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    Milosanx on a rare trip down to water level Hey everyone! This week saw the changes to conversion come live, and the positive feedback has been noticed! We're working on a few things and will have more to share as they flesh out, but one thing is coming to the test server this weekend! but first... Patch Notes The Cowtapult! Those of you who follow us on Facebook may have already seen this, but we've been hard at work improving siege weapon mechanics, and first up is the catapult and trebuchet! Catapults and trebuchets should damage creatures, houses, fences, bridges and items that the projectile hits Clarification: It will hit ALL walls if it hits multiple. It will only hit one non wall item on the tile it lands on The new mechanics for them operate similarly to how they currently work, with focus on improving how the physics calculations are performed and remove those weird cases where they don't hit anything. We'll be setting up some testing scenarios such as house on a tall dirt wall and such over the weekend for you to check out, but we'd also like to know what scenarios you want to check out, so feel free to share ideas that you'd like us to setup for you to test. Our priority is getting all of them tested with different projectiles, distances and skill levels in PvP and PvE Scenarios both on and off deed to ensure they're balanced when they go live, so stay tuned for the test thread opening some time this weekend Variety is the spice of life Not one to rest on their laurels, the devs have been working hard on a long desired addition to the building, new house walls! This is a huge addition, with six new building types: Rendered wall Marble wall Pottery brick wall Round brick wall Sandstone brick wall Slate brick wall Pottery and sandstone Round stone and Rendered Marble and Slate That's not all though, there's new fence types to match the housing types, as well as a few additions and changes the paving! there will be a few new paving types, as well as a few changes to existing ones: Round cobble will use a new item round stone (same as round brick housing) Rough cobble will use Colossus bricks Slate slabs will be created by a chisel on combined slate shards like other slabs and some new pavement types you'll have to wait and see! The basics are up (without graphics) for internal testing, we'll have more info on the new types and a full list in next weeks news, this was far too exciting not to share though! Community Content This weeks community content is about a lost horse! Poor Rageed traveled off on his own one fateful night, and sparked fear for his safety in the heart of Ayuna, who cared for him. Luckily though, he was recovered safe and sound! Have you had a favourite pet? That's it from us this week, I'll see some of you on test, but until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    From my chaos days I have a set of Adamantine Plate, this armour gives far superior protection to steel and rivals the damage reduction of scale. As with any adamantine item it also boasts the largest protection against damage to the item itself that the game allows, without adding runes, which is a 60% reduction. The web armour enchantments are displayed below and are useful for both pvp and pve, slowing the movement speed and attack speed timers of any attacker and , unlike Aura of Shared Pain, it does not damage the opponent wasting health that you can convert into glorious weapon skill! On our server cluster I have never actually seen anyone else with a set, though i believe perhaps one or two others exist somewhere. The metal itself can be obtained as a reward from either the Hunt of the Ancients on Chaos or at any Rift event. Minimum i would sell for is 1g so that's where this auction starts and will end in one week. Winner will receive the set by mail. Signature on the set is my good friend @Zivirt Starting Bid: 100s Bid Increments: 5s Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1h
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    Runes do 10% 10% is less than 60% 10% added to 60% is 70% Seryll with rune = 10% reduced damage to item Addy with rune = Stop trying to derail my thread unless you're buying the damn thing.
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    The bunny has been dead tired, after the poor Easter bunny massacre of 2016, he’s had to run around the starter deeds single pawedly and hasn’t had the time to hide all the eggs in the grass! To help him out, we’ve got a code for you all to redeem while he takes a well earned rest in the shade. To redeem the key, simply type /redeemkey 9VMY486QSC8D-QH84F6O8UMSN in the chat window Happy Easter! The Wurm Online team. TL;DR, we totally didn’t break something this year.
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    I was home on Friday recovering from a bout of bronchitis. I decided to get on my horse, and take a leisurely ride around the entirety of Crystal Lake. My journey started in Crystal Bay, denoted in the black circle here. I went east through Grand Steppe, south along the eastern side of the lake, then around the southern edge over to S Mtn Road, and back. The journey took approximately 4 or 5 hours, with an extended break in the middle when the wife unit wanted to do some errands. Some screenshots along the way. East Crystal Highway, off the path, someone murdered around 100 trees. Oddly, the stumps were all gone, but the logs were still there. Saw a picket fence painted lavender, which I think works quite nicely with Wurm's natural colors: Found a chess board they had created - using statues for pieces, and turrets for the rooks. VERY creative. Kenolein's champion mountain lion was peeking his head out the window as I drove by. Cute kitty! Came upon someone playing with new housing textures, including this plain marble facade. Very clean lines. I liked this large grape vineyard, which had alternating rows of sand and grapes: On the shoreline, I found a MOB I didn't know existed in the game: a crab. 4 months playing the game, and I had never seen or heard talk of a crab One of Indy's more famous players is Darwin ("DOOM") and I happened upon his massive bison farm: Next door was a really interesting (to me) mine entrance. Note that the bushes are hazelnut, all planted center in two perfect rows. Inside this mine I found a sandstone node, too. While walking on S Mtn Hwy, I came upon two gift-wrapped presents. I have never seen gift-wrapped presents here. According to CA Telurius, these are really old. You used to be able to wrap something in a wood scrap and send it as a gift. These two items were on the ground with 99.9+ damage, so their time in Wurm is quickly ... wrapping up My final stop before home was this week's Rift site. The pic doesnt do it justice, because a lot was outside my clipping plane. There were thousands of pieces of filleted meat everywhere. An absolute slaughter.
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    With the introduction of new housing, fences and gates, we need to remind you that you cannot reuse an old lock from a door or gate. If you are rebuilding a door or gate, please prepare ahead of time to have a fresh lock ready to replace the old lock. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    DeedPlanner 2.8.0 released! Changes: Added "Animals" tab Added new program icons (big thanks to Yldrania! ) Added possibility to exclusively import a single mesh from a model Added new wall and fence types Added new pavement types Added reinforced cave floor tiles Added sandstone veins Added yule goats, reindeers and valentine potteries Added orange trees Added trellises Improved functionality of height previewer to also work for tile centers Few graphics improvements (improved distant textures rendering - might have slight performance impact) Moved all wall types into their corresponding categories Changed contrast of cave floor and cave wall tiles Fixed inconsistent naming of some pavement types Small disclaimer - this is a huge update and I received all the new models just two days before the release, so there might be some bugs like wrong/missing models - I will try to fix them all ASAP. Animals feature is mostly beta for now, with cows/bulls and both horse types (normal + hell horses) added. I am waiting for feedback related to them. New height edition mode is delayed until one of 2.8.x updates - it works already, but I am not very happy with it yet, so need a bit more time to finish and polish it. DeedPlanner is 4 years old! What do you like most in this program? Is there any specific direction you would like to see DeedPlanner head to? Like DeedPlanner on Facebook
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    Thanks for those of you who helped us find Rageed, and those who comforted Ayuna during her loss. Ayuna is a newer player and died to mobs at least twice while looking for Rageed. We offered to just give her a new horse, but she refused to let go of her white five speed. On the day we found it, she enlisted my help to defend her while we looked for it. The trip was made longer by hunting her corpse from her previous day's death. We had to enlist a priest to find her corpse, but both corpse and horse were later found after long hours and extensive fighting. I have to admit, it was quite an adventure. I never thought I would have so much fun doing PVE content, but I guess your experience is all the better when you have a goal in mind, someone to keep you company, and a horde of mobs to spice things up. Thanks for EVERYONE who helped us, including a special someone who made the whole rescue possible. You know who you are.
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    Wulfgar sold the account to Niru who then used it to scam people. He was awarded the account back because the money he got from Niru when selling the account was disputed and lost. Wulfgar is in no way involved in the scamming.
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    A quick hotfix to address a potential exploit as well as catch up some fixes: Corrected collision on new walls so vision is now blocked. New pavement types can now be destroyed with the destroy pavement option. Siege weapons will no longer damage cared for, branded, or tamed animals on pve servers Siege weapons will no longer damage locked vehicles. New client version 3.99.39 Current stable client versioning will now be numeric as opposed to the original double letters.
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    This cats name was Dusty and was one I grew up with from when i was a kid. He made it to 21 in age before the next door neighbors dog got out of its yard, ran up to the cat on our front porch and killed him. Dusty was a lap cat and when ever you would take a seat, he would crowl out from where he was resting from, be it a box or even some other warm spot and come and lay in your lap. In this photo I was at the computer and had a standard size pillow in my lap so he could lay on it with out sliding between my legs. Plus he was a 20 pound cat, being as he had a good amount of Siberian in him. He was a purring machine so in this shot he was on my lap kneading the air with his paws while drifting off to sleep. For scale, that is a Logitec Wave keyboard in the back, and then a can of Coca~Cola along with a standard size pillow. Dusty also had the nickname lover bug because this cat would lets kids pull on him and he would just lay there.
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    Don't think i've posted a pic of myself.. so yeah this is me. Helmet is a permanent feature.
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    As in title. Both of these are hidden values, alcohol/drunkness is 0-100 and addiction goes to insane highs (you need 10,000 to get alcoholic title) Neither appear in spell effects and it'd be nice if they did simple as that. Allow people to see how long they have until they're sober again/addiction is gone.
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    Behold the lighthouse with extra rainbow! (sandstone - marble - stone and plain stone walls). Oh... yah... btw. Tunnels can now be used to sail from echo to nightmare lake.
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    Havent posted here in a few years, heres a new edit of the "Round stone houses"
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    I did botanizing to a high level and 90% of it was without Sb or affinity meals, Its how much you want to do it like any other skill. Seems the overall theme lately is to make the game easier to skill period.
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    Lovely misty Pristine
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    So on blh the other day we got a mission to Description: Libila needs you to sacrifice 882 decent octopus. With all of bl doing this mission i don't think we would even be able to complete it. I think many people would appreciate it if rare fish like that get taken out of missions.
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    An updated pic of your friendly Community Relations Assistant while walking my dog along the banks of the river that runs through our town. *About to enchant that grass behind me
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    Slate fences my newest favorite fence for ever and ever!
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    Thank you Wurm gods... A vein of sand-sized minerals or rock grains and is is composed of quartz or feldspar because these are the most common minerals in the Wurm's crust.
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    Update Issued at 2017-03-19 (March 19, 2017) Only a minor change this week to the map. Eminence Island - the bridge joining this island to the mainland has finally collapsed We did not have time to get over to the south of Dragon Fang to get a proper update on the changes to the roads there, but thank you Syirian for keeping us informed. We will make an effort to get over there for an update. As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. You can download the map from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5evRFXJXhXONkktVjE4MUJaYjA Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    now that we have under ground housing... I would like to see us being able to plant nature type tiles underground as well... such as converting tile floors into like, mushroom tiles, or moldy tiles, just a variety of different tiles for underground would be nice. Thanks! PS. I'd like to have mushrooms/mold growing around my underground home! EDIT: maybe also mold and mushrooms on the walls too.
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    Thanks Ricowan, good to know! Annnnnnd I got it to work, fiddled around with the settings and apparently whatever I did worked haha! The tiles for the castle are all planned out now. Ready to start building! (and yes, the Castle of Brtiannia is not symmetrical. The entrance is not exactly in the middle, which was a strange discovery. But I'm building it to be identical, "flaws" and all.
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    +1 I loved the tree collision idea, it emphasized the use of cutting down trees and building rodes. After taking a break from wurm and coming back i did not realize tree collision was removed and simply rode through forests with ease. The only purpose of a road now is to provide direction, not for convenient travel. Lets make roads great again!
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    Update Fermenting should be faster now (Please leave feedback). Distilling should be faster now (Please leave feedback). A permissions issue with unsorting and sorting bulk containers has been fixed. Planters will now no longer rot. You can empty planters with a new action instead. The ship speed bug has been fixed Hitching to ships has been disabled because nobody used it and it was not really stable. It will come back more advanced and improved later. A beta version of an event chest item has been added, you will be seeing it on an event this weekend. Traders, merchants and bartenders are now invulnerable. Founding deeds is no longer stopped when there are aggressive creatures in the area. There is now a command /meditation to see how long you need to wait until you can meditate again. GMs now have got a command to create raffle lists automated, so in the future it should no longer be needed to sign up for raffles.
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    The moral of the story is some PvPers are mean and unreliable. I get that a lot of people in this thread are defending JK and that's fine, but does it really matter at this point? If you "want" help to kill a unique it's better to call in a PvE group as much as I hate to say it or make it public on the forums. PvPers want that loot so they can buff there players and take any advantage they can, they really don't care about you or what drama they create. My opinion on the unique system is it creates a lot of drama, I wish the Devs would take some feedback from others in the suggestion forum on how to improve it, a lot of good ideas there. This thread is really getting derailed and it makes me sad, this thread is dedicated to the scum that hurts other players not about month old drama.
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    Arches can't easily be added to the checks for rams as they use the same checks as most blocking code on the server (movement, reaching through walls, firing through walls etc). If bashing and catas isn't enough I'll sit down and try and figure something out, but it'll be much faster to either up bash damage or tweak the splash radius of catapults first. I did tweak how the angle variance from the skillcheck on catapults works, which makes the variance a lot smaller (max 1-2 tiles different at high power and angle - angle of around 45 has low variance on its own anyway because the difference between 30 degrees and 45 degrees is not much), so that might be playing into how accurate catapulting arches feels. I'm open to upping the splash radius if it is too low at the moment though. For arches underground they have the 3x bonus to bashing, as well as the normal 1.5x bonus for bashing underground that all walls have (this wasn't changed, I don't think it was ever 10x), if the 1.5x bonus is a bit small we can up that some - though that'll be for bashing only. Rams have their own 2x modifier for underground, still capped at 20 damage max. Catapults underground I'll likely be playing with in the coming weeks to see if I can get it working reliably - watch this space. Will try trick Retro into spawning the new resources and some lamps for you lot. Crumbling shots depend fully on the damage multiplier they are dealing. So if they hit the 20 damage cap every time, they will likely crumble. I'd suggest testing out different qualities and weights so you're not wasting 80kg each time - with the damage modifier also being dependant on final velocity you may need to rely on weight less than previously, so a 40kg or 60kg chunk of rock shards might be enough to hit the 20 cap. I'll look at changing this though so if they hit the 20 damage cap their damage is also capped at some point. Will double check the fence splash damage, they might only be taking from the center point of the fences at the moment instead of the full length. Can you try firing at a point that'll land near the center of the fence to see if it takes damage then? Thanks for the help Darklords and Rocky.
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    Yep! Because you see, the main motivating factor, the main purpose of the server is to do my own thing. I'm not doing this to get visitors, I'm doing this to be creative and have fun building amazing things with the god tools. And sure, like most people - I could just do that privately. But knowing that there would be absolutely zero chance of ever bumping into anyone feels a bit sad. I do understand that most likely no-one will ever bother to visit this server as they have better things to do, but you never know. If people sail their ships for hours in Wurm Online to go and visit people's deeds and if people sail to other servers and spend a whole day, just to explore - why not also visit a server if it gains a cool reputation as a tourist spot :).
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    Explora boat for scale. Also Explora for exploring the easter branch of the tunnel. A lil touch of concrete here and there, some support beams and it will be done! It's already at the final depth and can be used. Current work involve concrete, support beams, drowning and mining the west tunnel.
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    Auction over 110s to @Mykoal Set will be in the mail shortly
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    No, scammer is still responsible for scammer's own actions. Don't take much of a backbone to take responsibility for one's own negative actions rather than always trying to pass the buck. Assuming one has the minerals for it, of course.
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    With out a topic in the parent thread town square, I will not add the complaint to this consolidated topic. I need to have a topic to link to so that both the accuser and accused can bring forth their points and counter points. Trying to debate three different instance in the same thread makes it very difficult to determine which post is referencing which incident.
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    Version 2.0 released on 2017-04-16 - 14:10 GMT (April 16, 2017) Happy Easter to everyone! We have been out and about lately and have some more road updates and geography changes in this update. Thanks to Finndar's account of his trip around Crystal Lake and seeing a chess board, it reminded us that we had not re-incorporated the ones we have seen in our travels, so with this release we have added them to the map. - north of Mist Lake (57x, 18y) - Inner Sea south (29x, 44y) - along the Great South Mountain Road (33x, 48y) and (32x, 56y) - Crystal Lake NW (38x, 37y) Freedom Dock and Crystal Coast Trail Area (32x, 40y to 35x 42y; N16 & N17) - we finally got over here to check out the roads in this area and they have been updated. - also did a minor geography update and inserted a tar symbol where someone had been busy with some transformation liquids SW Crystal Sea, West of Maple Island (37x,44y & 39x, 45y; O18) - added a new section of road - added 2 new guard towers and their respective calling ranges SE Inner Sea ( 27x, 39y; M15) - updated the roads - updated the local geography SE Inner Sea - just north of the Elarial Boat Bridge (26x, 32y to 35y; L15) - updated the roads - updated the geography SW Inner Sea - just north of the Elarial Boat Bridge ( 23x, 32y; H13) - minor update to the roads As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. You can download the map from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5evRFXJXhXONkktVjE4MUJaYjA Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Haha! Filleted meat was my handywork.Fell asleep and missed the rift but there was plenty of meat lying around so took the opportunity to get some more butchering skill.
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    QL 95 Rare Needle w96 c72 (7.4s) Rare Spatula Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s) Rare Clay Shaper Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s) QL 95 Gold pickaxe w87 c75 (4.3s) [semi unique] QL 95 Gold Shovel (2.8s) [semi unique] QL 95 Gold hatchet w73 (3.1s) [semi unique] QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c71 (57c) I'll also take 4 military tents if you have them. CoD everything to Undine. Thx
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    cooker = oven forge campfire container = frypan bowl etc rarity of cooker changes affinity, rarity of container does not.
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    My bad, I said forestry and not foraging. The issue with them being slow is more related to no enchanted tool, with coc adding up to double skillgain, without an enchanted tool other skills give roughly the same tick size, it's just coc doubling that that slows botanising and foraging down. No, rarity affects affinities still, and even removing that would not change people being affected. It lies in the mechanics of receiving the affinity based on several factors. The easy way is to change how affinities are generated, but that also comes at the cost of everyone losing what affinities they have researched, so is obviously not something we want to do.(We managed to address the issue prior to it going live in WU, so we know the new system works, it just inst ideal to replace the existing one) We do have some ideas that allow those affected to get new affinities without penalising those who have done plenty of research, and will work towards them over the next few weeks
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    Pruning a mountain doesn't fill you up with stuff. You can see if a tree can be pruned. You can't see if the next 30 tiles you want to forage are barren. I can't coc my hand.
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    1st floor of the Inn and Community Center finished. Still a lot of digging required in the upper sections.
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    You might want to give the name of your deed on Independance here in this forum thread as well as the general coordinates of it on the existing Albia Roads Map of Indy. That way they can look it up and verify the exact location on their own without being required to contact you in-game when you may or may not be online.
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    Thanks Yldrania, I'm now acquaintances with more people than I thought even existed on this giant island.
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    it's called a start town, because you better start walking.
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