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    I think they should remain as rare as they are. But that's just me.
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    It would be a great thing to be able to rename the shelves of the awesome large storage units - just like we can do it on larders. It would further add a bit to their usability.
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    Here's the latest episode, this time building Vesper.
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    So what we need is a decorational trellis and functional(harvesting) trellis, just like fountains have.
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    Small necroposting, but... New limits are: 50 - personal 100 - village 150 - alliance
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    I'm cooking today this is just one of them days of the rainbow. What chair to sit on or make tough one to make.
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    Well I'm not done but just decided to decorate a little more. Foreverlands where Michael Jackson's Dreams come true
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    Additions to my wagon collection.
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    We;ve taken many large steps in addressing it, but it's not a simple case of not enough hardware or a "lag = false" thing, it's a lot of optimisation work and improvements, which are constantly ongoing.
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    The ShadowFly Alliance is a group of villages and deeds on Freedom, Xanadu. We exist for three reasons: Communication, Support & Trading. While other PvE alliances are purely in-game constructs that exist between almost random villages in the same area, SFA is a server-wide community of active villages looking to enhance their Wurm experience with good company, immediate support and safe trading partners. Apart from our in-game activity in Alliance chat, we offer our own website & forums that includes our very own trading post in which we post trading offers and requests for one another that are certain to receive 100% serious responses from verified members of our community, as well as a dedicated Teamspeak3 server which is optional to use and includes channels for each of our allied villages. While we do not require any activity on forums or ts3 server from any of our members and do not attempt to control the activity of any of our allied parties, we appreciate regular communication with at least the mayors of every deed to make sure they are still active in the game and interested in being a part of our alliance. In difference to many other alliances, we also offer such things as celebrations, tournaments and giveaways. Find out which we have planned for the next 2 years! Currently our alliance is preparing for our 1st annual Deed Design Contest! Find more information here: http://forum.psisphere.com/topic/62-1st-annual-sfa-deed-design-contest-2017/ Take our Alliance Survey! Current Allied Villages (In Order Joined): Archdale (R22) (Mayor: Birdwatcher) Hilltop Town (S21) (Mayor: Haraldost) Vinyamar (S8) (Mayor: Yldrania) The Graceful Degradation Project (L18) (Mayor: Almost) Sweetwater Bay (S15) (Mayor: Kalypsio) Shadow Cove (H11) (Mayor: Eleraan) Fern Tree (R14) (Mayor: Silentsmith) Modreth (Q25) (Mayor: Davih) Falcetto (Q25) (Mayor: Luttuosa) Imladlavan (S8) (Mayor: Mirabloodarc) Cartoria (L26) (Mayor: Capricius) Warland (S8) (Mayor: Warlander) Dagon Fel (D14) (Mayor: Hewhohordesmanypillows) Dragon's Fang (T25) (Mayor: Toma) Pleasantview (R25) (Mayor: Berentel) Isenach (Q25) (Mayor: Vinberg) Honey Bay (R21) (Mayor: Snowtech) Sklinopolis (Q25) (Mayor: Sklinax) Stickhers Freedom (S9) (Mayor: Stickher) Elderstock Castle (Q25) (Mayor: Sorion) Iron Phoenix (F14) (Mayor: Zipzip) Khazad Dum (R8) (Mayor: Xenonpl) Windspears (G18) (Mayor: Flubb) Oceanside Rise (Q14) (Mayor: Goodwin) Aincrad (T23) (Mayor: Milkdrop) Edmonton (L26) (Mayor: Narille) Catscratch Hovel (S24) (Mayor: ) Eden (T8) (Mayor: Qwizat) Black Rock Isle (Q26) (Mayor: Dyf) Redania (S24) (Mayor: Radovid) Kiwiana (R23) (Mayor: Draygon) Thorne Cliff (C20) (Mayor: Bloodscythe) Moonlight's Castle (O8) (Mayor: Alkhadias) Moonlight Haven (O8) (Mayor: Amarenaguy) Sklepy (T18) (Mayor: Pangaron) Vrchy (T18) (Mayor: Zoidberg) Aztarian (H15) (Mayor: Callius) Kanata (J24) (Mayor: Budzilla) Ebony Veil (Q15) (Mayor: Stinky) Midgar (T8) (Mayor: Theia) Blissful Folly (D16) (Mayor: Xallo) Niflheimr (B15) (Mayor: Xarban) Enuntqua (E13) (Mayor: Galeer) Deepwoods (J14) (Mayor: Bastet) Tol Eressea (O8) (Mayor: AJBlack) Zenithia (D19) (Mayor: Quarry) Quarry's Canal (D19) (Mayor: Azusa) Dunlap Hill (D19) (Mayor: Phoenixus) Morgoth (E19) (Mayor: Malcore) Palmyra (D19) (Mayor: Billingsley) Mag Mell (P9) (Mayor: Eoghan) Ironwoods (C20) Karnakia Kittenhold Lavender Hill Lookout Mountain Mag Mell Docks Monastery Mountainview North Shore Nowhere Red Rover Hunting Lodge (C20) Rome Sovengarde Tindrem Tranquility Vyzeni Lakeview Zenithia Market (D19) Click Here To Visit Our Forums! Please PM Me For Our Ts3 IP If You'd Like To Join! How To Join? It's simple: Pass Me A PM Here On The Forums With Your Request To Join! Question? Reply here or simply pass me a private message here on the forums with your question! The R.I.P. List
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    Lingonberry, eventhough it is a tundra plant, spreads grass. Is major problem, when you try to wait tundra to spread.
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    TFW you get booted from kingdom for spending too much time on freedom
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    What about adding Aloe Vera plants to the game? Make them gardening. They could be used the same way a Farmer's Salve works, but for ice damage and burns. Gardening skill, produces materials used in alchemy to make the salve. A new venue for the use of an otherwise neglected skill.
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    Final finished doober, screenshots in my progress thread. This time i really mean it when i say it's the last map update to the area. This is how it'll be until i someday complete the moat around Centrum I added a mailbox and my two towers as well.
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    It appears that even the gods are intrigued by the light of the rift.
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    Okay, Rolf Jr... Your flawed mechanic of disbursing ash into the game needs to be worked on. Go fix it. I don't like being referred to/coined as/deemed an "abuser" because the team hasn't bothered to "simply fix the flaw" in the past decade+ , and i'm forced to create thousands of unwanted and unneeded campfires/coal piles. By the way, you may want to start looking into the "I mined straight ahead but got a very uneven mine floor" mechanic that's largely unwanted by the playerbase and has been bitched about for literal years now. (I don't even care about this trellis nonsense. Wouldn't even have posted had this warped and arrogant dev viewpoint not been included in this thread.)
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    I know exactly what i liked of that system, that i could gather all trellis regardlessly and didn't have to bother checking if one was overaged or young, and i didn't waste my time and my sleep bonus making void clicks and losing time and patience in general. Now that i answered myself that question, i still see not even the slightest room for "abuse" in what i did nor any sort of flawed mechanic. I have just seen that my 2400 shafts, 400 seedlings (and 400 nails plus the 2800 slow actions to create them, the decdicated space and planting them one by one) were starting to paying off and give me something back for the effort. I found something that i liked and replicated it a lot of times, which, is usually what most players regularly do on wurm anyway, with all skills.
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    Sadly, another reason to stay unsubscribed. Let's invoke the undying Runescape. I have about 1hr's worth of dailies, could make it up to 3hrs, but not doing them involves lesser profits, not outright loss. At least the trellises don't disappear if not tended, but if the timing's right (wrong), you "lose" it for that harvest season. Folks with jobs who have an hour or two to burn at the end of the day snuck into the rinse-repeat cycle of dinner-sleep-wake-poop-work-dinner-sleep will just find a game that doesn't feel like a second job, or in the best of cases WU. Way to scare off your disposable income and then dismissing its concerns. I found the "Xanadu lag makes upkeep cheaper!!!!!" reply quite unsatisfactory on that other thread, and while at the time I decided to stay quiet, my first thought was: "... until the upkeep 'bug' is adjusted to charge full fees while lag remains the same." Great game, generally awesome job by the devs. Praiseworthy even and that's no sarcasm. But you guys' sense of business honestly hurts my brain.
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    Could it be maybe a tower guard dying from old age? Unless you mean the sound was completely alien to Wurm.
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    It's because of literally everything, all put together. There is no simple "fix" to lag on Xanadu, and there never will be. What Retro said is correct, we optimize things when we can and every change we make has lag in mind, trying to keep it all to a minimum. The fact is that Xanadu is just pushing the limits of what Wurm can handle. At least 4x the map size of any other server is going to cause a lot of difference on it's own - then throw in 300k creatures compared to Indy's 50k - that's 6x more processing time for creatures. On top of that throw the increased playerbase, with Xanadu being the most populous server for a long while - and that just adds on top of everything. We do what we can, but numbers quickly add up. Yes we're optimizing for it but there's not some simple fix that will magically fix everything - Xanadu will always have more lag than other servers just because of the numbers involved.
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    I don't think the upkeep costs on the server is huge - as Wurm Unlimited proven wurm is not really resource hungry on server side. I doubt running Xanadu could be a cause of Wurm budget falling apart. It would surely make a lot of people leave the game - plenty of us have established life on Xanadu ho would better leave for WU or other games than restart their deeds on other WO servers. The Xana lag is not unbearable although can be annoying when the server is in bad mood. Also having a live server for anti lag improvements testing is a nce feat for CC devs
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    Tbh i made this thread as a hopeful nice QOL suggestion before knowing that 1.3 capped woad at botanisinng skill. Now i know that it feels more like a necessity.
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    Bought 40s. Super nice guy. Super quick service. Thanks buddy!
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    Thanks for the fast delivery! great prices and good service!
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    I bought 1k of everything he makes and still he got it to me in a week, great job Punishlife