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    I think they should remain as rare as they are. But that's just me.
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    It would be a great thing to be able to rename the shelves of the awesome large storage units - just like we can do it on larders. It would further add a bit to their usability.
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    Here's the latest episode, this time building Vesper.
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    So what we need is a decorational trellis and functional(harvesting) trellis, just like fountains have.
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    Small necroposting, but... New limits are: 50 - personal 100 - village 150 - alliance
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    I'm cooking today this is just one of them days of the rainbow. What chair to sit on or make tough one to make.
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    Well I'm not done but just decided to decorate a little more. Foreverlands where Michael Jackson's Dreams come true
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    Additions to my wagon collection.
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    We;ve taken many large steps in addressing it, but it's not a simple case of not enough hardware or a "lag = false" thing, it's a lot of optimisation work and improvements, which are constantly ongoing.
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    Website: otherlands.bdew.net Server features 3 servers - Walden, Avalon (Freedom) and Otherland (Horde of the summoned) Free travel between the servers via portals at the starter deeds or boats Skills and stats start at 20 (21 for ML and BC) 10x skills and action timers multiplier 2048x2048 custom map 30000 creatures, 30% aggressive CR modifier set to 3 Deeds cost silver and upkeep is ENABLED (but see below - you get free 5s for deeding) Fast animal pregnancies and farm growth Server is hosted in Germany on a physical server i rent Offsite backup to Google Cloud Storage every 6 hours New! Server forums - http://otherlands.boards.net/ Live map: Walden (Freedom) | Avalon (Freedom) | Otherland (HotS) Custom starting inventory (30ql chain set + 2H sword, 20ql tools, sickle, butchering knife, 50ql toolbelt, 4 ropes + standard crap) Walking speed and weight limits increased a bit All mounts can carry more weight to account for increased weight limits on players, also weight traits are stronger Deed stakes give 5s towards founding new deeds + 3s to upkeep Disbanding a deed will not return any money Bounties for killing creatures and burrying corpses, paid directly to bank Priest restrictions and penalties removed Some WL spells usable by Libila priests All spells require a maximum of 90 favour Faith and Meditation gains are unlimited Increased stat gains (including above 31) Increased gains for some skills, notably: weapon smithing Crates are larger - 1000 items in large, 250 in small Rainbow unicorns - 16777216 color variations! Horses, Carts, Wagons are faster and can enter deeper water Aggresive creatures can be hitched to carts (while tamed), they will stay hitched if untamed, not attack players and won't be attacked by g All boats are faster and less affected by wind, can go over shallower water Added "Claim" action to treasure chests - removes the lock and awards the player with a bit of karma All animals will age quickly up to adolescent age (except chickens and a few other special creatures) Crops never turn to weeds New /seasons command to show next harvesting seasons Can harvest when mounted Warning for inbreeding Items from digging will pile on the ground or go into your cart (and into crates if you have them) Clay, tar, peat and moss produce 20kg when digged Items from dredging will be stored in ship cargo Lowered delay between path levels by factor of 10 No failing to relax when meditating Chance to get a rare bone when sacrificing rares Healing covers show power in their name Allow for transfer of all items between bulk containers Many actions that ignored the action speed multiplier were changed to correctly apply it Flatten, Level, Meditation, Praying, Sacrificing, Spells, Sowing, and multiple other misc actions Spyglasses and softcaps can be crafted by players Bag of Holding spell - can be cast on containers and vehicles to increase their capacity Animals can be exchanged into tokens for easy transportation, tokens can be loaded into ships (corbita and larger) and moved between servers) Speed enchants (WoA/BotD) on melee weapons are significantly more powerful Ore veins, and resource tiles (tar, peat, clay) can be removed by deed owners Treasure chests have a chance to spawn rift wood/stone/crystal for crafting runes Creature lairs/dens can be searched for treasure. Beware of the dwellers being not too happy about that Gems can be sold to token for a decent chunk of cash - 2c*ql for normal gems, 5c*ql for star gems (not limited by daily sell to token cap or kingdom coffers) Farwalker stones and twigs can be sold to token for 4.5s Forges, ovens, etc. produce ash while burning Salve of Frost and Potion of Acid actually work. Damage is in line with FA/FB of power ~80. They stack with normal enchants but not each other. Increased drake/dragon difficulty, rewarded hide/scale amounts scales better with number of players (more players = more loot for everyone) Vynora priests with over 60 faith will receive a 20% speed bonus when piloting boats and ships Players with >50 animal husbandry and taming skills can now lead and ride unicorns without taming and will not be aggroed by hell horses. More items that can be planted in planters: Nettles, sassafras, woad, cocoa bean, nutmeg, blueberry, lingonberry, raspberries, all mushrooms Enchanted grass is a spell available to all WL priests and can work in an area. Path of Love followers instead get a new ability on level 7 - Lovely Grove Ages or rejuvinates all trees and bushes in a 5x5 area to mature or old age, makes them grow sprouts and be harvestable regardless of season. New items: Light spear - can be used one handed with a shield. Faster and deals less damage than 2h versions. Can be made from either wood or metal staff + spear head. Circlet of protection - provides protection equivalent of a steel greathelm, while not looking like a bucket. Improves with JC. Silver lump + small anvil to start. Warhammer - 1 handed weapon with about the same damage as a longsword, uses warhammers skill. Made with large maul head + shaft. Cooking tweaks: High complexity food will now give higher nutrition gain Players with high Carbs value will receive a bonus to Mind skill gain and it's subskills Players with high Proteins value will receive a bonus to Body skill gain and it's subskills Examining food will now show more detailed CCFP and nutrition info Special and legacy items available on traders: Old presents from WO: Garden gnome, yule goat/reindeer, valentines, fireworks, picnic basket, etc. Yellow potions - gives temporary illusion Brown potion - gives 1 random affinity point Silver mirror - allows to change character looks Silver scalpel - allows to change character sex Bag of Keeping - tiny containers that stays with you after death HotA voucher - can be redeemed for HotA statue of choice Various tweaks required by the unique nature of the server badly interacting with rolfcode (mycelium decay on PVE servers, disabled BL spells, etc.) Rules Don't be a jerk. Despite BL theme, both servers are PVE server. Griefing and harassment are not allowed. Players are responsible for securing their crap. Everything not properly secured is considered free game. If you find a bug - report it, don't abuse it. All client mods are allowed as long as they aren't actively disruptive to the community or the server itself. See rule #1 Support the Server Want to support the server? Consider donating some money to it's upkeep! All leftovers will be used to buy beer to maintain my sanity after digging through rolfcode.
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    Hi all, I have been running a Wurm Unlimited server for about 2-3 months now, and so far I have been able to resolve everything the server threw at me through a basic understanding of things, google, steady doses of rage-countering nicotine and a stupendous amount of stubbornness. There is one thing that I have not been able to resolve (yet) due to time, resources and the fact that it can be solved the moment the issue occurs. The issue is actually a two part problem. The standard deity avatars belonging to their respective faiths sometimes spawn in as a member of the opposing faction. While there have been multiple sightings, we have seen instances where the Avatar of Libila and the Avatar or Magnaron spawned in as a member of one of the other factions rather than their own faction. Note: While spawning as a part of an opposing faction, they are still tied to a mission given to the faction they should associate with (example, Libila spawns in as JK, but is still tied to the HoTS mission to give her shinies) Note: I am assuming this affects all deities, but so far have not been able to spot Vynora or Fo, so it might be that it is not affecting Fo or Vynora. When a deity avatar spawns, it somehow duplicates itself, generating an extra mission for it's corresponding faction. I do not know why this happens, but I think it has to do with the fact that when I first set up the server I used the Ocrea (creative) map as a base for the server before replacing the map with a custom map and setting it to a PvP epic login server. I have some other ideas as to what might be causing this, but I figured it would be best to verify this before resolving this by changing the foundation of the world to Heavenord (PVP map) rather than Ocrea. So, any thoughts on that?
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    With a recent update, wooden fences now repair as a percentage per plank and not 40 damage per plank as listed in the wiki. Skye Mayor Albia Estates
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    What we really need is the daily llama... badum bum psshhh. I'm here all week.
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    Yep.. trellises should've never been harvestable tbh. That is one of the things, which was made on a whim.. Someone proposed, that "oh, it would be cool to make trellises also harvestable".. it was done, without really thinking. Short term popularity gain, long term disaster(as we see from this topic). Anyway. I think Darmalus got good point here. Gardening has been about decorating. That should be its main focus and that should've been improved. We got flowerbeds, but there is no progression in gardenings decorating aspect tbh, there is a lot to do. Of course potted plants also are a thing.. but.. that actually steps on toes of foraging/botanizing(whichever gives herbs).. So I think that also could use a bit changing too. Currently these two are just "those skills which give cash, but fill your inventory with junk". Maybe seeds to plant herbs to pots should come from foraging/botanizing, to make it support skill of gardening.. or something like that.
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    They've been asking for help with reproducing this for a long time...
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    Added: Get Off My Lawn Brickyard Hollows Removed: Serenity Persistence Adjusted roads as above
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    butchering knife, 3 ql, 91 coc, 1 s Thank you Smilingcat, you are amazing as always *hugs* COD Dirk
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    I prefer bangers and mash, very easy to make and fills up the bars fast.
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    You know what the problem with wurm is right? The game does not have a business manager, its all part timer's trying to run a full time business.
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    Yes four on a tile which can only be harvested once a wurm year, as opposed to a farm tile which you can harvest once every week. I don't see how you can justify making trellises more of a pain but a farm tile is fine the way it is.
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    No, actually after having started over a few times in Wurm already due to not having found my "ideal" place yet, it's more along the lines of my having finally found the place I desire to stay, and if I'm to start over again because someone decided it's in my best interest, I'll do it on my own terms. But my personal reasons are really beside the point. The point is that I believe the majority of Xanites feel the same for a variety of reasons. I also believe that a solution will be found eventually that will not require everyone on Xan to walk away from everything they've worked for.
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    From my WU hosting experience, while RAM is hella important, the real resource bottleneck was the hard drives. Xan's physical server might really really benefit from having its amount of disks increased on that RAID.... I'm assuming it's on RAID, and switch to full SSD if it isn't already. If that doesn't fix it, it'll mean the engine just can't handle it.
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    Shut down Xan and force the playerbase to repopulate the other servers. Problem solved.
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    hello My order: 10k bricks 10k mortor E 13 Prestine at Greywolf Harbour (alliance mates place that lets me dock out of it) thank you very much for being my poor soul for supplying my building habits lol Rossumond