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    I'd like to take the time to acknowledge the information given to us by Platinumteef and Cerber, who provided us the information we needed in order to replicate this bug and thus work on resolving it. As such, both will be given the clairvoyant title and I'm sure a large round of applause by all those who have experienced this bug in the past. From the dev team and myself, thank you Platinumteef and Cerber!
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    I think they should remain as rare as they are. But that's just me.
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    Bug reports are an integral part of development in all all aspects, players experiencing issues can help us identify the causes by telling us the scenarios in which they happen, we can then identify what code is used in those scenarios and where it's going wrong. When players report a bug, we ask for a few things, quoted from the bug report subforum here: Steps that lead to the bug happening are imperative to fixing the bugs, if we don't know what is being done at that time, we cannot identify why it is being done. When bug reports are inconsistent or not detailed, we often miss important aspects (such as this situation requiring a disconnect without leaving the world). We have spent a lot of time working on replicating the scenarios players gave us, often it's one piece of the puzzle missing, and when a player provides that information we're able to replicate it and solve it. If there are bugs or technical issues that affect you, always do your best to provide as much information in replicating it as possible, it'll go a lot further than passing the buck or blaming it on others.
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    It would be a great thing to be able to rename the shelves of the awesome large storage units - just like we can do it on larders. It would further add a bit to their usability.
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    11 more tapestries to add in later as well.
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    Royal Lounge chasise upgrade on foreverlands sometime in next day or so.
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    Here's the latest episode, this time building Vesper.
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    So what we need is a decorational trellis and functional(harvesting) trellis, just like fountains have.
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    Small necroposting, but... New limits are: 50 - personal 100 - village 150 - alliance
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    I'm cooking today this is just one of them days of the rainbow. What chair to sit on or make tough one to make.
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    Well I'm not done but just decided to decorate a little more. Foreverlands where Michael Jackson's Dreams come true
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    Additions to my wagon collection.
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    We;ve taken many large steps in addressing it, but it's not a simple case of not enough hardware or a "lag = false" thing, it's a lot of optimisation work and improvements, which are constantly ongoing.
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    nah 100% drops pretty sure would just lead to guaranteed camping worse than now because they know they will make the ~$$$MEGABUCKS$$$~ still feel they should have been left only on epic, but a bit late for that. I just don't feel flooding freedom with them further will help
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    Just an update: now that we've actually had a couple of people send us info with the steps they found to reproduce it - we've been able to reproduce it at will on test and local servers. Fix for it will be soon. Thanks to those that managed to find those steps and send them to us.
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    I didn't want to get to deep and wanted to just bring up what seems to be a pretty good suggestion for balance for plate armor and chain armor which are the 2 that affect speed the most. They are good armors in terms of protections for the most part but because of very limiting ability to move (chain being much better then plate so it is not as affected by speed penalty) they fall real short in the food chain when in pvp vs drake/scale users and as Niki points out in pve as well for abilities to get away from mobs. Its currently like a death sentence, and while using moonmetals to make a plate set it just is a prolonged death sentence. it seems the Wurm team like smaller type suggestions that can be implemented quickly if its favored by many. if we could manage to find a simple balance fix such as listed that many find favorable as a balance perhaps we can see implementation and we can tackle the next issue. I do feel this ability would help a lot though and offers more options.
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    I doubt they are going to start adding skills to the game, it would be Fungiculture though. Anyways I hope they didn't encourage us to derail this thread with suggestions so it can be stealth locked. Very distasteful, but I've seen it happen before.
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    I have a question Tich that pertains to the almanac, thanks for the extra hops harvest offer too. Why is the almanac so heavy, there is no way I want to lug this around so I jammed it into the bottom of the trunk of my ride, also there is no room in this thing for spare pages of info I have been collecting for my friends, can only make a few folders inside this and each folder can only hold 5 of the 0.01kg pages. I think making this a container kinda was a mistake, but its a container so what the heck, lets make it hold more than 25 pages! (in the meanwhile I have been dumping all my extra pages into a satchel which easily holds 4-5x as many pages as the almanac can)
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    As an Australian I think latency is also a big part of it, I'm used to wurm with lag(it actually weirds me out when I play Wu locally, my timing is all off) and I think can lag + latency is what compounds the issue more, so bear in mind while you may experience just spikes, it's possible others are experiencing latency + spikes which makes it worse
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    Fun fact: deed upkeep polling is also laggy, and upkeep will actually last longer than it states, this also happens with sleep bonus calculations, meaning deed upkeep lasts longer and so does sleep bonus, it's considered unintended, but as long as the lag is there it's accepted as compensation
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    Hey man you have a so called solution which has the only effect of pissing off those who are established on the server and does not improve the situation for anyone else. Great. Grats.
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    I completely second the above remark. Frankly, with the in-game economy the way it is, it amazes me that the staff make any money at all. I can not wait to buy a mirror!(or 3)
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    With the current beta version that is out now, there have been a few changes to the CreatureAI and CreatureAIData files, as well as two new files included - GenericCreatureAI and GenericCreatureAIData. All of these should be able to be easily extended and used as a custom AI system for any creature you want to create. Starting with the GenericCreatureAI files would be best if you want a general creature that has basic movement (moving along a path, moving towards an opponent or someone attacking them - with optional preference for targeting players over creatures, random movement and optional pathing towards something else interesting when not under attack) with optional tethering to a point so they can't wander too far. After extending you'll have to override other existing methods like pollAttack to actually give it proper combat capabilities and all that, but it also have access to a lot of hooks so the creature can act as you want it to. To actually use this system instead of the basic creature stuff for a creature, you will have to call setCreatureAI(CreatureAI) on the creature's template. Just as an added note, all of the polling on these is called every second - so if you are implementing this on a creature where there will be thousands of them on a server, just keep in mind how often things are being polled and called - depending on how you use it could cause some lag. As a quick example of how this can work, on my WU server I have creatures that spawn in tethered to an item's location that then have various abilities when they are fought like temp invulnerability, healing themselves, summoning more creatures to help them, and doing large AoE attacks. Unfortunately I can't give you the base source files with all comments included, but the files are pretty well documented, so I've generated Javadocs for the relevant files. The 4 mentioned files above as well as UtilitiesAOE are included, and list all the methods and fields available and what they are currently used for or where they are called from. You can grab the Javadocs from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzAde1avZPjKUV9wYm9oOXNXT0E/view?usp=sharing
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    I bought 1k of everything he makes and still he got it to me in a week, great job Punishlife
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    Awesome transaction bought silver and done with whole deal in five minutes ***** 5 star seller