hours of affinity from the first bite! Prices: Random Affinity Pizza: 10 Copper Custom Affinity Pizza: 20 Copper Best priced Pizzas in town and they come with free wrapping Prices for bulk orders can be arranged and discounts will be applied. You can either pm me your orders here on the forum, or contact me ingame. All pizza sizes are made up as close to 10kg as possible, quality may vary between 70-80, however this is high enough to fill all your bars as well as provide a lengthy affinity timer.
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    I dropped a stack of arrows gained through pvp into a BSB, knowing that a few had flaming aura or frost brand on them but expecting those to stay in my inventory due to a patch in 2016 that had stopped you from dropping coc/woa/botd items into a bin. Unfortunately, I misremembered the patch until it was too late, and had assumed it had meant all enchantments. My suggestion is to include weapon enchants to the list of enchantments that will stop you from storing things in a bsb/crate.
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    Or simply make it default to nothing forcing you to select an item before you can craft. Accidentally crafted items are silly. I can't imagine a real carpenter taking a log to make wood boards with it and accidentally ending up with a post for a fence, for example: "Gah! I meant to make wood boards! Mary, bring me another log!" +1
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    -1 I don't think it will be needed. While there will likely be a giant explosion of activity at first, once the market reaches saturation it will drop down to an easily manageable level.
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    Please yes! Also bricks for chisel + Shard!
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    Functionality is extended to include all enchants except opulence.
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    +1 should be an easy enough change and a good Quality of life addition
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    Maybe add bonfires to the game... could have it do an area of effect to boost something like skill gain, nutrition gains from food, and maybe even the more people in the AoE, the higher the effects... Could just toss in a few logs a hour to keep the fire going and build up a ton of ash... idk, just a though...
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    @agentuspI enjoyed reading about your Wurm experience. It gives me the warm fuzzies when I learn of how a game/book/long running show really touches peoples' lives. As crazy as it sounds to nongamers, Games and *your fellow players* can become those people and experiences that easily fills our happy meters in our daily life. We go to it to recharge, connect, and experience. One of the closest thing to real magic in my opinion. It is out there still! It may not look exactly the same at first, or feel exactly the same at first, but you'll find it again. It's natural to feel sad and discouraged. Approach your search with an open mind, while remaining true to what you honor, and you'll find that magic again. Good luck to you. It sounds like your heart is in the right place. Not that I'm some expert on heart placement, just. . . I relate to you as a gamer and hope you find happiness. Guess I could have just posted only that last sentence.
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    Episode 4! We hope you are building your dream castle along with us!
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    Yeah nah. Merge or broke. We already have a pvp and pve servers on the same cluster and it just allows people to keep valuables safe without fear of losing it. Granted the same can be achieved with alts already. Merging the more pvp active Chaos server to epic won't help the situation due to the sheer amount of people who use the freedom servers as a second home/hunting ground. If that happened I'd likely sell most of my freedom assets because I am a lot more active in pvp than freedom. Merging the epic cluster to freedom/chaos will bring back players and accounts left sitting to rot in the dust. There'll probably be those that won't want to lose hard work on the home servers so keep those around as freedom servers. A good portion of the elevation player base has been wanting a new map for quite some time now so just piss that off completely and give all of us pvpers a new pvp map on the freedom cluster so we all start on even footing.
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    I don't seem to have riding a horse, but here is me riding a Blue Unicorn, I think the blue were champion. =)
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    Hey just to clarify im not laughing at him... its not meant that way... i mean why would i bother asking him if he delivers and such if i would laugh at him.
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    I bet I know what this is!
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    there is no reason for defaults, not everyone is going to want the same default so if we can not set our own I would just prefer that there be no default, as some things already are
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    Crystal Bay Estates - Finndar Hi Everyone! Patch day has come and gone, and the java update issues have been addressed. We're aware of the horse and cart issues, as well as the water sources, and will be looking at that over the weekend. There's lots to share this week, so let's jump in! But first... Valrei overhaul So we mentioned we'll be sharing some more details about the valrei system and the planned overhauls some time ago, and now it's time to share! So let's jump into it. We have some planned changes for Valrei, the mission system, and Epic in general. These changes are well underway and due in the next few weeks to a month or so. To start off, with the larger number of player gods that have been added to the game over the past few years, it is necessary to look at how those gods impact the Valrei board. Coming with this set of changes will be player gods being removed from the Valrei board once they are changed from demigods into full gods. When a player uses a Key to the Heavens, they will still be added to the Valrei board as a static entity paired to their god, but once their god wins a scenario may become a full god and removed from the board. When this happens the player god will still generate missions for players to complete, but these missions will not directly affect the Valrei board in any way or give scenario points. Scenario rewards are also being changed slightly. Coming with this update will be a requirement for players to be premium in order to be rewarded scenario points as well as karma upon completing a mission. If the player that participated in the mission is non premium, they will only be rewarded karma and sleep bonus, but not scenario points. At the end of a scenario, there will be 3 tiers of rewards The top tier will be available to those with the top 20% of scenario contributors, and contain the highest rewards of a single use tome, or a small chance of a Key to the Heavens or dragon egg for those in the top 5%. After this tier will be a second set of winners for the top 50% of contributors where there will be 3 prizes of a yet to be announced item. The final tier for the full 100% of contributors will have 5 chances for either the above unannounced item, or a moon metal lump. This will only impact the Epic servers, as Freedom does not receive scenario rewards. In addition to the above is a full rework of all mission types, difficulty and rewards. Some existing missions will be removed, some new mission types will be added, and we’ll be going over all mission types to make sure that their difficulty to complete, and reward amounts (of karma, sleep bonus and scenario points) scale properly to the difficulty of the mission. As a larger overall change to this system, the difficulty tiers will be changing from a system of 1-4 to a system of 1-7, where the difficulty of the mission is determined by the number of successful missions in a row for that god as opposed to the number of source items that god is currently holding on Valrei. This means as more missions for a given god are completed, the difficulty and rewards of the mission will increase. This applies both to Epic and Freedom, where an additional bonus on Epic will be increased help for the given god, reducing their move timer more depending on the mission difficulty. Similar to now, some missions will be available in friendly territory, and some will be available in enemy territory only according to the difficulty. As mentioned above, the sleep bonus and karma rewards for participating in a mission will be changing from a flat 1000 karma and 30min sleep bonus per mission, instead scaling with the difficulty of the mission with the very low difficulties giving less than the current defaults, and the higher difficulties giving more than the current defaults. There are also more changes planned for Valrei and Epic in general, but we’re not quite ready to release details of these changes yet. More info about these will come in the near future. All caged up A long requested addition is the ability for creatures to be loaded into vehicles, and I have a very special surprise this week, without further ado... That's right, in a coming up date creatures will be able to be loaded into cages, and onto vehicles! Different creatures will take different volumes, and they will need to be led prior to being loaded (meaning no ships full of spiders!) Upon crossing servers they retain all info about traits. Parentage and cared for status will return upon returning to the original server. Highway testing push we're gearing up our public testing of the new highway system in anticipation of releasing it with the next big update! We'll be looking at how best to organise public testing, but the best thing you can do is jump on the test server and play around with paving the catseyes and building highways! The ongoing discussion thread with the technical gory details can be found here: Wonders of Celebration Iberis (known ingame as Hexd and Mizova) is at it again! This time she's taking her sightseeing tour to Celebration and is looking for your input on what's great to see across the server. If you have a suggestion, or know a landmark she might want to check out, let her know! Community content This weeks community content is a video by qwizat, with a tour of his twin deeds eden and dune. His village is open to all new players, so if you're looking for somewhere to start your journey, contact him! There's a lot coming in the next few updates, and we haven't even begun to tease you all about the new skill coming to Wurm, what is it? You'll just have to wait and see Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Think adding a link to the youtube recording of the old song would be worthwhile?
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    Pvp in Wurm is a completely different mindset from people who prefer to be hermits. Let alone playstyle. Not only is it like comparing apples and oranges... IT IS! Personally I blame the pvp server issues on toxic players more than game mechanics. The differences between the pve and pvp code are mute, both have the same issues, and yet which is going the way of the dodo in terms of player numbers? Unfortunately even if all cheaters are routed out and booted, there's still the players who fostered the environment and condoned the actions by doing nothing.
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    We should have a hotel/inn overlay on the Xan map. New player refuge spots, free beds and/or supplies. The only problem there is that new players might not know about the map I guess. When I finally get mine built (currently waiting for a friend to plan), I'll ask on the forum for ideas on what I can provide for any passing players. Though in my case if you pass my deed you are well and truly lost. So far I was thinking free beds (ability to buy private access to a room if desired), free food/water, some supplies like cotton and maybe some basic tools. I'll also have a merchant for some more expensive stuff, but always free stuff as well. The tricky part i guess is getting the perms right for the building. Public pickup and then anything that needs restricting in locked off rooms, like my workroom. Will have some basic horses for free as well and ropes to lead/ride them. All a way off yet as I need to first build the inn and make some furniture. It's all just in my head at the moment. Down at O20 SE corner on the road, look out for The Three Legged Troll if you ever pass.
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    new Skill will be taxidurmy... i hope.
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    Be nice if bonfires had a longer render as well; though, light glow can be seen from quite a distance already.
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    Since ash has more uses than simply making lye, it would be handy to have some more sources than just coal piles or a dozen campfires A small bit generated inside the fire whenever a fire container goes out or is refueled is one means that stays immersive.
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    Pff there will not be intentional resets of existing maps, so ignore the idiots screaming about such. The one time there was an intentional reset or wipe of a map it was Epic's Elevation server, and that new map was voted for in game. Hard to say if that even helped due to Epic's low population. Erosion would be nice over the longterm; however, that would take up server overhead and dev development time better spent on other projects. I'm all for new maps; though, such is up to the devs when they feel its affordable and worth it. That said I'd love to see specialty maps: oceans with atolls, deserts, frozen north and south regions, and etc.
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    Hahaha muh 900 slope concrete . Pls no
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    I hope new server on epic locks you at 30 body str max when on starting islands, so you move to ele. Any person going back to starter island, is nerfed down to 30 body again, that way the pvp is atleast fair for newer players.
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    July 17 2017: Added Concrete, and Fence bars spells. Removed all treasure chests from the world and restarted there spawning there will be no more than 513 in the world at a time. July 26 2017: Restructured craftable HoTA statues, now requires a glowing hot lump of 6.4kg, on a large anvil, you can change the type by right clicking an un-planted one on the ground with a hammer. These are normal HoTA statues. They can be painted and lit. HoTA statues will not show in the crafting window. Old HoTA statues can no longer be crafted. Added new method to paint HoTA statues, right click them with a hammer. Reduced the cost of wild growth to 10 favor. Added new item Pocket Preacher 9000 its an alter that fits in your pocket that you can pray and sac from Removed limitation of Porta Preacher that required it to be on the ground to be used, it can now be used while in vehicle.
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    +1 Please! Here's a suggested mechanic for them I posted a few years back on the subject: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/71220-weapon-sheathing/
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    Makes note: next time Neenee is online start spamming local with obscenities.
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    I get this feeling, lately it seems like my deed i've been living on has gone inactive so i've been sitting by myself for a few weeks now... So now it feels like this sometimes... lol --
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    I would like answers for repairing and locking or cages. Also I am hoping that Uniques will not be able to be transported to other servers. a Dragon being taken from Chaos should not be able to be moved to PVE servers or vice versa. They should spawn on their own please.
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    Cave bridges are awesome! (C) Iamyourfather from Sklotopolis. http://sklotopolis.freeforums.net/thread/2131/shots-new-cave-bridge?page=1&scrollTo=11787
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    -1 Would do nothing. for Dragon Drama, There are players out there that hunt the servers everyday for dragons its what they do.
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    Hell just name your forge Wilson and you will not feel lonely.
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    Bleeding out is the core issue that chaos and epic has, and both have always had for as long as I've played. Freedom has it too but much harder to notice when your servers aren't bordering on 5-10 players average. We can argue day and night what is best to keep current players interested, but no matter how good it is, people will move on wherever for whatever reason, perpetual bleed out. As much as I desire to see both chaos and epic thrive (I always considered them to be drastically different playstyles, though it has changed some) with interest and changes and new features, it's obvious to me the core issue that Wurm has as a whole is population growth. Rhetorical questions: How many people last more than a week or a few days? How many people make it off the tutorial? This is a huge focus of Budda's and while it may mean WE get to feel "ignored", if we continue to ignore this problem then "we" becomes a couple of "me" though in some cases that is already accurate. Truth is, changes may make some of us happy, we may enjoy some new content, but no flashy change or bug fixes will fix epic, or chaos, or wurm. The issue is population, and in my eyes fixing the population fixes wurm. Of course, not population alone, there will be continued bug fixes and new content either way as is happening currently and this acts as a boost to help maintain a growing population.
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    It is normal for MMO populations to expand and contract. When Wurm expanded to Wurm Unlimited, the WO population contracted and that contraction killed any hope of Epic's return. There are now too many maps and too many choices for the smaller playerbase that is Wurm Online. Consolidation of PVP in WO is the only logical solution to a viable pvp community.
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    Pretty pointless work on Epic. We have WU, WO freedom(ill include chaos here, although that is also somewhat different than regular PvE players), WO epic. All are simply stealing players from each other.. That is what WU taught us, yet devs didn't learn a lesson. Instead of developing and focusing on ONE game, they STILL are actively trying to split up rather small (and smaller by every day) playerbase even more. Basically players have solved the "dead Epic" problem by themselves. Most have moved to chaos, others to PvE servers. This is what should be encouraged by the devs, not trying to guide them back to epic and recreating the problem again.
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    *agrees with Cecci* I have made a few highways and connections around my area and would not like to conform them to anyone else's idea of how they should be changed into some type of uniformed system. Beyond that I really don't see the necessity of it anyway. A very *few* signs could be planted for those general directions needed. =Ayes=
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    Even thou it would look good, we are not the police and who is gonna make sure people make their roads in a way someone else decided? (in the future). I feel we should not make decisions for everyone in a sandbox.