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    This is the first part of a series of articles on the "physics and astronomy" of the universe of Wurm Online, trying to describe the structure, dynamics and "laws of nature" of our in-game world . The information compiled here has been carefully researched and discussed by a small group of players who call themselves "The Wurm Astronomical Society" (Docterchese, McGarnicle, Valdor, WojorowskiPL and Yaga). Part 1 summarizes all we know about the basic dimensions of the Wurm universe: tiles, distances, slopes and heights. Part 2 is here: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/143679-the-wurm-universe-part-2-time-date-and-calendar/ The most basic unit of measurement is defined by the size of a tile. Tiles are the equally sized squares that the landscape of Wurm Online is entirely composed of. In the 3D world of Wurm a tile can be either flat or inclined, so that one or more of its corners can be higher or lower than the others. In all our calculations we used the following fundamental information, given in the Wurmpedia (http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Tile) : How can we measure distances and heights in Wurm? Originally we tried to use a spyglass, because it displays the distance between the observer and an object pointed to by the crosshairs: Using a spyglass is sufficient to verify the basic unit of measurement (1 tile = 4m x 4m) and to measure linear distances within a reasonable accuracy. However, when it comes to measuring heights it turned out that a spyglass is not quite accurate enough to yield reliable results. Thus we need to use a more precise method: triangulation! This method uses basic trigonometric functions to determine the height of an object. To determine the height H of an object, you define a reference point, take a screenshot (as shown in the example) and measure the angle α between the ground and the top of the object, as seen from the reference point. (As we have no means to measure angles in-game, we need to use a graphics program to determine the angle on the screenshot.) Additionally you need to measure the horizontal distance, which you obtain by counting the number of tiles T (remember: one tile corresponds to a distance of 4 meters). You then get the height H by using this formula: Here is an example: For a distance of 40 tiles (T=160m) we measure an angle of 14°. Thus, our avatar of Magranon would have a height of: H = 160m x tan(14°) = 40m (Please note that the result has to be rounded, due to the immanent inaccuracy of this method.) Here is a list of heights for some arbitrary objects, just to give some examples (sorry, this forum doesn't provide tables): Player character: 1.7m House wall (1 floor): 3.0m (note: the ground floor of a house has a height of 3.3m) Pillar: 5.6m Freedom tower (incl. flag): 25m Colossus: 34m Deity avatar 40m Finally, talking about measuring heights, we must look at another basic unit of measurement used in the Wurm universe: dirts. Whenever we see sloped tiles defining the 3D landscape the elevation of slopes is given in terms of the amount of "dirts dropped". When terraforming the land you use a shovel to dig or drop dirt - you add or subtract one "unit of dirt" with each action of the shovel. Using the method of triangulation described above we can find out how these "units of dirt" correspond to metric units. By dropping dirt we make elevated platforms of various heights, thus creating different slopes. We then position an observer in a pit, so that the eye level is slightly above the ground, and take screenshots: .. Measuring the angles and using the formula given above, we can triangulate the elevation of the platform: .. We obtain the following table (for slopes spanning a single tile): Slope .. Angle .. Elevation (m) ---------------------------------------- 10 ...... 14.0 .... 1.0 20 ...... 26.6 .... 2.0 30 ...... 36.9 .... 3.0 40 ...... 45.0 .... 4.0 50 ...... 51.3 .... 5.0 60 ...... 56.3 .... 6.0 70 ...... 60.3 .... 7.0 80 ...... 63.4 .... 8.0 90 ...... 66.0 .... 9.0 100 ..... 68.2 ... 10.0 150 ..... 75.1 ... 15.0 200 ..... 78.7 ... 20.0 Thus, there is a simple relation between "dirts" and metric units: Using this method it is also possible to determine the height of a player character with sufficient accuracy: We plan to continue this series with the following chapters: "Part 2: Time, Date and Calendar" "Part 3: The planet Wurm (Basic Physics)" "Part 4: Sky and Stars (Basic Astronomy)" "Part 5: Sol and the Moons (Celestial Mechanics of the Solar System)" .... etc...... The articles can also be found in Wurmpedia.
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    Hi Everyone! Another week has come and gone, and it's time to share with you all what's been happening on our side of things, so buckle up! Roadmap Of course the big talk of the town this week is the roadmap for the next few months. While it doesn't list everything we have planned (There are plenty of other updates and projects in the works) but these are the big ones, with of course most focus being on the UI and tutorial, but the other works are equally important, and we'll be sure to have long periods of testing and feedback before they're fully introduced. Web shop items A lot of discussion has revolved around purchasable items from the web shop. Our plans for stage one are the Golden mirror, which will allow players to change genders (and then looks) which has been a long desired item. We also plan to include several trader items as well. Beyond that we will continue to look at potential items and the best way to implement them. There have been many thoughts on this (both positive and negative) and they are all things that have been raised and discussed internally as well, we will take these steps slowly to ensure they come out and integrate as smoothly as possible, without compromising the core of Wurm's focus on player created worlds. GM auctions Step right up! As you recall we mentioned our plans with the aftermath of a rather nasty charge-back case to auction off seized goods in order to provide some compensation to the players affected. This weekend we're launching the GM auction house, with the first wave of listings going up around the time of this news posting. The unique twist on these is they are available on both Epic AND Freedom. That's right, it doesn't matter what server you're on, a GM will ensure that your winning items are delivered to you! All proceeds will be split up and shared with those affected by the actions of this banned user accordingly. for the full overview of them please read the sticky at the top of the official auctions section: Underground decorating Along with our teaser of tiled walls now comes an awesome new feature, underground paving! You'd be forgiven for thinking this was simply in a large house, but with the next update you'll be able to pave underground tiles as well in 3 easy steps! 1. Reinforce floor 2. prepare reinforced floor with mortar 3. Pave prepared floor with pavement of your choice This really expands how you can design your cave, and that's not all! With next update Tile borders will be visible in caves. This means you can tell the slopes underground! We're also planning the ability to build fences underground on deed only, to avoid potential issues. As is often the way with works in progress and feedback, we've changed how the decorating of reinforced walls works. Instead of creating a special reinforcement, using a trowel on an existing reinforced wall will give the option to begin building a clad wall, which will then be used to build on and create the finished wall. (Half finished walls have their own texture too) Affinity changes So as many of you probably know, some calculations in determining what affinity players get from meals led to some players not being able to get all possible results. Naturally this is an issue we needed to address, but the problem we faced was how. Changing any calculation would mean all players affinities would change, and given how much work you have all put into finding them, was not an ideal situation. The system was fixed prior to it going live to WU, so we knew the replacement system worked, but the problem was applying it to those who felt they needed it, so we created a simple toggle for players to switch from the current system to the new one. Those who have spent time working on finding all their affinities, and who have no desire to switch to the new system may stay as is, and not have a single thing change for them, but those who could not get an affinity they wanted, or who felt limited by the potential bugged affinities will be able to change the affinity system for their character via the profile menu (as the picture states, once you switch to the new system you cannot move back to the old). As an aside note with the new system, rarity of cooker (campfire, oven, forge) will not affect the affinity given by the end result, so if you choose to switch to that system the rarity will only increase the timer duration, not what affinity it gives (it does both currently). Once this is introduced, all new accounts will by default be on the new system, we feel this accomplishes the double task of fixing affinities for those who wish to have them fixed, and also allowing those who have found what they want and wish to keep it to do so. Community Content This weeks community content is from a forum user Iberis, who is sharing her (apologies, my animal husbandry is low) adventures across Freedom and Chaos, and some pretty awesome PvP videos too (no swearing!) Check out the videos and blog posts from the forums here: That's it from me this week, I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Trollwood Keep - Amadee HI Everyone! This week we touch on some more content coming in the next update, with the almanac! There's also info on CA help for the Epic cluster, so why are you still reading this? The almanac An ages old tool for farmers and other crop growers, an almanac is a calendar with important information such as tides, astronomical data, seasons and crops. For Wurm, it will be used to check up on when bushes, trees and trellises will bear fruit! That's right, you'll be able to keep a record telling you when every harvestable item is ripe, and for how long it will be ripe. The almanac will require studying a bush, tree or trellis during its harvest season to collect the information on it, and skill will determine just how much information you can collect and ql of the report will determine how far in the future you can see harvest times. These reports are then stored inside the almanac. Once collected, anyone may use the almanac to check on harvest times and read up on information about the reports they have stored inside. You can even check with a handy command of /almanac (You will need the reports in your almanac to see each harvest season though!) The almanac will also include little bits of information on each harvested produce, with a definite Wurmian twist. New Bushes Those of you with a keen eye will notice something in the above picture, and that's three new harvestable bushes! Blueberries, Raspberries and lingonberries will become bushes that have their own harvest times, Epic CA help This next update we'll be introducing a new CA help for epic, JK help, MR help, and HotS help! These help channels will be across all epic servers, but restricted to each kingdom, names will also not show the server tag, so you can still help while raiding! It's the first step towards improving our support for new players on Epic, we'll have to wait for this to go live before testing (as we don't have 4 test servers to setup the scenario) and we'll continue to adjust anything we need to. WU beta to live delays Due to the last update, we'll be including some last minute fixes and tweaks in the beta, which will extend it to next week, this is to make sure we don't have to force another update our beta version before going to live, sorry about the delay, but delaying is smoother than a second update later on in case something breaks! Caption this Winner The winner of this weeks caption this is Mordraug! We couldn't go past this one PvP updates Ongoing PvP updates include continued balances and tweaks to the catapulting and siege weapons, and also a discussion on changes to how kingdom influence works on PvP servers. These projects are aimed at improving foundation mechanics as we take steps towards the larger overhauls, projects are in the works and we'll be looking at a bigger roadmap to show what is currently being worked on and what is being planned. Check out the kingdom influence discussion here: Community Content This week I'd like to take a moment to put the spotlight on Wurmhole, who opened a thread offering to pay 1 months premium for five players, and asked others to nominate people. While I missed the pm about pizza (damnit!) I think this is an even better use of the income from this sale, and it's amazing to see Wurmians come together to recognise other players, new and old alike for their work in helping one another and I'd like to congratulate those who received the premium time, you've certainly earned it! That's it for this week from us, there's more to come in the oncoming weeks before the big update, and we may just be saving the best for last! What is it? You'll just have to wait and see! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Today's update included a few unwanted side affects, and upon being informed of them we identified the issues and performed a hotfix of the situation. Unfortunately, one aspect of this was that mine veins could be mined out easily. In situations like these we take the time to determine if a rollback is necessary, and while we did decide to roll back we encountered an unfortunate issue. While we do perform frequent backups of player data map data is slightly older, which would mean a rollback of roughly 10-12 hours, causing a lot of actual playtime to be lost. Due to this, we have decided not to rollback and instead play as is to avoid even larger losses. If you lost a vein you were working on and would like it replaced, please log a support ticket with the information of the vein type and remaining ore (if you know it) for our team to verify. It will take some time to verify on our side the details of the vein, but we will endeavour to return it as soon as possible. We will determine whether compensation is necessary and if so advise you all of the decision prior to the next update. Thank you for your patience in this, and would like to thank those who respected our request to not take advantage of the situation.
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    I don't even care what spells there could be, but the one thing that really bugs me is how the key spells of our original gods are now shared with player gods. Each god should have their own key spell, and I'd love to have that change made that these spells that make or break a god are only available for one deity. A good example would be Genesis for Fo... Fo is essentially useless compared to Nahjo now, however if Nahjo had their own key spell, Fo would be back to its original use. IMHO the player god spell system is just exceptionally incomplete and needs a rework. New god should mean new spells, not some seemingly random combination of existing ones.
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    Fishing has its moments [23:14:14] Fishing increased by 0.000008 to 99.999969
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    This month marks 8 years I have been playing Wurm. I thought I would celebrate by writing an Ode to my favorite MMO. I hope you all enjoy reading it.
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    Found one of my missing tower guards
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    As I continue work with the Ultima Nostalgia project (in which the entire server is one huge deed), I'm getting more and more requests on YouTube and elsewhere from people who would like to live in their own house on the server. I suspect that a lot of these people are Ultima players who have never tried Wurm before but who would be willing to buy Wurm Unlimited to live in a place that looks like UO and is populated by other Ultima fans. Obviously, since they've never played Wurm they don't really understand how deeds work. So I've tried to explain the problems of letting them live there. This got me to thinking about permissions. We can set permissions to houses, carts, boats, fences, mounts etc. But what if we could right click and set permissions to TILES that are within one's deed? This way, deed owners could: Create various empty plots - allowing "anything goes" so players could build a house from ground up, farm etc and anything they wished - so sort of like a mini deed inside a deed. Create a public mine that allows players to mine and pick up ore, but doesn't allow them to load a forge onto a cart Create wood chopping forests, keeping the forests and trees of the rest of the deed safe. Create public farming land And I'm sure there are many uses that I'm not even realizing at this point It would be up to the deed owner to mark these areas somehow with fences or signs Right click tile... Set permissions from a popup Coordinates of tile can be seen in the title to ease remote management Tile could be named to better keep track of which set of tiles (Plot 1, Plot 2, Public forest, Public mine etc) they belong to PS: Before posting this, I checked to see if there were any other similar posts, and I'd just like to point out that Enigma_Prime is suggesting something similar. Please go and check out Enigma's post as well. I decided to make a separate thread about this since what I'm asking for is slightly different, has different mechanics etc
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    The time has come to finally lay to rest the now-not-so-recent issues the Wurm Online community faced with the dealings of the player Niru. For anyone unfamiliar with the case here is the official response from the time. The GM team will now be auctioning off the seized assets (for in-game silvers only) and when all are finished the funds will be distributed to those players who were scammed. Those players will receive a percentage equivalent to the amount they lost compared to everyone else. We don't anticipate making more than was lost, but should that unlikely event occur, we'll decide what to do with the spare if/when it comes to it. PLEASE NOTE: ALL AUCTIONS ARE AVAILABLE TO EPIC & FREEDOM PLAYERS. The assets will be auctioned in groups so as to not deluge the board with too many at once. A full listing so you can plan your bidding is available in the spoiler, please note full auctions will be more specific in the Ql, enchants etc. Some items will be sold in group lots e.g. sleep powders in lots of 5: The auctions will run for approximately a week with a finish time around 6pm GMT on a Saturday. This should mean it's the weekend for everyone around the globe and while I appreciate it's the small hours somewhere, it's about as easy a time as can be made for the majority of people to find it simple to participate. Please forgive us if we've rather over-priced any individual item, we've done the best we can to have a sensible starting value but if any items remain unsold in it's given round, we will re-auction it in the next round at a lower starting cost. Similarly, if we've made a mistake and something has been miss-labelled in the auction, the winner has the right to refuse payment if they wish and it will be re-auctioned correctly. Auctions all have 1 hour sniper protection and a moderator will lock the auction with the name of the winner when the auction has concluded and a moderator spots such. Confirmation of the winner is an invitation for that player to send a /support claiming your winnings. This will be best done on the account you're most active with - you don't need to /support with the account you wish to receive the item/s. This will enable us to see when you're online for trade. Please remember to make sure you have the silver available to you before doing such. We will check the identification of the claimant by asking them for a specific message through the forum account that placed the winning bid. NB: Any false claims through support will result in an immediate 7 day ban - we've exhausted quite enough time on this case already. If an item is not claimed within 4 weeks of the end of the auction (please note this means there is no /support initiated from the winner or they have not contacted the GM team in some way to inform us why they may be delayed, we appreciate it may take time for a GM to be available at the same time to make the trade if the player is not very active or plays at a time with low numbers) it will be offered to the next highest bidder.
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    I always knew they were in cahoots with each other! Plotting the demise of the unsuspecting human encampment below!
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    Wurm's Xanadu with the new shader on max.
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    I am pleased to announce that Rageed has been found safe and sound. He was lovingly lead back to the deed and is back again with its owner. On another note, we found Ayuna's corpse as well with all her belongings. We also found that the skid line from the top of the mountain she created on the way down with her face had been covered by the snows. It is, in the end, a happy ending. Thanks to those that helped!
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    I love old abandoned mines
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    Cog up on the mountain side, was quite the gale.
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    Apparently visitors to our village get a bit too friendly...
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    rename chaos wild server, leave the mean things running around and make a new pvp server the chaos map is very nice would hate to see deleted
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    Shut down Xan and force the playerbase to repopulate the other servers. Problem solved.
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    The Karrs are done Things are good.
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    The Almanac! Crafted with sheet of paper and string + 2 leather strips, the almanac will hold reports you create about the nature of the tree, bush or trellis and estimate the harvest times. Reports are created by studying a harvestable tree, bush or trellis during its harvest season. You then can write down the record using a reed pen with ink or dye on paper. Forestry skill will determine how much information is collected resulting quality of the report will determine how far in the future you can see harvest times. These reports may then be stored inside the almanac. The almanac can then be used to check on harvest times and read up on information about the reports they have stored inside. The command /almanac will tell you what is in season as long as you have the applicable reports. Catapult tweaks Tweaked distance for crowded message when using siege weapons. Shouldn’t be able to use 3 rams on a single wall anymore. Increased skill gain from using catapults. Tweaked damage output from catapults upwards, should be a bit harder to hit the 20 damage cap at 10 winches now. Damage from catas/trebs over the 20 damage cap that is currently ignored will now increase the splash radius, and deal a small amount of the extra damage (the ignored damage over 20) to things in that increased radius. The radius gained from this is up for changing, as with the base radius. Cooking affinity adjustments An option to fix players missing certain available cooking affinities has been added to your character profile. This is a ONE TIME TOGGLE which will switch your character to the new affinity system. The new affinity calculation will not take rarity of cooker into account for determining affinity This will recalculate affinities gained from existing meals as well as all future meals. New characters created after this update will automatically be on the new system. Repairing changes Changes to fence, floor and wall repairing and improving. Base timer for repairing and improving these is now 4-8 seconds, depending on your repair or building skill. This applies to all building material types. Timer is doubled if there is an enemy presence nearby. Damage repaired per action is now between 5 and 10 damage, depending on repairing skill and the quality of the item you’re using to repair. Cave building Clad reinforced cave walls introduced. Created by activating a trowel and building on a reinforced wall. Paved reinforced cave floors introduced. Created by preparing a reinforced cave floor with mortar and then applying paving. Epic CA Help changes Epic now has 3 global CA help grouped by kingdoms; JK help, MR help, HotS help. These Channels are visible globally by all members of the kingdom. Harvest time changes Harvest times have been adjusted slightly. Changes: Olives: Starfall of Fires, Week 1 Lemon: Starfall of Ravens, Week 2 Orange: Starfall of Ravens,Week 4 Walnut: Starfall of Dancers, Week 1 Additions: Raspberry: Starfall of Dancers, Week 1 Blueberry: Starfall of Shark, Week 3 Lingonberry: Starfall of Dancers, Week 3 Harvest times will still vary slightly to the actual starting week Olives have been reduced to once season now that multiple olives can be harvested. Other changes and introductions New transmutation liquids have been added to change moss to tundra and tundra to dirt. Copper and Orange juice transmutes moss to tundra. Iron and Raspberry juice transmutes tundra to dirt (tundra will still disappear when packed and dug). Transmutation liquid requirements are 1/5th of resource tile requirements (around 35-45 kgs ql dependent) 3 new fruit bushes have been added – blueberry, raspberry and lingonberry. Blueberry and raspberry sprouts can be found by foraging so that you can plant your own bushes. Lingonberry bushes will spawn on tundra and will not have sprouts for planting. All three berries can still be found via foraging. Skillgain for anything that produces liquid has been scaled by the amount of liquid created. Tundra will now spread faster and more often. Metal sheets in the crafting window now properly reference the material they are from in crafting recipes. Decorative pillars can now be built inside buildings. Path of Insanity Random Teleport menu option now has a confirm to help prevent erroneous clicks. Move to Center has been added to the move items menu. Weight of paper has been reduced from 0.50 to 0.01. Trellis ages have now been added. Currently despite having sprouts they cannot be picked or pruned. Tile borders and corners now show in caves This allows the building of fences and gates on deed only Higher fences may require mining the roof higher to provide sufficient clearance. Bug Fixes: Bugfix: Fixed examine description for slate slabs. Bugfix: Fixed examine description for sandstone shards. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where loadable items which were planted/secured off deed could still be loaded. Bugfix: Tarring a corner tile floorboard should no longer change the tile to a full tile floorboard. Bugfix: Fixed a bug which prevented fences from being built on the south and east sides of buildings with the new arched walls. Bugfix: Fixed a bug which gave masonry skill for building wooden fences. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where you were not disembarked from animals which could only be ridden when tamed when they became untamed. Bugfix: You are again able to use rename on chairs. Bugfix: Battering Ram now checks destroy fences permission when being used to destroy fences instead of destroy buildings permission. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the level command would dig a dirt instead of reporting that you needed dirt in your inventory to fill the corners. Bugfix: You can now use a mallet/pliers to add or remove trim from underground plain stone walls. Bugfix: Build option was removed when right clicking on complete walls with a mallet activated. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused replaced locks to become bugged and not reusable. Bugfix: The snake and the woman HotA statue is now available. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused single use spell runes to not work properly Bugfix: Fixed a bug where decorative pillars never decayed off deed. Bugfix: Fixed the double nature menu on mycelium tiles. Bugfix: Fixed an issue preventing some gates in underground structures from opening properly. Bugfix: Rock salt can now be analysed. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where vehicle passengers entering a cave could not distinguish veins and reinforcements from regular cave walls. Bugfix: Fixed the issue where some passenger seats of some boats could not access the hold because of distance. Bugfix: Fixed an issue preventing dragging items through arched walls. Bugfix: Fixed a few problems related to underground error messages when performing tasks if a bridge was above ground on those tiles. Bugfix: Fixed a bug which sometimes caused an error message when improving items in carts. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused you to log in on a vehicle as a commander even though you logged out as passenger. Bugfix: Tackled more spelling and text errors. Bugfix: Levelling with a dredge should now give an error when the dredge is full. Client updates New players (under 15 farming) will be able to see the state of growth of the farm field they are currently standing on, range will increase as usual as skill goes up. Added borders and tile corners to caves. House floors now have tile corners. Keybind for MOVE_CENTER added in settings (Move to center under keybindings – Items). (4.0 Client) Dyes have been tweaked closer to current stable look. Bugfix: (4.0 client) Fixed an issue on flooring tile borders which did not allow you to select the item on that border. Bugfix: (4.0 client) Fixed tunneling animation when switching from equipped to unequipped pickaxe. Bugfix: (4.0 client) Fixed ghosted model images when pushing and pulling items.
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    Foggy Sunset Leaving Release Levitation .....
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    Our beloved Rageed has gone missing! Last seen in the vicinity of Alora near S-12/13. Rageed is a very important member of our village that has special needs and needs to be constantly brushed and reassured. Please help us find our horse! Ayuna is spending countless nights in suffering due to the separation which has lead to fatal wounds and continued quick shortcuts down the mountain. The terrible expedition has her scarred for life! Please assist Ayuna in recovering her horsie!
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    It's because of literally everything, all put together. There is no simple "fix" to lag on Xanadu, and there never will be. What Retro said is correct, we optimize things when we can and every change we make has lag in mind, trying to keep it all to a minimum. The fact is that Xanadu is just pushing the limits of what Wurm can handle. At least 4x the map size of any other server is going to cause a lot of difference on it's own - then throw in 300k creatures compared to Indy's 50k - that's 6x more processing time for creatures. On top of that throw the increased playerbase, with Xanadu being the most populous server for a long while - and that just adds on top of everything. We do what we can, but numbers quickly add up. Yes we're optimizing for it but there's not some simple fix that will magically fix everything - Xanadu will always have more lag than other servers just because of the numbers involved.
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    Following up with the avatar posts, @Matholameu- I'm a Fo priest and this "little" guy keeps running around my deed. (this is like 20 seconds away from it by ship) Let's play a game: CAN YOU SPOT HIM?
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    Allow almanacs to be stored in bookshelves.
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    Doesn't mean he shouldn't, it's a free market.
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    The Corbitas have moved in now things are getting colorful now.
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    Death is nearer than you think old troll!
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    Hello, Sheet’-ká X'áat'l is the name given by the native people of Baranof Island, to part of the Alexander Archipelago in Alaska. This map was built using real elevation data from the USGS, as well as bathymetric data from the NOAA for most of the underwater depths. I've added some islands from nearby areas to fill out the map. I had a lot of fun creating this map and hope others will enjoy playing on it. Map is ready to play right out of the box. Just unzip the file directly into the WurmServerLauncher directory. I've hand placed altars and starting point, though these would change if you rebuild the database. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx-UomoDDL0TSEFHSEU3ODJzTHM Happy Wurming!
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    Do put it in suggestions forum.. Suggestion forum here I am! So with the new transmutation liquid added and lingonberry spawning on tundra, prevent the unintended or too easy destruction of said tundra by removing the digging from the actions destroying it.
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    Stop hiding behind me, queue up! They love queueing
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    Has been suggested to leave Chaos as is, and leave as a freedom legacy map so people can see how us Chaosites lived. Think its a great idea.
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    Since Ayuna doesnt respond, I went over and jumped the fence of her deed. I bring you guys top quality paparazzi pictures!
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    Oh my gosh, I'm so happy that we have these new house textures and the larger arched wall types! Nice work devs! This is exactly what I needed to be able to build the sandstone building as seen below in the UO screenshot. Note how it has both wider arched walls too. So this update couldn't have come at a better time! To get the Ultima colors just right, I did have to modify the textures a wee bit though:
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    I think I never shared any of mine, so... Here it comes.
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    It was a cold, breezy evening on the southern coast of the lands of elevation. The sea tossed and turned and waves violently lashed against the mycelium covered shores surrounding the Black Light. The chimneys of the nearby city, Black Summit spewed billowing plumes of smoke into the already darkened skies and the lingering presence of Libila hung over the land, sustaining a harsh, inhospitable taint. What had once been dense, black forests covering the steep descent to the coastline was now a barren plain, only the stumps of dead pine trees and the occasional shrub remained. The reason for this lifeless scenario was quite apparent - three small specks could be identified, the only signs of life continuing to exist on this still desolace. Upon closer inspection, it could be determined that the 'specks' were in fact three lumberjacks, hailing from the nearby Black Summit. The lumberjacks were strong, exceptionally handsome men, discernible even at a distance, and they went by the names of Oinkpoink, Touchmee and Moonpoppy. Visitors or passersby were not common or expected in this man-made wasteland. It was considered by the lumberjacks to be a solitary place, where they may hone their skills in the trade of woodcutting, while strengthening their bodies - these were hard times, and sturdy fighters were needed to bolster the ranks of Libila's armies. However, as Touchmee readied his finely forged hatchet to take a powerful swing at a nearby shrub, a loud voice echoed across the plain. "Hey, Touchmee" Touchmee paused, stopping his swing and steadying himself. He had been caught off guard by the strange traveler and irritably turned, hatchet in hand, to face the man, who's figure seemed to block the dying rays of sunlight, creating a shadowy silhouette further up the hill. The light made it impossible to identify the man through sight, however Touchmee recognised the voice to be that of the young traveler, Dbendy. After a brief pause, Dbendy asked "Seen any Bears?" Touchmee thought for a short moment. The recent deforestation of the coast had driven the bears east and westward, most had likely fled towards the tundra and would be far from here by now, even still - the chance of sighting one of the fierce creatures so near the city was small... their pelts were prized amongst the hunters of Black Summit. It was questionable however, whether the traveler was skilled, or well equipped enough to tackle such a beast. The young man seemed equipped with rusting, poor quality chainmail, likely forged by one of the lesser smiths of the city. However, Touchmee decided he would not question the young aspiring hunter as not to offend him, merely responding with "Nah" Dbendy said nothing for a moment and simply sat on his horse, pondering his options. However after a brief pause he cheerfully shouted back "Ok, Thanks' The young traveler then rode off into the sunset, probably in search of the bears he desired so greatly. The lumberjacks discussed the situation amongst themselves... would the hunter have any luck in his quest, or would he ride for days, until his horse was weary, encountering nothing but rats and wolves? The men did not know, but silently wished Dbendy luck in his travels, saying a short prayer to Libila, asking that the lands of the dead not take Dbendy should he encounter danger in his travels, as he - the youthful bear hunter - had a great search ahead of him.
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    Some GM Hints Overview of the CM/GM Commands and how to setup a team you can find here General To set your own Karrma: Activate the Ebony wand ---> rightclick ---> Creatures ---> Learn There you can give you all the karma that you need Heal yourself: Activate your wand ---> rightclick ground---> heal Set your Meditation Path with Level: Open your Puppy ---> rightclick on your body (left bottom) --->Meditation Path You can set your path and your level there Refresh yourself Activate your wand --> rightclick any item in inventory --> Item/refresh Fast working If you have a large Toolbelt, create up to 10 Ebony wands Put the wands in your belt and set the data for different works - rename your wands - , you will fast building leveling and all so with this Correct shutting down your server If your server is hostet at a company, there is no option to say "server shutting down in 10 minutes" like on local server activate Ebony wand ---> rightclick wand ---> Server ---> Shutdown server You can give the time and the reason here, the function will show a coutndown alert to the players Summon a mob to another place just leftclick the mob so you see it in the target window (Stop or main menu /hud / target window) Fly to your destination place, rightclick the target window ---> summon Trader is not on the second floor Follow the hint above, the trader will jump to the right place Fighting against mobs as GM You can just fight against mobs if you are.... Visible --- Activate wand --> rightclick ground / specials / turn visible Vulnerable --- Activate wand ---> rightclick ground/specials / Vulnerable You can also use the commands #invis and #invuln to toggle this options You have deleted a deed token Spawn a new settlement token in your inventory, then while on the deed rightcklick it and choose plant. It will set all the associations with the village correctly by itself, no need for manual fiddling. Summon Items on a wide distance Thanks to Jukken for the tip If you wish to summon something from very far away (without flying all the way). Maybe an altar on the other side of the world. Log on two GMs. GM1 is at the altar, GM2 at the new location. GM1 rightclicks the altar to bring up menu. GM2 summons GM1. GM1 clicks the already open menu to summon the altar. AUX Data Section Spawning full amour sets and weapons in your inventory Activate your Ebony wand, rightclick on ground and select "test" give you different sets of items: Auxdata: 3 gives you a chain amour set Auxdata: 4 gives you a huge axe, longsword, short sword, large maul, small maul, halbert, spear, long spear Auxdata: 5 gives you a leather amour set Auxdata: 6 gives you a studdet leather amour set Auxdata: 7 gives you a dragon scale amour set + basinet helm Auxdata: 8 gives you a plate amour set Changing the kingdom of wagons and banners Activate your Ebony wand, rightclick on the Item --> Item / Set data Auxdata: 0 White (empty) Auxdata: 1 Jenn and Kellon Auxdata: 2 Mol Rehan Auxdata: 3 Hots Auxdata: 4 Freedom Isles The Hota Statues Activate your Ebony wand, rightclick on the Item --> Item / Set data Auxdata: 0 Dog Bear Auxdata: 1 Wolve Bison Auxdata: 2 Deer Auxdata: 3 Bear Bull Auxdata: 4 Black Dragon Auxdata: 5 Lady Lake Auxdata: 6 Nogump Auxdata: 7 Man Bear Auxdata: 8 Soldemon Auxdata: 9 Scorpion NPC´s You need NPC´s they are not walking around Use the NPC Human instead of the regular Human Activate wand /rightclick ground / specials / summon / NPC Human This humans are the one and only (as i know) that you can equip with amour and weapon Spawn a amour set (look in the auxdata section above) activate (doubleclick) a item from the amour set, righclick the NPC Human and select "give" Mission Ruler Video Intro and dialogs Video Teleport and Portal Missions Video Fetch and reward Setup your server with an own map Video Cleaning Database and activate your own map
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    Part 1 - Bartle's Taxonomy - What Type of Player are You? Part 2 - Balancing an MMO Ecosystem - Getting a Mix of Player Types When I was linked to these videos all I could think of was "Someone should show this to the Wurm Team". What type of game is Wurm? Which target audience is it shooting for? Do you think there is balance? Would you want to change the mix of players? Where do you fall in Bartle's Taxonomy?
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    When I harvest, I usually take two or three days since not all my crops are ripe at the same time, plenty of time for a tree to pop up. They've also have overtaken the flowers I planted around my beehives before, but I believe that is a different issue that could be adressed. I've had it happen countless times. Infact, it happened yesterday. My farm is only 60 tiles total and it still happened. Iron lump sure you can botanize for. What about the other materials that exist - a few pieces of gold to make a crap ql statuette, so I can bless a lamp. You nailed the key issue - YOU COULD ASK SOMEBODY. You could also login your alt, and that's what I'm getting at. You could ask somebody for all these things. You will be asking somebody for things a dozen times a day - little things that make no sense. Try playing a priest for a while. Even if completely okay with the no build no imp no (gathering) - you'll run into so many small problems. that you wouldn't even have thought of beforehand. You cannot create your own altar when you want to pray. You have to find another person with the same religion or a skilled jewelsmith to make your altar for you. This seems strange to someone who dedicates their life to the gods. I'm okay with asking - or paying - someone to imp my tools and armour, when I need a thousand rocks mined, and when I need to build a house and bed. Im fine with not being able to build a ship, improve my horse gear or terraform a deed. It's the smaller stuff that is plain frustrating. These are just examples that spring to mind on a day to day basis. I'm not capable of producing any kindling to light my oven without somehow obtaining wood, yet somehow its well accepted that priests are pretty much always assigned cooking tasks. What about making a clay bowl to cook that food in - or a frying pan? How often do I stand here, with ample skill in natural substances, a fine hide, yet no ability to make leather, because I cannot produce ash without wood. I can go on forever. I'm not going to because I've already highlighted the issue enough. Followers / non priest want to be able to cast small spells in return - and guess what we have ingame. Runes, a karma system, and imbue potions, which I consider the equivalent of spells - infact, some are full blown spells, like charm, mend, mole senses, locate soul, sunder, reveal creatures and I think a few more. This is already in game, regular followers being able to imbue magic potions, attach runes, and even cast spells and summon creatures. Anyone would be able to slowly gather with just their hands, but it would, much like crude tools, be simply far worse of a way to do it. Slower, worse ql, less skill and all that. If the complete lack of tools is the issue. Make them crude hatchets with a very quickly declining spell on them. Crude shovels with magranons shields with only a single use in them, just like magranons demise on a weapon will shatter the shield spell in a single blow. Come up with something, these are examples. My point was that a very slow, very ineffecient, and very undesirable way of gathering minor amounts of materials to help get past asking somebody each time you run into one of these issues could help a lot to encourage people to play priests. It's not a way to grind bulk without tools. It a way to gather low ql and low amounts of something that the god frowns upon in a situation where there is a need, not a want. This is a call out to the devs, not to forum users so I'm not going to bother responding with more examples. I believe the underlying intention of this forum thread, albeit slightly differently called out was to address some way to help encourage priest mains - this is my belief as a main priest player.. The dev team may do what this as they see fit, but this is the reason I do play more than one account. Which maybe is exactly how they want it to be. $$$ As far as spells - convert rock tile to ore vein with 50 hits - move a water source spring - charming allows wild boars and spiders to be tamed - dominating allows lava spiders to be dominated - fungus cast on a field tile will yield a crop of mushrooms in a few days - light token castable on items such as ships makes the item act like a lightsource, rather than the holder - interesting ideas I have read in the past but on their own wouldn't encourage more priests.
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    Jackal is looking more pink than ever.
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    Seriously, why? You had a chance to let Epic die slowly without huge cries.. Merger is off the table, because most of the active players have moved to chaos anyway. And there is not a single reason to split the pvp playerbase once again. Epic project failed already long time ago, yet you bring that dead horse into the spotlight. Talking about roadmap in general tho, even though you are a nice guy, it is sad to say, that while you are the one now, who should lead Wurm, you got not a single fresh idea. Everything is just copy-paste from suggestion forums, which is being implemented to get cheap popularity.
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