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    So I've noticed there are dog statues and also dogs that feature in the hota statues but there are no cat statues in-game. Please add some kind of cat, mountain lion, lion.. feline-related statue whether it is hota or regular so that the balance between cat and dog people on wurm is restored. tyvm.
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    My cat is also hostile, I tried taming her with biscuits, but walking over my face at 4am clearly indicates it didnt work
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    +1 Also there's the weird thing of cats are hostile whilst dogs are not, which personally, in the real world I've experienced the opposite.
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    I dunno I have three cats and one of mine is constantly trying to kill me by trying to trip me down the stairs.
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    Huge +1 signed Crazy Cat Lady
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    Here's a better picture of it with some unicorns.
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    I'll pass the class changes along when I receive them, but I fail to see the point of complaining about changes when the very reason we release a beta is to help update mods.
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    Just some ideas: In the one of the female warrior and cat, I would probably make the cat bigger, more prominent. Just a thought.
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    Starting at K8 on your map, new cave canal going through the are to connect Echo to Nightmare lake, canal is named Harmony Pass. Rosengarde no longuer exist, the tunnel starts right bellow the name and is a straight line to the other side. On the west end you have the deed : Echoing Nightmare On the east end you have the deed : Sleepless Nights
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    So the idea is simple, add wooden scaffolding we can construct, deploy, take and redeploy to terraform high cave ceilings. Since adding building possibilites in mines, high ceilings are necessary for building multi story buildings and we can only flatten and mine so high. Can't reach the ceiling. So this is where scaffolding comes in, make it maybe a fine carpentry item that can be taken, moved, pushed and re-deployed around the mine so you can climb up and level the ceilings. For the sake of non exploits, should be a mine only option so people wouldn't use it for some unsavory pvp tactics. What say you?
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    I'm absolutely shocked guys. Massively OP has written an article about this project. It looks like I'll actually have to see this through haha! http://massivelyop.com/2017/04/24/this-player-is-rebuilding-ultima-online-in-wurm-online/
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    Just been saying in GL that a majestic looking large lion hota statue would look absolutely badass as far as decorations go.
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    Lol, so many bad jokes came to my mind.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/s/u207tjfoqqu3ewf/javaw 2012-04-12 20-03-04-99_xvid.avi?dl=0
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    Something I had on my pc in a file i worked on a while back
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    ITEM AVAILABLES PRICE mortar 1k 2s per k dirt 4.2k 1s per k support beams 4s per 100 concrete 1s per 100 ribbons 4s per k clay 1s per k tar 1s per k peat 1s per k moss 1s per k logs 1s per k (low ql) small nails 500 1s per k large nails 500 1s per k shafts 1k 1s per k planks 1bsb(5,333) 1s per k wood shingles 1s per k wooden beams 200 2,5s per k grass 4k 1s per k ash 3s per k (creation ql) lye 30 c per barrel charcoal 2s per k (-50ql) gold sheet 6c per sheet war arrows 3s per k (creation ql) hunting arrows 3s per k (creation ql) rock shards ask 1s per k marble shards 1s per k slate shards 1s per k sandstone shards 1s per k stone slabs 1s per 100 marble slabs 1s per 100 slate slabs 600 1s per 100 sandstone slabs 1s per 100 stone bricks 2s per k slate bricks 2s per k marble bricks 2k 2s per k sandstone bricks 2s per k pottery bricks 3s per k colossus bricks 2k 2s per k pottery shingles 1s per k slate shingles 2s per k frying pans 5s per k (creation ql) turrets ask 60c per turret marble brazier pillars 5 1s per pillar large crates 10c per crate catseyes 1s per crate rounded stone 1 crate 50c per crate DISCOUNTED PRICES ^ *taking orders-none is too big! (PM Zoranah ingame) Free delivery to any coast. Can always pickup at Deli H8(Sunburst) After 3 orders you will automatically go to my '20% off list' for all future ones
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    I've seen a lot of configs and screenshots floating around from people that either run multiple clients all the time, or from people that have less than ideal hardware, so here's a post to hopefully fix up some configs so you're not looking at ugly things all the time in-game. NOTE: This guide is intended for low settings configs, for slower or older computers. Important settings for maximum effect in bold. When you load up the game, the launcher will come up. Click on the "Settings" button on the right-hand side. 1. Game Display mode: Personal preference. You might get some smoother framerates from playing in fullscreen mode. Change to Windowed with a lower resolution if you're running too slow. Resolution: If you can handle the highest resolution your computer can display, use that. If you're playing in windowed mode, you can make it smaller (makes the window smaller) without having everything get all stretchy. Refresh Rate: Monitor dependant. Everything else: Personal preference 2. Text Everything: Personal preference 3. Sound Everything: Personal preference. (Turning sound off may help performance when running multiple clients). 4. Graphics Terrain resolution: High. High in terms of terrain generally means about 512x512 textures. Most graphics cards can handle this, if your graphics card physically cannot, then turn this option down. There are only a few terrain textures needed to load, so it is worth the memory to have this all at high resolution. Water detail: Medium or Low looks fine. Set to low for fastest option. Water reflections: The reflection calculations can take up a lot, so turn this off. Tile decorations: Medium. The tile decorations are generally slow, but they have been improved recently. Lower this if you're running too slow. TreePosition render distance: Personal preference. I'd suggest turning it to medium for a faster config while maintaining some distant trees. Lower this if you're running too slow. StructureData render distance: As above. Lower this if you're running too slow. Item/creature render distance: As above. Matters more if you're in an area with a lot of littered items around (e.g. spawn areas). Lower this if you're running too slow. Avatar's animations: Personal preference. Animation quality: Turn to low or medium for fastness. Sky detail: Personal preference Cave detail: Personal preference Shadows: None Render cloud shadows: No Render distant terrain: Yes (turn this off if you're on a _really_ bad computer). Render tile transitions: Personal preference. May give slight performance boost, probably not noticeable. Render bloom ("glow"): No Render sun glare: No GUI Skin: Personal preference. 5. Advanced Graphics Maximum texture size (normal textures): 512 (Set to 256 if you're having memory problems - not if you have performance problems). Maximum texture size (megatextures): Does not matter - this is only used in the splash screen on start-up: Reflection Quality: Does not matter, reflections are turned off. Terrain/shadow resolution: Medium Texture scaling hint: Nearest Neighbour Bumpmapped Terrain: Personal preference Pretty trees: Yes (Turning this off has little performance effect for the huge change in graphics) Phobia Mode: Personal preference. Pretty weather: No Compressed textures: No (Turning this on tends to make things very ugly) Everything else: Personal preference. 6. Compatibility Everything: Don't touch unless needed to due to your hardware etc (outlined in other threads). Using the above settings, your game should look something like this: If you have any questions, or suggestions for improvements for this config, please post and let me know.
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    the only counter is wurm assistant and a sound/alert to pickup the 'true strike' message, then start to dispel that guy before they can hit you - if on boat.
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    1-2 hour cool down won't help because who ever is targeted is still going to feel the effects, there is already 3 minute cool down. I think the change that is needed is the way it works all together, it shouldn't be a 100% critical hit but a 100% chance TO hit ONCE or a 50% increased chanced to hit for the next 3 swings, or something similar. Yeah, cool downs won't really help, get 5 of them on you and you're gonna have a bad day, you won't survive the 1-2 hour cool down. Also increase the karma cost from 500 to 1k. Truestrike should be nerfed, i don't think anybody would disagree but plasters won't really 'fix' it. Edit: could be based on the Power so the % you deal damage is depending on the power of the cast, along side 1k karma and a 5 minute cool down, up from 3 minutes.
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    two handed sword, iron 80ql NIMB98 LT72 - 4s90c large maul, iron 70ql NIMB78 LT73 COC89 MS70 - 3s90c Both with Selfhealer demise please. COD both to Ndainye.
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    Seeing the familiar britannia in wurm style brings a smile on my face. The countless order vs chaos fights we fought running circles under that wall.
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    Since the latest change we can now mine out the ceilings between your buildings using traditional scaffolding, just build wood structures. A few hundred planks and you can clear out those icicles! Scaffolding be nice to have, but I am content with the current system better than the option we had before which would of required 100s of bricks and mortar.
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    not the same.... new cooking is above the sky.. when compared to every-other-ground-walking-skill Mining you grind once and than you're set.. you do the same ONE action to get the same ONE thing..+rng (imagine 2-3-5 lines of *(%^#(%^*()@#&%, *coughs* um.. yea.. what were you saying.. I lost my thought for a moment.. your comparison is.. making no sense) there's a ton of micromanagement nonsense involved in making simple food I had a few ticks under 90hfc.. long before any of the cooking patch was even cooking... don't tell me how I want something w/o working for it.
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    so nerf spear damage to a 1h weapon? on par with longswords and axes?
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    Hi thanks for the kind words everyone. This is actually my and my girlfriend's server, Sanctuary of Solace. It's not quite open for the public yet but we're in beta testing and hope to be open by next month. I was taking the screenshot to put up on our website that I was creating. She's the one who designed it and our friend WesncIsMe is the one who coded it into the game for us. We have a bunch of custom wagons, banners, flags, tall banners, and meditation rugs. We're working on some tents and tabards at the moment.
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    devs are aware of the errors, and I assume they will get if fixed asap
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    I'm not a cool also and feel you on what you mean. Use Beeswax and wrap your food with wax paper. I make 8 bangers and mash and last me about a month when I wrap it and store in larder. I think 1 wax sheet can make 10 wax papers. Priest can make also, but can't make wax seals. Only wax paper. Another step, but at least only cook once a month now.
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    As someone who does not like to cook (in wurm) I still give this a -1. If you don't want to cook then purchase one of the very affordable, very long-lasting food items from someone like Shydow or Tris.
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    Except its not an hour and has anything you do anywhere else
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    PS: I actually enjoy 7 Days To Die once I figured out how to disable zombies, ignore guns and cities, and just make a custom outdoorsy map and use bow & arrow for deer hunting. There is a big update coming "anytime now" that should give a ton more freedom in building designs. Right now they have bears deer pigs and I think they are about to add more wildlife (wolves, buzzards, some other stuff) There are also new updates this week in Rising World ECO Survival has some intriguing elements, it's meant for Co-op play (so that you can battle environmental issues as a team) but can also be played singleplayer (early stages still) http://store.steampowered.com/app/382310/ I started tooling around a little this week in Eve Online again, my first time back in many years. They have a new "alpha clones" free to play option though like Wurm, there is a cap on how far you can get without either putting in money or working pretty hard for ingame ways to buy gametime, Not sure how long I will stay with it this time -- I don't think i am committed enough to work my way up to "omega clone" ie premium status, but kinda fun again trying out all the tutorial missions (Exploration, Industry, Military) from the NPC agents for now. Yes, I am a carebear so yes, I stay mostly in pve solo friendly high sec areas. SO SHOOT ME. I enjoyed early builds of Subnautica which can be fun if you like the idea of building an underwater station while gathering crafting resources. There is a bit of a storyline though like all true sandboxes, you can kind of ignore it to wander around on your own. If you are not a stickler for modern graphics, Unreal World (iron age finland). every so often I jump back in for a few weeks of huntging reindeer with bow and arrow, avoiding death by frostbite or starvation, and trying to put together a nice homestead before winter sets in hardcore. I also tinkereed around a bit in Creativerse which is kind of a prettified minecraft. Steam has a free to play version you can try out. For some reason I enjoy plunking around in the "beginner" stages of these games more than racing to get the the so-called "endgame," which means I enjoy ones with replayability in the early stages (new map, slightly different challenges, but slower paced exploration rather than action-combat oriented) I always end up back in Wurm, though.
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    Sadly I gave up, I could have built a house up there, but it would have been a ridiculously inconvenient place to live. I may go back one day and build a little house up there for the lulz. But I gotta finish my living area first.
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    This has been covered to death and back and to death again. It'll take some time to get this done as we've hit a limitation here. That limitation does not apply to cave walls. Completely different systems. Bumping this in each news will not get it done any faster, but only serve to annoy the people who have to do it. Please be patient. People work terribly when annoyed. Oh! I know! I know! It's A SECRET
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    I'm baaaaaack! Offer of a quiet corner is open again for someone interested in an area with very few neighbours. Newbies welcome, though I can't promise I will be a huge help, as I've only just returned after a very long absence, myself. The Oak Harbour area is well suited for someone looking to strike out on their own in the wilderness, but needs a base of operations while they get the hang of things, and gain skill. Loads of open space nearby. Drop me a note on the forum, or hit me up in game.
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    Got new foal Hardwar just missing the "e" at the end Riding on my Hardware...
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    Alright heres a little preview of the work Angelklaine has been doing in the mine while i've continued to play in the dirt. New slate gatehouse out of the south end of the main cavern and the new marble bricked outer wall in Stable and Unstable clients respectively
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    After that thread about Mau ruining a friendship over two accounts
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    I feel like I should start a thread for these... 'Wurm locations in real life'.
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    @Pingperfect how is the chance to get the WurmUnlimitedAdmin Tool on your service Thanks Pingperfect for the good server and service for my WU server. and special thanks to Marie Ten Hove who has helped me with my server / mapviewer problem
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    Seems a lot of folks are having problems with the process of decompile, alter, compile, and drop class in JAR file. In this video I do just that. I'm going to make it so forges and ovens have the same internal volume as a Caravel. - This is the first video I've ever made, please forgive any inconveniences. I know it shows a name, hopefully that is the only privacy issue. - In the beginning of the video at about 0:07 time you'll see I already have the Java SDK. You may have to download Java (NOT JRE) and then use that "New..." button tell Intellij where Java is installed. - In the video when I add "@SuppressWarnings("ALL")" it's not required to do this. Alt+enter while cursor is on a warning is how I opened that menu. Intellij likes to impose certain coding style on you and it flat out blows up with warnings from decompiled WU code. They aren't essential so I suppress them. http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/coX1exhlwe In general and not specific to the video. Intellij will underline things in red if its an error that would result in a failed compile. I just delete any "@nullable" errors. The only other error I've had was in the client.jar - seasonManager.class. It had some switch logic which gave some weird decompiled code. It took me a couple hours of google and experiment to fix it. For the most part you don't have to know Java to do what I"m doing here. I"m a total Java Noob. I do have a general idea of programing logic. This knowledge and Intellij's ability to look for connections in the code are what have let me do what I've done so far.
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    -1 and you dont need to make new forum account just for that waste of time
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    This is why people created the community maps before. They worked fairly well and were an opt-in basis. Maybe you could make/run one for whichever server you are currently on. (Not sure who runs what anymore or if they are even maintained now)