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    Maybe slightly off-topic, but related to the original post in a way: I once played a different online game and was part and later a leader of a guild. In our guild we had a player - a relatively young fellow - who loved playing in a role of a "tank". He wasn't the best tank we had, but he was certainly not the worst and he was visibly improving from week to week... working very hard at getting better. His joy from being part of a large guild and having an increasingly important role was very visible to us all. One day, he simply vanished. We learned quickly that he passed away. It turned out that the player was a very sick person with deteriorating health who was in late stage of his illness. He was bound to a wheelchair and had increasing trouble performing many every day actions... except playing on the computer. The game we played - especially our guild - became very important to him, as it was his only source of entertainment that he could indepenently enjoy. His parents told us later that he often spoke of us and considered our acceptance of him a very important factor in his life. Of course, none of us knew he was sick... We were all nice to him, but none of us formed a close bond with the player, nor stopped to chat at length. While my relationship with him was very friendly, to this day I wish I spent a bit more time making him feel a bit more special. So... Don't forget to love people. They leave so fast...
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    Stop and wave to every new player you meet, because you don't know who may be lonely and dying for someone to talk to. Just over this past week I've befriended two players who confided that they had no one to talk to or keep them company in-game. They were surprised and overjoyed when I waved to them first and then even engaged with them. One is a disabled player, for example. On a server that's fairly populous. Not sure if every MMO out there has this problem. My gut says "no".
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    Hell just name your forge Wilson and you will not feel lonely.
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    Merchants (Pepejot, Tris) TOOLS (iron, steel) TOOLS (wood) WEAPONS ARMOURS AND SHIELDS HORSE GEAR MISC ITEMS RUNES If you need something else, just PM Pepejot or Tris
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    What does it do? Allows you to change the costs associated with a deed. You can change: Tile initial cost and upkeep Perimeter initial cost and upkeep Guard initial cost and upkeep (Epic/Challenge servers use separate values) Minimum upkeep How much extra money is added to the founding cost that is then added to upkeep Name change cost Requirements There are two versions available. The first requires ago's Mod Launcher. The second requires my Server Launcher, which includes the above, and allows you to change the values with the UI. Instructions Download one of the zip files Copy contents of zip into your Wurm Server directory: Steam/steamapps/common/Wurm Unlimited/WurmServerLauncher or Steam/steamapps/common/Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server Settings To change the settings you can either use the Server Launcher with the UI version, or edit some files. Global: <Your Wurm Server Directory>/mods/upkeepcosts/upkeepcosts.properties Along with two extra lines for ago's Mod Launcher, this file contains the global values that will be used to create any new files. Changes here will not be applied to any server that already has it's own settings file. Per Server: <Your Wurm Server Directory>/<ServerName>/mods/upkeepcosts/upkeepcosts.properties e.g: WurmServerLauncher/Adventure/mods/upkeepcosts/upkeepcosts.properties This file contains settings that will only be loaded for the server whose folder it is in. You can delete this file and it will be regenerated using the settings from the global file. If you encounter any problems, let me know and I'll try to help.
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    Decompiling WU code In order to decompile the server, server-common, client and client-common I use Procyon(https://bitbucket.org/mstrobel/procyon). It's used with a simple .bat file to decompile the whole server related code (and client) into its own IntelliJ project. This works well as you can switch over to that project and search for things or use it as a reference. My video starts out using WurmServerReference project and that is what it is, the server related code decompiled and put in it's own area. The following code is the .bat code I use to make it. cd C:\Users\Jason\IdeaProjects java -jar procyon-decompiler-0.5.30.jar -jar "C:\Users\Jason\Documents\WU\WU-Server\server.jar" -o "C:\Users\Jason\IdeaProjects\WurmServerReference\src" java -jar procyon-decompiler-0.5.30.jar -jar "C:\Users\Jason\Documents\WU\WU-Server\common.jar" -o "C:\Users\Jason\IdeaProjects\WurmServerReference\src" You may need to change the paths for your computer system. Once the paths reflect your system copy the code, paste it into a any text editor, name it whatever (I use "server to java.bat"), finally save it somewhere you'll remember so you can run it when CodeClub updates WU. The client-approach equilvent to this is pretty much the same thing except I put it in its own IntelliJ project, "WurmClientReference". Video to demonstrate: setting up mod, coding it (I just quickly copied for this step), making it into ".jar", and testing in WU. About the video: 1. You'll see me switch over to another project like the one I made. I did this so I could quickly copy the code and test it out first. I had to do a few debug runs to get things working even for a mod as simple as this. I frequently copy code form other mods anyway as there is more stuff then I seem to be able to remember. 2. This is a manual way of setting up intelliJ. I'm pretty sure it's possible to make a default Maven/Gradle/Ant/etc... code to set this all up by default. For how the manual ways works. https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cbibh4lZik Debugging Code (Thank you so much bdew!) Do what bdew said in the quotes to setup a remote debug configuration and run it.
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    Once in a while (a few times in a row today) some vehicles become invisible for me. For example : I get out of sailboat, drag it on shore. I go to my house around the corner (guessing 40 tiles away). Come back, ships not there. Relog and it's fixed. : I'm digging clay with cart dropped behind me. Get distracted by a wolf, chase him. After a few minutes I come back and can't find the cart. I think i'm crazy at this point. I look all over my deed, can't find it. I Relog and it's there again. Exact spot i figured that I left it. I have this quite frequent. When asking about it in CA-Help, Moogien asked me to make a bug topic about it. So where we are.
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    Meet Snot Von Snotsberg. The first of his clan, he's come to Xanadu to stake out a life of his own. Like many newbies before him, videogames have taught him that running out of food on your food bar results in death. However misguided he may be, he certainly does enjoy having stamina. Here he is butchering something the guards brought him. The lucky dog managed to get a piece of meat above QL30 from that wolf! With a carving knife! Go him! After inquiring in CA HELP how to avoid food poisoning (how sweet!) he's informed to use his newbie bowl (which I swear was above QL2) to make a breakfast. And after whittling out that he can't use berries, a campfire is started. [18:50:16] You think this may well work when cooked. [18:50:16] Current difficulty:30. What a wonderfully easy breakfast. Once it's cooked, it's QL1.8, weighing in at .9. So, he eats up. And his food bar climbs from 33, all the way to 35 by the time he's finished eating. Oh. Thankfully, he's saved by the canine meat, which does get him all the way to 77 food. Had he not been so fortunate to butcher such meat, when he was averaging around QL10, he'd have been stuck not getting food as fast as he was draining it. Which is a little terrible. The issue appears to be caused by the food code, which is not easily posted here as it's a good few lines, being handled almost entirely by multipliers; so when it gets fed some small numbers like QL2, without an addition to save it, the foods restore very little. The suggestion is thus: put in a small addition to cushion low QL foods in their restoring of food. CCFP doesn't need it. If QL-scaling is decreased to compensate, be careful that this may unintentionally nerf Opulence, if I'm reading the code right. Alternately, make certain foods (breakfast, cooked meat, raw meat?) better at restoring food, but worse at restoring CCFP.
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    With all the great work on bug fixes, I'd like to request this old one get looked at again. It is so annoying to hear water splashes after embarking.
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    Why do we have to dispel in the order enchants stack. Can't we please chose for ourselves which enchantment to remove? If this has already been suggested, sorry. If there is a good reason to keep it the way it is, fill me in! For example.
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    I've done it before. Sends the message: Back off, mine mine! Edit: or drunk bidding.
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    I think I did it right... [19:41:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    Added to offer: carving knife, iron 80ql BOTD74 - 95c carving knife, iron 80ql BOTD90 - 1s75c hatchet, steel 8ql COC76 - 50c hatchet, iron 42ql COC97 - 2s25c long bow, willow 70ql NIMB72 COC88 - 1s55c (i can mail it) long bow, willow 70ql NIMB81 COC72 - 1s45c (i can mail it) long bow, willow 80ql NIMB84 COC88 - 2s25c (i can mail it) long bow, willow 80ql NIMB87 COC82 - 2s20c (i can mail it) long bow, willow 90ql NIMB90 COC93 - 3s45c (i can mail it) short bow, willow 50ql COC65 - 20c short bow, willow 50ql COC73 - 45c short bow, willow 50ql COC78 - 55c
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    +1 adds a layer of communication in PvP? I just imagine whipping out the huge axe in the middle of a negotiation to drive the point home... or sheathing my sword asap so the player approaching means I'm not looking for a fight. And it just looks cool.
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    giving an item instead is a great idea as long as the item is no drop / no trade... the toon that did the mission should get it and not be tradeable / sellable... we already have enough alts farming dumb ###### edit: like the silver hand mirror!
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    +1 to something that makes starting noob life easier without any possible harm at all
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    Its not always the new players who are benefited from stopping to talk to them. I met Ayuna here in the forums when she was looking for a village upon her return to Wurm. I invited her over, gave her tools, weapons, armor and a place to live. I spent maybe two days outfitting her. I was repaid in a lot of adventure and fun. She took me on silly, but super fun expeditions, searches for lost stuff and just general "lets do stuff together!". She uplifted my spirit and gave me new things to do in the game. Sometimes helping someone can lead to a lasting friendship and change your perspective of the game.
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    I'd like to see a new server or 2 separate from the rest of the clusters, like pristine /release USED TO BE. I don't think an entire wipe is the answer, but the opportunity for new and old players alike to start fresh could be a compromise. I didn't understand the need to combine pristine and release with the rest of the cluster. A decent amount of the people on these servers were alts aswell as new people. Once combined the income from alts declined because they could just move their main toons over, I know I did. TLDR a new server or 2 separate from the rest of the cluster.
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    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." -Dalai Lama
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    I wish I had more people to talk to. I was used to be in a "guild" that always had people on. I could jump in comms anytime and find people to talk to. I am very social. I have even built extra houses on my deed in the hopes I can scoop a villager or two. I think Wurm needs more friendly travelers like Ayuna.
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    Nvm here it is. Seems active.
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    As said, the only moderated channels (and the only ones who are excusively english) are CA, K-chat, and GL-chat. Beyond that, if 2 players are speaking in russian, italian, japanesse, portuguese, or even quenya (elfic language), its their matter, not yours. There is nothing there, in that conversation in Local for you to know,... Or otherwise, it would be in your language. Also, btw, I have never had formal instruction in english, and even with that I have learned a bit of your language, just to interact with you and with many others. I dont really need that language; I could just use a translator or learn a couple of important words, but I care, cause I care about interacting with others. And I dont hate other´s language nor I dislike if I cant understand it. Why should I understand something thats not intended for me? If you care, I guess you should, then, learn a new language,... Or otherwise ignore what its not for you