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    Test servers updated with a few changes: Tweaked distance for crowded message when using siege weapons. Shouldn't be able to use 3 rams on a single wall anymore. Increased skill gain from using catapults. Tweaked damage output from catapults, should be a bit harder to hit the 20 damage cap at 10 winches now. Damage from catas/trebs over the 20 damage cap that is currently ignored will now increase the splash radius, and deal a small amount of the extra damage (the ignored damage over 20) to things in that increased radius. The radius gained from this is up for changing, as with the base radius. Some feedback on if it is too large or small would be good. Changes to fence, floor and wall repairing and improving Base timer for repairing and improving these is now 4-8 seconds, depending on your repair or building skill This applies to all building material types. Timer is doubled if there is an enemy presence nearby. Damage repaired per action is now between 5 and 10 damage, depending on repairing skill and the quality of the item you're using to repair. Above changes will be on test for a couple of weeks before they likely go live, please do test and give me some feedback.
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    What about a little household magic? Simple spells for all priests like lighting a fire, filling a waterskin, removing a young tree or lesser mendings (fixing clay jars, flasks and bowls). Maybe even push the boat out enchant a pen with unlimited ink for a short duration. Things useful but not world changing.
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    If you don't know what the current timers are, why are you assuming its a massive nerf designed to kill off new players? Current live repair timers are between 4 and 16 seconds on stone and plain stone walls, and a minimum of 30 seconds on every other wall type. Improve timers are minimum 30 seconds on everything. Old winching timers were static 1 second per winch, new timers are between 0.66 and 1.0 seconds per winch depending on skill, with an overall lower range for the minimum winches to offset the lower timers. There is only so far I can go with designing changes aimed around low skilled players without either making things completely discouraging to leveling skills up, or making the skill system that the game revolves around completely invalidated. The new timers are a maximum of 16 seconds when under raid, the old timers are a maximum of 16 seconds at all times. the 5-10 damage repaired range I'm open to changing, but since you're focusing on the timers I haven't mentioned that. You've also glossed over the lowered damage from catapults in the same set of notes, making raiding a bit slower in general.
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    Anti Lag. Spell that lets you play for 1 hour with no lag. I know, not possible while connected to the server, but still, I want it.
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    I don't even care what spells there could be, but the one thing that really bugs me is how the key spells of our original gods are now shared with player gods. Each god should have their own key spell, and I'd love to have that change made that these spells that make or break a god are only available for one deity. A good example would be Genesis for Fo... Fo is essentially useless compared to Nahjo now, however if Nahjo had their own key spell, Fo would be back to its original use. IMHO the player god spell system is just exceptionally incomplete and needs a rework. New god should mean new spells, not some seemingly random combination of existing ones.
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    Perhaps having a default tower influence regardless of QL that is 50 tiles (The same distance between towers) while increasing QL of a tower will expand this influence by a fraction of the QL (e.g. QL/2) to a maximum of 90QL might be nice. The option to summon guards would be a lovely feature to add to remove issues with missing tower guards. I would like to see the chaining of influence by towers/deeds in some mechanic for a strategic warfare rather than dropping deeds anywhere a small gap in influence may exist (such as bashing a single tower)
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    "The fire burns steadily and will still burn for a long time." These messages are very vague, a fire could stay at this stage for 20 mins and then suddenly go through the other messages very quickly and its a matter of time till you see your tools are hot and you have to add more fuel. Rather than a message saying "this is probably gonna last a long time, idk how long", have a message saying "This fire should last about # mins". This could be exact. Sidenote: If you like this idea but seems too easy, I also like the idea of having it so you can tell how long it will last based on firemaking skill. 0-20 giving the default message we have. 20-30 giving us estimates by 5 mins (about 5/10/15/20/25mins), and then 30-40 precision by minutes, and 40+ down to exact seconds.
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    Want to buy the following: summer hat tomes - any of them 1 charge needed only macedon memorabilia (banners, tall banners flag) adamz - come back ! pm or post here
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    As those of you that have played/do play on PvP servers will know, kingdom influence is anything but a perfect system. There have been plenty of bugs over the years, and still some ongoing recently to do with people planting deeds or towers where they technically shouldn't have been able to, small spots of influence sticking around where it shouldn't and however many other little things like this that make it a super annoying system when you get caught out by it. I'm looking through options to fix this at the moment, and with how well the new altar domain system is working I'm thinking of remaking the influence system to use the same sort of idea - in that influence zones would be directly based off of the guard tower or deed token items, and not just a side system that may or may not update correctly when a deed or tower is placed/removed. There are a couple of ways this new way of doing it could go. First option is to make the influence strength of towers based on the quality of the tower, very similarly to how altars work. You'd still be restricted in that you couldn't build a tower in range of another kingdom's influence, but on bordering areas you could spend time to improve your towers quality to slowly take over contested territory. This would work the same as altars, so a 50ql tower 50 tiles away would exert a power of 1 on the tile you're on, and another kingdom's 60ql tower also 50 tiles away would exert a higher power on your tile, so it would count as the second kingdom's influence. You could then improve your tower to higher than 60 to take over that tile for your kingdom. Some initial responses to this I've had think that this might work if there is a cap to the strength involved, so towers fighting for 99.xql won't matter - the current thought is capping it so a tower can't have over 90 strength (so going over 90ql won't increase the influence at all). It would also mean that bashing a tower would slowly take down it's effective quality, slowly converting the land to your kingdom if you have a tower nearby. The option is also there in this system for influence range of towers to be more or less than their usual 60 tiles, depending on QL - though keeping it at a static 60 tiles is also possible. This option could also be used in a way so that any tiles that have more than one kingdom within X strength of each other could be considered 'contested' territory that nobody owns. A possible extra buffer between kingdoms maybe? Second option is similar to now, a tower exerts a set strength on every tile in range, for the same current range as today's towers - no variability. A deed would probably exert a higher strength so it would always override any towers, but the range would only go so far as the perimeter, as it does now. Building any towers or deeds within range of an opposing territory would act the same as now, blocking any placement or expansion - but the weird areas and random overlapping would be fixed. So this is open for discussion - do we want some new mechanics involved with territories and kingdom influences, or keep everything as close as possible to how it works now?
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    I reached out to CC after this auction, but received no replies, so I'm going to donate the 50s to players for game time. I don't want anyone PMing me for themselves. I'd like long standing community members to send me PMs, here in forums, to suggest players that could really use a free month of prem time. I won't post any names here. Will just post here when the 50s is spent. Thank you!
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    Hello boys and girls, I can confirm they respect their workers, I've been here for over a month now doing various bulk work and they've been very accomodating, casting on logs when i need to imp arrows, even imping and recasting on my tools after they wore down, free of charge. There's no shortage of work so it's well worth the time spent coming over but if you do need a break, there's plenty of fun stuff going on (i've taken part in a couple of Hunts, visited an active volcano and killed an avatar) They are a genuinely good community, sure they mess around but if you ever get in trouble, they rush to your aid. They never force you to do anything you don't want to either, so it's nice and relaxed Hell if i ever wanted to quit bulk and go pvp full time, i'd choose these guys, i've genuinely enjoyed my time here. I was not forced to type this nor was i paid to.... HonEstLy, ProMisE So come over and earn some coin, i have to begrudgingly admit, its too much for me to do alone
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    The extra radius and damage is only on test for now, for testing and feedback. If it is actually dealing way too much to reliably repair, I'll tone it down or remove it. Also I'm not sure how you've managed to miss it, but repair timers are lowered to between 8 and 16 seconds while under siege, not a min of 30 seconds. Damage on a single wall is still capped at 20 damage per firing, the extra radius is a lot less damage than that, depending on the amount of damage over the 20 cap the projectile would do if the cap wasn't there. Trebuchets are still once every 15 seconds, but they also now have a timer for loading the projectile, so they are not instant. If trebuchet firing speed becomes a problem, those times can be changed - but I've heard nothing of the sort in any feedback so far. Like making repair and improve timers uniform across the board for all wall types and making archery towers and turrets actually useful? There are additional plans for improved ballistae which will be designed with defense in mind, but that is a little bit down the road due to the number of changes needed for that. Defenders are also free to use catapults to fire back at those manning the attacking catapults (and would likely get a better firing position and vantage point from the top of buildings or towers) - though it remains to be seen how useful that is, possibly more useful against an attacking trebuchet as they don't move.
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    Validate, if you have to travel far North and South, it might be daster to jump over to a smaller server, sail down, and then cross back. The servers line up when you do that and it can save a lot of time
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    Allow a merchant to set a trade in value for an item(s) they will accept as part or full payment for something they have on sale. So for example a merchant in an inn could set a price of 1c on each piece of meat or herbs the owner uses in cooking. I had the idea as I'm building an inn where I want to allow new players to get cheap supplies, so the idea they could toss in some herbs or meat and get something in return might be nice. Added after comments in the thread: Maybe a configurable list on the merchant, a search like the crafting window has and then you add an item from the list with price and quantity you want. ------------------------------------- Feel free to shoot me down or like. Also, does anyone use wurm's uservoice now? I created the idea there, but it doesn't look to be used much, hence the post here.
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    I didn't realize! So much easier than what I was doing. Thank you! xD
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    Yesterday I started working on East Britain and chopped down a bunch o' trees. Experienced wild beehives for the first time and nearly got stung to death!!! I had a keybind set up for chopping down trees, so in god mode I could chop 'em down pretty quick as they fall with one click. Took about 15 minutes to chop this entire area down. The dark dirt areas were to help me measure so I get it aligned with the grid I'm using in Photoshop. Planked areas are the house spots you see in white in the map. Today I started terraforming the height of the ground to match UO and noticed that Nadine the Fisherman (an NPC I had spawned onto the docks) had been responding to me :-). I especially love "Don't do it!"
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    A spell that lets you revive someome would be great. As long as the person is in the red tunnel, have a priest cast the spell on their corpse allowing them to choose being revived or not (allowing them to respawn at corpse). This would also have the bonus of slashing their skill loss by half (PvE only). Good spell to enable PMKs to revive their fallen mates after winning an encounter, or to allow Freedomers the ability to send a rescue to a friend in need or an alt.
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    Bumping this as we have done more testing and could probably use more discussion We have pretty much come to the conclusion that at higher levels, e.g. 80+, the current system is faster. Up until 50 or so however, it is much much slower. Like, to the point where pentraining and parrying with a longsword is much faster, almost twice as fast.
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    I used strawberries, way easier to get tons of them and make juice
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    I understand this is probably a unique offer and something not a lot of people see very often, but having had some success with it, we figured we would try to expand on it. We are looking for people to help with odd jobs, bulk creation like brick/mortar/planks, tower construction, digging, house construction, meme viewing and criticism, whatever. We name the job, you name the price if youre willing to do it, it goes down good good. When you aren't working, you are welcome to utilize the faculties our kingdom has to offer, free meals, housing, free enchants within reason, free imps/creation within reason (obviously don't ask me to make you 50 chisels at 90ql and give them all 90woa, thank you). Obviously you are welcome to go and come as you please, and escorts can be arranged. You are also welcome to participate in any kingdom events as long as you abide by our kingdom rules If you are interested or have any questions, please post below or PM me here or on Doctorchaos ingame. If you cannot reach me for whatever reason, contact the people listed below: Egard (Ckczk ingame) Rudie (Xsamuraizx ingame) Mclovin (Bloodmaster ingame) Orlaz (Polan/Mith ingame) Ausimus (Ausimus or Cartier ingame) Darklords (Warrior ingame) Obviously we are looking for people who are a bit trustworthy, as our kingdom is built on trust and we dont want to have someone around where we have to be a stickler about every little permission, so we reserve the right to refuse anyone this position. If you are concerned about your safety, Punishlife can vouch for us (if he isnt too concerned about his profits possibly being split, lol.) as he has been with us over here for a while doing these odd jobs, but having more wouldn't hurt.
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    I just discovered that a similiar thing is happening to the spinning wheel. For example, if you push or pull it rapidly in a row (for example by keybinding push or pull), it will often happen. Also, it sometimes duplicates when picking it up. Only happens on unstable, not the normal client.
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    Merchant items mailed back sit in the mailbox for 6 months? I still know people that quit and come back and exceeded even that time frame. LMC still a better choice, or prem'd once storage alts
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    Yes, COD to Malokai please. Finndar, I'll trade my insomnia for 23s.
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    Merchants aren't designed for long time decay free storage of items, there are items that do allow storage, and thus the price difference.
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    EVE Online is the gold standard for trade houses for sandbox games, now also emulated in games like DarkFall New Dawn. Wurm already blew it as a sandbox economy though because Wurm allows most trade items to be mailed, thus removing the sandbox element of distance and the choices that gives you as a player. In other words, the ideal solution for an actual sandbox game is to have regional auction houses, so you actively choose which auction house to go either for selling or for browsing/buying. Why is this the sandbox ideal? Because it allows for 1) everyone to try to have some succes as a crafter in their own right and be the known crafter for that little region, without being thrashed by the competition from every other crafter in the universe, and 2) opens the profession of trader, transporting goods between regions, making both sellers and buyers happier. Alas, it can never happen in this game anymore. Every crafter in Wurm starts by making stupid little mallets to his friends and neighbours. This makes the budding crafter incredible happy and his neighbours somewhat embarassed The next natural step would of course be a mechanism that allowed our crafting hero to sell his items to the enlarged neighbourhood that is a region. We have needed that mechanism always in Wurm, but instead we got the "everything-can-be-instamailed-from-mr.-top-crafter-who-played-since-2006-at-a-ridiculously-low-price-so-why-would-anyone-buy-anything-from-you" mechanism.
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    there's a cooldown on it, it's possible but would require a lot of animals
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    Thanks both for the ideas. I'm my mind it is simply a way to buy items for sale, not to get coin from the merchant. The 25 planks idea I like but maybe that's more a way of selling grouped items on a merchant. So Reylaark you list 25 planks for say 10c and that's a normal merchant listing. You then say you accept the bear fur as equivalent to 10c in value. In the case you mentioned the player could buy the 25 planks with the pelt, or buy/put it towards something else. That was my original reason for wanting this feature. ?
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    I only wish , then I would not have had to change my name to get premium..
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    Personally, I much preferred it the way before the mail system changed to allow everything to be sent cheaply. Expensive mail encouraged local trading and markets. These days there is no individuality for the servers, everyone has access to the same crafters as mail costs next to nothing. Going to an auction-hall system simply dilutes the trading experience even further. Might as well play with NPCs at that point.
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    some weird tunnel now showing at http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=3960&y=-1259&z=4 Must be a mistake
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    For the max and min range, that's up for debate. It can be 1ql = 1 tile and 90ql = 90 tiles, or 1ql = 30 tiles and 90ql is 60 tiles, or anything in between. Just depends on what people consider a decent range. And yes any changes would update instantly, as it would directly be checking the QL of the tower that has power over the tile - like how altars work currently.
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    It can work well if the QL system is capped ot prevent "who can imp 0.01 higher than the other guy" wars. Cap it out at 90QL being the max influence seems best. If the system could be made to work similarly to altars it'd be brilliant because the influence system for those seems to be very stable and updates accurately. Other things that i'd like would be the return of "influence pushing" instead of being able to plonk or capture towers in the middle of nowhere, make capping only work on borders between 2 kingdoms for example. Which has another problem.....people being able to use tiny cheap deeds to make towers uncappable. Overall though, good to see this age old issue with buggy influence being looked at.
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    Build a starter Town We have started a unique project which hasn't been here yet. Our new starter town in the less corwded areas in the south parts of the map will be build without any GM help. It is great to see so many people working together on one big and awesome spawn town Big thanks to our building team, I wish you good luck in building this huge project. I am sure it will be awesome! Sign up if you want to help us http://sklotopolis.freeforums.net/thread/1875/community-event-building-starter-town Team: Participants: (updated 5/1) Andistyr (terraforming, woodcutting) Ataraxia (terraforming) Badgirl (mining, materials, building) Bonez (low skill assistance) Caero (Terraforming) Duchess (terraforming, landscaping, building, decorating) Elwood (woodcutting, building) Iamyourfather (terraforming) Keykeeper (terraforming, decorating, building) Mannfred (low skill assistance) Michaelangelo (terraforming, building) Mrcoffee (terraforming, mining, materials) Nienori (terraforming, building) Ozgod (terraforming, materials, building) Stargrace (surface mining, mining, building, smithing) Toltus (terraforming) Tomjeffsteve (terraforming, materials, building) Vanilje (terraforming, mining) Yaga (terraforming) Zoratyr (terraforming / building) Staff: Amberly (Decorations / Landscaping) Arbanka (Materials) Elfin (Building) Michellebrooks (Building) Olloyd (Public Mine) Tomservo (Terraforming)
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    Just a further update on this issue. Paypal notified me today that they won their dispute with the credit card bank over the original chargeback and therefore the original transaction completed. I even got the $20 service fee back--though I had to call and ask for that. As a result of the original transaction completing, I now owe Khellus for the stuff he sent me to compensate for the chargeback. I have sent both a PM and an email to the account he uses for PayPal but if anyone is able to contact him, please let him know to contact me in-game so I can get him some silver. Thanks, Gold
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    Hello friends! So I haven't posted here for a couple of days because I've actually been modifying some of the textures to better match UO. Some of them turned out nicely, others will still need tweaking later on (I will need to tone most of them down as now they're too rich and saturated). But sharing at this point anyhow! Customs office + Docks But before we look at those, let's check out how the Customs office + docks in SW Britain turned out: So here's before building the roof, so you can get a nice overview of the insides: Here you can see a sample of some of the changed textures too, the sign, the tables made to be more golden, the high chair made lighter to match the table, the red (small) carpet made to be more similar with the UO carpet. Also check out the necromancer's spellbook on the floor! When it became night time, I was left in darkness as the original UO customs had no light source inside - so added a few candelbras. Here's after putting the roof on: A view from outside, where you can see how the colors of the large barrels and planked pavement has been deepened to a dark rich brown to match UO. I think I went a little overboard though and will probably have to take it a notch back at some point. By the way, when I spawned ships into the port, they stayed there just fine but had vanished when I logged on today. Anyone know why that is? And yes, I did make a mooring anchor and moored them. Can we not spawn boats? And would the same thing happen if we built ships from scratch, but in god mode, so spawning the raw materials and building it with 100 skill? For the sign, well there are not enough shop sign types in Wurm to make every single UO sign, so I had to opt for 1 nautical sign to go for. So although the customs building has a sextant sign, I'm using the harbour sign for anything nautical related. One thing I really love about Wurm is the fact that we can see in and out of buildings through the windows. So much nicer than the textured claustrophic "fake" windows seen in most MMOs!!! I remember one time when I had just started Wurm and was busy cooking something inside my humble little house. Then I turned to look and a guy is staring at me through the window. Oh my god haha, I nearly had a heart attack. I think all wurmians have experienced this!! And one final picture, as those water reflections are so pretty. In the UO docks, they have those wooden pillars which I guess are used to tie the boats to IRL? In any case, tried using "tree stumps" as a replacement. But upon creating tree stumps with the god tools, they spawn as very tiny ones, (perhaps from the earliest age of a tree) so the only one that really seemed to fit the purpose was the olive tree stump, but it's texture doesn't really work for this purpose. The color and shape of some of the other tree stumps would be much better. I wonder if there is a way to set the data for the tree stump to make it "old" so it'd be bigger... Now for some texture modifications... Loom & Spinning Wheel Our loom obviously has a different shape from UO's vertical kind, but the least I could do was try to match the colors for both the loom and spinning wheel. Magincia Style Throne If you have UO, you have to have cushy and comfy Magincian throne! Took the pillow decoration from the Fine High chair, removed the dots, toned down the red color and slapped 'em onto the royal throne texture. Below you can see it in action in the unfinished throne room of Castle Britannia. Thatch Roof + Armory Sign It's great that we just happen to have thatch roofs in Wurm, however to match UO, I needed to warm up the color a bit. This is a view of the "Strength and Steel" armory shop in NW Britain. Wood Shingle Roof To match UO, this also needed some warming up. Like the UO roof has - I also desaturated every second shingle to give that variation in color.
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    Hi all. I made the canal at the south end of what I believe is called Ageless Lake accessible by big ships. http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=5230&y=-3319&z=5 Previously, the south end of the tunnel had a forded coastal road that prevented corbitas (and I assume cogs and caravels) from passing through. So I dug out the ford and put a bridge in instead. I was ably assisted by Smogplayer. I've tested it with a corbita and it's passable now. I assume caravels and cogs can get through too.
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    Am alive and kicking! Thanks! Learning new stuff for instance Unity because I suck at c++ although Unreal does seem to be better at certain things. Afraid you can't expect anything new in a good while though, so it's notsoon(tm) Have a nice weekend!
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    Thank you so so much bdew! Worked like a charm! I had no idea what number to set in the command so I just went with 10. So judging from the height, I'm guessing that when you said "height of tile to specified value in dirts", you meant using sea level as reference? So basically, how DeedPlanner works when we set height there, right? Cause that tile looks like it's around 10 dirts above sea level. In any case, this is such a godsend! I was instantly able to zap a tile up that would have otherwise taken me hours to get up from very deep seabeds. Thank you!
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    Very good point! I would have never connected it to something like this (which one could consider a form of "fan art"). But you never know! This thing is getting covered all over the place too so they are bound to notice. I was just pointed to Vice's Motherboard that did an article as well. Surreal! https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/an-ubisoft-artist-is-rebuilding-ultima-online-in-3d
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    Tonight's challenge: Sooooo I mapped out the South West section of Britain, but ran into some troubles with the docks. Well a) we don't have proper docks in Wurm do we? So most of us go the old school route of raising the dirt to create fake docks. I was originally gonna wait and see what happens with bdew's amazing bridge mod to create nice bridge docks, but I'm too impatient and want to finish Britain. So I went the old school way. Alas, when I was raising the dirt I ran into ye olde "the slope is too steep bla bla" and was forced to drop dirt into the water to raise the seabed. But trying to see that deep was pretty much impossible, so I dropped some slabs down to get some sense of the angles that the tile edges were going in. Of course, we can see the slope numerically via hovering, but keeping track is hard. So the slabs helped. Got it finished in the end although it took all evening. A shame that one cannot flatten deep tiles in god mode! Now I'm wondering whether there is a way to set the height of the tile via the "Set data" popup?
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    One last screenie before I hit bed. This is how I map out how to lay out the buildings:
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    Britain is coming along nicely! Edit: By the way, the dye system is something I never really tried before in Wurm, but it is a GODSEND for getting the colors of those houses just right. And do you see how the timber walls are now a nice creamy color? I'm gonna have to make some dye in Wurm Online as well and dye my timber houses to get that same warmth.
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    Wulfrock: Thank ye kindly for the well wishes and kind offer of help! Always warms the heart to bump into other Ultima fans. Retro: Ooohh! Thank you for the tip on the mods. I've never installed mods in Wurm before, so I tried it out and installed a few. They work like a charm! Boy that keybind mod is going to save a lot of hairs from going grey! Thanks again! Norlys: *curtseys* Alrighty. First thing to do was to set up the server wide deed. A tiny little bump of stone just happened to be protruding in the middle of the map, so it was the perfect place to plonk it down. Ultima Nostalgia is now safe and sound!
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    Applause to the map you did! I am waiting with excitement to see it with buildings. And when it opens up to public we should as a bunch stand on the Brit bank before we spread all over the map... and playing yoyo or doing other silly stuff to draw attention... or selling black horses ;). Btw you can always go for free to Ulima Online forever server which allows free playing on the original maps. I have a soft spot for Moonglow and Fire Island... Moonglow was the Island I spend the most time as a newbie mage grabbing regs which did spawn on the earth back then. On Fire I had my first log cabin and tamed Dragons from the balcony running inside when they did firespit to hard on me.
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    No, I don't keep all that I raise, just those for my breeding and animal collection. Here are my calculations: 130 for every animal of every condition, x2 because animals sometimes randomly die for no reason, so there needs to be a spare at all times 10 breeding bison for 5 speed 8 breeding unicorns for 5 speed 8 breeding cows/bulls for 5 speed 16 breeding horses for 5 speed (1 pair of each colour) 10 breeding hell horses for 5 speed 24 of all the other tameable/dominate-able animals that don't have conditions x2 because of random dying 10 black sheep herd Napoleons: 8 New year's narwhals: 7 Great horned goose: 3 Butters: 10 Aquaphobic swans: 12 15 herd of 5 speed horses for my alliance to take from 15 herd of 5 speed hell horses for my alliance to take from 12herd of 5 speed bison for my alliance to take from 10 herd of 5 speed unicorns for my alliance to take from (for when they can wear gear) 10 herd of 5 speed cows/bulls for my alliance to take from Extra champion dog pen: 15 Extra champion deer herd: 15 Extra tortoise pen: 10 Random other animals that wander onto this gigantic deed and mess with the ratio: 50 Future Christmas animals: 100 Total: 650 I don't have all of these yet, but my collection is coming on along well and grows all the time. I have thought of keeping animals off deed, but that has the two huge disadvantages of requiring constant repairing for all the fences, and being susceptible to being bashed/picked by other players.