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    Maybe slightly off-topic, but related to the original post in a way: I once played a different online game and was part and later a leader of a guild. In our guild we had a player - a relatively young fellow - who loved playing in a role of a "tank". He wasn't the best tank we had, but he was certainly not the worst and he was visibly improving from week to week... working very hard at getting better. His joy from being part of a large guild and having an increasingly important role was very visible to us all. One day, he simply vanished. We learned quickly that he passed away. It turned out that the player was a very sick person with deteriorating health who was in late stage of his illness. He was bound to a wheelchair and had increasing trouble performing many every day actions... except playing on the computer. The game we played - especially our guild - became very important to him, as it was his only source of entertainment that he could indepenently enjoy. His parents told us later that he often spoke of us and considered our acceptance of him a very important factor in his life. Of course, none of us knew he was sick... We were all nice to him, but none of us formed a close bond with the player, nor stopped to chat at length. While my relationship with him was very friendly, to this day I wish I spent a bit more time making him feel a bit more special. So... Don't forget to love people. They leave so fast...
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    Stop and wave to every new player you meet, because you don't know who may be lonely and dying for someone to talk to. Just over this past week I've befriended two players who confided that they had no one to talk to or keep them company in-game. They were surprised and overjoyed when I waved to them first and then even engaged with them. One is a disabled player, for example. On a server that's fairly populous. Not sure if every MMO out there has this problem. My gut says "no".
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    Hell just name your forge Wilson and you will not feel lonely.
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    Merchants (Pepejot, Tris) TOOLS (iron, steel) TOOLS (wood) WEAPONS ARMOURS AND SHIELDS HORSE GEAR MISC ITEMS RUNES If you need something else, just PM Pepejot or Tris
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    For anyone interested I have just started adding new entries to my blog Mizments about my time spent on Wurm-Online. My post today was about the rifts and will also be updating with pictures and stories about my new deed on Deli http://mizments.com/hexd-the-carebear/ Just thought I'd drop the link here in case people like reading these kinds of things
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    Once in a while (a few times in a row today) some vehicles become invisible for me. For example : I get out of sailboat, drag it on shore. I go to my house around the corner (guessing 40 tiles away). Come back, ships not there. Relog and it's fixed. : I'm digging clay with cart dropped behind me. Get distracted by a wolf, chase him. After a few minutes I come back and can't find the cart. I think i'm crazy at this point. I look all over my deed, can't find it. I Relog and it's there again. Exact spot i figured that I left it. I have this quite frequent. When asking about it in CA-Help, Moogien asked me to make a bug topic about it. So where we are.
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    Hello I am NuMaiky I am starting to see that some Rare's are good where other are basically worthless I would like to see some Rare's have added Effects that a lot more useful to a player below are idea's for starting idea's Large Crate's 300 item limit Rare Large Crate's 350 item limit Supreme Large Crate's 400 item limit Fantastic Large Crate's 500 item limit I see that crates are used for hauling large amounts of stuff and Rare's should have some good effect rather then the crate it self taking 10% less damage other items as well should have small Effects as well such as "rare Large Chest has +10% vol ( just like the rune but with out it being runed) if you guys HAVE other ideas please post them here DISCLAMER THIS THRED IS NOT TO ATTACK PLAYERS FOR THERE IDEA'S THIS IS FREELY ASKING NICE thanks
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    Meet Snot Von Snotsberg. The first of his clan, he's come to Xanadu to stake out a life of his own. Like many newbies before him, videogames have taught him that running out of food on your food bar results in death. However misguided he may be, he certainly does enjoy having stamina. Here he is butchering something the guards brought him. The lucky dog managed to get a piece of meat above QL30 from that wolf! With a carving knife! Go him! After inquiring in CA HELP how to avoid food poisoning (how sweet!) he's informed to use his newbie bowl (which I swear was above QL2) to make a breakfast. And after whittling out that he can't use berries, a campfire is started. [18:50:16] You think this may well work when cooked. [18:50:16] Current difficulty:30. What a wonderfully easy breakfast. Once it's cooked, it's QL1.8, weighing in at .9. So, he eats up. And his food bar climbs from 33, all the way to 35 by the time he's finished eating. Oh. Thankfully, he's saved by the canine meat, which does get him all the way to 77 food. Had he not been so fortunate to butcher such meat, when he was averaging around QL10, he'd have been stuck not getting food as fast as he was draining it. Which is a little terrible. The issue appears to be caused by the food code, which is not easily posted here as it's a good few lines, being handled almost entirely by multipliers; so when it gets fed some small numbers like QL2, without an addition to save it, the foods restore very little. The suggestion is thus: put in a small addition to cushion low QL foods in their restoring of food. CCFP doesn't need it. If QL-scaling is decreased to compensate, be careful that this may unintentionally nerf Opulence, if I'm reading the code right. Alternately, make certain foods (breakfast, cooked meat, raw meat?) better at restoring food, but worse at restoring CCFP.
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    As you can read it with your very eyes. Even since this post is in english, following the forum rules, what Im wanting and pointing with this is to gather and have conscience of what amount of spanish speakers we are here in Wurm. And not only to have some idea about how many, but to know us each other too!! And, with that, to have some sub-community conscience, as an apart piece of this awesome and big community of players who love this wonderful game. In fact, I would love to form some informal sub-community based on this language or at least some to leave some knowledge for those spanish peakers who could come in some future to this game, to let them know they are not alone. As you may obviously know, starting in a game built around a different language than yours its a little boulder in the way. Its not heavy at all, if the language only describes dialogues and mechanics. For some players, this could be piece of cake, and for others it would ask some patience and skill, or even some help. But a game based all around community´s relationships and interaction with other players with a different (or even differents) languages than yours its not so easy, and for some players it could even become "Nightmare" difficulty. That, without the fact that some expressions, as some ways of thinking and of interpreting the world changes from a language to another. For all that, starting a community, a group made all around a token of the language, and in this case around the spanish, I seriously believe it could help a lot to improve this big game and give a hand to many, many players out there... And also to make an aparted place to interact for some palyers with some of their kind, or closer to that than a in-the-other-side-of-the-world-player.
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    Wouldn't it be nice to have a different looking merchant? How about having the ability to put masks, armor, and/or weapons on your merchants and have it display as if it was a toon with those items on them.
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    I have an inn as well. It would be awesome if door locks still had keys. You could put them on a merchant and allow people to walk through the specific door with it. But I suppose it screws with building permissions. Personally I just leave doors open for people to use. Furniture is more decorative than anything, and I can always lock a specific door for longer stays who want their own chest. But then again no one will come visit. Im in an island after all.
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    +1 but for items only, not dispelling players
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    Gotta ask, what "quantified experience" is it you have on a new issue (since the cooking update) that primarily effects new toons (that you have not started)? @Angelkaine I gave the Pig Roast a try in WU. Your numbers were a little ass-pully; at QL1, it fed 10% food. QL5 was a good bit better. So I guess I'll cede that if mass-murder of a server's stickable animals is intentionally required to keep a small group of newbies fed, this change doesn't need to enter consideration.
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    +1 to something that makes starting noob life easier without any possible harm at all
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    Youtuber and Wurm player Zephyr Storm visits the Mystic Highlands server under the name Calaway. This first video in a possible series shows how to connect to the server using the Wurm Unlimited client, and what new players will discover in and around the spawn area, Safehold.
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    Its not always the new players who are benefited from stopping to talk to them. I met Ayuna here in the forums when she was looking for a village upon her return to Wurm. I invited her over, gave her tools, weapons, armor and a place to live. I spent maybe two days outfitting her. I was repaid in a lot of adventure and fun. She took me on silly, but super fun expeditions, searches for lost stuff and just general "lets do stuff together!". She uplifted my spirit and gave me new things to do in the game. Sometimes helping someone can lead to a lasting friendship and change your perspective of the game.
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    I remember when I first started out years ago, basic tools, no idea what I was doing, I died several times and was starting to lose patience when someone in local asked me if I needed help. They patched me up, gave me some survival advice (stay near water, most mobs cannot swim) and it totally changed my perspective. I continued on my way and bumped in to someone who offered me a plot of land in their village. They gave me some nails and so I started chopping down my first trees to make logs/planks. The fact that I got that help from those two complete strangers all those years ago has directly resulted in my longevity in the game. You really can make a difference if you try.
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    Thank you so much for this, Valdor... If anyone wants to read of a very similar story, I found it while exploring another MMO.
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    I'd like to see a new server or 2 separate from the rest of the clusters, like pristine /release USED TO BE. I don't think an entire wipe is the answer, but the opportunity for new and old players alike to start fresh could be a compromise. I didn't understand the need to combine pristine and release with the rest of the cluster. A decent amount of the people on these servers were alts aswell as new people. Once combined the income from alts declined because they could just move their main toons over, I know I did. TLDR a new server or 2 separate from the rest of the cluster.
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    I wish I had more people to talk to. I was used to be in a "guild" that always had people on. I could jump in comms anytime and find people to talk to. I am very social. I have even built extra houses on my deed in the hopes I can scoop a villager or two. I think Wurm needs more friendly travelers like Ayuna.
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    Nvm here it is. Seems active.
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    Tying this is into firemaking is a very cool idea for a fairly useless skill. Big +1