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    Some pics from exploring the wonders of chaos today memes and macros macedon deed that was a staging point for a hom raid looking down towards hom a really cool road on a huge mt
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    This weekend was really hot and full of adrenaline. I spent most time on new server KangaWU Adventures. Start without nothing is rather easy. But in combination with higher aggresive animals spawn and unfriendly slopes on coast line nearly everywhere, it changed into nightmare. Well, there are some parts of coast, where slope enable you to catch some breath. But all such places were sand beaches, full of scorps, trolls, spiders, bears, crocs and anacondas. Something like Wurm version of "Omaha Beach". First start I was placed near such beach. After few seconds of foraging one troll unpacked on me his tenderness. I started to run first deeper into land, where I met another trolls and spider and hell hound. It was time to turn it into water for safety. On beach some bears and crocs joined my peloton. And running race turned into swimming race. By some miracle I was still unhurted, so I was able to win that swimming race. But my stamina was dangerously low. With great luck I was able to find some less dense coast, I refilled stamina and even foraged/botanized some branches, iron stones and vegs to eat. With crude knife and crude pickaxe I started to looking for some suitable place to open tunnel and build some safe area. But good plan never works. Swimming by coast with too high slopes I was ambushed by submerged croc. With bite on my back I was unable to swim fast enough to run away. And slopes on coast do not let me run away on land. Well, red tunnel led me back to Botany Bay ... Second time I had in plan to be more carefull. I spawned into dense olive forest on slope around 30-35. Absolutelly blind and with climbing I started foraging. By set climb on/off I moved down. Soon I had followers, some spiders and trolls. With half of stamina I splashed into water and on bearshark. When bear stopped to follow me, I was near few tiles with low enough slope to be able to refill there stamina. But I had to catch breath quickly, as there were always close by some trolls or hell hounds, waiting to hurt me. Exploring coast line from water two times I was in situation, where my stamina was empty and friedly slope tiles nowhere around. I had to log off for few hours to refill some stamina. Eventually I returned to place, where I spawned as there were less density of beasts on coast and only one bearshark and none crocs/anacondas nearby. I opened tunnel close by water, deep enough to be able sail rowboat inside and still not deep too much. With some finesse I was able to catch breath on entrance. But what a bad luck, second mine tile was marble vein, with 11999 shards inside (my highest skill there is prospecting). So I opened second tunnel few tiles away, secured entrance top and sides with low stone wall and closed it by stone door. From that time I had some place to hide. Soon I discovered iron vein. To end of veekend I was able to build BSB and FSB there. My biggest problem was wood. With only some oaks rather far away and olive forest on ufriendly slopes close by, my source of wood is limited. Armed by large axe, I was able to kill bears and smaller animals. Slowly I gather enough wood to build rowboat. With boat and horse it was good timing to do more exploration and to locate some source of clay. Without clay one can't build forge and without forge there is not possible any serious smithing. So much for my weekend. Now I have everything I need to survive. Soon I will have shining plate armor as I sniffed glimmersteel veins inside my mine hide. Just without compass, it is bit harder to locate veins, than I'm used to. This server is hardcore and harsh. One small mistake can easily lead to death. And forget you will easily locate your corpse or your base. There is none map, none compass and only shape of crazy tall mountains can reveal, where you are. Perhaps with time we will know that land more precisely and we will be able to navigate there. And I like it. Nothing there is cheap, nothing is easy. On othes side reward is high too. I already have perhaps 30-40 rift shards, some rift wood and more than 20 small kill tokens. Soon I will be armed and armored in glimmer steel. But I fear I will like to stay there. Return back to common KangaWU do not attracts me now Zak
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    Forums are pretty broken still.
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    I too don't approve of allowing people to see themself as a marker on the map, but there are better maps of wurm available on the internet and thats annoying to get (a game that requires you to open another window is faulty imo). Not sure if its this is lag intensive but why not put a map that represents the REAL landscape, and updates everytime the server restarts? And also add a new type of marking on maps, lines. Marking cities is nice and all, but marking roads would be very convenient.
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    We have had a few issues with the forums since they began being hosted on our own servers. We're currently working towards resolving these issues, but I cannot personally give an ETA on that.
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    That mountain top highway was some amazing work, the view up there can't be captured well with screen shots.
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    I'm just trying to get over reading a post that seems to be trying to justify microtransactions. I was kinda hoping as gamers we could all agree together that those are horrible o.o
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    problem is because everyone treats wurm as a money grab it is boring and a turn off. Example 121 action timers to make a single pottery wall is such a boring task. dig 10 scoops of clay = 10 actions, dig a scoop of sand = 1 action, turn to 20 mortar = 20 actions, pottery brick dig clay use hand to make brick then fire it in kiln ech brick weighs 5kg each clay weighs 2kg, takes 5 clay digs to make 2 bricks, so 50 clay actions then 20 brick actions = 70 actions then add to kiln fire. Now make wall another 20 actions totaling 121 actions. Not everyone wants to burn threw there wallet so they don't have to make a item in a game. Millions are not lazy and prefier to do it them selves and they get super board when to accomplish a single wall it take x amount of time and 121 actions. Who does it hurt stream lining and evolving wurm oh yea i'm sorry your chance to make a buck and strip the fun out of a game. And people want to know why WU took so many people away from WO.
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    I want all of those things specifically, though I don't imagine the devs would add that many new features. Hopefully a couple of them may be picked, though I don't see it resulting in a higher concentration of animals on tiles in the wild. Some of the other animals would probably have to spawn less to make up for it so that the servers don't go over their animal counts, but things like scorpions and crocodiles are so common that I don't think that would really be noticeable. I don't think the taming system works on how smart the animals are. Chickens are one of the dumbest animals on the planet and they can be tamed. I love dogs, but I can't see them being more intelligent than anacondas. Snakes are smart, right?
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    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that my system sounds like a lawnmower now too. I specifically built it to play at minimum noise and this is the only game that has a problem now. Used to be so quiet I could hear a fart emote from 3 locals away.
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    I completely expected this to be for locating pheasants, chickens, and wildcats.
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    leave gardening alone
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    Thank you so much for working also on VR, Budda! tbh since i got vr at my 376. birthday, from my beloved wife, iam thinking each day about how awesome it will be to play wurm-o. in vr. Actually iam playing wurm, but with vr, iam IN wurm. :DDD
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    Maybe it would be done by mechanic similar to paving corners, where corner automatically gets texture of alligned tiles/corners. So mine entrance floor could just use the same texture as next mine tile floor, to wich is alligned (If there is only opening, then standard texture). I mean, it would just switch texture according to alligned tile. No need to modify any mechanic of how entrance works or making new models.
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    Back in my day we didn't even have an ingame map so you should be grateful you have one (Note the sarcasm) +1 to a better ingame map. Or the same ingame map but a new tool, the sextant, newbies start with a low QL sextant that can be used on a compass to get a rough idea of actual location. Better QL sextant further narrows down location. Not the first time a sextant has been suggested. Kinda going off topic though.
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    +1, and perhaps make some resource(s) forageable in marsh. Maybe crayfish or waterfowl eggs. "You find crayfish!"
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    You are telling me you've never heard of any games that restrict you to a certain number of actions a day? I'll toss one out and say farmville. Merchants, settlement form, magical chests, shaker orbs, sleep powders... This game is riddled with microtransactions. These hostile responses (on top of being unable to see any validity in the fatigue system, despite mentioning it yourselves) is probably one of the top reasons why fatigue won't be removed. There's no sane way to have a reasonable conversation.
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    What year is this? 2007? Have you not heard of microtransactions? Energy, stamina, coins, maybe fatigue? Other games have different mechanics to slow down progression (daily quest limits, weekly dungeons, etc.) It's a way for developers to keep players interested long enough to roll out new content for them to devour. We've been paying for 8 hours worth of actions every day. That's the reality of our premium. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saying why you want fatigue removed is fine and all. It's not going to do anything because fatigue exists for a purpose (flawed that it may be). Toss up a solution that's workable and still addresses the issue. We need a better way to detect macroers and bots. Until then, we just have the sledge hammer of fatigue in our toolbox.
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    Server Update - 21/05/2017 New trader item: Piping kit - Allows a fountain or well placed anywhere to auto-fill with water like on a water tile. New trader item: Heraldic certificate - Allows setting texture on items to images of various kingdoms Supports all base kingdoms and PMKs that have their own imagery Currently works on: Wagons, flags, banners (both types), military tents and pavilions (only some kingdoms) Currently doesn't work on tabards and towers, might or might not be changed in the future. Sermons will now push alignment towards the listeners god preference, regardless of performers deity. (So lib get negative, even if listening to WL, and vice versa) Bonus jewelry can now have rarity transfered from bones /random rolls are now broadcast in 10 tile radius and go into their own tab
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    WTS: 6 speed horse.... 5 normal speeds, plus vertical lift ;-) TeeeBOMB screenie
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    The Karrs are done Things are good.
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    Cogs Have joined the Fleet War.
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    Detects arrows on the ground in a 100 tile radius lol
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    Don't know about Thor but for me no changes on my system. Large building like 10x10 castles with lights are the worst. 6 or so months ago would never happen. I can even check my logs to see when I first noticed it because I remeber telling my mate that his new castle broke my game. Prior to this I could run 6 clients at a major slaying, all on low at about 10 fps and 30 on my main. Now I am lucky to stay stable at 10 with 3.
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    Did anything change for you recently as well Thorakkanath? What sort of frame rate did you get say 6 months+ ago? (or however long you have had that system) Also, do other games/programs have any issues with low frame rates currently? The specs on your hardware are well above what is required to run Wurm at maximum settings, even with an 'older' CPU. (5 years in tech is a long time) Also, where are you in Wurm? From experience, certain areas have considerable differences in frame rate. Built up areas and places with multiple people in local drop frames even on the highest end rigs...just an issue with Wurm. Are there a lot of objects around? Things like sculptures etc that clutter an area can have a huge impact.
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    Beats my carpet by 11! Although I was secretly hoping to get the carpet and use in other places too
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    to raise gardening skill without having to go out and garden - by improving trellises? That's why I have them, and I wish forestry had something similar.
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    When making house walls, system use your masonry skill, so you can make good walls even from low ql bricks. When making fences, quality of the material counts greatly towards quality of the fence.
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    if you have two sell him both so i get one too thanks
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    most often it's instant but it doesn't refresh... for ages. I open the same window in a 2nd tab to see if it's posted then i close the one that's saying `saving` I thought the same as you wurmhole, maybe we're stuck with it
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    Ignore this post. leaving it here to keep ccd's post relevant. -1 stone brick. it's fine as it is, just load a wagon with rafts, load the rafts with rock shards. drag and drop, combine, queue.. mindlessly on a 2nd monitor until you make 1k and feel sick. i don't see the problem. pottery bricks on the other hand... eww. we've already suggested a pottery glove you can enchant and wear, you can't enchant your hand. but nothing came of it yet. Imagine how many pottery bricks you'd have to make to make a bridge and how long it'd take. anyway, stone bricks are fine, if they were easier to make, things made out of them would seem less. .. well, just less. please leave stone bricks as they are, they're easy.
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    is this something being worked on, or are we just stuck with whatever agreement Code Club signed us on for? A 3 year contract might be a bummer...
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    Common problem is, that when you click post mesage (creating a post or sending PM) it could take from few seconds to minute-two till message is sent. Then I just wait patiently till it go, couse refreshing only create double posts.
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    I'm having problems with Chrome and ie(Tried ie after the problems occurred in Chrome). Seems to have been an issue since the forum migration. Not every post I make needs refreshing the browser, but some of them do.
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    Great. Wonderful. Common ground. So what do you suggest we to do change it without losing the benefits of the fatigue system? That's ultimately what this all boils down to.
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    Free to play games are not pay to play games. Farmville does not charge you a fee to play the game. If you read what I typed, you will notice that I said it limits premium players. Android games are well known cash grabbers. Thats why stuff like farmville and Dominations and Age of Empires are such top -grossing- games. They are there to milk as much as they can as fast as they can from so called -whales-. I don't think any of us wants to see Wurm become something like that, and neither does the staff: Thats why you will never see something like Fatigue powders in game. I am not against anti macro measures. I am all for them. My issue is against any measure that penalizes or in any way interferes with avid players. Although I myself dont hit the fatigue cap, I have friends that do. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing Arium having to log off because he hit his cap for the day. I rather he stayed and played a bit longer so I had someone to talk to. He's not macroing... why cant he be on playing with me? That is my gripe with this system. I differ on the opinion that we should pay more to play the game. It has nothing to do with conversations or anything. It has to do with the fact that I should be able to play the game I pay for, for as long as I want. After all, I am paying for a dream, the right to be in a virtual world. In the end, I am paying for snake oil. Dont take that away from me.
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    I am sorry but this is not worth 120s
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    yea molds should be introduced now use planks and nails to make pottery brick molds which can be used now to fill with clay then kilned into finished bricks later down the road these type of molds could include better smithing needs like iron bars from liquid metal. maybe liquefying metals to make harder metals then made into bars etc.... for stronger better armors/metal doors etc... But for starters clay needs molds which can make several pottery bricks at a time. Hard stone brick types shouldn't be changed but bricks like clay need to have molds. Later if the need to make cement bricks come of age you can have the mold setup already there. Cement poured floors etc... Basically the mold can help increase the number of bricks helping take away from all the extra timers caused by the amount of clay one has to dig to make a single brick. It would even it along side stone type bricks. I come by this cause right now i have timers set to 7x on my server in wu and it is taking a long time to process all the bricks and I couldn't imagine the agony it would cause on ones nerves on WO where timers are default what 1x? You want to encourage players to build not drive them insane and away. Encouraging bigger structures by players would be the direction you want to go not by making it so intense they only make small buildings then give up. Only a select few have the time or patients to set down and mass produce the amount of materials needed to build mass structures. easing up on some of this will encourage others to not be warded off from doing the same. In the future just lowering the brick and mortar amount by 5 so it only taking 15 brick and mortar for stone walls would be encouraging others to build bigger. Mortar for example you should make it so you add x amount of clay to a large barrel then x amount of sand then click on barrel and select mix. Then you take the amount of time it would originally take to make all that mortar and shave 10% off it and it now is a 1 timer count. You've shortened the time saved a bunch of clicks created a illusion of realism and really not destroyed the effect or process just changed it a bit, it kinda is like the timer when planning a bridge instead it is a mixing process. Me and budda talked in WU channel one day about windmills and such actually fitting wurm now. I would even go as in the future some type of wind powered windmill not only for grain grinding but ability to hook up a barrel with rigs that will auto mix mortar or churn milk into butter etc... but this is just ideas that can fit all snug together over a stretch time of development. Pottery bricks just take way more time to make and deal with than any other brick and pottery brick walls are very nice walls and should be encouraged to make in WO and WU.
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    That would presumably be the hatchlings that give drake hide. Theoretically there is something called a Wurm in WO and I'm sure I've heard rumours of some people seeing them as hallucinations on the path of Insanity but they're most likely just rumours.
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    +1 Also, make wild reed possible with transmutation liquid! (From planted or what ever)
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    Was just commented on by a Dev here and stated to not hold your breath basically: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/154228-valrei-international-019/&do=findComment&comment=1579615
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    reworked the entrance, I like the slate btw, unstable client ftw
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    here nice car what i make
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    Moved the Lady so she now oversees the entire Port
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    probably not....i remember vaguely that they wanted to do it more regularly, but I would say that every 6 months would be probably enough, since, as I understood it, making those map dumps is not particularly easy, but I might be wrong.
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